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3G & BWA Auctions_Notice Inviting Applications

3G & BWA Auctions_Notice Inviting Applications

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Published by: Kumar Kishore Kalita on Jun 14, 2011
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The Government of India reserves the right to disqualify any Bidder that:

colludes or attempts to collude with another Bidder in determining its Bids
during the Auction;

releases Confidential Information with the effect or intention of modifying
the bidding behaviour of other pre-qualified Bidders;

breaches or attempts to breach the secure measures within the EAS;

frustrates or attempts to frustrate any other Bidder (or other users of the EAS)
from accessing the EAS;

attempts to influence the decisions of the Auctioneer in conducting the

obstructs or attempts to obstruct the running of the Auction;

provides inaccurate information in its Application to participate in the

In the event of such disqualification, a Bidder’s EMD will be forfeited and the
Government may undertake other penal action as well against such a Bidder.

The Government reserves the right to impose a fine equal to some or all of a Bidder’s
deposit for less serious breaches of these rules. Such fines shall be deducted from
that Bidder’s EMD.

Auction of 3G and BWA Spectrum – Notice Inviting Applications


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