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The Ralladium



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This book is dedicated to Kevin (alias Prince Charming), who made me beUeve that fairy tales and dreams do come true.

The Palladium Book of Contemporary Weapons is publ ished by Palladium Books 5926 Lonyo, Detroit, Michigan, 48210. (c) Copyright 1984 by Kevin Siembieda. Illustrations (c) Copyright 1984 by Kevin Siembieda. All rights reserved under the Universal Copyright Convention. Nothing may be reproduced in part or whole without permission from the publ isher except for use in reviews.

Researched and Campi led By:
Maryann Brian Siembieda

Special Consultant:
Siembieda Marciniszyn
","--"WAY _WNINt; OF'II HlGI1·POWEA ~I$T'()L. F"N


Illustrator/Art Director
Kevi n Siembieda

Matthew Balent Books



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Ptstol Cartridges
Rifle Cartridges Tissue Damage

,.................................................... ,................................................. Rating
,.". .. .

4 5 ".... 6



Revolvers Description Automatic
Pistols and

6 6

Pistols Description
Revolvers Guns

Sub Machine



RIfles Shotguns

28-45 45-46

Machine Guns .. Bibliography


46-49 50



Firat, this Is .!!2!. a game Iyatem! What Is provided suggested pldes and basic Information required for use of modern weapons In contemporary role-playing samea. Second, we do not even pretend to have Included all of the types and varia tiona of (lrearms In the world. We hi!! tried to include -mottweapons that are reprelentative of the major types of small arms avaUable today. Consequently, we have Intentionally limited the firearms In thl. book to weapona manufactured after 1930 or 'till commonly uaed {like the Browlng and Colt whlcb were produced around the turn of the century but are stili popular today}. Third, the statistical data listed I. meant to provide subjective guide-lines for use In role-playing sameL They are as accurate as weTe believe necessary. AI thoae of you who are familiar with our prevlous weapons books know, we strive to achieve maximum accuracy and authenticity. However, thl. II especially dlrrlcult with firearms, al even tbe experu disagree about each weapons effectiveness, damage capability, penetration, ranle, and maintenance. Even lamong Palladium Books researchers, one felt automatic wupons were superior to revolvers, whUe the other leaned toward revolvers. Each had sound logical reasons, statistics and personal experience to IUpport their argumentL It really broke . down to personal preference/opinion. One even disagreed with the err~tive ranges as listed. In lane's Infantry weapons book, which I, generally acknowledged as the definitive book on the subject.


The base number of this chart, II, wlll symbolb:e the leut effective round. However, 8 '1 round will meet the basic requirements for IMItr-defense. (Note: Almost all auto shells are Jacketed to InhJblt expahilon.1
The number in parenthasis is the tissue P. V. is the Penetration Value. The higher the number the better. See page six for details. See page 17 for Special Cartridges



(1) .22 Short



Very little penetration. or no nerve trauma.


(11 .22 Long P.V. 2

Slightly more powerful than the .25 (especially In long barreled guns). Better expansion properties of bullet results In greater tissue and nerve trauma. Penetration II poor due to the soft mu.hrooming of the bullet which tends to disintegrate on heavy bone. 'When used 81 a rifle performance of thll increases dramatically. round the cartridge

(2-31 .22 P.V. 2


Founh, the tlatue damage rating and penetratiOll ratl... are HQ! TTI!!lant accurately reflect the damage to In the real world, but a reasonable trans Iat Ion Into !ame standardL Fifth, we chose line liIultrationa over photographs to provide a maximum amount of detail clearly. Each lIIultratlon bas bel!l'lpain staklngly researched. SIxth, additional weapons Including heavy firearms IUeb u anti-tank weapons. grenade launchers/auachmenu, name throwers. and others will appear In a future companion book. Seventb, this book II In no way Intended as a guide for survivalist or pro-elvll arms movementL

.25 A.c.p (Note: A.C.P. stands for Automatic Colt Pistol) P.V. 1 (2) .32 A.c.P. P.V. 3


Adequate for self defense If shots are placed In the face, head, neck or body .~reas with no bona to deflect the smali projectlledecent penetration. Fair to good protection If used in a high capacity automatic. Decent penetration With little or no expansion as with all jacketed prOjectiles used In autos. (revolver) Better velocity penetration. More variety loads Increase its deadliness. and of

(2) ,32 Long

P.V.3 (3} .38 P.V. 4

A good self defense cartridge with good offensive capabllltleL Much more power than tbe standard .38 with better expansion and penetration. An excellent cholee for offense and defense. This cartridge produces great amounta of tissue damage, a. excellent stopping power, and has great penetration even when hollow polnu are used. An excelent hunting round. The weapon lueH has been found to be an easier band gun to master than the 9mm, .45 auto, .41 Magnum and .44 Masnum fClr both men and women. Introduced In 1911, this shell has proven Itself a man-stopper In many countries and confilctL This cartridge was created to be used against human adversarlea and has little or no huntlns value. Wide wound channel Is caused by this wide heavy cartridge resulting in nerve trauma {shockl. Rata the same as the .45 A.C.P • but has better penetration. High velocity, excellent penetration a very good man-stopper, and fine hunting round. Despite this, the cartridge ha, never been very popular .351'1 and .4" magnum's being In much greater demand.



(") .31+ (Powerl

CartridJe; Type of bullet; ammunition. ... .,Ine: Compartment wbich hold. ammunition and is directly Inserted Into the weapon. Round.: The number of cartridges, bullets fired; Ie. 1 rounds • 1 bullets fired, 13 rounds • 13 bullets fired etc. Feed: Method by which the cartridge enters the weapon. 1ijijlit: gm • grams ~h: mm • milimeters Length: This Is only the barrels length the over.11 lengtb. when known. I. listed in parenthesis after the barrel length. ....nle Velocity; m/s Indicates the meters per second t&e cartridge is traveling when It leaves the muzzle of the weapon. Appro!. Effective Range: This Is the generally accepted lDaimum range in which this weapon operates most errectively/accurately. Belt F-t A system of supplying ammunition to a machine lun in the form of a continuous belt. A type of belt feed Is the disintegrating link which consills of Independent clips that rail away after the round Is fired. Bolt Action: Used mainly in older rineL By pulling back the bolt a spent shell is ejected from tbe breech. A .prlng loaded mechanism tben snaps the bolt forward closing the breech and a fresh .hell Is moved Into firing posltion. .9!P.!= Metal grips which hold the cartridge by the rim or base, Which is than Inserted Into the magatlne. formlnl part of the magazine mecbanism. C811bre: The internal diameter of a weapons barrel. The American and British usage of calibre Is expressed In thou.andths of an Inch. es. .357, .45, etc. Others are expressed In millimeters; ego 9mm, 7.65mm, etc. ~ A reference to the weapons manufacturer, FabrlQue National d'Armes de Guerre of Belgium.

P.V.4 (5) .357 Magnum P.V. 5 .

IS) .45.A.C.P.

P.V. 4

(5) •• 5 Long &

(5) .41 Magnum

P.V. 6

s.. a . 1 (2) 7.V. a ..V.5 Widely adopted In South America. (3) 7..2 Used by central European pollee and MCurlty fore.pottln. 1 (2) 7.r been made In ateel-caaed form.V. Standard Brltllh oct Imperial cartridge from laa9 to the lNOt ..V.rcano Doubtful If any of the rifles thll elrtrldse wal made for are Itlll In service.6 MaUler No longer IIIed In first line welpons.. charge of Incendiary materl. 2 MaUleI' Standard Soviet plnol and machIne gun round... It II liso u. It Is In widespread use by third world been made.. Army due to It'.V.30-06 Springfield P.6 7.. stubby . For use rifle. P..s.led by a flub and a puff or smoke.50 Brownllll P. Short P.(5) .ood accuracy. cartrldle. P. A machine IUn cartridp currently manufactured by the Soviets and Chine.V.12.V.62 Tokarev.111 II) 5. -Jell target re- 'I) 7. Poor stopping power. Great penetration and Itopping power.m Standard Infantry cartrldp of the Soviet Army.V.. It'.45mm Semet (t) 1-4. to A (5) 7.V. Unique to French fore.tlll In \lie by former French countri . STili In aeveral count ria with police Ind MlCurhy forcN. 6 (6) S. with the Soviet AK-74 (al .251 Mannllcher- P.41 Mqnum.1 In the front MICtion 10 thlt the strike of the bullet II I1gft.. 4 (5) 7. but lOme Iman batchll made or .-45111111 P. 4 M Its2 CzllChollonk Adopted In 1952 for UN In the rine.. Nbthe Round.357 and .. erd P.lmOil every army outside the Soviet Bloc. 6 An excellent handgun cartriqe. relllOnable Itopplng power with a low veloctty which reduces tbe risk of ricochet.V.V. Comparable In power to the contemporary 9mm Brownln.s.. el.. Union and volven. Unique to French forcea.V.65mm Lonl P. Probably the mOlt widely dlitributad mUltary rifle canrtdp In hlltory.. 5 P.12 Kurtz P. m St .. Abandoned In the early a. Army In Europe.bIne P.Finland and China. 5 (4) .12111m Parabel1um P. 4 c. Uaed P.W.teel hive been found.223 ArmaUte P.d. It II I1IIIllIy brill clled.. In use .e InWeted would probably Hverely hamper any retaliation (thll II allO true with the . for U. 5 (6) • (5) 7.V.V 3 Lone (5' . It I.V. Yet. "rv_ P. P. lonl cartridge.s. Excellent ranp and accuracy.12111111NATO Comparable In performance die 30-01. Belt reporu Indicate thet It bu nev. 6 (3) Imm Pollee P. (5) amm Lebel P. It does not Inflict the trauma efrect that the rat. or plate at 100m. better penetrltlon of body armour. lon. Not currently In first lIne service with any army. range anlper type 1he1l. but brus-cued are the mOlt common.V. metal constnlctlon which II'"' It I IIml-armour-plerclng e(fect. Used by many arml-. A JpeClal Iteel Jacket with dlldJ. 7 P. mainly by the Sovlell and .V.e. It w. 5 Till (The Browning being the world Itandard for pocket pistols). 7 A machine IUft C8ttrldp adopted by .Ith seven I pollee authorities.5·FreDc:h MAS (II 7.Umm In .15 ArpnUne Mauser (2) lID.V. .ery lood huntlTl8 cartridge.5 SwIu P..5 An odd UTtrlqe which baa not: .lde the Soviet Union. t amounts of damage to UIlUe.V. this cartridge may one day replace the venerable . and later adpoted by the U.. A-. RIFLE CARTRIDGES (41 .+4 Mapum (I' P.V.nw.. (71 .V. Used In U. Comparable In power to the contemporary 9m m Browning Ions eartrld. 6 (5) 7111111MedIum Uled by French French poNeNlona.. 5 . 4 (5) 'IIIm Mannllcher P. This cartridge h.ed by the Soviet s. 6 (5) 7..12 Mau8er P.l2mm N8pnt Stili In lervtce with the lO'Vteu and other countries.ed elllwbere In the world. A short rinse (5) 7. Nqant A JerVlce round u. larle. A widely dlltrlbuted Originally carbIne erfectlve.7 ScMet P.)0 c.. 5 (5) T. heavy IIUI cIoea . 4 (3) hm P. It III In relerve \lie. army Ind ex- P. Clechollovaldan .V.V. European P.V. The cue I. and in central Europe.sed by the Italian military.6 SovIet Model IN3 P. tellte countries.. 5 (I) 12.V.. Stlndlrd Swl. Used by the Eut German mlUtla for lOme years aher W. For use with the Makarov pistol.Iower lpeed. 5 (3) 7. u. (The Browninl being the world standard for pocket ptstols).Penetratll .V.. I1IIIllIy made of bra. but to a lesser degree).45 colt In the U.V.V. the standard Hungarian round.llmm P. ThIs bullet I.V. Uled In the M-II In the lite 196(1'. Developed by France and . Even If a perlOll were only wounde.. ault 1160' .. '1. Steel cued Clrtridges tJ.. n. under name of 7. the dama.V.l5mDl P. I1nce It dou DOt expand (like III autOI). 4 MBkirov Not yet made out. 4 developed M-I.7mm..old well and may 100II go out of production.5 Sonet P. . (2) 7.. moeSeratel)' cartridge.V.Ila. with poor to . 4 (5) P. but Iii I thor-tarc.V.45 round does traveling at a .peelll dealgn of obiervlng-tracer which carrl .V.31» Brttlab (3' .

2-12 = two six sided dice. 6. . as well as requiring what might be crucial seconds.. Most of these pistols are flat and unobtrusive which makes them easy to conceal. Good 5. Fair So Adequate 4. However. 1-8 • one eight sided die of damage. carrying eight.. but did not gain significant popularity until the late 1850's. If a shell should Jam or 15 a dud the operator need only press the trigger rotating the cylinder to the next shell (an automatic would need to be cleared by hand)..~A I'lrnJL "lEW OF A . such as the Soviet Stechkin. This Is by no-means a deflnatlve evaluation of its effectiveness in the real world. Superior I. are true automatics. TISSUE DAMAGE RATINGS Damage Ratln!s: Tissue Damage that allows gas to escape where the cone meets. Excellent 7. In most cases the self-loading (automatic) pistol is a very effective weapon. for all of its good points there are drawbacks.TISSUE DAMAGE RATING Since tbe major factor in tbe damage of a particular weapon Is the type of shell used we have developed a Damage Rating based on the cartridge types.A. under certain conditions. wood. Very Good 4-24 5.y VI~W OF A I' 1/0 -Z Sftit PtSTDL CVT·AIoWlV MOoIn .S. could make maintenance a problem. The double-action or ·self-loading" design was IntTOduced to the public around 1830. However. and so on.50 calibre F1RIN6 Pffl SPR1N6 It£M( M='*~=-ItJ. The problem With a totally automatic pistol Is that. Very Good VALlID) jOther than tissue) Defelects off bone Defelects off bone May lodge In bone May break bone Shatters bone. Heavier Calibre Machine Gun (Botb 8 and 9 will shoot through a car engine block) PENrtRAl10N I. you should not be Intimidated by a player who swears that these ratings are not accurate.. thirteen or even more rounds.. Automatic magazines tend to have a greater cartridge (bullet) capacity. To do this the trigger must be pulled and released for each shot fired.. The ammunition is concealed In the magazine so that unless you are counting your shots. revolvers. On the negative side these weapons are bulky and difficult to conceal. the automatic pistol can fire only the types of ammunition for which It Is specifically designed. thin metal Automatic pistols are weapons which automatically advance each cartridge Into firing posltton. because of the way the weapon is gripped. Excellent 5-30 6. It has a complicated mechanism which.f fJOUIIU·ACTKJN . The cartridges listed are considered the most common and universally used. This decreases the accuracy of bitting the target with each round. They are generally limited to six rounds and require a comparatively long time to reload. Very Excellent 6-36 7. wood. We are personally confident that the rating system Is a fair and reasonable adaptation. It Is important to point out that most "automatic" pistols are not truly automatic. better the penet ra- AUTOMATIC PISTOLS 1-6 I. The trigger pull Is rarely as smooth as a revolver. but "self-loadlng". Very few. Poor 2. It Is what we believe to' be an acceptable transulation of effectiveness to role-playing games. The tissue damage Indicates the suggested amount of damage (dice) Caused by a particular weapon. The damage numbers indicate the direct damage. reducing the accuracy of the weapon when used by 'the unskilled (though many would argue if it is an appreciable difference). Replacing the magazine (clip) Is extremely simple requiring but a few seconds. which could be dangerous depending on the nature of the misfire. The low muzzle velocity is due to the revolvers design cwr· . feel free to adjust these ratings as you see fit. Unlike many revolvers. especl ally at a distance. which can fire a variety of bullet loads. If you are comfortable with these ratings then stick to them or do some research to confirm them (see bibliography).. but still falls short of most Of course the greater the velocity the tion. The firing mechanism produces a smooth trigger action promoting good accuracy. cylinder and forcing will have a greater automatic weapons. goes through cinder-block. you could suddenly find yourself out of ammo. and ejects each spent shell. Barely Adequate 1-8 2. A long barreled revolver velocity. all misfires of ammunition (Jamming. goes through in armour plate steel Goes tbrough brick. etc. The larger calibre revolver can usually fire a variety of bullet loads with no appreciative difference. duds. The trigger only releases the hammer. Shatters bone. The double-action revolver enables the operator to cock the hammer and rotate the cylinder and then release the hammer with one trigger pull."~ SKJff REVOLVERS The single-action revolver is the predecessor to the modern revolver requiring the cocking of the hammer by hand between shots. The cocking action causes tbe cylinder to rotate to the next round. Those of you who have rlrst hand knowledge to believe otherwise. Gamemasters. Fair 2-12 3. The double-action revolver Is simplicity to operate.. High muzzle velocity provides maximum penetration even at great distances. Ie: 1-6 • one six sided die of damage. Most types can also be turnb-cocked like the old singleaction. which means they will fire successive rounds from one trigger pull until released..) must be cleared by hand. Heavy Machine Gun 5-50 + 6 6-60 + 6 9. The ammunition in the chamber is clearly visible and never misfires. depending on the particular weapon. Good 3-18 '4. A person can fire an automatic pistol as quickly as he/she can pull the trigger. the muzzle moves upward after each round. The activities of the Colt company were a major factor In the early development/popularity of the double-action revolver in the U..

Weight: 990gms. Effective Range: SOm Caliber: .65mm) 12 round box mag.!!e Natlonale Compact Double-Action Model Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Barrel Length: 96mm (I73mm). Muzzle Velocity: 3S0m/s. 360m/s.2mm. Feed: 10 round mag.38 Special. E(fectlve Range: SOm BELGIUM Browning GP 35 Cartridge: 9mm. (7. Weight: I. Effective Range: SOm 9mm Fabrlgue Natlonale Medium Double-Action Model Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Feed: (9mm short) 13 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity. Barrel Length: 173mm. . Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s.. Barrel Length: 118mm (216mm). Weight: I050gms. Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s.6Smm 140 Double-Action FN Barracuda FN Revolver Cartridge: 9mm short or 7. Weight: 640gms. Effective Range: 40m 9mm Fabtl9.. Approx.. Weight 1. Approx. Approx. Effective Range: 50m Browning Nomad Cartridge: . Approx. Weight: 708gms. Barrel Length: 136mm [216mm) Muzzle Velocity: 380m/s. Weight: 770gms. Weight: 8S0gms.357 Magnum.65mm.. Feed: 14 round box mag. Barrel Length: 171mm. Approx.. Barrel Length: 96m m 1173mm l.6Smm) 295m/s. Approx.22 cal. Muule Velocity: 3S0m/s. Barrel Length: 127mm (216mm). Approx.45 Bailister Molina Pistol Cartridge: .05kg.8Ikg. Barrel Length: 1l8mm (200mm). Approx. Feed: 8 round box mag.02kg. E((ectlve Ranle: SOm AUSTRIA 9mm GB Steyr Cartridge: 9m m Parabellum. Feed: 13 round box mag. Barrel Length: 118mm (200mm). Feed: 14 round box mag. Feed: 7 round 00)( mag.. Muzzle Velocity: 253m/s..45.. Feed: 13 round mag. Approx. Effective Range: SOm .. Effective Range: 40-50m 7. Feed: 6 round cylinder. Munel Velocity: 3S0m/s. Weight: 84Sgm. Effective Range: 45m 9mm Fabrique Natlonale Standard Double-Action Model Cartridge: 9mm Parabellurn. Barrel Length: 76. Effective Range: SOm 9mm FN Browning FN High Power Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.ARGENTINA . Muzzle Velocity: (9mm short] 280m/s !7. Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s.. Feed: detachable 18 round mag. Weight: . Approx.

22kg. Effective Range: SOm 7. butt extended .CANADA Brigadier Cartridge: .65mm Model 50 Cartridge: 7.269mm butt retracted). Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s. Barrel Length: 140mm.9Ik!!. Weight: 1925gm. PEOPLES REPUBLIC 7.. Effective Range: SOm 7. Approx. Approx. Weight: .6Smm.62mm Ty.98kg. Effective Range: SOm CZECHOSLOVAKIA 7.65mm Type 64 or Type 67 Silenced Cartridge: 7. Feed: 1 round detachable box rnsg. Barrel Length: 114mm (194 mm). Feed: 8 round detachable box rnag.GSmm X 17 rimless. Muzzle Velocity: 420m/s.G2mm. Weight: 51 or TyPe 54 Cartridge: 7. Approx Effective Range: SOm 9mm Model 15 Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: 83m FINLAND Lahti Model 35 and Model 40 Cartridge: 9m Parabellum. Barrel Length: 112mm (513 mm. Muzzle Velocity: 350m!s..32 ACP (7.62mm Model 52 Pistol Cartridge: 7. Weight: 68lgms.62mm bottleneck. Approx.. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: 90mm (l10mm).. 8 round mag. Feed. Approx.. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: IIGmm (l9Gmm). Weight: "27kg. Feed: 10 20 round box mag •• Weight: 1. Feed: 15 round box mag. EHective Range: 40m CHINA. Feed: 8 round detachable mag. Muzzle Velocity: 317m!s . Muzzle Velocity: 3S0m/s. Effective Rall8e: SOm 7. Approx..65mm Model 61 Skorplon Cartridge: . Muzzle Velocity: 274m/s. Approx.. Muzzle Velocity: 253m/s.G5mm). Barrel Length: 97mm 1173mml. Approx. Barrel Length: 124mm (330mm). Weight: . Effective Range: 40m 0 . Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: 107mm (246mm). Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s.214m/s (with silencer). Weight: 850mm. Weight: 854gms.45.. Muzzle Velocity: 492m/s. Approx. Barrel Length: 120mm (20Jmml. Effective Range: 35m 9mm Tokagypt Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.59kg.

Feed: 8 round detachable box mag. Barrel length: 114mm (203mm). Barrel Length: 89mm.32 Smith & Wesson long or . Effective Range: (7. Effective Range: 40m . Barrel Length: 70mm. Muzzle Velocity: 354m/s. feed: 9 round detachable mag. Weight: 1.22. Barrel Length: 76. Approx. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 9mm ~odel 1950 MAS Self·loadlng Pistole M Cartridge: 9mm X 18.3~7 Milgnum. Barrel length: I03mm (176mm).088kg.65mm) 40m (9mm) SOm MR 32 Match Manuthin Cartridge: .NY..357 MR 73 Manurhin Revolver Caliber: .6~mm or 9mm short. Barrel Length: 91mm (!60mm)..FRANCE Model D MAB Cartridge: 7.6~mm) 280m/s (9mm) 3~Om/s. Barrel Length: 112mm (19~mm). FEDERAL REPUBLIC Arlmlnlus (Weirauch) HW3 Cartridge: .6amm. Effective Range: SOm 9mm PAIS MAD Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.72~kg.22. Effective Range: SOm GERMA. Barrel Length: (MR 32) 1~2mm (MR 38) 146mm (277mm). Muzzle Velocity: 31~m/s. Effective Range: SSm Erma KGP 68 Cartridge: 7. Feed: 8 round rnag. Feed: 6 round cylinder. Erma Olympia Cartridge: .0Skg. Muzzel Effective Range: 40m 8 round Velocity: box mag. Barrel 280m/s. Effective Range: 40m . Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s..38 special. Weight: . Approx.6~mm. Muzzle Velocity: 430m/s.• Weight: 860gms. Muzzle Velocity: 280 mIs. Weight: 680gms. Effective Range: SOm GERMANY. Approx.. Effective Range: SSm '. Effective Range: ~Om Cartridge: Smm Parabellurn.. Feed: 9 round box mag. WelSh': 1. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s. Unique-Model Ocf-66 Cartridge: 7. Approx. Feed: 10 round mag. Approx. Weight: 638gms.. Feed: 6 chamber side loading cylinder. Muzzle Velocity: 3OOm/s.2mm (20Smml.. Muzzle Velocity: (7. Feed: IS round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. Feed: 9 round box mag . Weight: IIOOgms Barrel Length: 200mm. Feed: Lensth: 100mm. Weight: 663gms.. Approx. Approx. Approx. Approx. Weight: 890gms.

Appt"OL Effective Range: SOm 7. Approx. Weight: 682gms. Feed: 8 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. 9mm short. Barrel length: 130mm.65mm PP Walther Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 83mm. Effective Range: 40m 7.Mauser 1934 Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 350 rn/s. Weight: 795gms. Feed: 8 round box rnag. Effective Range: 45m Volksplstole.65mm. Barrel length: 63.. Barrel Length: 86m~ (155mml~ Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Effective Range: SOm Cartridge: 7. Feed: 8 round det achable box mag.5mm 075mml.. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s ApproL Effective Range: 40m 9mlf! Model PI Walther Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabeilum. EHective Range: 45m . Muzzle Velocity: 290m/s.65mm. Efrectlve Range: 50m Sauer Behorden Model Cattrldge: 7.6Smm (or 9!'1m) HSI Mauser Cartridge: 7. Weight: 910gms. Barrel length: 90mm {J80mml. Feed: 7 round detachable box mag. Approx. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder. Munle Velocity: 350m/s. Weight: approx.6Smm.38 Special Mauser Revolver CartridlJ:e: . Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Effective Range: 40m ... Barrel Length: 77mm. Feed: 8 round box mag. Approx. Weight: 960gms. Barrel Length: 87mm. Effective Range. Approx. Weight: S68gms.65mm PPK Waltfler Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 3S0m/s Approx. Feed: 8 round detachable box mag. Weight: 6oogms.. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: 86mm 1165mml. Approx.Mauser Cartridge: 7. Weight: 596mm. Weight: 720gms. Effective Range: SOm 7. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: 90mm (218mm). 40m Parabellum . Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s.6Smm. ApproL Effective Range: 40m Sauer Model 38H 9mm Model PS Walther Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Para-bellum. Barrel length: ISOmm. Feed: 8 round detachable box mag. Feed: 7 round box mag.. Barrel length: 99mm o 73mm).65mm. Approx. 600-660gms..65mm.38 Special.. Weight: 772gms. Cartridge: 9mm. Weight: 620gms.65mm... Muzzle Velocity: 290m/s.

Koch Cartridge: 9mm X 19. Feed: a round detachable box mag. Effective Range: SOm 7.65mm. Approx. Feed: 8 round box mag... Barrel Length: I02mm (I92mm).65mm. Effective Range: SOm 9mm Plndad Pistol Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Appro x. Feed: 12 round detachable box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Effective Range: 50m Beretta Cartridge: 7. VP70Z Auto Heckler . Barrel Length: I04mm (J75mm). Approx.65mm) 8 round detachable box mag. Effective Range: 40m ® . Weight: (9mm) 880gm (. Muzzle Velocity: 420m/s. ITALY 7....62mm X 25 Pistol Type p.7kg. Effective Range: 50m 9mm P7 (PSP) Self-Loading Heckler .9mm P9S Heckler . Wei. Effective Range: 40m 9mm Model 1934 Beretta Cartridge: 9mm short. Muzzle Velocity: 3ISm/s. Weight: 568gms. Effective Range: SOm CONII£K7£f) TO A J'IIII·MllCHllVEGVItl HOLJTER. Feed: 7 round box mag. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 299m/s.65mm.62mm Model 48 Cartridge: 7. Appro . .fTtICK WfT'H A ATTACHEP. Approx. (. Barrel Length: 90mm (J52mm).. (7. Barrel Length: 112mm (I 96mm) Muzzle Velocity: 354m/s.. Effective Range: 40-50m 9mm or 7. Weight: 665gms. Barrel Length: I05mm (l66mm).6Smm Model 81 Double-Action 9mm VP70M . Approx.. Barrel Length:97mm 072mm). Feed: (9mm) 7 round box mag. Barrel Length: 116mm (I 96mm). Weight: 785gms.. Barrel Length: HOmm.. Welgth: . Koch Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Feed: 18 round box mag.65mm PA-63 Cartridge: 9mm short or 7. Feed: 9 round box mag. Approx. Feed: 13 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 290m/s.45 ACP) 7 round box mag. Weight: 480gms. Weight: 823gms.. Weight: 770 gms. Muzzle Velocity: 351m/s (045 ACP) 260m/s.a8kg.45 ACP) 750gms. Effective Range: 50m HK4 Self-Loading Heckler I. Koch Cartridge: 9mm Short. Barrel Length: 85mm (I57mm). Approx. Barrel Length: 116mm (204mml.. Muzzle Velocity: 351m/s. Feed: 7 round box mag.l!ht: 846gms. Koch Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum or . Weight: . Effective Range: 45m HUNGARY Frommer M37 Cartridge: 7.. Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s nominal.. Approx.45ACP. Peed: 7 round detachable box mag..

Weight: 670gms. Barrel Length: 97mm (I 72mm) Muule Velocity: 280m/s. Approx.. Approx. Weight: Approx.65mm or 9mm Parabellum. Approx. Effective Range: 50m Model 80 Mauser HSc Renato Gamba Cartridge: 7. Full Auto Beretta Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Effective Range: 45m Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Weight: 640gms. Weight: . Approx. Effective Range: 50m Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. 750gms..1 2kg. 720gms. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Feed: lIar 25 round detachable box mag. Feed: 8 round box mag.38 Special. Effective Range: 45m Model 60 Cartridge: 7. Approx. Barrel Length: 114. EHective Range: 40m P-018 I. Weight: I350gms. Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s. Welsht: 1. Weight: 998gms.87kg. Feed: 15 round detachable box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 320m!s.9mm Model 1951 Self-Loading Beretta 9mm Model 951R Semi I. P-018-9 Bernadelli 9mm Model 92 Double-Action Beretta Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 122mm (213m rn). Appro)!. Weight: 950gms. Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s. Effective Range: 45m Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: SSm Bernadelli 9mm Model 84 Double-Action Beretta Cartridge: 9mm short. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: 156mm 1240mm). Muzzle Velocity: 375m/s. Feed: 10 round detachable box mag. Approx. Muule Velocity: 350m!s. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder.65mm.38 Trident Super " Renato Gamba Revolver Cartridge: . Feed: 15 or 20 round detachable box mag. Barrel Length: 90mm 066mm). Barrel Length: 125mm (217mm).2mm 1203..65mm... Feed: 14 round box mag. Barrel Length: 125mm :170mm). Feed: 13 round detachable box mag. Barrel Length: 90mm. WeIght: Approx. Erfective Range: 50m ® . Approx. Approx. Barrel Length: IOlmm(240mm] Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s..2). Effective Range: 40m 9mm 93R Selective Fire Beretta ...

.. Muzzle Velocity: 35Im/s.( Cartridge: 8mm.62mm X 25. Feed: Ground OOX mag.65mm Model 578 Auto New Nambu CartrIdge: . E((ectlve Range: 40m Cartridge: 7. Feed: 6 round box mag.32 ACP. Feed: 8 round box mag. / mag. Feed: 25 or 40 round box mag. (auto) 75 rounds/min.. Barrel Length. Effective Range: SOm @ . Weight: I. Weight: 6oogms. Feed: 8 round box mag. Approx. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s. KOREA. Effective Range: 50m . Effective Range: 40m gmm Wz 63 jPM-63) Machine Pistol Cartridge: 9mm X 18.' 253 Approx.. Muzzle Velocity: 314m/s. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 152mm (333mm)...4. Feed: 8 round box mag. Barrel Length: I02mm (171mm) Muzzle· Velocity: 290m/s. Weight: 795gms. Approx.Japanese Model 94 7. WeIght: 890gms. Feed: 13 round detachable box mag. Weight: .022kg. Munle Velocity: 220m/s. Feed: 5 chamber cylinder. Approlt. Approx. Welgth: 6BOgms. Weight. Muzzle Velocity: 396m/s. m s.62mm Trpe 68 PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC gmm P64 Self-Loading Cartridge: 9mm X 18.38 Model 60 New Nambu Revolver Cartrldge: . Effective Range: 50m MEXICO . DEMOCRAnC 7.. Barrel Length: 84mm (I55mml. Barrel length: 108mm (l85mm). WeIght: 820gms. 8. Barrel Length: 90mm (l50mm).. 6. Feed: 7 round detachable box WeIght: 624gms. Weight: l. Barrel Length: 77mm (J97mm). (single shotl 40 rounds/min. Effective Range: SOm Muzzle Velocity.45 Obregon CP Feed' 7 round detachable box Cartridge: . Approx. 1IBmm 098mm). Effective Range: (stock retracted) 40m [stock extended) 200m.6Smm. Approx. Approx. Munle Velocity: 350m/s. Effective Range: 30m 9mID Model 57A Auto New Nambu Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum..636kg. Muzzle Velocity: 3OOm/s.38 Special. Muzzle Velocity: 323m/s.5 1~3k' Ba~l Length: 127mm (2IGmm). Barrel Length: 96mrn.Bkg. Approx... Effective Range: 59m Cartridge: 7. POLAND 7. Effective Range: 40m 9mm Model 35 Random Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.65mm Type rnag. . Barrel Length: 121mm 097mm).

Berrel Length: 120mm [215mm). Feed: 15 round bOl[ mag. Feed: 8 round box mag. Weight: 900gms.ISkg. Effective Range: 40m Cartridge: 9mm Largo. Effective Range: SOm ® . ApproL Effective Range: SOm Sauer Cartrld8. Muule Velocity: 35Om/s. Approx. Approx. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder. WeIght: 690gms. Effective Range: 50m Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.e: 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: SOm . Weight: 720gms.5 . Approx. Approx. feed: 8 round box mag.. 9mm Model 49 SIG CArtridge: 9mm Parabellum. Barrel length: 140mm f271mm}. feed: 15 round box mag. Weight: I. Effective Range: 50m P230 Sig Sauer Cartridge: 9mm Police. Muzzle Veloity: 366m/s. Approx. Barrel Length: I02mm f241mm).. Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s. Weight: 7S0gm. Barrel Length: 125mm. Mllzzle Velocity: 35Om/s.. Feed: 7 round box mag. ..Smm 080mml. Weight: 1.22. Berrel Length: 112mm 098mml. Muzzle Velocity: 265m/s.38 Special Model 960 AIItra Revolver Cartridge: . Weight: J. Approx.02kg. Muzzle Velocity: 335m/s. Effective Range: 50m 9mm Model A-80 Double-Action Astra P220 (Model 7S) Sig Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Barrel length.. Approx.Ipg) SI! Sauer Cartridge. Barrel Length: 9S. Approx. Feed: 8 round box mag.Welght: 985gms. Effective Range: SOm 9mm Model 28DA Double-Action Star P21 ().14kg. Barrel Length: 133mm (204mm~. Feed: 8 round detachable box mag. Muule Velocity: 300m/s. Barrel length: 1I0mm f20Smm~. Effective Range: SOm SWEDEN 9mm Model 40 Husquarna P22S .... feed: 9 round detachable box mag.. Muzzle Velocity: 320m/s. Feed: 9 round box mag. 98mm [l80mmJ.llkg. Weight: 730gms.9mm Super Star SWITZERLAND Hammerli Model 208 Cartrtdge: . Barrel Length: 98mm 080mm). Muzzle Velocity: 345m/s. Weight: I. Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s.38 Special.. Approli:. 9mm X 19. Effective Range: SOm Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.

Approx. Approx. Effective Range: 40m & Cartridge: 9mm short or 7. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder. Approx.TURKEY 9mm MKE & 7. Feed. Barrel Lensth: 9Jmmm IJ60mml.38 Special or ... Muzzle Velocity: 315m/s. ApprOL Efrective Range: 30m UNION' OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC 7. MUlde Velocity: 360m/s..38 Special •• 357 Magnum Sterling Revolver Cartidge: .t.03kg. Muzde Velocity: 280m/s. Approx. Weight: I077gms. Muzzle Velocity: 340m /5. 8 round mag. . Weight: 100gms. Barrel Length: 10 & I02mm 1240mm). Weight: 663gms.44. Barrel Length: 98mm (I70mml.38 Smith Wesson. Effective Ranse: SOm UNITED SfATES OF AMERICA 9rom Stechkln Auto (APS} Auto Mag Cartridge: . Effective Range: SOm Cartridge: 9mm X 18. Approx. Barrel Length: 101mm.. Weight: 878gms. Feed: 5 chamber side-loading cylinder. Muzzle Velocity: Z60-280m/s. Feed: I I round mag. Effective Range: SOm Dardick 9mm Makarov Self-Loading (PMl Cartridge: .62mm X 25 Type P. Approx. Effective Range: 40m Harrington • Richardson Defender Revolver Cartridge: . Effective Range: 50m Cartridge: 9mm X 18.38 No.. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder. Muzzle Velocity: 183m/s. . Feed: 8 round box mag. Approx. Weight: 1. Barrel Length: I02mm (260mml. Barrel Length: 116mm (I96mm).380 SM Ball. Barrel Length: 127mm (225mm).6Smm MKE . Feed: 8 round box rnag. Effective Range: 40m ® .65mm. Effective Range: SOm UNITED KINGDOM Welrod CartrlcJ&e: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 360m Is. Weight: 680gms. Weight: 1665gms. Muzzle Velocity: 420m/s.8Skg. Feed: 20 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 245m/s.38. Appro. Effective Range: SSm . Weight: 767gms...62mm IT-33 Tokarev Cartridge: 7. Feed: 6 round mag.38. Weight: . Feed: 7 round detachable box mag. Muule Velocity: 245m/s.357 Magnum.380 Revolver. Weight: 650gm Barrel Length: 11Omm. . Barrel Length: 165mm.38 Webley.2 Pistol Revolver Cartridge: . Approx.6Smm.

Feed: 10 round box mag. Barrel Length: 165mm. Barrel length: 70mm (l97mm) Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. Weight: 93Sgms. ApproL Effective Range: 40m DR 1M IN'ro "THE MAG. . Feed: 6 chamber side-loading cylinder. 11W:1?£ASl. Muzde Velocity: 250m/s. Barrel Length: 57mm (I8Bmm). Approx. Feed. Effective Range: 4Sm t088gms.. Approx. ApproL Effective Range: 40m Cartridge: ASP 9mm Combat version of Smith I: Wesson M39 6 ® Canrldge: 9mm Parabellum. Weight: . Weight: 1360gms.Kimball Cartridge: . Weight: Barrel Length. Weight: 1133gms. Barrel length: 127mm. Feed: 6 chamber cylinder.02kg. Muzzle Velocity: 28Om/s. Feed: 7 round box mag. Effective Range: SOm . Approx.45.&h Standard Sports King Cartridge: . Feed: 6 chamber side-loading cylinder. Weight: 1190gms Barrel Leagth: 140mm.45 Model IS General Officers Cartridge: . Effective Range: SOm Cartridge: . Weight: 1I0Sgms. Approx. Weight: 964gms. Effective Range: 50m .E TD THE l'1IIA I MOo£i. Approx.J CIlPACIT)' TO 3'0 i<DvNPS' OAIO" AtW>l:J4&. Muzzle Velocity: Approx. Weight: l. Feed: 7 round box mag... 300m/s.22..38 Special.22. Barrel length: I06mm (200mm). 24Sm/s.S.. rns 19/1 OR . Feed: 7 round mag. Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s. Approx. Feed: 10 round mag. Muzde Velocity: 350m/s. Barrel Length: IlSmm.45 Colt Cartridge: . Feed: 6 round box mag. Barrel Length: IOlmm r235mm). Muzzle Velocity. Effective Range: SOm High Standard Victor .30.45 ACP. Muzzle Velocity: 320m/5.22. Effective Range: SOm Ruger Single-Sill Cartridge: . 171mm. 9 round box rnag.lfZrk'E WITHOVT IffIP OF MOOIFICAilOltl.22.S7kg. Muzzle Velocity: 3OOm/s. Effective Range: 40m High Standard Supermatic Cartridge: .38 Servlce-Slx Ruger Revolver J:!!.. Barrel Length: IISmm.. Muzzle Velocity: 350m/s. Effective Range: SOm Model GS-32N Military Ruger Revolver Cartridge: . Approx.38 special. Weight: 978gms.

tols and revolven. Dum-Dum Thl.65mm Model M70 Cartrtdp.. Feed: 9 round boll mal.alnat solid-structural objects. PISTOL ® . due to the streamlined de. 7 ~plodln& Shell. ego doors. which "pedes on contact with the tar. Med.65mm. 4 Handmade. 4 Does more damage.. P. by one Hollow Point Armour Piercing! Thl. correction of the cartridge's flight path. lhell Is constructed with a Imall "piaslve elIarge encued In the tip. 900 Iml. . Muzzle Velocity: 300m/I.e calibre +15 damage.l2mm Model US? c. the tip of the shell Is cut to expand and ahauer on Impact. It can be uled In pl. ApprOL E((ective Range: SOm SPECIAL CARTRIDGE TYPES Trac:er This cartridge contains a compound that Ignites when the cartridge Is fired. P. 3 Full Metal Jacketed Thll cartridge will give a belter penetration. It II mostly uaecI by military and police. since it tends to jam. round.1I0w.V. This I. .et.8 tillue damage wben used In a revolver).. but sacrifices penetration. WeiPt: HOgm •• Barrel Lengcb: 9. this causes the round to expand on Impact caUSing a large wound(. (25'110 random roll every 50 rounds}... lnatead II hal a hollow cavity in it. It I.. 2 The front end of this cartridge Is actually the expcsed lead core of the round and does not come to a point. and for lar.v.V. However. . The hollow pont I• . P.V. Muzzle sSm IT.t . not available Temon [KTW RouDdi) to the general public u mOlt people commonly have no reason for using an armour plercin. The DamBIe Bonus for this ..YUGOSLAVIA 7. 7. Thl.62mm approx. Thll creates a line of light th. 10 damage. Less penetration than the hollow point or any otber shell. eHeetlve a.automatic.n and solid c0nstrucrlen.I!!!. chance per lIIeli that It will not explode. 7. 4S0m/. P.V..l. Cartridge range is reduced by 10-20'110 compared to a normal cartridge. Wetpt: Barrel Lenctb: 116mm (200mml.V. +6 damage. Cannot be used In an automatic. tillue dam age. alao an unreliable.hell II: for low calibre. CVT·AKV!Y Nt'JIJEL PI VIEW OF A ~LTHER. Raises P. brick. tbere II a 35. It cannot be UMd In rifles at any [200mm}. shell can only be UIed In piatols. 3 to damage P. ApprOL Erfactlve Ranle: Velocity. calibre. Good for short range. cartridge 1. Feed: 8 round box mag.nrtclp: 7.

Approx. Feed: 25 round box mag. Weight: 2. It is a light automatic weapon which can be fired from a shoulder or hip position. . Approx. Barrel Length: 290mm (700 mm). (auto) 120 rounds/mtn. This is because these weapons use pistol ammunition and little can be done to improve on their performance. hne's InFantry Weapons sums it up rather well in that they are light.24kg. (auto) 100 rounds/min. Barrel length: 305mm (886mm). It was not until World War II that the submachine gun was actually mass produced. usually with the provision of single shot~. Effective Range: 200m. Muzzle Velocity: 38Im/s. BELGIUM amm Mitralllette Vigneron M2 . Rate of Fire: Icycltc] 550 rounds/min.SUB-MACHINE GUNS A sub-machine gun is not much different from a pistol. the low cost and ease of maintainence creates a strong case for keeping this weapon around for many years to come. Effective Range: 200m. However. Approx. Barrel length: 228mm (670mm). handy and easy to carry. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min. Feed: 25 or 32 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s. This has created a problem for the manufacturers because with the improvements that are being made on automatic and semi-automatic rifles. Effective Range: 200m.29kg. However.® Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Weight: 3.. Muzzle Velocity: 38Im/s. fire low-powered ammunition with limited range and penetration. sub-machine guns as a seperate class of weapon may well soon be extinct. Barrel length: 305mm (8l3mm). AS For major characteristics of sub-machine guns. AUSfRALlA Owen MKI Cartridge: 9mm. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 629 rounds/min. During the First World War sub-machine guns came into use because of the need for close-range fire power.4kg. simple and cheap to produce ". magazine feed" automatic fire. Since that time the major Improvements made have been In size and weight. H ARGENTINA 9mm PA3-0M sub-machinegun Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. The big difference is that it usually requires two hands for stable firing.. Feed: 33 round mag. Effective Range: 200m. Approx. Weight: 4..93kg. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min.. Muzzle Velocity: 38Im/s. Feed: 32 round box mag. Weight: 3. AUSTR~ 9mm MPi 69 & MPi 81 Steyr Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.

Feed: 20 or 32 round Weight: a. Barrel Length: 213mm (794mm). (auto) 120 rounds/min. Weight: a. Barrel length: 21lmm (720mm~.. Feed: 15 or 30 round boll mag. Effective Range: 200m. . Muzzle Velocity: 280m/s.18kg. Weight: 3. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.BRAZIL 9mm BSM/9 M3 Cartridge: box 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: 175m. Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s.4kg.28kg. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Feed: 30 round mag. ® . Approx. Velocity: 400m/s.Olkg. Approx. Rate or Fire: (cycltel 550 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 175mm [67Imm). Approx. Rate of Fire: (cycltcl 750 rounds/min. Feed: 30 round mag. Munle Velocity: 4oom/5.. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min. mag. EffectIve Range: 138m. Feed: 30 round box mag.. Barrel Length: ~lImm (760mm). Muzzle Velocity: 389m/s. gmm Uru Mekanlka bOI( Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.. Weight: 3.. ApproL Effective Range: 200m. Weight: 3. Effective Range: 150m. Barrel Length: 228mm {698mm~. 9mm MOl and MD-IAI IMBEl Cartridge: 9 X 19mm Parabellum. Approx. Muzzle.45 auto pistol.03kg. 9mm MD2 IMBEL Canrldge: 9 X 19mm Parabellurn.45 INA MB 50 Cartridge: Colt .

Effective Range: 200m. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. ApproL Effective RanBe: 180m. Barrel Length: 215mm (SIOmm) Muzzle Velocity. Muzzle Velocity: 366m/s. Effective Range: 185m. Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. ..f ~ . 390m/s.4kg. -~ CHINA. Canrldge: 7. ApproL Effective Range: 145m. Muzzle Velocity: 513m/s. Weight: 3. . Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. fm m Model 49 Hoves Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum.95kg. Weight: 2.62mm Type 6. CHECHOSLOVAKlA Model 23. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Feed: 36 round detachable box mag. Welsht: 3..62mm X 25 Type P Bait. Barrel Length: 198mm j]94mm) Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s. Approx. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 1315 rounds/min. . Barrel Length: 244mm (843mm). Barrel Length: 198mm (686mm). & 26 Cartrldse: 9mm Parabellum..... 24. 25. PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC 7. Barrel Length: 284mm (686mm).2kg.CANADA 9mm CI Canrldge: 9mm Parabellum.4kg. 9mm Madsen Cartrl<!se: 9mm Parabellum. Feed: 24 or 40 round box mag. Feed: 30 round curved box mag. Feed: 32 round detachable box mag. Feed: 30 round box mag.27kg. Weight: 3. Weight: 3. ApprOL Effective Range: 135m. Approx.

9mm Dux Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.5kg.2kg. FEDERAL REPUBLIC amm MP40 Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. [auto) 120 rounds/min.65mm long. Effective Range: 200m. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Approx. GERMANY. Muzzle Velocity: 351m/s.. Weight: 2. Feed: SO found Suomi box mag.03kg.87kg. 9mm Model 1944 Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.58kg. Feed: 32 round detachable boll mag. Barrel Length: 220mm (500mm).. Effective Range: 200m. Effective Range: 200m. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 900 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: Icycltc) 600 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Effective Range: 185m. Weight: 4.FINLAND 9mm Model 1931 Cartridge: 9mm Panbellum. Weight: 3. Feed: 50 round box or 71 round drum mllg. Approx. Feed: 36 round box or 71 round drum mag. Approx.. 9mm Gevarm Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Rate of Fire: Icycltc) 500 rounds/mill... Barrel Length: 224mm [734mml. @ . (auto) 120 rounds/min..8Smm Model 38 MAS box Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 318mm (870mm). Feed: 32 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 381 mis. Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 399m/s. Barrel Length: 251mm (833mm).. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 251mm (826mm). Muzzle Velocity: 399m/s.. Effective Range: 200m. fautol 120 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 500 rounds/min. Feed: 20 or 32 round box mag. 9mm MAT 49 Cartridge: 9mrn Parabellum. Approx. Barrel Length: 249mm (83Imm). Barrel Length: 228mm (720rnm).9kg. Feed: 32 round detllchable mag. Approx. Effective Range: 138m. FRANCE 7. Weight: 4.68kg. Approll. Effective Range: 200m. Muzzle Velochy: 381m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s. WeJght: 3. Weight: 2.

Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 115mm (325mml. Muzzle Velocity: 356m/s. Barrel Length: 274mm (840mm) Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s.8kg. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min.. Barrel Length: 14Gmm (780mm). Effective Range: 200m. Barrel Lenllth: 2GOmm (650mml. Effective Range: 200m.9mm MP-K & MP-L Walther Cartridge: 9m m X 19. Muzzle VelocIty: 400m/s. Weight: 2. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 225mm (680mm). 'mm MP5 Heckler & Koch Carrridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. ..29kg. ApprOL Effective Range: 188m. 9mm Uzi Cartridge: 9mm X 19. Effective Range: IG5m. Weight: 2A5kg. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 800 rounds/min. ApproL Effective Range: 185m. Weight: 3. Approx. Feed: 15 or 30 round box mag. INDONESIA 9mm PM Model VII Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Effective Range: 200m.. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) GOOrounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 285m/s.lkg. Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s. 'mm MP5K Heckler & Koch Cartridge: 9mm X 19 ParabeJlum. F"eed: 15 or 30 round detachable box rnag.. feed: 25 or 30 round box mag. Feed: 15 or 30 round curved box mag. Weight: 2kg.. Rate of F"lre: (cyclic) 800 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 900 rounds/min. 9mm MP5 SO Heckler & Koch Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) GOOrounds/min.Skg. Approx. feed: 32 round box mag. Muzzle VelocIty: 375m/s. Approx. Barrel Length: 171mm (653mm). Approx. Feed: 33 round box mag.

30.. (single shot) 40 rounds/min. Weight: 3. 20.9mm MIni U. Feed: 20.d Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. (auto) 120 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Effective Range: 200m. Weight: 3. & 40 round box mag. Muzzle' Velocity. Rate of Fire: {cyclic) 550 rounds/mtn.. or 32 round box mag. Barrel Length: 198mm (660mml. Approx.OSkg. Barrel Length: 315mm (946mml. Approx. Feed: 20 or 40 round box mag. . Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. JAPAN 9mm Model 66 SCK Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Welgth: 2. Effective Range: 200m. Barrel Length: 200mm (645mm).. Barrel Length: 197mm (600mm). Weight: 4. Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s... Weight: ".. 20. Approx. Muzde VelOCity: 381m/s.27kg. Effective Range: 195m. 9rnm Model 128 Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellurn. Effective Range: 200m. Errectlve Range: 150m. 381m!s.. Rate of Fire: 500-550 rounds per min. Muzzle Velocity: 420m/s. 4oom/s. 25. Barrel Length: 213mm (800mm). Muzzle Velocity. ITALY 9mm Model 1938A Beretta (tst variantl Cartridge: 9mm Mode 1938. Feed.70kg. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: 181m. Effective Range: 175m. Feed: 30 round de. or 40 round detachable box mag. Rate of Fire: [cycllc] 550 rounds/min. APJ)I'01. Barrel Length: 20Smrn (762mm).2kg. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 450-470 rounds/min. Appr01..2kg. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 950 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: Approx. Feed: 30 round box mag. 9mm Model 12 Beretta Cartridge: 9mm PafBbellum. Approx. Weight: 3kg. 32. Feed. box mag. 9mm Model LFS7· Franchi Cartridge: tachable 9mm X 19 ParabeIlum. Feed: 32 round detachable OOX mag. 350m/s. Barrel Length: 20Smm (680mm). 10. Approx.

. Feed: 32 round boll mag. MEX1CO glOm Model HM-3 Canrldge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum..12kg. Weight: 3. Rate of Fire: (cychc] 600 rounds/min.46kg. Approx. Feed: 32 round box mag. Weight: 3. 9mm M9T' FMBP Canrldge: 9mm Parabellum. feed: 40 round box mag... Approx. Approx.. Feed: 20. Weight: 2. Barrel Length: 289mm (6S0mml. Approx. . Muzzle Velocity: 380m/s. Approx. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 500 rounds/min. Weight: 2. glOm Model Z62 Star ® Cartridge: 9mm Bergman Bayard or 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: 200m. Wclght: 2. or 40 round box mag. ROMANIA 'mm Orlta Model 1941 Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Effective Range: 200m. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 380m/s. Rate of FIre: (cyehcl 550 rounds/min.69kg. Rate of fire: 600650 rounds/min.LUXEMBOURG Bmm Model Super Sola Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Feed: 32 round mag. Barrel Length: 287mm (894mm).. Muzzle Velocity: 360m/s. Weigth: 2. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 255mm (635mml.77kg. Muzzle Velocity: 396m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 390m/s. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Effective Range: 170m. SOUTH AFRICA 9mm SANNA 77 Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 250mm (850mml. Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s. 30. Effective Range: 200m. Approx. PORTUGAL 9mm M9" FMBP box Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Barrel Length: 249mm (807mml. Muzzle Velocity: 381m/s. Barrel Length: 305mm (889mm). Effective Range: 200m. Barrel Length: 20lmm (70Imml.S7kg. Effective Range: 189m. Effective Range: 200m.8kg. Feed: 25 round box mag.86kg.. Feed: 32 or 36 doublecolumn detachable box mag.

SWITZERLAND MP310 SIG Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 365m/s. Weight: 2. Approx. @ . TURKEY 9mm Model 1968 Cartridge: 9mm Parabellum. Muzzle Velocity: 4oom/s.. Rate of FIre: [cyclic] 550 rounds/min.. Weight: 3. Effective Range: 200m. Feed. Feed: 40 round folding box mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 5OOm/s. Effective RanSe: 200m Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.4mm (857mml.. Muzzle VelocIty: 366m/s. Barrel Length: 213mm (808mm).. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 197mm (762mm). Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Effective Range: 200m. Feed: 32 round box mag. 9mm Sten MK 115 CartrIdge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.69kg. Approx. 36 round box mag. Effective Range: 200m. Feed: 32 round box mag.62mm PPS-43 Cartridge: 7..5kg.. Approx.9mm Model 45 Cartridge: 9mm M39B. Feed: 32 round box mag. Barrel Length: 250mm (820mm). Approx.15kg. Feed: 32 round box mag. Effective Range: 189m. Approx. UNION OF THE SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC 7. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 900 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 365m/s. Weight: 4. Weight: 4.8kg. Approx.62mm X 25 Type P pistol. UNITED KINGDOM 9mm Sten MK II Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Barrel Length: 200mm ~735mm). Effective Range: 195m. Muzzle Velocity: 305m/s. Barrel Length: 350mm (880mm).36kg. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 91.2kg.

Munle Velocity: 3QOm/s. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 515-560 rounds/min. Approx. Weight: 3.. Barrel Length: 198mm (762mm). 9mm L2A3 Sterling Canrldge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.6kg.9mIQ Sten MK III Cartridge: smm X 19 Parabellum. Muzzle Veloc1ty: 293-310m/s. Weight: 4. Muzzle Velocity: 282m/s. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min • •45 M3 Cartridge: . ApproL Effective Range: 180m.63kg. Weight: 2. Weight: 3. Muzzle Veloc1ty: 280m/s. Feed: 30 round box mag. Effective Range: 200m. UNITED STATES . Muzzle Velocity: 366m/s. Barret Length: 198mm (690mm).45 ACP.45 ACP. Muzzle Velocity. Feed: 20 or 30 round vertical box mag. Weight: 3. ApprOL Errectlve Range: 200m. Feed: 32 round box mag. Barrel Length. 9mm Sten MK V CArtridse: 9mm X 19 Parabellum.. Rate or Fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. ApproL Effective Range: 188m. 9mm L34Al SterUng MK5 Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. 366m/s. Feed: 32 round box msg. Feed: 34 round box mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 550 rounds/min.9kg. ® . Welght: 3. ApproL Effective Range: 200m. Barrel Length: 203mm (757mm).18kg.45 ThomJllK!n Ml Cartridge: .. 197mm (762mm). 267mm (8IOmm). Barrel Lellith. Barrel Length: 198mm (864mm).. ApprOL Effective Rallie: 200m..72kg.8kg. Feed: 34 round box mag.. Rate of FIre: (cyclic} 450 rounds/min.

Rate of F'Ire: [cyclic] 700 rounds/min. Muule Velocity: 400 mis. YUGOSLAVIA 7.62mm X 25 Type pistol.95kg. Feed: 32 round curved box mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 1145 rounds/min. Feed: 35 round box mag.4kg. Weight: 3kg. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Weight: 3. Effective Range: 180m.84kg. Feed: 35 round box mag. Feed: 30 round box mag. Barrel Length: J46mm (548mm). Approlt. Weight: 3. Muzzle Velocity: 500m/s. Approlt.62mm Mauser. Effective Range: 200m. ® .52kg... Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: (eyelid 700-800 rounds/min 7.. Barrel Length: 250mm (870mm).62mm X 25 Type P pistol. 7. Effective Range: 200m. Weight: 2. Muzzle Velocity: 500m/s.Ingram MOOel 10 Cartridge: . Barrel Length: 269mm (756mm).45 ACP. Approx. Barrel Length: 273mm (870mml. Muzzle Velocity: 488m/s. ApPl"OL Effective Range: 200m.62mm M49 & M49/57 Cartridge: 7.. Feed: 36 round box mag. 9mm Viking Cartridge: 9mm X 19 Parabellum. Weight: 3. Muzlle Velocity: 280m/s..62mm K-50 Modified Cartridge: 7. Effective Range: 200m. Approx. Barrel Length: 216mm (584mm).62mm M56 Cartridge: 7.

AR J. Muzde Velocity: 838m!s. Approx... Appro~ Effective Range: 800m @ . This Is naturally going to improve one's domination on the battle field beyond that of the normal Infantryman.62mm L2AI Cartridge: 7. or 10 round box mag.62mm X 51.RIFLES One of the strange features about rifles In general Is the stability in their design. TII81J1. Slowly things began to change and by 1960 the pattern had settled again. AusrRALlA 7. Then the world seemed to settle down to some form of bolt-action magazine weapon which fired a 1. This is also very useful in terrorist and pollee actions. Unfortunately. Weight: 6. Effective Range: 600m 7. This continued until the end of World War II.62mm X 51 or . Very few self-loading rifles are capable of this perclse shooting. Muzde Velocity: 823m/s. Therefore. Much of the ammunition used was derived from wartime designs and fired a comparatively heavy. the old bolt action rifles. The decision most countries are faced with is to decide whether it would be worth the time and trouble to re-vamp an old design or whether they should try rand find a more modern design all together. Muzzle Velocity: 860m/s. slow bullet.443kg. All of the rifles now in use have been in service for approximately 15 years..92mm calibre shell. Also the ammunition for the smaller weapon may weigh half of that of the heavier weapon.. unlike its predecessor. An interesting side-effect of the new interest in self-loading rifles is sniping.243 Winchester.62mm LJAI & L1Al-Fl Cartridge: 7. Approx.9kg. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 675-750 founds/min. Effective Range: 800m. They are subject to much nigher forces and loads when they fire and unfortunately they are not made in the heavily engineered ways of the past and the parts do wear out faster.62mm sse 69 Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 533mm (1l36mm). Feed: 20 round box mag. there has been a renewed Interest in the old bolt action rifles. Barrel Length: 533mm (1l37mm). Weight: 5. the newer selfloading rifles experience more wear. At this time the majority of the world then started using self-loading rifles equipped with box magazines holding at least 20 rounds.Nl M:JI.62mm X 51. the comparison being with the much more modern ammunition. but were very effective in normal combat &nOIl£ T W--* AUSTRIA 7. It has been found that an Infantry rirteman can be just as effective with a lightweight rifle that has an effective range of 300m as he can with a heavier weapon with an effective range of 1000m. All of these used a less powerful round. along with the necessary aids for good target shooting. Feed: 5 round rotary mag. Welgth: 3.9kg. Barrel Length: 650mm [1140mm). It is this sort of thing that has brought about the present change in rifle designs and calculations show that troops can be more effective with these short range rifles than those who can shoot farther. from 1870-1900 there were a great deal of changes in rifles. Feed: 30 round detachable box mag.

Feed: 20 round detachable box mag •• Weight: 9.30 TYJl!!. Cartridge: 30 or 40 round detachable. Effective Range: 800m.. translucent plastic box mag.s. Approx.5.D Automatic Cartridge: U. Rate of Fire: 400 rounds/min. Length: 550mm (I 143mm).62mm Model 30-11 Sniping FN Rifle Cartridge: 7.3kg.Skg.85kg. Effective Range: 800m. 30-06.62mm X 51 Nato. Approx. We1g1!t: 4.. Burrel Length: 502mm 1I117mm) Muzzle Velocity: 850m/s.92mm M49 FN Semi-Automatic Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 7.S6mm Army Universal Gun Steyr Length: 508mm (190mm). Rate of Fire: 650 rounds/min. Approx. Weigl!t: 3. BELGIUM . Barrel Length: 589mm(1110mm). Barrel Muzzle Velocity: 960m/s..6kg. Effective Range: 850m @ . Muzzle 7.92mrn. Barrel Velocity: 854m/s. Feed: 9 round removeabie box mag. Weight: 4. Approx. Feed: 10 round charger-loaded 154m/s. Effective Range: 700m mag.

35kg. CANADA 7. Munle Velocity: @) .92kg.S6mm Model 03 LAPA FA Assault Rifle Cartridge: 5. Effective Range: 400m.56 CAL Rifle Cartridge: 5. Muzzle Velocity: 970m/s. Barrel Lengtb: 533mm (l136mm). 25.. /MY()I{£r ATTACHED BRAZIL 5.62mm X 51.56mm X 45.. Weight: 3. Welgbt: 6.5.62mm CIAI Modified RIfle Cartridge: 7. 533mm (l136mm).62mm Trpe 53 Carbine Cartridge: 7.48kg. Effective Range: 700m. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 650-700 rounds/min. Feed: round internal mag. CHINA 7. Barrel Lengtb: 520mm (I029mm). 489mm (738mml. 30. Welgtb: 3..93kg... Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 84Om/s.62mm X 51. Effective Range: 650m 7.62mm X 54R. Approx. Apprax. Rate of Fire: (cycltcl 710 rounds/min. or 40 round plastic box mag.25kg. Rate or Fire: Icycltc) 650-700 rounds/min.56mm X 45. Feed: 20. Barrel lengtb: Muzzle Velocity: looom/s. Barrel Length: 467mm ~980mm). Approlr. Appros.. Feed: 30 round box mag. Rate of Fire: 10-15 rounds/min. Barrel lengtb: 854m/s. Feed: 20. or 30 round box mag. Weight: 3.. Feed: 20 round box mag. Welgbt: 4.62mm C2 " C2A1 Automatic Rifle Cartridge: 7.. Muzzle Velocity: 766m/s. Effective Range: 830m. Effective Range: 680m..

Effective Range: IOOOm ® . Effective Range: 400m. Effective Range: 350m 7.49kg. . Weight: 4. 7.62mm M54 Sniping Rifle Cartridge: 7. CZECHOSLOVAKIA 7. Effective Range: 300m. 552mm II 148mrn). Approx....> J:'I/U .62mm X 39. Barrel Length: Muzzle Velocity: 730m/s. Feed: 30 round detachable box mag •• Weight: 4.ength: 521mm (i02Imm). Rate of Fire: 10-15 rounds/min.. Approx.62mm Type 68 Cartridge: 7. 0I'Ef!. Muzzle Velocity: 81Im/s. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Weight: 4. Muzzle 1. 744m/s.oWl. Muzzle Velocity: Cartridge: 7.82mm Types 56 & 56-I AS$8uh Rifle Cartridge: 7.62mm X 39. Weight: 3.86kg.4I/7l:Mt4T!(. Weight: 3. Barrel L..ength: 414mm (896mm). Approlt. Approlt.lkg.1kg.62mm X 45. Barrel L.7. Effective Range: 4oom.62mm Type 5& Carbine Cartridge: 7.62mm Type 68. Approx.62mm Models 52 & 56/57 Self-Loading Barrel Length: 523mm (J003mm).3kg. Velocity: 735m/s.62mm X 54R. 521mm (i029mm). Feed: 10 round box mag. feed: 15 round detachable box mag.ATE.J AI" S£1lI·. Barrel Length. Feed: 10 round box mag. Rate of FIre: (eyelid 750 rounds/min. Feed: 10 round internal mag.4VI'tIWIAr/l.

M7" VALMET FINLAND _MaO. Weight: 3. M62.14kg. . 710m/s. Feed: 15.JTtt: 0lIl£ PIR£ JTOl.K S. ® . Weight.52kg. Feed. Barrel Length: 420mm ~914mm). Effective Range: 350-400m. feed. 30 round box mag. 3. PlA. ApprOL EUectlve Range: 400m.6kg. Welght. Approx. Weight: 3.:..56mm X 45.3kg. Muzzle Velocity: 572m/s..30 Model 2 & 62 Cristobal Light RUles Cartridge: . & M76 Automatic Valmet Cartridge: NIOO£L 2.56mm X 45. Feed: IS. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 960m!s. Barrel Length: 409mm ~945mm). 20. Rate of Fire. ApproL Effective Range: 300m. [cyclic] 580 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 719/960m/s.62mm x 39. or 30 round detachable boll mag. Effective Range: 350-400m. Approx.56mm M76 Short jModeI 255 470) Automatic Valme!__ Cartridge: 5..30 10. Barrel Length.7.11 Carbine. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min.62mm X 39 or 5. 20. Muzzle Velocity. 3. 25 or 30 round detachable box mag. Barrel Length. Rate of fire: [cyclic) 800 rounds/min • . 420mm (710mml.. 40lmm ~820mml.62mm Model 58 Assault Rifle Cartridge: 7. or 30 detachable box mag.

7kg. Effective Range: 6oom.2kg..1. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 900-1000 rounds/min.(9 Rifle Cartridge: 7. Rate of Fire: 30 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 552mm 11138mm). Weight: 3. Weight: 3. Weight: 5. ApproI. Weight: 4. feed: 10 round box mag. Barrel Length: 580mm Ii loomml.5mm Model 1929.9kg. Effective Range: 800m.5mm X 54. Rate of fire: 10-15 rounds/min. ApproI. feed: 25 round box mag. 5. Muzzle Velocity.. Approx. Barrel Length: 488mm (757mm).5mm M29..5mm X 54.. Effective Range. Approx.6Jkg. Weight: 3.5mm MAS . feed: 10 round box mag. Feed: 5 round integral Mag.56mm X 45. Effective Range: 500m 7. 300m. feed: 10 round detachable box mag. 8oom/s.56mm fA MAS Rifle Can ridge: 5. Muzzle Velocity: 960m/s.. ApproI.8kg. Effective Range: 600m fR-FI Sniping Rifle Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 823m/s.5mm Model M 1949/56 Rifle Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 574mm OOI8mm). ® . 7.65mm MAS M 36 Rifle Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 852m/s. Barrel Length: 521mm (I010mm" Muzzle Velocity: 817m/s.

« ALLOW THE IfIFlE T(J VA.fb . Barrel Length: 450mm !I025mm). OJ. ' • IJNrr c:w 1. Koch Cartridge: 7.£tf/AO- 7.£1ff CI. 7.62mm I 51 PSGI High-Perclsion Marksman Heckler & Koch for 15 or 20 round mag.62mm X 51..fPEOAL S'Y-fTa-t ~S . Barrel Length: 650mm j905mm).sAJ'£ AVT(>MATIC. IT UtAl g~ J~T ON J/fI/6L£ JHOT .C"".95kg.<i'Y ITJ FIIAICTIDN.lIGHT . (auto) 100 rounds/min.sPUIAL TRIGt.. Erfective Range: 400m..300 Winchester Magnum. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 500-600 rounds/min. Effective Length. Feed: 20 round box mag.65mm X 55 Swiss. Cartiridge: 7.92mm X 57. Muzzle WA 2000 Walther Sniping Rifle Cartridge: . Weight: 6. option Muzzle Velocity: 800m/s.62rnm X 51... Weight: Range: 400m 7. Weight: 4.HIS IIfIFU IS Ai.S'NtPlM> lunE S£UCTDR LEVEll' A . 7.89kg. fEMI-AllTOMATIl: . Barrel Length: 597mm (lI03mm). Muzzle Velocity: 780-800m/s. FEDERAL REPUBLIC Model 98 Mauser Cartridge: 7. Effective Range: 600m FRom" . Approx.62mm X 51 NATO..2kg.62mm G3 Heckler .£l«l£i.:l4I'loIA£ OF LNlAlCHWG GIWIA/JE.4kg. 650rnrn ® . Approx. Feed: 5 round internal Velocity: 754m/s. Weight: 3.GERMANY.. Effective Range: 600m box mag. Approx. Feed: Single-Shot.. Muzzle Velocity: 780-800m!s. Barrel eocr (I 208m rn]."CYJJJ..PSGI POLICE . Approx. Feed: 6 round box mag.£fIff At.

6II:g Barrel length: .65kg.56mm SAR Galli AMPult Rifle Cartridge: 5. 980m/s. Weight: 3. Rate of FIre: 650 rounds/min. Rate of FIre: 650 rounds/min. Feed: 25 round box mag. Feed: 35 or 50 round box mag •• Weight: 3. -< ISRAEL. Fed: 35 or 50 round box mag.56mm. Muzzle Cartridge: 7. 5. Feed: 30 round detachable box mag.62mm NATO.56mm. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Weight: 3.62mm SAR Galli Assault Rifle Can ridge: 7.62mm NATO.nil CIIRIfENrVEl"'" CAS£LEn RIFLe. Approx. Weight: 3. Effective Range: 500m.. Barrel length: 8oom/s. 400mm (91Smm). 540mm ~750mm).. Weight: 3. Weight: 3. Rate of Fire: 750 <. Barrel length: Velocity: 700m/s. K. or TI!E H. Muzzle Velocity: 332mm (85Imm). Effective Range: 6oom. Muzzle Velocity: 460mm (979mml.62mm X 39. Feed: 50 round mag.. Rate of Fire: 650 rounds/min. ApproL Effective Range: 550m. Muzzle Velocity: 800m/s.. 5.62mm ARM/AR Galli Assault Rifle Can ridge: 7. ~3 round burst) 2000 rounds/min..62mm AM~5 Assault Rifle 378mm (85Imm)..5ds/mln. Effective Range: 400m. 4. 533mm (I050mrn). Feed: 25 round box mag. Barrel length: 920m/s..56mm ARM/AR Gelll Assault Rifle Canrldge: 5. 7...7mm.. Approx.75kg. Rate of Fire: (auto) 600 rounds/min.911: Barrel length: g.95kg •• Barrel length: 850m/s.7mm Gil Cueless Heckler & Koch Rifle Cartridge: 4. Muzzle Velocity: 7. Pratlcal Battle Range: 300m. HUNGARY 7. ApproL Effective Range! 500m. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: .27I1:g. Approx.

Muzzle Velocity: 8lSm/s. Lenllth: 4S0mm SINGAPORE 5.62mm BM 59 Beretta Cartridge: 7. 5. Approx. 7.62mm X SI NATO. Weight: 3.. Feed: 20 round detachable bolt mag.62mm Galli Sniping Rtne Cartridge: 7.6kl!. Feed: 30 round box mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600-800 rounds/min. Weight: 6.4kg. Feed. Muzzle Velocity: 950m/s. JFTtR.56mm SAR80 Aaault RUle Cartridge: 5.!tAKE AlVO t'oMtI'nI.. Feed: 20 round box mag. @ . ApproL Effective Rlmlle: 4oom.4kg. Approx.ftIU"l :I7IIW' ANO P!AMIT$ Q/fICK It£-N.IGNMiNT A SltENafl CANB& ftBmwrE/J.. Weight: 3. Feed: 20 or 30 round mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 750 rounds/mIn. Effective Range: 500m 7.62mm X SI. Muzzle Velocity: 823m/s. Effective Range: 4oom.. Weight: 4. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 6S0 rounds/mire. Muzzle Velocity: 970m/s.62mm X 51 (reduced load).7kg. FIIt/Itti.. Barrel Length: 459m m (970mm).. Barrel Length: 450mm (9S0mm). 20 round detachable bolt mag. ApproL Effective Range: 600m.tATa.62mm Type 64 Cartridge: 7.MUll LE . Barrel 1990mm).S6mm. Weight: -I. Approx.8kg. Effective Range: -100m. Barrel Length: S08mm (840mm).56mm X 45. 7. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 500 rounds/min.:' 1rJ .56mm AR 70/223 Beretta Cartridge: 5. Barrel Length: 490mm (J095mm).

Barrel Length: 450mm 0015mml.5mm X 55. Velocity: 780m/s..56mm X 45. ApproL Effective Range: 400m.71kg.. Muzzle Velocity: 980m/s.. Muzzle Velocity: 920m/s. Appro~ Effective Range. Weight: 4. Barrel Length: 214mm 1622mml. Effective Range: 500m box mag. Rate of fire: (cyelicj 700-800 rounds/min SWEDEN 6. Weight: 4.3kg. Appro~ Effective Range: 600m. Weight: 3. Appr01. ® . Feed: 35 or 50 round mag. Feed: 20 round detachable box mag. - 5. /ii/POD 7. Weight: 4.. Barrel Length: 400mm (925mml.SOUTH AFRICA 5. -------. Feed: 10 round non-detachable Muzzle Velocity: 750m/s.. Muzzle c---.62mm X 51 NATO.2kg. 400m.5mm AG42 (LjungmBn) Rifle CArtridge: 6.4kg. feed: 20 round box mag.. Barrel Length: 460mm {IOO5mm}.62mm Model E CETME Assault Rme Cartridge: 7. Rate of fire: (cyclic] 550-650 rounds/min. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min.56mm.56mm R4 Assault Rlne Cartridge: 5.56 Models L I: LC CETME Assault RlfI~ Cartridge: 5.

Barrel Length: 980m/s. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 6!'>0 rounds/min. Muzzle 5.62mm Cartridge: Velocity: Model E CETME Assault Rifle Feed: 20 round box mag. ® .4k.. Weight: 3. Rate of FIre: (cycltc] 55O-6!'>0 rounds/min. Approx.g.S6mm AFRICA R4 Aqault Rtne 460mm {iOO5mm}. Barrel Length: 214mm (622mml. Range: SOOm.!'>mm X 55. ApproL Effective c---. Feed: Muzzle Velocity: 150m/s. Weight: 4. 20 round Effective SWEDEN 6.g.3k. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 100-800 rounds/min (925mm). Feed: 920m/s. Muzzle Velocity: Cartridge: 5. Muzzle 1. Barrel Length: 400mm Range: 400m. Weight: 4.. WelSht: 4.56mm. 450mm j!015mm}.SOUTH 5. L I: LC CETME Assault Rifles detachable box mag. 7..56mm X 45.5mm AG42 (Ljungman) Rifle 10 round Effective non-detachable Range: 500m box mag.. - FIXED sroCK 5. Feed: 35 or 50 round mag. CArtridge: 6. 180m/s.11kg.56 Models Cartridge: Velocity.62mm X 51 NATO.2kg. ApproL Effective Range: 400m. Barrel Lens..

Barrel Length: 340mm(860mm). 780m/s. Weight: 4.e: 7. Weight: 3. 3.. Feed: 32 round mag. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.4Smm..56mm 890C FfV Assault Rifle Cartridge: 5. Weight: 3.. Approx.5. Approx. Muule 980m/s. Effective Range: 400m. Feed: 30 round box mag.56mm.9Ikg. Muzzle Velocity: 790m/s. Feed: 20 round mag...62 MM SO 510--4 SlG Cartrida.!.56mm SG541 SlG Assault Rifle Cartridge: 5. 540 Series SlC-Manurhln Assault Rifle Velocity: Cartridge: S. Effective Range. Feed: 20 round mag. . Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700-800 rounds/min. Rate of fire: (eyelid 650 rounds/min.56mrn X 45 (new design). 4oom.7Skg.Arms Factor. ApproL Effective Range: 800m. Barrel Length: 540mm (lOOOmm). Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 800 rounds/min. Weight: 3..5kg.. Assault Rifle MP E21 369mm (8S0mm).62mm X 51 NATO.56mm X 45..26kg •• Barrel Length: 460mm (950mm). Muzzle Velocity: App~ Effective Range: 5OOm. Barrel Length: 505mm (J016mml. Cartridge: 6. federal . Muzzle Velocity: 170m/s.25kg. Welgth. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. 5.. Feed: 35 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 860m/s. Barrel Length: Appr~ Effective Range: Soom. SWITZERLAND 7.

62mm Simona. ---7.05kg..S2mm X 39...56mm Type 65 Assault Rifle Cartridge. Approx. Welgbt: 3.62mm AKM Assault Rifle Cartridge: 7..R 7.. Feed. Approx..S. Barrel Length: 508mm (990mm). Approx. U.Smm X 45 MI93.S. 414mm (869mm).. 715m/s.62mm X 54R. Effective Range: 1300m . Muzzle Velocity: 735m/s. Effective Range: 300m. Effective Range: 400m. Muule Velocity. Feed: 20 round mag. Weight: 4. Approx. Barrel Length: 5S0mm (I021mm). Barrel Length. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) SOOrounds/min. Feed: 10 round internal box mag. Feed: 30 round detachable box mag. 5. Barrel Length: 414mm (876mm). Feed: 30 round detachable box mag.S2mm X 54R. Weight: 3. Weight: 3. Barrel Length: 720mm (l232mm).. Effective Range: 800m Weight: 5.-~ 7.62mm X 39. IlIfrDNET " ATTACHNIENl ~ .17kg.62mm Oragunov Sniper (SVO! Cartridge: 7.3kg.. Approx. Self-Loading (SX:S) Carrrldge: 7.ISkg.TAIWAN 5.vET 7.62mm X 39. Barrel Length: 547mm 1l225mm!.85kg. Effective Range: 400m BArOAl£r CHINESE TYPE iMlo!l.62mm MI89l/30 Mosln-Nagant Sniping Ririe Cartridge: 7. Muzzle 7. Approx. Rate of Fire: [cycllc] 700-800 rounds/min. Muzzle Velocity: 830 mIs. Feed: 5 round integral box mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min. Weight: 4.. Muzzle Velocity: 7lOm/s. MIS 20 or 30 round detachable box mag. Velocity: 811 mis. Effective Range: 300m.3kg.62mm AK-47(East German Version! Cartridge: 7.

. Weight: 4. Barrel Length. 7..303 Lee-Enfield Cartridge: .303 MK VII ball type. Feed: 10 round detachable box mag.75kg•• Barrel Length: 699mm 0206mmJ. Weight: 3. Weight: 4. Approx.. Barrel Lengtbe 838m/s. Effective Range: 5OOm. Muzzle Velocity: 830m!s. Muzzle Velocity: 9OOm/s. Barrel Length: 4001010 (930mm). 554mm (1I43mm)..62mm Envoy Target Rifle Cartridge: 7.5•• Smm AK-7.:. Feed: 20 round box rnag. Feed: 10 round mag. Rate of fire: up to 20 rounds/min. Assault Rifle Cartridge: 5. or hand loading. Weight: 4.. UNITED KINGDOM • .62mm Enforcer Sniper Rifle Cartridge: 7.6kg. ApprOlt.Rate of rlre: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min .62mm L39AJ Cartridge: 7.62mm LlAl Cartridge: 7.3kg. 699mm (1186mm).. Muzzle Velocity: 830m/s..75kg. Barrel Length: 550mm (1l30mm).62mm X 51. Muule Velocity: 7.42kg. Rate of fire: (semi-auto) 40 rounds/min. ApprOL Effective Range: 500m. Muzde Velocity: 751m/s. Appro:. Weight: 4. Feed: either single round. Approx.. Feed: 30 round plactlc box mag. ApproL Effective Range: 6oom. Effective Range: 300m @) .62mm X 51.451010 X 39. Muzzle Velocity: 841m/s.621010 X 51. Effective Runge: 500m 7. EHective Range: 400m 7. or 10 round box mag.62mm X 51. Barrel Length: 700mm (1180mrn). Feed: 10 round mag..

.56mm AR-I80 SCS SterUng-Armlllite Cartridge: 5.56m SS 109. Muzzle Velocity: 9S0m/s.o 7. Effective Range: 400m 476mm 1965mm). Effective Range: 460m. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 838m/s. Barrel 181mm). Rate of Fire: lcychcl 650-800 rounds/min. Feed: 20. Feed: 20 round box mag. ApproL Effective Range: 600m..8kg. Barrel length: 838m/s.62mm X 51.62mm X 51.56mm X 45. Weight: 3.. Weight: 4.43kg..17kg. Approx. Weight: 3. 12kg. 464mm (940mm).. Barrel Length: Velocity: IOOOm/s.56mm AR-18 Sterlillll-Armlllite Cartridge: 5. Rille of Fire: (cyclic) 800 rounds/min. .. 7. Munle Velocity: ® ..S6mrrl XL 70 E3 Enfield Cartridge: 5. Barrel length: 900m/s. or 10 round box mag.. Muzzle Velocity: 5. Feed: 30 round box mag.56mm X 45.62mm Model 82 Pllrke-Hlile SnIplTl& Rifle Cllrtrldge: 7. Barrel Length: 518mm (770mm). Approx. Approx.. Weight: 3. 30 or 40 round mag.62mm l42A1 (J Cartridge: 7. Weight: 4. Feed: either single round. Effective RIIIIge: 660m 660mm (l162mm). Effective Rlinge: 400m Length: 699mm 5.04kg. Muzzle 5. Feed: 20 round mag.

Muzzle Velocity: 607m/s. Feed: 4 round integral mag.17kg.S6mm AR-I8S Sterling-Armalite Cartridge: !i. Weight: 3. Approx.. Effective Range: 400m Velocllf: UNITED SI'ATES .lkg.62mm X 51.. Welght: 4. Effective Range. Muzzle Velocity: 865m/s. Feed: 20 or 30 round OOX mag. Approx. Approx. ApproL Effective Range: 300m. Weight: 2. Feed: 5 round internal box mag. Rate of Fire: [cyclic] 750 rounds/min.09kg. 600m..30 M1906. Barrel Length: 660mm (l082mm).5..30M! Cartridge: ... Effective Range: 330m. Muzzle Velocity: 862mIs.. Effective Range: 500m . Weight: 4.30 M19J7 (Enfield) Cartridge: . Barrel Length: 257mm (76!imm). Munle 830m/s.aSkg. Approx. Feed: 8 round clip. 610mm (J 106mm). •30 MI Carbine Cartridge: . Muule Velocity: 780m/s. Barrel Length: 458mm (904mm). Rate of Fire: 30 rounds/min . 7..30 MI.56mm X 45.62111111' Sterling Sniper Rifle Cartridge: 7. Weight: 4. Barrel Length: 600mm (1128mm). Barrel Length.30 M2. Feed: Magazine with 15 or 30 rounds.. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 800 rounds/min. Muucl @ .3kg..

.. box mag. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 700-800 rounds/min.. Effective Range: 460m.26kg.56mm X 45 MI93.62m m X 51. Muzzle Velocity: 5. Feed: 10 found mag. Rate or fire: (cyclic) !'l50 rounds/min.. Barrel Length: !'l59mm (l120mm). Approa. Approx. Barrel Length: single shot. soamm 1I029m rn]. Appro •• Effective Range: 6oom.. Barrel Length: 610mm Velocity: 860m/s. Effective Range: 400m. Weight: 2.. 40 rounds/min.30 MI or M2. Muzzle Velocity Cartridge: 5.lkg.9kg.S6mm Colt Commando Assault Rifle/Sub Machine Gun 254mm (787mm). Errective Range: 300m. Rate of fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min. Approx.62mm AR-IO Assault Rifle Cartridge: 7.1 kg. 1. 470mm (946mm) Cartridge: 5. 20. Weight: Velocity: 853m/s. or 30 round box mag. Appro x.S6mm Cartridge: Velocity: MI6 & MI6AI S.. Approz.. 5. SOamm (990mm). Barrel Length: 845m/~. Barrel Length: Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700-950 rounds/min. Muzzle 5. Weight: 4. Feed: 5. Effective Range: 550m.30 Browning Automatic Rille (1194mrn)..S6mm X 45.56mm X 45. 10..lkg. of fire: [cycli«] 700-750 rounds/min. Effective Range: 20 round mag..62mm NATO MI4 & MI4AI S. Barrel length: 200m. Feed. Muzzle Cartridge: 7. Weight: 3..62mm X 51. Weight: 7. Rate or fire: ® .S6mm Mini-14 Ruger Weight: 2.. Munle Cartridge: . 20 round mag. feed: 20 or 30 round lOO()m/s. Rate 7. Munle Velocity: 1005m/s. Feed: 924m/s.78kg. feed: 20 round bux rnug.

..22 long-rifle rim fire.47kg. 7. MUzzle VelOCity: YUGOSLAVIA 7.2231 X 45 M19]' Feed: 20 or 30 round box mag.45kg. Effective Range: I 200m.S6mm j.7kg •• Barrel Length: 415mm t900mm) Muzzle Velocity: 120m/s.62mm M59/66 AI Cartridge: 7. Length: 550mm (I135mm).56mm AC-556 Ruger Selective Fire WeapOn Cartridge: 5. Feed: 10 round detachable box mag. Rate of Fire: 420 rounds/min. Weight: 4... Barrel Velocity: 720m/s. IUS8m/s.S6mm Hughes Lockl_ Rlfle/M&ehlne Gun Length: 559mm (lOI6mm).. Feed: 30 round detachable curved box mag.62mm M70BI A: M70AB2 Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Cartridge: 5. Feed: 64 round mag. 5. ApprOL Effective Range: 400m. Weight: 2. Approx.lkg.92mm. Reload time 38. Feed: 10 round internal box mag. Rate of FIre: 30 rounds/mtn. Rate of FIre: [cyclic] 750 rounds/min. Muzzle @ . Weight: 4.2I<. Weight: 3OOm/s. Muzzle Velocity.. Approx..62mm X 39. Barrel Length: 470mm (984mml.92mm M76 Semi-Auto Sniping Rifle Cartridge: 7.10 rounds/min • MuZZle • 7.2mm X 39. Barrel Velocity: 945m/s. Effective Range: 4oom. MG Sprlll&fieid Armory Survival Gun Cartridge: . Feed: single shot. Effective Range: 365m 1. Appro)[. Barrel Length: 457mm ~8Ocm).g. Barrel Length: 508mm (I120mm). Weight: 4. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 620-660 rounds/min. ApprOL Effective Range: 100Um.56mm.89kg.. Rate of Fire: 30-. Velocity: 735m/s. ApproL Effective Range: 500m.. Weight: 3.5.

Muzzle Velocity: 840m/s. 3kg.58kg. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/min.5kg. Feed: magazine.7. Weight: 3.. effective range of 40m. Barrel Length: 4GOmm (990mm). Weight: 4. Barrel Length: 336mm Feed: 5 round tubular mag. Weight: (20 gauge) 1. SHOTGUNS: Short range weapons.. Weight: 3. Calibre: 12 gauge.. Feed: 20 round detachable straight boll mag. Effective Range: 6oom.56mm X 45. Barrel Length: 500mm (900mm) UNITED Sf ATF$ Model 37M Ithaca Shotgun Calibre: 12 gauge: Type: slide action repeater. Effective Range: 300m box rnag. Approx. seldom ITALY 12 Gauge RS 200 Beretta Shotgun repeating. Barrel Length: <l70mm Stakeout Ithaca Shotgun Calibre: 20 ro 12 gauge. Feed: 5-6 round pump-operated mag.56mm ABsault Rifle Cartridge: 5.62mm X 51 NATO. Weight: approx. Type: slide action repeater.06kg. . Barrel Length: :JOOmm (990mml. pump action. Type: gas. semi-auto or hand pump. approxlrnare used by the military. Type: manual Barrel Length: 520mm (1030mm) Model 12 SPAS Franchi ShotlllR Calibre: 12 bore. Approx. Feed: 20 round detachable straight Muule Velocity: 970m/s. Feed: 5 or 8 shot tubular mag. (12 gauge) @ . Weight: 3.8k g.. 2..2kg.. 5.26kg.62mm M77BI Assauh Rifle Cartridge: 7..

though there are many used on ground mounts.. MUZZle Velocity: lOOOm/s. To accommodate these two functions it has to be belt fed and reasonably heavy. Second. The most popular being 12. However. However. Of course this meant more equipment to transport. Many have found it too heavy to be a light machine gun and too light to be AUSTRIA S."". Still others are used as anti-aircraft and fitted on different mounts. Medium Machine Gun Medium machine guns were deployed tacticly as a separate support section with their own sub unit control. The majority of light machine guns weigh roughly twice as much as a rifle of the same calibre... However. The gunner only has to release a latch or lock and he can change a hot barrel for a cool one in approximately 20 to 30 seconds. Barrel Length: 621mm. Because of this the use of box magazines are much more effective. reed: 7 shot tubular mag. Barrel length: 458mm 1978mml 12 Gauge Defender Winchester Shotgun Calibre: 12 gauge. Weight: 3.56mm X 45. Model 3000 Police Smith & Wesson Shotgun Calibre: 12 gauge.7mm. though some variations for long range fire were used.9kg. Type: slide action repeater. The later was solved however by equrptng it with a heavier barrel.56mm Steyr Army Universal Gun Light Machine Gun Version Cartridge: 5. One carries the weapon. the other carries the ammunmon. and functions as an observer. Many heavy machine guns are vehicle mounted. . either you have it or you do not. Thirdly. Weight: 3. AppTOX. Weight: 3. the barrel is changeable. generally a heavy machine gun is said to be less than 20mm in calibre and designed to fire solid bullets rather than small shells. The line between heavy machine gun and cannon is tested when explosive ammo is used. Heavy Machine Gun Heavy machine guns are those which fire ammo larger than standard rifle size. Barrel Length: 457mm 12 Gauge Stainless Marine Winchester Shotgun Calibre: 12 gauge. However. EHective Range: 1000m. It carl be carried like the light machine gun or it can be mounted on a tripod. with greater hitting power.06kg. some light machine guns are belt fed. reed: 30 or 40 round box mag •• Weight: 4. it uses the same ammunition as rifles. The ideas for using medium machine guns were to employ them in pairs or larger numbers for heavy fire power. The general use for heavy machine guns is to provide larger calibre fire. Belts of ammo cannot be made In the field.. reed: 7 shot tubular mag. problems with the general purpose machine gun have risen in the past.. light machine guns are usually manned by two people. The number two man also helps load the gun..17kg. The ammunition fired from these guns was the same used In rifles and light machine guns. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 680 rounds/min.06kg. first. reed: single shot. the guri is supported by a bipod to aid in supporting the weapon when firing a burst. General Purpo~ Machine Guns a medium machine gun. Type: side action repeater. @ . Barrel length: 457mm MACHINE GUNS light Machine Guns The light machine gun differs from rifles and machine rifles in that. it was found that more effective power could come from the guns on armoured personal carriers and similar armoured vehicles. A general purpose machine gun falls somewhere between a light and medium machine gun.

62mm Model 52 Light Machine Gun Cartridge: 7.9kg.85kg.62mm X 51.. Magazine fed 900 rounds/min DENMARK 7. Barrel Length: 597mm Muzzle Velocity: 835m/s..62mm X SI NATO. Effective Range: 1000m. Approll. Approll.. Muzzle Velocity: 840m/s. Feed: Belt. (auto) 200 rounds/min. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 564mrn (970rnrn).. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 750 rounds/min. Feed: 100 round continuous open-pocket metal belt..6201 X 45. ® . usually 50 rounds. Effective Range: 800m.J:EFD CHINA. Gun 7. PEOPLES REPUBLIC 7. Barrel Length: S45mm (l260mm). Weight: 10. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) belt fed 1200 rounds/mln. Barrel Length: 581mm (l04Imm). Approll. Weight: 9.62rnm X 54R.lkg.620101 Type 67 Light Machine Cartridge: "143mml. ttL'. Effective Range: 800m. Weight: 10. Approll. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600-1000 rounds/min.BELGIUM 1. Effective Range: I200m. Muule Velocity: 755m/s. Feed: belt.62mm FN MAG General Purpose Machine Gun Cartridge: 7.6201m Madsen--Saetter General Purpose Machine Gun Cartridge: 7. CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1. Feed: belt fed or magazine fed. Weight: 8kg..

7. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 755m/s. Feed: aO round conureous link belt.15kg. Effective Range: 1000m. Barrel Length: 629mm (I224mml..6mm M78 Vahnet light Machine Gun Cartridge: 7.7kg. Feed: disintegrating link belt. Rate of Fire: {cyclic) 900 rounds/min.FINLAND 7. [cycltc) 650 rounds/min. FEDERAL REPUBLIC 7.92mm MG 34 Cartridge: 7.62mm AA 52 General PurpoSe Machine Gun Cartridge: 7. Weight: 12kg. Approx. @ .. Weight: 4.62mm X 39. GERMANY. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 900 . Muzzle Velocity: 1I9m/s. Rate of Fire.~ Cartridge: 7. Barrel Length: 500mm 1I145mm). ApproL EHective Range: 800m...92mm X 57. . Effective Range: 800m. Barrel Length: 450mm 0030mm). ApproL Effective Range: 1800m (tripod). Weight: 8. Weight: 9. Feed: metal link belt. Muzzle Velocity: 800m/s. Muzzle Velocity: 840m/s. Barrel Length: 500mm (I060mm).5mm M/29.3kg. Feed: IS or 30 round box or 75 round drum mag. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 700 rounds/min.62mm..

S2mm M60 General Pyrpose Machine Gun Canrldge: 7. Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 800-950 rounds/min. Weight: l3.. Approx. Feed: 25 round box mag. Weight: 7. Approx. Effective Range: 800m.. disintegrating link belt.. Muzzle Velocity. Barrel Length: 521mm 1103Smml.30 RM2 Mendoza Machine Gun Cartridge: 30-OS.62mm X 39. 14. Rate of FIre: [cyclic! 550 rounds/min. Feed. in 25 round burst. Barrel Length: SIOmm (I044mm). Effective Range: 1500m. Weight:6..Slmm X 51. Barrel Length: Velocity: 855m/s.3kg.. Muzzle . Weight: 10. F-t: 20 or 32 round detachable box mag. SPAIN 0 lOOmm). Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 150 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 559mm (1I43mm).. Muzzle Veloctty: 910m/s. SWITZERLAND 1. JAPAN 7. Muzzle Velocity: 7oom/s. Weight: 5.303 ball Mark 8Z. Barrel Length: 610mm Velocity: 8OOm/s.Skg. Feed: 250 round fabric belt. Barrel Length: 400mm (930mm). UNITED STATES .. Berrel Length: 560mm Velocity: 855m/s..62mm X 54R.4kg.7kg.62mm Model 62 Cartridge: 7. UNION OF SOVIE:f SOCIALISf REPUBLIC 7.4kg. Rate of FIre: (cyclic] 700 rounds/min. Rate of Fire: [cyclicl 670 rounds/min.62mm RPD Model . Approx. Effective Range: looom..: 970m/s. (cyclic) 650 rounds/min. Weight. Feed: 40 round box mag. Muzzle Velocity: 950m/s. ITALY 5. Feed: dtslntegrattng or continuous link belt. BrownIng Machine Gun Cartridge: . Feed: 250 round belt. Approx...62mm X 51. Weight: 15kg.SSmm X 45. Approx.. Muzzle 5. Effective Range: (tripod) 22oom.30 Calibre Model 1919 A. Feed: disintegrating link belt. ApproL Effective Range: l650m. Feed: disintegrating link belt or 200 round box mag. MEXJCO 524mm (I200mm). Rate of FIre: (cyclic) 450-S50 rounds/min.1 kg. Barrel Length: 724mm [11 5Smml. Effective Range: SOOm. Rate of Fire: (eyelid 450-500 rounds/min.56mm Model 10-18 Beretta Light Machine Gun Cartridge: S.S2mm SIC 710-3 General Purpose Machine Gun Cartridge: 7. Approx. Muzzle Velocity: 777m/s. Feed. Weight: 5.25kg.62mm X 51. Effective Range: looom (bipodl.56mm CETME Amell Light Machine Gun Cartridge: 5. Effective Range: 800m. Weight: 9. Approx. LIght Machine Gun Cartridge: 7.30 MJ or M2. Apprm. Rate of FIre: 900-1250 rounds/min..56mm X 45. ApproL Ertectlve Range: 400m. Weight: 10..5Jkg. Muzzle @ . Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 400-500 rounds/min 7. UNITED KINGDOM . Feed: 100 round disintegrating belt carried in a drum...56"lIn HK 13 Heckler • Koch Light Machine Gun Cartridge: 5. Rate of Fire: (cyclic) 600 rounds/mill. Barrel Length: 4SOmm (955mml. Muzzle Velocity: 790m/s.62ml1l SClM (Goryunovl MedIum Machine Gun Cartridge: 7. Muzzle Velocity: 8oom/s. Effective Range: looom.06kg.56mm X 45. earlier belts had metal spacers.7kg. 7. 250 round pocketed bett.. normal & rapid rates 125 & 200 rounds/min. Barrel Length: 4S0mm (980mm)... Muzzle Velocity: 860m/s. Rate of Fire. (J 105mm). Weight: 6.5. Barrel Length: 719mm (j 120mm). ApproL Effective Range: 4oom.303 MElr"k ) Vickers Machine Gun Cartridge: .

Smith. _____ : Too Complete lllustrated Encylopedia of the Worlds Firearms. Army.rAl'ANE!E TYPE 'If RlFl! 4. Christopher F.S.M-. Johnson.SUS'MACHINEGII/II Ii1lW OF A CVT·AWAY VIEW OF A . Fred Herbert: U. Foss. : Jane's Infantry Weapons.: The Complete Book of Guns. Hogg. Bond. CVT-AIW4Y MS' . Frederick: An Illustrated guide to Rifles and Automatic Weapons. Miller.-o'rgan & Hardin. Walter Harold Black: . Chamberlain. Melvin Maynard: Rifles and Machine Guns. Rifles and Grenades. Dennis: Jane's Pocket Book of Pistols and Sub-Machmeguns. Carmichel. "'C""h-:-i~nn~. Geoffrey: The Handgun.: Infantry Weapons of the World. Boyd. Jesse R. Bayless Evans: Encylopedia of American Hand Arms.----:. Lawrence R. Jim: The Modern Rifle.G"e-o-r-g-e----.. Warren H. Leonard R. Koller.:The Modern Rifle. Myatt. Boothroyd.S. 9th edition. Arthur Corbin: Modern American Pistols and Revolvers. Mauser Rifles and Pistols. : Sub-Machine Guns and Automatic Rifles. t 983-84.BIBLIOGRAPHY Archer.: Military Pistols and Revolvers. . Colvin. V. Ian V. & Donovan Jno A. Rifles and Machine Guns.: Rifles and Shotguns. Bevis. Gould.: Infantry Weapons.. Peter: Allied Pistols. Paul Stanley: Rifle Company Weapons. The Handguns of Two World Wars.

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