Course Name : BIOETHICS Course Code : Bioethics Description : This course deals with the application of ethico-moral

and legal concepts and principles to issues that affect the practice of nursing. These provide the basis for appropriate decision making given varied situations, to prepare the learner to render effective, efficient and safe nursing care. Furthermore, related learning experiences provide opportunities to concretize commitment to nursing. The critical thinking process shall be used in the unit with the objective of developing the intellectual capacity to conceptualize and contextualize what students know about particular ethico-moral and legal issues. Objectives : At the end of the course and given actual and relevant simulated situations/ conditions, the student will be able to: 1. Explain the concepts, theories and principles of bioethics in nursing and health. 982. Apply relevant bioethical principles in nursing and health related situations. Course Outline : A. Definition of terms 1. Ethics 2. Biology 3. Bioethics 4. Health ethics 5. Professional ethics

Human acts & acts of man a. Cantian 2. Prevalence of bioethical issues Abortion Euthanasia Suicide Determination of death (Biological and clinical death) In-vitro fertilization Stem cell technology B. knowledge b. St. freedom c.6. Types of ethical thoughts 1. Ross ethics actual/ prima-facie duty duty of fidelity duty of reparation duty of gratitude duty of justice duty of beneficence . Thomas Aquinas 4. Rawl s ethics 3. conscience C.The personhood 2. The human person 1.

Habits a. The health care profession 2. society and its profession F. Types of good habits b. Types of bad habits 4. The client 3. & habits of a health care provider 1. The Qualities and responsibilities of a good health care provider to the client. Virtues of the health care provider 99 Fidelity Honesty Integrity Humility Respect Compassion Prudence Courage 5. Virtues.duty of improvement duty of non-maleficence D. Vices 3. vices. The health care provider 4. Vices of the health care . Health care provider-client relationship E. Virtues 2. The calling of the health care provider 1.

Major bioethical principles Respect for person & justice Non-maleficence Beneficence I. Functions of informed consent Protective and participative 2. Basic ethical principles Stewardship Totality Double effect Cooperation Solidarity H. Application of bioethical principles to the care of the sick 1.Fraud Pride Greed G. Rights of a patient .

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