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Cranberry Grape Grapefruit Lemon Peach Mango Pink Lemonade v' Strawberry Banana Gelatin Wildberry Passion Chicken Bouillon v' 1/.F"a'1l. O.t;<f


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All Day Weight Loss Metabolic Enhancer, Metabolic Enhancer. Phentra-Trim Corti-Trim, Corti-Trim, Trial Economy

Creamy Hot Cocoa Cream of Chicken with Vegetables Cream of Tomato Soup Vanilla Creme Pudding Double Chocolate Puddings> Lemon Chiffon Pudding Soy Chocolate Mini Crisps Vanilla Ready to Drink Chocolate Ready to Drink

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Phentra- Trim Plus, Economy

MRC-6, Trial MRC-6, Economy Guggul Internal Cleanser Fat and Carb Blocker

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Caramel Nut Bar Chocolate Cereal Bar Chocolate Mint Bar Cinnamon Crisp N' Crunch Bar Vanilla Wafers Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake Shake Chocolate Meal Replacement Cookbook Water Bottle

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Fiber Plus Beverage;
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Doing so gradually will help decrease the possibility of headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. bread. .tn. and caffeine. Start cutting back on between meal snacks and junk food.. like you.: «: ." and start increasing water intake to 64 ounces daily.. Our most successful clients have weight loss partners. J . 3. Do it and reap the rewards to be gained." and start practicing these 7. and tea. cereal. Consistency is the only way to produce quick and lasting results. "WATER.. cookies.l (1 ''_: 'C\. Gradually decrease intake of sugar. Read the sheet. (Ie ..-0r-~6"rr. I. We strongly urge you to bring your friends in with you to your first "weigh-in:' They. MRc 0066 Copyright© 1990 Revised MAR 2003 . 6. 9.mci:4E10lIC RESEARCH CENTERS ~ Before You Start Pre-Condltlonlnq Instruction Sheet 1. starches. 5. rice. Visit the Center on ~. you will proceed to your individually instructed Meta Slim program.. Read the sheet.}J·ed 2. coffee. Change Instructions. )1 for instructions: 1-'ke9-&. pasta..m. Begin consuming three balanced meals per day. 8.. After you have attended instruction class. such as candy. can be on their way to a successful and healthy life. 8MIITANITA t. "Behavioral methods immediately. potatoes.. 4. cake. Begin taking herbs and vitamins as instructed. _~~_ :).

o z ::::> -l ::E o o o z := ::::> 0 _J UU'J _a: o offi Ji)~~ .... W G~ III ~ = Q .J z o o a '" 8 o cr: :2i ..J := :::> 0 o « ::2: :::> ..... ~ ~ ~ v: QI ClJ ~ co z .....

Keep events in perspective by asking yourself. Decide what goals you can realistically set for yourself and then discuss them with someone you respect. Move slowly toward making adjustments that are uncomfortable for you. second or third time. Open yourself to life experiences by becoming flexible and by accepting others for who they are. Deal with yesterday's gullt feelings by doing what you can today to like yourself.13) 14) 15) 16) 17} 18) Remind yourself often that your self-image and behavior are learned and can be unlearned. instead use your creativity to find answers. here are some suggestions that may help ~ but don't strain to be perfect at them: 1) 2) 3) 4} 5) 6) 7) 8} 9) 10) 11) 12) . Seek balance in all aspects of your life. Avoid analyzing and judging what you think others may think or feel.RESEARCH CENTER mEt Ncbody's Perfect How You Can Stop Trying If you decide to give up your striving for perfection. Keep the largest percentage of your thoughts in the present. Let go of the feelings that you are responsible for others. Practice listening to others with an open mind. Begin by mulling them over in your mind. Begin to value yourself as much as a person as you do as an achiever by rejecting facades and cultural expectations that are of no value to you. Let go of criticism . Ask yourself: Am I pleasing people out of fear? Am I being controlled or trying to control? Am I in conflict with my own values? Give yourself credit for your efforts . Avoid negative self-talk when things go wrong for you.both of yourself and of others.even when you aren't "perfect". "How important is this event in the total picture of my life?" Avoid the self-sabotage of isolation and inactivity. Try not to dwell on the past or live for the future. Don't cling to rigid patterns. Beware of your need to please. then act on them. human and therefore imperfect. MRC 0212 COPYRIGHT@1996 . Take measured risks with the awareness that some of your efforts will not payoff the first. Build a strong support system of people who encourage your growth and who value you as a person. Concentrate in a relaxed manner on reaching your goals.

99 . Ask family and friends not to use food for gifts and rewards. store or throwaway leftover party food. At restaurants. 18. At a party. Give away. Use alternate activities to decrease habitual feelings of hunger. Have children and spouse make their own snacks. 31. Decide beforehand what you will order at a restaurant. 12. Have someone else remove. COPYRIGHr© 1990 1. At a buffet dinner. Avoid distracting activities While eating. sit away from your favorite snack foods. keep the basic techniques of recording. Sit down while eating. Prepare a complete shopping list. 24. Eat preferred foods first. 11. 26. 15 16. sitting down to eat and limiting eating to one place. 32. 6. 28. MRCOO70 11.mEtL\SlOLIC RESEARCH CENTERS ~ Behavioral Change Instructions Name: -------------------------------------At home. Keep food out of rooms other than the kitchen or pantry. 3. 13. Adjust packaging and storage. Shop when not hungry. Prepare snacks in small quantities. 25. Set up a time schedule each day for meals and snacks. 5. Write food intake in advance. B. 30. 2. 17. Rearrange food supplies. 9. 33. 29. Leave a small amount of food on your plate. make special requests. Plan in advance for preferred foods. 7. 19. Plan a short delay before starting to eat. 4. Preplan food intake for each day. limit food intake to one specific place. store and throwaway Continue daily recording of your food intake. 27. Keep platters in the kitchen. Clear the table immediately after finishing eating. Avoid long periods of deprivation prior to a party or restaurant meal. At a party. 22. 10. Maintain behavioral changes related to eating. 21. 20. Keep extra food away from the table. Change your route if a particular store or vending machine is a problem. look over the entire array of food before making selections. leftovers. Change recognizable course of abnormal eating habits. 23. 14.

when a person drinks enough water. its fluids are perfectly balanced. Larger people have larger metabolic loads. it siphons what it needs from internal sources. Drinking enough water is the best treatment for fluid reten. And some evidence suggests that drinking cold water can actually help bum calories.. Drinking water is essential to weight loss. It also helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows 'eight loss-shrinking cells are buoyed by water. the condition quickly returns. That's about 2 quarts.o o o o () WATER o o ow 8 Glasses A Day Keep Fat Away o o () Incredible as it may seem. If you stop drinking enough water. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. it metabolizes less fat. normal bowel function usually returns. The overweight person needs more water than the thin one. However. Robertson. adequate water helps flush out the waste. if the liver has to do some of the kidney's work. Water should preferably be cold because it's absorbed into the system more quickly than warm water. Your body will tolerate sodium only in a certain concentration. the more water your system retains to dilute it. As a result. How much water is enough? On the average. some of their load is dumped onto the liver. If you have a constant problem with water retention.just drink more water. Since we know that water is the key to fat metabolism. a person should drink eight 8 . The best way to overcome the problem of water retention is to give your body what it needs .ounce glasses every day. Again. more fat remains stored in the body and weight loss stops. • o Natural thirst returns. But. When the body gets too little water. Water is stored in extra-cellular spaces (outside the cells). During weight loss. When this happens. Fluid retention is alleviated as stored water is lost. o The body will not function properly and can't metabolize stored fat efficiently without enough water. Water helps rid the body of waste. healthy and resilient. Here's why: The kidneys can't function properly without enough water. As it's forced through the kidneys. When the body gets less water. The colon in one primary source. When they don't work to capacity.on. legs and hands. Water can help relieve constipation. the overweight person needs one additional glass for every 25 pounds of excess weight. the body has a lot more waste to get rid of . it perceives this as a threat to survival and begins to hold on to every drop. it follows that the overweight person needs more water. M.all that metabolized fat must be shed. They force out stored water along with some essential nutrients. excess salt may be to blame. • More fat is used as fuel because the liver is free to metabolize stored fat. This shows up as swollen feet.plenty of water." by Donald S. MRC0075 REV APR 2005 . unexplained weight gain and loss of thirst. One of the liver's primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body. it can't operate at full skin and leaves it clean. o Retained water shows up as excess weight.D. To remedy the situation you'll have to go back and force another 'break~ through. which plumps . But. it takes away excess sodium. studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase. Only then the stored water will be released. Result? Constipation. while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits. Again. your body fluids will be thrown out of balance again. There is a loss of hunger almost overnight. The amount you drink also should be increased if you exercise briskly or if the weather is hot and dry.Sc. M. the body perceives a threat and will replace the lost water at the first opportunity. But getting rid of unneeded salt is easy . and you may experience fluid retention. water may be the only true "magic potion" for permanent weight loss. water is quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. The more salt you eat. Thus. Diuretics offer a temporary solution at best. When the body gets the water it needs to function optimally. you have reached the 'breakthrough point' What does this mean? • • Endocrine gland function improves. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract and by preventing dehydration. Although most of us take it for granted. o • To get rid of excess water you must drink more water.


-Extra Suppa _ LIQUIDS LUNCH Supplement ' Protein Fruit DINNER Water Proleln Fruit # VIts_OiI_ Dacaf CoffetliTsa Bread Vag. Bread Supplement Protein Fruit Veg. )3road Enhancer _MRC8_ Other Herbs Extra Suppa DAY Supplement Protein Fruit Supplement Prole In / . Bread Supplement Protein Fruit Vag. Bread Supplement Protein Fruit Enhancer _MRC6_ Other Herbs ExtmSupps DAY Supplement Protein Fruit watar Decaf CoffeaITea V1I9_0I_ # Bread Vag.NAME BREAKFAST Oil:Y Supplement Supplement Protein Fruit Vag. Bread Enhancer _MRC&_ Other Herbs MRCll~6 7.911 .er Yll&-Ol_ # Veg. Bread Supplement . Bread Supplement Protein fruit Enhancer ___ Other Herbs Extra Supps . Bread Decaf Coffea/Tea Enhancer ____ MRCS__ Other Herbs DAY Supplemenl Protein Extra Suppa wa:tar Dacaf Coffee/Tea ~01_ # Fruit Btead Enhancer _MRC6_ Other Herbs Em Supps DAY Supplement Protein Fruit Bread Supplement Protein WSJiJr Dacaf CoffeeJTaa Ws~O!I_ # Fruit Vag. Bread Supplement Proleln Fruit Vag.~RC8_ Bread DAY Supplement Protein Fruit Supplement Proleln FlUlt Veg. Br(!ad Vlls_01_ # Bread Vag. Bread Enhancer _MRC8_ Other Hems Extra Supps DAY Supplement Protein Rull Bread Supplement Protein FruIt Ws!. Protein Rull Veg. Bread . WB1tJt Decaf CoffeaITea ). Bread 'Supplement Protein Fruit Vag.- INa1sr Ooos' Coff98lTea ViIs_aJ_ # Bread Vag. ! Supplement Proleln Fruit Fruit Vag.

Sread Supplement ProteIn Fruit OtherHarbs DAY Supplement extra SUpps \Na!ar Decaf Coffea/T&a Enhancer _MRC5_ Other Herbs VIts_O!_ Protein FruIt #I Bread Veo._0l_ # Fruit Veg. Protein extra Suppa... Bread Vag. Bread Supplement Proleln Fruit Other Heros Extra Supps DAY Supplement Pfoteln WsJsr Decaf CoflaaITea Yl!s_at_ Fruit Bread Enhancer ---:. Bread Bread Supplement Protein Fruit Veg. Bread . NAME _ lltlUIDS Extra Suppa BREAKFAST DAY Supplement Protein Fruit # Bread Supplement LUNC H Supplement ProteIn Fruit DINNER W8!Bt Protein Fruit Vlts_Oi_ Dooaf CcffeefTea Enhancer _MRC8_ Other Herbs ExtraSupps WrfJg Vag.. Bread Supplement Protein Fruh Veg. Fruit Veo· Bread Supplement ProteIn Fruit Veg... Bread Supplement Profain Fruit Vag.. watar Dacaf Coffeef1'ea Enhancer _MACGi __ other Herbs W!t. Bread Veg. Bread Supplement Protein Fruit DAY Supplement Prctefn Fruit Bread Supplement Protein Extra Supps Vhter \'1ts_0I_ Cecaf ColfeeJTea enhancer __ MRCS __ # FruIt Vag. Bread Btead Veg... Bread Supplement DAY Supplement Prctefn FruIt Bread Supplement Protein VHs~()l_ MAC6_ # Fruit Vag.-MRC6 __ OtherHetb$ DAY Supplement Prots!n Fruit Supplement . Bread Decaf CoffeaITea Enhancer__ QthsrHatbs DAY Supplement Supplement ProteIn extra Suppa watel Decaf CoffeeITea Enhancer __ MRC6_ Vits_OJ_ Proleln # Ruit Bread ProteIn Frult Vag.

.:j. '\'. CREAMY HIGH NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENTS. . 3 TIMES 5..!. 1 small 112 cup 314 cup 1/med. ' r' . Kale) Brussels sprouts Mushrooms Cabbage Okra Cauliflower Pimentos Celery Radishes Chard Raw Tomato Chicory Sauerkraut Chinese Cabbage Spaghetti Squash Collard Greens Snow Peas Cucumber Spinach Eggplant Summer Squash Endive Turnip Greens Escarole ZUCChini PROTEIN.. HIGH NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENT Choose 1 clear high nutrient supplement or 1 daily creamy high nutrient supplement AND PROTEIN VEGETABLE FRUIT 1 serving from Group 1 or Group 3 .A'CK.--'-:. 1/2 cup 112 cup 1/2 cup 1/4 small 112 cup 1 med.y8p}i6hWI)~tlrfHi§ff~A. .' BREAKFAST . ... MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES MAY BE NOT TO EXCEED USED AS DINNER OMITIING STARCH AND PROTEIN. MRC MEAL REPLACEMENTS (NUTRA BARS OR SHAKES) • EAT HARD CHEESE AT ONE MEAL ONLY..m!~. ..!:J. PROTEIN . HIGH NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENT '. cooked or 8 oz. .2 oz.§. mEtd5l0LIC RESEARCH CENTERS FOR BEST RESULTS. .. Hard Cheese 1 egg.g~.euuco (Iceberg Broccoli Romaine..1 egg yolk 3 egg whites 6 oz. -:" ' ··:· .SEE LIST BELOW 1 serving .WH.SEE LIST BELOW nt:~:'~t%'tf\t. .GROUP 1 3 oz..Jrf{f. PER WEEK. serving size) Choice Beef Round or Sirloin Flank Steak Fresh Crab Fresh Lobster Fresh Shrimp Fresh Scallops Gator Lamb (loin) Pork (loin) Rump Roast Veal (loin) Salmon Liver VEGETABLES (4 oz.SEE LIST BELOW 1 serving with 1-2 teaspoons of Olive or Canola Oil and Cider Vinegar** (optional) ." . EFA CAPSULES DAILY (AS DIRECTED). Choose 1 clear high nutrient supplement or 1 daily creamy high nutrient supplement AND 1 serving from group 3 or substitute 1 serving from Group 2 twice per week - [!S. HIGH NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENT Choose 1 clear high nutrient supplement or 1 daily creamy high nutrient supplement AND PROTEIN STARCH 1 serving from Group 1 or Group 3 .{fif~~PJ~tf.~§... '. 1 cup MRC 0106 COPYRIGHT@ 1996 MAY 2008 .• 11.q~:~1~~&~iqtjl1igi'rl!i.L. "'MAXIMUM OLIVE OR CANOLA OIL IN ONE DAY IS 2 TEASPOONS. FLAXSEED/BARI 5 HNS) AND UP TO I.. selVing size) Buffalo Chicken Breast Cod Elk Flounder or Sole Haddock Hanbut Orange Roughy Rabbit Red Snapper Squirrel Tilapia White Tuna (waterpacked) Turkey Breast Venison STARCHES (40 calories per serving size) 1 slice lite bread Melba Toast or Rounds 114 cup cooked oatmeal (no instant varieties) 114 cup cooked legumes such as: black beans garbanzo beans pinto beans kidney beans navy beans green peas black-eyed peas 1/2 corn tortilla 112 flour tortilla SEE LIST BELOW 1 serving .META-SLIM®-PLUS ADDITIONAL i--: • YOU MUST HAVE BEGINNING DAY INSTRUCTIONS: 64 oz. ' '. OF WATER PER DAY. YOU MAY HAVE ONE DAILY OF THE Do NOT CONSUME A CREAMY ON THE SAME£~intm.. . .MtQ[~:g:J§. <:> I·UNCH··· .BEg MIXED FRUIT FIBER PLUS BEVERAGES. 112 cup 1/2 cup 1/8 med. :.SEE LIST BELOW 1 serving . PROTEIN STARCH VEGETABLE .SEE LIST BELOW FRUITS Apple Apricots Blackberries Blueberries Boysenberries Cantaloupe Cranberries Peaches Pineappte Grapefruit Honeydew Orange Raspberries Strawberries Tangerine Watermelon 1 small 2 med.iGi£jjNUTRiENf~$U"ReDEMeNm'. raw) Artichokes Green Beans Asparagus Green Onion Bamboo Shouts Green Peppers Bean sprouts Kohlrabi Beat Greens t. .{ .SEE LIST BELOW 1 serving ..:§H:~E~gM~n[~r181&. .. Hard Cheese 2 medium eggs. :.~~pJ£~:i)~~~~x~cQ. YOU MAY ADD UP TO TWO EXTRA HIGH NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENTS (TOTAL OF BEGINNING DAY ~ MAY BE USED AS BREAKFAST OR LUNCH OMITTING STARCH AND PROTEIN OR FRUIT AND PROTEIN RESPECTIVELY. GROUP 3 (6 oz. LOW-fat Cottage Cheese PROTEIN· GROUP 2 (6 oz..~f:Ve~.lijG·:~SN.SEE LIST BELOW . 2 egg whites ."DIN~ER .


Some clients require an additional Supplement (see your menu). and motivation you need as you make these impactful lifestyle changes. Essential Fatty Acids are your good fats. We look forward to walking through this journey with you. 10. This will ensure you receive all the support. Your ability to succeed on this program is directly related to utilizing all the services we offer at MRC.Protocol and Guidelines Making the most of your program mEtL\. and carbohydrates. check each meal against your weight loss plan. "Meta-Balance clients see your menu for further details. 5. Food sheets will be provided by your Center staff You must drink a minimum of 64 ounces (8-8 ounce glasses) of water each day. Center hours: Monday . Meta-Slim clients must consume a minimum of two Higb Nutrient Supplements per day. education. accountability. fats. 2. If you substitute or move foods. Thank you for being here today! Congratulations on making the decision to take back your health. 8. help to promote regularity and are needed to prevent dry skin. This program requires supervision and we want to make sure that your friends and family receive the same one-an-one support that you receive. dry hair and brittle nails. Time: _ Be sure to record all food choices each dayon your food sheet and bring it to each Center visit. To achieve maximum results. Attend at least 6 classes.30LIC RESEARCH CENTER WEIGHT LOSS SPECIAUSTS~. You must use an Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and you have the option of adding 1-2 teaspoons of olive or canola oil each day. ~ 1. Class: 4. All clients are strongly encouraged to add two additional Supplements per day for optimal results. 9. please make sure they set an appointment for their initial consultation. When you recommend this program to family and friends. These classes are designed to enhance your program by providing additional knowledge of the weight loss process.Friday Saturday 3. All clients on Program must visit their center at least two times per week. MRC0080 Copyright © J 990 Revised May 2009 . 7. See handout "Making Weight Loss Easy" for more information. Herb. For ideal hydration we suggest: Additional 8 oz for every 25 pounds of excess weight Additional 8 oz for every 15 minutes of strenuous exercise Lose 2-5 pounds per week 6. you will get an entirely different combination that will result in slower or no weight loss. Vitamin. The menus have been formulated to give you a particular combination of proteins. and High Nutrient Supplement charges will be additional. Visiting the center twice a week enhances your ability to lose 2-5 pounds per week.

gel type toothpaste and mouthwash. Careful measuring of all portion sizes is very important. Enteric Coated EF A *Items 111 Bold are available at Metabolic Research Center. MSM. You may bake chicken or turkey with the skin on. Tylenol. milk.10 . 20. We do ask you to purchase a food scale for accurate measuring. Surfak. lard. Tylenol Sleeplessness SHTP Muscle Cramps L!_quid Minerals Joint Pain MSM. Konsyl. Diet Soda per day Beginning Day 11 . Prepare all foods by boiling. You may use up to four packets of artificial sweetener per day. Internal Cleanser.1 tsp Dijonnaise Tabasco Is'{g. sodium free diet soda.1 tSfJ_ Garlic Powder -1 tsp Onion Powder . Kaopectate Headache/M igra ine MSM. Remember to contact your Center if you start or stop taking any medication while on this program.1 tsp Lime Juice .16 oz. 21. oil. Dash Frencb's Mustard Butter Buds / Molly McButter I Can't Believe It's Not Butter SprayFresh Garlic . Select low calorie bread. Metabolic Enhancer. Fiberall. grilling. but remove the skin before eating. 12. Use any extracts and spices you enjoy. Donnagel. 17. broiling. B-6. butter. 13. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN FEELS! MRC0080 Copyright © 1990 Revised May 2009 . Use salt in moderation. roasting. Avoid regular or sugarless mints.Food Selection and Menus 11. Aspirin Head Cold Aspirin. Additional Information See Center Staff.up to 32 oz Diet Soda per day 15. Mild exercise. Other seasonings you may have include: Papa Dash Sea Salt Salt Free Lemon Juice . Dieter's Tea Internal Cleanser.No Diet Soda Day 5. Day 1-4 . 19. 14. You may chew 3 sticks of sugarless gum per day. Cooked food should be weighed after cooking. 18. or cream may be used. Fruit must be fresh or unsweetened frozen. but no coffee creamer. cooking in a crock pot or microwave without fat. All meats shou Id be trimmed of all visible fat before cooking. The following is a list of medications/natural Breath Odor Constipation Diarrhea remedies which will not interfere with your weight loss: Binaca spra}' or drops (mint or unflavored) or hydrogenIJeroxide Fiber Plus Bever~g_e. SHTP. Total Woman High Cholesterol Guggul Cholesterol Compound. such as walking.I tsp Lemon Pepper Mrs. Ibuprofen. You may have all the decaffeinated coffee or tea you like. Spices add flavor to your food and can change the flair of your meal entirely. You may enjoy caffeine free. 40 calories per slice. approximately Vegetables must be fresh or frozen. Metabolic Enhancer PMS SHTP. You may use cooking sprays such as "Pam" in moderation. see your Consultant. baking. margarine or other shortening. is required on the program. 16.

00 '(1'. stimulate circulation. help reduce risk of breast cancer. help reduce constipation. helps to double your loss offat inches.00 $25. QTY 1 month supply PRICE $75.. lutein.00 $20. oz. control food cravings.00 $99. Essential Fatty Acids. antioxidants. builds lean muscle.00 W t""lot" Enteric Coated-EFA 180 caps $21.00 $79.00 $75. Complete multi-vitamin designed to benefit women's long term health."" MRC Total Woman Multi. increases your energy level.00 MRC 0084 COPVRIGH1© 1990 Revised Feb 2009 . helps reduce risk of stroke and heart attack by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride build up in the arteries.00 $35. increase energy levels. One capful a day works to help increase energy and replace missing minerals ill our bodies. increase physical performance. helps to naturally control appetite. helps improve libido. helps reduce the risk of breast cancer. lower blood sugar levels.00 Metabolic Enhancer MRC6 B~ Flax Capsules Total Woman Oil Capsules 180 caps $30. helps to decrease your appetite.50 Liquid Minerals Corti. decreases food cravings. help control fat cravings. 60 caps 180 caps $] 8.mci:ll:lOLIC WEIGHT LOSS SPECIALISTS ~ RESEARCH CENTER Our clients claim the following products MAKE LOSING WEIGHT EASY! PRODUCT All Day Weight Loss FUNCTIONS A set of four different herbal combinations to be taken before breakfast.Trim 32 fl.1.00 $60. frees up fat stores during exercise. Helps control cortisol levels within a healthy range to help reduce fat storage and increase fat loss. helps reduce constipation. and helps reduce fatty cravings. Complete multi-vitamin especially designed for active men. lunch. Provides the essential omega-S and omega-6 fatty acids that protect the body against free radical damage and improves cholesterol levels.50 60 tabs $14. and break down and burn body fat.00 ~~'\ 1.Vitam in MRC Healthy Man Multi-Vitamin 60 tabs $14. Helps increase metabolism. stimulate immune functions. Helps metabolize up to 900 times its weight in fat. and stimulate metabolism. increase anti-oxidant activity in the body. suppress appetite. Essential fatty acids help reduce blood pressure. and helps balance blood sugar and insulin levels to help reduce cravings and let you stick to your healthy eating plan. contains benefical vitamins and minerals. This combination plan helps suppress the appetite. increase energy levels. . pulls and burns fat from stubborn bulges.~ $29.00 PhentraTrim Plus 30 caps 90 caps 35 caps 180 caps 180 caps 360 caps 250 caps $39. and supports healthy testosterone levels. Helps increase your metabolism up to 33%. Helps reduce blood pressure. normal male function. dinner and bedtime. and calcium.

PRODUCT Chromium Picolinate CoQ10 Vitamin B-6 FUNCTIONS Helps regulate blood sugar levels. Helps relieve insomnia. as a bowel regulator. helps body burn fat.00 $13. and feelings of anxiety. migraine headaches and depression. flexibility. helps increase body muscle. Helps body digest fat.00 $30. Works to improve mobility. protein. and carbohydrates. Helps increase the good cholesterol. irritability.00 ~"o . Helps improve cardiac function. Helps reduce joint pain and inflammation.. improves energy level. to promote healthy joints. helps lower cholesterol levels.00 Vitamin B-12 Internal Cleanser 100 tabs 90 tabs $6. QTY 60 caps 60 caps 100 tabs PRICE $8. Suggested for balance.00 $'12. Helps with digestive or intestinal problems. MRC 0084 COPYRIGHT© 1990 Revised Feb 2009 .00 $6. helps with failing vision.00 $30. jitteriness. for constipation and diarrhea. enhances thyroid function. Natural diuretic. serve as an antioxidant. helps keep skin firm and youthful.99 $25.00 Guggul Cholesterol S HTP MSM UC-II Fat and Carb BlockerJ 90 tabs 60 caps 250 caps 30 caps 90 caps $22. Helps treat symptoms of PMS including fatigue.S~ v Helps block fat and carbohydrates from food to help faciliate weight loss . Helps curb carbohydrate and salt cravings. helps keep hair and nails strong and durable.00 $20. Helps increase energy and curb symptoms of caffeine withdrawal including nervousness.and onset of headaches.

Cells must maintain a certain shape or they may collapse. As the water is maintaining the shape of your cells. you may even gain some weight. on the first part of the plan. Yet THIS IS WHERE REAL FAT LOSS OCCURS. After 7 to 10 days. At the plateaus. YOU REALLY ARE WINNING THE LOSING BATTLE! MRCOOB5 Copyright © 1990 . but this is cause for rejoicing! FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 p 0 U N 0 p 0 U N S TIME 0 S TIME You see. you will actually be glad when you stop losing weight on your plan. or flat spots on the graph. your rapid weight loss is due partly to water loss as well as fat loss.. while your weight may remain stable or even increase you actually are losing fat.RESEARCH CENTERS tiJ mitdiiOLIC WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS PLATEAUS ARE GOOD SIGNS Once you understand the process of weight loss. too many people get discouraged and stop the plan at this point. you'll probably stop losing weight. or even gain a little weight at the end of 7 to 10 days. Now. Weight loss is not the straight process pictured in Figure 1.. So even though your scales may indicate otherwise. Unfortunately. Water Is heavier than fat and so. this is important. Let us explain what is happening to your body. fat is being lost from the cells. It resembles more the "stair step" graph shown in Figure 2. Your body begins to retain water to maintain the shape and conflguration of its cells as fat is lost.


use MRC dressing) steak. fruit Hawaiian chicken (no skin. Order from "On the Light Side" menu according to your menu Shoney's: Variolls Restaurants Applebee's: Grilled chicken salad (no croutons. use MRC dressing) Boiled or broiled shrimp. grilled chicken caesar salad (use MRC dressing). Beef. baked fish. plus entree from salad bar (i. or grilled fish with steamed vegetables of the day (no butter). tossed salad Grilled chicken breast (no bun). grilled MRC 0145/2 COPVR!GHr© 1990 REV JAN 2004 . bacon) Olive Garden salad (no croutons. use MRC dressing. or grilled chicken steamed vegetables (no croutons. use MRC dressing). salad or steamed vegetables. grilled steak. or soy Cotton Patch: Olive Garden: (no croutons. no sauce) Salad Bar or steamed broccoli. garden or' chef salad (no ham) no carrots. use MRC dressing) Chicken (breast) and Chinese vegetables. small salad or steamed vegetables. grilled steak. grilled chicken salad. red onions. or grilled fish Of Outback Steak House: Ruby Tuesday's: no salt grilled chicken. or Steak Houses Red snapper (no butter). side order of grilled chicken and broccoli. grilled chicken breast.salad Cafeteria-style Restaurants Denny's: Morrison's: Order according to your menu Grilled chicken. cheese) Beef with peppers (no onions other than green onions) Fillet or broiled fish with house salad (no croutons) and vegetable of the day Seafood Restaurants Red Lobster: Broiled seafood (no butter). (use MRC dressing) Char-grilled chicken salad (no carrots. cornstarch.e. fruit. shrimp cocktail . garden or chef salad (no ham) Baked fish or Blackened chicken salad. garden or chef salad (no ham) Turkey or grilled chicken salad Grilled chicken breast (no bun). Grilled Pork Loin without sauce. use MRC dressing) or grilled chicken. sauce Garden Patch salad. small salad. and small salad. grilled fish. grilled steak. no breadsticks). or grilled fish with steamed vegetables Grilled chicken or shrimp Caesar salad.Restaurant Guide Fast Food Restaurants Arby's : Burger King: Captain D's: Chic-Fir-A: Long John Silver's: McDonald's: Subway: Wendy's: Roasted chicken or roast beef sandwich without the bread/bun Grilled chicken breast (no bun). Of grilled fish with steamed vegetable of the day (no butter) Grilled chicken salad (no croutons. hard boiled egg. Grilled chicken salad (no croutons. steak or fish. stir fry (no MSG. grilled fish or grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables. breast with Bennigan's: Chili's: Chinese Restaurants: rice. use MRC dressing).

HELPFUL HINTS: 1. so you can use your own. When ordering a pre-made salad. These usually indicate a high fat selection. we have compiled a list of local restaurants and fast food places that are adaptable to the Metabolic Weight Management Program. Salad bars contain many hidden fat selections. and salad dressings. 4. bacon. Sauteed. supplement. Be careful at salad bars. Know in advance what you want to or~ck with it! Reading over the menu may trigger visual cues too tempting to WitFlstSd. These are some of the popular salad bar foes: Potato salad. Buttery. Hollandaise sauce.RESEARCH CENTERS miEtdioLIC tjJ Due to innumerable requests. cheese. 6. These are all high fat salad bar items. Cream sauce. Buttered. Fried. in pastry. and dressing. Bearnaise sauce. Beurre sauce. Creamy. en croute. marinated vegetables. here are some words to avoid: Au gratin. croutons. steame . Ask how food is prepared. Follow the high nutr~atJl supplement with at least 8 oz. Even though these words imply a low~fat alternative. It will help curb your appetite. Cheese sauce. If the menu has a fried selection. ask for the dressing on the side or for no dressing. For example: A steamed vegetable needs to be a vegetable that is acceptable to the program. Always stay within the guidelines. Pan-tried. 3. MAC 0145/2 COPYRIGHT© 1990 REV JAN 2004 . Butter sauce. meat salads. Meuniere. Creamed. baked. parmigiana. coleslaw. most foods are often basted in butter. 5. Drink a high nutrient supplement prior to going to a restaurant.or poached. 7. When you read a menu. many restaurants will use lemon juice or wine instead of butter. Crispy. Often on request. pasta salads. 2. request the food be grilled instead. Enscalloped. Be the first to order so you will not be tempted by other people's choices. of water. Creme. Key words to look for: Broiled. When dining out always remember to bring your own bread. Bechamel sauce. grilled roasted. Newberg.

The grandmother feeder is a person who shows love by feeding someone. but certain environmental influences can be detrimental to your program. She doesn't have to be an actual grandmother. Anyone who doesn't accept this act of "love" by eating what is offered can make this type of person uncomfortable and appeal to you to go off your program to please her. The purpose of this note is to make you aware that feeders exist and to give you the tools to deal with them. As you lose weight. You do not have to be a social outcast. All three types of feeders use similar tactics. it is important that you be on the lookout for a creature that seeks out people who are trying to lose weight: THE FEEDER. A good tactic is to tell feeders in advance that you can only eat special foods and you will bring your own supplies with you. The understanding friend and family member will go along with your commitment and accept your participation in a weight loss program. jealousy creeps into the picture and the thin feeder will act to sabotage your efforts. The fat feeder may have several reasons for feeding you. Now that you have begun your last weight loss program ever. A favorite feeder strategy is to invite you over to her house for dinner and then having nothing you can eat without going off your program.mi:i:L\30LIC RESEARCH CENTERS ~ BEWARE THE FEEDER Dear Clients. As you are losing weight. She may not want you to look better than she does or she may miss you as an eating buddy. Begin to refuse invitations if feeders are involved. then attend the function after the food is served or leave before the eating commences. because it is embarrassing to eat alone. but they all have one common goal: to try and sabotage your program. you may not frequent these establishments as often and this change might make her feel uncomfortable. The result is that the feeder will try to tempt you back into her circle of overeaters. Or perhaps you visit a friend or family member and they place a plate of dessert in front of you without giving you a chance to refuse. Feeders come in all sizes and ages and can be male or female. One tip for success is to stay away from potluck suppers. MRC 020011 Copyright e 1996 REV MAY 2008 . some can be direct while others are subtle. The last type of feeder is the grandmother figure. but does share similar traits. If this is impossible. She usually will not go to an ice cream parlor or restaurant unless she can go with a group of people. The thin feeder will set out to deter you from your program because the presence of someone overweight makes her look thinner.

or even how good you look. I Feel Guilty. work function or friend's house? Practice assertive sentences.. explain how important this weight loss is for your present and future health. 2. "It seems you would like me to go off my program. what might you say to someone who is encouraging you to eat something that will impede your weight loss goals at a restaurant. and efforts to lose weight. MRC 0200/2 COPyright © 1996 REV MAY 2006 . but I don't want to go off. "Oh come on! A little bit of this won't hurt you. Plan in advance what you might say when in a challenging situation pertaining to food. People respect a firm No . "This is one of the world's best teaching words ." A common response the feeder will give is. "What is your purpose in telling me this?" The feeder will often be unable to answer or they may say that they were just concerned about you.. 4. 164 Pulling Your Own Strings). Don't be seduced by the efforts of victimizers to sabotage your weight loss program. 6. even a little bit.177 Your Erroneous Zones).. The remark is then followed by their saying that you don't need to lose any more weight. capable and not the least bit brittle" (p. party. "You can do anything you set your mind to accomplish. Vow to do this program the very best you can." (p. For example. One last note concerning feeders: know who your friends really are. and that is ok . 5. You are strong. Ifthey say the latter. how much older. Say "No" when appropriate... 3." Dr. Don't let other people make you feel guilty about your commitment to losing weight and being healthy. 71 Your Erroneous Zones).Feeders may remark how wrinkled. A reply you might offer is. Spend time with individuals who will support you in your dreams. If a feeder tries to get you to eat food items that are not on your program. "Accept the simple fact that many won't ever understand you. Wayne W Dyer. and simply believe it. who has written many books including Pulling Your Own Strings and Your Erroneous Zones offers some tips to stay strong and in control of difficult situations: 1. you might say. Another suggested reading is by Manuel Smith entitled When I Say No. goals. You can refuse to argue or try to convince anyone of the rightness of of your stance.. " (p.

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