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Pollen Interview for Pollen volume 31 Lars Leafblad Curator, Pollen, Principal, KeyStone Search A conversation with Pollenite

e Paula Prahl, SVP Communications, Public Affairs, and Corporate Responsibility at Best Buy Co., Inc. Pollen recently visited with Paula Prahl about innovation, leadership, and creating change. Heres some of the ideas and thoughts she shared (all responses are paraphrased unless noted): Strategic planning tends to focus on creating perfect change but it is often the process itself that creates behavior change

Leadership is finding what will make something happen.inertia is a bigger enemy than anything else within most organizations

Future of public and corporate affairs tied to finding balance between sufficiency and necessity with regards to multiple stakeholder interests

Much of public policy change is pendulum change that swings rapidly across a spectrum but metered change is much more successful in the long term

Having a culture of supporting fast failure where things can be tried, measured, modified, and tried again is critical to creating change

Good corporate social responsibility is linked to having strong alignment between the business model of the organization and its impact on the world at-large

2 big challenges for newly promoted leaders within organizations are shifting from individual impact to team impact metrics orientation and learning when and how to subordinate your own interests and agenda for the good of the broader organization