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QUESTION. How important is Human Resource Management to the strategic position of an organization? Discuss in context of the role that the functions of HRM play in an organization

ANSWER. The backbone of any successful company is the HR department, and without a talented group of people to hire, culture, and inform employees, the company is doomed for failure.

Roles that HRM plays in an organization.

Following are the roles. y Compensation and Benefits

To provide compensation and benefits to the employees who perform well in the organization. And provide them facilities such as transport, health services and other benefits. y Performance Management

To check overall performance of the employees in the organization so that the company could how accurately every employee is working in the organization. y Training

To give proper training sessions to the employees working in the organization so that they develop all type o f they need to effectively work in the organization and efficiently utilize their skills. y Reporting

To report all the type incidents happening in the organization that can be dangerous for the reputation of the organization in the market. y Leadership Development

To develop all the leadership skills in the people so that can prove good leaders for the company.

Why make HR as Organizational Strategic Partner...

Some of the main reasons are followings. y y y To increase productivity of the labor force and thus, profitability of the organization Competency and talent management Onset of information technology and the vast amount of knowledge used in the course of the activities of organizations

The changing business environment

Effect of globalization on the business landscape

Making HR as Strategic Partner

Make effective use of your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to handle daily administrative HR tasks. Employees can make use of the self-service facility online. This saves time and reduces costs. Fully involve your human resource in HR system development that is supportive of business strategy development and implementation. This promotes ownership. ..In a knowledge economy, HR has an opportunity to become a strategic partner. Knowledge and information are required to formulate, implement and review strategies. Decide to become a knowledge organization