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Understanding Community Resilience Through Tourism

Understanding Community Resilience Through Tourism

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Published by Cody Morris Paris

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Published by: Cody Morris Paris on Jun 14, 2011
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Knopf, PhD Professor, School of Community Resources and Development Director, Partnership for Community Development Arizona State University-Phoenix RICHARD.KNOPF@asu.edu Cody Morris Paris, PhD Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai, C.Paris@mdx.ac

security threats and broader economic recession can create a ³spiralling down´ within tourist-oriented communities effectively causing forms of community capital to decline ± unless the community is operating at the peak of resiliency. but also flourish as a community in response to such phenomenon. requiring technical assistance and best practice expertise. vibrant. This paper reviews (1) the community life cycle concept developed in the model. and (3) the specific indicator variables being utilized to measure the success of differential tourism investments being proposed for each stage. threat. and economic flux. Such communities are at the peak of resiliency. Level Three describes communities that are becoming self-sufficient. (2) the sets of tourism intervention strategies being articulated for each stage. called the ³Tourism for Healthy Communities Model´. Level One describes communities that have prevailing threats to human safety and security. requiring basic infrastructure development to increase access to tourism services and efficiency in distribution. suggests that communities progress through life cycles with multiple stages. entrepreneurial. Level Two describes communities with limited internal capacity. .UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITY RESILIENCE THROUGH TOURISM: DEVELOPMENT OF THE ³TOURISM FOR HEALTHY COMMUNITIES MODEL´ Abstract The growing body of knowledge on sustainable tourism development indicates the need for a framework to understand the consequences of tourism µinvestments¶ in improving the quality of life of a community. It also suggests that the specific form of investments made within a particular community must be tailored to the specific life cycle stage of that community. innovative. visionary. Disasters. and contribute to the energies of surrounding communities. The tourism investment strategy for a community can be designed to produce quite the opposite ± a ³spiralling up´ of communities through the hierarchy to maximize entrepreneurial activity and spirit. with each stage having increasing levels of community health and resilience. The paper concludes discussing the practical implications of the ³Tourism for Healthy Communities Model´ for maximizing this entrepreneurial activity are explored by examining current tourism development strategies of numerous tourist-oriented communities globally. They not only respond efficiently and effectively to disasters. Entrepreneurial activity can maximize the capacity of the community to generate vibrant economies and a high life quality for its residents. This paper explores the concept of community resiliency within a theoretical and applications-oriented framework developed to guide tourism development in a community. The ³Healthy Communities Model´ defines a hierarchy of four stages of community progression. Level Four describes communities that are sustainable. The framework. The model was originally developed to guide community development investments in the Phoenix metropolitan area of the United States. resilient. requiring infusion of safety net services into the tourism context.

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