Details of Final Term Project

Design a complete development plan of a ³Social Support Program´ that is to be initiated, owned and governed by student body. The purpose of this program will be to assist in the development of local deprived communities.

Project Objectives:
The objective of this project is to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their

understanding of management concepts into application. Contents of the Plan:
a. Vision of the program b. Mission of the program c. Philosophies and values d. Functions of program i. Livelihood ii. Education iii. Heath iv. Micro financing e. Work flow i. Number of workforce ii. Roles and responsibilities iii. Organizational chart iv. Organic vs. Mechanistic Structure f. Strategic Plan i. Goal (for 1- year) 1. Objectives ii. Operational strategies 1. Finance a. Raising funds b. Budgeting and Allocations c. Development and maintenance of accounts

SWOT and PESTEL analysis ii. Promotion Strategy i. Responsible person c.2. Project Awareness 3. Fund Raising ii. Reviewing performance i. Setting employee performance standards i. Identification of target community c. Time Frame ii. Identification of Stakeholders b. Mission & Philosophies of the program Functions Work flow Strategic plan Goals Operational strategies Finance Marketing Administration (06) (07) (07) (05) Marks 10 05 10 25 Total 50 . Identify measurement criteria ii. Devise Controlling tools (feedback) b. Administration a. Resources required e. Reinforcement (Rewards and awards) d. Marketing a. Schedule of activities f. Environmental scanning i. Develop Policies and Procedures Contents Vision.

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