Haitian Creole – English Dictionary
with Basic English – Haitian Creole Appendix

Jean Targète and Raphael G. Urciolo





Haitian Creole – English Dictionary
with Basic English – Haitian Creole Appendix

Jean Targète and Raphael G. Urciolo

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Kensington, Maryland, U.S.A.





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A variety of glossaries of Haitian Creole have been published either as appendices to descriptions of Haitian Creole or as booklets. As far as fullfledged Haitian Creole-English dictionaries are concerned, only one has been published and it is now more than ten years old. It is the compilers’ hope that this new dictionary will go a long way toward filling the vacuum existing in modern Creole lexicography.

The following new features have been incorporated in this Haitian CreoleEnglish dictionary. 1. The definite article that usually accompanies a noun is indicated. We urge the user to take note of the definite article singular ( a, la, an or lan ) which is shown for each noun. Lan has one variant: nan. 2. Most English words that are of the same origin as Creole words are marked with an asterisk (*). This feature will help users to recognize more easily Creole words that are identical or close to their English counterparts. 3. An English translation is supplied for the numerous Creole sentences that serve as examples. In addition to the regular examples, selected literary illustrations are provided. These are sentences taken from eighteen selected works of Creole literature (novels, plays, poetry, religious writings, etc.). The following is a list of the reference codes assigned to these works in this dictionary, followed by the names of the authors, the titles in italics, and the year of publication: BEAUBRUN/A................................. Beaubrun, Théodore, Anna (1962) BEAUBRUN/L ................................. Beaubrun, Théodore, La Haine au Service de l’Amour (1963) CELESTIN-MEGIE/1................. Célestin-Mégie, Emile, Lanmou pa gin Baryè, part I (1984, Second Edition) CELESTIN-MEGIE/2................. Célestin-Mégie, Emile, Lanmou pa gin Baryè, part II (1977) CELESTIN-MEGIE/3................. Célestin-Mégie, Emile, Lanmou pa gin Baryè, part III (1981)


................ Franketienne....... Parts of speech ii ..... Diacoute (1953) ONEC/N ........ Sèt Poèm ki sòt nan Mòn (1954) SYLVAIN ................... Evangile Dimanche ac Fêtt (1962) FARDIN ......... Charles Fernand............. Félix............. Cric? Crac? (1901) Alphabetical Order The alphabetical order for the Haitian Creole and the arrangement of the dictionary is: A B Ch D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z Headwords and Variants Because the process of standardization of Haitian Creole is not complete......................... and often the compilers have had to decide which ones to choose... Félix.. Rév. Jean-Baptiste.................... Onec........... Bobomasouri (1984) FRANKETIENNE/D ............DEJEAN ................... Franketienne............. Pèlin-Tèt (1978) FRANKETIENNE/T............................ many headwords have several variants...... Superscript numbers ( 1 2 3 ) placed next to certain successive headwords indicate that they are homonyms or simply the same word in different contexts or grammatical roles......................... L’Evangile chaque Dimanche (1960) PAURIS. Déjean......... N’ap Li (1964) PARISOT ........................ Franketienne......... J. Dézafi (1975) FRANKETIENNE/P...... Sept Fleurs Soleil (1963) FRANKETIENNE/B ... Fardin..... Morisseau-Leroy............ Morisseau-Leroy..................... Yves & Paul.............. Franketienne.................... Parisot....... Pauris. Nan Lonbray Inosans (1985) PRESSOIR ........ Sylvain. Antigone (1953) MORISSEAU-LEROY/D ............ Georges...... Dieudonné......................... Troufoban (1978) MORISSEAU-LEROY/A ............. Pressoir............

maltèt). Other Features iii . In the play. he wrote soulèzèl as one word. one cannot always tell with absolute certainty those Creole words used as attributives. For instance. What one author writes as one word. but the process is still on-going. Pèlin-Tèt: Ou konn gou dyòl ou. and those which are not. For instance.Abbreviations used to indicate the parts of speech will be found in the list of abbreviations which immediately precedes the entries of the letter “A”. we borrow from a predecessor the designation attrib for both descriptive adjectives and closely related words used as attributives. Félix Morisseau-Leroy wrote in his play Antigone. not all cases are as clear-cut as this one. Sometimes the same author connects or disconnects the parts of a compound word or of an expression according to the inspiration of the moment. it is a different matter when it comes to compound words. which are purely descriptive adjectives. In the present state of research. There is a general tendency for writers to put together as one word in Creole all of these groups of French words that form one single concept or one tightly connected expression. But in Creole a great number of other words or groups of words are treated as descriptive adjectives by commonly being used with an attributive function. Single and compound words While single words will be easy to find in any Creole dictionary. Evidently. in the novel. the great innovator Franketienne wrote the following sentences. More research on Creole’s descriptive adjectives is necessary. Dézafi: Sou lèzèl. each lexicographer will have to make choices. Until Creole becomes fully standardized. nou ravitaye lan pousyè nan labou anba solèy anba lapli. another still considers as two. as two. while the word chèf in the middle is attributive. it is not a descriptive adjective but a noun. a) French and Creole dictionaries designate some verbs as pronominal verbs (abbreviation: vpr). The user of this dictionary should remember that vpr stands for vèb pronominal (pronominal verb). In his play. Only two observations are necessary. Gan chèf ki chèf pase chèf (There are chiefs who are more chief than other chiefs). In the meantime. The difficulty lies with the fact that some concepts which are expressed in French by compound words (arc-en-ciel = rainbow) or by groups of words (mal de tête = headache) become a single word in Creole (lakansyèl. However. Ou pa tap janm ale lan you estasyon soulèzèl. b) Creole uses as descriptive adjectives many of the French descriptive adjectives and has created others which are easily identifiable. In his novel.

Paris: Librairie Honoré Champion. 1974. Harold The Drum and the Hoe: Life and Lore of the Haitian People. Robert. other authors use a hyphen (-) or no sign at all.. 320 pp. 1249 pp. Port-au-Prince: 1971.. Berkeley: California University Press.] Département de l’Agriculture d’Haïti. b) We have used the Creole spelling Vodou in the English definitions in place of the English word voodoo. Ti Diksyonnè Kreyòl-Franse. Dictionnaire français-créole. c) The standard form of Haitian Creole is the one spoken in Port-au-Prince. 1960. because we are referring to the Vodou religion and not the hocus pocus of magic and witchcraft attached to the English word voodoo. Mrs. M’a wè’l = I’ll see him). Le Lexique du Parler créole de la Réunion. Creole-English Dictionary: A Basic Vocabulary.] FAYO (See Urciolo. and many others. Faine. Port-au-Prince: Editions Caraïbes. Philologie Créole.a) In the cases when we use the (‘) sign between single letter personal pronouns and the following or preceding word (e. Bibliography Bentolila. Second edition. Identification des Plantes d’Haïti par leurs noms créoles. 2 vols. Rev. Chaudenson. Raphael G. Any corrections or suggestions will be taken into account and gratefully acknowledged in a future edition. 56 pp. A few colloquial words from other areas (the North. glossary of Creole terms. 487 pp. 1937. pp. [Contains a glossary of Creole terms. Faine. 1974. et al. Roger Désir. 511 pp. Jules. 357-61. Jacqueline Julien Targète. Jules. 1930.) [Contains a iv . Ottawa: Les Editions Leméac Inc. 1976. Courlander. the capital. the city of Jérémie in the South) have been added. Alain. 23 pp. We gratefully acknowledge the help we received from Emile Célestin-Mégie.g. Church of God (Mennonite).

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Albert. 1981.English Dictionary. Creole Institute. vi .Valdman. Bloomington: Indiana University. 582 pp. Haitian Creole .

esp euph fam fem fig Fr. syn tech usu V v v marker adjective adverb anatomy antiquated attributive auxiliary verb compare conjunction culinary definite article demonstrative adjective demonstrative pronoun English especially euphemism familiar feminine figurative French generally geography indefinite adjective indefinite article indefinite pronoun interjection interrogative adjective interrogative pronoun Italian Latin literally masculine military Neapolitan noun numeral onomatopoeia pejorative personal pronoun phrase plural possessive adjective possessive pronoun preposition relative pronoun singular someone Spanish synonym technical usually see verb verb marker vii . Lat. n num onom pej pers pron phr plur poss adj poss pron prep rel pron sing s. gen geog indef adj indef art indef pron interj interrog adj interrog pro It.o. lit m milit Neap.Abbreviations adj adv anat antiq attrib aux v cf conj culin def art demons adj demons pron E. Sp.

vi vpr vt intransitive verb pronominal verb transitive verb .

abize vt To abuse*. vi To live.! abajou a n Lampshade. V la. bottomless hole. accustomed (ak to). abonocho. 3. country folks. 4 prep Of (used mostly in the North to show possession). abizan attrib Abusive* (person). Abonotcho! PAURIS-36: Li bat abonotcho dèyè rèv galipòt. to take advantage of. farmer. an. Peasant. PRESSOIR-11: A midi. Pants made from blue denim. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-7: Gan yon gro devenn ki tonbe sou tout peyi a There is a terrible misfortune that fell on the entire country. Rad a òm Men’s conj And. injustice. To result in. custom. 2. abwenotcho interj Damn you! I renounce you. to abandon*. he didn’t get anywhere. abitue. Malgre tout efò’l. abonotcho. labim nan n Misfortune..). abatwa a. bondans la n Abundance*. Use of this form or its variants ava. (syn) grosoulye. V ak. m’divòse avè’l My husband was making me suffer too much. point-blank. satan! FRANKETIENNE/P-33: Yo voye ou. abako a n Jeans. uncouth person. abattoir*. abobo. to be in the habit of. abat vt To kill. Abitan dekore Pretentious hick. Mari’m tap fè’m soufri tròp. abòne vi To subscribe (ak to) (a newspaper. lè m’te abou. 2. abreje vt To help. Hamlet. on. on board*. abondans la. referee. at. labitasyon an. nan. over on the other side is my uncle’s home. 3 2 1 a a a a a a prep ’s. when I couldn’t take it any more. I divorced him. misery.1 A bò a pou tonton’m Here is my father’s house. etc. to approach. li pa abouti a anyen In spite of all his efforts. labitid la n Habit*. abite vt To inhabit*. clothing. Li lan abondans He is wealthy. to knock down. when the sun was hot. aboupòtan adv At close range.. manufacturers. a stupid person. M’pral abiye I’m going to get dressed. bòdyò n Stupid. a magazine. Yo abat li kon chen They killed him like a dog. to be used to. point-blank. aboli vt To suppress. First elements of a science or an art. abònen. bòde vt To come near. abòdjò. v is flexible in accordance with phonetic context. habitation*. Monte abò To go aboard. Plantation. abitwe. abit la n Umpire. vi To get dressed. to end (to ripen). abitid la. It is used not only for newspapers but also for goods and merchandise that are delivered at regular intervals. bouti vi 1. arbiter*. abònman an n Subscription. Isit la se abitasyon papa’m. biye vt To clothe. abi a 2 n Formal attire. courtyard with several ‘kay’ around it. official costume. m’pa abiye Don’t come in. to dress. blue-jeans. ablabla V blabla abò adv Aboard *. I am not decent. sa lòt . Tire yon moun aboupòtan To shoot s. 2. farm. abim nan. abi a 1 n Abuse*. abou 2 Pale an abou To speak in parables. vi To get accustomed with. merchandise. Rural farmhouse (dwelling) during colonial times including land around it. va. To arrive at a destination. etc. Abse a abouti The boil is ready to pop. in or on a boat. PRESSOIR-26: Ou a kouri tout tan You will run forever. abese n 1.o. Fè abi To abuse. to take advantage of (excessively). Hallelujah! Amen! abòde. abc. 6 5 A òm Men’s. Hick. At the end of one’s patience. HABACO company. 2. abou 1 attrib At the very end. abiman an n Clothing (formal). prep To. An abondans Aplenty. A a v marker Sign of the future tense. to be of assistance (to s. Mwen abòne ak machann lèt la depi twazan The milkman has been delivering milk to me for three years. abiye. bandonnen vt To give up. To succeed. Liv a Toma Tom’s book. bitasyon an n 1. abouti. to abolish*. abitan an n 1. M’pito biye ou pase m’nouri ou I’d rather clothe you than feed you (said to someone who loves to eat). Also used for any goods. Pa antre.o. def art Postpositive determiner used after words ending in a non nasal vowel sound. The alphabet. av. at my wit’s end. to forsake. with. Pen a bè Bread and butter 7 interj Ah! Oh! aba interj Down with. abil attrib Skillful. labondans la. abitye vt To get s. ayibobo interj Exclamation used in Vodou ceremonies to express joy. abitasyon an. to stay. avèk. lò solèy te cho At noon. labatwa a n Slaughter-house.). abandonnen. on board. abyss*.o.

adwaz la n Slate. Baggage. adjovat. affair *. V ladrès adrese vt 1. adipopo a. adjo V adyo adjwen an n Assistant. afè a. In great quantity. evil ways. To address*. adwatman adv With tact. Absinthe*. adousi V dousi adrès la 1 n Address (of a house). adisyonnen vt To add. afeksyon an n Affection*. to give one’s self over completely (a: to). acha a n shopping. abse a. adwat adv To the right. achtè a n Buyer. Type of beverage. azipopo a. That’s the end of it. m’pap adrese’l If I have a problem. 2. zafè a n 1. magical trap. adore vt To worship. To turn (a: to). adipopo V adjipopo adisyon an n Addition*. adefo. Yon pakèt afè A big deal. achte vt To buy. to admirasyon an n Admiration*. Artemisia absinthium L. Mete klou sou abse To add insult to injury. ou bannann lontan. Fè tout yon afè ak To make a big fuss about. right. adibitòm V adlibitòm adiltè a n Adultery*. matter. adezif la n Adhesive* tape. abriko V zabriko absan. adjountò a n Largest of the drums of the rada rite. Achte bon mache To buy cheap. achte dèyè To flatter. Achte figi. I addressed him. to manage. as much as you wish. M’ap fè acha I’m 2 admèt vt To admit*. a defo prep In the absence of. admire vt To admire*. advantis la n Adventist*. Adwat agòch I n all directions. achiv la n Archives*. . let’s suppose (that). Genitals. Business. adapte vt To adapt*. adieu*. achte afè a n One who gets involved in everything. adopte. pourboire*. apse a n Abscess*. to make matters worse. djipopo a n Misfortune. adjovat. administratè a n Administrator*. adrès 2 achevèk la n Archbishop*. adjewidan V adyewidan adjipopo a. Li adonnen’l sèlman a kouti All she does is sew. 2. purchase. Good bye. PAURIS-13: Latè mande kanpo. something that forces you to lie and wait. admeton (ke) Let’s assume (that). achtafè a. even when it doesn’t concern him at all. adyova interj It’s finished. adye 1 interj Alas! My lord! For heaven’s sake! Adye bondye! Good gracious! What a pity! Adye manman! Adye frè! (Expressive interjection) Gee whiz! That’s too bad! adye. Kreyon adwaz Slate pencil. Achte trò chè To overpay. adlibitòm. to concede. lapsent la n 1. 3. achitekti a n Architecture*. away. PAURIS-89: Depi janmpis rouke pou ou. adjahountò a. to adore*. absent la. adokte vt To adopt*. 2. assistance. Latè ap bouske abrejman. aid. Absent*. adjo interj Fairwell! adyovat. apsoliman adv Absolutely*. M’adrese’l laparòl I spoke to him. absoliman. apsan attrib 1. adorasyon an n Adoration* (in Christian churches). 2.A abrejman an n Help. achitèk la n Architect*. vt To administer *. to acknowledge. Absentminded. Afè’m pa bon I’m broke. Bon afè Bargain. administre govern. belongings. Greetings! In the villages. adibitòm adv Lat. adjewidan interj What a shame! Oh God! adyo. Si m’gen yon problèm. to tolerate. adje 2 interj Fairwell. something that you cannot get rid of. Achtèdfigi Flatterer. abwa a n Tip. I will not turn to him. Achte chat nan makout (or) nan sak To buy a pig in a poke. to your heart’s content. absteni vpr To abstain*. labsent la. Buy. an important matter. adokte V adopte adonnen vpr To become addicted (a: to). this word used to have (maybe still has) the general meaning of: Greetings! adyewidan. A problem without a solution. Nonk pitit la gen anpil afeksyon pou li The child’s uncle has a great deal of affection for him. abri a n Shelter.

to charm. Malad la an agoni. Popular dance. ajoupa a. a farm. To the left. afich la n Poster. afiche vt 1. to fit. lovely. agòch. coco-grass. Li mal aji ak mwen He didn’t act right (properly) with me. agronòm nan. agraf la n Hook. M’poko ajou ak kouti a I am not finished with the sewing (or) The sewing is not ready. It is placed on the skin to help heal burns. and. a jou attrib 1. as a result of (by overdoing). To post. Lafrik n Africa*. offense. aha V anhan ajan an 1 n Agent. by dint of. Sa’l fè la a agrave sitiyasyon an What he just did made things worse.’s nerves. 2. agonni an 2 n Agony*. To speak evil of. to aggravate*. afiba a n 1. Local food consisting of meat. a jenou adv Kneeling. Afrik. behavior. to tease. grabs) large amounts of food. Vini ak mwen Come with me. Li fè’m afron He offended me. action. ajitasyon an n Excitement. he exposes his relations with the girl. 2. to attract. clamp. agoni an. ajil attrib Agile*. in abundance. agrikiltè a n Farmer. etc. annoying. Agi ak To treat. to incite. joupa a n A country hut. Ready. afyo a. (attrib) Awkward. afliksyon V lafliksyon afòs conj Because of. agasan attrib Irritating. L’ap afiche richès li He is showing off his wealth. Aji sou To affect. argument*. to shape (wood). a gran lijyèn. Kiyè a an ajan The spoon is made of silver. surprise. Kwayans Lafrik African beliefs. apio a n Net-grass. to get on s. fastener. ajisman an n Act. (usu) They consist of one room only. Li byen aji He acted well. agranman an n Chameleon. afron an n Affront*. afreman an n Gluttony. to widen. 2. agreye vt To polish. Afiche avèk To appear in public with. ajoute vt To add (on). li san lè mouri The sick person is in the death agony. With. gouman. agranman V aganman adv A In agrave. pleasant. more specifically one who devours (eats. approval. pleasing. to hang (up) in a public place. Li afiche (afiche’l) ak fi a He appears in public with the girl. (usu) small strips of pork. agonyon an n Old bachelor or spinster. on the left. approval. Worthless person or thing. agriculture. agreyab attrib Agreeable*. 4. agwe n Vodou deity.o. 2. To make a show of. V avèk.3 afèmaj la. thesis. V lajan. ajenou. 3. to adjust. to handle. to irritate. agrikilti a. agante vt To seduce. ajans la n Agency*. leasing. PAURIS-124: Li pral pouse yon agiman. Hairstyle. A straw hut used since colonial days and made simply with some poles and palm or coconut leaves. agiman an n Contention. agrikòl attrib Agricultural*. aji vi To act. nice. ajan an 2 n Silver. aganman an. clumsy. ajite attrib Restless. agresif attrib Agressive. Up to date. agida a n Drumstick. agoch adv 1. agase vt To needle. agraffe* (for garments). afro a n 1. to defame. Cyperus rotundus L. agrandi vt To enlarge. deed. saf. FARDIN-13: Nwèl la va kòmanse sanble ak yon bagay ki fèt pou tout moun Christmas . ak 1 prep 1. voras. consent. afese attrib Depressed. afre attrib Ravenous. Sa aji sou li plis pase li te panse That afffected him more than he thought. agwonnòm nan n Agronomist*. V aloufa. ajiste vt To adjust*. ah interj Exclamation denoting admiration. 2. ago interj Exclamation denoting joy. angrave vt To make worse. agitation*. Rwa Kristòf tiye tèt li ak yon bal an ajan King Christopher killed himself with a silver bullet. agoni 1 vi To be in the agonies* of death. agranlijyèn. agogo adv Plentiful. letting by contract a house. gluttonous. agriculturalist. down. He could die any minute. Lafrik Ginen West Africa. afèmay la n Renting. agrandlijèn large quantity. agrandisman an n Enlargement. vi To become more serious. A potato-like vegetable. lagrikilti a n Farming. ajou.

who goes after everything. li gen tan pou etidye. 2. 1. One of the grandest trees in the forests of the Antilles: Turiault. Akòz sa’l te di’m nan Because of what he had told me. 2. In spite of all he has to do. aki a n A plant (Blighia sapida). PRESSOIR22: Akote machann kasav la Beside the cassava vendor. Akayè. akòkò. ak tout 1 prep Inspite of. Of. argument. ak tout. Beside. Lakayè n Arcahaie. to crouch (persons only). akondisyon. Pran akro To be ripped. koukouman attrib Crouch(ed). deed. to accord *. akrekre a n woman. akasan an n A very thick beverage made with ground corn (and sometimes milk). Yon bon akèy A fine reception. to take possession of. akasya a n Acacia* tree. 1. Acacia lutea Mill. To come along the side of. aks la n Axle* (of a car. asepte vt To accept*. akseleratè a n Accelerator*. he has time to study. akò a n Agreement. akonpli vt To accomplish*. akselere vi To speed up. a kote prep 1. tear. accord *. akòdeyon an n Accordion*. akote. legal document. akouchman an n Childbirth. yo vin akaryat A s soon as they get old. It is used in the Northern part of Haiti. 2. incurable thing (you can’t get rid of it). akèy la n Reception. etc. Ak tout okipasyon’l. akòz prep Because of. Said of one who wants to grab everything for himself. act*. zak la 3 n Certificate. to admit. akrèk attrib Avaricious. from. conj On condition * akonpanye. akizatè a n Accuser*. delivery. to deliver a child. akt la. labor. akadejak V kadejak akajou V kajou akalmi V kalmi akapare vt To grab. they get grouchy.). V resevwa. fussy. a kondisyon that. he went to work today. aksidan an n Accident*. M’pa fè akò ak vagabon I don’t deal with bums. Li fèt ak farin It is made from flour. Action*. with all. the size of dumplings. greedy. a town near Port-auPrince. boiled in grease and served in small pieces. to escort. akoma a. Batiman an akoste waf la The ship came along the side of the dock. bothersome. akouche vi To give birth. Li akrèk pou fanm He is always going after women. rakokiye vi To curl up. 2. akwòkò n Troublesome. akouchèz la n Midwife. akt la 2 n Act*. Mal akeyi To give a bad reception to. Loose akro a n Rip. To tune 4 akokiye. akòday V kòkòday akòde vt (mus). Byen akeyi To welcome. Syderoxylon foetidissimus Jacq. owing to. a klè adv Openly. fight. akable vt To blame. to have an accident. koma a n Acoma*. ak la. Fè aksidan To crash. akoukouman. akeyi vt To receive. spices and other ingredients. ak la. where the Haitian flag was created. even though. aklè. akizasyon an n Accusation*. Ou trò akrèk pou lajan You always grab for money. akoste vt 1. Move akèy Bad (unwelcome) reception. akize a 2 n Defendant. ake conj With. akra a n Malanga. Insignificant person. Must be cooked. akonpanyen vt To accompany*. welcome. Ak tout li malad. akoupi. to cringe from fear or shyness. akaryat attrib Grouchy.). To approach (s. Kou yo koumanse antre nan granmoun. out. akseptab attrib Satisfactory. akrochay la n Conflict.o. 2. In comparison with. activity*. akrobat la n Acrobat*. alongside. . l’al travay jodi a Even though (although) he is sick. to cuddle up. atout 2 conj Although. Pase ak sivil To issue a marriage certificate after a civil ceremony (wedding) as opposed to a religious wedding. grumpy. aksepte. to tolerate. to accelerate* (vehicles). koupi vi To crouch down (squat) on one’s feet. To grant.A will start looking like something made for everybody. Edible vegetable. akize 1 vt To accuse*. pealed and grated. acceptable*. Fè akò ak To contract with.

etc. in charge of. alagouj 1 attrib Vague. used pretonically and not at the end of a sentence. Ale non Go on. yet. To go (away). 2. in flight.. prowling. alaploum adv Fast. Tout lajounen madanm mwen nan yon ale vini kay kouzin li All day long. To tie an animal close to a pole in preparation for slaughter. What. Yo prale alagouj They are going aimlessly. aksyonè a. like a spy. however. Li gen anpil aktivite sou li He is quite active. vagabond.. Bay albè To kid s. they make you go (to the toilet). alafwa. Ki kote pou’m kouri ale? Where can I run away to? Ale ak To match. aktim kaporal n Military grade close to that of a corporal.. alanaj adv Swimming. a la men adv By hand. What I am going through to. Ale pi dousman Slow down. ou al trò lwen kounyea My friend. not to mention. to fail. Al bannann To be finished. akwabon. alamen.o. to pass away. ale wè pou Let alone. with uncertainty. L’al rive trò ta. go away. His father had already died. albinòs la n Albino*. alantou 1 prep Around. alapis la 2 n Sandal. Msye se aksyonè. alame vt To worry s.. with muffed tread. Ale vini The comings and goings. aladen an n Idler. wealth.. surroundings. it is often not translated. let alone his aunt. E acting* corporal*. Wait for the consequences. Bay alam To give the alarm.. Heavy drinker. alaronnbadè adv Without exception. 3. I know that he won’t.. alafen.. To string animals together. alabri attrib Safe. amiably*. Yon alemye An improvement. I don’t have much to say to him. 2. ale means to happen. a la fen adv Finally. deed.. about. It must always be followed by some other word. alatranp adv Mete bab ou alatranp Prepare for what is coming.. on tiptoes. (fig) Alatèt la The chief. a lè adv On time.o. to play a joke on. aktif attrib Active*. Ale wè pou Let alone. to end badly. 2. How. ala 1 interj Type of exclamatory adverb. alagouj 2 adv Haphazardly. What a. alavòl adv On the wing. al.o. a la mòd attrib Fashionable. Still (for the preparation of alcoholic products). alam nan n Alarm*. Unexpected event or fact arousing surprise and anger. to go off. an amelioration (in health. To defecate. ala m’konnen li pap ba ou’l You think he’s going to give it to you. alè. To die. alatèt. Good-bye. ale wè pou tant li The boy doesn’t respect his father. ale. sheltered. akt V ak aktè a n Actor*. Nan pwen moun ki gen aksyon kon sa No one is more daring than he. alantre adv At the entrance.o. ala 2 conj Yet. a bad character. Sp. aktris la n Actress*. now you are overdoing it. loose. to be over with.. aksyonnè n One who commits irresponsible acts. a la driv attrib Drifting. Action*. in a jiffy. li fè ou ale fasilman When you eat prunes. Sometimes. Al lekòl Go to school. M’ale I’m going. alantou a 2 n Vicinity. albè Prank(s). alawonyay adv Lurking. Ale prese To rush. a la tèt prep At the head of. act. alamyab adv Out of court.. the boss. Cf. alaronyay. akwòkò V akòkò al vi Contracted form of ale. aktivite a n Activity*. aksyondegras la n Thanksgiving. all around. Al fè afè ou Go finish your work. Mon chè. Lò ou manje prin. Ale sèlman One way (ticket). a la fwa adv Simultanously. . Ala bèl ròb! What a pretty dress! Ala ou okipe! You’re really busy! Ala traka pou mwen. papa’l te gen tan mouri He happened to arrive too late. You may go. equivocal relationship. to sock it to s. harshly. akwentans la n Suspicious. at a time. Ou kwè l’ap ba ou’l. go do your thing. mwen pa nan paròl anpil ak li The man is too bold. A alanbik la n 1. audacity. 2. to hurry. Ale chèche To fetch. ay (North) vi 1. a kwa bon What’s the use! akwe vt 1. To alarm*. alèjman an n Breather. Tigason an pa respekte papa’l.5 aksyon an n 1. aladriv. to get away. alley*. Offspring of a Haitian and a alamòd. alega prep Toward. Get ready for anything.). To mistreat s. my wife goes back and forth to her cousin’s house. ale a n Roadway. to depart. aladyann nan n Dominican. alanvè V lanvè alaout V ararout alapis 1 adv Stealthily.

then. Wedding ring. watersoluble liquid. alonje V lonje alòs conj Thus. glutton. alo interj Hello! alò conj Thus. She talks too much. ranmak la n Hammock*. so. so. used to make dyes. a lenterè adv With interest*. alenperatris adv Jwe topi alenperatris To spin the top. anmatè a 2 n Amateur* (non professional. alimèt la. lang alèlè Indiscreet mouth. amati a n Framework. connaisseur). The term kalandrye is recently gaining ground. fan. alfabèt la n Alphabet*. amè V anmè amèn interj Amen*. alòke conj While. Nonm sa a pa alèz avè’m This man feels uneasy in my presence. men kounyea li pa gen zalèn pou’l fè trou nan soulye yo This shoemaker has all the tools but now he doesn’t have an awl to punch holes in the shoes. alelouya a n Hallelujah*. alman an n German. separate(ly). amann nan n Fine (penalty). ame vt To arm*. aman an n Lover. aloufa a n Heavy. similar to a hunting bag used by peasants. alsiyis la n Sighs of pleasure related to sex. insatiable eater. then. Bouch alèlè. She is a blabbermouth. Alcohol*. Alcoholic beverage. alekè adv Level. alevouzan interj Scram! Go away! Beat it! alèz attrib Confortable. alforja. square*. V afre. to cajole. amannkè a. alenterè. Aloumandya n Grann Aloumandya A benevolent spirit. we need another almanac. Li trè alèz nan afè’l He is well off financially. V alò. alòke V alòske alòmenm (ke) conj Even if. blah. alòske. leisurely. argument. alye a n Ally*. and let it spin in the palm of your hand before it touches the ground. alilin nan. alèn nan 1 n Breath. alte vt To stop. Ou gen alimèt? Do you have matches? aliminyòm nan n Aluminum*. Pa rakonte Mari sekrè ou. to halt*. aleksiwa a n Breadfruit not completely ripe. zalèn nan. V alòs. even when. aliyen vt To line up. amandkè a n Illicit lover. alyans la n 1. 2. aliyman an n Alignment*. Ane a pral fini. aletranje adv Abroad. Cf. m’pap ba ou sa ou mande a I s that what you said! So. a lès adv To the East. blabbermouth. alès. ameriken an. Snug as a bug in a rug. ramak la. alzan n Chestnut colored horse. Now. by oneself. Li alèz kou Blèz ki chita sou chèz san pinèz He is sitting on top of the world. altèkasyon an n Altercation*. Kòdonye sa a gen tout zouti. li gen dyòl alèlè Don’t tell Mary your secrets. Thus. saf. meriken an n American*. alwès. Si m’te wè amatè batiman an. alèz 2 adv Easily*. I should have asked him when it would leave. 2. I won’t give you what you asked for. nowadays. at ease *. amatè a. whereas. alèrending adv At a late and inopportune hour. amadwe. indiscreet tongue. a lwès adv To the west. m’ta mande’l ki lè l’ap pati If I had seen the owner of the ship. alèkile adv 1. Lwi se amatè tafya Louis loves his liquor. to wheedle. amak la. alevini n Coming and going.A aleka adv Apart. alenn nan 2 n Awl. anilin nan n Aniline* (an oily. particularly for cleaning shoes and for making ink). 1 6 alkòl la n 1. zalimèt la n Match. Nonm deyò is used when referring to married women only. Almay n Germany. alèlè attrib Blah. to furnish weapons. alfat V asfalt alfò a. nou bezwen yon lòt almanak This year is coming to an end. Prete lajan alenterè To borrow (or lend) money with interest. ralfò a n Neckbag. almanak la n Almanac*. alèn nan. so. anmadwe vt To sweet talk. to align*. Se sa ou di! Alèkile. amatè a. alekout adv Mete zòrèy alekout To listen attentively. 2. Sp. Alliance*. E. discussion. (interj) satan! Retro satanas! Go away! alemye a n Improvement. anmatè a 1 n Owner of a ship. calender. plum-level. ami V zanmi Alelouya .

anbeli a n Improvement in the weather. en) or one of the sounds mi. leprechaun. anba tivant la n Abdomen. anbandisyon attrib In rebellion. nou. lanbisyon an n Ambition*. anbete. amitye a. (take the boat and) leave. pain in the ass. Mi an ro The wall is high. anmilpye a. vpr To enjoy one’s self. Beginning. Roasted peanuts. anbelisman an n Beautification. Li renmen fi a amò He really loves this girl. analize vt To analyse*. an 1 def art Determiner used after nasal vowels (an. elf. to tease. 2. downstairs. amilpye a. amò. anmizman an n 1. the sky has just cleared. beneath. anbale vt To pack. troublesome. pretentiousness. Pran anbasad To take refuge in an embassy and ask for asylum. zannanna a. anbarase 2 attrib Embarrassed. too busy.7 amigdal la. a mule). anbara a n Embarrassment*. Senk an Five years. mwenmenm anba It’s you who are above. exceedingly. 2. Below. an sòtan (While) going out. Sa se yon anbetman. amonika a n Harmonica*. teasing. Anba anba Sly. anbiskad la. anache vt To harness* (a horse. annipye a. Dimanch an uit A week from Sunday. anbilans ap monte desann nan lari a Every minute ambulances go up and down the street. etc. . trappings. anachman an n Harness*. to trouble. Oh well! an n Year. anbisye. Chak minit. Sa’k pa kontan. at the bottom of. anbasadè a n Ambassador*. annasi a n Type of spider. anba bra a n Armpit. to entertain. anbetman an n Problems. anba 2 prep Below. sa anbetan anpil When mosquitos are buzzing all around you. on. mou. greed. under. anbisyèz attrib Ambitious*. anana a. amòtif la n Pus of an abscess. anbandoulyè attrib Slung over the shoulder. An ajan Silver. occupied. with the aid of. gear. What’s below. anbake If you don’t like it. not free to move. anbès. amizman an. amonyòm nan. to clear up (weather). boring. foretaste. an dènye (last). to bug. as. embarrassing*. anbarasan attrib Cumbersome. Ah!. (syn) Ou vle. going on board. anbeka anbemòl Willy-nilly. centipede. De zan (or) Dezan Two years. an 3 4 A anbabra a. amòti vt To damp(en). milpye a. anbisyon an. amusement. to load on board. to hinder. a mò adv Very much. anba 1 adv 1. Lò marengwen ap rele nan tèt ou. Entertainment. down. lamitye a n 1. anbarase 1 vt To confuse. anbeli vt To beautify. anbalan attrib Hesitant. into. Moun anbetan People who tease. the lower part. annanna a n Pineapple. anbasad la n Embassy. Li te amize’l anpil He had a good time. 3. enbete vt To annoy. anbachal adv Secretly. it’s very annoying. to put on board. 2. ou pa vle. Bait. fèk gen yon ti anbeli In has been raining since this morning. financial or other. 2. milpat la n Millipede*. To prime. from. Friendship. amòse vt 1. To begin. amou V lanmou amoure V anmore amourèz V anmorèz amwa V lamwa amwenske conj Unless. to puzzle. sneaky. troubles. an bès attrib Faltering. of. anbativant la. amòs la n 1. An ò Gold. interj Oh!. penniless. blocked. 2. covetousness. an 2 prep In. biskad la n Ambush*. anasi a. Type of parasitic plant similar to Spanish moss. anmize vt To amuse *. SYLVAIN11: Se ou k’anro. clumsy. broke. goblin. anbarasman an n Difficulties. Pa anbete’m Don’t bother me. hard-up for money. underneath. ni. mon chè That’s a (big) problem. anbakman an n Embarkment*. amonnyòm nan n Harmonium*. anbetan. amize. Depi maten lapli ap tonbe. enbetan attrib Annoying. to deaden. to embarrass. Also used in the expressions: an premye (first). vi To become more beautiful. I am below. vi To leave. through. anbake vt To embark *. anbilans la n Ambulance*. MORISSEAULEROY/A-7: Gen yon malediksyon k’ap pousuiv fanmi an There is a curse that is haunting the family. amidal la n Tonsils. sprite.

andezakò. 1 anchatpent. anbreyaj la n Gear (auto). an chat pent adv Stealthily. to plaster. in code.o. anbye. prep Outside of. andenmon. Choirmistress. anemi an n Anemia*. out of shape. penniless. andyable attrib Uncontrolable. randui a of plaster. anne a. (syn) anbrizi. anbouye vt To entangle. with a task. to cajole. out of bounds.o. anbreye vi To put in gear. andwi a. To mark cards in order to be able to cheat. an doub attrib In duplicate*. attrib To be enchanted*. anchikèt. To put to sleep. lane n Year. To embalm* (a dead person). shabby. andizan. to andaki adv In parables. diagonally. andedan V anndan andefas. ondire 2 It seems. Ane pase Last year. an dekonfiti attrib Shabby. ancheri vt To cherish*. Excited. andèrò. an branl moving. anbyè. anetwale a. anbrenzeng. an debòdman attrib Overflowing. delighted. to embrace*. ferocious. chimerical*. Andizan sa. topsy-turvy. to engage the gears. traffic jam. annetwale a n (Star) anise*. an chalè attrib In heat. Retail. little by little (holding back). anbreyay la. andui a. Moun andeyò Peasant. andekonfiti. an de fas adv Hypocritical. .A anbonmen. out of ane a. In detail*. anchaje vt To commission. dekonstonbre. bonmen vt 1. to entrust. anbranl. to suffer. an dizan (While) saying. to permeate with a bad smell. to charge s. andebòdman. bereaved. anchante happy. (Chinese) anise (a spice). anchimè. 2. To make numb. To baptize in an emergency. an chikèt adv One by one. Chitterlings. n A coating andui. anchalè. Yo rete andeyò lavil la They live outside of town. an detay adv 1. oundjenikon. To be in charge*. andouyèt V andui andoye vt 1. wall finish. anbyans la n Atmosphere. 2. 2. to fondle. anbouteyay la n Bottleneck* (of traffic in a road). andwa. randui 3 vt To coat. andezay V antdezay andezo V antdezo andi V andui andirans la n Endurance*. also called andouyèt. to kiss. an chimè attrib sullen. to embroil*. an dwa prep phr To have the right to. andui a. an dezakò attrib In disagreement. an dènye adv Last. andwi a. andi a. Koulèv andòmi Type of snake. what did you do afterwards? andjenikon an. vt To lure. andire 1 vt To endure*. in the countryside. ambiance*. andire. Yo andezakò They disagree. obstinate. Li an dwa fè sa He has the right to do it. Yo tout gen feblès anemi All of them are anemic. andjoze V andyoze andomaje V domaje andòmi vt 1. and serves as an assistant in the ceremonies. to like. topsy-turvy. peaked. to seduce. andyoze. capricious. andetay. onjenikon n A person who has been initiated and has received training in Vodou songs and dances. V an. anbouchi V lanbouchi anboulatcha attrib Troubled. andjoze entice. 2 anbrase vt To hug. to anesthetize. andoub. bold. broke. To perfume. delala. Moody. anchaje a 2 n The person in charge. sparingly. Proxy. anbouteye vt To deceive through trickery causing problems to s. an deyò adv In the country. an byè adv On a bias *. andanmis adv Secretly. andèy. anboulvès attrib Troubled. anchennen vt To chain*. anbrizi attrib Sickly. anboulin adv Full speed ahead. an dèy attrib In mourning. sa ou te fè apre? Since you mention it. Li sou brenzeng li He is drunk. sou brenzeng attrib Drunk. andouyèt 1 n Type of meat preparation. furtively. plastering. Pale andaki To speak in code. andose vt To endorse* (a check). an demon attrib one’s mind. 2. attrib Mete’n anbranl Start 8 andènye. intoxicated. andeyò.

Tete madan’m nan angòje. anfouraye. to fall down. anglè 3 attrib English*. V fèt. Lanj gadyen Guardian angel. crazy. anfondre vi sink. an fòm attrib Comme il faut. an gren attrib Granulated. (Arnica: a plant of Europe). inflamation*. Gen dife anfas otèl la There is a fire across from the hotel. an giz 2 conj Instead of. anfrajele V anflajele ang la n Angle*. aha interj So! (May have various inferences depending on intonation). arrogant. to 2 n Englishman*. to A angajman an n 1. to crumble. anfavè prep In favor* of. anizèt la. M’anfle’l ak manti I filled him with lies. angran attrib Presumptious. troubles. anfrajele vt make mincemeat of. facing*. anfen adv At last. angi V zangi angiz. angle a. To cancel. Angle waf Street English (acquired by practice only. anglèz la Englishwoman*. anglè a. short of cash. 2. an flèch adv Fast and furious. Anri afèmen yon kay nan men nonk mwen Henry leased a house from my uncle. an fas 1 prep Opposite. angrè a n Fertilizer. anfouraye. Tenti danika Tincture* of arnica. Manje lèzanj Special Vodou ceremony held for the loas. angwas la n Anguish*. enflamasyon an n Tumefaction. annizèt la n Anisette* (liqueur). censer-bearer. angiz. anflamasyon an. in a jam. and she can’t breastfeed her baby. animal*. anivèsè a n 1. to knock down. choirboy *. anfouye vt To misplace. zannimo a n Beast. Misplaced. anfle vi To swell. lezanj n Angel*. with the devil. in place of. anfòm. anfouaye vt To misplace. DYESIFÒ: Nou gen pwa rouj angogay We have plenty of red beans. anfas. sleepy. To tumble down. pase pou. across (from). Birthday. shapely. anfanten. PRESSOIR-9: Angiz yo bouche solèy la Instead of hiding the sun. well developed. in the end. Also Vodou term. anj la. obstructed. Kay la gen yon bò ki anfale The house has a side that has crumbled down. Obligation. to do away with. properly. Swollen. an gro adv Wholesale. angoudi vt To render dull. not formally). in shape. anfinal. angle. impudent. anglè a 1 n English (language). to anfonse vt To drive in (a nail).9 anfale vi To collapse. anfoudwaye. an farinay attrib Muffled. anfè V lanfè anfèje vt To corner. anfantin n Kindergarten. all set.o.) anfas. angrese vt To fatten (animals). Lavi ap anfèje’m Life has not been very good to me. animal la. to render void. (syn) agogo. an fas 2 adv On the opposite side. numb. shelled. anflèch. anfannkè a n Altar boy. (syn) olye. anfarinay. lost among many other things. undertaking. to lose. angogay adv In abondance. angrenaj la n Gear. Li pa kabab bay ti bebe a tete The woman’s breasts (teats) are blocked. Chak pa l’fè l’anfonse plis With each step he sank more. 2. afèmen vt To lease. angaje attrib Bound. annile vt nullify*. angle a. ani V lanni anika n Arnica*. I’m in a bad fix. disrespectful. angro. anfèmen. etc. difficulty. V angajman. M’bezwen prete di dola. in difficult straits. angaway adv In desorder. Cf. anfoudraye vt To drive s. angranman adv Haughtily. angrosi vt To get a woman pregnant. zanj la. to ruin. anflajele. lanj la. angren. jany la. m’angaje I have to borrow ten dollars. an giz 1 prep Instead of. Anniversary*. low (voice. to bake. To destroy. to bulge. swelling. Contract with Baka. acolyte. to give a hard time (to). angrave V agrave angre a. angòje attrib To be blocked. promise. to ruin. annimal la. to subside (a building). M’afèmen kay mwen an ak Rene I leased my house to Rene. . anhan. anile. finally*. an final adv Finally*. vi To sink. dormant. to crumble. anfounen vt To put in(to) the oven.

Li di li pat annafè ak fi a He denies that he had any sexual relations with that woman. top. simultaneously. Annavan! Let’s go! anndan. V lanmidon. Used with pa (negative particle) = not any longer. anachis la n Anarchist*. an nou. annafè (ak). Dusk. anmorèz la. amè attrib Bitter. Kilès ankò? Who else? What else? ankonbre vt To crowd. on top of. still. generally. an aryè. ankriye a. anmèdman an n Nuisance. anmède. from the start. ankadreman an n Frame for pictures. ankatimini.). in front. ankadre vt To frame. annèryè behind. anka. ankachèt. anmadwe V amadwe anmatè V amatè . on top. a pain in the neck. Sa se yon anmèdman It’s a pain in the neck. sweetheart. an lè 2 adv Above. anmenm attrib love. to tease. In business with. completely crazy. ankèt la n Investigation. anmize V amize anmizman V amizman anmore a. anlè. jokingly. to have an affair* with. an jeneral adv In general*. inquest*. flighty. inquiry. w’a wè tòl la Look on top of the house and you’ll see the tin. zanmore a n Lover. an atandan adv Meanwhile. PRESSOIR-25: Ti chen pa pè ankò The puppy is no longer afraid. to cheer on. ankè V antye ankenn V okenn ankese vt To catch and hold tight (a ball. annavan. anlè a. an katimini adv Secretly. it’s as if encouraging him. etc. extra. an kachèt adv Secretly. an afè (ak) prep phr 1. ankave attrib Badly infected and full of pus. anpeze. (Used mainly in the Jérémie region: DYESIFÒ). to irritate. amoure a. sianka. let me alone. adv At the same anjelis la. anmidonnen vt To starch. annaryè. annachis la. Si ou pran yon vòlè ou pa pini’l. anjeneral. besides. boyfriend. V annou. underhandedly. andedan 2 prep Inside of. amourèz la. to nag. attrib Frivolous.A anjandre attrib 1.). Fè n Upper part. to incite. unsatisfied (food. indoors. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-2: An’n seye sa’n gan la a pou’n wè sa k’a rive Let’s try what we have to see what will happen. I’m going to give you a beating. an menm tan time. an antye adv Whole. Unsatiated. framing. anjwèt. Si ou fè sa ankò. anndan. (or) anmèdan. anmègde. lankriye a n Inkwell. sioka. annanfans attrib Senile. anlè. into. annoying. indeed. m’ap kale ou If you do that once more. on high. to inquire*. a meddler. anmòrèz la n Sweetheart (fem). Violent. anmèkde vt To annoy. entirely*. adv In the back. inward. se ankouraje w’ap ankouraje’l If you catch a thief. anlè. to encourage*. anmwe. anklim nan n Anvil. anmèdè a n A bothersome person. etc. andedan 1 adv Inside. Li te bèl nèt sou anndan The interior was very beautiful. Involved with. not any more. 2. ankonbreman an n Crowding. an efè adv In fact. Gade anlè kay la. Anmè kon fyèl anmè kon lalwa Bitter as hell. within. Possessed by the devil. anmre interj Help! an’n v marker Let’s (particle used to form the imperative of the first person plural). (up) in the air*. engagement with the 10 anmè. ankèt To investigate. an avan adv Ahead. lanjelis la n Angelus*. an lè a 1 anmenmtan. an lè prep Above. 2. to uphold. annefè. really. anjandreman an n devil. an jwèt adv In jest. anmègdan attrib Troublesome. and you don’t punish him. Also: annou. to bother. an lè 3 4 annatandan. until. Not so strong as its French cognate meaning ‘to shit around’. no longer. annanna V anana annannant V kannannant annantye. anlagan adv In the beginning. anketè a n Investigator. ankouraje vt To promote. Pa anmède’m Don’t bother me. oka. ankò adv Again. in case. Pact. sizoka conj If. ankourajman an n Encouragement*. girlfriend.

With regard * to. attrib 1. anplis. anrèg. pwazonnen vt To poison*. anpaye. Li pa kab anpase’l de yo He cannot do without them. to cover with straw or any other stuff (a chair. to utilize. you can’t control him. an premye adv premye He arrived first. anpeste vt To permeate (evil odor). to notify. more. beautiful. anpwazonnen. anplwaye a 2 n Clerk. annegad prep phr 1. enraged*. upward. . eagerness. l’a konn se ou Just say ‘Here I am’. to invade.K. a good deal of. anplasman an n Lot. anro a. Rabid. Somèy anpòte’m I fell annui an. above. as far as . annèryè V annaryè annik. anpàn.). Anpil fwa Many times. nik adv Only. elegant (neologism). anrichi vt To enrich*. Pyè mete deyò As soon as I come. anwo a 1 n Upper part. anraje attrib 1. To annoy *. annwi an n Trouble. anprent la n Print* (finger). In southern Haiti ‘anro’ also means ‘about. vt To seize. anplat la n Plaster* cast. annuiye. top. anpeny nan n Vamp (upper part of a shoe). anwo 3 adv Upstairs. Grangou fin anpare’m I am really hungry. anpeze vt To starch. annonse vt To announce*. V an’n.(Particle used to form the imperative of the first person plural). an nekò attrib Flooding. Anpil moun Many people. impediment. up. concerning’. Yo bèl anpil They are very nice. anplwaye 1 vt To hire. anpechman an n Hindrance. anpenpan. furious. ou pa ka kontrole’l That child is just too much (insolent). above. anpoul la n Bulb (electric). an plis adv Besides. and he’ll know it’s you. anreta. a location. anprizonnen vt To jail. Short of. an nou. an reta adv Late. 2. to engage (in employment). As for. to fill. paye vt To stuff. an’n 1 v marker Let’s. to employ*. in the first place. Mad. an règ attrib In order. anpil 3 attrib Insolent (mostly applied to children). anpremye. not at ease. 2.. an nou 2 interj nou wè! Come on! Come on! Let’s go! An A anpil 1 attrib Numerous. anpresman an n Hurry. scores of. anpòte 1 asleep. annwiyan attrib Annoying*. anreleng. annwuiye vt 1. anplimdezwa attrib Elegantly dressed. 2. problem. on top of. to be weary. annuiyan. annile V anile annimal V animal annipye V amilpye annivre V nivre annòd adv In order*. is concerned. concession of land. anpase vpr To do without. plenty of. anpatan.. indolent.. Penniless. stuck. anro. Li rive an anpare vt To take possession of. anrimen attrib To have a runny or stopped up nose. in addition. anro. financial difficulties. to register*. Anro kay la Over the house. irresponsible. In rags. Annik di ‘men mwen’... over. anrejistre vt To record. employee*. Timoun nan trò anpil. O. Out of order. To have or catch a cold. an releng attrib 1. anpile vt To pile * (up). many. anpòte 2 attrib Angry. M’achte yon anplasman nan simityè I bought a cemetery lot. an pàn 2. An nou li Let’s read. anpil 2 adv Very (when “anpil” is placed after an attrib or a v). annou. overflowing. a plot of land for building purposes. First. anpire vi To worsen.11 annega de. anonse. an ekay attrib Made of shell. crazy. Peter leaves. anwo 2 prep On. just. annekò. regarding. additionally. a site. anpetre attrib Slow. 2. an patan adv To start with. an penpan attrib Swell. annekay. annou. anpeche vt To prevent. smart. etc. M’annik vini. to imprison*. Sa w’ap di anro’m nan? What are you saying about me ? Anro lavil Uptown. Neve’m ap ban’m anpil annui My nephew is causing me a lot of troubles. to bother. To be bored. to hinder. haste. to seize. in the upper part of town.

an tou adv Altogether. antay la n Notch. Ansanm avèk With. antipichlin adv Secretly. antipislin. enclosure. ansan V lansan ansanm 1 adv Together. antan V etan antann vi 1. tere vt To bury. ansasen V asasen ansasinen. an tranp attrib Soaking. furtively. 2. to unite. ansuit. antre prep Between. an soudin adv Secretly. at any rate. interment*. bit by bit. Jip antrav Straight skirt (the lower part of the dress is tight). mess. gròs. 2. V makònen. guilty. antoure vt To surround. ansòt. antant la n Understanding. an tò attrib At fault. extraordinary. ansèy la n Sign*. 12 antase vt To pile up. Haunted*. anseye vt To teach. antòs la. antique. ansibreka attrib Failing. sa’k rive? Then. worrisome and compromising situation. an rout adv En route*. to get along. ancient *. together with. Ex-. Fè ansòt pou ou rive a lè Try to be on time. Funnel. bad spot.o. andezay attrib Middle-aged*. V fouli. ante attrib 1. Also: grovant. Ant Jakmèl ak Jeremi. to have an understanding. in any case. Fantastic. to put s. an tou ka In any event. ansekirite. gen anpil mòn There are many mountains between Jacmel and Jérémie. antè. ansite attrib Safe. antou. antiche attrib To be hot after. anrout. what happened? ansyen attrib 1. ansent 2 vt To impregnate (to make pregnant). among. an sis kat de adv In a jiffy. to assassinate*. antòtye attrib Tangled up. sign on a store. anwole vi To enlist (in the armed forces. agreement. anchikèt. band. Antre yo Between them. antipichlin V antipislin antipile vt To pile* up. difficulty. ansiskatde. Mete ansanm To assemble *. willful. asasinen. handicap. ansoudin. ansanswa a n Censer*. Yo fè yon antant They reached an agreement. lantouray la n Fence. V kloti. antiray la. Se zansèt nou ki te goumen pou ban nou libète It was our ancestors who fought to give us liberty. to be out to (usually in a negative sentence). aferwards. To mean. zansèt la n Ancestor*. a little at a time. antòch la n Sprain. yo ansasinen’l Last week. in an embarrassing situation. antchenkon adv Piecemeal. thurifer. Li antrave zanmi’l He put his friend in a bad spot. forebears (pl). worry. M’pa antann pèdi’l I don’t intend to lose it. antdezo. ansèt la. an sekirite attrib Safe. forefather. an sòt In such a way that. ansanm nan 2 n Ensemble*. ant. (syn) anpile. Fè yon antay To hack. antèman an n Funeral. comprehention. mele. Whirlpool.). an tè attrib Earthen. twist. antiray V antouray antò. anténwa V antónwa antere. lantiray la. vpr To agree (more than one person). Se bagay ante It’s fantastic. etc. antòtiye. Ansuit. Enceinte *. To intend*. antrave vt To implicate. wrong. M’pa gen ase lajan pou’m (syn) . sasinen vt To kill. to persist. anyhow.). Old. gash. to be persistent. Ansyen ayisyen Old style Haitian. to put together. antouka. anténwa a n 1. antannman an n Understanding. slashing. antoupwèt V antyoupwèt antouray la. surreptitiously. 2. Mouye an tranp Soaking wet. andezo adv Underneath the surface of the water. Semèn pase a. antchoutchout V antyoutyout antchouprèt V antyoupwèt antdezay. antrav la n A difficult. burial.A anrole. antravan attrib Compromising. answuit adv Then. not too good (health. problem. on the way. ansent 1 attrib Pregnant. antete attrib Stubborn. Ansyen prezidan Former president. antranp. Yo antann yo They have an understanding (or) they get along. antónwa a. Kisa ou antann pa la? What do you mean by that? 2. etc. to murder. they murdered him. former.

anvenimen vi To get worse. to practice. an trèt adv By treason. across. Antre nan pè To go into the seminary. antravè. an ve attrib Bound by a vow*. antyèman adv Completely. Ou pa konn sa m’anvi fè? Don’t you know what I want to do? anvi a 2 n 1. Fè antre To show in. Youn antre nan lòt One takes care of (compensates for) the other. Li anvoute He has been possessed by a bad spirit. practice. an y interj Exclamation denoting disgust. special. to hex. antrènman To drill. to get in. a pa 1 attrib Particular. first. a pa 3 adv Separately. antrot. ONEC/N-5: Lò yon sitwayen ap pase devan drapo li When a citizen is passing before his flag. to drill. an zing de kontrarye-te attrib Moody. unexpectedly. apa. antyoutyout. di’m Tell me before leaving. to wish. antye. in a jiffy. order). anwe attrib Hoarse. (syn) antyoutyout. antrene vi To train*. to have a mind to. to surround in great numbers. to be jealous of. an vi 3 attrib Alive. An antye In its entirety. Bèl antre Splendid entrance. antreprann vt To undertake. 3 adv Before. antoupwèt. Anri ap antretni Jozefin Henry keeps Josephine as his mistress. I don’t have enough money to pay. apart*. ankè attrib Entire*. to keep. to fester (a wound. anvayi 2 attrib To be flooded (carburator). to come in. excited. anvitès. excited. anvi 1 vt To yearn for. anvyèz (f) 2 attrib Envious*. to penetrate. antre a 2 n 1. Antre nan mè To go into (join) the convent. Avan solèy kouche Before sundown. to want. Anvan w’ale. disapproval. 3. nosy. avan come first. Antre sou moun To become (too) familiar. I find myself in a difficult situation. Vini anvan To anvayi 1 vt To invade *. to desire. entirely. without warning. anvlòp la n Envelope*. antròt By the way. To swell.13 peye. obliquely. antre 1 vi To enter*. V ant antremetè a (m). vt To put inside. antyoupwèt. Envy*. antretni vt To maintain. anvye 1 vt To envy. to take on. antchoutchout attrib Restless. Yo te kwè li te mouri men li anvi They thought he had died but he is (still) alive. Fè . Avan samdi Before Saturday. a scab). excessively curious. to envisage*. anvlimen. whole. trainer*. anve. avan 2 conj Before. (syn) antyoupwèt. Yo manje yon kodenn antye They ate a whole turkey. verily*. apa. Antre sòti To come and go. in a bad mood. 2. anzingdekontraryete. aryen indef pron Nothing. Antre nan chanm nan To enter the room. ap v marker Auxiliary of the present progressive. in God’s truth. apart* from. pe. Admission. apa. antrènman an n Training*. Li antretni kay li byen He keeps his house well. V ape. Antre lan manch la Take the sleeve in a little. anvye (m). antretan. Antre chat la. to step in. w’ap rive Sen Mak anvan Gonayiv If you go from Port-au-Prince to Cape Haitian. Sa ou wè laba a? Anyen What do you see over there? Nothing. avan 1 prep 1. in the first place. a pa 2 prep Beside. Sa pa fè’m anyen It’s all the same to me. opening. Before (distance. angry. Desire. ONEC/N-19: Depi nou fèt se sou tè a n’ap viv Since we were born it is on this land we have been living. an travè adv Crosswise. antreprenan attrib Enterprising*. To be possessed. an verite adv Frankly. to let in. in the meantime. Gen anvi To have an appetite for. anvan. PRESSOIR-10: M’konnen m’ap mouri aswè I know I shall die tonight. private. antreprenè a n Undertaker. Si ou soti Pòtoprens ou pral Okap. antre 3 A anvan. anyen. anvizaje vt To consider. antremetèz la (f) n Meddlesome. craving. you will reach St Marc before Gonaïves. 2. anvi. Antre lib Free admission. anvenimen V anvlimen anverite. antchouprèt attrib Restless. Entrance*. an vitès adv Fast. anvan. Anvan tout bagay First of all. to practice. Birthmark which is the result of a woman’s craving during her pregnancy. Anvi kochon A birthmark with hairs on it. entirely*. Before (time). men lapli Bring the cat inside. to get in and out. antrèt. To crowd in. drill. Kouri antre Dash in. Anvan lontan Before long. Li gen bèl antre He is gap-toothed. 2. anvoute vt To cast a spell. m’antrave. it’s going to rain. antrenè a n Coach. Li kouche antravè sou kabann nan He lay across the bed. antre tan adv Meanwhile.

apre demen adv Day after tomorrow. apèl la n (Law) Appeal *. scarcely. Ak apeti Heartily. aparans V laparans aparèy la n Tool. pral Am. apwe 2 conj After. apeprè. apagon attrib Avaricious. apoura attrib 1. Gluttonous. appliance (electric). Eager. apui a n Support. apwèl adv Bareback. apepre adv Nearly. abrupt. (syn) saf. cheer. apeti a. afre. 2. King Creon. apwentman an n Salary. pòy 2 attrib Lèt apòy Last milk taken from a cow during a session. apòy. apenn adv Hardly. apotikè a n Pharmacist. 2. aprouve vt To approve*. invitation to convene. apatandejodi. aplodisman an n Applause*. apral. aplim attrib 1. Agressive. aranjman an n 1. apik. Apiye sou To 14 apopleksi a n Apoplexy*. aplodi vi To applaud*. are going (Progressive present of the verb ale. api a. apatandojodi adv Henceforth. V ap. as of. approximately. and using you to prop me up. apòy 1 attrib 2. who is talking to you. lapeti a n Appetite*. apray. apantè a n (Land) surveyor. Aggressive.A apa. apèsi 1 vt To get a glimpse of. about. papa! Did I not tell you so? apach attrib Greedy. apèn. aprè. instrument. precipitous. apèsi a 2 n Preview. apre. aranje vpr To manage. apendis la n Appendix* (of the body). a pye adv On foot. aranbarik la. to perceive*. to see. M’ap pran api sou ou I’m leaning on you. Wa Kreon. arrangement*. to make the rollcall. aprale. Fè apèl To note an appeal. ki ape pale ak ou It is your uncle. FRANKE-TIENNE/B-17: Yon melanj lèt apòy ak siro myèl siro loja. glimpse. apresye vt To appreciate*. apwe 3 adv Afterwards. subsequently. wage(s). apranti a n Apprentice*. eh! Apa li. aran an n Herring*. apeprèman adv Nearly. plani. apot la. . apèsevwa vt To catch a glimpse of. druggist. planni vt To level. trimming (of clothes). about. apati de prep Starting from. apredye a n Money. apòt la n Apostle*. apre. apuiye vi lean on. a pik attrib Steep. Eager (for). a pwal. Pito ou fè yon aranjman pase ou fè yon prosè It’s better to make a settlement than to undergo a law suit. epa 4 interj Introductory particle used in semi-exclamatory. apropo de prep Concerning. Apropo de sa nou tap pale a Concerning what we were talking about. aran barik la n Kipper. Apopleksi se yon maladi ki pa ra Apoplexy is not a rare sickness. SYLVAIN-14: M’ape chante depi de jou I have been singing for two days. apre. aplani. To lean. aprè. apante vt To survey (land). apye. apendisit la n Appendicitis*. unscrupulous. (syn) akrèk. Border. 2. apredemen. Apa li menm ki te ba ou’l! Was it not he who gave it to you? Apa w’ap etidye italyen! So you’re studying Italian. penis. 2. apre midi a n Afternoon. MORISSEAULEROY/A-39: Se tonton ou. aprè. apsan V absan apsoliman V absoliman apwal. Arab la n Arab*. Greedy and aggressive. to arrange*. earnings. settlement. Agreement. SYLVAIN26: Kote ou aprale? Where are you going? FARDIN17: Kote ou prale? Where are you going? aprann vt 1. semi-interrogative sen-tences. bold. Apre midi Afternoon. is. with difficulty. almost vertical. apremidi a. apatman an n Apartment*. aplikasyon an n Application*. apwe 1 prep After. gear. aproche V proche apropode. approximately. next. pray Nothern forms of apral and pral. aprantisay la n Apprenticeship*. Apre demen Day after tomorrow. to go ). To learn. device. 1. to be in accord. pe. apiye. Apui chèz (or) do chèz Back of a chair. apantay la n Surveying. prale. Apik panno Very steep. Pa apeti pou For love of. ape v marker Auxiliary of the present progressive tense. (syn) bat bravo. piye. To teach. pay.

alfat la n Asphalt*. Bay asirans To assure. 2. ansasen an. asètsèzè adv At this (unduly) hour. asid la n 1. arivis la n Newly-rich. Li arive di’m sekrè’l He went as far as to tell me his secret. 2. Alaryè To the rear. to detain. arousa a. Means of defense. Asire pa sèten Unreliable. alaout la n Arrow-root*. arenyen an.). audience. only. enough of. respite. asiyasyon an n Subpoena. areyeakrab la. Condiment (vinegar. a fish bone stuck in his throat. (Enough is enough). to put in jail. krabaren-yen n Tarantula. wild. asezonnen. lemon. asini an n Arsenic*. protective magic (string with knots) placed around a child’s neck or arm. arenyen V areye arèt la 1 n 1. asepte V aksepte asetòn nan n Acetone*. means. looter. arèt la 2 n Fish bone. old-fashioned. 2. to apprehend. To assist*. arèt kòl la n Tie clasp. arogan. arètkòl la. to stow. aryen V anyen aryennafè a n Idle person. Enough. awousa a n Pickpocket. 2. arouya a n Hick. safetida a n Asafetida*. red herring*. to pave. asipoze prep phr suppose (that). asasen an. arimen vt To pile up. Acid*. areye a. ariyen an n Spider. awona a n 1. 2. aritmetik la n Arithmetic*. Aid. prestige. asistans la n 1. asire vt 1. etc. asidròp la n Lemon punch. Loose woman. Se yon bagay aro That’s swell. to attend. aryè a 2 n Fullback (soccer). Aselòm n Name given to a male child when parents wish no more sons. asfalte vt To asphalt*. ararout la. ase adv 1. asfalt la. aso a 1 n 1. Insurance (life. aryere attrib Backward. A tropical plant the rhizomes of which yield a nutritious starch called sagou flour. Annaryè. sezonnen vt To season*. . rear*. Supposing*. health). stupid person. aso a 2 n A (beating) board used for striking at a percussion instrument (COURLANDER). aro. arona a. arive vi To go as far as to. alone. Se pa pen ase ki fè moun viv Man liveth not by bread alone. asiste vt 1. Livelihood. To assure*. V avyon. 2. used in puddings. etc. arendal la n Connections. Asire ou Make sure. salted herring* (different from aransò. undergoes a distinct process. asenik la. sasen an n assassin*. aristokrat la n Aristocrat*. Also known as ‘aranbarik’). annèryè In the back. A Murderer. awogan attrib Arrogant*. summons (to court). assistance*. arèt pwason koke nan gòj li He ate too fast. somewhat. asiyen vt To summon(s).15 aransèl la n Dried. certainty. asezonnman an n Seasoning*. greedy person. Asansyon an n Feast of the Ascension*. fool. levantine. Ase pale Stop talking. 2. To insure* (a house. 3. Attendance. to stack one on top of the other in a specific manner. Guard for the (wedding) ring. Asefi n Name given to a female child when parents wish no more daughters. to help. zarenyen a krab. asistan an n Helper. lazy bum. Also: krab areye. aroutchapatcha a n Arab. awo attrib Swell. Stop. awogans la n Arrogance*. aryè 1 adv Back. arrest *. Common prostitute. a car. arebò prep At the edge of. aryoplàn nan n Airplane*. aroyo attrib Violent. upstart. lasini an. Li manje trò vit.) asireman adv Surely*. assistant*. guarantee. which has turned brownish by a special process. asayi vt To assault*. as V las asafetida a. Assault*. To be present at. 2. aransò a n Kippered. Li fin aroyo He is furious. zarenyen an. let us asirans la n 1. parvenu. Rest*. Assurance*. suppose*. to subpoena. arogans la. arete vt To arrest*. to guarantee.

A ason an n The cult priest’s ritual rattle with external strikers (COURLANDER). se kounyea ou vini! So. crowd. Pòl lan asyèt li Paul is in his element (That’s exactly what he was waiting for). at night. 2. val 2 Will go (Future tense of the verb ‘ale’. 2. greedy. he is dozing. DEJEAN-79: N’ava achte pou tèt pa nou You will buy for yourselves. aval. It is used to combat dizziness and common colds. Atò. atelye a n Workshop. crude mat. I shall die at once. 2. It was then that. A ritual dance is performed around it. to assail. Sp. Ou pa bezwen atrap mwen kon sa You don’t have to make a scene like that with me.. Atansyon! Look out. va. 2. atachman an n Attachment*. asyèt la n Plate. asorosi V sorosi asosye 1 vpr To associate one’s self. latak la n Attack*.).).. to hitch. drowsiness. let’s play partners. associate *. spiral la n Spiral* (of a watch. atrapan attrib Contagious. atiran attrib Appealing. Trump (cards). a tè adv On the ground. CELESTIN-MEGIE/1-60: L’ap fè yon ti asoupi He is taking a nap. a tan adv On time. Attention*. atik la n Article*. An nou koupe asosye. Feast of the 16 atenn vt To reach. Yon aswè One evening. Even you. Asonpsyon an n Assumption*. trape vt To catch (a disease). at that time. avalize vt To vouch for (a borrower). Artichoke*. Connections. Met atè To give birth (or) to put something on the ground. atle vt To yoke.. Atle yon bogi To hitch up a buggy. grasp. miserly. atan. A children’s game in which two children join their little fingers. atann vpr To expect. Bòn nan trè atache ak tibebe a The maid is quite attached to the baby. atrape. unexpectedly. 2. asoupi n 1. asosye a 2 n Partner. atirans la n Attraction*. atake vt To attack*. . ata adv Even. lasye a n Steel. ashore. Atire atansyon sou To call attention to. asòtò a n Assotor* drum. plateful. asye a. dish. offense. atache attrib Attached*. Asonmsyon an. To land (airplane). ava 1 attrib Stingy. Sleepiness. atoufè attrib Unscrupulous. ateri vi 1. av 2 v marker Auxiliary of the future tense corresponding to ‘shall’. in the evening. etc. M’bay tayè a yon avalwa sou kostim nan I gave the tailor a down payment on the suit. Intelligence. to attract *. now. (syn) piston. attractive*. atiyayo a n Medicinal plant (Ocimum gratissimum L. gradually. M’atann mwen a sa I expect that. to pull. devotion. atife adv Slowly. the largest of the drums. throng. atè. (syn) peng. Cf. precaution. avaricious*. (syn) a. Also in the expression ‘sanzatann’.. To catch. Fè atansyon! (or) Fètatansyon! Be careful! Beware! atchoum interj The sound of sneezing. an nou jwe asosye Let’s become real partners. avalwa a n Advance (down payment). avalizè a n Guarantor. aspirin nan n Aspirin*. catching. Liturgical tchatcha. used as a liturgical instrument. then strike the juncture with the other hand. aspiral la. Kerchoo! ate a n Atheist*. all of a sudden. atroupman an n Gathering. atak la. M’atrap boul la I caught the ball. ava. aspèj la n Asparagus*. aval la 1 n Guarantee (financial). datou n 1. offensive. to draw. Nap. atout V ak tout atrap vt 1. Dòmi atè To sleep on the floor. aswè adv Tonight. atò adv Then. Pye atè Barefoot. indeed. (syn) kabicha. atire vt To entice. atou a. To receive with hostile words. you only come now! Se atò. nowadays. atis la n Artist*. of African heritage. atable vi To sit around the table* to eat. atèmiyò a n Poorly made mat. to team up. Aswè a This (coming) evening. avadra a n Vagabond. atizan an n Artisan*. PRESSOIR-11: San ou m’ava mouri tousuit Without you. so. atòkile adv Now. 2. Ata oumenm hasta. to go). ‘will’. apagon. aticho a n 1. atansyon an n 1. Type of loaf (bread). To wind up somewhere.

m’ayik He spoke so much. avap. Down payment. avril n April*. avize vt To inform. etc. getting closer to. Ayiti cheri. to go forward. avantay la n Advantage*. avape v marker Auxiliary of the progressive future. ave a 2 n Admission of wrongdoing. to draw near. Vanse sou Going toward. to inform. avè’l With me. Li tèlman pale. The form ‘ake’ is used in the North. benefit. a. vegle vt To blind. devoran attrib Greedy. awo V aro awona V arona awousa V arousa awoutsayd. disappointment. to move forward. Lwen ak isit Far from here. vi To advance*.o. grasping. I forewarned you. ayeroplàn nan. Ayida-Wèdo n Vodou deity. avegle. To give. communique. know. ayè V yè ayèl la n Ancestor. to avow*. ake prep With. Se nan peyi Ayiti Toma ou ye You’re in the country of Haiti Thomas. downpour. to bring forward (a date). to let s. avèk. avannsant la 1 n Forward (soccer). to recognize. Tou pre ak Very near to. attorney. Alavans. to favor. surprise. avili vt To put down. advance* payment. awoze V rouze ay 1 interj Ouch! ay V ale 2 ayayay interj Wow! Exclamation expressing various feelings (joy. avè V avèk avèg n & attrib Blind. to advise. avans la n 1. aeroplane pilot. avòtman an n Abortion*. to let s. Sick (from overeating). openly. grabbing. avanjou. Destiny. avni an. to degrade. avanse. anvès la n Short. ayeropò a n Airport*. Petiveria alliacea L. avwa a n Possession(s). in anticipation of. avoka a n Lawyer. Avè’m. To do favors for. conj Pyè ak Pòl Peter and Paul. davans In advance. to acknowlege.). avannsant V avan avanpòs la n Outpost* (military). Advance. avanvèy la. 3. avi a 1 n Notice. awoutsay Off side* (games). areyoplàn nan n Airplane*. avan jou adv Before dawn. know. M’te pale ou davans I told you in advance. avantaj la. Avanse chèz la Move the chair forward .o. ayik attrib 1.17 avan an. M’avap manje lè sa a I shall be eating then. avi. avwe vt To confess. to step forward. biting. outwardly. to advise*. It is given to patients suffering from fever. avyatè a n Airplane pilot. 2. avès la. 2. A avoran. avè. V lapli. avwàn nan n Oats. with him. Ayiti. ave a 1 n A plant. 2. ayibobo V abobo Ayida n A woman who has very short hair by nature. oatmeal. avni an 1 n Avenue*. preview. Fè avòtman To have an abortion. sudden shower. Li fè ave lan tribinal la He confessed in open court. Ayisyen an n Haitian. vanse vt To bring forward. (syn) apèsi. avidèy adv Visibly. avanti a n Adventure*. avètisman an n Warning. ak. avòte vi To abort*. avanyè. avan V anvan 2 avangou a n Foretaste. lavanvèy la n Two days before. profit. Li rive lavanvèy lantèman an He arrived two days before the burial. vèti vt To warn. Gen menm valè ak To have the same value as. avantaje vt 1. lifetime. a vi 2 attrib For life. Anri ap fè fi a avans Henry is making amorous advances to the girl. avyon an n Airplane. I am exhausted. Haiti n Haiti. Haiti cheri A Haitian song by Othello Bayard expressing the nostalgic feeling of Haitians for the homeland. Depi davans Beforehand. Exhausted. aviation*. that’s where . to approach. avantyè. to fail. to dazzle. avyasyon an n Airport. lavni 2 n Future. avèti. avilisman an n Debasement. attentions. avanzyè adv The day before yesterday.

An insignificant person. According to some people. babemoustach attrib Fantastic. Bab kabrit Goatee. azoumounou an n Sickness of the eyes. Jolibois. ba a n Bar*. to gripe. ba 2 babouzi a n Child. Li rete baba devan fi a He was bewildered with admiration in the presence of the girl.o. wooden or iron bar to close a door. low (in spirit. short (in stature). to be smeared. in Le Nouvelliste. 2. cafe (where alcoholic beverages are sold). azòzòt la n Breadfruit that has suffered from sunstroke and which has not fully ripened. Pale pi ba Speak in a lower tone. wealthy landowner. to carouse. bacha a n Big shot. Fè labab To shave. . bar la 9 n Bar*. bab karang i. E. worthless person. Timbuktu. azaris la n Gambler. Jwèt aza. hazard*. babyadò a n Grumbler. to take the liberty to. bewildered. tassel. Li bade labou He is full of mud. babich la n Goatee. 18 ba a. beard. walking-stick. to talk too much. babpanyòl. one says: bab pis. brabako a n Barbecue*. Bay baboukèt To shut s. parasite. ba V bay (prep) 10 ba V bay (verb) 11 bab la. V pacha. Fè ba pou (children) V bo a. babay. ba a 7 6 n Pack-saddle. pongongon. Toma refers to the name of an African ethnic group. Depi maten l’ap babye He’s been grumbling since this morning. vakabon. Bab pou bab Eye to eye.’s mouth. faded. azireya a n Worthless. Mete yon baboukèt nan dyòl bourik la Put a noseband on the donkey’s mouth.e. bade vt To smear. azaryen an n Gambler. je aza Gambling (game). azilboutou. Dewlap. aza a n 1. accidentally (pop). a piece of harness. to venture. to mumble to one’s self. small beard*. azaman adv Rarely. A problem you can not get rid of. azikòkò a n A sickness for which there is no cure. tassel (It is used to make an infusion). full of lice. It is used as a medicinal plant. To babble. badijonnen vt To smear. To give a kiss to ba a 5 n Stocking. Scrumptious outdoor feast featuring barbecued meat. V akòkò. babòtribò V tribòbabò baboukèt la n Noseband (of a bridle). V dekrenmen. defrechi. Fè babako To go on an eating and drinking spree. An epiphytic bromeliaceous plant found in thread-like matted clusters hanging from trees in warm climates. complainer. to act unduly familiar with s. Li mete ba pou fredi a She wears stockings because of the cold weather. (syn) sanzave. baybay interj Bye-bye*. azil la n Shelter. V azòzòt. articles by Louis Vernet and G. babako a. azobòkò a n Coffin. bab pou. babaren an. Chance. soap bar. labab n Whiskers (of a person. babmayi. the last piece that is put on an animal to keep its mouth shut. Jwe nan bab Not to show the proper respect for. Li ban’m yon avantaj babemoustach He gave me the full advantage (more than I expected).o. with a large beard. babouye vt To smear. yams. a cat). Pa aza Accidentally. etc. B ba 1 attrib Low. by chance azade vpr To dare.. loose woman. ignorant person. In order to kid s. azobato attrib Exhausted. bab panyòl la n Spanish moss. celebrating some special event. azamann nan n Gambler. kate. babin nan n 1. azible a n Breadfruit that has suffered from sunstroke. Azaka Vodou deity. face to face. babmayi a. tiller (boat’s). azizwèl la n Strumpet. aziboutou. ba a 3 n Helm. bar la n Line (with a pen. Gambling. 8 ba a. the whole thing. adv Low. health). babye vi To grumble. ba a 4 n Kiss. babpanyòl la. Jan. badin nan n Cane. 2. azoboutou n Unknown place. 1973. balbaren an n Goatfish. red mullet. Cf. iron bar. baba attrib Mute.B you are. Cf. asylum*. babemoustach. fish. Double chin. a pencil).o. Cf. bab mayi a n Corn silk.

o. bafre vt To deceive. E. An’n balanse Let’s start. baksayd la n Backside*. bagarè a n Troublemaker. bafre. drum stick. flat-bottom boat. V arèt. bal la 2 n Bullet. Ti medam yo pa vle koute msye. bag la n Ring. (whalebone) Stays used to stiffen corsets. woman-chaser.) balan attrib Hanging. Ki bagay? What? Yon lòt bagay Something else. bale a 2 n Broom. 2. Fè balansin To swing. Cf. bacchanal*. to rock. An under-handed fellow who knows what’s what. thing (in all its meanings). Dènye bagay. bale 1 vt To sweep. majòl la 2 n Double chin. badjikan an n A bòkò’s helper (folklore). baka a n 1. Pi gro pwason ki nan lanmè se balèn The whale is the biggest fish (mammal) in the ocean. chak bagay. bakonyè a n Con man. low. cheater. bafrezè a n Liar. balanswa a n Swing. to swing. bakonyè. con man. bakannal la n Orgy. to gobble. 2. one who tries to trick women. bakanal la. to sway. something. Jisten pa mennen bak li byen Justin doesn’t run his business well. n Lè bajou kase At dawn. dance. you are extremely ugly! bakaloreya a n Final examination in a secondary school. bal la 3 n Bale* (cotton. A wooden tray carried on the head by vendors of clothes. with arms dangling. to dash (something) off. bakoulouz la n Same as ‘bakoulou’ but used for female beings. Nan lekòl sa a gen balansin pou timoun In this school there are swings for children. etc. badnen V badinen baf la n Slap. to play. balao a. etc. is telling the truth. where women are concerned. m’ap ba ou yon baflay If you don’t shut up. bluffer. balèn nan. deceit. bak la 1 n 1. bajou a. Ferryboat. wedding ring. whatsoever. An balan Undecided. wily liar. bak annaryè 2 adv As in ‘Fè bak’. Baka makaron Ugliest creature possible. V sabò. tout bagay Everything. Balanse yon motè To start a motor. type of drum. rod. li monte sou balans pou li pran pwa’l Each morning before bathing he weighs himself. Bale plim Feather duster. not to fulfil a promise or an engagement. bak. Candle made from whale blubber whereas a ‘bouji’ is made of wax. cunning double-dealer. to talk foolishly. pilferer. schemer. candies. yo konnen li se bakoulou The girls won’t pay attention to that man. to work fast and carelessly. wedding band. to back* away. balaro a. Genitals. Nenpòt bagay Anything. Bal maron Stray bullet. (syn) balanswa. trickster in general. (More commonly used is the word ‘balansin’). bagas la n Crushed sugar cane. Li pran bal nan do He got a bullet in his back. balarou a n Ballyhoo* (Type of fish). bafle vi To stuff one’s self with food. poor sections of a city. badnen vi To jest. wand. to trifle. to fool around. Si ou pa pe. buttocks. I’m going to slap your face. to joke. balenn nan. Object. Bag monseyè Episcopal ring. bakle vt To botch (up). bakoulou a n Crook. Yon bakoko rad lesiv A heap of clothes to clean (laundry). bajou 1 B bakoko Yon bakoko A heap. mop. Yon bagay One thing. the room where the altar is. to play around. a pile. Bagasse*. Li taprale pa bak It was going backwards. a lot. badji a n In a Vodou temple. bajòl la. Chak maten anvan li benyen. balanse vt To balance*. a foreflusher. bal la 1 n Dancing party. labalèn n 1. balansin nan n Swing. They know he is an impostor. a Vodou animal. Whale. Ou sanble baka sou lajan! Boy. usually a large black dog. trickster. Pay bale The straw part of brooms. 2. let’s go. rowdy person. deceiver. V bakoulou. 2. bafle V bafre bafon an n Ravine. bagèt la n Stick. baflay la n Slap on the face. particularly where women are concerned. . Bwa bale Broom handle. Evil spirit. Bagèt ginen A grotesquely twisted drum stick (COURLANDER). rear. ball*. to go backwards. Pase bale la a Give it a fast sweep. balans la n Scale(s) (for weighing). behind. Balance *. Varicose ulcer (esp) on feet. bafwe. Also type of plant used as food for pigs and used by some people to find out if s. 3. Bay bal To execute by shooting. Mache bra balan To walk nonchalantly. to go into reverse. He doesn’t behave properly. bakon an n Huge shed where products are temporarily stored before shipping. bafray la n Bluff. quarrelsome. bagay la n 1. whatever. refuse. blanbalenn.19 badinen. Cf.

Bann machwa a. rickety or arched (legs). A strip of linen. 2. Loud merrymaking. banbi a n 1. Soufle lan banbou To piddle away one’s time. I could teach him one or two things. to carouse. a fuss. banbòch la n Feast. troup. Kay balkon House with an upper story and a balcony. balis la n Balustrade*. an An bandoulyè n Balloon*. balistrad la n Balustrade*. A bank (in gambling). volley ball). show-off. he was so angry.B balerina a n A type of woman’s shoe. he spends all of it on parties. like a gorilla’s. Musical band and people parading on the streets (they dance in the streets at Carnival time). banbou a n 1. bamann nan n Barman*. 2. ruffian. Yo bankal They are shaky (Said of objects with uneven legs). bandyo a. Li bande alaryè He went out of bounds. banda a 2 n Dance rhythm (folklore). bankrich la n A piece of furniture with two or more holes specially made to hold water jugs (krich). 2. sou) vi To meet (by chance). full. M’banke avè’l lan kalfou a I met him at the corner. . Siklòn nan balize peyi a The hurricane devastated the country. bandròl la. banj la n ‘Tops’. bandi a n Bandit*. cruel. (usu) bank tafya. bandòl la 2 n Banner. banboche vi To rejoice. authority (on a subject). to dismiss (fire) a large number of employees. Janm bankal (or) pye bankal Legs that open outward. party. and clearing same in order to establish the boundary line (generally between two pieces of real estate). bandròl la 1 n Whipping. to enjoy one’s self. bank la 1 n 1. bandjo a n Bandjo*. ‘ballerina’. Yon bann A lot of. Pibliye ban To publish the marriage bans. Drinking table (gathering of drinkers). bandòl V bandròl bandonnen V abandonnen bandoulyè a n Shoulder strap. V banboche. balonnman an n Bloated stomach. tout lajan’l pase lan banbilay He can’t save any money. to cause a rompus. Pale banda To be a good speaker. reveler. Van balize tè a The wind cleared the land. marriage bans. rail. Fè bank To make a lot of noise. bann machwè a Chinband (ordinarily for a corpse). Also a musical instrument made from bamboo. bande 1 vt To bandage*. ban V bay 1 ban an 2 n Bench. A dance. 3. to make a clean sweep. bande 2 vi To get an erection. rascal. to have a good time. banda 1 attrib Elegant. Kay sa a te dwe gen balis nan balkon an This house should have a balustrade in the balcony. banday la. M’konnen pase’l. to lead a fast life. bann nan n 1. dissipated person. flock. bartender*. superb. To devastate. etc. 2. baluster *. Li pa sa fè ekonomi. ban an 3 n Ban*. bankèt la n Small wooden bench (for one or two persons). To be puffed up. a group of. banbile vi To enjoy one’s self merrily. party. (syn) bal. balo a n Bale*. revelry. bank V labank 2 bankal attrib Bandy-legged. Slung across one’s shoulder. celebration. banbilay la n Party. banbolo a n Feast. n Ball* (soccer. banister*. banbochè a n Carouser. a mess. Yon bann ak yon pakèt Lots and lots of. celebration. bandaman adv Elegantly. a scandal. to revel. Timoun yo ap fè bank The children are making a lot of noise. Mèt balizay The person in charge of a ‘balizay’ operation. in stylish fashion. balonnen vi bloated. revelry. 3. Li taye banda li jan li vle He does what he pleases. 2. balerouze. celebration. Fè (gran) banda To show off. Heap. to express one’s self elegantly. swollen. V vaksin. dancing and singing. Buttocks. Minis la fè yon bale rouze lapòs The minister fired many employees in the post office. shrubs. Bamboo*. A hard on. balizay la n The action of cutting trees. to lay waste. banister*. 3. bandisyon V anbandisyon bando a n Hairband. Bank bòlèt Counter where bòlèt (popular lottery) tickets are sold and redeemed. to celebrate. 4. balize vt To clear the land. seat. V bankrich. balon an balon an 1 2 20 banboula a n 1. balkon an n Balcony*. <It. 2. banke (avèk. celebration. spanking. to go on a spree. m’kab mete’l sou ban I know more than he does. band * (in all its meanings). A drum used by inhabitants of the Caribbean. bandaj la n Bandage*. To act big. party. railing. bale rouze Fè yon balerouze To make a clean-up. An bandòl Slung across the shoulder. Banquet.

Bat pitimi To beat millet. In some expressions like Mezon bas A one storey house. bare 1 vt 1. 3. Shack. He is creating obstacles for me. what is called ‘fig’ in English. to blink. shanty. to prevent s. to cajole. to struggle. To cross out. baryè a. animal). (usu) a guitar. Zwazo a bat zèl li The bird flapped its wings. Li soti pou’l ban’m baryè He decides (wants) to block my path. bat vt 1. Pa bat kò ou. barranco. surplus. Gate. A finger drum. is usually called ‘fig Frans’ in Creole). whirlpool. Gap (in teeth). 3. Also a fish. baskil la n Dump mechanism on a truck. brawl. Sp. Yo bat vòlè a nan tèt sèlman They struck the thief on the head only. to become impotent. to conceal. Musical instrument similar to a banjo. To fight. tout bagay ap regle Don’t worry. bannann nan n Plantain. bas la 2 n 1. to applaud. To beat. batanklan an n Paraphernalia. vi 1. barad la n Good measure. to come down (off one’s high horse). Bat lakanpay To be in the throes of death. temporarily out of funds. Cf. to bar*. 2. Icterus domini-censis. cross piece. Ou bannann You are done for. you have no chance to win. brutal and gruff. There are many types of plantains in Haiti. Zero bare A n emphatic zero. hindrance. Chen basèt Basset* dog. barak 1 B bas 1 attrib Low. barikad la n Barricade*. to fence in. Bannann peze Fried banana. bata 2 attrib Bastard*. To surprise. 2. Bow to shoot arrows. . to block (a road). chicken yard. 4. ba a n Bar*. Li lan bare He’s in a spot. and leave the other open. mark). 5. basèt la n 1. bata 1 adv Almost. kit. Base* (basso) instrument. Low card. bathtub (fixture). basin*. He attrib Hefty (man. Type of insect with very strong wings. DEJEAN-61: Li bare ak yon bann asasen He fell upon a band of killers. (usu) Used adjectivally to denote anything of small stature. to erase (grade. 3. To spank. Shortlegged chicken.o. Li te bata touye lòt la almost killed the other one. 2. banyè V labanyè banza a n 1. Sèvolan an bannann The kite went into a tailspin and fell to the ground. Pond. baron an n Baron*. Strap (of sandals). etc. a ravine that has been dug by water. Bar *. junk. bawo a n Bar*. bataklan an. Apre’l fin bat tout lavil la. Bat je To wink. 2 barak la n 1. bason an n 1. Bat vant To worm secrets out of s. everything will be all right. to thrash. Sentre bas To put the squeeze on. 2. batan an n Panel of a double door.. in a difficult situation. 2. Bat fè To exercize by lifting weights. 2. to fall. illegitimate. caboodle. Types of plantains: kouyak. Bat bèt To study hard. cafe. rung (of a ladder). Bat kòd To turn the rope while playing jump rope. barrier*. to accept defeat. bawòk attrib Vulgar. bannannmi an. basen an n 1. batay 1 vi To fight. A plump. Fèmen yon batan pòt. Bat kat To shuffle cards. baromèt la n Barometer*. Low card. 2. baskètbòl la n Basketball*. ranje. to lose one’s group or Carnival band. To be in convulsions. bayè a n 1. Bassoon*. l’ateri kay tant li After having wandered all over the town. 2. Ti barik Keg. Chamber pot. to beat. Ou pa nan batay You are out of the running. you are lost. 2. kite lòt la Close one of the double doors. Swimming pool.21 erection. barik la n Barrel*. to trounce. poban. V degi. bar la. dam. Yon barik poud A barrel of powder. from passing. barank la n In the central region of Haiti. baskile 2 vi To tip over. to lock . baro a. bare 2 attrib ‘Broke’. shebang. baskile 1 vt To cock (gun. lower abdomen. resembling a tambourine (COURLANDER). Pelvis. 3. to stop. to hide.o. win (over). bannann mi an n A small bird that is yellow and black. Pèdi bann To go astray. 2. Bare ak To meet up with. Al bannann To be all over with. to catch (red handed). batay la 2 n Battle*. Examples and expressions: Bat bravo To applaud. Pote basen pou malad la Bring the chamber pot for the patient. to run into. etc. (The banana fruit is called ‘fig’ in Creole. short woman. Pen (for animals). barèt la n Barrette*. Baron Samdi God of the dead (folklore). basinen vt To rub. Ouvri yon bar To set up a bar. a little extra. Bat do To pat on the back. 4. he landed at his aunt’s house. baròk. Bat ba To submit. rifle). Bat men To clap one’s hands. baskou a n Farm yard. Mwen santi yon doulè ki kenbe’m nan ba-sen’m I feel a pain in the lower part of my belly.

to chat. Pitit mwen sa a se baton vyeyès mwen This child of mine will provide for me in my old age. construction. craft. yo. li ba li batistè His father has officially recognized him as his son (He granted him the certificate of affiliation. Bay lanmen To shake hands. 2. To add a little salt to a food that was cooked without salt for a sick person would be expressed by: batize manje a ak yon ti sèl. Ban is used before one of these indirect object personal pronouns: ‘mwen’. Ou ret chita sou baton rozèt ou You remain listless and indifferent when you have a duty to act. bay la 2 n Large bucket. Ban’m la a! Get out! Se mwa ki bay anpil lapli It’s a month that produces rain. 5. there are some which are not solid. Bay jòf 1. To give s. to deceive. Bay chans 1. batwèl la n Bat*. to drool. heart tremor. 2. ‘n’ which begin with a nasal sound. To improve on the taste by adding something. Bay chenn 1. bay. to hamper. to face.o. bave a n Slobber. Batri kuizin Cooking utensils. To tell (a story). Montre’m batistè ou Show me your birth certificate. To give. to drivel. an official legal act). Bay bouden To tell lies. to betray. Anvan ou rive Jakmèl. To help s. bay chaplèt To cudgel. 2. ban 3 vi To reach. To yield. Batiman vapè Steamboat. ganyen ki pa solid In all these buildings. batèm nan. Bay kout lang To backbite. Ban’m lè la a Make room for me! Get out! Ban’m nouvèl ou How are you? What’s new? Bay chalè To tease. to produce. blessing 22 batriba a n Ups and downs (physical and figurative). Bay fil 1. batonnen vt To beat with a stick. to encourage s. batis la 1 n Baptist*. 2. Ban’m sa a Give me this one. simen baton To beat with a stick. batèz la n Egg-beater. a boat. li. bavèt la n Bib. batize vt 1. baptistery*. 2. To prod. 4. batmandkè a n Heartbeat. Bay baryè To put obstacles to. A large board to beat clothes while washing them. to be the godfather or the godmother (of). Batman pou Pulse beat. with handles. Bay dyapòt To vomit. many people are wearing stockings. Kout baton Blow with a club. w. ba. electric battery. 2.o. ‘for’. 3. Birth certificate. l. the form ban is more natural. anpil moun bate It’s quite cold. Batize yon maryaj To be the best man or the maid of honor at a wedding. enough rope to hang himself. ban 4 prep When bay is used as a preposition. Fenèt mwen bay sou lakou a My window overlooks the yard. To expose what was batey la n Sugar cane plant (enterprise). ship. V bato. Bay kou To strike. For instance. To give a break. Bay demisyon To resign. To give away. to beat. ba. Magic spell or object sometimes designed to harm.). To wind (a watch). to distribute. (policeman’s) billy. Bay baton. an advantage. 2. batman an n Beating. particularly in the Dominican Republic. usually wooden. Although in this last case some people use ba (ba’m youn). Papa’l rekonèt li. Bay manti To lie (tell a falsehood). 4. Bay gabèl To give odds. batistè a n 1. to add one finger of whisky to a glass of tea. building. to construct. bave vi To foam. beat. to hit. bati vt To build. Ouvri pòt la ban mwen Open the door for me. To denounce. Nou ba’l youn We gave him one.o. Li fè fredi. house. To baptize*. batis la 2 n Construction. M’ap pote yo ba ou I am bringing them to you. bato a n (Large) boat. to clear (an area). Baton ke Tail. ba. foam at the mouth. ‘nou’. Bay sou To overlook. Bay lòd To order. Ròb li ba’l sou jenou Her dress reaches her knees. beating. batisman an n (Large) building. to reveal something by insinuation. (wash)tub. batiman an n Large boat. 5. rod. Bay odyans To tell stories. Yo voye yon batri wanga sou li They cast a spell on him. Bay travay To employ. to command. Se mwen ki pou bay (It’s) My deal! (during card games). batwèl V batwa bav la. batwa a. To give a peek 2. Ex. . V batiman. Examples and expressions: Bay baton. to give work (to). it means ‘to’. etc. 6. To vacate (a house). bate 2 vt To put a pack-saddle on a donkey or mule.B bate 1 vi To wear long stockings. cane. to give a head start. To bring luck. batenm nan n (of a house. ban 5 vt Ba is used instead of bay before one of these indirect object personal pronouns: ou. to spank. get ahead. baton an n Stick. Lò timoun ap fè dan. Se li menm ki te batize’m He is my godfather (or) He baptized me (priest). batwè a. An batri At work. 3. A group of drums (percussion). Bay fòm To shape. Act (certificate) of recognition (affiliation). Nan tout batisman yo. batter*. (Car) battery *. Bay egzeyat To release (a patient from a hospital). you go through lots of ups and downs. Baptism*. bawo V baro bay la 1 n One bushel. bay. in use. batri a n 1. Bati yon ak To draw up an official document. ‘m’. staff. fòk ou fè anpil batriba Before reaching Jacmel. bay. paddle. yo bave anpil When little children are teething they drivel a lot. cudgel. Baton lakre Piece of chalk. to block. 1.

Prosopis juliflora (Sw. bebidòl la n Babydoll*. bèfchenn nan n Helper. Li rete bèbè devan fi a ki te si tèlman bèl She was so beautiful. Gran sè a ap beke ti sè a tout tan The older sister is always cutting her younger sister short. pretty. mesquite. smart-looking. speechless. (fig) spellbound. A person employed by a city to clean outhouses. organization. Twa bebe sòti Leogàn o! Pou sedui nèg Pòtoprens o! (Opening lines to a popular song). to hit. bekasin nan n Snipe. Bay vinèg To turn the rope fast in jump rope. thorn acacia. bèfsipa a n Zebu (Indian humped ox). to found. Spanish blade.A. up. bull. bekàn nan n Bike. nice. to rebuff. 2. gratious. bè 1 interj Bleating of a goat. baze vpr To base *. garnishment. bayakou a n 1. to roar.) P. Lèt bèf Cow’s milk. beke vt 1. to be rude. Bay poto To stand s. baza a n Bazaar*. Yo fè sa pou bèbèl They do that for decoration. (bot) Yucca aloifolia L. . bebe a n 1. DC. beautiful. bèkèkè attrib Empty-handed. Bay roulib To give a ride (in a vehicle). to go out of one’s way to please. Fè tibèf To suck (oral sex). sandpiper (bird). To strike with the beak. Bay kout tèt To bow one’s head repeatedly while dozing off. Bèf kabwèt Draft-ox. to fail. Pwa bè A type of bean. li oblije mache sou beki He broke his foot. Bay bèk To snap at. Vyann bèf Beef*. basis*. simpleton. bayonnèt la n 1. beloved. Nouvèl la bazoudi’m The news stunned me. Saber. bè a 2 n Butter*. To yawn. fine. dumbstruck. to stutter. To answer curtly. Fè yon bèl ak To show kindness to.23 not supposed to be seen. Toro (or) Toro bèf Bull. bazilik la n (Common) Basil *. to be down and out.o. bèje a n Shepherd. Li gen yon pye kase. to go down. to mark up a point. Nan tan bayonèt During the time before the American occupation of Haiti. bèj attrib Beige*. sugar-coated. he has to use crutches.e. to rebuke.I. Ou sanble ak yon bègwè You look like a simpleton. bayonèt la. Fè yon bèk To succeed. (syn) gadò. i. Tibèf Calf. begle vi To bellow. Moun bege Stuttering people. The more common word is la(r). bèl attrib Lovely. Pa vin bege ban mwen Stop mumbling and tell me what’s what. To be wide open. Bay siro To turn the rope slowly in the children’s game of jump rope. babe. Bay legen To give up. A medicinal herb used to make tea.P. bèbèl la n 1. 2. Fè bèbèl ak To be very kind to. Baby*. Soulye a ap fè bèk The point of the shoe has turned upward. So called because it was imported into the country by the S. bekin nan n Fish similar to barracuda. bèbè attrib Mute. Bay koutba To deceive. Siye bèk atè To swear never to repeat the offense. decoration. V bisiklèt. dumbfounded. bekon an n Bacon*. bege vi To stammer. Chwal be Bay horse. beki a n Crutch. M’te baze’m sou òlòj legliz la I relied on the church clock. jumper on a truck. Rete bèk sèch To be left with nothing. To be unfaithful to one’s spouse. Sphyraena barracuda. bayè V baryè bayila vi To dance. fair. bayaronn nan n Bayahonda*. steer. good looking. be attrib Bay*. scolding her. (Fè) bèk atè To fall. To give a blow with one’s knuckles. The morning star. 2. Also applied to a large gap between teeth. bèldenui an n Four-o’clock (flower). bazoudi vi To stun. In Jérémie: boubou. bèlantre a n An approach to an entrance in the form of an arch. V mantèg. Ouvri bèk ou Talk! Open your darn mouth (pej). baz la n Base*. bègwè attrib A bewildered fool. Mouth (pej). Moun bege enève fasil People who stutter become easily irritated. I’m going to do something nice for her. 2. E. to do something nice for s. Fè bèl To be pregnant. to peck (at). as a narcotic.o. 3. (fig) Cuckold. because many jumpers do not like to be called ‘bèfchenn’. he was dumbstruck. idiot. attractive. one who works hard. Also: a short negligé. Beauty. 2. Cf. amazed. 2. More specially: Manman bèf Cow. to bring good luck. Sekretè is also used. to fail s. to snap at. to daze. store. Bay payèt To show off. infant. 2. Ti bebe Small child. bè a 3 n Bay* (geogr). to moo. Something pretty. bayonet *. DEJEAN-64: Yo ret bèkèkè They were empty-handed. Se fèt li demen. Bay zoklo 1. Ocimum basilicum L.o. cow). baye vi 1. bèk la n Beak*. Spanish bayonet. B bèf la n Any bovine animal (ox.C. Smallest of the Vodou drums. Gazèl Heifer. Also: prepuce (extra long skin). m’pral fè yon bèbèl ak li It’s her birthday tomorrow. a beautiful woman. Bay lebra To extend one’s arm to. Yon bèk fè (bèkfè) An old person.

benzoliv la n Moringa oleifera Lam. Dlo benit Holy water. bèletwal la. Si ou pa rete. Night owl (person). bèt volay la n Fowl. beton*. one who is not serious. bèl driv adv Long ago. insults. Sè madanm mwen se bèlsè’m My wife’s sister is my sister-in-law. to go down. odd objects. to treat well. to give a good thrashing. to sink. to reduce. bèt seren an n 2. Ben vapè Bath in a tub of hot water with medicinal leaves. beny mè a n Swim or bath in the sea. magnificence. to give a bath to. beywa a n Washtub. 2. Bondye va beni ou God will bless you (reward). etc. mango trees are plentiful. bèlen an n Sore (hard to heal). ben V byen 2 benbo Depi lan tan benbo A long. Also: ritual bath. bennitye a n Holy-water basin. to pamper. benefisye vi To profit (by). Beny chans A special bath to bring you luck. to diminish. beni attrib Blessed. portable one. benediksyon an. bèt 1 attrib Stupid. vainglorious. (usu) Refers to a metal. bètvolay la.o. benyè a n Person who gives the last bath to the deceased. (pl) cattle. The bathtub which is a concrete fixture is called ‘basen’. benefis la n Profit. To acquire knowledge. one who raves on. L’ap bere pen’l He is buttering his bread. to minimize. baptismal font. 1. Soldier. bestyo n Cattle. Bèt chay Beast of burden. belye a. benndezwèl la n Type of fighting cock. To butter*. benis Dye benis God bless you. Latè benit Blessed land. foolishness. Pran bèt 1. (fig) To butter up. bèlmè a n Mother-in-law. to bathe. beignet*. benit. m’ap di ou kèk betiz If you don’t stop. Bese volim nan Put the volume down. Samdi se jou beseleve Saturday is the day to take care of the chores at home. bèso a n Cradle. stepmother. to abound. To bend *. long time ago. concrete. I get what I want from him. It is also said of a sick person whose health is deteriorating: Malad la ap bese The patient’s health is deteriorating. Beton ame Reinforced concrete. bathtub. 2. bere a n Bonnet. V bendmè. ram. bèlte a n Beauty*. To copy from s. without care. m’ap pran sa m’vle nan men’l After I’ve buttered the man up. Nan jaden’l. bètrouj V bètrav bètseren an. bèlsè a. guard. beny lan 1 n Bath. beton an. stepdaughter. To put down. vi To talk foolishly. bètrav la.B bèldriv. to sneer (at). else’s paper during an examination. breton an n Cement. benyen 1 vt To bathe. bèzè a n Fop. benlengendeng nan n Junk. Lè m’fin bere msye. To subside (floodwater). to fool around. (Phrase which is generally uttered when one sneezes). paraphernalia. bezig la n Bezik* (card game). conceited ass. absurdity. ben an. berejenn nan n Eggplant. to ridicule. animal. without feathers on parts of the body (neck. bere vt 1. bese vt To lower. vi To decline. E. beseleve To perform various chores in a house. bèletwèl la n Girl with easy (loose) morals. Sound of a bell. berè a. 24 benywa a. benefit *. To beat hard. bèlsò a n Sister-in-law. beny lan n (Same as ben an) Bath. useless possessions. Horseradish tree.). gain. Mete nan betiz (or) Pase nan betiz To ridicule. Cf. betizè a n Kidder. Originally from Venezuela*. benitye a. benzolivye a. pye mango fè bèt In his garden. to joke. Beret*. Gen bèldriv depi l’ale He left a long time ago. Bèl ti bèlfi’l la His beautiful stepdaughter. Li sou beton an He is walking the streets (or) He is out of work. I’m going to cuss (curse) you out. pavement. benyen an 2 n Fritter. . Beni bag To marry. vi To take a bath. betize vt To kid. bètrouj la n Beet*. benezwèl la. Yo benn li ak manti They packed him with lies. to benefit*. Ti bèt Insect. 2. betiz la n Nonsense. Fè bèt To be plentiful. benevòlman adv Listlessly. berejèn nan. labenediksyon n Blessing. benn vt 1. Also: pran poul. splendor. beng Ding (onom). bèt la 2 n Beast*. to cheat. V bouk. Koule beton sou kay la Cover the roof with concrete. belye kabrit la n Buck. bendmè a. benediction*. benefice *. Tout moun fè komès pou fè benefis Everybody gets into business to derive some profit from it. bèlfi a n Daughter-in-law. legs. beni vt To bless. obscenities.

25 bezwen 1 vt To need, to have to. Ou pa bezwen plenn There is no need to complain. bezwen an 2 n Need, necessity. kaka. Fè bezwen To defecate. (euph) for bikabonat la n Baking soda. Bicarbonate*.


bikini an n Bikini* (two piece bathing suit for women). bikwach la n Type of bread made from manioc. It is also called bobori. bil la 1 n Bubble*. Bil savon Soap bubble. bil la 2 n Bile*. Brase bil (or) bouyi bil To torment, to trouble. Tout paròl sa yo tap chofe bil mwen All these words were getting me hot (angry). bilding nan n Building*, edifice, structure, house. biliwin nan, bilirin nan n Alcoholic beverage, liquor. Li anba biliwin He is drunk. bilten an n Report card (elementary school). bilye V bliye bimen vt To beat, to hit, to thrash, to pound, to rough up, to smash, to crush mercilessly, to kick a person with a vengeance. Li bimen nonm nan lan gou’l He beat the man to his heart’s content. bip interj (onom) Boom! (Sound of something falling, of heavy footsteps). biren an n Chisel. biro a, biwo a n Bureau*; office; desk. bis la 1 n Bust* (of a statue). Gen yon bis Desalin nan mize a There is a bust of Dessalines in the museum. bis 2 interj Encore! Repeat! (Interj) of approval. bise vt To repeat a performance. bisèp la n Biceps*. bisiklèt la n Bicycle*, bike. V bekàn. biskad V anbiskad biske vt 1. To lurk. Also: biske kò. powder up, to beautify one’s self. 2. To

bi a 1 n Aim, target, purpose. Nan ki bi ou fè sa? What did you do that for? bi a 2 n Goal (in soccer). (syn) gòl. bib V labib bibi 1 attrib Sick, ailing (baby talk). bibi a 2 n Biceps. bibikrankran an n Something hard to get rid of. (syn) pongongon. Fi sa a se yon bibikrankran pou li He is stuck with that woman. bibit Darling! My little one! bibliyotèk la, bibyotèk la, biblotèk la n Library. biblo a n Small decorative statue in a room. Fanm nan se yon biblo That woman is a beauty. bibon an, bibron an n Baby’s bottle with the nipple. bich la n Chunk, a big piece. bichèt la n Round tray made chiefly of palm leaves or reeds. bichi Interj Nothing! All in vain! PAURIS-34: Tou sa yo fè, bichi. bidèt la n Bidet*. bidje a n Budget*. bidòl la n Money. bidon an n Large tin container which is used to carry or measure (oil, syrup, etc.) bidonvil la n Slum area. bidyonnèl la, bidjonnèl la, bidyonèl la n Coin operated phonograph. bif la n Beef*. bife, bifte vt To cross out. bifèt la n Small sideboard, cupboard. bigare, bigarèt colored. attrib Streaked, motley, many-

biskèt la n Cartilage at the lower end of the sternum (breastbone). Xiphoid appendix. Cf. Fr. brechet* and E. brisket*. Biskèt tonbe Displacement of the sternum causing vomiting, fever, etc. Kè’l sou biskèt He was extremely anxious and worried at what would happen. biskuit la, biswit la, bisuit la n Roll (never sweet), consequently, perhaps not to be translated as ‘cookies’ which one would usually call ‘biskuit dous’ or ‘bonbon’. Biskuit sale Crackers. Also Biscuit*. bisuit V biskuit bit

bigay la n Tiny mosquito, gnat. bigote a n Moustache. bigoudi a n Hair set. bije V oblije bijou a n Jewel, jewelry. bijoutri a n Jewelry shop. bijoutye a n Jeweler. bika a n Large marble (toy).

attrib Huge. Yon gro bit chen A huge dog.

bit la

n Mound; hilly place.

bitad la n Misstep, tripping. bitasyon 1 Yon bitasyon A lot of, many. bitasyon V abitation 2

B bitay la n Stumbling, fall. bitch la n Beach* (American neologism). V plaj. bite vt To bank up earth around a plant, to prop. vi To stumble, to trip. Mwen bite, m’manke pran yon so I tripped; I almost fell. Bite sou To stumble upon, to run into, to bump into (by chance). biten an 1 n Booty*. biten an 2 n Things, belongings. bitò, bitòk attrib 1. Hard to handle, stubborn (donkey). 2. Uncouth, ill-mannered, irrascible. biva a n Blotting (absorbing) paper. bivèt la n Bar where refreshments are served at a dance. V kanbiz. biy la n Marble (toy). biya a n Billiards*, pool (game). Bèl pati biya It’s wonderful! FRANKETIENNE/D-275: Bèl pati biya, lè men nou kwaze kontre ak zeklè! biye a, biyè a 1 n 1. Note, letter. 2. Ticket (admission ticket, lottery ticket). 3. Paper money. biye V abiye 2 biyòt la n Block of wood (usu) used as a seat. biza attrib Bizarre*, queer. bizango a n Evildoer belonging to a group (folklore). FRANKETIENNE/D-251: Bizango danse kalinda nan kalfou. bizayèl la, bizawèl la n Great grandparent. biznaw n Something. Ban’m yon ti biznaw Give me a little something. Pa yon biznaw Nothing at all. biznis la n Business*; (usu) illegal profit, contraband, black market. biznismann nan n Businessman* (Often pejorative). blabla, ablabla, rablabla, blablabla vi nonsense, to trifle; to babble. blad la n 1. Bladder*. Also: pipi. 2. (play) Balloon. To talk

26 blam nan, blanm nan n Blame*, censure, rebuke. blame, blamen, blanmen vt To scold, to blame * severely, to reprimand, to chide, to rebuke. blan 1 attrib White. Dra blan White sheet, shroud. Kite’l an blan Leave it (in) blank. Blan tankou dan zonbi White as snow. blan an 2 n White (man). Stranger, foreigner; clever, comme il faut. Blan mannan Poor white. Also: Blan poban. Yon blan meriken An American. Yon blan franse A Frenchman. blanbalenn nan, blan balenn nan made from whale blubber. n Candle

blanch attrib White. (Used in certain phrases only). Fanm blanch White woman. Dan blanch White teeth. blanchi vt To whiten, to bleach *. To kill with a bullet. vi 1. To turn pale. Tout rouj blanchi Everything red fades. 2. To have gray hair. M’wè ou fin blanchi I see your hair has turned gray. blanchisri a n Laundry. blanm V blam blanmen V blame blanpoul la, blan poul la n Breast (of chicken). blanze a, blan ze a n White of eggs. blayi 1 vt 1. To spread. To spread the wash to dry, usually on white stones, to bleach in the sun. 2. To knock s.o. down with a hard blow. M’wè nèg la blayi atè a I saw the man lying on the ground. blayi a 2 n Stone pile where one spreads the linen (wash) to dry. Tann rad yo sou blayi a pou yo sa seche Spread the clothes on the pile to dry. blayisman an n Spreading, spread; influence. Stasyon radyo sa a gen anpil blayisman This radio station has widespead influence. blaze attrib Faded (clothes); faded out (person). ble 1 n & attrib Blue*. Ble maren Navy blue. Ble digo Indigo blue. Gro ble Blue material to make clothes. ble 2 vt To overwhelm. Li ble’m anba manti He filled me up with lies. He made me (black and) blue*. ble a 3 n Wheat. blèg la n Trouble, problem. Chomaj lage’m lan blèg My unemployment is causing me trouble. blende vt To fill up s.o. with, to give plenty. M’blende’l ak kou I beat the hell out of him. Li blende ak lajan He is filthy rich. blenm, blèm attrib 1. Pale, colorless. 2. Boring, simple, uninteresting. Ou fè tròp tenten, ou blenm You do too many foolish things; you’re boring. blero a, bleyo a, bliyo a n Shaving brush.

blad pise, blad

blag la n Joke, figment of the imagination, story, fib. Fè blag (or) Blage To joke. Blag apa I’m not kidding. This is no joke. This is for real. Ban’m yon blag Tell me a joke. blage vi To talk, to chat, to tell stories, to joke. Yo pito blage pase yo travay They like to chat more than to work. blagè a n Teller of tall stories. blakaout la, blakawout la n Black-out*, power failure. blakbòl la, plakbòl la n Shoe polish. blakin nan n Shoe polish. From E. Blacking*.

27 blese vt To wound, to hurt, to injure; to offend; to wound one’s self. Nan tranbleman tè ki fèt la, gen twa mil moun ki blese As a result of the earthquake, 3000 persons were wounded. blesi a n Wound, sore, injury. blije V oblije bliyadò a n Forgetful person. bliye, bilye (pop) vt To forget. Bliye kò: To forget one’s self. Se sa’m bliye m’pa di’l I let him have it. I gave him hell. I didn’t mince my words. bliyo V blero blo a n Blow*, hit. blòf la n Bluff*. blofe vt To bluff*. blofè a n Bluffer*. blòk la n Block*, natural stone block; building material, block*, such as cinder block. Blòk glas Block of ice. M’chita sou yon blòk I’m cool as a cucumber. I’m not worried. I keep calm. Also used in the meaning of ‘to form a solid block’; ‘blockade’; ‘street block’, square. Blòk motè Motor block. Blòk bwa Block of wood. Also: madriye. An blòk Wholesale. Blòk jòn Yellow pad (writing paper). bloke vt To block * (in soccer game); to hamper; to stop. blokis la n 1. Roadblock*. Gen blokis, m’pa kab al Kalfou There is a roadblock; I can’t go to Kalfou. 2. Problem, hindrance. blon an n A blond* (man). blond lan n A blond* (woman). blouz la n Blouse*; doctor’s uniform. blouzon an n Shirt (for children). bo 1 vt To kiss, to embrace. Youn bo lòt They kiss(ed) each other. vi To kiss. Also a noun: a kiss. bo 2 adv In vain, in spite of. Yo bo di’l They told him in vain (a thousand times). Li bo eseye Try as he may. bò 1 prep Is used as a preposition, an adverb, etc. As a preposition, it means close to, by, beside, near. It is often associated with the word ‘kote’ and the complete preposition is ‘bò kote’ or ‘bò kot’. Here are some expressions with the word ‘bò’. Abò, a bò On board*, aboard*. Bò isi, bò isit, bò isi a, bò isit la Here, this way, on this side. Bò la a Over here. M’pa sou bò ou I ain’t bothered about you. Lòt bò, lòt bò a Yonder, over there, on the other side. Kibò ou rete? Where do you live? bò a 2 n Side, edge; half (of an object); part, section.

B bòbèch la n Candle ring, socket. Lanp bòbèch, lanp tèt bòbèch Type of oil lamp. bobin nan n Spool, reel of thread. Cf. bobbin *. Se bobin (or) bobin suif Baloney! It’s a lot of nonsense. bobinay la n Coil. bobinen vt To wind on (a spool), to string, to string along. bobis adv Mache bobis To swing one’s body about; to truck; to strut. bobo 1 vt To kiss (rare). Yon gèp panyòl bobo’l lan dyòl A wasp kissed him on the mouth (stung him). bobo a 2 n 1. Bruise (infantile). Place where one has a bump. 2. Bobo bannann V pòpòt bannann. 3. V bòbòt. bobori a n Type of thick cassava biscuit made from manioc. bòbòt la, bobo a n 1. Natura muliebris, female genitals, cunt. 2. Small roll (bread). bòbòy attrib Somewhat stupid, imbecile. bòday la n Edge, rim, border*. bode V brode bòde vi To approach, to come near, to dock, to board*. Pa bòde Don’t come near me. vt To provide with a border*, i.e. adding a lace border to a dress. bòdè V bròdè bòdèl la n Brothel*. bòdi a n 1. Edge (of a lake). 2. Border (of a dress). Fè bòdi To put on a border. bòdmè a n 1. Waterfront, seashore. An’n al pran bon van bòdmè Let’s go get some fresh air at the seashore. 2. Downtown. bòdro a, bòdo a n Bordereau*, bill (a detailed memorandum), invoice. bòdyò V abòdyò bofi a, bofis la n 1. Son-in-law. 2. Stepson. bofijefra, bofi jefra sponger. Viv sou bofijefra To be a

bofrè a, bòfrè a n Brother-in-law. (fam) bòf. boga V bonga bogi a n Horse-drawn carriage for passengers. Buggy*. One or two may still be seen in Port-auPrince. bogota a n Any old car, rattle-trap; any piece of worn out junk; old jalopy, old hag, lemon (slang). boh interj Bang!

B bòk la n 1. (bot) Peduncle, tail (of a banana stalk). 2. The entire apparatus for administering an enema. bokal la n Jar. bòkè a, bòkyè a n Hardening of saliva at the corners of the mouth. It may result from cheilosis, an abnormal condition of the lips, characterized by scaling of the surface and fissuring of the corners of the mouth. FRANKE-TIENNE/B-55: Li tounen yon albinòs je veron, dyòl bòkyè... bòkèt Klou bòkèt Nail with a large head. bokit la n Metal or wooden bucket*, pail. Yon bokit... A lot of..., many boko a n Cask. Yo achte yon boko lanmori They bought a barrel of codfish. bòkò a n Witchdoctor, medicine man, sorcerer. bòkote, bòkot, bò kote, bò kot prep Near, beside, close to; in comparison with. PRESSOIR-21: Li vole bòkote lanp la It flew close to the lamp. V bò. bokou adv Much. It is heard in the expression: Mèsi bokou Thank you very much. CELESTINMEGIE/3-43: Wi, mis, mèsi bokou. bòks la n Boxing*. match. Yon match bòks A boxing

28 French). Good, fine, proper, suitable; well. Santi bon To smell good. Se bon pou li It serves him right. Bon lan bouch Delicious, yummy. A kwa bon? What’s the use? Pi bon Better, best. (‘Miyò’ is somewhat antiquated). Tout bon In all seriousness, in earnest. Si’l bon, di’l bon Isn’t that wonderful. Bon kou Many, a lot, much. Te gen bon kou moun There were a lot of people. Li se bon jan kriminèl He is a real criminal. Se bon It serves you right (It is also used to express a slight threat). Bon mache Cheap. Bòn chans Good luck. Li se yon bòn pèsòn She is a good person. Bòn ane Happy new year. Yon bòn fwa Once and for all. Bòn konduit Good behavior. ‘Bon nouvèl’: Name of a monthly publication in Haiti of 35,000. Has been in existence for four decades; entirely in Creole, directed by Pè Joris Ceuppens until his death in 1983 and continues till today. bòn nan 1 n Milestone, boundary, marker. bòn nan 2 n Maid, servant girl; nursemaid (of babies). bònatoufè a n All purpose maid. bònatout la n All purpose material widely used for making women’s clothes. bonbade vt To bomb*, to shell. bonbe, rebonbe vt To puff out, to distend (one’s chest, etc.). Msye bonbe do’l pou’l pote chay la This man arches his back in order to carry the load. bonbon an n Cake, candy, cupcake, cookies, sweet rolls, goodies, bonbons*. bonbon siro a n Type of cake that looks like gingerbread . bonbonfle 1 attrib Puffed (up), swollen. bonbonfle a 2 n 1. An insect that stings. 2. A worthless person. FRANKETIENNE/P-14: Mwen grandi lan yon katye bade ak bigay, bonbonfle. bonbonyen an n A medicinal plant. Lantana aculeata L. bonda V bounda bondans Yon bondans A lot of, an abundance* of. bonde attrib Filled with, full of; full to overflowing. bondi vi To jump. Bondi sou To jump upon. Bondye, Bongye, Dye n God, deity. Si Bondye vle God willing. Pa mande Bondye God forbid. Bondye fè... Thank God... bòne vt 1. To mark the boundary. To limit. 2. Restricted (limited in intelligence). bonè a 1 n Luck, fortune, happiness. bonè a, bonèt la, bonnèt la 2 n Bonnet*. bonè, bonnè, bònè 3 adv Early. L’a vini madi maten bonè He will come early Tuesday morning. bònfwa a n Goodwill. CELESTIN-MEGIE/2-118: Fòk...ou al prouve ou genyen plis bòn-fwa.

bokse, boske vi To box*, to fight. boksè a n Boxer*. bòkyè V bòkè bòl 1 attrib Bald*. Poul bòl Chicken with plucked tail. Tèt bòl Bald-headed. bòl la 2 n Bowl*, basin. Li nan bòl li He is in his own ball park; things are looking good for him. Plen bòl To give to the fullest. FRANKETIENNE/B-41: Plen bòl mwen ra dyòl. bolero a n 1. Bolero* (a dance). 2. Small women’s jacket. bòlèt la n Lottery. Numbers game. Sp. boleta. bolid la, bolit la n 1. Bolid*, fireball. genius, a brillant person. bolin nan n Revolver. bolit la n Jargon used by young people (In the city of Gonaïves). boliva a n Bag, sack (straw). boloze vi To joke, to babble, to ramble. (syn) ranse. bòlwivèl la n Bolwivel*. This insect is found mostly in cotton bushes. bòmdevi a, bonmdevi a n A medicinal plant. bon an 1 n Leap, jump. bon, bòn 2 attrib (The form bòn is used with some Creole words which are feminine in 2. A

headman. spout. boske V bokse 1 boske V bouske 2 bosko Hunchback(ed). bonmas la n Good people. Bòs kòdonye Shoemaker. Pa ban’m bouch (or) Pa mete bouch ou sou mwen Don’t mention such evil things. Dyab mele ak bonmas All types of people. Li gen bonkou lajan He has a lot of money. bon voulwa a n Good disposition. hit. n Person. Bouch be Baffled. Hired hand. not yet broken in (of animals). Bouch latrin Toilet seat. foure bouch To add one’s two cents’ worth. bòs la 2 n Hump. surprised. bon kou adv Much. darling. bon maten adv Early in the morning. 2. bonmen V anbonmen bonnanj la. e. Bouchdensandi Fire-plug. with the four wheels in the air. bòt la 2 n Blow.g. bonswadanm nan n 1. bon mache. boga n A toad. bonm nan n 1. Di’l bonjou pou mwen Give my regards to him (or) Say ‘hello’ to him. a handsome person. bonjou n Good morning. Cooking pot. Nonm nan pa rich. I said it unintentionally. carpenter. bonnas attrib Overly good. Bòt salyè Blow on the shoulder blade. plenty. bònanj la n Common sense. Bottom. Benevolence. bonnis la n Bonus*. Li gen bouch alèlè He is indiscreet. Bouch mwen chape It escaped me. uncouth. He’s a blabbermouth. boròm nan. beloved. to tell him what to say to a third party. Bòs tayè Tailor. bopè a. bosi a 2 n Hunchback. Machin nan chavire bouch anba lan ravin nan The car turned upside down in the ravine. it slipped out. thrust. You want to become well-off at my expense. boubouy la. good evening. the person whose job it is to put to test new members. naive.29 bonga a. B painter. Fè kwa sou bouch ou Swear never to say it again. I did it only out of the goodness of my heart. bonmaten. Bòs pent House 3 . Kote bonsans ou? Where is your common sense? bonswa interj good night. Li gen bouch dous He is very convincing. buttocks. bòn volonte a n Willingness. bòt la 1 n Boot*. but his kindness is overwhelming. bon sans la n Common sense*. se bon voulwa’m si’m fè’l I was not obliged to do that for you. bonnit la n Frigate mackerel (a fish). bonmache. compassion. bòpè a n Father-in-law. Good afternoon. Also: bòt soulye. FRANKETIENNE/D-178: N’ap regle sa menm lan bonswadanm. Trou bote Dimple. manager.. bònvolonte a. Fè bouch yon moun To coach s. In some secret societies. they might happen (to me). Timid. Ou pat ban’m bouch pou’m pale You didn’t give me time to speak. good and bad. bosal la 2 n The bridle (bit) with blinkers with which to train young horses. bosal 1 attrib Wild. Boss*. bonis la. bonsans la. Greetings. men se bonte’l ki konte The man is not rich. bouche 1 vt To clog. bonkou. goodness. Li bouche figi’l ak men’l He hides his face in his hands. bosi 1 attrib Hunchback. bòs la n 1. Vagina. Sa’k rive a si grav m’pa gen bouch pou’m pale What happened is so serious I can’t even talk about it. (usu) Refers to the genitals of a young girl. 2. he can sweet-talk you. Pe bouch ou Shut up. foreman. botay V brotay bote a n Beauty*. said also of a person who has not been baptized. bouboul la n Soursop juice. Gen bouch (or) Gen lang To have a foul tongue (to speak evil about people). rough and tough. master (esp) of a trade. stepfather. bonkè a n Kind heart. the ‘sanpwèl’. to stop up.o. boubout la n Girl friend. (fig) Very late in a procedure. bonjou parenn n Said in describing clothes. Auxis thazard. Mute (in Jérémie) V bèbè. botin nan n Small boot*. bòwòm nan n Superman. Bomb*. 2. man. Bòs ebenis Joiner (who works on furniture). bòs la 1 n (antiq) Buggy. boubyay la n Any mixed up matter. to block (the view). untamed. boubou attrib 1. M’pat oblije fè sa pou ou. Last dance of a ball. hats or shoes that do not fit. quite a few. bonte a n Kindness. bonnonm nan. bouboun nan n 1. workman.o. else. bonvoulwa a. he can’t keep a secret. to hide. end. bump. to meddle. Ou vle geri bosko ou sou mwen You want to find solace in s. cabinet maker. bonòm nan fellow. PRESSOIR-9: An giz yo bouche solèy la Instead of blocking the sun. Mete bouch. 2. bouch la n Mouth. expert. bonit la. intelligence. Se yon bote She is a beauty. one’s personal opinion. bòmache attrib Cheap (inexpensive). 2. bouncer (pej). V dyòl.

3. barbecue (pit). Boul grès Grease bubble. bouke a 3 n Bunch of flowers. boulatcha Anboulatcha Troubled. 2. guy. bougonnen an 2 n Sweet ball of popcorn (like a round mass of candy with syrup). boukantay la n Exchange. Spark plug. bouchi V lanbouchi bouchon an n Stopper. 4. Bouden gri 1. bouje vi To move. fellow. bouk la n Bugger*. Boug la. to barbecue. Li fè yon sèl bouche avè’l He made one mouthful out of it. fib. gathering. Santi bouk To stink like a goat. V balèn. bouklèt la n Small curl (of hair). Nou nan tan di. raje (ou) touf raje Small grove. Any stupid person can be called ‘bouki’. swap. chandèl. boulboul attrib Lumpy (food). Boul lasi Wax bubble. falsehood. Bay bouden To lie. trickery. etc. Odd job (DYESIFÒ). bougonnen mayi. boukle 2 attrib Sterile. Limyè bouji Candlelight. Pa bouje Stand still. 2. boulay la n 1. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-25: Gan boujwaz k’ap monte nan machin ou There are aristocrat women getting into your car. Bouden’m ap rache anba travay I’m exhausted from overwork. . Candle. bouji a n 1. to grumble (protest) under one’s breath. E. Li bouke ak fanm sa a He’s tired of (fed up with) that woman. Formerly temporary quarters for buccaneers*. to clasp. to swap. Labouyi a boulboul The porridge is lumpy. boukan an. Bouke pale moun mal Stop talking bad about people. to tell fibs. Boule boula ou Do your thing. to grill. to bud. mal kabrit. to curl (hair). we have to tighten our belts. bouk la 2 n Billy-goat. fatigued. Lie. to burgeon*. V kankannen. etc. foolish person in Haitian folklore. nou fèt pou boukle ren nou We’re going through difficult times. boukante vt To exchange. Cf. corn.. curl. Espès bouden gri You! Good for nothing! boudich la n Buttocks. puffed up. bump. boujwa a (m). boukandife a n Outdoor open fire of twigs. boula a n The smallest drum of the rada group of drums. to shift. bouche a 3 n Butcher*. wearied. Bouchon radyatè Radiator cap. Cf. boug la. clot. boujonnen vi To sprout.B bouche a 2 n Mouthful.. Cf. bouk la 3 n Buckle*.. Also: bouk kabrit. barter. white lie. tròk. bouldimas V boulmas bouldozè a n Bulldozer*. chap. bottle cap. bougrès la n Girl. a very pungent hot pepper. Bouke rele Stop shouting. A despicable person. The insides of the stomach. Cf Bourgeois*.(Imperative). bouden an n 1. boukara a n Rocky soil. bourg*. Kabrit la boukle The goat cannot bear young. boufi attrib Swollen. the name of a legendary stupid. a cork or a cap. bougon an n Corn cob. to be sulky. Also called: bougonnen granmoun. to budge *. A. Labouyi a boulboul The porridge is full of clots. Boul san Blood clot. M’pap pran bouden sa a I won’t swallow that. Boukdorèy la Ear-ring. bouke 1 attrib Tired. boujwazi a n Aristocracy. clump. Type of blood sausage. 2.) on an open fire. boukèt la n Group. Boul nan do Bump on the back. Also: mare ren nou. boil. bouk 1 Piman bouk. barren. buck*. ringlet. bouchri a n Slaughterhouse. Mayi boukannen Roast corn. boujwaz la (fem) n Aristocrat. 2. boukannen vt To roast (strips of meat. round object). of a fruit. pimple. to be discontented. A lie. boul la n Ball* (toy. boukman n Chèfboukman: the local representative of a political candidate. Each round (match) of a cock fight. bouchonnen vt To close with a stopper. 30 bouk la 4 n Village. boulanjri a n Bakery. bouke 2 Stop. bouda V bounda boude vi To pout. boukle 1 vt To buckle*. Boukèt bouki n Bouki. to shoot out. Named after L. Arse. bougenvilye a n (bot) Bougainvillea*. bougalong nan n Type of venereal disease causing a constant drip. bougonnen 1 vi To mumble. pooped (out). boudonnen vi To buzz. bouquet*. Ban’m boula ou (or) Kouman w’ap boule? How are you? boulanje a n Baker. to deceive. lump. Je boukannen Eye without eyelashes. de Bougainville (1789).

velocity. boost. to overwhelm (with insults).). huge meal. Bouras van Gust of wind. brile vt To burn. Lwaye a bout The rent is due. 3. difficulty. pustule. boustabak la n 1. the name of a ritual in which the ‘hounsi’ is elevated to the rank of ‘kanzo’ (COURLANDER). Yè m’te fè yon bout ak Pyè Yesterday. Boule zen ‘Burning the pot’. to hussle. boulva a n 1. he is a hard nut to crack. Character. I know how to deal with him. trouble. to consume. Cf Dwèt jouda. bousoufle attrib Swollen. Meat ball. Nèg sa a se yon bout di This man is hard to deal with. It is not edible. boustifaye vi To be on a binge. boulin nan n Great speed. Main marble used in a marble game. 2. to shove. the behind. Ou bout (or) Ou fin bout Now you’ve reached your limit. bourik la n 1. pimple. bouvari a n 1. V bous. bourara a n Raucous. Sere boulon To tighten a bolt. passion. Donkey. 5. to get along. boulvèse vt To upset. to deal (with). attack between two game cocks. executioner. Bay boulvès To bother. a big wind resembling a small cyclone that rises suddenly. Type of fish. E. to burn up. M’konn bout li I know his ways. Li bourade do’m He shoved me on the back. bouskay la n Research. 4. He had touched poison ivy. I’m in trouble. bouras la n Gust. 3. bouda a n Buttocks. bous la n 1. bourèt la n Wheel-barrow. how he acts. 2. rectum. boure 2 vi To stuff one’s self with food. bourad la n Push. only larger and with curved beak. Kay mwen pran dife. Cannon ball. cruel man. boulòk la. pin. bouskile vt To shove. End. vi To blow out (a bulb). boulsenlo a n Type of hard candy. bourike vi To work like a slave (or) a horse. underbrush *. to turn over. bloated. vulgar. boustifay la n Food. Boule boule’w Do your thing. Type of fish with a rugged skin. Papule. bousòl la 2 n Blister. Dispute. burro*. bouro a n Hangman. gruff. FARDIN-17: Yo ale yo tounen tout boulin They’re going and coming as fast as possible. to do one’s thing. to scold. Li fè yon bon bout tan ap pale avè’m He talked to me for a long time. clumsy. i. Balistas vetula. quarrel. Gusset. upside down. to get burned. bouldimas la n Type of medicinal plant. laboulòk n An unsatisfactory. V bouboun. bouske. shove. An boulvès Troubled. Bounda ouvè Without limit. boulonnen vt To bolt. torturer. Rhoeo discolor.31 boule. li vle pete kare He wants to swallow more than he can chew. to have a huge meal. boulpik la n 1. li te touche lagratèl Little pimples were sprouting on him. Bit (piece). 2. One’s preference. search. Boulevard* (street). Card game. V chèche. buscar. I had a row with Peter. Pocket book. li boule My house caught on fire and burned down. bousòl la 1 n Compass with magnetic needle. Bousòl leve sou li. rear. confused explanation. Type of black-bird. Storm. Bout an bout End to end. Yon bout kouto A short knife. 3. . Dwèt bouro Index finger. etc. bounda a. boulvari a. extremity. Ti bourik Foal of an ass. Stump (arm. 2. Kouman madanm ou ap boule avè’w? How is madame treating you? Fè ti dife boule To incite two parties to fight. to pin. 3. wallet. edge. thing. love. bad. to exert oneself. that’s enough for you. Li bourik ak kat las He lost although he had all four aces. He wants to go beyond his limits. bout la n 1. 2. Examples and expressions: Alkòl sou blesi boule On a wound. bousay la. 2. puffed out. arse. Bouske kont To look for trouble. bouretye a n Person who pulls carts for a living. to turn upside down. (fig) To clamp down (on someone). Common. Mwen nan boumba I’m in a hull of a boat. bousye a n Fellow. bottom. Cf. to pester. all the way. thrust. jenny ass. boulvès la n Problem. Scholarship (study award). 6. recipient of a fellowship. Tou sa se bounda nini It’s a lot of nonsence. to flunk an examination. discourteous person. ass.e. Bouda’l ron. 2. Tumult. B boure 1 vt To stuff. boulèt la n 1. raucous. he failed completely. boum interj Boum! boumba a n Canoe carved out of a tree-trunk. Mal bourik Jackass. Prionodes tabacarius. boulon an n Bolt. Li pete yon boulin He dashed out. 2. Crotophaga ani. Sp. tiny skin excrescence. Spitball (paper). bourade vt To push. Bout pou bout Finally. alcohol stings. bouse a n Small inside pocket in the front of the trousers. Manman bourik (or) femèl bourik She-ass. to seek. brousay la n Brushwood*. purse. Encounter. boske vt To look for. noise. boulmas la. Cf. to provoke a quarrel. bonda a.

bouton an n 1. brake 2 vt To aim and point at. Said of carelessly and hastily 32 bra a 2 n Arm. plantains. etc. Interference (static). Nan pwen moun brèf tankou’l No one snaps at you like that. bras la. brouyay la n 1. A large store is a magazen. Sour. Brase afè To stir up (handle) business. boutèy la n Bottle*. bouziye vt To daub. brase vt To stir. branhany attrib Sterile. Prostitute. Bowels. to clap (hands). branrany. to bra 1 Variant of bwa. vi To sprout (buds). bravedanje To be brave*. cresses. branka a n Stretcher. bòzò attrib parade. calf. courageous. brak. PAURIS-63: Seren pran zo bra tèt pou piyay. Dlo bouyi vit Water boils fast. braslemont la n Wrist-watch. audacious. Cf. Ala moun bravedanje That person is really flirting with danger. Elegant. fearless. Loose woman. span of the arm (measurement). with meat. yams. Kase bra To discourage. gruff and of few words. branch la n 1. intestines. brèf attrib Curt. Elèv yo fè devwa yo o bouyon anvan yo mete’l o pròp The students make a rough draft of their homework before the finished (good) copy. wristband. Bouton tete Nipple. 2. Kouto a te breche The knife was notched. to mix. Cf sivyè. fiery. noise. Boil. brennen vt To move. coffee). bow interj Bang! bòy attrib One-eyed. vi To boil. bwagèt la n Fly (of trousers). Universally used Italianism. laconic. breziyèt la n Type of medicinal plant. Button*. difficulty.B boute. V arona. bouyi 1 vt To boil*. bradsi bradsou adv Arm in arm. but they put him in a lot of trouble.). boutique *. koutye. radishes. To rumble (stomach). brabako V babako braban an n Cotton cloth (from Brabant*) . one who goes after men. . brave*. bragèt la. to embroil*. trouble. bouzen an n 1. bouyonnen vi To bubble (culin). brade vt To clamp. soup (generally very thick. rough. Li te trè byen men yo lage li nan bouyay He was all right. 2. applause. boyo a. to budge. guts. Courage. Brake ak To meet. Bough. Bouyi dlo To boil water. bòykote vt To boycott*. to applaud. guts. brankèt la n Stand (vendor’s). carrots. brake 1 vt To sweeten somewhat (e. Bud. bouye vt To confuse. to bump into. brasye a n Swaddling clothes with long sleeves which are put on newborn babies. Bouton presyon Snap. bouva a n A young bull (ox). insufficiently sweetened. an branl In motion. bravo a n Bravo*. armband. brè V bwè breche attrib Notched. general store. bouyay la. branch* (tree). V boujonnen. boutonnyè a. Type of cheap rubber shoes. 2. Bat bravo To cheer. bouyon an 1 n Broth. boutonnen vt To button *. field. pimple. batch (of mortar). brannen. 2. bwayo a n 1. cheer. Move nouvèl sa a kase bra’m This terrible news put me down. bouyi a V labouyi 2 bouyivide a n prepared food. E. brasle a n Bracelet*. 3. sore. Fè bòzò To show off. Yon branch cheve A single hair. agitated. blind. bouya a. Brase kat yo byen Mix the cards well. limb. bouti a 1 n Cutting (from a plant). W’ap bouye’m You are confusing me. bravou a n Bravery*. to agree. wheeler-dealer. brav attrib Valiant. unsweetened (enough).g. bwas la n Stroke (swimming). boutonyè a n Button-hole*. litter. Brase mòtye a Mix the mortar. branl anbranl. Comocladia glabra Spreng. brasa a n Armband. broute vi To graze. Impatient. Predicament. bouyon an 2 n Draft (rough). Specialty. bouziyèt la. 3. bwak attrib 1. boya a n Mason’s hawk (to carry mortar). brasèdafè a n Broker. Li brake revòlvè sou mwen He pointed a revolver at me. 2. 2. brouya a n Fog. bouti V abouti 2 boutik la n Shop. to nibble. to mix up. snap fastener. Cf. brasyè a. brackish*. fathom.

brid la n Bridle*. turbulent. bright. brutal*. brinèt la n Black skinned (brown) woman. brennzeng. bòdè attrib Chic. bren an. exasperated. brenn nan.’s activities. Mete brenn sou ou Be smart. elegant. Nou lan fèbren It’s dusk. Bold. bròch la n Brooch*. Cf. Labriz vante tou le swa There is a breeze every evening. perversion. bròkèt Klou bròkèt Tack (small nail). bwenn nan n Intelligence. Se pou ou gen brenn pou ou fè travay sa a You must have brains to do that work. disorderly. brik la n Brick*. breziyèt la V bouziyèt brezo a n Bow-tie (Also: rozèt). brute*. bode vt To embroider*. broche a. bròdè. rogue. sound.o. E. confusion. ostentatious. scoundrel. bròd Fè bròd To be ostentatious. breton an. Fè bròdè To show off. brute*. briyan attrib Brilliant*. the fast life. brenn nan. brini vt To darken. Store where every type of merchandise is sold. briding. bwenzeng Sou brenzeng (or) an brenzeng Irritated. brimad la n Torment. n Woman chaser. brit attrib Crude. to want to be catered to. . brevyè a n Breviary*. labriz n Breeze*. FARDIN-16: Vivan kon you souri brinèt As lively (brilliant) as the smile of a brunette. Konbyen bris ou fè? How many tens and aces (briscole) do you have? brisak la n Knapsack. Brik savon Bar of soap. brize vt To break. to move. brinding vt To budge. for instance. brizfè a n Destructive individual. intelligent. San bri san kont Without fuss or argument. go to it. daring. rough. fèbren 2 n Twilight. bwi a n Noise. bar. Ou se yon mantè. brennen V brannen brenzeng. reins. (fig) kraze brize. l’ap aji tankou timoun That big so-and-so is acting like a little child. 2. on the spot. and hold by the tail. coquettish. brigan attrib Boisterous. briskeman adv Suddenly. brigande vi To fool (play) around. brui a. brigo a n Tiny mullusk. 2. breton V beton 2 brevay la n Beverage*. brains *. to restrain. bridsoukou V brid brigad la n Brigade*. Squad. Noise made by children while playing. uproar. bri a. To bridle *. brochèt la n Pike (fish). breson V bwason brèt V bwat brete V bwate bretèl la n Suspenders. to show off. brikabrak la n Junk shop. brigand. breng nan n Young man. brin attrib Brown (woman). temperamental. brikal la n Machete. briz la. bride vt 1. brodri a n Embroidery*. brèz la n Merriment during a wake. trouble(s). to limit s. rumor. brode. brevè a n Diploma awarded for at least two years beyond elementary school (brevè semp) or three years (brevè siperyè).33 bren 1 attrib Brown*. brikè a n (Cigarette) lighter. Centropomus pectinatus. dangerous (a curve. prostitution. briske vt To be very brusk* with someone. Bridsoukou (or) Brid sou kou Very fast. To hold in check. briganday la n Disorder. young woman. to be ostentatious (Not pej). for instance). bag. misery. bris la n Tens and aces in a card game called ‘bezig’. brital attrib Violent. Yon brigad A lot of. to cut him off. riot. bridj la n Bridge* (card game). Yon gran breng konsa. breton mayi a n A type of hard candy similar to nougat or peanut taffy made of pop-corn and sugar cane syrup. A person who can’t handle an object without ruining it. debauchery. brin nan. Bric a brac*. pawn shop. (syn) brinèt. m’ba’w brevè’w You are a master liar. I take my hat off to you. brikouri a n Diarrhea. 1 B FARDIN-12: Si tifi a tonbe lan briganday If the girl became corrupted. brile V boule brili a n Burn. Lage brid kenbe ke (In a children’s game) Let go of the bridle.

bwasonyè a. Examples and expressions: Li pran bwa. Cecropia peltata L. V bra=arm.) J. Bròs tèt Hair-brush. Bwa chèch Dry wood V krik krak. bwason an. Even a small forest. Micropteryx poeppigiana (Walp. Bwa chat (or) Bwachat I n ‘al bwachat’. Such drinks are called ‘tranpe’. log. I give up (Phrase used in answering riddles).o. F. to be lame. men m’bwè’l pou ou I could give you an answer. to humiliate s. Penis. Bwa linèt Frame of eye-glasses. bwadenn franse a n Bay-rum tree. lumber. bwa pwazon an n Bitterbush. drunkard.o. Moore. bwatchenn n Oak. Fè yon moun sèvi bwa dan To abuse s. Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. bwe a. To move (to another house). alcoholic beverage. woods. bwè. Souch bwa Stump. Bwa nèf Part of a field or forest where all plants have been cut. Fagara martinicensis Lam. to die.. crushed in ‘kleren’ and considered an aphrodisiac. timber. li bwaze He ran away. also known as vaccines (COURLANDER). Colobrina reclinata Brong. Eugenia rhombea. where are you going? Kase bwa nan zòrèy yon moun To whisper sweet nothings into s. Joint wood. he has taken to the hills. leadwood. bwa pine a n White-prickle. Rak bwa Thicket. bwa trompèt la n Trumpet tree. 2. forest. zo bwa kou Neck. Bwa dife Burning stick of wood.o. lad. To drink alcoholic beverages.W. bweze vi To run away. alcohol. to hobble. brose vt To brush*. ti bway la n Young boy*. dick. To kill (a fetus). etc. bweson an. Colubrina arborescens (Mill. 4. Koupe cheve’m a la bròs Give me a crew-cut.) Sarg. Also: mache bwete. bway la. botay la n The act of changing residence. li vin sou He drank a lot last night.o. Bwa. to mistreat s. A beverage made of leaves of that plant. broute V boute brouyay la V bouyay la bwa a n 1. bròs la n Brush*. bresonyè a n drinker. to go to the forest (bwa). bote vt To carry. vi. 2. Bwat fèblan Tin can. she runs away. brèt la n 1. bwaze. he left in a hurry. and Urb. moving. V chèn.’s ear. 2. to insult vehemently s. savonèt peyi. bwa pini a. bwa savonèt la n Wingleaf soapberry. ‘person’. 3. bwadchenn nan.) O. bwa sèd la n Cedar* tree. This tree is full of thorns. Bwat sekrè Piggy bank. Other names: grenn kannik. Bwa bale Broomstick. Ba li bwa Give it all you got. brotay la. Tetragastris balsamifera (Sw) O.). To deceive. bwa mit la n (bot) Spiceberry eugenia. Bèt brotay Beast of burden. Cook. bwete. he got drunk. . ‘Bwa’ is also used in the vocative in the meaning of ‘man’. Box. Ktze. to have an abortion. M’ta di’w wi. bwadòm nan n (bot) West Indian elm. zo bwa tèt Skull. Bwa flo Light log out of which rafts are made (V pipirit).B bronchit la n Bronchitis*. Souvan lè chat wè chen li bwaze Often when a cat sees a dog. to absorb. bwa majò a n (bot) Piper aduncum L. Picramia pentandra Sw. Heavy bwat la. bwa fè a n Ironwood. brote. backwoods.o. bwèt la. V tafyatè. Wood. Martinique prickly-ash. Bwa chapant Building timber.o. Krug. A plant. Tin can (milk.. L’ap fè brotay aswè a He is moving tonight. Bwa bourik A bamboo trumpet. transporting. Guarea trichilioides Sw. Sapindus saponaria L. Bròs rad Clothes-brush. Beating. bwate. Examples and expressions: M’bwè pwa (or) M’bwè’l I can’t guess it. 3. Bat bwa Knock on wood. Krugiodendron ferreum (Vahl) Urban. Bwa chabon Wood for making charcoal. Bwa pi ro (or) Bwa san fèy Tall and skinny person. bwa imòtèl la n (bot) Coral tree. Bròs dan Tooth-brush. brete vi To limp. Bwa dan Toothpick (It’s really a vine which is used by peasants to clean their teeth). Gro bwat Crate. canoe (A boat carved out of a tree trunk). Pimenta racemosa (Mill. pine sticks to start a fire (It’s a resinous wood that burns easily and is used as a torch). to go into hiding. Li te konn bwè He used to drink. Other name: vanyan gason. neck bone. to take away. bwesonyè a. board. bronz la n Bronze*. Li desann anpil bweson yè swa. Bwa tèt. bwa fèblan an n (bot) Coffee colubrina. bwa rouj la n American muskwood. To drink. brushwood. Bay yon moun yon bwa jouman To curse out s. bre a n Buoy. Poud bwa Wood dust from worm holes or termite holes. Bwa kou. 34 bwa mabi a n Soldier wood. bwa pal la n Swamp bloodwood. kote ou prale? You there. bwa kochon an n 1. breson an n Drink. Bwa lan nen Card game in which a pince-nez is placed as a punishment on the loser’s nose or ear. 2. mountain immortal. sardines. brè vt 1. 4. Gro bwa Man of importance. guzzler. Bwa fouye (or) Bwa ron Dugout. Malad la al bwachat The sick man died. bwa pen an n Pine* tree..

) chajè a n Loader. Type of small boat without mast or sail used for transfering passengers and merchandise to a ship anchored in deep waters. Let’s be friends again. di bagay la kareman Stop beating around the bush. Philter. but now he is in good health. to beat around the bush. byenfetè a n Benefactor* byenke conj Although. chaje vt 1. rough garment. byè a n Beer*. Li te malad. launch. Electric torch for welding.. The state of being well-off. Chaje tèt To trouble (s. 3. pron Each. chalbari V chatbari chalè a n Heat. heartbreak. Ou se yon byennere Sen Jan Batis You’re a happy fellow. chalan an n 1.o. Also: chabin dore. chadon an n Sea urchin. fine. give me a straight answer. Real estate (lot. bother. chadron an. Chak bagay Everything. V kwak. byenfè a n A good deed. prosperity. An chalè In heat. chalmonta a n A mistress who is in a lower social level than her man. smaller at one end. Police car used for transporting prisoners. all right. every. each one. chal la n Shawl*. furtively.). Bay chalè To kid. byen. byennere attrib Carefree. Gro chabrak Big shot. 3. (Applied to female beings). chaloup la n Small boat. Saddle-cloth. to take revenge. grace. chagrennman an n Sorrow. Chaje tròp To overcharge (a battery). Old. cham nan n 1. chache V chèche chadap vi mouth! To shut up*. really. (slant) strip in dress making. 2. blissful. You have no worries. l’ap gade’m anba chal From time to time she casts furtive glances at me. very. To charge (a battery). Well. M’byen kontan I am very happy. hauler. An’n byen ankò Let’s make peace. chaloska n A character parading at carnival time (Chales Oscar). happy. Ou chaje bourik la tròp You put too heavy a load on that donkey. byen an 1 n 1. bweson V bwason bwesonyè V bwasonyè bwèt V bwat bwete V bwate bwi V bri bye a n Bias*. Good. chaben an. Byen san sue Something for nothing. temperature. light skin with green or blue eyes. 2. important person. Ci-trus maxima Merr. chadèt la n Shaddock*. concern. Chak fwa ou vini Each time you come. free from (financial) worries. house. Chabon dife Burning coal. sorrow. cargo*. 2 C chabon an n Charcoal. Property. To attack illegally in sports. shipment (goods shipped). chajman an n Load. byèl la n Connecting-rod (cars). Ase byeze. Charm*. everyone. Li nan byennèt li He is well-off. Welfare. An bye On a bias. chak indef adj. coal. men konnyea li byen He was sick. echalòt. welfare. 2. things are looking good for him. chabin nan n Creole girl. type of pearshaped grapefruit. scallion. chablen an n A person with light skin and kinky hair.35 but I’ll swallow it for now. 3. 1. 2. byennèt la n Well being. 3. 2. 4. heartbreak. Also: cha madigra. Chaje koule ba To be overloaded (Some people say: chaje kou Legba) 2. etc. Drinking straw. chabrak la n 1. DEJEAN33: Nanm mwen chagren My heart is full of sorrow. freight. chalimo a n 1. Chadap! Shut your chadèk la. chalòt. Anba chal Secretly. chalatan an n Charlatan*. grief.o. PRESSOIR-11: Lòt la di’l: chagren va tiye’m The other one said to him: my heart is breaking. zechalòt n Shallot*. love potion given to a man by a woman in order to Ch cha a n Float of Mardi Gras. byennerèz attrib Fortunate. possessions. CELESTINMEGIE/2-114: Yon moun ki pap byeze douvan blan ameriken. 4. everybody. DYESIFÒ: Bwè yon kafe anmè ak yon moun To have a showdown with s. ben adv & attrib. to tease amicably. thistle. Bay chagren To grieve. Yo chak Each of them. wealth. Moun rich gen anpil byen Rich people have plenty of property. 2. Tanzantan. Quite. to burden. warmth. problem. To load. Se pou pròp byen’w It’s for your own good (welfare). good. Chajman tèt Worry. chagren an n Grief. On friendly terms. in good health. though. intimate. byeze vi To slant. very well. .

E. chap la n A brief absence. big. to vary. I can’t see. chapchawe n Filthy hangout. chame vt To charm*. . small church. chapantye a n Carpenter*. chanpwèl n Secret group of evil doers (folklore). Fanm chans li A woman who brings good luck to him. 2. chanbranl lan. M’ap mache nan fènwa. Yo bay nèg sa a yon cham This man has been bewitched. Secret group of evil doers (folklore). chape vi 1. chanbrann nan door). Chanjmandè Change of climate (scenery. chank la n Chancre*. dirty meeting place. V kandelab. sanprèl. chamwa a n Chamois*. crowing. chaplèt la n Rosary. chapi V chèpi chapit la n Chapter*. timber. chapito Yon chapito A lot of. knotted stick. Limen yon chandèl pou mwen I’ve been walking in the dark. piece of good luck. 2. to deviate. I didn’t mean to say it. skidrow. Chanje bèt To change pastures. skin ulcer. chantè a n Singer. Chanm gason Bachelor appartment. mwen pa wè. Cudgel. to escape*. Examples and expressions: Chanje vitès To shift gears. li chankre sou kote pou’m pa wè’l He knows what he has done. chanbrèy la n Vulgar. fortune teller. chany nan n 1. chan an n Field. Ekonomi bout chandèl Paltry savings (practicing economy by saving candle butts). Chankalèt Cancer sore on children’s lips. twa mouri. bluff. chandèl la n Candle*. Bouch mwen chape It was just a slip of the tongue. Se yon chans ou pran You are taking a gamble. Riffraff. chandelier *. chantrèl la n Female singer in a folkloric group (rara. many. chantye a n Construction site. chanpèt attrib Frivolous. Vodou). singing. Renn chantrèl (or) Larenn chantrèl Leading singer in a folkloric singing group. (Boss) chapant: Carpenter*. Bwa chandèl Torchwood. To slip away. Also: Yon jaden mayi. to move. shillelagh. loose (woman). to cut out in profile. Amyris elemifera L. vt To make a circular cut (sewing). vt To change*. He went sideways so I woudn’t see him. Shoe shine* (boy). (Used mostly in the North). chaplèt la n 1. to swap. li fèt ak kwaf chante 1 vt & vi To sing. to seduce. V divinò. ‘across the tracks’. away from the straight path. 3. Candelabra*. Dandruff on children. 2. M’te gen senk pitit. de chape I had five children. chanprèl. chantay la. chance *. charmed. club. n Blackmail. Chante gam. prostitute.* chans la n Luck. Frame-work. Yon ti chap se touche tounen It’s touch and go. Pa gen okenn chanjman ki fèt nan projè a There were no changes made in the project. chapitè a n Soothsayer. he talks about the same thing. Chanje po To shed one’s skin.C make him become attached to her. chanm nan n Room. Camp*. chanjman an n Change* (alteration). to chant *. sore. chanpyon an n Champion. light a candle for me. bedroom. to exchange*. 2. chirping. chaple a. chanson an n Song. chanpay la n Champagne*. milieu). a short run (usually surreptitiously). Yon chan mayi A corn field. Li gen chans. chanwan an n 1. candlewood. place where building is in progress. (Neap. to alter. Yon bout chanm kay One room appartment. Type of cactus. vt To save. chapèl la n Chapel*. chandriyon V sandriyon chanje vi To change *. Bwat chany Shoe shine box. two survived. Limyè chandèl Candlelight. chantaj la slander. to switch. chante a 2 n Song. chandelye a n 1. Chanje plas To change places. Chanjman vitès Change of gears (car). To survive. Li konn sa’l fè. to bewitch. loose woman. bludgeon. threat of chanbre a n Chambray* (a type of material to make dresses). shammy* (material). An nou chape poul nou (or) An nou chape kò’n Let’s get away from here. E nato cu la camisa). pullover. Cf. Wood-owl. chapchawon. Tout lajounen se yon sèl chanson The whole day long. Chanje lide To chanje one’s mind. 2. sanpwèl. Jou chans Lucky day. Lèd tankou chango chanwan Ugly and dirty as the devil. rakèt. Chanje yon chèk (or) Touche yon chèk To cash a check. to shift. L’ap pase chaple He is fingering the beads while saying the rosary. chanday la n Heavy sweater. carpentry*. 2. three died. V anpil. chapant la n 1. To trim the hair on the forehead. 3. n Frame (of 36 He is lucky (he was born that way). Li chape apre krim nan He got away after the crime. L’ap di chaple’l He is saying the rosary. chantiyon V echantiyon chantonnen vt To saw. fè gam To boast. chankre vi To take a side route. Let’s save our hide.

la charite. Soulye yo chè The shoes are expensive. chache vt 1. machè My dear. paske yo pa vle’l They razzed the candidate because they don’t like him. charonyen. Charite’m yon ti monnen souple Please! Give me a little money. Chè sè. M’pase’l y on chaplèt I hit him with a cudgel. aping. V brote. chè a. chechrès V sechrès chèdepoul la n Goose bumps. charabia a n talk. charite a. charite 1 vt To give. chèf la n Chief*. rosaries. Cf chare.37 V gayak. to bother. Chat pran lang li The cat got his tongue. Costly. Liv sa a rele’m chè mèt chè mètrès This book belongs to me only. lampshade. chatre vt To castrate*. head-covering. To look up. Nou te chase zwazo dimanch pase Last Sunday. Chè lan nen Polyp in the nose. in the country where hats are no longer worn). 2. chasè a n Hunter. charyo a n Type of pushcart*. load. chè a 2 n Pulpit. Voye chaplèt To hit (strike) repeatedly with a club. alms. to tickle (the mind). Chapo kasav Type of very thin straw hat. vt To charanpyon V saranpyon charanson an n Type of weevil. we went bird hunting. Monchè. to ape. (Fam. chatrouy la n Squid. high priced. Nan peyi san chapo Dead (i. 2. pussy. . Pè a monte sou chè. unintelligible C chatbari. leader. satouyèt. chare vt To mimick. n A flat-bottomed boat. to mock. To hunt. to topple. Achte chat nan makout To buy a pig in a poke. chawa a n Porter. Chè tout mwen My darling. chèch V sèk cheche V seche chèche. illegal attack (in sports). charitab attrib Charitable*. charit 2 n Charity*. To move (cart) furniture to another house. to search*. chata vi To run away. Cat*. chas V lachas chase vt 1. to make a racket in disapproval. DEJEAN-27: Li tep mande charite He was begging.e. Yon chay A lot of. chat la 1 n 1. Tout moun ki fè krim. crook. dangerous. chayman an n Cargo*. An chat pent Furtively. chaj la n Cargo*. To try to. ma chè sè My dear sister (nun). down. fòk yo jwenn chatiman All those who commit crimes must be punished. lachè 3 n Flesh. chavire vt & vi To capsize. San chapo Bareheaded. chatchoutè a. Genitals. vt To annoy. chatouye vt To trouble. 3. M’ap chache liv mwen ki pèdi I’m looking for my lost book. Chat boure A fat person. Li gen je chat He has grey eyes. headman. Chèche kont To look for a quarrel. Dear (as in Dear Sir). calamary. Fè chef To act as if one was a boss. To chase* away. Chat bwa or chat maron Wild cat. chè 1 attrib 1. Sizo chatray Scissors used in castrating animals. to flee. Chèf kanbiz V kanbiz. responsibility. charye vt To cart*. chapo a n Hat. expensive. boss. to keel over. freight. l’al preche The priest went on the pulpit to preach. Chat de pye (or) Chat dis dwèt Thief. chawaye vi To carry away. discordant noise. Ayisyen te chase franse nan peyi a Haitians chased the French from the country. chatsourit V chòvsourit chaviray la n A blow that knocks s. chasi a n Chassis*. load. 2. nasty smell.o. Chèche mwayen ale Try and go. and unorthodox places in search of lowly pleasure. 2. to eject. cover. Examples and expressions: Manman chat Pussy cat. Yo rele chatbari dèyè kandida a. gibberish. V konma. chalbari. chat la 2 chatray la n Castration*. chatouyèt. Chè lan gòj Tonsilitis. charèt la n Cart*. Bwa chaplèt Tree the seeds of which are used to make necklaces. tin-kettle music. chari a n Plow. chatiyèt tickle. Ti chat Kitten. 3. chay la. 4. chalbarik n Mock serenade. To look for. charony nan n Carrion*. Chapo ba! Hats off! chaponnen vt To castrate. Cf. chatiman an n Punishment. Ale chache To fetch. stink. to put out. chawonyen vi To go to the filthy. freight. to overturn. to turn over. chato a n Castle*. to transport. charante vt To tease by mimicking. (‘tep’ is used in the South for ‘tap’). chatrouj la. chastisement*. Se chat ki tankou’l (or) Li vòlè plis pase chat He is a real thief. to expell. Chèche mo sa a lan diksyonè a Look this word up in the dictionary.) Thief. Rele (fè) chatbari To razz. charante. chapchoutè a n Sharpshooter*. Jargon. zatouyèt. to make fun of by imitating. also said of any huge mansion. to knock over. M’pa wè chat I didn’t see a soul.

Chi! chich attrib Avaricious.o. to strut. M’ap ba ou sa sou de chèz I’ll give you that in a jiffy. pouse’l vini Rock the car. chemine a n Chimney*. cheval V chwal cheve a. chik 1 attrib Swell. Li gen dan chenèt He is gap 38 chètout Chè tout mwen My one and only (endearing term). seat. shake it back and forth. penurious. Cf Fè tèt. 2. chiklèt la n Chewing gum.C chèfboukman V boukman chèfseksyon an n Sheriff. nervousness. Bolt. Chemen dlo The water road by which a loa comes to and departs from the scene of a service (COURLANDER). chief of rural police. tchikin 2 vt To rock backwards and forwards (Shaking*). cheran attrib One who sells at high-prices. chen an. Gran chimen Highway. chickens.’ chikannen vt To bother. way. Dog. chennèt toothed. Pran chenn To create a fuss. It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ life. chèn nan. chapi a n Rags. Se chen manje chen To be at each other’s throat. Problèm nan ap chifonnen’m That problem is bothering me. Ankle. Li chich pase devan prizon (or) Li chich pase kayimit He is really stingy. chiknòd la n Strike on the ear with the thumb and the middle finger. cipher*. chimen an n Road. chifon an n Rag used to clean blackboards. tightfisted. is demanding (as far as price is concerned whether for services or merchandise). chichote vi To whisper. Cheri’m My sweet. chifonnen vt 1. chimen V chemen cheni an. chikata a n A person whose feet are badly infected by chiggers. Chikin oto a. chikin. chimiz la. path. Cheve grenn Kinky hair. It usually occurs in ‘bay chika. to talk behind s. chevrèt la. Servile person. chemen an. chèvrèt la n Shrimp. Fè chen lan pye yon moun To show s. cheve siro Straight hair. 2. chika a n A sharp movement of the pelvis while dancing. chemizdenui an n Nightgown. chemiz la 1 n A folder for documents. chi interj (onom) To shoo (chickens). stingy. tract (lane). chenn nan n Oak. chif la n Number. V kribich. chemizèt la.’s back. capriciously. cheka a n Government employee. Pye bwadchenn Oak tree. chevi a n 1. one who receives a monthly check*. Se chen m’ap leve pou’m kouche I’m really down and out. Cheve filas Very fine. chikin nan 1 n Jiggle. chimizèt la n Undershirt. L’al koupe cheve’l He went to get a haircut. To trouble. Nothing can cure you.) to speak. Li fè chemen dekoupe pou li kab rive anvan’m He took a short cut to get there before me. Ou se zo bouke chen You have no shame. show-off. chente vi To beg shamelessly (with baseness). Bay chenn To encourage (s. chive a n Hair. chike vi To chew tobaco. smart. to get angry. chèk la n Check*. cheminen an. Mèsi chen Said to s. chèpi a. Yo kon chen ak chat They are always fighting. chimiy la 2 n Shirt. Frèt kon nen chen Cold as hell. to annoy. . chelèn nan n Type of marble used in the game of marbles. silliness. chic*. Chemen rat Empty spots left on the head as a result of a bad haircut. Cheve swa. the great Shelby*. Chenn kou Necklace. thin hair. bitch. chini an n Caterpillar. chichotman an n Whispering. Ti chen Puppy. Chèz long Lounging chair. Fo cheve Wig. Femèl chen (or) Manman chen Female dog. lane. Fè chikriti To act silly. chela a n Bag with a shoulder strap. chèy la n Chair*. chèy V chèz chèz la. route. Chèk san provisyon Bad check (insufficient funds). chemiz la. ale! Go away. weak. Fè chèlbè To show off. (usu) Bwadchenn Oak wood. lean. chyen an n 1.o. chetif attrib Emaciated. who forgets to say Thank you. pay-check*. Koupe cheve To give (or) to get a haircut. I don’t have a pot to piss in. chicha attrib Stingy. chenn nan n Chain*. chikriti a n Foolishness. elegant. with ease. chimè a n Bad humor. To wrinkle. chichadò. chenèt. Chen san mèt Loafer. pouse’l ale. chèlbè attrib Pedant.o. capriciousness. chik la 2 n Chigger* (Tiny parasites that perforate the skin under the foot and lay eggs). Poul. 2. blouse. cheri n Beloved. Chemen dekoupe Short cut.o. jerk. chevon an n Wooden beam. excessive attention in order to gain favors. darling. Mal chen Male dog.

. Li gen je chire He is slant eyed (as the Asiatics). aversion.o.o. chògyè a n Kettle. into pieces. to heat. to bother. Fickle.. chinwa a n Chinese*. to be shocked by s. (iron) pot. supposedly a n Chemistry*. chòfsourit V chòvsourit chògyè V chodyè chòk la n Shock*.39 chimi 1 vi To shimmy* (car tires. too impatient. Ranje chita (or) Pare chita To build a nest egg for the future. Yo pare yon ‘chitatann’ pou li They set a magical trap for him. Holiday. chomè a n Jobless. n 1. Yon ti chire A tiny cut. to bargain. Chofè lanfè A crazy driver. To flee. Frui a chode The fruit has become shriveled. chita vi 1. Se vye chodyè ki fè pi bon manje An old pot makes the best soup.o. To sit (down). to make a lot of hullabaloo. Unemployment. Short* circuit. Cabbage. Eager. dried up by the sun before ripening. Shoot! cho attrib 1. Chire nat yon moun To sock it to s. 4. chomeko n Travay nan chomeko unemployed... chòdyè a. Lachin n China*. Ti chou Darling. Chou karayib Colocasia esculenta Scott. Madanm nan toujou chode poul avan li kuit li The woman always pours hot water on a chicken before cooking it. choke vt To shock*. spirited. one who drives very fast. to take a seat.. Shorts*. wrinkled. What size shoes do you wear? chosèt la n Sock. Chin. to cause worry. chipote vt To pester.. to reheat (food). Chinaman*. chòk absòbè a.). chomay la. chire. shivers. his followers and disciples came to join him. Warm. chofè a n Driver.g. 2. 3. heat rash. dislike. chofrèt la n Chill. e. chokola 1 attrib Brown. Gran chire An ostentatious demeanor (behaviour). To fit. to let s. chose vi To wear shoes. chival V chwal chive V cheve chiya interj Exclamation of disgust. 2. Chire pit To be at each other’s throat.. chòk la n Shock absorber*. chou karayib V karayib chou palmis la n Heart of a palm. To tear. . cocoa. Ou cho pase leve danse You’re in too big a hurry. Konbyen ou chose? To be jobless. Ou cho pou. patizan’l yo vin jwenn li As soon as he sat down. chitatann. Chode tetin To sterilize (boil) the nipple (of a baby’s bottle). chita tann n Magical trap.. Cf. Chofe tròp To overheat. chonje V sonje chòp la n Shop* (store). choson an n Booties (knitted baby shoes). chou 1 interj A call to shoo * away pigs and even chickens. you’ve just arrived and already you. unemployed person. chofay la n Heating. Li san chita He is always on the move. to pour hot water on. To be well off. or attitude. chokola a 2 n Chocolate*. soundly (in gambling or games). chomaj la 2. which resembles in taste the heart of the artichoke (Rostonea regia Cook) 2. 3. teeming. chofe vt To warm (up). To set. DEJEAN-81: Chita li chita. chodyè a.. 2. Bun (hairdo). actions. excited. hot.o. to offend. workshop. Chita dwat Sit up. Grimo chode is applied to any light-skinned person whose hair is yellowish like corn. chimi an 2 C chodin nan n sensuous one. Ou tou cho. 3. Cauldron. Bathing suit (men’s).’s language. have it. Chou kochon! Go away. to leave. to tear apart. choche V sòsye chòchòl V chòvsourit chòchye V sòsye chode vt To scald*. dechire vt 1. chofi a n Small (red) pimples that appear on the skin. tou bouke You are hot off the griddle. 2. to set well on. chinen vt To beat s. chòt la n 1. Fè gran chire To play the big shot. to keep warm. chauffeur*. 5. to be a big show-off. Poul Chin Type of hen or rooster. to quarrel. E. A ‘hot’ woman. coupled with anger and revolt. pleurisy. chòbòlòt la n Vagina. You are too anxious to. chodpiskòde a n A severe venereal disease. chini V cheni chini do a n Area of the spine. pigs! chou a 2 n 1. Batiman an ap chire dlo a The ship is going full speed ahead. inflamation of the lungs. To stagnate (water). Chou palmis The heart of the royal palm tree.

stone or cement slab covering a drain. damou. To shower with love. crimson. To lower one’s self in order to obtain a favor. chouch V souch chouchoun V choun chouchoutay la n Caress. stump (of tooth). Yo rete ak de po dada yo They were left with nothing. chou. Calophyllum brasiliense Camb. cuddle. chouk la. chendan n Couch-grass (bot). danmase n Damask* material. Latch. 2. chouchoun nan ‘bouboun’. Byen chouke Well rooted. Monte chwal To ride a horse. Yo damou They are in love with each other. dakò attrib 1. Chwal also designates a person . bunch.) Pers. Wete chwal nan tèt yon moun To teach a person. tall shrub with slighly fragrant. Properly. souch la n Tree-stump. choun nan. choukètlarouze a. (L. Agreed! 2.D choublak la n Shoeblack plant. Mal damou Love sickness. dànmari n Santa maria * (tree). chòchòl n Bat (mammal). to have a bowel movement. D dabò adv First. stump. trench. 2. To beg. you know what (secret). danme vt To flatten (the earth) with the bull-dozer. choupèt la n Tuft. An endearing term like ‘kòkòt. chòy V chòz chòz la. A small bench on which a woman lies when delivering a baby. to pick up. many. 3. (Screech) owl. dam nan n 1. sweetheart. soukètlarouze a n The deputy. A short person. chwa a n Choice*. chyente vi 1. chuichui. daktilograf la n Typist. Pòl damou pou Lwiz Paul is in love with Louise. 2. Chwal lanmè Seahorse. woman. Queen (cards). Lady. 3. cheri’. sweet nothing. daki Pale an daki To speak in parables. cluster. Pa vin fè grand dam ou avè’m Don’t act with me as if you were an important lady. dalmari. dage vt To prick. at first. to whisper*. chuichuichui 2 n Whispering (gossiping). chouchoute vt 1. chwal la. chwe V echwe chwèt la n 1. M’vin chèche ti chòz la I came to get that little. Li fè yon chout He took a shot at the ball (with his foot). Choupèt kòk A clump of coconut palm trees. hibiscus. drainpipe. chòvsourit la. chouboulout n Darling. stub. chwal dyab. M’pa dakò I disagree. to defecate. a lot of. A showy. or white flowers. Brazilian beauty-leaf (tree). correctly. it became a song that was rendered in English as ‘Yellow Bird’. the second in command to the ‘chèf seksyon’ (rural police officer). Li gen chout serye He has a powerful shot. chyen V chen chyendan an. choukèt la n 1. 2. dada a n (euph) for ‘bounda’ = buttocks. chwal bwa Grasshopper. homely person. chwichwi V chuichui chye vi To shit. they lost everything. damase a. danmou attrib In love. chival la n Horse. stub (of a check). chouke attrib Rooted. chatsourit. chòv attrib Bald. Chwal Bondye. Sou chwal On horseback. Yon dal moun A lot of people. chwichwi. Cynodon daktylon. Tout moun te dakò pou vwayaje ansanm Everybody agreed to travel together. chòfsourit. small ditch. In agreement. 2. Hibiscus Rosasinensis. to educate him. China rose. drain. Well known type of grass. chòy la n Thing. Choukoun n Title of a poem written by the Haitian poet Oswald Durand in 1883. chwale vi To ride as if on a horse. lachòz. clump (of trees). Chita a chwal sou yon mi To straddle a wall. Chwal angle A tall woman. 2. To spoil (a child) chouflè a n Cauliflower*. in the first place. dal la 2 n Gutter. chwazi vt To choose*. Dal planch Wooden form for pouring cement. chuichui 1 vi To murmur. cheval la. n (euph) for 40 who is possessed by a divinity in the Vodou cult. An ugly. dame. choumounou an n Dwarf. Grand dam A n important lady. Chwale sou bwa bale To ride a broomstick. dal 1 Yon dal A great deal of. L. chout la n Shoot* (kick in football or soccer). pink.

to have much to do. Dayiti Tonma n Haiti. Yo pran fèt la daso They crashed the party. Daomen n Dahomey. dantis la n Dentist*. mazora. never (when a hen grows teeth). dantèl la n Lace. griyen. danfans la n Bang(s). sirèt. Ti dan Fine tooth (of a comb). . dansing nan n Cafe. Li tap manje dan’l konsa He was raging with anger. Dan sajès Wisdom tooth. davwa conj For. milk teeth. danmijann nan n Demijohn*. bananas. dànmari V dalmari danmen vt To stamp. danse vi To dance *. straight. type of dance rhythm. (Sometimes with a word that is feminine in French: danjrèz). Kouto a gen dan The knife is notched. to hobble. Dan doukla Gag tooth. coffee. food. one tooth on top of another. Li gen dat li She is menstruating. Sere dan ou pou pran kou Brace yourself to receive the blows. dan n Tooth. because. Gro dan Coarse tooth (of a comb). The common expression is: Darati kòn siye Old as an old ox (Derogatory. (pop). correct. papa’m According to my father. daso Bay daso To take something away by deceiving s. kraze. strong. even. This expression is frequently used. able.. Politik gen dan Politics is hard and full of surprises. V kòk. Se pou m’al kay dantis jedi Thursday. M’gen mal dan I have a toothache. since. danje a n Danger*. Cf. dancing* hall. decayed) teeth. Dapre danjere. straightforward. I have to go to the dentist’s (office). Bay gro kout dan To take big bites. Li gen dan gate He has bad (carious. as. dans la n Dance*. mal. kras. krake. Dan koulèv la Snake’s fangs. resign yourself. Also refers to a ritualistic dance. to hammer upon. Date*. M’gen yon dan k’ap fè’m mal I have a tooth that’s hurting me. M’se moun Dayiti Toma I am from Haiti. dantisyon an n Teething. danmye a n Checkers (game). pran dat To fix a date for marriage. dapre prep According to. to seize. Shut your mouth. danjre attrib Dangerous*. Also ‘dan zòrèy’. which is more like Keep quiet). dappiyanp Fè dapiyanp (sou) To grab everything. PRESSOIR-46: Yo pran danse They started to dance. for nothing. danje de mò I’m furious (upset). FARDIN-16: Bèl kon yon dans fendane Wonderful as a New Year’s ball (dance).K. dangoye vi 1. Dan krab Claws of a crab.o. (pop) More common is ‘paske’. dapiyan. dantle attrib Notched. O. Lè poul va fè dan Never. N’ap dangoye We are getting along as well as we can. danmjann nan. ratelye. Genyen yon dan kont yon moun To have something against s. dayè adv Besides. Li fò anpil nan damye He’s good at checkers. pou dan Anri In vain. daplon attrib Steady. calm down. Se dat yo rive It’s a long time since they arrived. davans adv In advance*. jagged. Menses. not necessarily old). fikse dat. Davwa’l fè sa yo pini’l Because he did that they punish him. Manje dan To grind one’s teeth. distress. daprezavwa conj Because. Danbala n Vodou deity. Ou cho pase leve danse You are too anxious and excited. dat la 1 n 1. danble attrib Good. rasi. Sou dan To be under pressure at a critical moment. (gen) vegetables. moment. Mwen an D danno a n Type of hard wood tree. dat la 2 n A disease characterized by sores on the skin. darati attrib (pej) Old. L’ap chanje dan His teeth are falling and new ones are growing. dansè a n Dancer*. rache. dane vt To damn*. to limp. for. Pran daso To crash (a party). M’tap manje dan’m pou’m pa rele I swallowed my teeth so as not to cry out. It is often used to make cudgels. danm nan n Stamper. 2. danre a n Commodity. fitting. danvi attrib To have sexual desire (pop). wolf’s tooth in horses. Refers to a person who is older than he looks. claw. Rache dan To extract a tooth. Pe dan ou Shut up. grader (an implement). Dan fouchèt Prongs of a fork.41 damye a.o. dat la 3 n Date* (fruit). since. peril. fobo. Pou dan ri. Pitit la ap fè dan The child is teething. Li gen yon dan ki souke He has a loose tooth. dasomann nan n Gate-crasher. danlemonnantye In the whole world. Dan devan Incisors. Phoenix dactylifera L. daou V out dapiyanp. Dan yon angrenaj Teeth of a gear. slowly. (This expression is stronger than the more common Pe bouch ou. Nan dan ou To hell with you (usu) said in reaction to an insult. dented*. to swallow one’s teeth (fig). to have a tooth pulled. not meat. souch. kròk. To walk with difficulty. Dayiti Toma. etc. furthermore. unsafe. To get along. because of. 2. Ki dat? When? What date? Rete dat. Dan lèt The first teeth (which will fall to make room for the second so-called permanent teeth).

deboulonnen vt To unbolt. He went straight ahead. to wrestle. standing. debout. about.o. to overflow. to empty. Youn de yo. junk. debri a n Waste. to run off. vt To unload. bold. in a jiffy. to go over-board* (with excitement). squabble. To run over. to get along. de a 5 n Canopy. debandad la n Confusion. deblatere vi To talk badly behind s. deboche vt To debauch*. youn nan yo One of them.. Chou-koun te gen tete doubout Choukoun had two firm. To protrude. Fè debon To be pregnant. Si ou pa deboulonnen rou machin nan. Dyòl debride Free reign in speech. upright. to libel. doubout attrib Straight. debouye vpr To manage.). Mache anba de To parade under the canopy. for instance dezè two o’clock . From E. fuss. to pay. diver*. to overhang. V kanpe. dezòm two men . debouse vi To spend. Tonbe nan debanday To become debauched. There are some people who. Debare’m pou’m kab wè Move out of my way. etc. in disorderly fashion. deboude vi To stop pouting. she has been dying to blow her top (fight verbally). impudent. De twa. debabouye vt To wash up s. de a 4 n Thimble (to sew). Depi maten li debòde. de 2 prep Of.o. to find a way out. brawl. debouya attrib Resourceful. to acquire loose morals.. helter-skelter. Gen de moun ki. dezoutwa Some. Debleye tab la Clear the table. tumult. to stop frowning. to free. upright breasts. debouye ou pou marye ak fi a My dear fellow.. debat vi To struggle. Katye sa a se yon zòn debòch. find a way to marry the girl. Debauched*. to put in order (a table. trash. deboulinen vi To tumble down. deblozay la n Uproar. a few. to disburse*. Siklòn pase. li debalize tout bannann The cyclone uprooted all the banana trees. to unclog. debride vt To unbridle*.. careless. .. The only thing he did was. untidy (about one’s clothing). debalize vt To uproot everything from the ground. de 3 Some. debòch la n Debauchery*. debare vt To clear (a road. enraged. debouche vt To unstop. unbuttoned (shirt). debreye vi To throw (or) to put out of gear.. disorder. Li pale’m de yo He told me about them. to go ashore. debleye vt To clear away. An debanday In disorder.. debranche vt To prune. disorder. debanday la. (lit) to cut off excess branches from a tree. to unwind.. Medam yo ap deblatere sou do zanmi yo The women gossipers are talking badly about their friends.. ki jan pou ou fè leve pàn nan? If you don’t remove the bolts of the wheel of the car. L’al envite dezoutwa moun He went to invite a few people. There are days when. deboure vt To remove the contents (clothes. life is short. To devastate. 2. a few. to lay waste. to relieve. furious. debraye attrib Wide open. debòdman an n Extention of the roof that extends beyond the wall. debòde vi 1.’s way or vision. De tan twa mouvman Fast. debarase vt To rid (one’s self of). to land.. Attrib: Daring. debonde vi To relieve one’s self by means of a laxative. debake vi To disembark*. to get along. to receive honors. In liaison: dez. Li pa fè ni de ni twa He lost no time. debou. to trim.D dayiva a n Good swimmer. a room). to move out of s. De jou a viv Only two days to live. resourcefulness. To mow down. ‘unbridled lips’.o. debinen vi To slander. in good health. debale vt To unpack. 1 42 debobinen vt To unreel. deboutonnen vt To unbutton*. to get beside one’s self. deboule vi To fall rolling like a ball. tact (in getting out of a difficult situation). Manje vant deboutonnen To eat to one’s heart’s content and more. from. de num Two.’s back. debande vi To lose one’s erection. noise. bags. V dechennen. etc. don’t go in there. de twa V dezoutwa debaba vt 1. pointed. debagaje vt To move (out). M’pa wè’l depi dè jou I haven’t seen him for days. so that I may see. M’ap debat I’m getting along. debouyay la n Savoir faire. 2. to uncork. etc. li vle joure Since this morning. to remove (an obstacle). dezan two years . to open up (a bottle). how can you fix your flat tire? deboundare attrib Bottomless. Gen de jou. Mon chè. dè (rare) Some. pa pase ladan’l That’s a bad section (debauchery). debon Something worthwhile. to remove the contents of a house. Eaves. debris*. to shovel away.. to lose one’s mind.).

dedonmaje vt To indemnify. swell. n The old man. defresiye vt To disembowel. Defunct *. Avoka a pral defann yon kriminèl The lawyer is about to put up a defense for the criminal. Li vin isit la ak rad li tou defèt He came here with his clothes all messed up. dechifre vt To decipher*. Prohibition. Used only in phrases like Defen rwa Edip The late king Oedipus. to mess up. Li gen menm karaktè ak defen papa’l He’s just like his late father used to be. dechèpiye vt To shred to pieces. Li defèt tout travay moun yo te fè. to break in. etc. To discharge* (batteries. defwa. dechire. defile 1 vi To parade. defigire vt To disfigure*. to dare. bay defi To defy*. to criticize. defrechi attrib Faded. debyen He is O. defo a n Fault. proper. clothes). 2. etc. dechanbrannen vt 1. E. Defense*. wilted. to deface. dede V lavironn dede 2 deden an n Disdain*. health. Pòt la dechanbrannen The frame of the door is gone. V dezafi. Gen defwa There are times (when). furious. This word took on a political meaning after the fall of the Duvalier regime (Feb 86). Pa dedi Don’t renege. 2. This word took on a political meaning after the fall of the Duvalier regime (Feb 1986). 2. Chak moun dwe defann peyi’l Every person should defend his country. defi a n Challenge. defòmasyon an n Deformation*. etc. dechifonnnen vt To smooth out. to demolish. 2. dedye vt To dedicate*. to lose his bearings (control). discharge*.). to ban. defèt 1 vt To undo. to unload. to prohibit. to let loose. dedi 2 vi To V dedui dedomaje. defect. defyan attrib Defiant*. 2. to strip. V chire dechiri a n A tear. to batter.43 debyen attrib Good-natured. defen attrib Late (deceased). dede a 1 vt To dull (a knife). To dump. To remove the bottom. to march past. dechalbore vt To do damage. Kouman ou ye? M’ap defann mwen How are you? I am getting along. defisi a n Deficit*. bad habit. Cf. defile 2 dechaje vt 1. defann vt 1. .. defroke attrib Outcast. Fè defason pou ou vini a lè See that you come on time. 2. To uncrumple. defason In such a way that. to deform*. for damages. renege. Kanson’m defouke My pants are ripped at the crotch. dechoukaj la. to tear apart.o. To forbid. dega a 1 n Damage. failing. Ban’m yon repons definitif Give me a definite answer. protection. To defend*. dekire vt To tear.). dedi 1 vt To contradict. bikwach. finally. De-chennen chen an Unchain the dog. 3 defile a n Parade. Pran defans yon moun To defend s. Li D defans la n 1. To take away the frame of a door. to take out. defèt vt To undo. defouke attrib Ripped at the crotch. defripe vt 1. definitif attrib Definite*. to uncover.o. dedoub la n Type of cassava biscuit made from manioc. V bobori. Frayed (ragged). dechte vt To make thin. dechè a n Waste. attrib Deteriotated. (fig) to disparage. dechay la n Sperm. sickly. 2. Uprooting. to rip. Li kab fè e defè He can do and undo (He is all powerfull). garbage. To break down. dedui. V debòde. dedi vt To deduct*. paske li pat bon He undid all the work that those people had done because it was not good. dechennen vt To unchain *. defalke vt To extirpate. Mete an defi. To cause s. vi To ejaculate. daring (rare and learned). to dig out the root. defale vi To tumble down. Also: attrib Terrible. to smash down so as to gain access to the interior. defè.o. defouni attrib Sparse (hair. to handle violently. 3. dèfwa At times. a rip. defiance*. Li gade yo ak deden He eyed them disdainfully. to pay s. Waste. defèt la 2 n Defeat*.K. To insult. to smooth out. become worse (in looks. defòme vt To put out of shape. dechouke vt To uproot. to distort.). defonse vt 1. An definitif After all. dechoukay la n 1. ‘Messed up’ (hair. defounen vt To take out of the oven.

degi a. to unwrinkle. degoutans la V degou. they asked (told) everyone to leave. degoudi vt To take off the chill or numbness. He wanted to grab me by the throat. w’ap mouri If you don’t find a way out. to do well. dejene a. to release. Lò ou bwè tròp tafya. degout la n Drip. to mask. degobe vi To belch. degennen vt To unsheath. don’t give me anymore. to pick. to drain. Degaje’w Do your best. to degrade*. for good measure. Charm. to put in disorder. dèk V dèke dekabès la n Term used in games (e. prayer) so that the woman may deliver successfully. out of joint*. to bring up. dejene 1 vi To eat breakfast. degrennen vt 1. Manner (style) of walking. degagannen vt To attack. merely surprising). Find a way out of your difficulty. degobye. Also: Vodou term. Cf. to grab by the throat. to reduce in rank. To break a bill (money). degonmen vi To detach (unglue). 3. Bal degize 44 degoute. Anpil moun degoute’l poutèt li pa serye Many people dislike him. to snatch. Gade degenn tonton an Look at that old man’s gait (antics). 2. degrengole. gonmen. you’re going to die. Costume ball. degaye vt To mess up. V degoutans. Li mande’m lajan. extent. disjointed*. activities. to disgust*. degajan attrib Resourceful. to disengage *. gaz. Y’ap kraze kay la. corrupted. degouspa vi To budge. (Not pej. dejwe vt To corrupt. degrese vt V grese. degrape vt To pick fruit from bunches. degre a n 1. Si ou pa degaje’w. V gout. supplement. you become corrupted. sickening. dija adv Already. to scratch around. Degoudi kò’w Stretch your legs. Jenou’l dejwente He twisted his knee. degonfle vt To deflate. manke dèsega To lack proper regard* for. You lose your will power. ranje. dehèl From English ‘What the hell!’ Sitiyasyon dehèl! Situation? What ‘the hell’ are you talking about? deja. ou vin dejwe When you drink too much. degobe V degobye degobyay la n Belching. V.g. Degree*. degradan attrib Degrading*. Li vle degagannen’m He asked me for money. Kite rad la degoute Let the garment drip a while. dejwente vt To dislocate. To remove (or fall out) one by one. because he is not serious. dèzega 2 Mank dega Lack of respect. V kachte. aversion. degraba Nan degraba Penniless. 2. li pa ban mwen degi I made a purchase. grengole vi To roll (tumble) all the way down. Mango a tonbe. To remove the fat. to slenderize. yo mande pou tout moun degèpi They’re going to tear the house down. Moun pa konn tout degenn ou People do not know your hidden side. To shell (corn). dyegi a n (A little) Extra. Fè yon degre pou fanm nan akouche To perform an incantation (ceremony. degize vt To disguise *. degaje vt To free. M’manje deja. dejle Yon dejle A lot of. Dislocated. Mal degrosi Rough. degoutan attrib Disgusting*. to burp. phase. loathing. degrade vt 1. To demote. goute 2 vi To drip. m’pa ba li. degòje vt To cut the throat. pa ban’m ankò I’ve already eaten. degou a n Loathing. degrosi vt To refine. term which is used to describe mostly old persons. degriji vt To unpleat. li degrengole nan ravin nan The mango fell off the tree and rolled all the way down to the ravine. Ways. dejnen. costume. dejene V dejnen dejenere vi To degenerate*. dejouke vi To come down from the roost. to be disgusted * with. degizman an n Disguise*. Ki degre ou rive nan leson pyano ou yo? How far have you gotten with your piano lessons? 2. to downgrade. to be discourteous.D dega. disgust*. Twa degout Type of poison. M’achte. degenn nan n 1. barad. In Spanish: dos cabezas. still unrefined (countrified). Manke dega. dejennen an 2 n Breakfast. but he didn’t give me anything for good measure. dejnen an. V dekole. I didn’t give him any. rote. aversion. played out. degoute 1 vt To hate. degèpi vi To move out. to become refined. dominos). degrate vt To weed. . to come off. vpr To manage. n Disgust*. dekachte vt To open up (a letter). magical power. to be morally degraded.

deklare vt & vi To assert. To interrupt a speaker. To cut off the crest* of a rooster. smutty. to testify (in court). (syn) rizèz. Lewd. Nan dekou Diminishing. nauseated. Apre lapli. dèke. a great many. Old jelopy. to find out. 2. to deflower. (syn) bogota. indecent. to slice. dekouvèt la n Discovery*. 2. sly. dekire. dekamèt la n Tape measure. to break into pieces. dekovil n No good. to discover*. dekochte vt To unhook and open (a door). to become exhausted. chak moun pran moso They cut up the beef and everybody took a piece. dekouraje vt To discourage*. passed one’s prime. dekòlte 1 attrib shameless. dekwire vt To skin. To cut to pieces. dekonstonbre. dekoupe vt 1. dekanpe vi To go away. to rot. dekatya vt To cut up. to skin. to become unstitched. dekrochi vt To straighten (out). Li dekon-seye’m fè sa He advised me not to do that. deklanche vt To activate. etc. Formal complaint to the police. V kole. San dekoròm Unmannerly. D dekonekte. gonmen. dekoke. to disjoint (shoulder. dekore vt To adorn. why. dekalke vt To copy a drawing from a model. syèl la dekouvri After a rainfall. dèk conj phr As soon as. dekostonbre vt To demolish. To scrape. 3. to break down. deklarasyon an n 1. dekoròm nan n Manners. waning. dekrete vi To decree*. spicy. to become dekòlte 2 attrib With bare neck and shoulders. dekrase vt To empty a container completely by cleaning it up and by removing each particle therefrom. dekoupèt attrib Cunning. dekourajman an n Discouragement*. dekloure vt unnailed.). dekale vt To chip off. worn out. W’a di’m dekiprevyen You will tell me why. to move away. tricky. vt To make sick. to declare*. Si ou pa dekanpe kounyeya. dekonnekte vt To disconnect*. dekòlte a 3 n Plunging neckline. Deklare entansyon To inform the parents of your love for their daughter. to start. to decorate*. to dishearten. to find. dekòmande vt To annul an order. To rip. propriety. 2. ragged. declaration*. worthless. dekole vt To unglue. to state. dekloke vi To go out of joint. 2. Chemen dekoupe Shortcut.45 dekage vt & vi To put a chair in its upright position (after having leaned it backward against a wall. dekapotab attrib Convertible (car). dekouvri vt To uncover *. To become incoherent. to detect. to prune. Spell (sickness). a tree. M’dekonpoze I feel indisposed. Savon sa a fè men’m dekale That soap made the skin come off my hands. cheap. I’m going to call the police. To pull out the nail. dekroke V dekoke . vulgar. dekonpozisyon an n 1. Lapli deklare It has started to rain. dekou a n The waning phase of the moon. deklete vt To open with a key. bad thing. To get down. wherefore. to remove the top. To declare. To deprive a woman of her virginity. insolent. Kadav la tap dekonpoze The body was decomposing. to launch.). To cut up. dekorasyon an n Decoration*. dekalyon Yon dekalyon A great deal of. Statement. in the meaning of ‘to beat the devil out of’. to decompose *. dekouche vi To sleep out. to unbend. to sprain. dekroke vt To unhook. dekayèt la n Type of bean (Pwa dekayèt). to make a formal declaration of marriage. dekreta vt 1. dekilakèl V kilakèl dekiprevyen The reason why. Yo dekape vyann bèf la. to give a terrible beating. M’a dekostonbre ou I am going to make mush out of you. to carve. To clear up (weather). dekonpoze vi To decay. Avowal of love. Deklete pòt la Open the door. to break. etc. to cut off. Anri fè Anèt deklarasyon Henry declared his love to Annette. dekoud vt To unstitch. Tonbe an dekonpozisyon To decay. to peal off. Li lè pou dekoke pòtre a nan mi an It’s time to take down the picture off the wall. dekrenmen attrib emaciated. the sky clears up. m’ap rele lapolis pou ou If you don’t go away fast. dekonseye vt To advise against. V deplase. dekatiye vt To cut up. dekape vt To carve. Faded. to detach itself from.

To become clear (cloudy sky). Pa gen dekwa It doesn’t matter. delala attrib Pooped out. V lage. delegasyon an n Delegation*. weakened. demoli vt To demolish*. M’ap demele’m pou m’rive alè I’m doing my best to get there on time. To set free. to loosen. tattered. 2. the day after. To save. 2. V lademann. delase vt To untie (laced* shoes). demaronnen vt To disentangle. 3. disagreeable. demachwele vt To smash s. satan. deleye vt To dilute. 2. one whose appearance leaves a lot to be desired. to plane. Deo volente. as a result of that. demaske vt To unmask*. Dejected. . demèfle attrib Down and out. to unravel. V degaje. to disentangle. to retract. demanbre vt To batter. repugnant. to strip off the skin. Said about a fish that removes the bait without getting hooked. extension of time. he was just pretending. Halfback (soccer). demi an n 1. to deny. demenajman an n Moving (out). 2. Tou sa l’ap fè la a se demonstrasyon He’s not for real. dekwa n Means. 2. To give birth. dekwaze vt To uncross*.’s jaw. demòd vi To renege. Fè demach To take steps towards.). etc. demaye vt To undo the links of a chain. demenaje vi To move. Ou delivre’l nan yon ka You saved him from that difficulty. to scrape. demagòg la n Demagogue*. ladelivrans n Delivrance*. An application (for a job. to scrape. to tear down. demanche vt To take away (or lose) the handle. demake vi To slip away furtively. demagoji a n Demagogy*. denmon an n Type of devil. Ak dekwa For good reason. step (toward). to change one’s residence. delege a n Delegate*. removal. L’ap fè demenajman He is moving out. so that. demachware attrib With a dislocated jaw. weakened. mele. evil. to dismantle. delèkè attrib Weak. to extricate one’s self. it’s the reason for. demakònen vt To untangle. lifeless. delivrans la. Half. demon an. To let loose. to deliver*. 3. demisyonnen vi To resign (from a job). to clear up. To start off. Exhausted. to dismantle*. demonte vt To disassemble. Great quantity. demen. demefyan V mefyan demelanje vt To unmix. delika attrib Delicate*. to salvage. Yon demi è Half an hour. demonstrasyon an n Demonstration*. demach la n 1. To smooth out. manner of walking. to trim a 46 demanjezon an n Itch. demantibile vt To demolish. 2. wherewithal. demanyè pou In order to. To dismount*. to tear down. delake vt To eat the bait (lak la) without getting hooked (fish). downtrodden. to put out of order. 2.o. dismembered*. Deluge*. It’s enough that. delire vi To be delirious*. to give the lie. delè a n Reprieve. Half bottle. good or bad. Don’t mention it. delivre vt 1. vi 1. V dyab. to strive. Yo demantibile vye kamyon an pou yo kab jwenn pyès derechanj They dismantled the old truck so that they could find some spare parts. demann nan n 1. demare vt To untie. gross. maimed. to leave. demon*. Loafer. denmen adv Tomorrow. deleze vt board. he was just trying to show off.D dekrote vt To clean. A request. demeplè attrib Vulgar. demanti vt To contradict. salvage. demokrasi a n Democracy*. battered. lifeless. Proceeding. Van demonte pòt la The wind knocked the door down. demele vt To untangle. demisyon an n Resignation (from a position). Deleye sik la nan kafe a Dilute some sugar in the coffee. Bra’l demonte His arm is dislocated. delatètopye From head to toe. delij la n 1. vpr To get along. dekwennen vt To skin. the following day. to dislocate. delakè a n 1. to weaken. an invalid. exhausted. Gait. to dislocate. si Bondye vle Tomorrow. exhausted. to excoriate. delage vt 1. so as to. down and out. Disagreeable person. shabby. Demen. Se dekwa pou yo kondane ou That’s enough for them to convict you. An denmon Ready for anything. 2. Refers to someone who has lost a limb.

M’konnen kimoun ki denigre’m bay chèf la I know who is saying bad things about me to the chief. some ships sink. L’ap travay jaden an demwatye He’s working the field (garden) as a share cropper. (You’re sticking to my tail. Yo mache depi Pòtoprens jis Petyonvil They walked from Port-au-Prince to Petionville. to unearth. incongruous. demwatye n Share-cropping. to overtake. dengonn n Buttocks. deng lan n Buttocks. to take the straw apart. and they are wilting. vi To go out somewhere. All. each. PRESSOIR-31: Depi yo fèt Since they were born. (The word depase is sometimes used for pase). M’pa renmen moun deplase afè’m I don’t like people to move my things. deniche vt To uncover. to make odd. 3. to denigrate*. 2. emaciated. to digress. every. To ruin. denmen V demen denmon V demon denonse vt To inform on. depanse vt & vi To spend (money). depeche vpr To hurry. to separate. to sneer at. Pa di’m okenn mo deplase Don’t tell me any improper (insolent) words. depans la n Expense*. young lady. going again). depaye vt To remove the bracts (straw. dennye attrib 1. depatya. depetre vt To disentangle. to dwindle away. unpaired. to go beyond. yo fin deperi I didn’t water my flowers. spoiled (as a set). to denounce*. 2. deplè vt To displease*. Ou sou depa ou? You’re leaving? depafini (ak) vi 1. on). (fig) To feel strange. Last.47 demontre vt To demonstrate*. DEJEAN-16: Dènye ravin pral konble Every ravine will be filled. demoralize vt To demoralize*. M’ap deplase I am going out. depann vi To depend* (de. depareye attrib same kind.) V depareye. or to change places. M’pa rouze flè yo. to clean (coffee beans). deperi vi To decay. depaman An depaman Unmatched. Unmatched. Di’l depeche’l Tell him to hurry it up. out of place. Depi gen tanpèt. to leave one’s country. Dragonfly. congressman. depasyante vi To lose patience. expenditure. Li fin depatya He is at his wits’ end. everyone. depansè a n Big spender. dispatch*. Depi’l leve lan kabann li. prep Since. not of the D deparye vt To split up. M’resevwa depèch ki di li mouri depi avanyè I received the telegram which said that he’s been dead since the day before yesterday. Pomacanthus arcuatus. depeyize vi To expatriate. Van tèlman soufle fò. to abuse. husks) from any grain-bearing vegetables. 2. . depatcha 2 attrib Shabby. of different colors (clothing. ass. the boat. to disparage. denpi conj Since. De jou depase More than two days. Type of fish.. to extricate one’s self from. Kote ou al deniche bagay sa a? Where did you dig that up? denigre vt To speak ill of. depan vi To depend*. etc. to discover. to shell (peas). etc. Ou kole nan deng mwen Get off my back. Sa depan It depends. to come loose. to come apart (straw objects). odd. deotanba adv From top to bottom. to make a slip of the tongue. section. he has become shabby. worn out. to destroy. depite a n Deputy*. depatya 1 vt To cut up. demwazèl la n 1. Dènye moun Everyone. kèk bato koule Once there is a storm. l’ap babye The minute he gets out of the bed. depenyen vt To mess up one’s hair. back. depenn vt To describe. to wear out. etc. to make uneven. as long as. Girl. li depenyen tout tèt li The wind blew so hard. depase vt To surpass*. depa a n Departure*. depatman an n Department*. Sa depase’m It’s beyond me. he starts grumbling. terminated. in bad condition.. Exhausted. To help out. depate vt To take apart each banana of a hand. to knock. attrib: Out of place. it messed up all his hair. I won’t let you be. after. once. to perish. M’nan dengon ou I’m after you. dengon. as soon as. to rave. to exceed. dènyèman adv Lately. depane. to exhaust. Mwen resi deniche kote li rete I succeeded in finding out where he is staying. deplase vt To displace* (something). to talk nonsense. 2.) V dengon. behind. depale vi To ramble. from. An dènye Last. to speak unintelligibly (as a dying person). denpi V depi dènye. depannen vt 1. To repair (to get the car. excessive. hence to shuck (corn). to dispatch *. depèch la n Telegram. depasay Passing by. to move. depi.

Depi kèk tan. to root out. Bato a derape The ship has weighed anchor (and left). deploge vt To unplug*. depotwa a n Trash deposit. depreferans adv Rather. 2. li fin deraye Since yesterday. derespektan attrib Disrespectful*. To resolve. derape. Mete an depo To store. Resolute. deploye vt To unfold. stomach upset. Si granmoun goumen ak timoun. deplotonnen vt 1. desele vt To unsaddle*. Larivyè desann There is high water in the river. to excoriate. at the beginning. etc. to become out of joint (shoulder). to get off (passenger). storage. desepsyon an n Disappointment. to talk irrationally*. 2. to place. to come down. Fè 48 deregle attrib Unruly. testimony. to annoy. out of order. really. what he said is true. deside vi 1. mechanical defect. to decide *. depozisyon an n Deposition*. to display. de sèvis prep phr On duty. determined. depliye vt To unfold. to upset (physically or mentally). janm li deranje He fell and the bones in his leg were dislocated. to descend*. deposit. depole vi To dislocate. deplimen vt To pluck the feathers. derap vi To get off. finally. in truth. Vire tounen ou bezwen pyès derechanj From time to time one needs spare parts. depo a n Storeroom. desinen vt To draw. depoze vt 1. dèrò V deyò deronte attrib Shameless. To unwind (a spool). plebeian. to be very angry. Li pral desann lan bakalorea He is going to the final exams (high school). malfunction. they hoe the ground everyday. To put. derefize vt (pop) for refize. desandans la n Offspring. Desere dan ou Say something (stop pouting). to get under way. to damage. derezonnen V varye. To disengage after an embrace. Examples and expressions: Monte desann To go up and down. deriv la n Drift. . to step down. disann vi 1. derapin nan n 1. desann. so arrogant. to gobble down. to be derailed *. derapan An derapan Upon starting. to put down. to go down. deranje vt To disturb. desant V ladesant 2 desè a n Dessert*. Type of hoe with a long blade. desèvis. to lodge. Fè desepsyon To rebuff s. 2. to start. Depoze yon lèt lapòs To mail a letter. derasinen vt To pull out plants by the roots. descendant*. desèvi vt To clear the table. A la deriv Drifting. depozisyon To testify. desanm nan n December*. depraved*. Abitan travay di. sketch. dump. disjointed. deraye vi To derail *. To stop (overnight). restless street girl. Desann ou Don’t be so fresh. deranjman an n Disturbance. (vpr) To make up one’s mind. to talk nonsense. To get down. to develop. she hasn’t been making sense (she hasn’t been herself). Desideman. to take off (airplane). dèryè V dèyè deryen prep phr Moun deryen Insignificant. To make a deposit* (for a lay away plan. to refuse*. to start (car). 3.). desen an n Drawing. she’s been leading a loose life. desere vt To loosen. 2. yo voye derapin toulejou Farmers work hard. to deliver. to unroll*. N’ap derape We’re going to start. to design*. design*. depòte vt To deport*. Li pran yon so. (attrib) Shameless. trouble. To overflow (river). to uproot. derespekte vt To be disrespectful* (towards). depri attrib Untangled (an animal). sa’l di a vre After all. Pran desepsyon To be rebuffed. to deposit*. worthless person. desi attrib Deceived*. derije Metathesis for dijere (pop). desant 1 deprave attrib Perverse (perverted). libertine. he must be out of his mind. deception *. disappointed. li deregle If an adult fights with a child. deroule vt To unreel. to cause disorder.o. to depilate. Li Fè desantdelye To visit the scene (officially). derechany prep phr Spare. vt To eat. l’ap mennen vi deregle For some time now. 2. desideman adv After all. to disarrange*.D deplezi a n Displeasure*. to move by itself (auto). vi To rave. derefize monte abò He refuses to go aboard. Fè yon depo To make a deposit (in the bank). Depi yè. Also used for irregular (referring to a woman whose period is irregular). insolent. to deposit.

To unfold. facade. puzzle. M’pa gen devan. desounen vt To stun. devi a n Estimate. detan conj While. devine. flood. desizyon an n Decision*. vi To come off. to reject. to sell at retail. devale vt To run down a slope.) changing the meaning of his words. of everything he was carrying. Detenn (sou) To run (into). to untie. To divert. detire vi To stretch one’s self. To develop*. desoule vi To sober up. devan an 1 n 1. dèt la n Debt*. devlope vt 1. vanjou adv 1. opposite. An early morning ‘koumbit’ (COURLANDER). he went to visit some friends in the vicinity. Detan Jezikri tap pale A s Jesus was speaking. can measure up to. desitye vt To get rid of. Pa mete dyòl sou mwen pou ou pa ban’m devenn Don’t say such things about me or you might give me bad luck. devire 1 vi To make a turn.o. in any event. To reopen (soldered seam). devantre vt To disembowel. Li pa vle detaye She won’t sell retail. devire a 2 n Errand. Sa ki devan? Who’s leading? Pi devan kay la Beyond the house. hindpart foremost. devan. An detay In detail. detrès la n Distress*. douvanjou. superfluous details. Penis. devanti a n Front (of a building). retail. devinè V divinò devinèt la n Riddle. M’nonmen non ou. To narrate with minute details*. away from a place (where he was formerly tolerated). devise vt To unscrew. to turn aside. enigma. detere vt To unearth. 2. devègonde attrib Shameless. destriksyon an n Destruction*. to detest*. to rip apart.o. to unravel (rope). detektif la n Detective*. devanjou. Sa’l devni? become of him? What happened to him? What has . destiny*. To examine s. meticulously as if searching for faults. To retail. V etan. to turn off. vt Devire yon koze To misquote (s. vulgar. in front (of).o. Ble detenn Faded blue. to lay waste. fate. to open (to unbolt only). devalize vt To rob s. detestab attrib Hateful. to walk ahead. detounen vt To lead astray. Before daybreak. m’pa gen dèyè I’m alone in the world.o. Pran devan To go first. detoutfason adv Anyhow. because. devas la n Disaster. desoude vi To become unsoldered. Pyè ap detenn sou ou Peter is giving you his bad manners (or) You are getting to be like Peter. devni vi To become. detou a n Detour*. detenn vi To fade. genitals. to rifle. Rad rouj la ap detenn sou rad blan an The red dress runs into the white dress. 2. subterfuge. detay la n Detail*. what’s in front. To scrutinize. Devan dèyè The front part in the back. short absence. devide vt To empty. as. to dig up. detounasyon an n Corruption. deviation. To keep s.o. to unbind. devizaje vt To give one the once over. to discolor. to detach *. to spread. detwi vt To destroy*.). Tou sa se detay Come to the point. 2. or that was in his home. divine vt To guess. detyedi vt To make lukewarm. douvan 2 prep & adv Before. devlopman an n Development*. To untack*. 2. act of God (storm. to do away with. to (be)come loose. dèske conj Since. to lead. detrui. retail. To draw (carve) an animal. to plunder. etc. Li fè yon ti devire lan katye a He is taking a short walk in the neighborhood. to unwrap. D detrese vt To unbraid (hair). to precede. deteste vt To hate. destine a n Destiny*. desten an n Fate. 3. to wheedle. devaste vt To devastate*. ahead (of). detache vt To loosen. detake vt To unlatch. to stare in order to ascertain what s. detripe vt To gut. to devine*. m’pa detounen ou (a popular saying used when the name of a deceased person is mentioned). Also Vodou term. desitire. devenn nan n Bad luck. to make groggy. misfortune.49 desiskole a n Homosexual. The front. to increase in strength. deteryore vi To deteriorate*. detaye vt 1.

devye vi To swerve. 2 deyò. disagreeable. Pote dèy To wear mourning clothes. dèyèdo a n 1. dèyè. Devoted*. M’pa wè’l depi dèzan I haven’t seen him in ages. dezagreyab attrib 1. He is out to. in the rear of. You’re a mess. dezanfle vi To go down (swelling). bash. etc. dezi a n Desire*. dissension. in pursuit of. Ou dezòd Disadvantage*. to excite. loose morals. Li konn devwa’l He really knows his duties (both material and moral). dezannouye vt 1. dezannuiye. to eject. away. homework (school). BEAUBRUN/L-31: Sèvo li ki dezekilibre His mind which is off balance. Yo vin mete de-zinyon nan fanmi an They caused dissension in the family. after. to slander. dèryè 3 adv Behind. dezobeyisan attrib Disobedient*. Mete deyò To put out. Said of a person who is always ready to render service to anyone. dezespwa a n Despair*. Title of a delightful novel entirely in Creole by Frankétienne. Rete dèyè To lag behind. dezenfekte’l Before you move into the house. devwale vt To unveil*. 2. dezekilibre attrib Out of sorts. . dezame vt To disarm*. back. devouman an n Devotion. raw rum). disequilibrated*. Yo an dezakò They disagree. disagreement. disinfect it. to deviate*. moody. unpleasantness. to let out. Also: a Vodou term. dezafi a n 1. obligation. dezaprouve vt To disapprove*. problem. dezavantaj la. unruly. back. buttocks. to throw out. San dezanpare Without stopping. 2. Misbehavior. dezabitye vi To lose the habit* of. challenge in a cockfight. dezòdone attrib Disordely (person). task. outward. to eat up. dezinyon an n Dissension. entire cockfighting season. backing (support). to ricochet. revelry. dezabiye vt To undress. promiscuity. To relieve somebody’s boredom. L’al dèyè yo He went after (pursued) them. E. dèryè prep Behind. to go out. 2. dezespere vi To despair*. Pran dèy To mourn. Sou deyò Outwardly. DEJEAN-36: Yo de-zabiye’l They undressed him. devwa a n Duty. to leave. Disagreeable*. Evite’m dezagreman Don’t give me any trouble. misunderstanding. Bitter (medicinal) plant used for stomach aches. Cockfight. dezapiye vi To stop leaning. dezè a n Desert*. dezire vt To desire*. Moun an deyò Country folks. dezagreman an n Trouble. Machann dezagreman Quarrelsome person. dezanpare vpr To get rid of. Chèz la pati pa dèyè The chair fell back(wards). devwe attrib To be devoted* to. Tifi a tonbe lan dezòd The girl has become a loose woman.D devore vt To devour*. back of. dezavantay la n drawback. Fè devye To deflect.. dèyè. dezaprann vt To forget what one has learned. dèrò adv Out. out of balance. An deyò In the country. unpleasant. dezangoudi vi To revive. A beverage made with the leaves soaked in kleren (white. dezoblijan attrib Nasty. dèyè a 1 n Behind. to sensitize. dezablaza a n Party. blameworthy (or) reprehensible act. n Exterior. dezòd 1 attrib Disorderly*. Li deyò pou He has the intention to. to disinflate *. dezenfekte vt To disinfect*. Pa dèyè Back(wards). M’bezwen dezanpare’m de li I need to get rid of him. Dèyè mòn gen mòn Behind each mountain there are still more mountains. 2. dezobeyi vt To disobey*. outside. to depart. to get away. reveal). The name comes from sori on the back side of the leaves. rear. to discover (uncover.. Cf. dezòd la 2 n Disorder*. deyò a 1 2 50 dezakò a n Discord*. An dezakò In disagreement. bottom. Sometimes refers to a person who never helps anybody. to cheer up. rear *. outside. immediately. An dèy I n mourning. bereavement. To rid one’s self of boredom. he is making plans for. dezole vt To desolate*. dèy la n Mourning. Janm dèyè yo The hind legs. BEAUBRUN/A-33: Pa janm devwale sa Never reveal the secret. away. dèzan Depi dèzan For a long time. dezas la n Disaster*. You’re disorderly. dezipe vt To unzip*. dezagrafe vt To unhook. to disparage. Grumpy. Avan ou rete lan kay la. Machwa a dezanfle The swelling of the jaw has gone down.

i. (adv) dirèk la 2 n Short form of the word direktè. disgrace. dimaten. straightforward.o. m’a fè ou konnen As soon as he comes. dimanch la n Sunday. dezonnè a n Dishonor*. Gro dife Blaze. many. dife a n Fire. chicken. dinamit la. di 2 vt To say. Vle di To mean. dibyen (Some) good. Another Creole word of the same origin (defòme) means to become deformed. dire 1 vi To last. V dechaje. an dire It seems. to instigate. delijans la n Diligence*. difficulty*. digo a. Dimanch Ramo Palm Sunday. Deformed * (born that way). favor. digdal Yon digdal A lot of. (A vat dye used in washing clothes). hard (not easy). Li chanje direk-syon He went in another direction. de twa A few. surely. Mete dife To ignite. dezotwa. that is to say. Lavi diran For life. ditch. dija V deja dijere vt To digest*. to lose the original form. dezyèmman adv Second(ly). stick. dezoutwa. In Haiti. Fè di-lijans pou mwen Do it fast. diranpandan adv All the time. diran prep During*. strenuous. dinen. 2. vt To dictate*. digonnen vt To goad. wiry. to pronounce. dire 2 Kòm ki dire As if. diksyonnè a n Dictionary*. difòm attrib Misshaped. durable*. An dire se li It seems it is he. diminwe vt To reduce. clearly. V derije. On dire. and walks fast. 2 dezose 2 vt To remove the bones of fish. Dimoman li vini. Di orevwa To bid farewell. Direct*. Ragged old clothes. bone-dry. dikte a n Dictation*. to decrease. dilatasyon an n Expansion. diferan attrib Different*. dibout V doubout dibreyis la n Rags. . difteri a n Diphtheria*. to dine*. durable*. she is lean. distorted. dinamik attrib Dynamic* (person). PRESSOIR-10: Papiyon an di’l: Mwen renmen ou The butterfly said to her (the dragonfly): I love you. dichay attrib Discharged*. dirantan. Principal (of a school). San dimanch Incessantly. difikilte a n Hardship. diplòm nan n Degree. di maten adv In the morning. Vin di To harden. without stopping. dinaza a n One’s best suit. school diploma *. lifelong. fire-brand. Yo sèvi pwason dezose They served boneless fish. dirab attrib Solid. dine a n Dinner*. difisil attrib Difficult*. emaciated. A. Fanm sa a (mache) digèt That woman walks like a goad. etc. Li fè’m dibyen He did me some favor(s). dijestyon an n Digestion*. dirèk la n 1. (adv) firmly. Medikaman an fè’m dibyen The drug did me some good. di mal Evil. diplomat la n Diplomat*. two or three. as soon as. dimoman. Bouch fanm san dimanch A woman’s mouth never keeps still. to abridge. dijesyon an. dig la n Dam. dezose attrib very thin. diminye. continuously.e. 1 D dikdantan adv A long time (ago). to goad. di moman adv From the moment when. direktè a. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-25: Laliy se bagay ki difisil Being a taxi driver is not an easy matter. dilijans la. please hurry for my sake. Director* (of an office). for a long time. Diran peryòd eleksyon sa a During this electoral period.M. Pran diplòm To graduate. one would say. 2. dige vt To prick. to stick with a finger. diferans la n Difference*. direksyon an n Direction*. Fè yon moun dimal To harm s. to diminish *. Indigofera tinctoria L. to endure*. endigo a n Indigo*. dirèk 1 attrib directly*. digèt la.51 dezonè a. Dife jenès Acne. Pa vle di (or) pa di Doesn’t mean. Digèt bwa chandèl Wooden goad which is used to make torches. In the second place. sensation. Fè dilatasyon To bring about an abortion in a particular manner. dezyèm num Second. dimal. (usu) refers to ‘noon meal’ and not ‘supper’. no ‘holidays’. to tell. to eat. dilamit la n Dynamite*. dikte 1 Boneless. canal. di 1 attrib Hard. dike*. dirèkteman adv Directly*. blue. diksyonè a. strong (that which lasts a long time). lasting. didjèt la n Goad. dine vi To lunch. I will let you know. naturally. Dife! Fire! Pouse dife To incite.

dirije vt To direct*. distraksyon an n Fun. In liaison. the letter s becomes voiced to a z. dizèt la n Dearth. disoud vt To dissolve*. . dyanni an n Junk food. djay vi To shake violently. to digress. scarcity. distrik la n District*. to have convulsions. divan an n Divan*. distraction*. never. devinè a n Fortune-teller. Fè distribisyon To distribute*. About ten. E. djenn V genn djèt la n Jet* (airplane). divizyon 2 an n Division* (arithmetic). dizèl la n Diesel*. vt To cause to disappear. Accord. disèt 2 num Seventeen. directress*. disi adv From now until. Uit è di swa Eight o’clock P. between now and. to head. diskotèk la n Discotheque*. devinèz la n Same meaning as ‘divinò’. very wide. disèt 1 Disèt lajè Very big. approval. diznèf num Nineteen. to make out (in the meaning of ‘to distinguish’ only). several. divine V devine divinèz la.. Let’s say.D direktris la n (fem) Principal of a school. Tèt diri Rice husk. famine. divengòl la n Shabby straw mat. M. feeling (for). we’re going to plant carrots. djagonal V dyagonal djak V dyak djake V dyake djakpòt V dyakpòt djal V dyal djandjan V dyandyan djanni an. Don’t get excited. When ‘distrèt’ is used. argument. N’a plante karòt disi mwa prochen Between now and next month. divizyon 1 Yon divizyon A lot of. divinò a. di swa adv In the evening. 2. couch. seer. dizon an 2 n Agreement. diswa. Disposed*. disagreement. dizon 1 Dizon di To tell the truth. djaweton an n Type of drum. Divòse ak To divorce. absent-minded.. to give out. canton. Diven kann Sugar cane juice. Disparèt ou devan’m Get out of my sight. junk. distenge 1 vt To distinguish*. diri a n Rice*. M’pa wè zanmi’m ditou I never see my friend(s) anymore. distrèt attrib Inattentive. dis num Ten. diyite a n 1. Dizan Ten years. djayi. Yon divizyon travayè fèk rive A lot of workers just arrived. distans la n Distance*. divage vi To ramble. diversion. Fi a gen dis dwèt li (or) dis dwèt li rele’l pa’l This woman is a hard worker. understanding. Pran dispozisyon To take steps. discourse*. dite a n Tea* (word used in the North). Decade (rosary). it applies to females. V te a. Cf. divès indef adj Various. disparèt vi To disappear*. Mete dlo nan diven’w Calm down. pastime. diskisyon an n Quarrel. actually. V chapitè. character. disiplin nan n Discipline*. she is skillful with her fingers. to argue. Dignity*. Slightly off balance. diven an n Wine. diskite vi To haggle. Discussion*. ditò V tò V kòm dizyèm num Tenth. divè a n Down (tiny feathers). but applies to females. disip la n Disciple*. dispoze attrib disposed.. distribisyon an n Distribution*. divize vt To divide*. dizon 3 dispozisyon an n Disposition*. lounge. distribye vt To distribute. distenge 2 attrib Distinguished* (manners). divòse vi To get divorced. Penis. to go away. Guesser at riddles (male). distracted*. to vanish. disloke vt To dislocate*. many. divòs la n Divorce*. distrè. many. diskou a n (Formal) speech. to talk nonsense. dizèn nan n 1. Diverse*. Byen dispoze Well 52 ditou adv Not at all. to discuss*. temper. divinè a. to be in charge of. dispansè a n Dispensary*.. 2.

Ak dlo nan je’l With tears in her eyes. dodin nan n Rocking chair. Doktè timoun Pediatrician. Doktè dan (or) Dantis Dentist. doliv Luil doliv Olive oil*. E. To boss over. l’ap dodomea He’s through working. domestic*. Yo vinn sou dlo They came by sea. M’pa konn dlo I can’t swim. the back of the chair is broken. field. donab. He who is last has the advantage. dòmi 1 vi To sleep. Also: Fè dodo. unless you give him something also. Li vire do ban mwen He turned his back on me. chine. gyo a n 1. 2. Ala manje dlo! What a washing (food)! (too watery) V dlololo. donmaj la n Damage*. donnab. daube *. yield of a plant or don an. Cf. Yo fè pil sou do’m (or) Yo bay sou do’m They’re talking behind my back. dole vt 1. particularly good for stewing. dyo a. a lot of water. to swing slowly. to damage*. djip la n Jeep*. roof. Also: dosou. dòmèz la. do chèz la kase Don’t lean backward. Sant manje a fè bouch mwen kouri dlo The (sweet) odor of the food makes my mouth water. paske li fò nan metye’l Everyone calls him ‘doctor’ because he is very knowledgeable in his profession. pond. Li kite madanm li do-mine’l He lets his wife boss him. stagnant water. do 2 D dodomea vi To rest. Pa kite problèm nan domine’w Don’t let it get the better of you. To cuddle. glo a. don an. therefore. dòk V doktè doki a n First son born after twins. Dlo kokoye Coconut milk. infirmity. attrib Liquid. Dènye bwè pi bon dlo The last one drinks the best water. Projè a tonbe nan dlo The project has aborted. grandon an 2 n Big. Manje a dlololo That food is nothing but water. dlololo. To get along. light. I’ll give you one. (syn) filange. 2. you have to put roof coating on it. to get (have) control. bòkò. Water. A big fat piece of meat. dòk n 1. dola a n Dollar* (USA). (Well known lullaby). learned person. Pa apiye. 3. to caress. To make one’s self master of. folding chair). Dòmi nan je’w? Are you sleepy? Dòmi pran’l He fell asleep. Tout moun rele’l ‘doktè’. water-vender. to slumber. domenn nan n Property. 2. animal. chair). to lull. se pou yo mete mastik sou li The roof of that house is leaking. Dlo sous Spring water. Examples and expressions: Dlo benit Holy water. physician. the wild-cat will eat him. V oslè. wealthy landlord. Ak Pyè se donan donan Peter won’t give you anything. To get the upper hand. official paper. Dlo lacho Whitewash. Li vire do’l. Doctor*. donmestik la n Servant. to baby. Doktè moun fou Psychiatrist. dokiman an n Document*. M’ap dole I am getting along. Machann dlo Water-carrier. Dodo ti titit manman’l. 2. Konnen yon leson kou dlo To know a lesson thoroughly. dominen vt 1. know-it-all. do a 3 n Back (person. Dlo pwa Thin beansoup. dòlote vt cherish. to domaj la. Moun domaje Lame. dòmi an 2 n Sleep. yield. doneson an n Harvest. M’pa dòmi reve sa completely forgot about that. To slice thin. liberal. to balance. djipopo V adjipopo djobe V dyobe djoke V dyoke djòl V dyòl djòlè V dyòlè djondjon V dyondyon djondjonnen V dyondyonnen djougan V dyougan dlo a. Yon gro dlo A swift current. Ma dlo Puddle. cripple. he’s taking a rest. donmaje. to dominate*. donmèz la n Type of lounging chair (long. donk conj Consequently. andomaje vt To disfigure. Cf. rendering. . Do kay la koule. dodo vi To sleep. Chinen do bourik la The spine (backbone) of the donkey. Yo mete nou dozado They caused us to become enemies. doktè a. Li fin travay. kyòlòlò attrib Watery (food). l’al fè rout li He turned and went away. dodinen vi To rock. do 1 aux v Variant of dwe. Lòt bò dlo On the other side of the ocean (sea). Sometimes abbreviated to dòk as in E. Dlo bouch Saliva. Dlo oksijene Hydrogen peroxide. 1 n Crop. donan donan Reciprocal giving. dyevo a n Sanctuary in a hounfò (Vodou temple). dòb la n Stew. domine. Doktè fèy Herb doctor. Dlo lapli Rainwater. to swing. I Word used in the knucklebone game. Si ti titit la pa dodo chat maron an va manje’l Sleep baby. Met dlo nan diven’w Calm down. dòlmann nan n A heavy jacket (coat). domain*. watery. Se domaj! What a shame! Too bad! domaje. domino a n Dominoes (game). Dòmi tronpe’m I overslept. donan attrib Generous.53 djevo a. If mommie’s little baby doesn’t sleep. Quack. Nothing for nothing. sleep. top. land. It means: If you give me one. donn nan tree. domestik la.

Double yon rad To reline clothing.D donn nan V don donnè. and resembles corn pudding. to break in (an animal). loose girl. (fig) A prostitute. expressing love and admiration (an invitation).). dous makòs. Zanmi’m gen doulè vant My friend has a stomach ache. to make him behave henceforth. to have a secong helping (food). Record. Leson an te dotan pli fasil ke se dezyèm fwa m’etidye’l The lesson was that much easier. vt To brown (cooking). douko 1 vt To paint (a car. agreeable. mild. doum V droum doumbwèy la. ladouzèn n Dozen*. doub la 2 n 1. doutans la n Doubt*. donè At a card game. doulè a n 1. dorad la n Dorado*. a refrigerator). dousè a n Sweetness. to lose time. doudous la. douko a 2 n Enamel paint for metal. to line (a garment). dotan pli ke conj phr All the more (since. doubout. adousi vt To sweeten. Duco* (trade name). douzyèm num Twelfth. Second copy. ache. etc. dosou a n The first boy born after twins. Pyebwa sa a pa donnen ankò This tree doesn’t produce anymore fruit. Fè doudous pou To caress. 2. An doub Original and one copy. dousi. doukounou an n A pastry similar to a hard akasan wrapped in a banana leaf. someone else’s dou adv 1. dosis*. dòz la n Dose*. double vt To double*. mixture. doye vt To tell (read) cards from marks on their back or edges. douzèn nan. insolent. as). tranquil. Standing. (fig) To take hold of a person. dous 2 attrib Sweet. Also: doki. a piece of eight. Chabin dore A woman with light skin and golden yellow hair. to start (over) again (rain. Sorcery. douk la n Bump. bad smell. donzèl la n 1. i. Koupe douk A children’s game involving fingers. tender. Yon fou dou A non violent insane person. doute vt & vi To doubt*. 1. Fè zye dou To eye s. dous la 3 n A milk based confection. douzenn nan. PRESSOIR-21: Bèl ti zèl dore Beautiful golden wings. Coryphaena hippurus. Tete doubout Pointed (erect) teats. donte vt To tame. Double*. Chemen douk Bumpy road. M’pa vin donnen isit I didn’t come here to stay (too long). V dout. Doubloon*. dossier*. soft. To show an outgrowth (malignant pustule or pimple). douvan V devan douvanjou V devanjou douyèt attrib Delicate (person). Story. Pain. gilthead (fish). to overtake (pass) a vehicle. to tame him. dore attrib Golden. M’donnè I won 4. salt. doumbrèy la n Dumpling (a ball of dough in soup). to take the devil out of him. dosye a n chair). dosage*. V dosou. to reinforce. To yield a harvest (fruit). Back (of a dòt la 1 n Dowry*. Vyann donnen Outgrowth of flesh and skin. 3. cinnamon. dosil attrib Docile*. 2. dibout attrib 1. 3. doublon an n Antique coin. to repeat. Girl.o. dous 2 attrib Gentle. A loa (Don Pedro). dous 1 vt To sweeten. sugar. dout la n Doubt*. doub 1 attrib Double*. donnen vi 1. 2. 2. Doub sis Two sixes (in games). Types: dous lèt. dou. Santi dou To have a peculiar. Fresh. 2. dotwi Byen dotwi goods. ladoudous n Something sweet. dousman adv Slowly. donpèd n 1. 2. doukla attrib Dan doukla Crooked (out of line) tooth. gilded. 2. quietly. like the smell of a fish. M’gen yon doub pou’m ba ou I have a story to tell you. (fig) To fool around.. gossip. douch la n Shower (bath). anguish. douz num Twelve. etc. to frost (cake). since I was studying it for the second time. dore 1 2 54 begin. V doutans. to overtake a car. It countains corn. dosa a n Girl born after twins. dòt 2 V lòt dotan ke. erect. 2. etc. A child will say ‘Douk ou!’. if you win 4 straight games.e. Double yon klas To repeat a grade (in school). Wench. 1 The neighbor’s. If a girl: dosa. Double yon machin To pass. Double (or) Kase double To . Grief.

djage vt To stab. Fè ledwa To study law. V demon. To erect. drivayè a. dwatèt Pa dwatèt Should not. ought. drivaye vi To drift. 5 n Law. To dish out. dronm nan n (Oil. you must go now. Pòl te gen kont ak fi a. Li pa vin travay.o. any large container in the form of a drum. to keep dragging. for a long time. Aladriv Drifting. djake vt To jack * up (car). Zèb la vini dri (or) Zèb la pouse dri The grass grows thick. must. D dwa a 2 n 1. M’se dra You are putting the blame on me to cover your own mistakes. li dyage’l Paul got into an argument with the girl. 1. now they are enemies. strange.). dwa a 3 n Tax. drivayèz V drivayè drive vi To drift.o. Konbyen ou dwe’m How much do you owe me? dwèl la n Stave (of a cask). cloth. dyabèt la n Diabetes*. dyagonnal. djak la n screw-jack (tool). draje a n Candy. etc. to give a potion to s. di verite He has the right to talk. 4. li dwe malad He didn’t come to work. drapery*. V drive. doum nan. since I’ve seen him. dren an n (underground) Drainpipe*. 3. dwa 1 Kom sa dwa. gasoline) Drum*.o. wanderer. Drese kò ou Sit up straight. Se koupe dwèt! It’s so delicious! Gen dwèt long To be thievish. drèt V dwat dri attrib & adv Thick. One who never stays home. loafer. Right. to stand erect. dyak la.o. Soulye’w ap drive nan tout kay la Your shoes are all over the house (not in their proper place). often. female ghost. to be possible. gyab la n Demon. Straight. Bay dwa To entitle. to dress* (food). bedsheet. drese vt 1. may. Fè tou dwat Go straight ahead. drayvin nan n Drive-in* (cinema). dyab la. heroin. to wander. dyagonal. Dyake’m Help me out. dwe 2 vt To owe. Drese kabann To make the bed. dwayen an. komsadwa As it should be. frequent(ly). Dwa lanmò Tax(es) paid by an heir to legalize and transfer his inheritance on the records. Li gen dwa pale. Je drandran Eyes with gummy eyelids. drapo a n Flag. (fig) To lift up (s. Jack* (cards). (adv) Straight. dweyen an n Dean*. yo vin dozado These two were great friends. he hasn’t returned yet. Soulye li dwategòch He has the wrong shoe on the wrong foot. Yon chat dis dwèt A thief. dwa a 4 n Inch. 2. jack me up. djagonal la n Diagonal *. he may be sick. to say the truth. An dwa = gen dwa. To train (horse. Drese tèt ou Raise your head. to serve. dray klining nan n Dry cleaning *. Li an dwa fè sa He is within his rights. close-knitted.. drapri a n Curtain. driv la n Drift. Tèt li pa drèt He is slightly demented. rover. Right as opposed to left. dròl attrib Funny. dwe 1 vi 1. dra a n Blanket. Dwèt jouda Index finger. drandran attrib Gummy. satan. Bèl driv A long time ago. to have to. dwategòch attrib & adv Mixed-up. Kenbe bwa drapo a To maintain one’s dignity in spite of adversity. to get s. dròg la n Drug* (marijuana. Kwense yon moun lan dyagonal To corner s. Liy dwat Straight line. droum nan. must not. dram nan n Drama*. dyage. dwa a. dwat. Gen bèl driv depi m’pa wè’l It’s a long time. To straighten. devil *. Doyen. 2. droll*. Jack*. suspicious. ou dwe ale The time has come. direct. ledwa lwa2 a. li poko tounen He went to school a long time ago. Drese yon lis To make (prepare) a list. to wander around. Lè a rive. L’al lekòl bèl driv.55 dozado attrib Back to back. queer. finger (a measurement). dyake. . dragon an n Dragon*. Pote rad nan dray To carry clothes to the dry cleaning establishment. drèt attrib 1. The word drivayèz applies to a woman. opposite. Jwèt drapo A children’s game. Depi dyab te kaporal A long time ago. Gason konsa pa dwatèt pote pantalon Such men should not wear pants (From a song). Li gen dwa pa wè sa Maybe he didn’t see that. Should. dray la. An dyagonal Diagonally. De moun sa yo te zanmi. PRESSOIR-22: Menm si yo dwe boule zèl yo Even if they have to get their wings burnt. V dwany lan n Paterfamilias. unusual. dril la n Drill* (tool). shroud. dog). bum. bed clothes. MORISSEAULEROY/A-18: Sa’l pat dwe fè What he should not have done. to loiter. dyablès la n She-devil. drivayèz n Drifter. dwèt la n Finger. peculiar. he stabbed her. demon. 2. banner.) droge vt To drug*. Men dwat Right hand.

M’ap rive a katrè I shall arrive at 4. èd la. to flunk. rende. chwe vi 1. consequence. djola a n Straw sack. efè a 1 n Effect*. dyòl la. scarf *. djòb la n Employment. dyal la. solid. Inè One o’clock (or) One hour. efas la n Eraser. work. Yon ebenis fèt pou l’gen rap li pou travay A cabinet maker must have his grater to do his work. edisyon an n Edition*. Tiyo echapman oto The exhaust pipe in a car. strong. educated*. djòl la. djakpòt la n Jackpot*. relief. band (popular music). dyanm. dyobè a. An efè Indeed. V gòm. To run aground (ship). 2. Joseph. V dyakout. bewildered. 2. djondjonnen vi To proliferate. he is a gourmet. muddled. to aid*. o’clock. dyaze. robust. djandjan attrib Many-colored. vivacious. Rann ebete To dull. Also: bòs ebenis. Senkè Five o’clock (or) Five hours. gyobe vi To do a piece of work. dyakoukout la n Type of torture whereby a person is jacked up and beaten. Nan dyòl ou! Oh Yeah! The same to you. dyondyon an. to assist. djanm attrib Firm. efè a 2 n Belongings. ebennis la n Cabinet maker. To end up (somewhere). education. To cast an evil spell (on). dyondyonnen. djoke vt To bewitch. V vomi. djougan attrib Active. graft. stupid. è n Hour*. Also: big success. to bring up. to talk nonsense. Scaffold*. dyòb la. ende vt To help. dumbfounded. dyola a. dyaz la. efektivman adv Effectively*. job*. edike vt To educate*. dyobe. chantiyon n Sample. dyaman an n Diamond*. Sash. Li gen bon dyòl He likes to eat. 2. hebetate. Yo rete dyòl ouvri They were flabbergasted. (Used between two clauses and not between two words). ledikasyon an n Instruction. racket. efase vt To erase. djaze vi To ramble. schaffolding*. ebenis la. dyakpòt la. to render stupid. to fall through. dyesèlmevwa a (bat). dyòk la. djondjon an n Mushroom in general and specially a species of small black mushroom. djòlè. trade. dyapòt la. To fail. ebete. djal la n Girl* (friend). jende. loud-mouthed. laponyèt 56 dyougan. task. to gossip. gaudy. echapman an n Exhaust. well-built. Kay isi sanble yo dyanm The houses here seem solid. echap la n 1. dyandyan. face. gal*. bag. M’ap rive nan katrè I shall arrive in four hours. Well-bred. dyare a n Diarrhea*. gyòl la n Snout. echalòt V chalòt echantiyon an. Senatè a gen dyòl dous The senator can soft (sweet) talk you. ede. slot machine. E e conj And. Li ban’m yon ti èd He helped me out a little. 2. gyòlè attrib Boastful. Li rete dyòl loulou With his mouth wide open in astonishment and admiration. E. dazed. eboulman an n Landslide. V maldyòk. djòk la n Evil spell. People don’t like men who brag too much. dyòlè. Helper. Bra an echap Arm in a sling. . djobè n Jobber*. Moun pa renmen gason ki dyòlè. djaz la n Jazz*. Aid*. dyakout la n Matted straw bag to be thrown over the shoulder. lèd la n 1. Seahorse. Pyebwa a tonbe e nonm nan blese The tree fell and the man was injured. Bay dyakpòt To vomit. ide. echwe. help. It is smaller than a ‘makout’. efarouche vt To frighten. Tretman an pa fè efè The treatment didn’t have any effect. Cf. Youn krache lan dyòl lòt They agreed to tell the same story (falsehood). Lonje dyòl To pout. good manners. Fè dyaz To vomit. n Masturbation. dyazmann nan n Member of a musical band. upbringing. djobe.E dyakoukoul la. Boletus aereus. mouth (of animals). dyèt la n Diet* (restricted feeding). dyevo V djevo Dyo n Joe. energetic. ebyen V enben echafo a n 1. Sling. ride. dyoke. 3. Cf. enbete attrib Idiotic. breeding. edikasyon an. to do a job. Doktè mete’m nan dyèt The physician put me on a restricted diet.

egoyis 1 attrib Selfish. egzèse vt & vi To exercise*. konomi. zegrè a n Acidity of the stomach. ekiri a. egare attrib Stupid. even (of surfaces). Groom ekla a n 1. Shoe polish. intelligent. to train. naive. egrè a. Egzante’m dezagreman Don’t give me any trouble. egzamen an n School exam*. to strive. test. ekòl V lekòl èkondisyone a n Air conditioning*. Stable. to equalize*. egzijans la n Demand. to light. 3. to unravel (a question). Fè egzèsis To exercise. Egal ego Evenly. efreyan attrib Frightful. egal attrib Equal*. ekilib la n Balance. n 1. egzaminen vt To examine *. educated. precise. staggered). to survey. to ekòs la. legal term: (Ne) exeat. egzema a n Eczema*.57 efò a. klèsi vt To clarify*. extraordinary. difficult. equilibrium*. egzibisyon an n Show. . egzakteman adv Exactly*. to insist upon. to ponder. ekaymann nan shells. Fragment. to look into. to even up. even Stephen. endeavor. experienced. ekaliptis la. smart. ezanp la n Example*. 2. n Craftsman who works with Beakpod eucalyptus. Egalize cheve a bò isit Cut some more hair on this side. to practice. egziste vi To exist*. Nan pwen moun ki egzan Nobody is exempt. sour stomach. marvelous. to fulfill instructions. 2. to avoid (exempt). accurate. egzanp la. Pou yo pa pran nou pou egare So that they don’t take us for fools. ekonomize. Ou ap egzèse foli You are acting crazy. ekay la n Shell. egzan attrib Exempt*. hard. exhibition *. economy*. exacting (said of a person who requires too much). lekiri a (stable man). efondre vi To collapse. Lat. 2. to clear up. egzije vi To demand. ekou a n Nut. egzaminasyon an n Worries. ekip la n Team. to drill. amazed. E egzèsis la n Exercise*. at par. Ou pa si fre kon ou efreyan You are more frightful than beautiful. egalize. bewildered (off the track. practice. Ki pa egal Unequal. to rehearse. necessary. Chèf dekip Foreman (of a group of workers). piece. egzeate vt To release from hospital. klere vt To enlighten. fè jefò To endeavor. stall. M’pa ekipe pou sa I am not equipped for that. egzak attrib Exact*. inquiry. eklèsi. konomize economize*. to kill. Li pati yon ekla (d)ri He burst out laughing. ekolomi. lekipay la n 1. demonstration. Also: bay egzeat. to train. egou a. to lighten. splinter. eklips la n Eclipse*. to give way. enlightment. outburst. eklere. egzeat la n Permit (to leave a hospital after treatment). bright. equally. ekipe vt To equip *. Crew. regou a n Sewer. to execute*. to equal*. egzekite vt To carry out. gaping. kipay la. to explore. eklis la n Fragment. drill. Bay egzeat To release from hospital. Pa egzanp For instance. egzile vt To exile*. screw*. egzijib attrib Required. (adj) Well-informed. clever. èfolè a n Custard. kòs la n Bark (of a tree). kolomi n Savings. to investigate. culture. eklè V zeklè eklerasyon an n Education. to go over. egzijan attrib Demanding. to shun. Gear (saddle. Fè ekonomi To save (money). ekipay la. civilized. jefò a n Effort*. Ban’m rap la pou’m egalize bwa a Give me the scraper so that I can even up this board. training. Fè efò. egzante vt To spare. egzistans la n Existence*. ekonomi an. saddle-cloth) of a horse. to exaggerate*. egoyis la 2 n Egoist*. smooth. egzajere vi To overdo. to review. vt To save money. kaliptis la n eucalyptus. efrayik attrib Fantastic. ekè a n Square* (tool for drawing). drain. level. galize vt To smooth. egoism. Burst. brilliant. dumbfounded.

E. lewd. elaji V laji elan an n Pran elan To get set. 2. he is acting like his father. etsetera And so forth. penmanship. anbete ende V ede endèks la n Index* finger. Pase ekriti To note down. espoze vt exhibit. enben. emaye attrib Enamelled* emoraji a n Hemorrhage*. Fè eksplikasyon To go in anger to s. San eksperyans Without experience. to dispatch. esperyans la n 1. In counting. fair. enbetan V anbetan enbete V ebete. elèv la n Pupil. elevasyon an. exhibition. V gangans. Used in set phrases.o. to expedite*. not well brought up. to excite*. to display. elatriye Etc. elegans la n Elegance*. en 1 num One. eman V leman emay la n Enamel*. etc. to get emotional. unruly. improper. ekriti a. espozisyon an n Display. elefan an n Elephant*. elektrik la n Electricity*. friendly. eksplike. Mal elve Rude. Scripture*. ennan One year. Agressive magic in which a loa or a spirit is sent out by the houngan to work against some person. take undue advantage of. eleksyon an n Election*. elastik la n Rubber band. dummy. enthusiasm). chopper. Experiment. Cf. Vil la gen elektrik The town has electricity. rearing. to train. eksite vt To rouse. . emab attrib Amiable*. lendependans n Independence*. en. elektrisyen an n Electrician*. To expose *. elimine vt To eliminate*. endesan attrib Indecent* (of persons). to ekspozisyon an. student. prep Except* for. Also: dwèt jouda. Also: eksetera era. elit la. ekri vt To write. levasyon an n (pop) Education. Fè elòj To praise. ekstèminen. well then. show. Eli n Elias*. In a liaison. expedition*. etc.E ekoulman an n Gonorrhea. elve vt To breed. V sòt. twa = One. ekran an n Screen* (cinema). to educate (children). not properly trained. Li se elèv papa’l He is a chip of the old block. elastic*. to arouse. A character (person). elikoptè a n Helicopter*. Experience*. for instance: en an. esepte Except that. enbesilite a n Foolishness. espedye vt To ship. to incite. eksepte. anben interj So. esplwate vt To exploit *. hen 2 interj What! enb attrib Humble*. to raise. ebyen. estèminen vt To exterminate*. lekriti a n Handwriting. esplike vt To explain. ekspedisyon an.. elemantè attrib Elementary* (class). espedisyon an n 1. de. well brought up. emosyon an n Emotion*. Also: Vodou term. ekspoze. claps (colloquial). enbesil attrib Stupid. 2. endepandans la. polite. kind. instruction. and so forth. description. Poud elevasyon Yeast. eksè a n Excess*. elegant*. sign. Byen elve Welltrained. notice. to do away with. ‘youn’ is also used. E. elegan attrib Smart. de. esplikasyon an n Explanation. Exposition*. endepandan attrib Independent*. ekspedye. well-bred. to make a record of. lelit n Elite* elòj la n Praise. En. twa (or) youn. fool. eleman an n Element*. to get excited* (from anger. Fè yon eks-pozisyon To exhibit (paintings. Curse. and demand an explanation for his words or acts. ‘en’ is pronounced ‘enn’. eksperyans la. 2. MORISSEAULEROY/D-5: Lage’m avan eleksyon Set me free before the elections.). writing. endesans la n Indecency*. Eksepte ke 58 elektrisite a n Electricity*. eksplwate. Cf. eksplikasyon an. to bring up. to rear. esepsyon an n Exception*. Shipment.* eksetera. two. official document. imbecile*. three. endiferan attrib Indifferent. Fè emosyon To suffer an emotion. ekrito a n Poster. eksepsyon an.

loss of consciousness. èni an n Hernia*. endirèkteman adv Indirectly*. enkonpetan attrib Incompetent*. sickly. enfòme vt To inform*. enkwayan an n Unbeliever. enkredil attrib Sceptic. enkonpetans la n Incompetence*. énmi an. anxiety. outraged. He escaped from the fangs of death. enfimyè Nursing. enhen Yes.’s nerves *. anflamasyon n Swelling. concern. (He passed out) and almost died. endigo V digo endijan attrib Indigent*. anxious. listless. enkonsekan attrib Carefree. listless. enkoutan attrib Stubborn. enjistis la. fit. enkyetan attrib Worrisome. Situation without an apparent solution. in good health. O. alert. to inquire. To be worried. endividi a. preoccupied. Ingrate*.’s health).e. unthankful. Se lenkonduit ki mete’l la His bad conduct* put him in that position. irritable (person). eager. enkonsolab attrib Inconsolable*. Indigestible*. Metye E enganm attrib Elegant. To faint. restlessness. very poor. enflamasyon an. V maklouklou. enkapab attrib Unfit. enjis attrib Unfair. Cf. Intolerant. enfliyans la n Influence*. nèvan attrib Irritating. 2. enkyetid la. enpas la n 1. endijesyon n Indigestion*. endistri a n Industry*. endiye attrib Indignant*. indication*. lenkyetid n Worry. li manke mouri. lenjistis n Injustice*. nève vt To upset. lenkonduit n Improper behavior. endiskrè attrib Indiscreet*. to irritate. anfòm. enkoutab attrib Stubborn. enèji a n Energy*. enpasyan attrib Impatient*. V estropye. pwa enkoni. endiyasyon an n Indignation*. restless. contemptible. unjust*. enferyè attrib Lower (in quality). lenfranjit la n An illness characterized by swollen feet. enfimyè a n Nurse (for sick people). atheist. engra attrib Ungrateful. unrefined. vulgar. Lafimen an te enkomode’m The smoke made me feel sick. not broken in (animal). no through street. To upset (emotionally). endont attrib Untamed. elmi adversary. dividi a n An individual *. endispozisyon an n Sudden sickness. to get on s. Blind alley. Se nan bouch lanmò li sòti He had a violent attack last night. enji a n Insult. lénmi. Indisposition*. stroke. Cf. 2. lengratitid n Ingratitude*. Chwal endont A horse that has not been broken in. infirm*. Indian* cloth.o. Indisposed*. gross. enfim attrib Cripple. endikasyon an n Direction. . lelmi. attack (illness).. inferior*. a character. architect. endijestyon an. rude. enfeksyon an n Infection*. disobedient. incredulous*. cul-de-sac. to be injurious to s. inflamation*. V donte. enfòmasyon an n Information*. E. (Also a variant of ‘edike’). to acquaint. disobedient. to inquire. in good shape. enèvan an. enkyete vt To worry. enkriminen vt To incriminate*. n Enemy*. Li enfim depi aksidan oto a He has been a cripple since the car accident. To make nauseous. preoccupied. 2. worried. enève. fainting spell. inconvenience*. enkonsyan attrib Unrealistic.o. Li fè yon sèl en-dispozisyon yè swa. angry. incompetent. enkonduit la. enfranjit la. enkyè attrib Concerned.59 endiferans la n Indifference*. foe. endyèn nan n Printed calico. enkwayab attrib Unbelievable. problem.K. inconsequential. engratitid la. to notify. endike vt To indicate*. enjenyè a n Engineer. enkomode vt To inconvenience (i. enfekte vt To infect*. enkonvenyan an n Hindrance. to get ill. incredible*. endijès attrib 1. Pran enfòmasyon To enquire. enkoni attrib Unknown. endispoze vt 1. Cf.

enposib attrib Impossible*. lensten n Instinct*. enstriksyon an. impudent. ensiyifyan attrib Stupid. 4. entimite a n Intimacy*. When I’m settled. lenterè n Interest*. eagerness. 2. somewhat. profitable. to call (a minister before parliament). worthless. entesten an n Intestine*. To install* one’s self. entèl indef pron So and so. ensidan an n Incident*. enpi V epi enpo a n Tax. More frequently heard is ensolanste. entelijan attrib Clever. entansyon an. enteroje vt To interrogate*. impertinence. to write in. m’a enstale’w ak yon kou If you get me angry. some. to question. To install * (in office). ensèten an. en pe A little. enpè a n Blunder. To settle down. ensten an. To interest* one’s self in. to cross-examine. to enroll. To knock down. to prohibit. much. enpoze vt 1. intelligent*. 2. Respekte leta pa enpoze’n sèvi Bondye Having respect for the State doesn’t prevent us from serving God. insulting (applies to persons). to abuse. entènasyonal attrib International*. “intèl” is used for females. lenpresyon n Impression*. enstalasyon an n 1. Entèl te vini yè? Did so and so (you know who) come yesterday? Ordinarily. enpòte vt To import*. to startle. to render numb. enterè a. Interpreter*. enteronp vt To interrupt*. to hinder. entèji vt To stun. ensolans la n Insolence*. entèple vt To invoke. . lensèten attrib Uncertain*. Ak enpasyans Impatiently*. Komèt yon enpè To commit a blunder. Installation. a bit of. ensandi a n Fire. a few. to try to be funny. disrespect. enstale vt 1. ensolan attrib Impertinent. 3. Fè enpridans To expose one’s self to sickness. enspeksyon an n Inspection*. 2. affront. to put on airs. entatad attrib Senile. enteresan attrib 1. ensolanste a n Insolence*. ensilte vt To insult*. entak attrib Intact*. enprime vt To print*. to ban. to show off. enpòtan attrib Important*. Careless. uncertainty*. entelijans la n Intelligence*. instinct. learned. ensiste vi To Insist*. lenstriksyon n Instruction*. entelektyèl la n Intellectual*. ensolanstri a n Insolence*. entèdi vt To forbid. gaga. wise. enstrui. enstwi attrib Instructed*.E enpasyans la n Impatience*. entèprèt la n 1. ensilt la n Insult*. ensiswatil Amen. lentansyon n Intention*. enskripsyon an n Registration. Interesting*. to survey. enpètinans la n Impertinence*. enpridan attrib Imprudent*. blaze. insolent*. Ou pa kab enpoze’m volonte’w You can’t impose your will on me. entim attrib Intimate*. ensètitid la. 60 enspekte vt To inspect*. eagerly. I’ll knock you down on the ground. enskri vt To register. entimide vt To intimidate*. enprimri a n Printing* plant. m’a envite’w lakay. amusing. 2. To forbid. educated. One who is always ready to add an explanation. Lò m’fin enstale. enterese vt To interest *. lensètitid n Incertitude*. enpridans la n Imprudence*. Facilities. entène vt To hospitalize. 2. scornful. To impose*. Interested*. Also: Entène lopital. design. many. I’ll invite you to come to my house. insult*. Si ou fè’m fache. enstriman an n Instrument*. abuse. enpe. conflagration. enpresyon an. to prevent. ensipòtab attrib Unbearable. important. entèvyouve vt To interview*. Fè enteresan To act big. to inscribe*. understanding. enpòtans la n Importance*. enspektè a n Inspector*. enpètinan attrib Impertinent*. education.

wi! V evite envizib 1 attrib Invisible*. esklann nan n Row. Eròp. drifter. Therefore. to err*. eskize vt To excuse*. epe a. period. to test. envalid. eskandal la. envazyon an n Invasion*. very tired. envite 3 E erè a. 2. exhausted. epay la n Savings. zepis la n Spice*. to say one is sorry. shoes.o. no occupation. luckily. to compel. epòk la. lerè n Mistake. tow the line. erèz attrib (fem) Happy. eskandalèz attrib Uproarious. ou a erente Don’t lift anything heavy. epeng V zepeng epesè a n Thickness. èsès Fè yon moun mache èsès To make s. Fè erè To be mistaken. epa V apa epav la n Idle person. to economize. you’ll sprain yourself. erèzte a n Happiness. enpi conj And. epitou. epouste vt To dust. leritay n Inheritance*. to be abused. uproarious. Fè skandal To cause a scandal. eseye. epe attrib Thick. envite 1 vt To invite*. Pòl. scandal. Pa leve bagay lou. It corresponds to the English auxiliary ‘do’ (does). envitasyon an n Invitation*. eponj la n Sponge*. èske Introductory phrase used to form questions. leskalye a n Stairs. commotion. Afòs m’mete’l. . epoch *. pidemi an n Epidemic*. one who has no home. entrouvab attrib Hard to find. Its use is optional. Fè eskiz To beg for pardon. Eskize. envite a 2 n Guest. Please excuse me. lepe a n Sword. epè. To read with difficulty. experimentation. eskanp la n Crease. else’s house. eritaj la. cripple. excuse*. eskiz la n Apology. to avoid. ere attrib Happy. esetera V etsetera eseyay la n Fitting of clothes. and thereupon. Te’m fè yon esè Let me give it a try. eskapilè a. as a matter of eple vt 1. Fè epay To save. eskive vt To dodge. fold(s) of the trousers. Nan lerè (or) Nan erè In error. zepi a n Ear of corn.61 entorije vt To oblige. Printing proofs. entrigan an n Schemer. eskanpe attrib Creased. epi tou conj fact. erente attrib Exhausted. hardship. intriguer*. to elude. envansyon an n Invention*. 2. skandalè attrib Noisy. error*. seye vt To try. not to be found. I am leaving. Extract. envantè a n Inventory*. erite vt To inherit*. epidemi an. Pantalon an byen eskanpe The trousers are well creased. to pardon. entrig la n Intrigue*. envalib 2 attrib Idle. do you want to eat now? eskente attrib Very tired. to devise. nepe a. (usu) used with female beings. erozyon an n Erosion*. trial (tryout). Nan chak epòk In each period. erèzman adv Fortunately. to rub down. the spiritual world. pantalon an pèdi eskanp li I had worn my pants so much that they had lost their crease. An Eròp In Europe. etc. skapilè a n Scapular*. loud. eprèv la. eskandalè. esè a n Attempt. eskalye a. entyò V etyò envalid la. ancestors. epis la. plot.o. lepòk n Time. èske ou vle manje konnyeya? Paul. envante vt To invent*. eritye a n Heir*. to endeavor (to do something). epi 1. and who is always at s. esans la n Essence*. Leròp n Europe*. Manje a gen anpil epis The food is spicy. envalib la 1 n Invalid*. Trials and tribulations. epi 2 mayi a. To spell*. envizib la 2 n Invisible spirits. uproar. envesti vt To invest*. lazy. zeprèv n 1. then. skandal la n Scandal*. Mach eskalye Step.

steamship*. V tann. eskòte vt To escort*. wonderstruck. To hope. commotion. To send.) V kòve. estravagan attrib Extravagant*. related or otherwise. in the Dominican Republic. spesyal attrib Special*. esoufle attrib Panting. Pa espre Purposely. who assist each other in their work (COURLANDER). To be angry because of injured pride. espas la n Space*. etc. estennbay vi To stand* by. gap. esprès Fè esprès To jump on a running vehicle (car. Servant. To exorcise. An association of loas. esperans la n Expectation. to wait. 2. stimè a n Steamer*. esplandè a. esperyans V eksperyans espesyal. beauty. estad la. Second hand clothing. Seyans espirit Seance. ekspoze vt To expose*. estèmine. estimè a. espante attrib Astonished. on purpose. ekspòte vt To export*. estravagans la n Extravagance*. V fwase. Yon fètespre A voluntary act. to trust. Lespay n Spain*. to exhibit. hard blow. lespwa n Hope. estòk V stòk estomak V lestomak estomake. Pran yon espant lan batay To receive a hard blow in a fight. esklavaj la. espè a n Expert*. eskonbrit la n Mess. espre adv On purpose. stage. hope. springfil n Springfield* rifle. so I quit. eksplozyon an n Explosion*. squadron* (group of soldiers. eskòpyon V skòpyon eskòt la n 1. to eskonte 2 vi To get (paid) one’s salary in advance (less a discount*) . eskout V skout eskwad la n Squad*.). espionnen vt To spy* on. 2. M’te trò esklav travay la. espò V spò espòte. trust. esplikasyon V eksplikasyon esplike V eksplike esplozyon an. cut. espyon an n Spy*. Nan panyòl In Santo Domingo. espesyalman. overpowered. stetoskòp la n Stethoscope*. espekilatè V spekilatè espektak V spektak espektatè a. estènen V etènue estetoskòp la. estonmake attrib To be offended. to expect (to). (pop) To wait for. specially. short-winded. estòp V stòp estope V stope estrad la n Platform. espedye. estasyon V stasyon estat V stat estatè V statè estati V stati estekoun nan n 1. causing unexpected physical damage. 2. Fè esplozyon To explode. bòt. hurt. surprised. spektatè a n Spectator*. m’kite sa I was too tied down (dedicated) to that job. estèminen vt To exterminate*. splandè a n Splendor*. expressly*. spesyalman adv Especially*. ekspedye vt 1. 2. stad la n Stadium*. noise. blast. espri V lespri espwa a. lesklavaj n Slavery*. Fè yon estimasyon To give an estimate. panyòl n Spaniard. Espay. estimasyon an n Assessment. Mete nan esklavaj To enslave*. Cf. train.E esklav la n Slave*. espere vi 1. estimate*. Escort*. because your feelings have been hurt. . workers. hole. Gen inè depi m’ap espere’w I’ve been waiting for you an hour. espwennfil. espedisyon an. eskonte hope. startled. 1 62 espirit la n Spiritism*. estime vt To esteem*. stannbay. etc. espànyòl. espadon an n Swordfish. espoze. Cf. vi To intend (to). Spanish *. to expect. Anplwaye a nan eskont The employee regularly gets paid in advance (suffering a discount). koumbit. to forward. eskont la n Advance payment of salary (at a discount*). espant la n Surprise blow. ekspedisyon n Evil spell. estannbay. To expedite*.

etidyan an n Student*. pompous ass. etwèt Strait*. eksetera. vantay n Fan (hand held device cooling the air near one’s face). Aletranje Abroad. Also: etsetera era. Ézili-Freda is benevolent. zetriye a n Stirrup*. we bow our heads. Cf. to avert. evèk la n Bishop. etandòt And so many others.). hesitancy*. entchò attrib Bourik etyò A large donkey kept for breeding. stamp. etranje a 2 n Foreigner. To display. estyèm. evakue. Provèb la di: Nèg sòt se evénman The saying goes: A stupid person is a terrible thing. etanp la n Branding iron. esetera. condition. etensèl la. to spare. estènen. tight. antan 2 conj While (at the time when). etoufman an n Suffocation. a made-up story. etwal V zetwal etyò. etoudisman an. evolue. etanpe V tanpe Etazini n United States*. banner. joke. estraòdinè attrib Unusual. ete a. To maim. fa a 2 n Lighthouse. fairy-tale. astonished. Cf. to cripple. eyè a. evénman an. lete n Summer. Li etale tout afè’l nan lari He lets everybody know his business. tabli 2 vt 1. 3. eta 2 V leta etabli a. E. eta a 1 n State*. to snort (animals). label. V detan. etajè a. eten an. to stretch out. to switch off (light). To establish *. to consider. ezitasyon an n Hesitation*. etranj attrib Strange*. etc. stuff*. leten an. . letajè a n Shelf. Zili n Erzulie* (goddess). 2. etanda a n Standard*. etidye vt To study*. envite vt To avoid*. stranger*. ten an n Tin*. etwa. A letaj On the first floor. Cf. Fard*. etranje 1 attrib Foreign. etc adv Et cetera. levénman n A (rare) event *. V monseyè. To knock down. etabli. marriages. marriages. evolye vi To develop. V jis. plètil. etid la n Study*. to turn out. etenn. evite. tann vt To extend*. vertigo. etènye. fab la n Fable*. entyò. to evolve*.63 estròdinè. F fa a 1 n Make-up (for the face). ticket*. etriye a. Lèt evapore Evaporated milk. to etikèt la. Ézili. ezite vi To hesitate*. To cohabit with a woman. interj Kerchoo! (onom). etsetera. tensèl la n Spark. To be amazed. happening. guest. Kay la gen senk etaj The house has five floors. calamity. M’a etale ou I’ll floor you (knock you down). imported. etòf la n Cloth. etalon an n Stallion*. toudisman an n Dizziness. Ofisye eta sivil Registrar of vital statistics (births. estropye. etennen vi To sneeze. Yo fè anpil etid They have studied a great deal. Ézili-je-rouj is evil. etc. zeye a n Carnation. evanjil n Gospel. evantay la. eti. evapore vi To evaporate *. Li etale machandiz yo sou trotwa a He spread the merchandise on the sidewalk. etchyèm V etènue. To spread. etc. to sway. storey. ezeman adv Easily*. Etan n’ap di sa. etan 1 V letan etan. etann. To settle down. An ete In the summer. extraordinary*. nou bese tèt nou While saying that. 3. tenyen vt To put out (extinguish *) a fire. tabli a 1 n Workbench. etaj la. ti interj Please! Yes! (in answer to a call). to examine.). etènue. 2. E. estwòdè a n Show-off. etwat. evakwe vt To evacuate*. Eta sivil la Registry office (of births. in foreign countries. letikèt n Sticker. education. product of the imagination. letaj n Floor. Liv la an movèz eta The book is in bad condition. surprised. stropye vt mutilate. attrib Narrow. etale vt 1. F etone vt To amaze.

fas la 1 n Face*. to crack. letter-carrier. Fas pou fas (or) Fas a fas Face to face. vi To take to one’s heels. Ou pa fouti kanpe an fas mwen pou ou pale konsa You couldn’t face up to me and talk that way. fane. famasyen an. fanmsay la. drugstore. mist. fanmi an. facile*. (It’s raining lightly).’s trail. to go after. to break open. facade*. crop (of birds). lafanmi n Family*. Also: farinay lapli. fad attrib Tasteless. fache attrib Angry. pompous ass. Nouvèl la fann kè’m That news breaks my heart. particularly in the Jérémie area. or a friendship. Farin mayi Corn flour. faktori a izin. Gizzard. farouche. sissified man. Se fanmi’m It’s a relative of mine. fasil attrib Easy. front. M’fann dèyè’l I went after him. the food is tasteless. Pa pran’m fè fas Don’t fool around with me. Kite’m al lakay mwen. pusillanimous man. druggist. discontented. to dash off. fandanman attrib Spoiled. farine vi To drizzle. fanmchay n Midwife. don’t kid around with me. split. fade vi To put on make-up. fonmasi n Pharmacy*. but it’s not very sturdy. V foundang. shouting ‘Viv Nwèl’. without enough salt. Kin. M’wè’l nan fant pòt la I see him from the opening in the door. invoice. Farin diri Rice powder. ‘fanm sou kote’ (mistress). there is a slight drizzle. fal la n 1. falèz la n Cliff. Pobouch ou fann You have chapped lips. ‘wife’ is translated by ‘madanm’. fasad la n Front. fas la 2 n Farce*. Outside . fann vt To split. faktè a n Postman. Fann vant To make an operation on the stomach. weakling like a woman. belly. joke. An fas Opposite. Kay la gen bèl fasad men li pa solid The house has a pretty front. fanatic*. small branches of dry wood. precipice. wife. crevice. Also: sajfam. farandolè a n Braggart. to burst (open). li pa gen bon gou Today. Fal mwen plen I am full (satiated). familyarite a n Familiarity*. to wither. faksyonnè a n Sentry. lapli ap farinen Let me go home. boring. fancy*. Sa fè’m fache anpil That infuriates me. opening. Also: A type of cardboard lantern used around Christmas time and carried in the streets. fanmsaj. fado a n Load. Ou fè tròp familyarite avè’l You are too familiar with him. farinay la n Light rain. fannen vi To fade. Also: Part of a calabash cut at the top in which a candle is placed (stuck in a little mud) and placed in the sea so that the fisherman may see the fish at night. V fi. efarouche vt To frighten. Be careful. Fann nan siyay yon moun To follow in s. hypocritically. smelly (meat). relative(s). Fanm marye (Legal) wife as opposed to ‘fanm plase’. faksyon an n Guard duty. Pa fache pou sa Don’t take offense at that. anger. Mete fanm sou ou Act with determination as a mature woman. farin nan n Flour.F fabrik la n Factory. Ke fann Coat with a vent. Pòt la fann The door is cracked. Jodi a manje a fad. fanmòt la n Effeminate. It has designs cut out of the cardboard. fakti a n Bill. fanal la. where kids parade them. Kouto famasi Two-faced hypocrit. 2. burden. fanm nan n Woman. fasi vt To stuff (food). Se yon afè lafanmi It’s a family affair. fonmasyen an n Pharmacist*. Fascine*. Koupe fache To break off relations. fasè a n Joker. Bay fas To face.o. Pa pote fal ou Don’t expose yourself (to danger). famasi a. it doesn’t have a good taste. mail carrier. fissure. (adv) Easily. An de fas Two-faced. mailman. Farin frans Wheat flour. fachin nan n (single) Faggot. Farin manyòk Tapioca. mistress. womanizer. Farin Ginen Powder used to draw the ceremonial ‘vèvè’. fanbre attrib Woman chaser. fannal V fanal fannen V fane fant la n Crack. famsay. farizyen an n Hypocrit. fantezi a n Whim. insipid. akouchèz. (usu) Applied to insufficiently spiced food. farinen. to be misty. fannal la n Lantern. fami an. drizzle. Fanm kay The woman that you regularly live with (either legally married or as a concubine) as opposed to ‘fanm deyò’. discontent. fachman an n Falling out (rupture of relationship). easygoing. Bib (of clothing). gap. fanmitay la n Family relationships. undependable. fanatik la n Fan. Fache ak To fall out with. chest. fanmasi. n Americanism for the more usual 64 this context. to part. to divide.

in just five minutes*. To imprison. tiresome. 2. Fè yon moun ri To make s. ‘fè’ is an impersonal verb). infinite*. A fè is called karo in some parts of Haiti. 2. Pran yon moun fè blag Not to take someone seriously. 3. in the thick of.o. fay V flay faya Tonbe faya To be exhausted. etc. (fig) Low. fèmante vi To ferment*. 2. solid. M’fèb pou sigarèt mwen Cigarettes are my weakness. To be good for s. pa jwe avè’l That girl is very fragile. Anpil lan boutik yo te konn fè de san dola pa jou Many of the stores used to take in two hundred dollars a day. Fè manti To tell a lie. To do. Li fè. Li te fèk fèt He was just born. fele vi To crack. Li chich pase do kiyè fè He’s stingier than hell. To have sex. to pretend. To close in.’s back (will. fragile. Fè lanmou To make love. at long last. febli vi To weaken. sturdy. . fe a 2 n Ridge (of a house). to shut. Fè debon To be pregnant. when everything is said and done.o. fè a 2 n 1. to lose strength. strong. fatige vt To tire. 2. Fè tèt To give (or) to get a haircut. swoon. Mete yon fen (lan) (or) Fè yon fen (ak) To terminate. favè a n Favor*. Alafendèfen (or) Anfennkont In the final analysis. To give birth. don’t drink from it. Femèl bourik Jenny ass. fayans la n China. to perform. to achieve. Pa fatige kò’w 1.o. fatiguing*. Feeble *. in the furthermost part. from passing). M’fè yon rèv I had a dream. Fèmen ak kadna To padlock. fenmèl la n Female* (Refers to animals). To take in (money). fèblantye a n Tinsmith. I have to help him today. drive (pep). fatig la n Fatigue*. Ak fasilite Easily. to learn (law. to shut in. Chantè a fèk kare chante The singer has been singing for a long time (and now he is starting with greater vehemence). to put an end (to). garbage. To stay. to stop.o. 6. to have children. finally. 5. Cracked. to spend. fèmen 2 vt 1. fekal attrib Faecal*. Fè fayit To go bankrupt. incessant. fenk aux v To have just. (A wooden spoon might give something. Ou fatige’m You’re making me tired. fasilite 2 a n Ease. he isolates himself. metal container. Lan fen fon In the very depths of. stool (medical term). Kase fe To break s. Farm* rent. Fè fre It’s cool. Fè sa pou mwen Do that for me. to fracture.o. pa bwè ladan’l That glass is cracked. urge. Alafen In the end. refuse. to make something available to s. Don’t worry. Fè lapenn To hurt. Fèk kare To make a fresh start (after having been at it for a long time). at last. steady. V ferenk. Pase fè sou yon ròb To iron a dress. Sa l’fè l’fè Come what may. faint. distress. to multiply. anemia. in a jiffy. To read. fòk mwen ride’l jodi a He did me a lot of favors. to manufacture. tiredness. laugh. fèm nan 2 n 1. li fè jis li pèdi He kept on and on till he lost. 3. fen an 1 n End. don’t play with her.65 fasilite 1 vt To give. fayit la n Bankruptcy*. Li fèmen kò’l nan yon kwen He confines himself. Don’t tire yourself out. M’fèk di sa I just said that. Femèl chat Pussy cat. Fè pitit To beget. fire *. ceaseless. to get tired. fatigan attrib Strenuous. Italy). Examples and expressions: M’te fè de jou Jakmèl I stayed two days in Jacmel. to produce. etc. to make fun of. illness. but nothing sticks to the iron F spoon). fèfòje a n Wrought-iron. trash. To close. Iron (metal). filth. fè a. fatra a n 1. Lajan nan labank fè pitit Money in the bank grows. crockery (refined pottery originally from Faenza. grief. to fail. rubbish. she cries. finally. Tonbe feblès To swoon from hunger.o. (In this example. to cause sorrow. Kenbe fèm Hold tight. to get weary. Femèl chen Bitch. Vè a fele. Farm*. despicable person. Even when she is touched lightly. fèk. energy). you’re boring me. Fè pa’m Give me a chance. fèb attrib Weak. L’ap fè ledwa He is reading (studying) law. Fen dane Year’s end. fèmen 1 attrib Shy. junk. I am partial to cigarettes. you’re pestering me. tin-plate. San fen Endless. feblès la n Weakness. faecal matter. Waste matter. to tire out. fason an n Way. fe a 1 n Energy. to hem in (to prevent s. 2. fresh. Fè byen (or) Fè dibyen To be beneficial to s. fèblan an n Tin can. Fè devwa To fulfill one’s duty. delicate. Lease. fèt la 3 n Fact*. fè 1 vt 1. fayminit adv Fast. fèm 1 attrib Firm*. to provide. Li fè’m anpil favè. Iron (for pressing clothes). fedatifis la n Fireworks. manner.) 4. to be down and out. fèblès la. Femèl kochon Sow. fainting. 2. fèmay la n Annual rent. Fè sanblan To make out. to make. Tifi sa a se ze fele. Only in matyè fekal. tiring. Fè mal To hurt. femèl la.

fèzèdmal. to be tricking.e. i. FARDIN-17: Tifi jamè fatige. to celebrate. Fine*. never shabby. ferenk aux v To have just. Yon fèy zòrèy An ear. ferocious*. queens and figire vpr To imagine. festibal V fistibal fet n Felt*. plank*. Ti gason sa a gen fent That boy is tricky. Se yon fèt akonpli It’s all fetay la n 1. to figure*. Often accompanies the name of a flat object. fètefouni. Holiday. delicate. it has faded. (adv) Impeccably. fennèt la n Window. 3. ridge-piece in a house where the staves come together on the . 3. fente vi To pretend. Roze figi To make up. to feast. They are figi a 1 n Face. rafters. fiy la Woman. fiftiwann n Buttocks. fennen vi 1. you won’t beat the parrot. fezè a. yet he sleeps on the ground. Pye fere Calloused feet. fenk V fèk fenn vt To feign*. let’s just cover it up. figye modi. feraye vi To work hard. to wither. To fade. Mare figi To frown. young girl. faithful. Zèl yo te fin The wings were delicate. fi a. Flè a pa rouze. enterprizing (pej). 3. 2. Fezè jan ou kapab. stratagem. ridge. fere vt To shoe (a horse). Nonm nan pann tèt li nan fetay kay la The man hanged himself on the cross pieces of the open ceiling. Ou pa fèt pou ou travay le dimanch You are not supposed to work on Sunday. fifiy la n Maiden. Fèt e founi Labor and material. Dressed up. V labrin. 2. Leaf. fè a over with. to make out. figi a 2 n jacks). li dòmi atè The mat-maker makes mats. page. Se kòkòt ak Figaro inseparable friends. loyal. fentè attrib Cunning. fèzè a 1 n Scandal-monger. 2. to occur. Clusia rosea Jacq. Fèy planch Board. fig la n Banana. Fere lèt To dip a piece of iron into a bowl of milk in order to protect children from diarrhea. fèt la. I mean it. produced. feròs attrib Fierce. fèt 1 attrib 1. herb doctor. fese vt To throw down. Also: fig bannann. feneyan. fetich la n Charm. smart. scarcely. to hurl to the ground (in a fight). fèzè a 2 n Maker. figye maron n Autograph tree. fèy la n 1. fènwè a n Darkness. he needs watching. 2. fèt la 2 n 1. jamè fennen She was never tired. window-frame. Kase fèy kouvri sa Let’s forget about it. 2. (fig) To be shabby. tricky. trickery. fètekòz Pran fètekòz pou To take sides with. (pop) Eaves. feast*. fèrenk. permanent. To take place. fevriye n February*. Se konsa pou sa ta fèt That’s how that should be done. sluggish. Fig Frans: fig. (To be) born. Lazy. fèzèmal n Evildoer. producer. fenèt la. good-for-nothing. fiks attrib Firm. fixed*. fidèl attrib True. Crest. se pa pase jako No matter how much you exaggerate. slip. li fennen The flower has not been watered. to happen. 3. Chwal la fese’l sou do The horse threw him on his back. 3 66 ceiling. fenyan attrib 1. fèt e founi Everything included (labor and material). to enbellish one’s face with make-up. refined. Party. 2. M’pap achte figi I’m not saying it just to please you. Thin. fetyè a n Ridge-piece (of a house). fin 2 attrib 1. fif M’nan fif ou I am going to get you. feint*. (Used mostly in the North). fènwa a. feyay la n Al lan feyay To consult the ‘dòktè fèy’. beautifully. Picture cards (kings. fètdèmò n All Souls’ day. fich la n Ticket. Sheet. To put cleats on shoes. done. ignorance. Anniversary. incredible acts. Li fèrenk sòti He just left. fezè a. MORISSEAULEROY/D-7: Sa fèt vre That really happened. fenomèn nan n ‘Character’. one who commits stupid. braggart. Fèy kat A playing card. devious. lightheartedly. fent la n Ruse. Cowardly. V fiftiwann. Made.F fen. token. Se yon jou fèt It’s a day of celebration. V fèk. fig* tree (wild fig). (adv) Intently. elegant. Figaro n Figaro. figure*. fixedly*. M’nan fiftiwann ou I am going to get you. Fèy liv Page of a book. fete vt To feast*. let it be. Fè fèt To celebrate. beautiful. FAYO-155: Fezè nat fè nat. Ki poko fèt Unborn. to put on an angry face. fenyan V feneyan feray la n Scrap iron. Soulye fet Felt shoe. 2. fetich*. n Fact*.

Filet* (food). manner. to run out. Pran lan fil To con. FAYO-368: Si ou pa tap fiske lesyèl. fil la 1 n Hymen. binding wire. festibal. fiske vt To stare at. Kijan sa fini? How did it all end? (‘Fini’ can be made more emphatic by the addition of ‘nèt’).o. film nan. fim V film fimen vt To smoke. vi To shoot (star).). Filfè ligati Bind wire (very thin wire used for binding). Fèt la prèt pou fini The party is about to end. roll of film (photography). to file*. fiyanse 1 vi To become engaged. to go fast. filange vt 1. filanegui One thing leading to another. fin vt To end. fil la 2 n Thread. fil fè a n Barbed wire. 3. File zepon ou Get ready for the task. to fix * one’s gaze upon. you wouldn’t know that the stars were falling. barbed wire. fidonè a n Bridesmaid. tennis. . fiydonè a. to destroy. to exterminate. 7. finesse *. Ou fin bout You have reached your limit. a severe thrashing. to prepare to catch (a criminal). to trap. Yo tap file vòlè a depi lontan They watched and followed the thief closely for a long time. Today there are no more fools. Rad li filang His clothes are tattered. final adv An final Finally*. filozòf la n Philosopher*. progressively. Nan finisman istwa a nou aprann li mouri At the end of the story. string. filè a. to mock. File cat To deal cards. to tempt. ending. to watch. Hymen. 2. line. V filè. filaplon Plumb* line. filalang. Engagement (to marry). (As a shortened form of ‘fini’. 2. flexible wire used in construction work. 2. Kat la mal file There is a misdeal. Pa fè filozòf ou sou mwen Don’t act high hat with me. To meet out (thread. afiler). Fil arenyen Cobweb. To slip away. fisèl la n String. bride. File zegi To thread a needle.e. filati a n Weaving factory. Fil a plon. 4. fin aux v Auxiliary denoting the termination of an action. L’ap fè’m filalang He eats in such a manner (purposely) so as to make my mouth water. to expire. filo a n Philosophy*. filacha a n Brass wire. Kouto a pa file The knife is not sharp (or) The knife is dull. filt la n Filter*. filaligati a n Binding wire. filer. finish*. Fil vis Thread of a screw. rope). we learned that he died.67 fikse. fiy V fi fiyansay la n Betrothal. To slice very thin. fiancé*. File kon razwa Sharp as a razor. Connections. File kouto To sharpen a knife. fiber. 5. twine. filè a 1 n Suitor. cinema). lafilalang Fè filalang To stick one’s tongue at someone. Bouki fè filozofi Now everyone is enlightened. the word ‘fin’ is never placed at the end of a sentence). To stick through (thread in a needle). M’pa wè pa ki filyè pou m’pase pou’m ka jwenn dyòb la I don’t see how I’m going to get that job. To follow. 2 F filèt la n 1. Screw-thread. spinning mill. Boulon an pa gen filyè The bolt is not threaded. Andre file yon kòd anba pou Pyè ka monte Andrew let a rope come down so that Peter could climb up. filèt la n 1. file 2 vt 1. Net (fish. V fin. that’s it. filas attrib Thread-like. we have a concomitance of Fr. fiske V fikse fistibal la. to dash off. V dole. Fil fè. V fini. file 1 attrib Sharp.). to beat him badly. filfè a. To court. picture (movies. filyè a n 1. Pran fil To get to know one’s way around. Mal pou fini To drag along. fim nan n Film*. To sharpen. Pitit ou fin gran Your children are grown up. Yon filèt ronm: A finger of rum. Cheve filas Very thin fine hair. filozofi a. Pèdi fil To lose one’s influence. to end up with. filang nan n Tiny slices (strands of meat. hair. 2. To give s. ou pa tap wè lezetwal ap desann If you were not looking at the sky. filbobin nan n Bisexual. finans la n Finance*. To notch. finisman an n End. fimye a n Manure. finalman adv Finally*. etc. sharpen your spurs. 6. i. 2. Examples and expressions: File move koton To be on the wrong track. M’wè yon zetwal ki file I just saw a shooting star. fini.o.) the proper connections. One additional year of schooling after ‘retorik’ (which is the last year of high school). maidenhead (cherry). (With the Creole verb ‘file’. fiyanse a 2 n Bridegroom. Plòt fil Ball of thread. fine quality merchandise. one’s position. etc. finach Se finach That’s final. finès la n Elegance. to finish*. filfè Wire. Bay fil To give (s. yarn. To spin (yarn). Mango fil Type of mango full of fibers (stringy). pistibal n Sling (shot).

flash lamp. flòk attrib Baggy. to). fiyòl la n Godson. flan an n Side. 2. flite vt To spray insecticides with a device called ‘flit’*. fò. to dawdle. to blossom. flègèdèk attrib Thin. to loiter. Pale fò To speak loudly. Flame*. loafer. to fly*. flanè a n Idler. flach la n Flash* light. flannèl la n Flannel*. Strong. m’bezwen youn ki pou kenbe bagay ki lou That paper carton is too weak. flenm nan. gap-toothed. Pa pale fò avè’m Don’t raise your voice at me. fiziye. fò 1 attrib 1. he eats a lot. fake. I need one to hold something heavy. to take a stroll. most of them. fòbòp attrib Toothless. This word has been used in a political context these past few years. (syn) Sousou. to throw. souflanchou. etc. Twa kadav tap flote sou lanmè a Three corpses were floating on the sea. Jodi a fòk mwen pati Today I’ll have to leave. Flè sezon An inconstant person. V achtè. flanbe vt To singe. flatè a n Flatterer*. goddaughter. flanke. flay. flanèl la. blow. Flè solèy Sunflower. flatri a n Flattery*. flonnen vt To sling. Whiz (very brillant person). to singe the down on poultry. Yon flo A lot of. Yon flonn A lot of. Koutiryèz la fò That seamstress is really good. Chak jou. flèm nan n Mucus. (attrib) On the same level. fòfè a n Bad action. fortress*. evil deed. phlegm*. Stalk of some trees. fò a 2 n Fort*. F o non False name. Bwat katon sa a trò flay. Fo cheve Wig. bloom. thin. to apply a flame * to something (to sterilize a needle. more often: ‘pa vre’). flaman an. fòk. meager. PRESSOIR-22: Li travèse flanm ti lanp la It was crossing the flame of the little lamp. Li fò nan manje He is a good eater. fiyèt lalo a n A woman character in Haitian folklore. ilfo 3 It is necessary (that. flank*. M’flanke’l lajan’l I let him have his money (because he was pestering me). to sprawl. 3. flannè a. flote vi To float*. 2. flòbòp V fobo flòch la n 1. the flags wave on the top of the offices. 2. (adv) Strongly. physique*. Royal Poinciana. drapo flote sou tèt biro yo Every day. Anpoul flach Flash bulb. flo a n Troubles. knowledgeable. flannen vi To idle along. M’flanke’l yon souflèt I gave him a slap. to wave. flanbwayan an n Flame tree (Flamboyant *) . fizye vt To execute with a rifle. flate vt To flatter*. flechi vi To bend. To flash*. Flamingo* (bird). Pye mango yo an flè The mango trees are blooming. flache vt To throw the light on someone. gun. . flèch la n 1. loose. to cajole. Flanman rouj Type of red ant. worries. godchild. flanban adv Flanban nèf: Brand new. flanman an n 1. fleri vi To bloom. Pi fò nan yo The greatest portion of them. flòbòp. 2 68 flè a n Flower*. flakon an n Bottle. fo attrib False*. Youn flòch ak lòt They are on the same level. flank vt To fling. Fè flè To flirt. L’ap pase yon flo ak bèlmè’l He’s having so much trouble with his mother-in-law (Pase flo = pase tray = pase mizè). Intelligent. phial. to shoot (even in its vulgar meaning). a great deal of. Flush* (at cards). etc. Fo pèz False weight. To go up in flames. Delonix Regia (Bojer) Raf. Flèch mayi The upper excressence of a corn stalk. flay. Fo dan Denture. flonn nan n Sling. (Limited use. Kon yon flonn As fast as an arrow. suffering. Arrow. fiyòl V fiyèl fizi a n Rifle. fay Fè flay To miss. Type of big ant.F fiyèl la.). to give (slap. Tout fiyòl mwen se fi All my godchildren are girls. flanm nan n 1. mazora. M’tire zwazo a epi m’fè flay I shot at the bird and missed.). Flèch palmis The arrowlike stalk of a palm tree. V kòk. flay vi To go by plane. Li santi fò He smells bad. 2. flit la 2 n Flute*. misery. Nonm sa a gen dyòl fobo That man has no teeth. flask*. to flower*. 2. flit la 1 n Flit* (a container used to spray insecticides). to fail. light (weight). Loud. stroll. achtèdfigi. fobo. to flinch*. one who changes with the seasons. crime. flanman V flaman flann nan n Walk. fay 1 attrib Weak. to loaf around. fizik la n Physics*.

Fonse sou: To jump on. fon an 4 n Funds*. To forge * (a check). (From E. to invent. fòtifyan an n Fortifiers* (vitamins).o. hole. fòt la. to coerce. Fontanel(le)* of the cranium. hole dug in the ground to burry s. fòselye a n Grave digger. Fundamental. to vanish. fòje vt 1. l’al sou fòs papa’l Every year. Foundation *. V fèfòje. n F Phonograph*. Fè foskouch To have a miscarriage. The red light district. fondre vi To topple down. fòmidab attrib Formidable*. fòm nan n 1. folly *. 2. fòkseli a n Other name for veritab (breadfruit). A white spot on the forehead of horses and asses. fondasyon an n Foundation*. shape. To work at a blacksmith’s shop. fotèy la n Armchair. to strain one’s self. fòl attrib Crazy (woman). fòjron an. Se pa fòt mwen It’s not my fault. fontèn nan n 1. record player. fòs la 2 n Grave. fuck up*) . fòsèp la n Forceps*. Li fòmalize pou yon senp plezantri He took offense at a simple joke. chap. 2. 2. error. fòt la 1 n Fault*. Rouj fonse fòlòp la n Escapade (furtive). fòse vt To force*. fòk V fò fokòl la. Shoe tree. To gather (a dress). 2. pressure. Vòlè a fòse pòt la The burglar forced the door open. foli a n Madness. fondè a. fore a n Forest*. foskouch la n Miscarriage. Fountain*. fontyè a n Border. fòmalize vi To take offense. fonse 2 attrib Dark. to drive into. Love sickness. Pran fòm To change. fopwen an n Brass knuckles. photograph *. strength. Vin pi fon To deepen. Foli damou fonograf la V toundis. Fè yon foto To take a picture. fòsèt la. 3 . Dlo ki pa fon Shallow water. to work. fòj la n Forge*. (national) boundary. fonsi a n Recess. Li vin vòlè pa fòs Pressure and circumstances made him a thief. Form*. Lan fon lanmè a I n the depth of the ocean. do one. fonse 1 vt 1. fòskote a n A pulling to the side. to sneak away. fòs la 1 n Force*. he goes to his father’s grave. Chak ane. dark red. fòme. Unauthorized absence from one’s station of duty (milit). fòmann nan n Foreman*.69 fofile vt 1. 2. frontier*. fonmasi V famasi fonmi V foumi fonn vi To melt. a force* that causes a swerve. tomb. fon an n Bottom. to go under. 4. Li fonse sousi’l He frowned. (More usually: fontenn tèt). to force one’s self. to falsify. guilt. fon 1 Contraction of fè yon make one. riches. fòkòp vt To ruin. to disappear. fòmen vt 1. to spoil. foto a n Photo*. to tack. back. 2. shoe last. M’ap vini san fot I am coming for certain. snapshot. 3. forè a. Cf. fontèn V fontenn fontenn nan. fokole a n (Detachable) Collar*. fopa a n Faux pas*. An fòm In (good) shape. to knit (one’s eyebrows). M’fofile kò’m nan foul moun yo pou’m pati I made my way through the crowd in order to leave. Fofile kò: To make one’s way. M’te kanpe nan koridò a. To hammer down. to forge (Rare). Mete soulye yo nan fòm Put the shoes on the shoe last. fot la 2 n Mistake. mania. profondè a n Depth. Doktè a te oblije pran pitit la ak fòsèt The doctor had to use forceps in order to deliver the baby. to get transformed. To reach puberty. To form*. depth. fò pa plis Perfect! Tops! Excellent! No need to go further. fòjon an n Blacksmith. profound*. Foskouch makak (Strong insult) You’re the ugliest bastard in the world. fonksyonnè a n State employee. Li fonn kon bon bè He disappeared in a hurry. Bay fòm To model. Fè fon To sink. fondalnatal attrib Real native (neologism). 3. To wrinkle. in proper form. li fòse’m antre I was standing in the corridor. to compel. 2. Deep red. smithy. Li fè’l ak fòs kouraj li He did it by his brute strength and stamina. he sneaked away like smoke. fòtin nan n Fortune*. fonksyonnen vi To function*. fon 2 attrib Deep. fòpaplis. To baste. deep (color). he forced me to come in.

fout 1 vt To give. foolish *. 2.o. crazy. silk kerchief. May. fouradò. She really scolded him. foulard*. foutbolè a n Soccer player. to be able. n Tern (bird). thick. snoopy. To bore. Fout! Tonnè! Damn it! To hell! Wi fout! Wow! (denothing surprise). to poke. foul 1 vt 1. to shove in. fomi an. to polish. fouye vt 1. an excessively curious. to examine thoroughly. V genn. [Haiti-Progrès. fouradon V fouyadò fouraje vi To rummage. Ou fouti tonbe Careful. to forage*. Some other types: foumi rouj. n Oven.F fotograf la n Photographer*. founi vt To supply. to furnish*. V fouyapòt. founacho V fouacho founda V foundang foundang. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-3: Nou pa fouti mouri We can’t possibly die. Rann fou (or) Fè fou To drive s. Fork* (place where the thighs come together). DYESIFÒ: Kisa pou li di nan mitan foultitid moun k’ap ranni tribò babò a? What can he say in the middle of all these people who are shouting like crazy. Moun fou Lunatic. rub it clean. founacho a n Lime-kiln. fougonnen vt To mishandle.o. they gave him fever. meddler. foure vt To insert. meddlesome person. V frote. case. foul la 2 n Crowd. friyapòt attrib Busybody. foujè a n Fern*. crazy people. Fromi (a) zèl Winged ant. smelly (meat). 2. furnace*. two-faced. he got into trouble. material (as opposed to labor). Yon foul great number of. to pack tightly (sack). foultitid n A lot of. fouyadò. antòs. foumi an. fouti aux v 1. Manto fouri Fur coat. to dig. fouk la n 1. to furbish *. foumi 2 A lot of. madanm msye foubi’l byen foubi This morning. V fouli. mob. his wife let him have it. 2. to excavate. to handle brutally. foumi fou. 2. to cause to have. to reach into. se pou ou foubi’l Before you cook in that pot. fou a fou a 2 3 1 70 flanman. 2. foule vt To pile up. fouradon attrib Busybody. deceitful. fouke vt To grab s. to trample (tread) upon. indiscreet. fouli a n Sprain. fork *. searching. To rub (down). fou attrib Mad. to excavate. Maten an. foulay la n Sprain. He got what he deserved. li jwenn ak zo grann li. by the rear of his trousers. To frisk. foutbòl la n Soccer (not American ‘football’). (attrib) Cheating. to stuff. li byen foule Pierrot is short and stocky. V fouk. founen an n Ovenful. parts. sheath. fro(n)mi an n Ant. V antòs. Tank machin mwen te foul My gas tank was full. to put. hearth. fouchèt la n Fork*. foulay. strain. November 23. to ruin. founiti a n Supplies. Renmen yon moun pou fou To be crazy about s. Nan fouyapòt. foufoun nan n Vagina. fonmi an. Yo fout li atè They threw him on the ground. Full*. meddlesome person (one who can’t refrain from touching everything. to stick (in). Foumi fou Type of ant which goes in all directions. fouacho a. founda attrib Spoiled. anfouraye vt To misplace. to get an eyeful. 1988]. insane. To search for. Ki pa fou Sane. 3. se sa’k pou ta rive’l In nosing around. founde a n Rice flour used to make porridge in some districts of the South of Haiti. you may fall. foule 1 vt To sprain. m’pran yon dola I reached into my pocket and took a dollar. Common saying: M’kite yon po kann ak tout foumi pou li. fout 2 interj Damn it! What! (Interjection denoting anger). to be plentiful. foumi pikan. The part of the trousers that cover this spot: crotch. lots of. Bay bannann nan fouch To put a prop on the banana plant. yo fout li lafyèv Mosquitos bit him. Fè fouy To dig. To fill*. foub la n Trickster. fouraye. to place. fouro a n Scabbard. Founi je gade To look. V fouyadò. foubi vt I. fouch la n Prop. Dan fouchèt Prongs of a fork. To scold. fouradò. Anvan ou fè manje nan chodyè a. DEJEAN-64: Yo pa te fouti reponn anyen pou sa They weren’t able to answer that at all. (In negative sentences) Can. Jandam nan fouke vòlè a The policeman grabbed the thief by the pants (and marched him away). Foul tank mwen Fill my tank. to twist. strain. a . crazy. Sack la byen foule The sack is well packed. Pyero kout. founo a n Oven. foula a n Scarf. fouy la n Digging. Nosy. to put. Marengwen mòde’l. Li foule pye’l He sprained his foot. and from meddling). one who asks too many questions about other people’s business.o. M’foure men’m nan pòch mwen. V lacho. to compress. fouri a n Fur*. fouyapòt.

fwèt attrib 1. Pa frape lan pòt la Don’t knock on the door. frapman an n 1. You’re not digging for sweet potatoes. Relations. Freshness*. fre 1 attrib Fresh*. What impertinence! Ala frekansite! frekantasyon an n Relationship (persons with whom one socializes). cool. franse 2 a. vi 1. 2. cold. Ki moun k’ap fè frè? Who is going to pay the expenses? Who is paying? frèch attrib Fresh* in appearance. energetic. fre a 2 n Smell. terror. frape. to swat. 2. frekante vt To socialize with. fredi a. complete. to frequent *. Sentence. any pointed object that can be used as a dagger. cutlass. odor. frengan attrib Active. fredite a n 1. To a woman: Ala frèch ou frèch! F You look delightfully cool. frenn nan. frekansite a n Impertinence. Brother. Frape pye To stomp one’s feet. Fren a men Emergency or hand brake. to shudder. dread. Frè bra Friend like a brother. He’s got too much nerve. cold. fresko a. ditchdigger. fresh looking. brittle. frezè V frize fri 1 vt To fry *. you are done for. franj la. V frèch. Neologism for ‘whore’. frekan attrib ‘Fresh’. franchipay la. activities. loyal. To hit. 2. French* language. Pran fre yon manje To sniff (smell) a dish of food. Fri nan sòs Fried in a sauce (gravy). Fè frekan ak To get fresh with. frè a 1 n 1. 2. very close relative. cool. frete vt To lease. Frè menm manman Uterine brother (on the mother’s side only). franjipay la. harpoon. To affect. fresh air. your goose is cooked. honorable. Mouri frèt To die suddenly. meat. flair *. Frans V Lafrans franse 1 attrib French*. To put on the brake(s). franjipàn nan n Frangipani*. frèz la n Strawberry. Indifferent. Li frekan kon chen He is too familiar. Twa jou fran Three complete days. To strike. (usu) applied to women or sometimes to words that in French are of the feminine gender. spruced up (person). Li frape kostim nwa’l la jodi a Today he’s wearing his black suit. fran attrib Frank*. to knock. Chè frè Religious brother. Frèt kon nen chen Very cold. 2. Religious brother. 2. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-7: Antigòn di se pou l’antere frè’l Antigone said she had to bury her brother. Mon chè. to charter. straightforward. Mete fren To put a stop to. Stop digging me. Frenchman*. delicate. frap la n Striking power. plane). To harass with endless questions.). . to tap. to strike. To collide. fwedi a n Coolness. To cool (a beverage). spirited. sincere. vivacious. Ti frè’m My younger brother. Yon bo frèt A kiss without too much enthusiasm. fransèz la n French* woman. Dlo fre (or) Dlo frèch Cool water. The E. To hurl (atè: to the ground). Cold. Fri sèk Fried and dried (fish. word ‘fresh’ in the meaning of ‘impudent’ is ‘frekan’ in Creole. fregat la n Frigate* (bird). frisko a n Snowball (grated ice on which one pours a fruit syrup). fransè a n 1. Frè menm manman. M’pa frekante yo I don’t associate with them. frechè a n 1. 3. Yo resevwa’m frèt They gave me a cold reception. fwape vt 1. forward. fresi a n Liver (animal’s). freyè a n Fright. Fellow man. to stab with a ‘frenn’. frany la n Fringe*. coolness. fouyè a n Digger. pretentious. fear. frèt. too fresh. menm papa Full (blood) brother. hit. Rheumatism. Frè menm papa Brother on the father’s side. lance. Bouton frape Type of covered button. L’al mete yon ti frechè She went to spruce up. Knocking (noise in a car). a sharp stick. to hire (boat. clean and attractive. to strike. frè a 2 n Expense. fren an n Brake (on a vehicle). Joke. 3. 2. 2. to associate with. to stomp. fremi vi To shiver. frajil attrib Fragile*. French *. M’frete yon vwati pou m’al Jakmèl I hired a car to go to Jacmel.71 4. quiet. Se fi ki gen gro frapman This woman is moving in high circles. Cold weather. 3. frennen. ou fri My friend. Fouyè fòs Grave digger. friar*. To an inquisitive person you say: Ase fouye’m. impudent. fwenn nan 2 n Dagger. to bump. chilly. 2. fwennen vt 1. frenn nan 1 n Friend*. to collide (with). V fwaye. Sickness supposedly caused by cold weather. insolent. she is a heavyweight. chill. 2. De machin frape Two cars collided. Ala fredi! What cold weather! M’pè fredi I’m sensitive to cold. fraz la n 1. Frèt anpil Freezing. joking. etc. m’pa patat Stop asking me so many questions. Mete koka frape nan frijidè a Put the cokes in the refrigerator to cool. scent. inpertinent.

stamina. Rubbing. This tree is also called ‘doulè’ in Creole. friksyon an n Rubbing. Lafyèv frison Chills accompanied with fever. friyan (pou) attrib Crazy (about). Fwa mou Lights. on another occasion. fwa di 1 n Liver. very fond (of). I’ll give you a head start. impertinent. fyouz la n Fuse* (electrical). fwase vt To offend. fwenk! Damn it. fridòdòy la n 1. An’n kòmanse kous la. fyèl la n Gall. i. M’ap pete fyèl li I’m going to split him wide open. fye vt To trust (in). Te gen yon fwa Once upon a time. fuiya a n Runaway. Snack food usually sold on the street. vigor. fronte a 2 n Sexual intercourse.e. Al lan fridòdòy To go buy and eat any old food on the street. you have the audacity (to). frotman an n 1. Yon fwa pou tout Once and for all. Bat ak fwèt To flog. Hearth. matinèt. Anmè kon fyèl Bitter as gall. fyèr attrib Proud. lotion. kash. gallbladder. head start. Chanm bisiklèt la gen fuit The bicycle innertube has a leak. se pete fyèl I’m doing very hard work. fronmi V foumi fronte 1 attrib Audacious. 2. start now. to be boasting. potency. Rann fyèl To break one’s back doing something. gabotaj la. fwa a. V Rigwaz. fromaj la. lafwa dènyè Last time. frize 1 vt To curl (hair). painkiller. frijidè a n Refrigerator. fware vt To strip (screws). Yon fwa ankò Once more. brow. to give a rubdown. edge. fried* pork. Sp. gabèl la n Advantage. frite vi To roam about in search of food. fwa a. Voye fwèt sou tout moun To thrash right and left. m’ba ou gabèl Let’s begin the race. he is getting a piece. fwit la n Small leak. frigidaire*. International Italianism. Ba li grenn pou lafyèv la epi friksyonnen’l Give him some pills for his fever and massage him. fyèv V lafyèv fyon Fè fyon To show off. V estomake. Sa te fwase’m That hurt me. Fwa sa G ga a n (Railway) Station. fwenk interj Damn it! Interjection expressing discontent and disgust. fwi V frui fwit V fuit fyasko a n Fiasco*. trust.. friksyonnen vt To massage. fyè. gabadin nan n Gabardine*. fwi a n Fruit*. frison an n Shiver(s). frikase vt To fricassee*. fish-fry. gabotay la n Operation of national ships along the coasts of Haiti. fromajye a n Indian mulberry. Yon fwa Once. (fig) Frigid woman. fouye a n 1. courage. lafwa 2 n Faith. fronmay la n Cheese. heat (sexual). Ou gen fron You have the nerve. shameless. frize a. Li gen movèz fwa He is not bona fide. 2. simultanously. (bus) Terminal. concession. lungs (of slaughtered animals). Contact(s) (the habit of frequenting people). V foubi. A la fwa At a time. Yon lòt fwa Another time. he is acting in bad faith. Morinda citrifolia L. Anpil fwa Over and over. frèt la n Lash. M’nan yon travay. fyète a n Pride. Gen fyèl To be courageous. Household. endurance. friction*. DYESIFÒ: Remèt mwen kòb la. particularly fried fish. lafwa 3 n Time. fwa a. whip. smart(y). fwaye a. turn. to sauté. one more time. to confide* (in). to have confidence (in). fritay la n Fried* food. Lafwa pase. frote vt To rub. . fried bananas. fron an n Forehead. screech-owl. resistance. Machann friti Saleswoman of fried food. give me back the money! fwenn V frenn fwennen V frennen fwèt la. to rub with oil. to be able to take it.G fri a 2 72 V frui a a This time. frisonnen vi To shiver. frui a. impudent. horse whip.. friti a n Fried food. L’ap fè you fronte He is having intercourse. D e fwa Twice. fri a. freze a 2 n Barn-owl. fwego a n Virility. Also: fwaye dife. fuit la. Gen de fwa There are times. pran devan. insolent. to scrub. to be offended. (usu) made with three stones. Pantalon an merite frote nan dlo The trousers (pants) should be scrubbed in water.

o. granary. Attic. 2. caretaker. 4. to watch over. taking care of (animals). A person who moves fast and can be at two places at the same time. keeper. gallant*. to store up. Scullion (man servant). gadyendbi a Goalie. to behold. Gad sa l’ap fè Watch what he’s doing. gagè a. gagannen vt To grab s. garganta.o. gadinaj la n Raising. gan 2 V gen gadò a. guard*. galpòt V galipòt galri a. stone(s) found in a riverbed. To decorate (with ribbons. 1 G gagann nan n Throat. Gallon*. Servant (pej). gadinay la. gal V lagal galan attrib Courtly. gaga attrib 1. 2. galonnen. . 2. medals) or to promote (military). gadmantèg la. gadjit Klou gagit A small nail used for example to nail sole to shoe. shepherd. Gadyatè kochon Swine-herder. Mythical animal like a werewolf. policeman. Sp. galize V egalize galon an n 1. I don’t know what my situation is. Examples and expressions: Gade atè To look down. gadjè a. gadmanje a n Cupboard. Body guard. gadjit V gagit gadkò a n 1. Amulet. to run fast. sorcerer. galpòt n 1. V galta. loft. veranda. V gadyen. M’rete gaga devan fi a I was thrilled (speechless) in the presence of that woman. 2. store-house. ase fè gagòt sou tab la Children. gadavou At attention. meat-safe. Haitians also use the word ‘goal keeper’ (gòlkipè). to attend to. gan an 1 n Glove. gagari 1 vi To gargle*. to revel. garyonnen vi 1. gaj la n Contractual obligation with the Vodou priest. Gade lè’l non! Just look at him! PRESSOIR-42: Li deside pou’l gade yo He decided to keep them. 2. Gade! Gade non! Pay attention! Listen! Be careful! Be on your guard! PRESSOIR-44: Chat koumanse ap gade yo The cat started to look at them.o. Dumbstruck. (Dry) Riverbed with pebbles. gayipòt. N’ap gade pou n’wè kisa ane sa a ap pote pou nou We’ll wait and see what this year has in store for us. gagotay V gagòt gagote vi To spill water. galè a n Wood plane (tool). angajman. cockfighting ring. Cf. gadyen an n Watchman. sometimes furtively. Gadò mouton Shepherd. Cf E. neck. animal caretaker. gadmantèk la n slut. To look (at). Gade dèyè To look back. gad vt Elliptical form of ‘gade’. M’pa pitimi san gadò Don’t think I don’t have anybody to take care of me. Stripe (milit). guardian *. Vole gagè To leave. Timoun. Pa gade sou li Don’t model your behavior after him. gam Fè gam (or) Chante gam To boast. Mete ou o gadavou Stand at attention. gadè a n 1. on the throat. 2. 3. stop spilling everything on the table. ladies’ man. fè gagotay To spill water. gade. Babysitter. orderly. keeper. It doesn’t concern me. gadè V gadò gade. Gade anlè To look up. to slip away unceremoniously. To gad about. galope vi To gallop*. Senile. to prance around. gadyatè a. Witch. old fool. M’pa konn kote m’gad I don’t know where I stand (guard). 2. soldier. regade 2 vt To concern. galeri V galri galèt la n 1. 2. gagòt la. galata a n 1. Vire gade To look back. 3. gadròb la n Wardrobe*. Guard*. gagotay la n Fè gagòt. gadkòt la n Coast guard*. gadyatò a n Keeper. food or anything in a slovenly fashion.’s Adam’s apple. galeri a n Porch. to hit s. gagit. PRESSOIR-45: Yo kouri bò gadmanje a They run toward the cupboard. V gadò. I’m not going to give him any special treatment. gagari a 2 n Gargling*. to glance (at). bands. Gade deyò To look outside. pantry. Protective charm worn for protection against evil spirits. M’pa nan gan blan avèk li I’m not going to treat him with kid gloves. by the throat. Li fè yon ti gade He took a peek. 2.73 gachèt la n Trigger. galta a. To watch. woozy. gullet. To raise (animals). To keep. goalkeeper. A small bush type of agave. Pebble(s). gagyè a n Cock-pit (place where cockfights take place). galata a. gadò. gallery*. gad la 2 n 1. courteous. Sa pa gade’m (or) Sa pa regade’m It’s none of my business. gad 1 vt 1. larder. galipòt la. 2. Bay gagann To give a blow on s. food or anything in a slovenly fashion. Pa gad sou figi moun (You) don’t judge by one’s facial expression. Herdsman. gay(i)ta (North) n Attic.

. to fill up.Nou ba ou gany We give up. M’gen youn I have one. to walk gracefully.. djèp la n Wasp*. To have. to earn. gay*. M’malad toujou. gato a n Cake. gayak la n 1.G gangan an. lò m’a gaya. bewildered. Nouvèl la gaye The news has spread. 3. gaz la 3 V gazolin gazèl la n Heifer. ganyen 2 vt 1. stomach gas. to parade. . Plon gaye Buck-shot.. ganga a n Vodou priest. wooden pan. garay la n Garage*. gan. garanti 1 vt To ensure. genn nan. 2. There are some people who. corset. Lignum vitae. to gain*.) Non gate Nickname. gain*.. gani vt To garnish*. rakeoff. to spread (out). Li pa gason He is impotent. in this case the long forms ‘genyen’ and ‘ganyen’ are used). M’pa gen anyen sou machandiz la I don’t make any profit on that merchandise. I am going to get you. djen an n Winnings from a bet or competition. gazolin nan. ge attrib Merry. scabbard. gazòy la n Diesel fuel. gawa M’nan gawa ou (or) M’a manje gawa ou I am going to keep after you. Gayacum officinale. ou gaye yo The books were in proper order and you have mixed them up. Gen lè.. unimportant thing. Se yon bon gason He is good-hearted. L. To ruin. Gen de moun ki.. There are times when. garyon an n Kaka garyon Tobacco scraps. ganmèl la. gaspiyay la. vi To rot. (attrib) Virile. gaye 1 attrib Dumbstruck in amasement.. genyen. 2. m’a vin wè ou I’m still sick. To spoil. garyonnen V galonnen gason an n 1.. to squander. genyen V gen gèp la. I’ll come and see you. Gato myèl Honeycomb. Liv yo te byen ranje.. mixed up. gaspiye vt To waste.. Ala yon gangans! How elegant! gangozye V grangozye gangrenn nan. Se yon gaz ki kenbe’m It’s gas in my stomach which is causing me all kinds of trouble. gede. petrol. trough. to 74 gaya attrib Healthy (cured). garnishings*. Waiter. Gason makomè An effeminate man. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-1: M’gan 2 ou 3 bagay pou’m di I have two or three things to say. gaz la n Gasoline. vi To gangrene*. V legen. Gen de lè. tipsy. to accept defeat. cow. gen. gany lan. to scatter. Type of hard wood. brave man. ganyen V gen garaj la. platter. Man. we concede. genyen. gallo). To spoil (child). gangans la n Elegance*. nou bwè li!. warranty*. gay la n Game cock. hold tight. kangrennen become gangrenous. ganiti a n Ornaments. 4. It seems. domestic (male). gate vt 1. gaspiyè a n Spendthrift. gengenn Fè gengenn To strut. to go to waste*. gan. trimming(s) used by seamstresses. gaspiyaj la n Waste. to corrupt. there are people. trifle. 2. prize. to win*. (Also: He who does it is called “gate pati”. V fouro. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-9: Gan yon gro fotèy pay devan yon ti kay There is a big straw armchair in front of a small house. washtub.. to belch. collateral. yellow jacket. Mete gason sou ou Act as a man. Supernatural spirit associated with the dead.. (‘Gen’ and ‘gan’ cannot be placed at the end of a sentence.. to pamper (the loved one). Machann nan ban’m yon garanti twa mwa sou mont la The merchant gave me a three month guarantee on the watch. gazon an n Lawn.. bay legen To concede.. sod. to dissipate.. kangrenn nan n Gangrene*. Gate pati To ruin a party. Cudgel (stick) made from this wood. there are (to exist). Oto a pran pàn gaz The car is out of gas. Fè gaz (or) Fè gazolin To put gasoline in a motor vehicle. ganyen 1 impers v There is. It looks like. gaz 2 la n Gauze* Also: twal gaz. 3. gangrennen. Mete pase genyen To exaggerate (to put more than there is). earning. to possess. must. Rann gaz To burp. FRANKETIENNE/B-55: Enben. legede n Vodou spirit. gaz la 1 n Gas*. profit. Gason kanson Courageous. washbowl. gazòlin nan. (Sp. Tigason Boy. be brave. gamèl la n Wooden basin. djenn nan n Girdle. gen. Gen moun There is company. you win. Bay gany. Also: gazèl bèf. garanti a 2 n Guarantee*. gaye 2 vt To disperse. sheath. Sa li genyen? What is the matter with him? Gen pou To have to. squandering. garo a n Tourniquet (to stop bleeding). manly. case. Jamaica: gayacumwood. When I’m well. Gason lakou Servant. to go to waste. Male. to wreck. gen an. to guaranty*.

Pane. icy. Ekip ki bay plis gòl la genyen The team which scores the most goals wins. 4. gilmòv la. To chill. M’ap ba ou sa nan bon ti gòdèt I am going to tell you the story as it is. resin paste. to view.). langèt. callus. Afè ou nan ti gòdèt You are in straits. to get trapped. a large portion. swallow. tifle. goblèt la n Goblet*. Li goche. gode a n Cup. he can’t write with his right hand. thin pole. A small cup (usu) smaller than a ‘gode’. glisad la n Slip (slipping). glo V dlo G glòb la n 1. V flenm. gulp. relentlessly for a specific purpose. etc. Handle-bar of a bicycle. Glas la fè men’m angoudi The ice made my hand numb. gi a n Mistletoe (bot). gòch attrib 1. he’s so upset. Depi nan Ginen Since the time we were in Africa. awkward. Also: ti gigit. gichè a n Cashier’s window. to goad. freezer. gayety*. cup. gildiv la n Distillery. abundantly. etc. to dupe. golyon an n A tall and thin person. gòdèt la n Goblet*. glayèl la n Gladiolus*. to pester. gid la n Guide*. V lakòl. V goble. Li vale’l glòtglòtglòt He gobbled it up fast. gèt la 2 n Clitoris. to tease. 2. to look at. . V krèk. gum*. your situation is not clear. gòm nan. Clumsy. Blister. Gine n Guinea*. gòj la n Throat. gaiter*. without handle. gèt 1 interj What! Wow! (Exclamation denoting surprise). to get well. djèt la 3 n Legging(s). stop bothering me. gerit la n Sentry box. gòje a n Sip. glise 1 vi To slide. Dlo glase Iced water. gòlkipè a n Goal keeper*. 2. giche a. cold. Frozen. to bring bad luck to. Lage de gidon dèyè yon moun To go after s. gerizon an n Cure. Hoop stick. to pursue s. giyonnman an n Goading. glòs la n Small bottle used as a measure for liquids (cooking oil. Gèt jandam Policeman’s leggings. golinen vt To intertwine with long sticks (gòl) while constructing a house. Globe*. gòdèm interj God damn *. glisyè a n Track (of a sliding door). Vire a gòch To turn left. gigit la n Penis (child’s language). ‘tafya’. godrin V goudrin godron V goudron gògmagòg n A grand mixup. gòl la 1 n Goal* (sports). gòl la 2 n Long. Mal gòj Sore throat. ase giyonnen’m Leave me alone. li pa ka ekri ak men dwat He is left-handed. Mirror. Debouye (demele) gèt ou Find a way out. mug. Ginen. from olden times. giyonnen vt To nag. a floor with a hardened surface. laryngitis. gobe vt To guzzle. Kite’m trankil. laglwa n Glory*. Boule a ban’m glòb nan men The burn on my hand gave me a blister. goche attrib Left-handed. to heal. giyon an n Jinx. V glas. fast in one swallow. alcohol. to slip. 2. gete a 2 n Joy. A gro gode I n abundance. goblè a. Ki pa ka geri Incurable. draft. 3. Farin Ginen Flour with which the ‘vèvè’ is drawn (outlined) on the ground. Glasi kafe Cement floor for drying coffee. still to process sugar cane into ‘kleren’.o. glasyè a n Ice-box. glòtglòtglòt adv In one gulp. M’pa janm nan gògmagòg ak moun I don’t get too familiar with people. to glide. gete 1 vt To watch. To freeze. Africa. bad luck. V bafre. icicle V glason. DEJEAN-7: Li geri domestik yon ofisye He cured the servant of an officer. gidon an n 1. iced. gonm nan 1 n Glue. gèt la. glas la n 1. glasi a n Threshing floor. Stone in a riverbed. Often: Gòdèm sala-mabit God damn! Son of a bitch*.o. gimòv la n Marshmallow plant. gita a n Guitar*. Get a move on. Geri bosko V bosko. 2. Pran lan gonm To trap. V gode. stick. glason an n Ice cube. I don’t mix in with people. Left. stop picking on me. traditionally. glè a n Phlegm. glise 2 attrib Slippery.75 geri vt To cure. glase vt 1. glwa a. glann nan n Gland*. Gòj li sere He can’t talk. rum. promiscuity. disorder. gòb la n A piece.. gòjèt la n Throat. glass*. to eat greedily. 2. Ice. recovery. V pòtgòj. you’re in trouble.

particularly in love-making. to get a promotion. 2. Nou bezwen goyin pou fè travay la We need a handsaw to do the work. goudronnen vt To tar. to struggle. can foresee what I foresee for you). gouf la n 1. gonbo a n Okra. gon an 2 n Hinge. to brawl. gou a 2 n Taste. goyin nan. Manje a gen gou pike. grade vt To promote. yayad la n Sensuous wiggling. ngongòlò. gongòlò a. gonfleman an n Indigestion. To be sticky. to goumèt la n 1. gousan an n Edible caterpillar. goudron an. goute 2 V degoute goutyè a n 1. To scull (to propell a boat with a stern-oar). legoyin nan n Handsaw. gòmen vt 1. bottomless hole. grad la n Rank. to distend. His jaw is swollen. to rule over. gouman attrib Gluttonous. gangòlò n Congolo* (a species of centipede that rolls itself up when touched). To hobble along. gouyav V gwayav gouye vi To wriggle. gouvènen. cents. flavor. godrin nan n Beverage made from pineapple rinds soaked in water for several days. 2. wholeheartedly. godron an n Tar. gouvènman an n Government*. To 3. gonm nan 2 n Eraser (rubber). gouyad la. husk. gounouy V grenouy gous la n Pod. contortion. Hibiscus esculentus L. to asphalt. gouvènè a n Governor*. etc. V afre. Tigout. Hole in roof causing rain water to drip from a ceiling. tire. goumen vi wrestle. goudrin nan. to step up. curb. grifonnen. To gonfle vt 1. Gouye kò ou Get a move on. aloufa. gonmye V gomye gou 1 attrib Tasty. govi a n Vodou term: an earthen vessel in which the ‘loas’ and spirits are kept in the ‘hounfò’. Sa m’wè pou ou. (literally) swelling. viscous. Also called ‘pòt tèt’ (COURLANDER). kongòlò. To put glue on. Pran grad To advance. to try. Yon gouf A lot of. attractive. Sp. grafiyen V grafouyen grafouyen. waddling. heavy eater. throat. yummy. fon (fè yon). Cf. V grangozye. grade*.). goud la n Unit of the Haitian monetary system originally equivalent to 20 U. to give a promotion (milit). asphalt.S. cents). Li monte grad He was promoted. gonfle Roma 2. goudi a n Stern oar. to crawl. Nan gou’l As he pleases. gouvène vt To govern*. To cause indigestion. gait. gòmen V gonmen gomye a. a bit of (a liquid) goute 1 vt To taste. Manje a gou The food is delicious. To fight. Boule gra Keep on going! Keep on doing what you are doing! graba a n Shabby straw mat. Ou trò gra You are too fat. Cf. DYESIFÒ: indigestion. Bit. to his liking. Gonmye: name of a place in the Grand’Anse province. grafiyen vt To scratch leaving a slight scar. gradoub la n (edible) Intestines (rough). shell. gra attrib Fat. son (se yon). gonde V gronde gondoye vi 1. Ma-chwa’l 76 gougoun attrib Greedy. gout la n Drop. the ‘voyeur’ who lives in the Gonmye region. pine tar. to blow up (balloon. Rebò anvlòp la deja gonmen The edges of the envelope (already) have glue on them. corpulent. gluey. . gragra a n Black crow. ti gout Some. Gumbo *.S. swell. gusano. 2. to walk with difficulty. gouden an n 1/4 Goud* or 25 Haitian cents. Yon gouf moun A lot of people. acacia-gum. (Identification) Bracelet. Mete goumèt pou yon chwal To curb a horse. gouvènay la n Rudder. Abyss. gwenf. gonm V gòm gonmen. to pave.G gòm nan. (Originally 5 U. gozye a n Gullet. goudiye vi To scull (to row with the stern-oar). the sword of Damocles is hanging over your head. To claw. 2. (adv): Ri gra To laugh uninhibitedly. gon 1 Contraction for gen yon There is a. gonmye a n West Indian gum-tree *. to puff up. Antwàn nan Gonmye pa wè’l If you only knew what’s hanging over your nose. a gonfle’l The lobster gave him inflate. manje a pike The food is hot (because of the hot pepper in it). gluttonous. (Literally: Not even Anthony. 2. delicious. Gutter* (eaves trough). a crowd.

Gram*. he is acting like a child. (attrib) Rough. gransè a. grate vt 1. granpè a. granpanpan attrib Pedant. grandè a n 1. I’m in His hands. on a large (grand) scale. grannlijèn. Jelly fish. 2. grapiyen vt To gather (from a garden). Gran maten At dawn. pardon. grand attrib Rare except in certain phrases. I am broke. 2. to be uneasy. impertinent. Gran chemen Highway. 2. granmesi. (fig) Glutton. grape vt To grab. Pa grandi sou mwen! Don’t act big with me! grandon an n Big landowner. . small salary. lagratèl n 1. V grapiyay. granmèt la. braggadocio. granm ti maten adv Very early in the morning. grown up. Gran nèg Important person. swaggerer. wide. To squirm. gremesi prep Pou granmesi In vain. adv Abun- grap la n 1. gran grann nan n Great grandmother. to let someone have it. Dòmi grangou (To go) to sleep on an empty stomach. grasèt attrib (Pleasingly) Plump. because of. grown. gram nan n 1. elderly. granpapa a. Adult responsible for a child. Pelican. 2. To grate. Poze grapen sou To take hold of. w’ap vin grate tèt ban mwen I am telling you to pay me and you are telling me you don’t have the money. n Gonorrhea. to grab. (The usual word is ‘grann’). grangrann nan. ‘fresh’ person. gran mèt la n God. Size. To scratch. Yon gram A little bit. gran papa a n Grandfather. De grand tay Tall. to scrape. 2. to give a bad reception. l’ap aji kon timoun A big fellow like that.77 graj la n 1. grown up. granmè a n Grandmother*. Gran anpil Vast. Large kite (for flying). a skin disease characterized by itching. V Bondye. gran pè a n Grandfather (rare). Great. An gras Please. granmèsi. (fig) Old. To flee. 4. gate crasher. Adult. gangozye. grajè a n Insolent. 3. Gran grann Great grand mother (V bizayèl. Gras a Thanks to. gramè a n Grammar*. grandan an n Big talker. grangou a n Hunger. grangozye a. Se granmoun ki non’l He is a person of experience. Pran ak grap To rebuff. to fidget. gangouzye n 1. gran frè a n Elder brother. grapiyay la. 2. 3. for nothing. grann nan n Grandmother*. cluster. Sheet-metal scraping device used in secular music (COURLANDER). insolent. to increase. 2. graje vt 1. to scram(ble). 3. to grind. show-off. Vin pi gran To expand. large. M’pa grangou I’m not hungry. V kap. small piece. granchalè a V ekoulman. Thanks to. granm maten. young punk. gras la n Grace*. to grow. Chat la grapiyen de sourit The cat caught two mice. 2. grasye vt To pardon (a prisoner). grandi vi To grow. Gran chire Braggart. chòlpiskòde. grapyay la n System of farming whereby a peasant plants many types of crops instead of limiting himself to one export crop. pretentiousness. granmmaten. granfrè a. Poison ivy. to seize. 2. Great Master. Old person. Pitit tap grandi The child was growing up. starvation. 2. grapen an n Hook. Grann bò papa Paternal grandmother. grapji Something ugly. Grann bò manman Maternal grandmother. Bunch. rasp. Fè gran chire To show off. gran gran papa a n Great grandfather. grapday la n Bit. tatawèl). to grate*. Yon grap zwazo A lot of birds. M’priye ou an gras I beg of you. forgiveness. grandlijèn. gran sè a n Elder sister. M’ap chèche yon ti grapday nan lari a I’m looking for a little something out there on the street. important. Timoun pa betize (jwe) ak granmoun Children should not joke with adults. Old. agrandlijèn dantly. Al chèche granmoun ou Go fetch the person responsible for you. Gras lamizerikòd Lord have mercy. Li gen foli grandè He has illusions of grandeur. M’sou kont Granmèt la I’m unter the protection of the Lord. Grandeur*. Itch. to lash out at someone. gratè a n Impertinent. show-off V farandolè. M’di ou peye’m. Grater. grangranpapa a. Gran frè Older brother. Fè gran banda To act important. grat la n Scraper. Li tap graje sou chèz dantis la He was squirming in the dentist’s chair. Yon gran breng konsa. grandèt (usu) Grandèt tifi An adolescent girl. granny *. gran attrib 1. unpolished. Yon grap: A lot of. gratèl la. Gran dizè Braggart. grandou a n sèvolan. grantchalè. G granmoun nan n 1. Men gòch mwen ap grate’m My left hand is itching. 2. 3. big talker. Mande gras To ask for mercy. To itch. Gran breng Big fellow. To grab.

Kè’m grenn I am sad. grif la 1 n Claw. Yo grennen bal sou li They riddled him with bullets. grigri a 2 n Small bird of prey that eats mice. grenye a n Attic. to grill*. Grenn chaple Rosary bead. gridap attrib Used mostly in the expression tèt gridap kinky. ground of corn. to scratch (leaving a mark). grèf la n Graft*. page 52. Grenn maldyòk A seed on a string placed around the neck of a child falling on the stomach to ward off evil. Grain*. Ki plen grès (or) Ki plen tach grès Greasy. grengole V degrengole grenn 1 attrib 1. grenn promennen an n Vagrant. grèk 2 V grèg grena. Grès kochon Lard. influenza. Grese pat yon moun To grease one’s palm. etc. grinback la. grènen vt To shell (mayi corn). to lubricate. gounouy la n Frog. Falco sparve-rius. grenadin nan. to sew very close. short. gratwa a n Scraper. Grenn vant Womb. monkey tricks. grenadya a n A Haitian fruit from which a delicious juice is extracted. grenouy la. 4. Li renmen’m tankou de grenn je nan tèt li She loves me as her own two eyes. Mete grèf (or) grefe To graft. wrinkle. serious. to roast. Gri kon po silabè Drunk as a kite. to scale. grifonn nan n Woman of mixed blood. to wrinkle. seed. greenback*. griji vt To pleat. chick. Grenn kolye Pearl (pearl necklace). Variant: grimo chode. coffee 78 Also: Simen pitit. to oil. grimèl la n Applied to females. berry. language). Pa yon grenn Not a single one. an isolated person. grigri a 1 n Charm (Vodou term). Fè grèv To go on strike. Coffee-filter. Li gen grenn pèlenpenpen He is restless. Tèt graton Sparse kinky hair. a single one. V krapo. gratis*. gravwa a n Gravel*. furrow. nappy hair. 3. Sparrow hawk. grennad la n 1. grimace*. Gray*. on). 2. fat. gravy. Testicle. gripe attrib To have a cold. greton an n Fried pork (word used in Jérémie for the more common ‘griyo’.B. grave vt To engrave *. grimas la n Grin. to scratch with the finger nails or the claws. Ti grenn Girl. grafting *. V anrimen. grenn nan 2 n 1. a person by himself. grefe vt To graft*. 2. Lanp tèt gridap refers to a kerosene lamp (tin lantern) with a handle. V grif. critical. graton an. Examples and expressions: Yon ti grenn sab A grain of sand. Lese grennen Let it be. drunk. grese vt To fatten. to say (chaple the rosary). Variant: grimèl chode. apprehensive.G graten V graton gratis attrib Free (of charge). wry face. grèk la n sieve made of cloth. grip* (sickness). melancholic. to toast. Yon grenn senk A person without protection. grèk la 1 n Greek* (people. grèg la. Cf. Fè grimas To make faces. gri 1 attrib 1. A person constantly on the move. small birds. V grimo. V grimèl. Grennen lajan To overwhelm with money. to produce a great amount of. Li gen grenn He has guts. gri a. grav attrib Grave*. grenna attrib Garnet* (color). 2. grif la 2 n A crossing between a mulatto and a person with dark skin. griy la 2 n Grill* (for cooking). grimo a n Person with light skin and kinky hair. grebete V krebete gredè a n Grader* (for road building). The best known Haitian primer (silabè) has a gray cover. to ascend. to gather (material). gravye a n Gravel*. Also: A speck. . Grenade*. to grease*. 2. grifonnen. grenpe vt To climb (up. Ou gripe? You have a cold? griyad la n Grilled* meat. Grese sere yon oto To tighten and lubricate a car. grifònen vt To claw. Passiflora quadrangularis L. Li grave vèrèt He has pockmarks. Fr créton. N. seriously. loft. grimbak la n Money. Inebriated. grèp la. to count out one by one (grain* by grain). grèv la n Strike. grip la n Cold. griye vt To broil. Yon grenn Just one. grij la n Fold. etc. grennadin nan n Grenadine* (a tropical fruit). let it alone. graten an n The crust at the botton of a pot of rice. Examples and expressions: Grennen pitit To have (produce) many children one after the other. grèp V grèg grès la n Grease*. Kinky (hair). Ou ap pran yon bèl grès You’re getting fat. V grafouyen. grennen. grenad la. Pomegranate*. gravman adv Gravely*. Pill. See Roger Nelson’s Zwazo Ayiti yo.

to enlarge. griyo a 2 n Story-teller. grovant attrib Pregnant. to rumble. brute. gròg la n Grog*. gwayil attrib Peasant (figuratively). Gro bon sans Common sens. gro zouzoun. troup. groso modo Roughly. Gro ble Denim (cheap blue material used to make clothes). Needle. Gro midi At high noon. nasty. gro moun Important person. Gro mo Abusive term. gwo attrib Big. (In some areas of Haiti. gro zotobre n Big shot. MORISSEAULEROY/D-10: Tout moun ap fè griyo Everybody is making ‘griyo’. to swell. carelessly. 2 gròs. grozotobre. Gro zotobre. gwangul la n Raintree. Gro nèg Big shot. hick. ropes. gouyav la n Guava*. to grimace. big shot. Gro anpil Enormous. particularly the South. too demanding. fight. rad la n Clothes. considerable. gro zòtèy attrib Rough. Pithecellobium saman (Jacq. gwann nan n 1. gwayabèl la n Type of jacket worn in tropical countries (Cuba.79 griyen vi To laugh. expecting too much. argument. one’s best suit. to gnash one’s teeth menacingly. gronyen vi To grumble. hololi V roroli hont V ront vt To make pregnant. gròs 1 H gròt la. Pole. Type of marble (toy). white rhum.) Benth. grozòtèy. voracious. To have gray hair (person). Manje gro pous To regret. grotto*. the usual word is ‘plenn’). grògi attrib Groggy*. grosè a n Size. se yon hinghang kay vwazen yo The neighbors are quarreling all day long and showing their teeth to each other. big bellied. grobren an n Twilight. grosès la n Pregnancy. Gro po Fabric of superior quality. Tout lajounen. Gro lajan Large sum of money. gwenf attrib Gluttonous. From Sp. heavy drinker. groje attrib Greedy. Psidium guajava L. gro. Also: mèt kont. gro popo. bigness. vulgar. Yon gro devenn A big misfortune. grizon an n Graybeard. yingyang n (onom) Quarrel. heavy eater. Gro pous Thumb. to smile wryly. gro bwa. Motè a gronde The motor is humming. Gro lo a The first prize in a lottery. Cf. initial h. to smile ironically. aloufa. large. gro soulye person. to knock up (pop). Groje Greedy (big-eyed). powerful voice. extensive. uncouth. gwayav la. Ròch grizon Type of stone with many holes on its surface. Gro vwa Deep. griyo a 1 n Small pieces of minced roast pork (highly spiced). gruff. grosoulye. gonde. afre. Type of drum. Fi ki grovant pa dwe monte chwal A pregnant woman should not ride on horseback. unrefined grosye attrib Rough. to grumble. Loray ap gronde The thunder is rumbling.often alternates with r. cluster. enceinte. to growl. 2. gwòt la n Cave. . a curse word. ‘country hicks’. fried pork chunks. grizonnen vi To turn gray (hair). woozy. Tree the fiber of which is used to make hats. gyòl V dyòl gyòlè V dyòlè H had la. grogòj la n Trachea. gross * (person). drink. grosomodo. gwagwa a n Jalopy. (For animals. group la n Group*. crude. brawn. hèk V rèk hèl V rèl hey interj Hey! You there! hinghang. discord. etc. for example palm tree. grozo attrib Big. Gro lajounen In broad daylight. 4. Gro vant Pregnant. gòs attrib Pregnant. gwonde vi To roar. Haiti). gwap attrib Brutal. grògmann nan n Drunkard. 3. or other alcoholic drink. Fi a gròs senk mwa The woman is five months gone (pregnant). Gro madanm Fat lady. enormous. grosi vi To get fat. An gro Wholesale. dissension. lagròt. gronde. Gro lannuit In the dead of night. Griyen dan To grin*. upon which bunches of ears of corn are hung tied in strings. attrib Crude.) hale V rale hany Interj Hey! (Exclamation denoting a slight anger).

around here. to put down. Hygienics*. inite a n Unity*. to raise. igwann nan n Iguana*. imè a n 1. To provoke. nosan attrib Innocent*. inyoran. isit. imid attrib Humid*. inonni attrib Gaga. il la. lack of Flood. initil attrib Useless. ipokrit attrib Hypocrit*. idyòt attrib Stupid (woman). A language. limoralite n Immorality*. inyore konnen vt Not to know. ijyenik attrib Papye ijyenik Toilet paper. cleanliness. imajinasyon an n Imagination*. ibis la n Ibis*. irondèl la n Swallow (bird). of this place. irigasyon an n Irrigation*. imilyasyon an n Humiliation*. ijyèn nan. unity*. senile. lijyèn n Hygiene*. idantite a n Katdidantite Identification card. poteke vt To mortgage. imoral attrib Immoral*. island*. pise. irite vt To irritate*. Fè inondasyon To inyore vt To be ignorant* of. to become irritated. ilfo V fò ilizyon an n Illusion*. in these parts. ipotèk la n Mortgage. M’inyore konnen bagay konsa Am I supposed to know that? (or) I don’t know about that. inisyal la n Initial* (letter). imaj la. imigrasyon an n Immigraton*.I hounfò V ounfò houngan V oungan hounsi V ounsi hountò n Benevolent ghost. Cananga odorata (Lam. Humor*. irinen. inoni. linyorans knowlege. A folk dance rythm.) Hook. I manje He ate. imay la n Portrait. inivèsite a n University*. ipoteke. imilye vt To humiliate*. inyon an n Union*. islet*. lil. Rann ini (or) defripe To smooth out. n Ignorance*. igwàn nan. to ape. Biro imigrasyon Bureau of immigration. (syn) Entatad. imajinen. Neap. fruitless. initilman adv Uselessly. to piss. Moun isi People of this country. United*. college. zidòl la n Idol*. ilsè a n Ulcer*. dumb. stupid. zil n Isle*. Inflamation. ini vt To unite*. Isit. and Thoms. inonde vt To flood. pus. inyorans la. naive. harmony. Bò isi. ibo n An African ethnic group (Igbo). isi. isterik attrib Histerical*. to rouse (to make angry). Gòj mwen irite My throat is sore. imajine vt To imagine*. pointless. lavi a di anpil Life is very difficult here. idyo attrib Idiot*. she. Anba isit Down here. iyoran attrib Ignorant*. hypocritical*. 80 imoralite a. F. inoptize V ipnotize inosan. zile. imite vt To imitate*. iritasyon an n Irritation*. ipokrizi a n Hypocrisy*. rinen vi V pipi. unnecessary. . to become excited. vi To stand on tiptoe. image*. ise vt To hoist. it (used in the North). isitkay adv Here in this country. isi a. imidite a n Humidity*. bò isit Here. ijan attrib Urgent*. V zilo. I i pers pron He. Cf. 2. inondasyon an n overflow (river). imedyatman adv Immediately*. here at home. V rose. inifòm nan n Uniform*. isit la adv Here. inoptize vt To hypnotize*. not to be cognizant of. nuzende innocent. ipnotize. ilanilan an n Ylang-Ylang. (rare) To urinate*. ide 1 V ede ide 2 V lide idòl la. vain. damp.

Jak n James*. Janbe minui After midnight. Lakay li ak pa’m. a stream. sort. jape vi To bark. Jaden roz Rose garden Jaden kann Sugar cane field. set. dja a n Pot. je a 1 n Deck. jazman an n Fussing. to yap. kind of. Pran bon jan van To stay in the breeze. Also a rebuke. jalouzi a n 1. janbyè a n Leggings. Ou gen je sèch You are shameless. jamè. jako a n Parrot. janbe vt To cross over a street. itilize vt To utilize*. envy. Fi a ap fè jalouzi pou mari’l The woman is jealous of her husband. Menm jan yo te rakonte’l la In the same manner as they told it. Pou jan ou bon. Yon je baton A good thrashing. li rale sou yon janm He was beaten. J kind. zye a 2 n Eye. Jakmèl n Port town in southern Haiti. Nen jako Aquiline nose. jaze vi To talk (badly) about. Ki jan fè. japman an n Barking. morning coat. he’s hobbling on one leg. jadendanfan an n Nursery school. disposition. Te gen yon sèl izin nan zòn nan. Ja lajan Buried treasure. so that I wouldn’t understand what they were saying. Yon je zouti A set of tools. jalou attrib Jealous*. slightly. ou pa lan jaden papa’w Speak quietly. Gendarme*. itil attrib Useful. Janm is used only pretonically. Rèv je klè Daydream. An ivè In winter. jug. you’re not at home. izole vt To isolate*. Li gen dezan ak yon java nan pye’l He’s had a terrible sore on his foot for two years. itilite a n Use. it closed up. m’pat kwè ou ta fè sa You are so good and janm nan 1 n Leg. Jan’l te rich He was so rich. Li pa gen ankenn itilite It’s of no use. jal n Short form for jeneral. Jack*. to go to. Yo pale jagon pou’m pa konprann kisa yo vle di They spoke in a jargon. ou nèk janbe It’s only a jump from his house to mine. like. lizin n Factory. jandam nan n Policeman. jarèt la n Ham. I would have never believed you would do that. jakorepèt la n A stupid person who. in the winter. Li gen bon jan He has a good disposition. listwa n Story*. like a parrot. kind. Dlo je Tears. to look. How come. yapping*. java a n Ulcer. to straddle. jany V anj jap la n Bark. to enjoy a good breeze. Li pran kou. Li gen je chire He has slanted eyes (or) He is squint-eyed. J ja a. not nice. soldier. handy. idle talk. Li yon jan dekouraje He is somewhat discouraged. li fèmen There was only one factory in the area. izin nan. tale. jaden an n 1. Ou pap janm kapab You will never be able. kind. V maleng. Je pou je Face to face. beneficial. repeats everything he hears. He . janmen 2 adv Never. Garden*. to fuss. Ki jan ou vle kafe a? How do you want the coffee? Yon ti jan Sort of. Bat je To wink. janbon an n Ham*. 2.. Bay jarèt To strengthen. jasmen an. jakèt la n Formal coat with swallow tail. jandamri a n Police. Yo ba’l yon jakèt They rebuked him. a malignant sore. ever. jatyè a n Garter. Type of venetian blind. Li gen je’l byen ouvè You can’t fool him.81 istwa a.). janti attrib Fine.. janbèt la n Small knife or pen-knife with a wooden handle. police officer. Je klè Awake. Voye je To glance. ivè a. Field. etc. jar *. Mare jamè fache To pledge never to become enemies (fall out). gentle*.. janm. to yelp. pleasant. rambling. jansiv la n Gum (mouth). History*. janvye a n January*. Chen an jape tout lannuit The dog barked all night. janchwa a n Anchovy. vat. or any object. livè n Winter. Voye yon ti je sou To keep an eye on. Fè jako pye vèt To play the part of a gallant. 2. je a. type. Je boukannen Without eyelashes. Jan ou vle As you wish. jagon an n Jargon*. Pa janti Unkind.. Kale je To turn the eyelids inside out. italyen attrib & n Italian*. jasmendenui n Jasmine*. Yon je kat A deck of cards. constabulary. Itali n Italy*. Pale dousman. jamè V janm jan an n Manner. bend of the knee (in man). Nenpòt ki jan In any manner. Jealousy*. way. hock (of horse. nice.

Pye bannann kòmanse jete The banana tree is beginning to sprout. Jete yon dlo To urinate. jele a n Jelly*. you can’t fool him. Li gen je pete He is blind. efò. 2. Jele gwayav Guava jelly. jènen 2 vt 1. To throw away. Youth. Loose woman. jounoufleksyon an n Genuflexion*. shyness. jebede. jedaza n Gambling. Tou sa ki pa bon merite jete Everything that is not good should be thrown away. jèze a n Garment of wool. manager. and then (when confronted with the other person’s eyes) to look the other way disdainfully. Tè a gen de jeran The plantation has two overseers. ajenouye vi To kneel. to disturb. jennen 1 attrib Narrow. jennès la n 1. jennòm V jenòm jennou V jenou jenòm nan. jenga V zenga 2 82 jenifleksyon an. jeyan an n Giant*. Effort. Jete vè (or) rann vè To evacuate body worms. to embarrass. jènfi a n Young girl. radote. Se lan chemen jennen yo kenbe chwal malen It’s on a narrow path that you catch a sly horse. jenès la. jebourik la n Type of plant that produces a large seed. to throw. or the like. Nou te pliye jounou douvan mèt la We knelt before the master. li pa jèmen We planted the corn two weeks ago. persistence. scorn. Fè jès To make movements. Kilòt jèze Jersey slip. Don’t bother. Koupe kout je To look at a person. Pantalon an jennen’m My trousers (pants) are too small. jèn attrib Young. Nou plante mayi a depi de semèn. 2. 2.J keeps his eyes open. Sa je pa wè. M’pa gen je’m I don’t have my glasses. one in charge of a plantation. Voye jete To cast away. I can’t read. jenipaye a n Genipa*. To sprout. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-25: M’jete’m nan laliy Pòtoprens I became a taxi driver in Port-auPrince. Pi jenn nan Junior*. 3. Pa fè jèn Don’t be shy. jende V ede jènen V jennen jeneral la. the youngest one. Kout je A haughty look. To do away with. Fi sa a se jenès This woman’s trade is prostitution. Greed. jen V juen jèn nan 1 n Restraint. boldness. jelatin nan n Gelatine*. but it didn’t sprout. to inconvenience. Se msye ki jeran lakou a He is the yard man. jèdo a n Waterworks. Ou gen tròp jèfò You are too greedy. he is smart. Seed. jerenons. Li mouri pou je’l He died in vain. Li pa jennen’l He takes liberties. (syn) Ranse. jès 2 V zès jete vt 1. jèm 2 V jèmen jemekwa n Conceited ass. eyes that turn inward. jefò a. Li gen je klere He is bright-eyed. 4. gestures. jennen. jèjè vi To ramble. . jèm attrib Kouzen jèmen First cousin (male). sprout. maiden. jenneral la. (vpr) To restrain one’s self. Je veron (or) je vironn Cross-eyed. M’pa renmen mache nan rout ki jennen I don’t like to walk on narrow lanes. jinou. zebichèt la n Type of sieve. to rave. jonnons Religious term (Abrenuntio). 2. jèmèn attrib Kouzin jèmèn First cousin (female). pantomine. jeran an n Caretaker. with eyes half open and seemingly winking. Pa jennen’w Make yourself quite at home. kè pa tounen What you don’t see doesn’t turn your stomach. jennou n Knee. jennjan an n Young man. jenn. jebichèt la. Je pye Ankle bone. Sometimes: jèm. jenjanm nan. to discard. Relatives. the younger one. Germ*. to germinate*. to hinder. jèm nan 1 n 1. jèn nan 2 n Fasting. jenerasyon an n Generation*. screen used in the preparation of cassava. Je pichpich Beady eyes. to bother. silk. To hamper. 2. jeròf V jiròf jès la 1 n Gesture*. Cf. jebèdè vi To talk nonsense. You want too much. disregard with supercilious attitude. to cast. jenjeral la n Ginger ale*. uncomfortable. to talk nonsense. special attention. jenouye. A jenou On one’s knee(s). jennòm nan n Young man. movement. youth. jèmen . a generous act. Also: jènpa. jounou. shoot. jèmen 1 vi To sprout. jedi n Thursday. jenjanbrèt la n Gingerbread*. jal la n General*. jerenòs. to corner. jèjanm nan n Ginger*. to speak incoherently. Fi sa a jete twa pitit deja That woman has already had three abortions. jenou an. jèfò a n 1.

slandering. jodi a adv Today (this very day). indeed. tèt jiròf A single clove. jiman an n Mare. Spy(ing). jous. jonn attrib Yellow. Jezi n Jesus Christ*. everyone will be judged. jou pou jou Four years to the day. To expose what was not supposed to be seen. Yo se lénmi jire They are avowed enemies. hunted animal. jouda. sea-pike (Strongylura raphidoma). jibis. jou a 3 n Day. jisteman adv As a matter of fact. poor the following day. Jiskaske m’tounen Until I return(ed). etc. I hadn’t understood. betraying finger). jou a 2 n Hemstitch. daylight. jouk 2 prep Till. jile a. jon an 2 n Ornate baton. jigo a n Leg of a goat or pig (to be cooked). jijdepè a n Justice of the peace*. jofre vi To peek. jòf la n Pran jòf To peek. jigridi V majigridi jij la n Judge*. slip. M’wè’l jodi a I saw him today (this very day). an jon an 1 n Reed. 1. Nan dènye jou. until when.o. Ri jòn To smile with a sense of guilt. until. tout moun pral nan jijman On the last day. jiska prep Till. to steal a glimpse. jibye a n Game. jiri a n Jury*. Jouk jounen jodi a To this very day. Ou kab rich jodi. as far as. jigote vi To squirm. jouk 3 conj Till. up to. jimnastik la n Physical training. V majòjon. klou jiròf. jeròf la n Clove tree. 2. to wriggle. undergarment. Bay jòf To give a peek.) and gossip about it. Jòn fonse Deep yellow. don’t talk to me. jou 1 Mete yon moun an jou To aim at s. to squirm. jilèt la n (Gilette*) razor blade. V razwa. jodia. shame or concern. jida V jouda jig la n (pej) Leg. until. apricot color. Jouk la. Fi a chita. Jigo kochon The shank of a hog. Katran. m’pat ko konprann Till then. Ou se jouda. jijinen vi To wriggle. jòkma a n imbecile. Used to make tablèt. jòn ze a n Egg yolk. jire vi To swear (oath). gymnastics*. jiskaske conj Until. li tap vin pi malad From day to day he was getting sicker and sicker. J jis. jilèt la n Vest. M’rive jis la a I arrived up to here. yellowish. jis 1 attrib Tight. A dumbell. Yon jou One day. just*. until. A shy lover. Dwèt jouda The index finger (the pointing. M’ap travay ak ou jis mayi mi I’ll work for you forever (till the corn ripens). jijman an n Judgement*. Till the cows come home. jòfi a n Garfish. To grin. jida n Gossip. Typha domingensis. Jiskisi Until now. jòn. jilbis Rèd kou jibis Erect (straight) as an opera hat. jonis V lajonis jonnons V jerenons jònze a. to take a glimpse of. Jòn kon safran Yellow as saffron. jous. Fè jouda To spy (on neighbors. jig li ouvè The woman is sitting with her legs wide open. V jodia. The more common word is ‘marasa’. Jous kilè When. Jis li kapab Until he can. jilepsou a n Vest. jouk tan Until. pòv demen You may be rich one day. jis. Jiska twazè Until three o’clock. Jis lè ou a rive Until you arrive. Nan pwen jou pou sa rive It’s not possible for that to happen. jiwèt la n Weathervane. jip la n Skirt. jiròf la. jije vt To judge*. Jigo kabrit The hind leg (shank) of a goat. Rete la jis tan m’tounen Stay there until I come back. till. De jou an jou. jipon an n Petticoat. jiromou V joumou jirwèt la. Grenn jiròf. Li jou It’s daylight. V roroli. joni vi To become yellow. some day. Jòn sitron Lemon yellow. Jòn abriko Orange color. V lajounen. Cattail. jemo n Twin. . to. Jisteman konyeya Just now. ji a n Juice*. Kou jou louvri At the break of day. jimo. jistis V lajistis jizye V zizye jodi adv Today (as opposed to the following day) in general. sentence. joke a n Jockey*. Cf. Jis lè Until. Se jodi li rive It’s a long time since he arrived. pa pale avè’m You’re a traitor. jaune *. Jis tan. jijiri a n Sesame (Sesamum orientale).83 Jezi V Jezikri Jezikri.

. attrib Jewish*. gambler. abuse. vt To hoist (flags). jounen an. jwif la n Jew*.o. ka a 3 n 1. Soup joumou Pumpkin soup. M’konprann ka yo I understand their situation. Se lò yon moun nan ka ou konn vrè zanmi ou It’s when you’re in trouble that you discover your real friends. jwèt la n 1. to curse. M’pral lakay mwen I am going home. jwen an 2 n Opening. to fetter. jwen 1 n Means. jiskensi. Kòk la jouke sou pyebwa a The rooster perched on the tree. jouk 1 adv Even. jouke vi To roost. juif la. plaything. Y’ap joure They are quarreling. entertainment. weekly. 2. Toy.o. Cf. Cucurbita moschata. insult. Jwenn ak To meet (up) with. joujou a n Toy. vi To quarrel. jouk la 2 n Post (stake. crack. amusement. Mishap. joukensi. Depi maten ou ap joure’m You’ve been grumbling at me since (this) morning. M’pa fè ka’l I don’t pay any attention to him. to grumble at. ka 1 vi To be able (to). Fè jwèt To be kidding. jiskisi adv Until now. joujou lakomedi a n Puppet. joke) with me. misfortune. to obtain. Examples and expressions: Kay jwèt Doll house (also: kay pope). to reprimand. journal*. lajwa n Joy*. monthly). jwa a. articulation. ka 2 n Short form of kay at the house of. lakay is used instead. Yon ka dè A quarter of an hour. the kidding is over. jwenn vt To find. V lafèy. jounalis la n Journalist*. jwenti a n Joint* (connecting bones). jen n June*. you must be kidding. to meet. Li joure vwazen an byen joure He really lambasted his neighbor. to discover. to rebuke. 2. way. joke. Case* (legal). jomon. jouroumou. joke. trouble. prank. jounalye a n Day laborer. Jouk ou tou Even you. jiye n July*. To join* up with. M’ap jwe sou ou I am betting on you. it’s Marise who is talking to you. He really gave his neighbor a piece of his mind. jouroumou V joumou jous V jis jouvajouvyen. hitherto. Quart*. jwi vt To enjoy. M’pat gen jwen pou’m fè sa I didn’t find a way to do that. Game of chance. V jis (prep & conj). Ka may not be used before a possessive adjective. joune a n Day. Jwèt la gate It’s time for a show-down. seriously. Jwe sou To bet on. jouman an n Oath. you will find what you are not looking for. 2. up to now. Pa pase’m nan joujou Don’t play around (fool. crisis. to encounter.K joudlan an n New year’s day. to abuse. Jwèt kay (or) Jwèt kay wari Children’s game played with pebbles or ‘wari’ seeds. se Mariz k’ap pale avèk ou la Yes. Ou pa ka reyisi You can’t succeed. juen. Jwe dwèt ou ladan’l jous ou a louvri’l Wiggle your finger in it till you open it. mode. 2. jwe vt 1. Non jwèt Nickname. E. 3. it’s not serious. profanity. death. 2. Pran yon moun fè jwèt Not to take s. To gamble. K k Contraction of ki (subject relative pronoun). Malad la pase yon bòn joune The patient had a good day. Case* (situation. kapab. (Haitian version of the game known in West Africa by such names as Wari and Mungolla: COURLANDER). Tout la sent jounen The whole day long. jounou V jenou jounoufleksyon V jenifleksyon joupa V ajoupa joure 1 vt To insult. (Said when the government is going down). Examples and expressions: An ka In case that. Play(ing) game. 3. Roost. instance. to tie an animal (tightly). Sa se yon jwèt It’s a joke. one who always puts pleasure above work. BEAUBRUN/A-32: Wi. jwa a n Player. Also: kab. Ou a jwenn ak zo grann ou You are too curious. joumou an. juiyè. manner. diversion. vi To reach orgasm. jiyè. M’pral ka Andre I am going to Andre’s (house). Quarter *. to scold. V kay. jiromou. An tou ka In any event (case). to taunt. joure a 2 n Insult. jwisè a n Reveller. to perch. Se yon ka ki ra It’s a rare case. circumstance). jou va jou vyen The days come and go (time does not stand still). lakay. gambling. to kid s. joukase n Daybreak. to locate. ka a 4 n 1. Jouke chwal To tie a horse close to the post. 84 jwè a. jwif V juif jwisans la n Enjoyment. V lajounen. pet name. argument. To play. carouser. n Species of pumpkin. An’n al jwenn papa ou Let’s go meet (go to) your daddy. Yoke. jounal la n Newspaper (daily. 3. picket). New year’s garment (gift).

to plan. kabin nan n Small room. boisterous. kab la 2 K kabouya a. 2. cabala* (universal Hebraism). to be all gone. kad la 2 n Frame. Ranje kabann To make the bed. n One who pulls or n Maneuver. V dekabès. Kabrit san kòn Human being. kabrèt la n Long cart drawn by horses or oxen. Kachte kou ou Button up. Sp. Li pa dòmi yè swa. kabeste vt To train. When three-wheeled. Cf. kabourèt la. wagon. kachiman kè bèf. he’s dozing off (napping). From Sp. Lago kache Hide and seek. Kabann nan dous The bed is soft and sweet. Foreskin (prepuce). cachet*. bedding. kabalèz attrib Boisterous. Cable* (metal wire). 2. uproar. V kabòch kabòs la 2 n Cocoa-pod. etc. kab la 3 n 1. kabine a n 1. Yon nonm ki gen kabès An intelligent person. gous. kabouyay la n Rompus. (Used for women). Cf. Jouk sa kaba Till the very end. V ka. kabann nan n Bed. 2. Li pete yon kabouya avè’m He started a quarrel with me. exhausted. kabre vt Verb used in the terminology of sports (to fake). quarrel. kad la 1 n Trundlebed. Annona squamosa L. to cause a big fuss. kabwatye a. kabòch la. kachimbo a n Rustic smoking pipe. nap. lit. capsule. kabinèt la n Small room. kabalè attrib Noisy. Gen plizyè kalite kachiman There are various types of sweetsop: kachiman kannèl. V lobo. platter. V kalabous. Ti kabrit Kid. fake (in sports). so as to be sure to succeed. Telegram. gen bagay m’pa ta di ou If I were secretive. 2. li kache kò’l He is hiding (himself). kabray la n Maneuver. cabin * (on a boat). kabich la n Paté consisting of bread with aransò in it (Jérémie region). booth. Also: papye kabòn.(Rare). . kachte vt To seal an envelope. This is usually called fwèt kach which one cracks and uses to corral animals. kabarè a 2 n Cabaret*. to prepare one’s future. kabiratè a n Carburator*. hut (rare). Si’m te kachotye. The other players must guess in whose hand the object was placed. Also: kabòch tèt. kache a. it has one wheel in front and two in rear. Manman kabrit Nanny goat. with the head drooping. kabwetye a pushes a kabwèt. kapab. to exhaust. go-cart. kabwa a n Large cart used to haul heavy loads like sugar cane. Li kache. capezzià. what you foresee usually really happens. V dekachte. bundle up. office. kach la 1 n 1. kabare a 1 n Serving tray. V lago. kabrèt la. fake (in sports). to doze. kabrèt V kabwèt kabrit la n Goat. kabare a. kachkach la n 1. office. kabine V okabine kabinè a. Fè kabouya To raise a storm. kabonat la n Baking soda. kachèt la n Hiding-place. kachiman lachin. loud noise. kabwèt la n A two or three-wheeled cart. to conceal. cabinet*. Vyann kabrit Goat’s meat. kabès la n Head. kaba vt To finish. public scandal. kache 1 vt & vi To hide. kabicha 1 vi To take a nap. gabotay la n Coastal traffic transporting people and merchandise by boat within the country. kachotri a n Affected secrecy about trifles. eskandal. to discipline (a child). dispute. Annona reticulata L. kabal la n Raucous. acaba(do). kacho a n Prison cell. Also: kabès tèt. cablegram *. Neap. kabòs 1 kabwèt la. The end of a string attached to a piece of wood. cabecea(r). Belye kabrit Buck (male goat). Ou se yon bèf kabwa You are working very hard for others who are exploiting you. Peye cash To pay cash. chocolate-nut. Kachkach li ben sere li ben Children’s game in which an object is hidden in the hand of one of the players. to put an end to. row (quarel). argumentative. to snooze. Kabwèt la chaje kann The wagon is loaded with sugarcane. kab. kabicha a 2 n Snooze. kabòn nan n Carbon* paper. kabòs la n Head. An kachèt Secretly. to train (a horse). there are things I shouldn’t tell you. similar to a wheel-barrow. kach la 2 n Cash*. l’ap ka-bicha He didn’t sleep last night. kabouyatik attrib Quarrelsome. boisterous. commotion. Cabinet (ministry). night club. Practice (of a lawyer). kabotay la.85 kab 1 vi To be able to. saucer. which can fold up. kachotye attrib Secretive. noisy. Ou gen bouch kabrit You predicted that. Jwèt kachkach The game of ‘hide and seek’. kachiman an n Sweetsop. kachè a 2 n Pill. Secret hiding place.

6. Name given to a group of people who many years ago participated in a revolt against American occupation forces and in the civil wars that took place in the beginning of this century. cadaver*. kalabous la n 1. to bullshit. thrashing. kakòn nan n 1. Type of plant. to have a bowel movement. found in latrines without water or in other unsanitary places. it consists of a triangular piece of wood placed around the neck with a horizontal bar. Kafe ole a) Light brown coffee (with cream). yon ti kal A tiny bit. kado a n 1. complex illness. akajou a 1 n West Indies mahogany. Kafe seriz Coffee bean. kakit (euph) for ‘kaka’. 3. Flake (paint). The hard covering of the rapadou (hardened syrup). Pye kafe Coffee bush. to speak evil of. Mimosa scandens L. To fail. 7. V kabòs. kadinal la n Squirrel fish. Bwè yon kafe anmè ak yon moun To settle a score with s. weak. kal la 1 n 1. to give away. Kaka zòrèy Cerumen. bowel movement. kadejak la. kal la 2 n Hold of a ship. kaderik la n Cooking pot (used in the North). kadre vt To center and frame. Sa ou genyen ou kagou konsa? Gee but you look sad! What’s the matter with you? kagoul la n Hood. Gift. feces. Tou sa se kaka rat dèyè bwèt All that means nothing. kaftyè a n Coffee pot. kaj la n Cage* (for large animals). lifeless. poupou. Matched. done for. 2. pòm kajou a 2 n Cashew* (Anacardium occidentale L. intersection. 2. the juncture in life where everything goes wrong. 2. to defecate. kadanse vi To go back and forth in cadence. kalfou a n Crossroad. kaka a 2 n Excrement. Kafe’l koule ak ma He is in trouble. kajou a. Kalfou tenten Fool’s corner. manner of movement. kajou a. coffee grounds. Fish scales. 4. kakas la n Carcass*. kagezon an n Cargo*. chocolate-nut. To fail. To let the secret out. Kaka kalbas The inside of a calabash. corpse.o. skeleton of a paper kite. kaklika n Trouble. Beating. FARDIN-8: Pi bèl pase yon bèl rekòlt kafe More beautiful than a beautiful coffee harvest. stool. Fè kafe To brew coffee. b) Light brown (color). kadna a n Padlock. Kafe an poud Ground coffee. M’pral repoze kadav mwen I am going to rest my body. Kagezon maladi A long. kakao a. shit. kakadja vi To criticize. Finished. Fè kaka To have a bowel movement. Nan lagè se sou kadav moun mache During war times. Yo fè msye kakit They’ve done him in. lakadans n Cadence*. (usu) chay maladi. kakajako attrib Yellowish green.K kadache V kodase kadans la. Fè kado To make a present. kakarat la n Tiny sugar grains in various colors used to decorate cakes. akadejak la n Rape. Much more common is kalòj which (usu) means bird cage. Se pa kaka kòk It’s not easy. Dandruff. Mete tout kaka chat deyò To spill the beans. to talk nonsense. kakade vi To fart around. defeat. Kaka je Wax around the eyes. a scrap. Fè kal To peal off (paint). fitted. a tiny piece. you walk on corpses. (usu) a child. tata. The hard peal of a fruit or grain. Yo byen kadre They’re well set. shipload. kafetyè a. Kaka nen Snot. present. prison. Ma kafe Coffee dregs. Cf. to give out. What troubles! Ala de kaklika! kako a n 1. Jail. V kodase. 2. sad. Grèp (or) grèg kafe Coffee filter. kadav la n Body. V zosman. self. Revolutionary. kaki a n Khaki*. To shit. Kafe rat Coffee beans on the coffee bush which fall out of the husks. Yon kal. kafe a n 1. Sometimes: lakal. kagou attrib Depressed. Coffea arabica L. street corner. Small. coffee tree. Kakòn jenou Knee bone. kakan an n A wooden yoke used to prevent animals from passing through a hedge. Li fè kadejak sou tifi a He raped the girl. It’s not chicken shit. mask. White spot on a fingernail. 2. kafou a. . kadnase vt To padlock. they match (each other). Moulen kafe Coffee grinder. Griye kafe To roast coffee. rhythm. stinging type of insect. Kafe klè Light coffee.). Kaka bèf Cow dung. assault. problem. Cacao-pod. kage vi To recline. 5. because they have been chewed by rats. kakatwè a n A person. to sit leaning the chair against a tree or a wall. 86 kaka 1 vi 1. okabine. kakarèl la n Diarrhea. wax in the ears. Coffee*. who soils himself. kakaye vi To cackle (hens). a crum. kakaro a n Cocoa*. Nwa kajou Cashew nut.

kalomèl la n Calomel* (Mercurous chloride). Kalbas gran dyòl Big talker. kalsitran V rekalsitran kalson an n Drawers. to count. i. kanmizòl la n Undershirt worn by small children. sort. Pa kale je ou sou mwen You better stop looking at me like that. account. to ponder over. kaliko a n Calico* (cloth). kalmason an. kabose. sugar cane). kamomin nan n Camomille*. Kalòj pijon Loft. They scalped you.o. Kamyon sitèn Tank truck. to compute. stop being indiscreet. Examples and expressions: Kale’m lajan’m Give me my money. to whip. to figure (out). kalao interj Damn it! Hispanism from Santo Domingo or Cuba. kalm 1 attrib Calm*. The general meaning is to remove the cover of anything. they’re giving me a hard time. to appease. to defeat. To win over. kamomi an. comrade*. a slap on the head with the open hand.’s head. kale wès vi To loaf around. type. kamouflaj la. Kamyon baskil Dump truck. rat bay kalinda When the cat’s away. consideration. reckoning. kalfou V kafou kalib la n Caliber*. to bruise. kaminize vpr Kaminize ou Fork it over. Core of a boil. briefs. V pi. the central mass of necrotic tissue. kamarad la. Gallstone. kalewès. To produce. kanmarad la n Friend. Soulye a ap kale’m My shoes are really hurting me. kamyon an. akalmi an. to subside (storm). Variety. quiet. kolboso vt To dent. Kamyon fatra Trash truck. one who can’t keep a secret. Ase fouye zo nan kalalou Stop asking questions.o. lakalmi n Stillness. 4. kaliptis V ekaliptis kalite a n 1. Snail. quiet. the mice are at play. ou ap kalewès All day long you’re not working. kalvè a n 1. In some regions of Haiti. Kamyon bwat Truck with wooden box in rear. kamouflay la n Camouflage*. on the head. Computation. Medicinal plant. to pare (fruit). kamaradri a n Comradeship*. kalòj la n Cage (for small animals. Se yon kalvè n’ap pase avè’l We’re really having a hard time with him. 2. to get out of shape. Kale je To turn one’s eyelids inside out (sometimes done by children when playing). kalkilasyon an n Reflection.K. 3. 2. to crack. also to look at s. companion. to chip. kalmi an. Machin mwen kalbose My car got dented. to calculate*. Kalimèt pip Pipe stem. to calm down. especially birds). To waste time when working. lull in business. 3. Mental problem. a big mouth. station-wagon. kalm nan 2 n Calm*. kalbose. vpr To calm down. Give me all you’ve got. Kòk kalite Quality game cock. they took too much money from you. kalimèt la n Straw (for drinking). kalòt la n Box on the ears. kalme vt To calm*. to lash. ou a gen kalkil If you think too much (by yourself in your corner). 2. 2. you’re loafing and loitering. Crescentia cujete L.87 kalalou a n Okra. kalbende vi loaf. kind. calculation *. to throw stones at. to pelt with stones. Si ou panse tròp. playing-like. worry. M’ap kalkile kote m’prale I’m pondering over where I’m going. Tèt kalbas Big head. underwear. peaceful. to bump. kanmyon an n Truck. 1 . doing nothing.e. to sooth. to konk out (engine. kalbasik la n A green fruit with a hard covering. Suffering. kalinda a n Calenda*. V taptap. mate. waste of time. car). to spank. kale vi 1. kalma vi To calm* down. Tout lajounen ou pap travay. Bay kalinda To frolic. To hatch (egg). Yo kale tèt ou They plucked your scalp. kamyonèt la n A type of jitney. type of dance imported from Africa. kalbasi a. kamizòl la. to consider. now! Kale tèt yon moun To shave s. kalmanson an n 1. Sp. calm*. Li kalib It works O. defiantly or insistently. to skin (bananas. kalalou is called gonbo. gourd. a cross betwen a small truck and a car. To flog. 2. kalonnen vt To stone. Quality*. to give birth to (as in kale pitit to give birth to many children. kalbenday la n Loafing. Tèt kale A shaven head (or) a person of no importance. kale 2 vt 1. problems. to K kalkil la n 1. amòtif. kalkile vt & vi To reckon. kalote vt To slap s. To peel. to beat up. Calvary*. arithmetic. difficulties. to work slowly or lazily.o. Kostim mwen an pa kanmarad pa ou la My suit is better than yours. Kalite bat yo te konn bat li They used to beat him so much. To stall. you’ll have a psychosis. carajo! kalapat V karapat kalbas la n Calabash*. worry. 2. an open bus with rows of benches. Lè chat pa la. to shell (peas).

Also: An evil-smelling herb. kanbizye a n Steward’s mate. n 1. m’pap fè sa Even if you would pay me. ‘Kanaris also enter into ritual use. 2. Marble (play). One who serves (or sells) food at a kanbiz. kanbral attrib Bowlegged. Mete bwat la kanpe Stand the box on end. kannik la n 1. Kan m’rive. perhaps because of a defect in one’s legs. open gutter for leading water to sewer. Team. to walk in a funny manner. pocket-knife. kannif la n Penknife. 2. Kanfeti ou ta peye’m. Also: chèf kanbiz. kannannant. Pye kanbre Bent. kanari a. kanèt la n Bobbin. Kanè adrès Address book. bowed. 2. kanbiz la n Any place where foods and drinks are served at a gathering. terra-cotta earthen vessel. and a lotion made from an ammonia base. Lakanpay Countryside. the steward’s roof. Chèf kanbiz Chief receptionist. . salt. grain. Li poze kandidati’l He is running for office. V bobin. Harvest fish. 3. Camp*. arched. kanivo a. just the same. dirty old man. kandidati a n Candidacy*. kannay la n Scoundrel. kangrenn V gangrenn kangrennen V gangrennen kanif la. Nèg sa a se kanno That fellow is a genius (sometimes pej. etc. kanale vi To go. author of many songs. reception hall. To stop walking. Mache kanbral To hobble along. cannon*. to rise. kanistè a. 2. kanon an. beds. he stopped walking. Li pèdi lan kanpay fi a He was madly in love with the girl. kannistè a n Tin container used to measure flour. spherical black fruit used for playing marbles. kannèl la (color). kankannen vi To burn thoroughly. kanè a n Notebook. kanaval la n Mardi-gras. to be standing. kan an 2 n 1. side. kanno V kanon kannòt la n (Small) boat. They are sung into. kanna a n 1. Rale kanf To inhale camphor. Duck. the person in charge of food and drinks at a party. kanno a n Big gun. 2. kanni vi To mildew. to char. kannale. kankou V tankou kanmenm. At a dance. lounge. Haematoxylum campechianum L. curving legs. kann nan n Sugar cane *. kandyanhoun nan n A major Vodou service. kannari a n Small. 2. Kanè chèk Checkbook. mostly to the US. kanpany la n 1. Ditch. Kann kale Sugar cane with the bark removed. Apre sa li kanpe After that. the corner where drinks are served is called bivèt. One with arched legs. unseaworthy boat used for clandestine trips. kandelab la. kanèl la. Edge (of doors. and on some occasions are covered with goatskin heads and played like a drum’ (COURLANDER). kanpèch la n Campeachy* wood. canal *. Jocularly refers to a woman’s or a man’s water system. kanf la n Camphor*. gutter. report card (school). Rust 88 kanfeti. to become old and mouldy. A small. kannal la n 1. Also: to get gray hair. Se ak kann yo fè sik ak siro They make sugar and syrup out of sugar cane. 2. canoe*. kan an 3 n 1. I did not see him. Granmoun kannay Old rascal. etc. kannivo a n Channel-stone. Euphorbia lactea. kandyanroun nan. kanpelwen an n Moth balls. I wouldn’t do that. kandida a n Candidate*. kanpay la. clay-pot. Bat kandyanhoun To invite people to have a grand celebration. Cinnamon. to be erect. logwood. kanpekin nan n A beverage which is supposed to restore virility. carnival*. The goal area (in soccer). Kandyo n Famous Haitian singer and comedian. spool of sewing machine placed under the material to be sewn. kandelam nan n A type of cactus so-named because of its shape. kana a. if. Sometimes refers to an old man who runs after young girls. kannon an.). listless. earthen jar. in any case. used to chase away evil spirits. without energy. Kannale dèyè To follow in the wake of. Kannale monte To go up (the way). kamenm adv Anyway. kanntè a n Flimsy. Mostly used in the North. Fè kan (sou) To gossip (about). kanti conj (pop) Even if. kanale V kannale kanape a n Sofa. m’pa wè’l When I arrived. An’n fè de kan Let’s choose two sides (teams). Campaign*. kanpe vi 1.K kan 1 conj When. kanal la. bowed. kanik la. annannant attrib Lifeless. To stand up. kanbre attrib Arched.). tapped with sticks.

tablet. Si yo pat kapon yo ta gen batay la If they hadn’t been such cowards. roadman. ka vi To be able. kanta. grandou. carbine*. M’pa janm kite moun kaponnen’m I never let anyone scare me off. they caught a lot of fish. Corporal*. karakole. kar conj Because. DEJEAN-55: Fè yo fè sa li di a. karabin nan n Rifle. kap 5 V kapab kapab. M’ap monte kap I’m flying my kite. kanta pou prep As for. kanzo attrib A Vodou adept who has undergone the trial by fire initiation. they would have won the battle. trousers. 2. Kapo rou Hubcap. karaf la n Jug. hairdo. Head covering. nature. kapris la n Whim. surveyor. canticle *. karabela a n Denim material. kapital la. kanponnen vt To scare off. Yon gason kanson A real man. kraponnay. karotchou n 1. apantè This is my district. team kaplata a. haughty. kap. shorts. 1 K n Hogfish. kapòt la n 1. a lot of. n Captain*. lakapital n Capital city. PAURIS-113: Manmzèl ranmase karaktè’l She became offended. 2. A good deal of. Lachno2 kapitèn nan. Karotchou de rechanj Spare tire. (The letter “r” is distinctively pronounced in this Creole word). M’achte senk kanson yè I bought five pairs of pants yesterday. 2 karaktè a n Character*. kara a n Carat*. capricious* act. n Intim- kaponnen. Quantity*. kanyan kanyan. Rubber tire. Ki kantite kòb li genyen? How much money does he have? kanton an n District. kaprata a n Sorcerer. kanyen kanyen. kab. Fèmen kapo a Close the hood. kanti V kanfeti kantik la n Hymn. kanponnay idation. pitcher. 2. Tribulus cistoïdes L. Karotchou plat (or) pàn karotchou Flat tire. can. . kantin nan n 1. kap la 4 n 1. plenty of. fainthearted. to jump kantonnye a n Street-cleaner. kanson an n Pair of pants. ‘scaring tactics’. kapo a 1 n Hood (car). V sèvolan. gun. Kamyon an kapote nan ravin nan The truck turned over into a ravine. kansè a n Cancer*. karamèl la n Caramel*. ungainly..89 kanpo a n Rest (repose). to scare by means of threats. wobbling. yo pran yon gran kantite pwason Once they had done what he had said. amount. scared. kapi a captain. Walking shorts are usually called pantalon kout or chòt. Mete kap sou To head toward. kapo 2 V kaporal kapon attrib Coward(ly). sickly. kap la 1 n Paper kite (for flying). kantite a n 1. karabann nan n Birdtrap made from sticks forming a pyramid. 2. kaptenn. Se kapitèn nan. kap la 3 n A plant whose leaves are used as a remedy to cure jaundice. for. not able. 2. FARDIN-10: kanton’m. 3. kaotchou a. kaprina a n 1. kapote vi To capsize. Condom. kapsil la n Caps*. Top. Flaky crust on the head of a new-born baby. PAURIS-4: Yon kokennchenn parantèz simaye pasi pala. kap la n Cape (Geog). contraceptive. Dandruff. loose woman. temper. kantamwa attrib Presumptious. kantaloup la n Cantaloup*. ‘rubbers’. kaoutchou. karako a n A long wide housedress similar to a night gown. to overturn.is concerned. kraponnen. kapo a n 1. as far as. to intimidate. timid. Type of marble (toy). may.o. 2. Said of any person who is not easily burned. pretentious. Pa kapab Unable. hurt and angry. kaporal la. kanyen kanyen adv Gawky. scores of. Fanm sa a gen move karaktè This woman is a bad character (has a bad temper). Bay kanpo To relieve s.. krakole about (horse). kaptenn nan laimus maximus. Prostitute. Pran kanpo To take a rest. canton*. Woman lacking some front teeth. 2. Rubber. kapte vt To tune to (a radio station). vi To cut capers. Anyen pa kapab fè yo chanje Nothing could make them change. roof (of cars). Canteen* (establishment) where free meals are served. MORISSEAULEROY/D-10: Tout ti medam ap al chante kantik All the young ladies are going to sing religious hymns. kaponnay la. garbage man. A holder for several plates to transport food.

karenn nan n Keel (of a boat). to cuddle. to cajole. sapat. Examples and expressions: Kase a gòch To turn left. V grògmann. edible sea-tortoise. To burglarize (a house). and we have plenty more to go. Manje kou karanklou To swallow like a glutton. causing the heart to beat fast. To put one’s mind to. a gray and white fish. He is well built. or shies away). karapat la 1 n Shell (of a turtle). karèt 1 attrib Temporarily submissive (applied to one who concedes. karotay la n Bumping (of a moving vehicle). or floor tile. kareti a n Breadth across the shoulders. karate a n Karate*. kareman adv Definitely. flatly. to pick (corn). attrib Square*. Big boss (pejorative and rare). karese vt To fondle. drunkard. Iron (for pressing clothes) (The word karo is used only in some parts of Haiti. housebreaker. V sandal. karavachè a n Guzzler. kare 3 vt 1. to match (two game cocks). karayib la. In the capital. ‘carretera’. to go at it. karannkat la n Revolver. to match (a man and a woman). kasab la n Cassava*. A plant of the Arum family. Kase bra To break an arm (or) To discourage s. Square*. kas la 2 n Helmet. Type of torture in a jail. to pet. karo a n 1. Kè kase Surprise. to peel (bells). To dismiss. deep emotion. to give way. karetèl la n Highway. Kase kanari A funeral Vodou rite. banbochè. karye vt To carry. frank. to hug. karès la n Caress*. karantyèm num Fortieth. karapat la. karyann nan n A terrain full of rocks. absolutely. kare 1 attrib Outspoken. squarely. to sick on. to continue. karata a n Type of agave or sisal. Kase zòtèy To stump one’s toe. He is a square shooter. chou karayib la n Taro. Chapo’l kase byen ba sou je’l His hat was pulled down over his eyes. karosri a n Chassis. 3. straightforward. tick. kasik la n American Indian native chief. Nou fèk kare manje We have been eating. karèt la 2 n 1. To bring face to face. 3. karyoka a n Low. karatèl la. E. Any square window pane. waterturtle. Chwal la kase kòd The horse snapped the rope. Cf. To break. Kare kò To settle one’s self comfortably. Colocasia esculenta Schott. karousèl la n Carousel*. 2. karanklou a n Vulture. 2. Mete yon batiman an karèn To keel a ship. kayonnen vi To ring. Louse. Malad la kase kòd The patient died (kicked the bucket). kase 1 vt 1. kare 2 90 kari a n Breadth of back and shoulders. Diamond (cards).19 acres. karant num Forty. Lèd kon karanklou Ugly as a vulture. This word is used in the central region). Agave intermixta Trel. Type of body lice that suck blood. kare a 4 n 1. Penalty zone (soccer). karèm nan n Lent. 2. Examples and expressions: Kase tèt tounen To turn back and go in the other direction. Confucius say(s). karyòl la n Wagon. (From Sp. Common jack. 2. karyonnen. kalapat la 2 n 1. Strip of land measuring about 3. Cf. 2. kaskad la n Waterfall. flat shoe with leather straps. cart.o. karòt la n Carrot*. Kase koub To turn. 3. categorically. kasav la. A person who is a pain in the ass.K karang nan n 1. etc. the name is fè). Kase double To begin again. kaskayèt la n Castanet*. Lè jou ap kase At the break of day. to go on. kase 2 vi To break. 2. karesan attrib Caressing*. van. Large. Kase lèzo To break water (just before a child is born). tafyatè. kas la 1 n Cassia* (a plant the seeds of which are used as a medecine). Kasayòl n Name of a wise man often mentioned in Haitian proverbs. to turn about. Type of modern dance. 3. Kase bwa nan zòrèy yon fi To whisper sweet nothings in a woman’s ear. Nonm nan gen bèl kari The man has broad shoulders. stones. to fire (from a job). sayings. kasèdkay la n Burglar. to chime. 2. to caress*. etc. to break to pieces. 4. karanndiseas la n Type of venereal disease (The person has various individual diseases). karèn nan. Yo fè kasab ak manyòk They make cassava with manioc. . Caranx hippos. to break (a large bill).

soft and pulpy.91 kaskèt la n Cap. Chrysophyllum caimito L. kavèn nan n Cave. Kay bas A one-storey house as opposed to ‘kay rot’. kastronnen. trouble. kayiman an n Caiman* (type of crocodile. 2. gown. Quarter* (of the moon). kay la 1 n House. Cf. Shrine. mesye yo rete ap kave The men kept drinking all night long. Kay mistè Room in a house or a small house reserved for the household gods. Grave. 2. Robe. Card*. Grotto. kastròl la n Pan. related to the alligator). To give a new shape to a hat by twisting it. Kay tòl House with tin (corrugated) roof. L’al fè yo tire kat pou li He had his fortune told with playing cards. Kat la make The card is marked. kavalye a n 1. Tout lannuit la. A large number. Kay sa a fè katye a lèd This house ruins the neighborhood. big object. katafal la n Hearse. kaw la n Crow (large black bird). kat san num 400. M’ba ou kat blanch I give you full authority to act. lakay. green or violet in color (tropical fruit). katriyèm num Fourth. group. kazèn nan n Barracks (Milit). bagay Any huge. kazak la n 1. Yon katafal . kaye 1 vi To clot. kaye 2 a n Notebook. katreven dis num Ninety. cave*. class. A attrib Underdeveloped. katdidantite a n Identification card*. a house with an upper storey. saucepan. E. Se ou ki pou koupe kat la It’s up to you to cut the cards. tomb. kazimi an n Cashmere* (fine material used to make clothes). 2. Male dancing partner. kay la 2 n Quail*. Chat kay Domestic cat (as opposed to) chat maron wild cat. hut. File kat To deal cards. katastròf la n Catastrophy*. 3. 4. (soldier’s) living quarters*. not authentic. predicament. c. To dress (train) a horse. katapoli a n Sandpaper (word used mostly in the North). kata 2 2 K katòz num Fourteen. 2. Pa katolik Not completely proper. kataplas la n Cataplasm*. burial vault. Doye kat To be able to tell cards through markings on their back. Yon zèl kat One single card. particularly for officers. section. Neighborhood. ti katkat la n Little tot. (before a vowel: katr) Katr an Four years. puny (child). katreven num Eighty. M’pral kay madan Viktò I’m going to the w. kata 1 vi To play ‘kata’ music. large shirt. kavalyèz la n Female dancing partner. katchapika a n Long knife. dagger. Li mouri kay yon notab He died at the home of a well-known. casserole*. to curdle. 2. Ticket (admittance). at -’s. kata a 3 n Type of drum. coagulate. katalòg la n Catalogue*. kat 1 num Four. katchoumbonmbe a n Fiasco. Fredi a kaye deyò a It’s very cold outside. kav la n 1. Kay chanmòt Two-storey house. hole in the rock. kazino a n Casino* (gambling place). Map. katolik la 2 n Catholic*. katarak la n Cataract* (disease of the eye). ka 3 prep At the home of. katimini V ankatimini katkat la. catafalque*. copybook. swaddling clothes. V kavo. kay. Li ban’m de kat sinema He gave me two tickets for the movies. katouch la n Cartridge*. kave vi To drink heavily. rider. katechis la n Catechism*. baby’s gown. katon an n Cardboard. Dèyè kay (euph) for a woman’s backside. kat la n 1. Cf. Elsewhere: papye sable. not honest. Gen yon move kout kat ki pati Something went wrong. Mèg kon kaw To be very skinny. rythm. todler. katab la n A folder to carry documents. katye a n 1. katolik 1 attrib Catholic*. an inordinate amount. identification card *. kavo a n Grave. cavern*. Kay pay Thatched roof hut. kayimit la. katedral la n Cathedral*. Cf. Playing card*. important person. kasròl la. MORISSEAU-LEROY-18: Kimoun ki pral katedral? Who is going to the cathedral? kategori a n Category*. 2. katpostal la n Post card*. kastonnen vt 1. Horseman. kaymit la n Common star-apple. dance. carton*. tomb with burial vault.

keksyon V kestyon kèlkeswa. a few. kesye a n Cashier*.o. Keep the faith. Li gen kè di He is hard-hearted. ki dire pou nouri chen They have no food for themselves. Delightfully cool in summer. 2. tyè a. . any. ke a. (Subject relative pronoun ki may be contracted to k before or after a vowel sound). so apprehensive. whatever. without worries. kazwèl attrib Apathetic. Se ou k’a sove’l It’s you who will save him. clumsy at shooting marbles. to hold. kestyonnen. M’wè youn ki bèl I see on e that is beautiful. ki bagay interj What! (Interjection denoting surprise). completely at ease.. tye a. courage. Kèk fwa A few times. Se kè m’pran ki fè m’pa kouri I took courage and did not run away. lakèt 2 n Collection (in a church). to store. let alone. Cash-box *. 2. 3. Kè sere. To keep. listless. 5. kente vi cards). Examples and expressions: Kenbe kle a Hold the key. kenbe vt 1. kèt 1 interj Wow! Gee whiz! An exclamatory expression of admiration. kèk 2 indef adj Some. kesyonnen. tchè a n 1. kè a. kibò. Nèg sa a kèpòpòz This man is relaxed. Case* (container). Pipi kenbe’m I have to take a leak. Kè’m te sou bikèt mwen I was so anxious. ki dire pou. which. li tap mouri He barely missed dying. to grip. to gather (fruit). Nouvèl la ban’m kè plen That news made me lose my appetite.K kazuèl. From E. Ki kay ou wè? Which house do you see? ki 3 V kiy kibagay. kechat la n Cat’s tail. 3 92 Kenskòf n Village on the heights of Port-au-prince.). tranquil. Fè kèt To take up the collection. a little more than fifty. and so forth. Li gen kè cho He is very impatient. Maryaj kenbe’l The idea of getting married has got him. keksyon n 1. endless litany. keseswa Be it. kidnape vt To kidnap*. shoes. To contain. 2. matter. To have a straight (sequence of five kenz num Fifteen. Kennedy*. Bass drum. To hold. Melicocca bijuga L. kenkay la n Odds and ends. to learn by heart (from memory). Long kon yon ke pis. kete vi To take up a collection. he has no worries. don’t let go. M’ap di ou kichòy e m’ap ba ou kichòy I’m going to tell you something and I’m going to give you something. Question*. to take hold of. pa lage Hold tight. kèl dira pou Much less. Ou ap ban’m kenbe You are putting me on. M’te kwè (ke) ou tap vini I thought (that) you were coming. Kèk moun A few people. kèmès la n Bazaar (fair most often organized by schools). sorrow. peace. Kenbe. kesyon an. Pres. kèk 1 adv About. happiness. etc. 2. (Ornamental plant with a long stem). kepi*. Odè a ban’m kè tounen The bad smell turned my stomach. 4. kenèp la. keyi vt To pick. kichòy indef pron Something. goodhearted. to be plentiful. kestyon an.. tche a n Tail. Se pou ou kenbe kò ou You have to refrain yourself. Heart(s) (cards). Heart. kèpòpòz attrib Relaxed. To withhold. ki bò adv Where. kèlkilanswa adv At any rate. 3. Kibò ou prale? Where are you going? Also: kikote. Choir. casual*. kèlkanswa indef adj Whatever. Subject. ki 1 rel pron Who. kesekwann kesedyo And so on. kè grenn Chagrin. which. Kè kontan Joy. kepi a n Military cap. From Sp. Aprann pa kè To memorize. completely at ease. Kèt! Gad yon bebe! Se pa jwèt! Wow! What a beautiful girl! She’s something! kèt la. Bak kenkay A tray full of all kinds of articles for sale. (Object relative pronoun ke may be omitted). kerozin nan n Kerosene*. cash* register. to grasp. Poze kestyon (or) Mande kestyon To ask a question. kennèp la n Tropical fruit with a large seed. Senkant e kèk About fifty. M’tande paròl (ke) ou di yo I heard the words (that) you said. Ke ròb Tail of a dress. Nan kè’m To myself. Kès depay Savings fund of a community group. 3. whom. ke 1 rel pron That. kèlkonk indef adj Some. Yo pa gen manje pou tèt yo. cash* window. timid with women. Li gen bon kè He is kind-hearted. kenedi a n Second hand (clothing. that. let alone for dogs. kesyone vt To question *. lazy. kidirapou. which. Kenbe yon moun nan kè To have a grudge against s. To capture. kenken Fè kenken To abound. kenzèn nan n Fortnight (15 days). kès la n 1. ke 2 conj That (it may be omitted). ki 2 interrog adj What. Ke lanmori Tails (formal dress suit).

men yo kite They loved each other very much but now they have called it quits. to fall over. Kilti latè Agriculture. kinalaganach adv Firmly. Kilès oto ou pito? Which car do you prefer? 2. steadfastly. kisa.93 kidonk 1. Also: Fè kim. tchit la 2 n Common bird of Haiti. to tumble. kim nan n Foam. kilbite vi To stumble. Scum*. Kilès ou vle? Which one do you want? kilo a n 1. Kite is sometimes shortened to Te. noboby. to let. kit. kimen. te 2 v marker Marker (auxiliary) of the imperative... Kidonk. to bother. kis la n Cyst*. kivèt la n Wash basin. to make suds. (interrog adj): What.? How come. 3 conj Whether. kitès la n Nail polish.. Carton (of cigarettes). kifèlaa. kinin nan n Quinine*.. lakiltiv la n 1. right? 2. to hoot. Kilè yo vini? When did they come? kilès 1. ki fè la a So. panties. Talon kikit Extremely high heels. Quits. Nou kit We are even (or) We’re quits (debt). yon pa nago I won’t make a move. kit 1 attrib 1.kit. froth. kiyè V kuiyè klake vt To snap (one’s fingers). kiltive vt To cultivate*. The Dominicans even today refer to their country as Quisqueya. suds. kilogram*. what. kirye (m). Keel (of a ship). Kite’m chante (or) Te’m chante Let me sing. kilakèl de. tchimen vi To foam. Yo te renmen anpil. 2. vi To call it quits*. ninepin.or. kiryèz (f) attrib Curious*. consequently. even if (as a result). ki sa interrog pron What? Kiskeya n Native Indian name for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. L’ap manje dyondyon. pèkseswa. to froth. Kite enpe pou demen Leave some for tomorrow... to lather.. kin a. Bouch bèf la kimen The cow is frothing at the mouth. Sa a se kin an mwen This one is mine. anybody. So. to totter. kitèks la. kit la. n’apral Leyogàn. Kilo*. there is no foam. Kijan ou te fè? How did you manage? Kijan fè. Kite moun ki mouri an pè Leave the dead be (in peace). Coereba flaveola. which. Japanese dressing gown. even. Si kiltivatè pa travay.. To allow. I won’t budge. kikit attrib Elegant. To leave. 2. kiltivatè a n Farmer. Kilakèl de liv ou te prete’m? What book did you lend me? (You know you did not lend me any book!) kilbitay la n Stumbling. pa gen manje If the farmer doesn’t work. Culture*.. kilt la n Worship. To abandon. Kit ou ale kit ou rete. constantly. ankikinen vt To trouble. to stagger. I am staying right here. Lather. kilòt la n Woman’s slip. kijan.. steady. pointed. to forsake. Doktè a di’l pran de grenn kinin chak swa The doctor told him to take two grains of quinine each evening. pa vre? Well. M’kite sa I give up. . anybody.? Kijan yo rele isi a? What’s the name of this place? kikinan. which. to part. That is to say. Kim savon K kimoun. (interrog pron): Who. kite. Bowling pin. kit pou’l malad apre He’s eating mushrooms. kin an 2 Possessive marker used in the North. FARDIN-17: Yo klaksonnen. yo fè pousyè They blow their horn and raise dust. kikeseswa indef pron Whoever. we are going to Leogane. kimono a n Kimono*. kikonk indef pron Anyone. Fè kim To bubble. klarinèt la n Clarinet*. cultivation*. cult*. klaxon*. to be unsteady. ki kote adv Where. consequently. se menm bagay Whether you leave or stay. V pantalèt. kilakyèl de. klaksonnen vi To blow the car horn. kilè. which. M’kite’l ale I let him go. Brand name: cutex*. there’s no more food. klaksonn nan n Automobile horn. ki jan adv How. Kite boul la tonbe Drop the ball. 2. 2. Kit pou Even though. M’ap lave men’m avèk savon an. to let. li pa kimen. kikote. kita M’pap fè yon pa kita. to honk. Crop. it doesn’t matter. dekilakèl interrog adj What. kilomèt la n Kilometer*. kite 1 vt 1.? Why. staggering. wash hand basin. Yon kilo sigarèt gen dis pòch A carton of cigarettes has 10 packs. ki lè adv When. kilti a. 2. to permit. li pa bon savon I am washing my hands with soap. ki moun interrog pron Who? Whom? Kimoun ki di sa? Who said that? Kimoun ou wè? Whom did you see? kin 1 attrib Firm. spiked heels. 3. Yo kite madanm yo They left their wives. even if he’ll get sick from them.. lakilti a. Kikote nou ye la a? Where are we? kikseswa. kiy la. the soap is not good. ki a n 1. kifkif Tit for tat..

kloròks la n Bleach. 2. By myself. klwazon an n Partition. klòk la n Blister. Rèv je klè Daydreaming. kleronnen vi To shout everywhere. into your household and he betrays you.o. klochèt la n small bell. 3. Klou gagit. practice (lawyers. interior wall. sort. alone. Nèg sa a gen kò lage (or) kò kraz This man is listless. Kò kay Household. Pa bat kò’w Don’t worry. Se klè It’s obvious. Light. klisay la n Slats that form the walls of a mud house klise vt To cover a panel with wicker-work klistè V kristè kliyan an n Customer. Gen yon klis anba zong mwen There is a splinter under my nail. to be bright. laths. etc. kòbiya a n Hearse. fragment. pou kò’l. 2. wooden slats interwoven to make the walls of a house (usu) covered with mud. Se klou sou maklouklou That’s adding insult to injury. kò a 2 n Corn* (excrescence or induration of parts of the skin on the feet). klète a. To light. vi To shine. typewriter).. neat. Nonm sa a gen anpil kòb This man is very rich. klin attrib Clean*. klis la. A hold. Al klase bòdro yo File all the bills. 2. klèman adv Clearly*. Basket. fence. used along with the ason (COURLANDER). V eklèsi. . Yon ble klè A light blue. Fini klas (or) Fin fè klas To finish school (not to drop out or quit). It is used to form reflexive verbs). klou a 2 n 1. klima a n Climate*. clear*. schoolroom. callus. Kle kou Strangle hold. vi To clear*up. apathetic.). klere vt 1. sheer. emaciated. abscess. Yon kòbèy flè A basket of klib la n Club* (group). shiny. 1. Li kenbe kò’l mal He has a bad posture. with a vengeance. kobannza attrib Thin. klips la n (Paper) clip*. Wete kò’w (or) Rale kò’w Get out of here. kloti a n Enclosure*. klete vt To lock with a key. 2. klasik attrib Classical*. Light of day. to scrape. Mizik klasik Classical 94 klòch la n Bell. kloure vt To nail (down). Ase klere je’w sou mwen Stop staring at me. kloun nan n Clown*. causing a small injury to the skin. raw rum. feeble. pale. client* kliyantèl la n Clientele*. music. 2. body. boil. 5. klorat la n Gunpowder caps. Class*. kleren an n Liquor distilled from sugar cane and consumed locally. 2. kòbèy la n flowers. Fann nan kò yon moun To go after s. Remèd sa a se kle This remedy is quite good. physician’s). Wicker-work. Nail. kleron an n Bugle. etc. shoes. Corpse. Cent. kle a n 1. Achte filfè. Money. barrier. Pou kò’m. Self (kò refers to the physical self. Wrench. klinik la n Clinic*. klostra a n Type of cinder-block. klotire vt To fence in. to enclose*. to give light to. klate a n brightness. Bottle opener. The tiny hand bell of the houngan. Bright. etc. cobre). Key. 3. kòb la n 1. Je’m te klè I was awake. klèsi vt To clarify*. Li pèdi kle vwati’l He lost his car keys. 4. Li gen je klere He has shiny eyes. 2. type. Classroom. klòtch la n Clutch*. inside of a house. klè attrib 1.K klas la n 1. Li gen yon gro klou sou bra’l He has a big blister on his arm. Chanm nan klè The room is bright. to illuminate. 2. to pin down. Klou jiròf Clove. fair. 4. klate V klète klavye a n Keyboard (piano. old copper* penny (From Sp. Souke kò’w Get a move on. Mete klou sou abse To add insult to injury. eklis la n 1. klou bòkèt Types of nails. Obvious. kòche a 2 n Scratch (wound). Ou mete moun nan lan kò kay ou epi li trayi’w You take s.o. klipse vt To clip* (papers). indolent. I’ll fence in the land for you. kòbòy la n Cowboy*. Clarity *. m’a klotire tè a pou ou Buy some wire. To polish something and make it shine (table. Clorox*. tack. kòche 1 vt To scratch. Body. by himself. 3. 4. klou a 1 n Blister. slow. Splinter. Kò’m pa bon I feel sick. Kò’m Myself: Men li kache kò’l But he hid himself. kò a 1 n 1. 2. klase vt To classify*. Transparent. customers. to make matters worse. Soulye kloure Shoes which are nailed (tacked) rather than sewn.

Koko tèt Head. Also called Bwa makak Monkey palm. 3. cudgel. maimed. koke. Yon kokenn chenn pyebwa An extremely large tree. Sote kòd To jump rope. To hang (up). Li tap monte sèvolan’l. kòtòf lestomak Thorax. kòkakòk n Children’s game played with sand. Kokenn chenn Huge. Kase kòd To kick the bucket. kòk2 V kokoye K That’s no chicken shit.95 kòchèt la n A low blow. gigantic. kokobe vt To cripple. kòkòb attrib Clumsy. household. Cucumis sativus L. good. Zepeng nan krochi The pin is bent. Kon kòk chante When the cock crows. kòhòt la n Group of people who congregate in religious processions. kòdyòm attrib Correct. A bump on the head caused by a blow.e. gap-toothed person Cf.’s chest. kochon an n 1. kochondenn nan. kodak la n Camera. pig pen. to die. kochi. Trunkfish. kòf la n 1. 2. hull. curved. Old measure for wood. koko a n Genitals (fem). kokomakak la n Club. vi To writhe (in pain. kodake V kodase kodase. early in the morning. handicapped. kokonèt la. krokèt la n Croquette* (mixture of breadfruit and other ingredients. a sly one. to crush s. 2. camaraderie. kokenn attrib Huge. To screw. savann Good-for-nothing. n Cripple. cod. koklich la n Whooping-cough. Pale krochi To say things one should not (for instance about people in power). kodèn nan n Turkey. cord*.o. Pa rale’m sou kòd Don’t try to get to me by indirect means. kòkòday la. to bend. Manman kochon Sow. krochi 2 attrib 1. kokorat la n Insect found by the sea and used as bait by children. Cunt (vulg). Kòf lestomak. kokakola a. Bon kòk Macho. krochma a n Nightmare. Rooster. kòdonye a. kokad la n Bow (used to tie the hair on a child’s head). To embrace. Bent. Trunk (of a car). kòdonnye a n Shoemaker. 2. krochi 1 vt To bend. kodak*. 3. Rope. kòdòk Mango kòdòk Type of mango. Native cucumber*. kokayin nan n Cocaine*. Kòdon lonbrit Umbilical cord*. (fig) Pyon an kochon The pawn is blocked (in games). Same origin as E. kofray la n Wooden form in which cement is poured (construction). coke*. . he or she revolted (and is not going to take it anymore). kòkay la n House. kòk la 1 n 1. cheat. Pig. cobbler. kodenn nan. Kòk san bèk Person with missing teeth. Ou anba kòd You have been had. Vyann kochon Pork. 2. i. kòchèt pa ladan’l No foul play. for instance). Iron box. Se pa kaka kòk Se sèl kòk ki chante He Kòk batay Game cock. please. V kòf. to braid. scoundrel. it got hung (in a tree). 3. kadache. La kochon Lard. kochon denn nan n Guinea pig. koka a n Coca cola*. konkonm nan n 1. you are done for. kòfrefò a n Safe. A dirty person. Kòd lonbrit Umbilical cord*. To exert very strong pressure on s. OK. kòdon an n Girdle (ecclesiastic). kochi. kòdonèt la n Type of hairdo (corn rows). mazora. gobbler.) koki a n Shell. 4. kokonm zonbi a n Non edible vegetable a variety of which is used medicinally for asthma. cock*. sèvolan an koke He was flying his kite high. kodake vi To cackle (while getting ready to set and lay eggs). Geonoma oxycarpa Mart. (Type of cake the principal ingredient of which is grated coconut). string. Kokobe revòlte This time. close relationship. akòday la n Friendship. a foul.o. crochet*. a hook in boxing. Crippled. kòd la n 1. is king of the barnyard. Datura stramonium L. causing an indentation. Kokenn gason Strong man. kroke vt 1. sea shell. kokolo attrib Tèt kokolo Bald. 2. kokodjaka a n Junk belongings. to hug. kokèt la. (adv) Ou te tande krochi You misunderstood. Nan pwen fanm manje kòd konsa This woman will go to bed with any man. conch. kòkmò a n Grave-digger and cemetery attendant. etc. crook. kochma a. Penis. 2. Kòk 2. kokonm nan. hog. konkonnèt la n Coconut* cookie. to fuck (North of Haiti). kòde vt To twist. kofre vt 1. Bòs kòdonye Shoemaker. Kochon maron Boar. Pak kochon Pig-sty. crooked. Tout jwèt se jwèt. koken an n Swindler. It is knotty and whitish. Poul la ap kadache The hen is cackling. very big.

Pye kokoye Coconut tree. as agreed. koma 2 V akoma komabo. coins. V règ. Spine. kolè a n Anger. How come. Gran kòlèt=gro zouzoun=gran chabrak=gro zotobre Big shot.). kòlte vt To button up. koulangèt interj Jesus Christ! Oh my! V langèt. amazement. sweetheart. kòman. Kòm nou dizon As we agreed. menstrual colic. Cf E.. kolibri a. lifeless. kòlèt la 2 n Collar*. kòl la 1 n 1. kote ou ye? Darling. kòlòs la n Colossus*. kòktèl la n Cocktail*. konma a 1 n Top hat used for formal wear by the higher echelon. li vwayaje anpil Since he has a lot of money. dog n Collar (of shirts. kouman interrog adv How. koleksyon an n Collection* (stamps. koma a.. Chanm li kole ak pa’m His room is next to mine. Kenbe (pran) yon moun nan kòlèt To grab someone by the collar. Tèt kòlòròch Hard head. kolboso V kalbose kole vt 1. kolonèl la. Kòm li gen lajan. Li byen kòlte He is well covered around the neck.). Type of delicious fish. although he may try hard. This word is often applied to prostitutes and stingy people. astonishment. kòlèt la 1 n Burlap (Type of material with which sacks are made). kòm prep As. Kole ak Next to. kolerin nan. Stingy. koloni an. He comes in and doesn’t even say Good morning. 2. E. Kuis kole With thighs close together. etc. Kòm il fo. Depi nan tan kolonn nan. tiredness. kòlta a n Coal tar*. kolomi V ekonomi Kolon n Columbus*. kolkrèm nan n Cold-cream*. koumabo interj Exclamation showing surprise. kòksavann. kòk la n 1. lakoloni n Colony*. kolangèt. kolorin nan n Cholerine* (disease characterized by diarrhea. wrath. don’t get too familiar. etc. Coconut*. 2. a bunch of (things). a band of (persons). Menstruation. An kòlè Angry. nonchalance. kòk savann attrib Good-for-nothing. 2. against. kòmilfo OK. a paroxysmal pain in the abdomen or bowels. konmandan an n Commander*. but not church collection). Yon kolonn moun A lot of people. kòmkidire As if. Collar*. Collar* (e. Ache in the stomach. backbone. kòkraz attrib Laziness.. rage. Senkyèm kolòn Fifth column. A folkloric dance. whereas. kolòn nan n Column*.. Colic*. Darling. To paste. Type of lamp (Coleman*: a kolokent la n A person who sucks money from others. Yon rad kòlte A dress with a high neckline. kòlè a. correct. kòkpye attrib Said of a man who gets nowhere with women. Pa fè kòlè konsa Don’t get so terribly angry. kolo a n Colonel*. soft drink. he travels extensively. Nonchalant. apathy. lakoloni Since colonial times. cramps and presence of blood in the stools). Necklace. 2. kolobri a n Colibri* (tiny bird). where are you? kòkòtò attrib 1. kòlfòt la n Epoxy. kòl 2 V lakòl kola a n 1. vomiting.. Cf. Kòm si. 3. BEAUBRUN/A-10: Eske ou te keyi kokoye yo? Did you pick the coconuts? 2. Kòm ki dire. Also: kijan fè. 2. Genitals (female). Kòkòt. Komabo! Gade tigason an antre epi li pa di bonjou Golly! Look at that boy. . kòmandan an. kolèj la n Secondary school. to put next to.g. since. Yon kolonn A great number of. To get s. Cola*. Fè kòm si ou dakò Pretend you have agreed. kòlèg la n Colleague*. Fè kolizyon To collide*.o. kòm conj As.K kòkòt la n 1. Pa koute kòlè’w Don’t get upset. kolye a n collar). Fè koleksyon To collect (stamps. spinal kòlòròch la n Tiny edible mollusk that clings to rocks by the seaside.. to run into each other. as though. kòlmann nan n trade name). Necktie. konmsi As if. Yon kòlòs gason A huge man. 1. 2. to glue. Kouman ou ye? How are you? Kouman fè. kolibèt la n M’pa nan kolibèt ak ou Keep your distance. Coccygeal bone. 2. To connect. kokoye a. Kòkòt ak Figaro Inseparable friends. fury. kòksis la n Coccys* (anat). kolizyon an n Collision*. college*. kole a 2 1 96 kolik la n 1. stuck (without an answer or the means to go on). kolonn vètebral la n column*. squad. fatigue. V Kravat.

komin nan n Commune* (county). konmòd la n Toilet. komi an. (Cumberland*. comic*. konmèt vt To commit *. plot. kòmèltèk interj surprise). komisyon an. puts on. konbinezon an. konminezon an n 1. Plase yon kòmann To place an order. kominyen. 2. to combat*. Kòmanse yon devwa To start a homework. konmi an n Sales person. konmite a n Committee*. vendor in a store. comment*. konmande vt 1. V kou. konmedi a. kon 2 prep As. that is. 2. to commence*. konmanse vt To begin. message. lakomedi n Comedy*. komèsan an. Wow! (Exclamation expressing K kominike. to order. V batay. Cf. koumanse. Komèt yon fot To make an error. to have a store. kòn nan n Horn. konbinen vt To combine*. Fè yon ti bèl ak ti konmè a To do something nice for the girl. Li kon papa’l He is like his father. council. makonmè n 1. Also: koumabo. konminikasyon an n Communication*. commencement*. V kou. kominis la n Communist*. Commission* (remuneration).. Kòmkwa se pa li As if to say it’s not he. kòmantè a n Commentary*. Today this term has been mostly superceded by watè. as. Committee. kòmansman an. konba a n Struggle. kominal V majistra kominikasyon an. konminote a n Community*. comme il faut*. konminike 2 vi To communicate* (ak: with). to commence*. komik attrib Funny. Gason makòmè A sissy. to start. konminike a 1 n Communiqué*. 3.. fraud. komòd la. kòmsidire As if to say. si se konbinezon You are the one who should know if it’s a question of a secret plan. komisyonè a. Troke kòn To fight. E. He has monopolized the time. order. konmè a. Command*. Commissionnaire*. scheme by which one uses a thin rubber hose to siphon gasoline out of a tank. excellent. Genitals. comme il faut. correctly. koumansman an n Beginning. kominye vi To receive communion *. kòmè a. latrin. Li pran kòn nan pou li He has been talking a long time. komedi a. kominote a. (An officer appointed by the government as its representative in the court system of every major town). M’pa kominike ak Lwi depi twa semèn I haven’t talked with Louis for three weeks. konbat vt To fight. like. start. Order (for merchandise). merchant*. kòmanse. L’ap pran pòz kòmandè’l What a bossy person! kòmann nan n 1. kòmsadwatèt As it should be. koumande. konmisyon an n 1. Also: Fè yon fot. konmèsan n Trader. Commander*. water closet. Combine*. to contact. Bossy person. the name of an American who used to work in Haiti for the power company). konbe V konbyen konbèlann nan n Trick(ery) designed to defraud a power company of electric current. W. 2. Kòn lanbi Conch shell. Young woman (mostly pej). decent. kòmandè a n 1. komite a. Fè konmès To do business. and who is insincere. konmisyonè a n Messenger. A godmother is the ‘kòmè’ or ‘komè’ of the godfather and of the parents of the godchild. Kon’l rive A s soon as he comes. kòmannman an n Commandment*. kominike a. commerce*. Kòn soulye Shoe-horn. 2. Pafwa li pa fasil pou gen kominikasyon nan telefòn Sometimes it is not easy to communicate on the telephone. To command*. to give orders (to). kòmkwa conj As if to say. Kòn zo Cups in which one shakes dice before playing. komedyen an n 1. Se te yon komedi It was nothing serious.C. konmès la n Trade. dealer. Maid of honor. combat*. 4. astonishment). as soon as. scheming. properly. To place an order (for). MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-26: Se ou’k pou konnen pou ou konprann. Also a person who pretends. vi To begin. Pope lakomedi Puppet.97 kòmande. to commune*. Voye komisyon To send a message. 2. appropriate. Komòd la santi The toilet stinks. konbit V koumbit komès la. Errand. komèt. clerk. komèt la. kon 1 conj When. makòmè. kòmilfo attrib Correct. Combination*. 3. . 2. sales clerk. komisè a. Kous la pral kòmanse The race is going to begin. kòmkidire. 2. Comedian*. lakomèt n Comet*. Natura muliebris (koko). konmisè a n Also: Komisè gouvènman. to start. komapiston interj Golly! (Exclamation denoting surprise.

to confound*. V komòd. trust. hot pepper. konben. M’gen konfyans nan yo I trust them. Bay yon moun absolisyon san konfesyon To be fooled into thinking that a person is an angel because of his or her demeanor. conger-eel *. my ears are burning (tingling). DEJEAN-55: Pèp la tep konble Jezi pou li koute paròl Bondye a The people were crowding around Jesus to hear the word of God. konkirans la n Competition. Li te kondui maryaj mwen He was the best man at my wedding. Cf. kònen vi To tingle. konnichon an n 1. Ki kondisyon yo? What are the conditions? A kondisyon. To fill up. zòrèy mwen ap kònen Someone has been saying bad things about me. vacation. plot. Sa ou fè la a se kondanasyon ou Your last move did you in. to convict. 4. knowhow. kònichon an.. kondi V kondui kondisip la n Fellow-student. deportment. to accompany. To surround. Kondanasyon a mò Death sentence. konfese vi To confess*. 2. Gen yon moun k’ap pale’m mal. konkou a n Assistance. kòmanman interj Jesus-Christ! Oh my! konmanse V kòmanse konmè V kòmè konminike V kominike . konma V koma konmanman. Bato a ap kònen The ship’s horn is blowing. 2. Acquaintance. konnesans la n 1. konfyolo a n Scheme.. Congo*.K konble vt 1. peak. behavior. 3. ugly fashion. Dance rhythm. konesè a n A knowledgeable person. 98 konfesyon an n Confession*. The (legal) sentence.. San konesans Unconscious. kong nan n Conger*. 2. Cajanus indicus. conference*. to regain consciousness. Consciousness. kondane. luxury. stroke. konekte vt To connect*. State. He is trying to match whatever I do. Fè konesans avèk To make acquaintance with. konm nan n Roof. Cone Yon kònèt krèm An ice cream cone. konfimen vt To confirm* (religious). konfòme vpr To conform*. konfizyon an n Confusion*. to wheeze. konbyen. to lose consciousness. konfyans la. to direct. to fuzz. Lan ki kondisyon machandiz la rive? In what condition did the merchandise arrive? kondui. kondanne vt To condemn *. konfye vt To entrust. connaisseur *. konfimasyon an n Confirmation* (religious). konfiti a n Marmelade. Comfort*. toilet. he complied. day off. pikliz. Abiye tankou kongo belizè To be dressed in a grotesque. aid. konjesyon an n Congestion*. On condition that. 2. help. 2. L’ap fè’m konki-rans He is trying to equal. Li kondui’l byen He behaves himself. kònèt la. konje a n Leave. that’s what got you. Movèz konduit Misconduct*. M’renmen konfò’m I love my confort. to become conscious. Condition*. konferans la n Lecture (formal speech). Pwa kongo Congo pea(s). To blow a horn (or other instruments sounding like it). 3. konjige vt To conjugate*. kondisyon an n 1. kondanse vt To condense *. to buzz. comfort * station. konesans la. to press close. Cigarette lighter. to pass out. To lead. compete with. konfiske vt To confiscate*. Receiver (telephone). jam. Paper cup. kondi vt 1. Konble yon moun To crowd someone. Cf. kondwi. and vegetables used for seasoning after cooking. vt To confess* (sins). konfonn vt To confuse. surpass me. 2. Li konfòme’l He got in line. congee *. kònè a n 1. (fig) The cause of your misfortune. preserve. status. 3. konfi a n Mixture of vinegar. Li move kon kong Boy! He is angry! kongo a n 1. konfò a n 1. E. 2. lakonfyans n Confidence*.. Also: piman konfi. to plug. 2. understanding. Reprann konesans To come to. Konjesyon serebral Congestion of the brain. A leptocephalous fish. to guide. Knowledge. konbe adv How much? How many? Konben liv nou ganyen? How many books do we have? Di’m konbyen ou achte kay la? Tell me how much you paid for the house? kondanasyon an n 1. Latrine. Lèt kondanse Condensed milk. to become unconscious. konfidans la n Confidence*.. Li fè’m konfidans He confided in me. to heap up. konduit la n Conduct*. vpr To behave. beat. He told me his secrets. An konje On vacation. kònè a n Corner* kick (at a game of soccer). koneksyon an n Connection*. To drive (a car). 2. Gherkin. Pèdi konesans To faint.

konsène. konpanyi an n Company*. The godmother of a child will call the godfather ‘monkonpè’. konsantman an. to exalt. Se pou ou konpòte ou byen You must behave. to think. 2. konpòtman an n Behavior. konpozisyon an n 1.o. To know how. come to his senses. 2. Sometimes. to understand. to preserve. agreement. 2. San konsekans Inconsequential*. drinks). Ou dwe kenbe konpetans la You must be up to it. such. konplotay la. konsè a n Concert*. Fi a san konprann That woman doesn’t know any better. Men moso lan lajan an. Mete yon moun sou konpa’l To put s. you will add the rest. konpayèl la n Companion*.. Logical. konsesyon an n Concession*. konplete vt To complete*. there are). Friend. to compose*. 3. Konn gen lagrèl lan Kenskòf Sometimes there is hail in Kensfòf. very fat. konprann 1 vt To grasp. konsekans la n Consequence*. Se toujou konsa It’s always like that. Nou konnen yo W e know them. vi To take an exam. Kleren konpoze White raw rhum mixed with other ingredients. One’s son’s or daughter’s godfather. roughly. to conserve*. 3. konsa adv 1. To mix (drugs. on the right track. use ‘konnen’. konplike vt To complicate*. konsènen vt To concern*. Ou pa dwe konpòte ou mal Don’t misbehave. konplikasyon an n Complication*. Musical beat. Cock. I thought that. konpromi an n Compromise*. To make. to write. vi To concentrate*. dance rhythm. Konsève fòs ou Conserve your strength. in that manner. Compass* (instrument). Konsantre sou sa w’ap fè Concentrate on what you’re doing. konparèt 1 vi To appear *. Li konpoze bèl mizik He writes beautiful music. Mixture (of drinks). . At the end of a sentence or before a personal pronoun. kònòsò a n Connaisseur*. konsèv la n Preserves. consent*. dam lakonpayi Ladies and gentlemen. you must be able to meet the requirements. like that. praise. konpayon an. konpetans la n Competence*. konpè a. konparezon an n Comparison*.. to conspire. pal. konsekan attrib 2. konplo a n Plot*. konpliman an n Congratulation. konn 2 aux v To be in the habit of. konpòte vpr To behave. to assent. konplotaj la n Plot*.99 konn 1 impers v It sometimes happens that. konpetan attrib Competent*. capable. Fè konpliman To congratulate. Dlo konpoze A mixture of water. konplote vi To plot*. importance. 1. Sitiyasyon an trè konplike The situation is very complicated. Yo di’m konsa al fè rout mwen They told me to leave. to demean one’s self. about. monkonpè n 1. friend. thus. to comprehend*. Li konprann mwen te retounen He thought I had come back. konsantiman an n Accord. pal. konn vt 1. to make s. compliment*. So. Ou nan konplotay You’re mixed up in a plot. 2.o. I give up. Li gen sèz an konsa She’s about sixteen. very much. School examination. konpa a n 1. just like that. Important. Composition*. Circa. konn V konnen konnen. M’pral konpoze maten an I am going to take an exam this morning. m’kite sa There are too many complications. to praise. vi To believe. konpay la n Companion*. konpare vt To compare*. Mesye 3 K konplis la n Accomplice*. conspiracy. to make out. to accept. Konparèt devan jij la To appear before the judge. konprès la n Compress*. To know. konsanti vi To consent*. konprann 2 n Understanding. herbs and leaves used for medicinal purposes (popular). Li pèdi konpa’l He lost his way around. Bròdè kon konpè kòk Elegant (cocky) as Mr. konpoze vt 1.. Konpa dirèk Type of Haitian dance rhythm. consequential*. M’te konprann ke. konsantre vt To concentrate *. konsève vt To store. konplè a n Suit (of clothes). 2. do not use ‘konn’. Gen tròp konplikasyon. ou va konplete’l Here is part of the money. The verb ‘konn’ usually precedes the impersonal verb ‘gen’ (there is. conspiration. konpayi an. Yo gra jis yo pa konnen They are very. 2. to make an appearance in court. co-worker. konparèt la 2 n A variety of cake very popular in the city of Jérémie.. konpromèt vt To compromise*. in this way. Mal konprann To misunderstand. Jis mwen pa konnen To the limit. he is disoriented. Li te konn vini chak dimanch He used to come every Sunday. it’s not translated. M’konn jwe jwèt sa a I know how to play that game.

konsonmen an. konsiderasyon an n Consideration*. to observe. kontantman an n Joy. consular* officer. Nonm sa a gen kont lajan This man has plenty of money. to construct*. konsilte vt 1. to reckon.. to look for trouble. I am your responsibility. Li pat kontan He was unhappy. kont la 5 n Account*. konsil la n Consul*. Pran kontak avèk To get in touch with. konspirasyon an n Plot. kontamine vt To contaminate*. happy. I am opposed to that. 2. Yon sèl se kont One is enough. Fè yon kont mal taye To make a settlement (Type of rough and ready compromise made when circumstances are not propitious). by himself. 2. Travay sou kontra To work under contract (not as a regular employee). Kontantman fè’l pa kapab dòmi Happiness keeps him from sleeping. vi To go on. Kontinue travay la Continue the work. konsonmen vt To eat (in a restaurant). Nou gen kont We are quarreling. siyen kontra To enter into an agreement. kontradiksyon an n Contradiction*. don’t ask for more. 2. konsole vt To console *. to trust. Lapolis vin fè konsta The police came to make a report. consomme *. kontanple vt To contemplate*. objecting. konsidere vt To consider*. vi To be of consequence. konsèy la n Advice. 1 . enigma. kont 1 prep Against. kontè a n Meter (electric). kontakte vt To contact*. Ou ap fè manti sou kont mwen You are telling lies about me. konsila a n Consulate*. Lajan sèlman ki konte pou sèten moun To some people the only thing that counts is money. konsyansye attrib Conscientious*.. cheerful. kontraryan attrib Annoying. broth. Riddle. M’pa gen anyen kont li I have nothing against him. konstipasyon an n Constipation*. counsel*. he closed the door to everybody. to regard. kont la 3 n 1.neck. Li manje kont kò’l (or) Li manje jis kont li He ate enough (plenty). fairy tale. to close. kontante vpr To be satisfied.K konsevwa vt To conceive*. happiness. M’kont sa I object to that. To consult * (a lawyer). konspire vi To plot. konstitisyon an n Constitution*. konsole’w Your wife left you. Konte ze To count eggs. Tale. 2. feud. to figure out. li konsiyen pòt li Andrew didn’t want to see anyone. confort. glad. kontgout la n Dropper. console yourself. Kontante ou de sa Be happy with that. 3. kontab la n Accountant*. quarrel. contented (de with) . M’konstate li pa vini I noticed that he did not come. Pa ban’m konsèy Don’t give me any advice. He’s a pain in the. kontak la n Contact*. Li fin konsonmen He is through eating. to conspire*. kontabilite a n Accounting*. kont la 4 n Dispute. contented *. Pase kontra. kontan attrib Pleased. To 100 kont 2 adv Plenty (of). konsolasyon an n Consolation*. konseye a 2 n Counselor*. contentment *. I am in your hands. Nan-pwen moun kontraryan pase’l Nobody objects more than he does. y’ap konsole’l His child died. Konte sou To count on. konstatasyon an n Observation. enough. konstriksyon an n Construction*. konstri vt To build. M’pat gen konsyans m’te fè sa I didn’t realize I had done that. konstate vi To notice. kontinye. to get on. konsta a n On the spot check. Madanm ou kite’w. to continue*. Rann kont To account for. Pou kont li Alone. kontra a n Contract*. Pitit li mouri. to rely on. Tire kont To tell tales and riddles. konseye 1 vt To advise. adviser. to depend upon. bouillon. to ascertain. To confine. konsiyen vt 1. Lyetnan an te konsiyen pandan de semèn The lieutenant was confined for two weeks. to behold. konstipe attrib Constipated*. conspiracy*. they’re consoling him. konsòn nan n Consonant. konsiltation an n Consultation*. story. konsyans la n Conscience*. kontinue. To consign* (merchandise). examine (a patient). To forbid access to. konstrui. M’sou kont ou I rely on you. Andre pat vle resevwa moun. konsome a 2 n Soup. to sign a contract. knowledge. kontinwe vt To continue *. konte vt To count*. Chèche kont To instigate a quarrel.

hall. meddler. (Also applied to women). filthy. Controller*. to fit. convenient*. Ver- K koralen an n Small boat used near coral reafs. koridò a n Passage. . Kostim sa a tròp pou mwen (or) Kostim sa a vale’m This suit is too big for me. usually on sex. check. to tie. konvèti vt To convert*. kostim de ben an n Bathing suit. konvni vi 1. In the North: kroke. kòripsyon an n Corruption*. konvenki attrib Convinced*. To suit. Fè afè’w kòrèk Act properly. Kibò m’kontre’w yè? Where did I meet you yesterday? Se byen jwenn byen kontre Both foes are ready for each other (or) I’m ready for you. koreksyon an n Correction*. plimen. foul water. Mwen byen kore I have fortified myself by eating a good meal. contractor. K. 2. kopi a n Copy*. separate from the skirt. konvenk vt To convince*. the act of being convinced. Native canoe used by fishermen along the Haitian coast. To stuff (with food). it became tough. Annona muricata L. to stop a wheel with an object. appropriate.101 kontrarye vt 1. se avè’m w’a koresponn If you do that. to prevent. properly. 2. to deprave. to verify. To punish. Li san konvnans He has no manners. busibody. suitable. good and proper. aisle. kostimdeben an. to oversee. Li pat konvenki He was not convinced.. kontre. kontredi vt To contradict*. konvnans la n Decency. kostime attrib To wear a suit. to fasten (so something won’t fall). to reprimand. to encounter *. comme il faut. ification. E. kontrolè a n 1. blouse. Cf. kontraryezon an n Hindrance. properly. to hold in place. konviksyon an n Belief. 2. Control*. Lapli a kontrarye jwèt la The rain prevented the game. kostim nan n Suit (of clothes). rankontre vt To meet. korije vt 1. Cf. Fè kontrebann To smuggle. To steady. Argumentative person. An zing de kontraryete Moody. koray la n Coral*. coriaceous * (of or like leather). kòròsòl la n Soursop. smuggling. kòronpi attrib Corrupt*. To correspond *. kontravansyon an n Traffic ticket. Also: raze. swimsuit. Kopye sou To copy from. ‘comme il faut’. kopye vt To copy*. kon wè.o. disappointment. kòryas attrib Old and tough. to control *. Si ou fè sa. kouwè. duplicata. kontwa a n Counter*. m’vin gen yon kontraryete. Kòsaj li te bèl Her blouse was beautiful. hard.. Ou trò kontrolè It’s none of your business. kontrè V okontrè kontrebann nan n Contraband*.as. konyapis la n Master cocksman. kontròl la n 1. M’tapral nan sinema. problem. konvnab attrib Acceptable. Pa kòrèk Incorrect. hallway. Vyann nan rete trò lontan sou dife. kòsè a n Corset*. to prop. proper. (fig) Pòl ap chèche antre nan kòsaj mwen Paul is trying to play up to me (or) to get on my good side. Also: biro kontribisyon. kontraryete a. you’ll have to answer to me for it (you will have to face me). To hinder. koupe. koresponn vi 1. but a problem arose. in a bad mood. li vin kòryas The meat was cooked too much. kore vt 1. pran. to find. supervision. in a bad mood. konvèsasyon an n Conversation*. taye. nuisance. to examine. 2. kontremèt la n Foreman. Tifi a kòrèk That girl is O. as. kòrèkteman adv Correctly*. inspector. E. Li gen lespri koridò He has a one-track mind. corsage* (bust). 2. supervisor. kòsay la n Upper part of a dress. Wete nan kòsay To get rid of (an undesirable person. Profesè a di devwa ou pa kòrèk The teacher said your homework was not correct. Koresponn avèk To answer to s. 2. kou wè conj As. corridor *. konvoke vt To summon (legally). for. to put s. vt To fuck (to screw). kontribisyon an n Tax office. (adv) Correctly*. to wedge. kòs V ekòs kòsaj la. kontrole vt To check. To upset. kòrèk attrib Correct*. kòronp vt To corrupt*. Msye te byen kostime He had a nice suit on. konyen vi To have sexual intercourse. 2. M’pa ale ankò I was going to the movies. To correct *. Fi a bèl konwè lakansyèl That woman is as beautiful as a rainbow. Dlo kòronpi Stagnant. costume*. kòse a. a former friend or associate). to strengthen. To be convenient*.o. 2. So I didn’t go. konwè.

koudyay la. 4. 2. koudam nan n Shot. kòtakòt. Nwa kou Nape of the neck. M’pa konnen kote yo ye I don’t know where they are. 2. koukouman V akoukouman koukoun nan n Cunt. (fig) To give way. To set (sun). koukout Darling. you are nothing. koukourouy Fè koukourouj : Expression used in the game of ‘hide and seek’ (lago kache) meaning that everyone playing will go and try to find the person(s) in hiding. 3. Where. Pa dòmi sou kote ou gen blesi a Do not sleep on the side where the wound is. lumbago. kon 4 prep Like. kotizasyon an n Collection (of money). Bay kou To beat. etc). Kouche deyò To sleep out. kòt a kòt attrib Side by side. space. kou. pussy. 3. Koule beton To pour cement. Y’ap chèche yon kote pou fè reyinyon an They are looking for a venue to convene the meeting. koudjay la n 1. 2. to kote 1 adv 1. The forms ‘bò kote’ and ‘bò kot’ are also used. Bay kotizasyon To contribute. share. you are a lucky person. Pen ou sou kouch. to curve. when the person who was ‘it’ (bouche) was unable to find him (them). Rag. Koulangèt manman’w! (or) Langèt manman’w! Mother fucker! koulant la n Stinkweed. gunshot. koulangèt. kou a n Neck. To lie down. Bunkbed (on a ship. glance. as soon as. koule vt 1. As. Stingy. koujin V kuizin koukou a n Owl. feasting. Fè koukourouj dèyè yon moun To go all out after s. M’gen yon kou anglè a midi I have an English class at noon. Eryngium foetidum L. Kòt fanmi The entire family with all its members. to be leaky (container). 102 koubaba. Side. lanmori ou sou gri You have no worries. kou. Flexible. cuckoo*. 3 4 2 . koukouy la n Firefly. river). (syn) “akouchman”. Nan pwen kote isi a pou mete lòt liv There is no room here for you to put more books. M’al chita kote’l I went to sit down next to him. natura muliebris. Yon kote A place. Yon lòt kote Somewhere else. as. kòtfè a n Cliff by the shore. from which. 2. kote a 3 n 1. Lèd kou koukou Ugly as a cuckoo. It signifies ‘fast’ or ‘agitated’ (COURLANDER). kouche vi 1. Venue. Cheve koton Nappy hair. koukourouj. Kou yon boutèy Neck of a bottle. kòtòf Kòtòf lestomak. Kou sa a This time. To go to bed. lakòt 2 n Coast*. koulanbwèt. 2. As well as. Baker’s plank. (usu) ‘kòt kabann’. 2. next to. in comparison to. 3. The name of a dance. kobèbè interj Oh my! Jesus-Christ! koubati a n Pain in the back. 3. class. Childbirth. kouchèt la n 1. sometimes during political rallies. and moun Pòtoprens (inhabitants of the capital). koube vt To bend. Soumaren an koule twa bato The sub sank three boats. koud 1 vt To sew. M’pral kot Pòl I am going to see Paul. Layer. 2. Fi a te fè lakòt That woman used to make the rounds. kote. kon 5 conj 1. To filter (coffee). kou a 1 n 1. Kou rèd 1. 2. to make a subscription. Chak koukouy klere pou je’l Each man for himself. kouchadò a n Sleepyhead. Kou’l midi As soon as it’s noon. Kote m’kale’l se lan naje Swimming is the one thing I do better than he does. Moun lakòt People from the coast as opposed to ‘moun mòn’ (peasants in general). Diaper. Place. Fanm kou gason Women as well as men. kòt la. to hit. kot prep Beside. When. hit (V kout). ‘at the side of’. room. Piti kou’l piti Small as he may be. M’a chita kote m’vle I will sit down where I want. Kase koub To make a curve. koub la n Curve*. 3. Also: cheri koukout. firebug. Ou pa anyen kot (bò kot) nonm sa a In comparison to this man. Where? (Other variants are: ki kote? bò ki kote?) Kote ou prale? Where are you going? Ki kote li soti? Where does he come from? kote rel pron Where. kouch la n 1. Stiff neck. avaricious. Kay kote li tap viv la The house where he was living. kouchkouch la n Couscous*. stroke. koulan attrib 1. vi To flow (blood. 2. Animated public dancing. in which. cavorting. V kòf. Ne koulan Slipknot. Li naje kou pwason He swims like a fish. near. ‘A kote’ and ‘sou kote’ mean ‘next to’. Draw-sheet. koulègèt interj Oh God! Oh my! (Exclamation denoting surprise). revelry. to bend over. 2. contribution. Okenn kote Nowhere. to talk to him. agreeable (person). 2. 3. koubabi. Blow. To sink (a boat). running knot. vi To bend (one’s self).K kòt la 1 n 1. Rib. somewhere. koud la 2 n Elbow. (Made with a special flour from the root of dry manioc). Time. koubouyon an n Type of fish soup. to bow. koton an n Cotton*. koudèy la n Glimpse. kou a 2 n Course*. kotex.o. 2.

koup la 2 n 1. You are very stingy. al koule tèt ou It’s hot. koupye a. To interrupt (a speaker). trophy (in sports). kounouk la n Tiny hovel. etc. M’te grangou. 3. Also: kous-kouri. running stomach. mal kochon. koulwa a n Corridor. fabric necessary for a dress or suit.). koumatiboulout interj Oh God! koumbit la. ‘dirty hole’. kouronnen vt To crown*. shack. kounan attrib Bow-legged. Portulaca oleracea L. 2. 2. kouleba adv To capacity. Cup*. Ala oto kouri This car is a speedster. etc. Pran kouraj Take heart. Ou toujou bezwen nan gran kouran You always want to be in the (big) act. It was everybody for himself. to flunk an exam. my mouth was watering. 4. ti koulout attrib Very stingy. to nip off. Cup*. kourandè a n Draft. to snip. An’n koupe fache Let’s break off (our friendship). Errands. aisle. kounan Bow-legged. to go down (boat). Tout diskisyon koupe sèk The discussion was abruptly terminated. Coupon* (lottery. goblet. now I’m full. Kouri dèyè To run after. koulyea. Chemen koupe (or) Chemen dekoupe Shortcut. kounyea. Vant kouri (or) Vant mennen Diarrhea. To . M’gen kèk kous pou’m fè maten an I have some runs to make this morning. 2. Pòch mwen gen kourandè I am ‘broke’. sugar cane. Ou pa ka kouri ak mwen You can’t run with me. kous la n 1.o. 5. refrain (of a song).103 trickle. Lè m’wè kalite desè sa a. (V) koulèv la n Snake. To go fast (ship. koumanman. 2. Pran kouraj ou ak de men Get yourself together and resolve to act (get going). To run.) koupèdgòj la n Bandit. poupye a n Purslane. Kouri travèse To run across. go pour water on your head. Cut (cards). Li tèt koupe ak papa’l He is the spitting image of his father. kouròn nan n Crown*. Deklare yon moun koupab To convict s. Mango a koule The mango dropped off before ripening. konbit la n Cooperative bee among country folk. koulè a n Color*. Pa chita nan kourandè a Don’t sit in the draft. water. To cut off (a telephone conversation). Cut (of a suit). koulibèt la n Blabbering. 2. lè bonm nan eklate a There was a panic downtown when the bomb exploded. kou nou ye a adv Now. Pye K cut (in a card game). hall. To sink. assassin. koupè a n Cutter (of wood. kouray la. 6. Also: kou Legba. V kòve. kouplè a n Verse. koulyea vant mwen plen I was hungry. Te gen yon kouri lavil la. Koupe pye To stop going somewhere (or) Not to set foot anymore somewhere. 3. to make after. koumabo interj Wow! (Exclamation of surprise and admiration). Haircut. To cut. to clip (hair). Also: koure kochon. to duck. koure a n Boar. 3. to drain (water). car). koulin nan n A long machete. To have intercourse (with). To cut (to dilute). Kouri antre To come in running. Se koup mwen (or) Se mwen ki pou koupe It’s my cut (turn). kounyea V koulyea koup la 1 n 1. to run away. komanman interj Oh hell! koumanse V kòmanse koumansman V kòmansman koumapiston interj Wow! What a surprise! koumasyal la n Court marshall*. immediately. kouri a 2 n Stampede. koupe vt 1. koupi V akoupi kouple a. koup V kroup 3 koupab attrib Guilty. strength. Race (competition). 3. 2. Tout kous At full speed. M’pa gen kouray pou’m leve I don’t have the strength to get up. koulis la n Slide (sliding). straw hut. kouri 1 vi 1. kouran an n Current* (electric. filled to capacity. throat-cutter. koupyon an n Rump (animal’s). Li koule nan konpozisyon an He failed the examination. Chaje kouleba Loaded. Li pati yon kous He dashed away. Examples and expressions: Koupe asosye To make a formal contract of partnership (or simply) To become partners. wretched hut. passage. Yon koup chanpay A cup of champagne. M’ap kouri sou senkant an I’m approaching 50. Koulèv andòmi Type of snake found in Haiti. etc. Mango sa a se koupe dwèt This mango is delicious. Kouri ale To go somewhere fast. Cutting. ‘Kouri’ is sometimes used as auxiliary. koulout. Examples and expressions: Koule tèt To pour water over one’s head to cool off. kouraj la n Courage*. Ou trò ti koulout You are pinching pennies. in important circles. koupon an n 1. bouch mwen kouri dlo When I saw that delicious dessert. Fè cho. hallway. panic causing everyone to run out fast. Se koule a ki sove’l It’s the fact that he ducked that saved him. Run.). (Children’s talk). Kouto a koupe anpil The knife is very sharp. knock-kneed. to go to the ground.

Bay yon kout ponya To lend money at a usurious rate. Vin tande yon koze Come and listen to this story (gossip). limps. Kousen otomobil Car 104 kouvri vt 1. It was he who was responsible that. Pran kout ponya To borrow at a usurious rate.. Ti bout kouto A small knife. To cover*. kouti a n Sewing. kouzin nan n (Female) Cousin*.. koyo a n An awkward person. kouvreli a n Bedspread. kouzen an n Cousin* (male). koutim nan n Custom*. fan belt. Rwa pa kouzen’l (He thinks that) not even the king is his cousin. M’vin ba ou yon kozman I come to tell you a story (or) I come to tell you what happened. V koumbit. learning to sew. Fè kout san To have a stroke (as a result of anger). 2. kozman an n Story. Li rale kouto sou mwen He pulled a knife on me. Kouto digo Sickle. 2. Cf. Pou kòz maladi Because of an illness. Ou mare kon yon krab You are encumbered. Kouto de bò (or) Kouto famasi Hypocrite. to converse.. sheet.K kousen an n seat. Anvi krab Hairlip. Bay kout ba To renege on one’s word. koutay la. Yo te fè de kout zo They shot some dice. ‘coup de’. bedclothes. 2 kouvè a table. Blow. near the seashore.. to start running. reason. Bay yon kout men To give a hand (help). Commission. koze a 2 n 1. . Crab*. kozè a n Big talker. to hear. Fè ti Jezi nan po krab To be a little Jesus (sham innocence). Cushion*. Antre nan kouvan To enter a convent. lid. Bay kout pitit To bear a child by a man other than the husband. koutiryèz la n Seamstress. kouyan an n 1. kouvè 1 Poul la ap attrib Overcast. a piece of knife with a short blade. let it cool off. koutaj la n 1. Intimate friend. W’ap fè’m fè kòve You’re making me work very hard. kouskouri a n Running. kouyanbiz la n Friendship. small. sudden storm. to brood (hen). event. kouwa a n Strap. He can’t play anymore. Kout dan Bite. kouve vi To sit. kout 2 n From Fr. An’n fè de kout kat Let’s play a few hands of cards. Kouzen soujèmen Second cousin. krab la n 1. Krab mal zòrèy A type of crab that sticks to rocks. toilet seat top. poles. M’pa nan kouyanbiz ak ou Keep your distance. Chat. to eliminate. any difficult and painful task. particularly as far as women are concerned. kòve a n 1. kòz la. Kout kat Rounds. Kout pye A kick. familiarity. false two-faced person.o. real estate agent. motive. Work group in the country. Nou rete koze lontan We were chatting a long time. needle-work. kouto a n Knife. kouve The hen is sitting (on eggs). covered* (sky). habit. to land a helping hand. A person who hobbles. Sometimes applied to a cuckold. to give a scornful look. Mete kouvè Set the kouvèti a n Cover*. etc. coglione. because of. Pete yon kous-kouri To dash (out). Kout kouto Knife gash.o. gouyan gouyan adv Hobbling along. Sa a koute de dola This one costs two dollars. conversation. It. Koze ak To chat with. limping along. Se li ki te kòz ke. kozman. mixed up and awkward like a crab. Yo koyibe’l nan jwèt la. to deceive. koyibe vt To prohibit*. to let s. dumb person. Bay kout pye To kick. seam. Illicit gain. Yaws. dash. Koupe kout je To snub noticeably. kouyan kouyan. kouvan an n Convent*. to talk. koute 2 vi To cost*. koute 1 vt To listen. lakòz n Cause *. 3. forced labor. down. mate with (animals). middleman. koutiryè a. koze 1 vi To chat. to sock it to s. M’pa konn anyen lan koze sa a I don’t know anything about this matter. Pa koute kòlè ou Don’t give vent to your anger. talk. koutye a n Broker. Kout lang Slander. don’t get too familiar. He’s nothing but a big show-off. kouyè V kuiyè kouyon an n Stupid fool. n Place setting. kout 1 attrib Short. Kouzen jèmen First cousin. Li pa fouti jwe ankò They put him out of the game. 2. sessions (cards). Kout tan Severe weather. dressmaking. Roz al nan kouti Rose is learning needlework. Pou kòz For reason of. koutwazi a n Courtesy*. Situation. Dan crab Claws. Kouto bouche Cleaver. Ti zwezo tape koute The birds were listening. 2. Avoka move kòz! You are always defending the wrong cause! Ou fèt pou ou responsab kòz ou You are responsible for your action. Bay kout tèt To drop one’s head from time to time when dozing off. To cover * (or) to kousikui a n Short circuit*. kouwè V konwè kouyadinay la n Stupidity.. Hard labor. 2. Li pat koute konsèy mwen He didn’t heed my advice. Story. land-crab*. 2.. Cf.

To creak. To chatter. n Spike. To run down.) to purchase on terms. Bit. Planche a ap krake The floor is creaking. krann adv Firmly. to run over. ou pa kras vini You said you would come. they won’t obey you. to demolish. Li krenn papa’l He is afraid of his father. kranp V lakranp kranpon an sports). to get lost. cleat (on shoes used in krapday la n Piece. Notch. avarice. krent la n Fear. small. kraze 2 attrib Shabby. kravat la n Necktie. Ban’m yon ti kraze Give me some money. pè. Filter in a car. but they are stingy! kras la n 1. Li tap kraze yon dòmi He was sound asleep. V krèk. krèch la n Manger. to shatter. L’ap fè kòlè krapo He is angry for nothing. speck. Cf. kraze a. krebete. kraz attrib Kò kraz Indolent. pomade (facial cream). you didn’t show up at all. not on the ball. Kraze (tiye) mouch To swat flies. krenn vt To fear. krabarenyen V areyeakrab krabè a n Ti krabè insignificant. ‘crest’. Crest*. 2. Machin nan kraze. Ti kras A tiny bit. to expectorate. krepin nan n 1. Often: ti krebete. kreten attrib Slow learner. to smash. Rubble. toad. a bit of money. E. comb of a cock (cock’s comb). 2 . depeche ou You don’t have yaws in your feet. exhausted. 2. V kòl. slow. Kraze ak dan To grind with the teeth. Kras vant Last-born child. you are fooling around. kredi n Credit *. Insignificant person. 2. grebete a n Scrawny. Kraze yon kay To demolish a house. Kraze brize To vandalize. Vale san kraze To swallow whole. kreson an n Water cress *. krèm nan. li fè krabinay The car crashed. Ou te mèt kraze brize. Cf. kraste a n Stinginess. Cream*. krache a 2 n 1. puny. Vann kredi To sell on credit. Krache’l gen san His saliva is tinged with blood. Ou te di ou ap vini. Se pa ti kras kòb li depanse He spent a lot of money. Nan pwen moun kraze brize konsa There is no one who breaks up things more than that person does. 2. popsicle. pooped. krache 1 vi To spit. cravat*. one who is insignificant. vt To crack* (one’s fingers). ti kraze a 3 n A little change. 2. to crush. krapodin An krapodin Crouching. (usu) refers to children. krètkòk la n Cockscomb* (flower). Bay kredi To allow (s. kràn nan. moron. akoukouman. krann nan n Skull.105 (A skin disease usually appearing on the sole of the feet). Yon ti krache A little bit. saliva. kraponnay V kaponnay kraponnen V kaponnen kras 1 attrib Stingy. Also named: Krabarenyen. krèk la. or small particles of food on the teeth. 2. to squash. Also: kràn tèt. Cf. Heron. portion. To chew (up). small. krepi vt To roughcast ( a wall). To break to pieces. krake vi 1. krabye a n 1. As E. Rickety child. Ala moun kras! God. Guts (courage). 2. 2. krepsòl la n Rubber usually used to make soles for shoes and balls for children. 2. krenm nan n 1. One of the commonest of West Indian birds. penurious. krèt la n 1. yo pap obeyi ou No matter what (the hell) you do. ‘krèt’ is also used to designate the ‘clitoris’. areyeakrab. zarenyen krab. so hurry up. krache atè a Don’t spit on the ground. Kras nan dan Tartar on teeth. 2. it was reduced to bits of rubble. unimportant. Piga ou kraze 1 vt 1. filth. Funnel. Pye ou pa gen krab. Nasturtium aqua-ticum L. Spit. crib. krabanbara n Tarantula (spider). Mete kran On with it. krapo a n Frog. L’ap kraze yon manje He is savouring his food. Ou lan kremòl You can’t get going. wishy washy. krè Variant of the verb ‘kwè’ used in some regions. 3. a little something. Dirt. do it. Pa kras At all. cretin*. krabinen vt To smash to pieces. to break up to pieces. krepisay la n Roughcasting. stupid fool. to go away (and hide) in view of danger. not energetic. down (person).o. K krabinay la. kabinay la n 1. V langèt. Ice cream*. krèt la n Clitoris. Achte kredi To buy on terms. Kraze rak (or) Kraze raje To disappear. An emaciated and tall person. to disfigure. Dan’l ap krake His teeth are chattering. Li se papa’l krache He’s the spitting image of his father. krentitid la n Fear. measure. peg. kremas la n An alcoholic beverage. kran an n 1. crumb. kremòl attrib Apathetic.

kribich la. 2. 5.e. his eyes were ruptured. to weep. Kriye. krim nan n Crime*. 2. to seduce (a virgin). kròbòt. kriminèl la n 1. Pou yon krik yon krak. Hook. krisifi a n Crucifix*. crayon*. person (as in many Romance languages and dialects). crinoline*. kreyati a n Creature*. Yon krèy timoun A lot of children. chevrèt la n Shrimp. Hook (to close a door). 2. Kribich chode Person with very light skin (pej). cruel*. To find fault (with). krak Formula used as a preamble. kriye’n medam Cry. krismarin nan n Sariana maritima. silver. Zepeng kròk Safety pin. weep your hearts out. To be in tears. 2. 2. vi 1. The storyteller will say “krik”. or a tree. i. Plants that grow near the seashore. attack of nerves. fang. 2. to bother. pitcher without handles. Sudden seizure. Criminal*. 3. krevèt la. krochèt la. Karotchou a kreve The tire is flat. Kreyon adwaz Special pencil used for writing on a slate. Type of fabric for dresses. Crisis*. to cry *. to burst. etc. crunch. To squeak. shout. li merite grese If your wagon wheels squeak. 2. krik. kreye vt To create*. 2. ekribich la n Shrimp.). Common word is ‘lavman’. they need to be greased. E. a type of tiny bird. Li te fè aksidan. krichon an n Small table with several holes in which earthenware jugs are placed. li fache For any little thing. 106 krinolin nan n Material for hoop skirt. krinyè a n Mane. kwochèt. kriye vi 1. Tripping. kripya Avaricious. Li pouse yon kri He screamed. krèy. to shed tears. Type of ornamental plant. to haunt. 4. Cf. krik (onom) Li mouri san di krik He died without uttering a word. The audience will answer “krak”.. V rele. Christian *. kreyon an n Pencil. glass. kwòbòt vt To bend (nails. kritike vt To criticize*. Raw. Li fè yon kriz He had a seizure. makrèy Yon krèy A lot of. klistè a n 1. cry. Si rou charyo a kriye. (usu) refers to women. monstrous tooth. Violent. ladies. Kriye pike To bawl (loudly). kretyen an. kriminen vt To incriminate*. MORISSEAULEROY-1: M’ap ekri yon liv kreyòl I am writing a book in Creole. etc. glassware. Pwa a poko kreve The beans are still raw (they have not reached the stage called “kreve” in cooking). Kretyen vivan Living soul. Triangular wooden collar placed around an animal’s neck to make it extremely difficult for it to cross hedges. 2. kreve vt 1. 2. to blow out. crude*. Human being. . 2. huge. kristè a. penny pincher. kristal la n Crystal*. Difficulty. krich la n Earthen (water) jug. kròchèt n 1. to pester. kriz la n 1. many. kri 2 attrib 1. bay klistè To drive (someone) crazy. kriken n 1. kòchèt. krisifye vt To crucify*. krokay la n Embrace. etc) kroche a n Crochet*. native. for no reason at all. The recipient for enema is commonly called (named) bòk. 3. Fork of a plant. kri 1 a n Scream. and with a thin neck. A small one is used as part of a slingshot (fistibal). To deflower. to cry out. to shut a door tight with a hook. he becomes angry. kriken V kretyen krikèt la n Cricket* (insect). encumbrance. kreyòl 2 attrib Indigenous. kreyatè a n Creator*. Costume (fake) jewelry. etc. 6. krip krip (onom) Crunch. clyster*. stingy. He tripped me. Fit of anger.K krètkrèt la. Se li ki kreve tifi a It’s he who (first) got the girl’s cherry. not cooked. je’l kreve He had an accident. Li ban’m yon kròk He did me a dirty trick. To burst. kròk la n 1. Gade yon kròk ou mete nan kò ou Look at how much trouble you’re causing yourself. 3. and the storytelling takes place. kroke V koke kretòn nan n 1. To be almost cooked (beans. (attrib) Bal kriminèl An ultra riské.). krizokal la n Imitation precious metals used as jewelry (gold. kwètkwèt la n Red-legged thrush. libertine dancing party. Yon gro kròk dan A very big tooth. kreyòl 1 la n Creole* language. Fè pwent kreyon an Sharpen the pencil. Describing and imitating the sound of crisp food being chewed and eaten. Enema.. kriyèl attrib Ruthless. krochi V kochi krochma V kochma krochte vt To close. Long hair. Bay kristè. To puncture.

pig skin with some fat left on to be cooked. watery coffee. although he was sick. altho. To be born with a caul. M’kwense semenn sa a I’m broke this week. kouyè n Spoon. creed. kwape vt To rebuff. kuis la. li kite krout The sore healed but it left a scab. kròs la. kwadi a n Group. kuit. kwasans la n Puberty. kwen an n Corner. vi 1. Fè kwasans To reach puberty. kòs. kòf n Butt end of a gun. Fè kwa To resolve never to repeat the act. kwipe. kuizinyèz V kuizinyè kwa a. Nou fè prese. To think. To be a believer. Grated bread crumbs. dlololo attrib Weak. Kwen bouch Commissure. kwazelèuit Word used in a quadrille dance. kwis n Thigh. to push into a corner. tuipe. kui a. to stew. krokro a n Type of fish. in spite of that. Kuit tròp To overcook. Li fèt ak kwaf He was born lucky. little house or a room. kuiv la n Copper. se pou m’al wè kote lari fè kwen I have stayed too long in the house. Manje a manke kuit The food is not done. tchwi a n Bowl. Kwi pòv Beggar’s wooden bowl. Lan K kwaf la. Scab. kwipe V kuipe kwire a. kwachaf la n Crankcase (automobile). To reject completely. Vanity (dresser). kuizin nan. Ti kuiyè Teaspoon. dirty. secondina. Li vini. kwit. coiffure*. lakuizin. with a silver spoon in his mouth. Tèt mwen kròt My hair is kinky. Tou sa ki kwè ap sove All those who believe will be saved. koujin n Kitchen*. to jam. Lè diri ap kuit When the rice is being cooked. to start menstruating. ou a wè manje pa ou Go in the kitchen (and) you’ll see your food. angle. Pa gen kote pou pike zepeng I saw a crowd of people. The synonym “esquad” is also making headway. Torment. M’rete tròp nan kay la. container consisting of half of a “kalbas” or gourd. kwi a. DEJEAN-59: Yo pral kwense ou tout kote They are going to drive you into a corner. suffering. Pa kwipe. kuizinyè a. m’pa fè ou anyen la a pou’w fache Don’t smack your lips at me. (Typical Creole word). kwè. Crust*. kwak. krit vt To cook. curly. kwazman an n Crossing* (of animals. woolly. 2. what troubles (problems) I’m having. Kui tèt Scalp. vt To cross* (arms. 3. kwense vt To squeeze. barber. kwachyòkò a. koup n Croup* (of a horse). Vye tonton sa a chich kou do kuiyè fè That old man is as stingy as nails (like the back of an iron spoon). kwenn n Porkrind. Ale nan kuizin nan. kroup 2 la. kiyè. animals). I have to take to the street now. M’pa kwè sa I don’t believe that. . indifference. squad* working with picks. V dlo. 2. kuiyre n Spoonful.107 kròkmò a n Gravedigger who also buries the dead. There was no room to stick a pin. kwit V kuit kwòbòt V kròbòt kwochèt V krochèt kyòlòlò. I didn’t do anything to make you angry. Mwen ba li de kuiyè I gave him two spoons. kwafè a n Hairdresser. conviction. kwak sa nou rive an reta We hurried. lakwa n 1. corners of the lips. Also: po tèt. to arrest. what a cross I’m bearing. kwafèz la n 1. Cross*. Li frape yo ak kròs fizi a He struck them with the butt end of his rifle. kyoul V tyoul krout la n 1. kwak li te malad He came. 2. M’kenbe kiyè’m long ak li I keep my distance from him. Pèdi kwasans To stop menstruating (temporarily or permanently). M’kwè l’ap vini I think he is coming. kwaze vi To pass in opposite directions. kròt attrib Ill-kempt. koup Behind (on the back of the horse). kwatchyòkò n Kwashiorkor* (sickness caused by malnutrition). Ala de kwa m’ap pote Boy. lakizin. Maleng nan geri. kuipe. kuizinyèz la n Lady cook. krokodil la n Crocodile*. or of telephone conversations when someone else is on the line). kwafi a n Hairdo. Kwen kay A tiny. kwak sa conj Nevertheless. kinky. or contempt. Gro kuiyè Tablespoon. Pran kwi To go begging. kuiyè a. kwèf n Caul. 2. tchipe vi To smack one’s lips audibly for several seconds to show disdain. V byenke. kwatchòkò V kwachyòkò kwayans la n Belief. Hairdresser (applied to women). nevertheless we arrived late. hide. M’wè yon kwadi moun. krè vt To believe. not combed. to bake. tho. kwann nan. kwi n Leather. faith. kroup 1 la n Croup* (illness). kwake conj Although.

M’mete ladan’l solèy Dayiti I put in it Haiti’s sunshine. labim V abim labitasyon V abitasyon lablanchèt la n (pej) Woman with a very light skin. m’panko antre ladan’l Did you go into the house? No. inside. M’ap vwayaje. adv In. Li fè aksidan. to be recognized as the best. labou a n Mud. Fè ladesant To stay somewhere (in a friend’s house.L kyoule V rekile 108 laboulòk V boulòk laboure vt To plow. lacho a n Lime (chalk). laba. Papa’l His (her) father. figi’l tounen labouyi He had an accident. hunt. Li gen ladrès He is skillful. la yo def art plur The. m’pa pral a lotèl I’m going to take a trip. I didn’t go in yet. its. skill. la a adv far as there. I’m still here (there). A car ran over his head. abattoir*. laboryèz attrib Hard-working (fem). chas n Hunting. those who carry the banners are always in front. L l l 1 labourè a n Farmer. Mete ladan To include. pudding. To let down. papa’m mouri Is your father still alive? No. and many African languages. roughly equivalent to the English definite article. Pote labanyè To excel. ladoudous V doudous ladrès. Coward(ly). along. ladelivrans V delivrans lademann n Formal proposal of marriage. labapen an n Name of a plant (Artocarpus incisa) which was once mistaken for the breadfruit plant. lachas. Mari te sòti a labrin diswa. I’ll stay at my cousin’s (house). Stay. Jouk la Up to there. Swedish. standard. Abroad. poss adj His. Lower House). Founacho Lime-kiln. over there. li fè luil When you fry bacon. banyè a n Banner*. To loosen. bib la n The Bible*. adroitness. laba a adv 1. and banana porridge. Fè lachte To commit an act of cowardice. ladesant. Tab la The table. ladan prep. tact. la 2. Descent *. Papa ou la toujou? Non. after a noun or phrase. Lò ou fri la. lax*. starch. Fè lademann To make the formal request of the parents so as to obtain official permission to marry. I won’t stay in a hotel. 2. adrès la n Address*. bouyi a n Porridge. it (Contraction of li). her. dirt. labsent V absent labveritab V veritab lach attrib 1. ladwann nan. when the sun was setting. in those (foreign) places. twilight. (fig) Anything that can be mashed and contains a liquid. 2. ladennyè n Last trick (at a card game). you extract oil (grease). ladwàn nan n Customs. 2 la 1 def art Determiner used postpositively. bay lacharite To give alms. here. charity*. V fènwa. m’ap fè ladesant kay kouzen’m. Cf. to diminish. customs house. 2. la 3 a n Bacon. M’la Here I am. ladènyè. labrin nan. Nan madigra moun ki pote labanyè toujou devan During the Mardi Gras parade. lard *. pap. la pou ou la I am getting There. for instance) during a trip. on the spot. Liv la yo The books. la 4 adv Alive. la desant n 1. Ou antre nan kay sa a deja? Non. pers pron He. has diminished. labouyi bannann There is ground corn porridge. laboratwa a n Laboratory*. oto pase sou figi’l. Fè lacharite. lachte a n Cowardice. to untie. V a. Lafyèv la lache’m My fever has abated. (down) yonder. Gen labouyi mayi. lacharite. His face looked like pap. labanyè a. labab V bab labalèn V balèn labank. labouyi a. There. therein. Si’l vle ale If he wants to go. an. she. lacharit. nan. crepusculo. labatwa a n Slaughterhouse. bank la n Bank*. . labib. as La menm Immediately. lè solèy tap kouche Mary had gone out at dusk. grease. my father died. charite a n Alms. 2. lache vt 1. labrenn n Dusk. down there. ladoba Fè ladoba To walk with the head and shoulders bent forwards. V veritab. labenediksyon V benediksyon labèt la n Type of card game. living ( still around). Se You have to be there. lachanm nan n House of Representatives (House of Deputies. Also kribich chode. Loose. as in Romanian. to slacken. labouyi lamidon.

to loosen. Jelly fish. lafimen an n Smoke. breadth. Lafrans se yon gran peyi France is a great country. Also kachkach. Yon gro lajan A considerable sum. m’pa prale avè ou Let go of my hand. Ou lage nan prizon You were freed from jail. Manman lajan Capital (money). lago bouche The game of hide and seek. to dump. guard*.109 ladyablès la. . Lafyèv lèt Milk fever. lajwa V jwa lak 1 la n Lake*. Generous. lage vt To untie. day.) off. Lage men’m. L Lagonav Island of Lagonave. cool(ness). 2. to drop (s. She went on evil ways. lagoni. agony*. lak 2 la n 1. to release. Cf. lagratèl la n 1. gal la n Scabies. agoni an n Death throes. Nou lage yon boulin W e dashed off. abandon. Frans n France *. lagad n The army. fwa a. lay la n Age *. laj 2 attrib 1. L’ap bat lakanpany He is dying. “Lage kò (lan)” also means “to let one’s self go (into something)”. 2. Conviction. lajan an n Money.o. lafèy la n Newspaper. on evil ways. to be snobbish. lagonni an. lajenès n Youth (childhood). Li antre lan lagad He went into the army. swamp. lafyant la n Feces. but they are not the same height. lafliksyon an. please. fyèv la. lagon an n Lagoon*. determination. Lafyèv tifoyid Typhoid. lajonnis n Jaundice*. Fòk ou travay pou ou fè lajan To make money you have to work. Lajounen yo ret anba fèy In the daytime they stay under the leaves. (she lives her life). Wide. He is in the throes of death. Farin Frans Imported white flour. lakanpany n The countryside. Lafrik V Afrik lafwa n Faith. wife of the devil. Lekòl lage avan katrè School let out before four o’clock. lajantri V ajantri lajè a n Width. Gro lajounen In broad daylight. Bouch li louvri tout lajè His mouth is wide open. Li lage sa He died. To go to ruin. Moun lajan Rich people.g. lagrenn V lagrèl lagrikilti V agrikilti lagròt V gròt laj 1 la. lajounen an. Lafyèv palidis Malaria. afliksyon an n Affliction*. Ki laj ou? How old are you? Yo pap ba’l laj li He doesn’t look his age. e. lafanmi V fanmi lafendimonn End of the world. elaji vt To spread. lafrèch n Freshness (of the air). lakadans V kadans lakal V kal lakalmi V kalmi lakanpay. 2. jounen an n Daytime. when used with the preposition an. lajonis. Fè lafrans To flirt. excrement. I’m not going with you. to let out. lagal la. vi To become wider. Lafyèv frison Fever with shivers. to broaden. Lafyèv skalatin Scarlet* fever. lagoum nan n Mucous in a horse’s mouth. Fig Frans fig. Lafrans. Lago kache. M’a bat ou ak lafwa I will give you a real thrashing. lafyèv la. Trap. Vin pi laj To broaden. To get soft. lafyèb n Fever *. jistis la n Justice *. Ou ap eseye pran’m nan lak You are trying to trick me (or) to take me in a trap (or) to trap me. lagonni. V delake. jonis la. lajistis. witch. to desert. Examples and expressions: MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-71: Li lage kò’l nan dlo He jumped into the water. lagrenn nan n Hail. to let go. De timoun sa yo gen menm laj men yo pa menm otè Those two children are the same age. agoni vi To be in death throes. temperature. warfare*. lago a n Tag (children’s game). vi 1. lagrèl la. M’pral lajistis avèk ou pou’m konnen si ou pap renmèt mwen lajan’m I’m going to take you to court to see if you won’t give me back my money. to put on airs. large *. Ban’m van pou m’al Lagonav Leave me alone. Lage’m lavil Drive me downtown. Kay la trè laj The house is broad. to widen. L’al Lagonav He has lost his virility. Fè lagè To wage war. to let loose. broad. lafrechè a n Prostitute. la is omitted). to kid around. legal tribunal. Lafyèv pete lan bouch li His lips have fever blisters. to enlarge*. Tifi a fin lage The girl let herself go. shit. Moute lagad To stand guard. (In some contexts. Bait. lagè a n War*. Tiye dife a kou vyann nan lage Put out the fire when the meat gets soft. laji. Lafyèv jòn Yellow fever. Ki moun ki bouche? Who is it? Y’ap fè lago kache They’re playing hide and seek. to free. 2. Deklare lagè To declare war. An Frans In France. dyablès la n She-devil. Type of plant similar to poison ivy.

MORISSEAULEROY/D-23: Tout lannuit nou pral reve lakansyèl We’ll dream of rainbows all night long. lamayòt la. Acrobat*. Also kèt. large woman). 3. lamarye a. Lalin klere aswè a The moon is bright tonight. Lamantin*. cause *. Tout richès yon peyi se nan lakilti li ye All the wealth of a nation lies in its agriculture. but she is more “experienced” than you think she is. lakou 2 Fè laliy To watch one’s figure. lalin nan n 1. Aloe vera L. Li se gran tifi nan lakou madan plètil She looks naive. 2. lakoz. usage. paste. . enclosure. dummy. Moon. lakòz n Reason. Farming. lakuizin V kuizin lakwa V kwa lakwann. Yard. with adjacent cemetery. usually facing a common courtyard. V kòt. men li fè konfiti There’s nothing more bitter than lalwa and yet they make a fine jam from it. Group of shacks built along a narrow crooked alley inside a city block. lakizin V kuizin lakobat. To drive around in search of passengers before the bus definitely leaves. lalo Mare yon lalo To obtain magical powers for a specific purpose. housing related families constituting a unit. M’pral lakay I am going home. to give orders. Pòl ki lakòz sa rive It’s Paul who caused that to happen. city hall. 2. house. liy nan n Taxi. Lalwèt teta A garrulous person. lakranp la. Culture*. 2. lakapital V kapital lakat n Pèdi lakat To become disoriented. for instance “lakou Brea”. lakòl la. habit. to lose control of one’s self. elderly woman. Used mostly as a title. lame a n Army*. You lame A large quantity of. To walk back and forth. an object in a box which will be shown to you for a price. lakataw n Thunder. Tablèt lakòl Type of sticky peanut or coconut brittle. akrobat la n 1. lamè 2 V lanmè lamedsin n Medical science. effigy. Depi maten m’chita lakay mwen I have been sitting at home all morning. Kot lamè? Where’s mother? The same for “lepè” V. etc. Pa gen anyen ki pi anmè pase lalwa. and started to stammer. in Port-au-Prince. lakolèt la n Collection (in a church). A bitter plant with hemplike fibers. 2. Lakayè V Akayè lakèt V kèt lakilbit la n somersault. V kay. kilti a n 1. agriculture*. Gro lakou Huge household. kranp la n Cramp*. lam 1 V lanm lam 2 (veritab) V veritab lamadèl Fè lamadèl 1. laskwann interj The heck with you! lalèp. Menstruation. at the house of. pointed and prickly leaves. to bow excessively. Fè lalwa To command. kòl n Glue. lakonpayi Mesye dam lakonpayi Ladies and gentlemen. Acrobatics *. lalwèt la n Uvula*. A group of houses. lakou 1 a n 1. performing of stunts. and huge. lakre a. courtyard *. lalwa 2 a n Aloe*. Gen lalwa To have the right to. Bale lakou a To sweep the yard. one big family. you can hear it as far away as Africa (Haitian riddle). MORISSEAULEROY/D-25: M’jete’m nan laliy I went into the taxi (driving) business. li mete bege Pinocchio lost control of himself. 3. lamanten an n Sea-cow. to try to seduce. period. lakominyon an n (Holy) Communion*. Lakataw fè taw. I became a cab driver. lamayèt la n At fairs. Fè lakou To court. lakay n Home.L 110 lakoutim. lalwa 1 Variant of “lwa”. Se lakoutim That’s the custom. Kòl fòt Glue. lamaye a n Bride. laliy 2 lakansyèl la n Rainbow. Pinokyo pèdi lakat. cab (no regular route or line*). lamè 1 Mother. laliy 1 nan. Se you move koutim It’s a bad custom. koutim n Custom *. lakoloni V koloni lakomèt V komèt lakomin nan n Town hall. Fi a gen lalin li The woman is having her period. 2. lakrè a n Chalk. lamama a n Money. to lower one’s self. Li abiye tankou lalwèt boure She’s dressed like a stuffed bird (usually said of a badly dressed. lèp la n Leprosy*. Somersault. lakòt Li fè lakòt She is a prostitute. lalout la n Scarecrow. Fè lakilbit To do a lakilti a. Type of fish. a small hamlet into itself. Fè laliy To drive a cab. M’pral lakay papa’m I’m going to my father’s house. an incessant babbler. nan Ginen tande’l The thunder is growling. lakoubèt Fè lakoubèt To bow.

lannèt la Lanneret*. bouchi a n chure*. Plim nan The pen. la. one who has a bad tongue. lamizè V mizè lamò V lanmò lamòd V mòd lamwa a. Flatterer. lamò a n Death. lani V lanni lanj V anj lanjelis la. to travel back and forth. Cf. Cf. Tongue. an. Embou- lanmen Handshake. lanman an n Nightshade. to speak the ritual words of a Vodou service. sword. anbouchi a. langaj la. to get moving. langchat. Restan lanmò This is said of a person who has cheated death. E. langous la. lanmetye. presumptuous. 2. To leave. lamidon an n 1. E. V a. langèt la n Clitoris. a very common medicinal plant. Langèt manman ou! (Ultra vulgar insult). . lanmitye n Spanish moss. licker. sea side. lamè a. ani an n Anise*. lanbi 2 Apocope for “lanbisyon” used in the expression “gen (gro) lanbi” To become too ambitious*. nan prep In. Term used when the houngan speaks in “tongues” i. la menm adv On the spot. sucker. Angelus*. lean person. oh boy! What makes it so damn hot? It feels like hell’s doors are open. Language*. Crazy talk or simply unintelligible speech. la menm So that he would also eat them on the spot. n Bird of prey. lanbè a n person. lanbe vt 1. demise. lanmyann interj The heck with you! Go to the devil! lanni an. lankriye a. nanmèd. PRESSOIR-11: Nan fon je bèl demwazèl la In the eyes of the beautiful dragonfly. (“lant” is used with some Creole words that are feminine in French). Jete lank To drop the anchor. lanmou an. lank 1 la n Ink. He speaks evil of people. lank 2 la n Anchor *. 2. langè a n Foul-mouthed. lanbisyon V anbisyon lanbouchi a. V krèk. Bay lanmen To shake hands. slanderous. Starch. lan 2. lani an. mè n Sea. lamès V mès lamidon V lanmidon lamitye 1 V amitye lamitye 2 a. PRESSOIR-42: Pou’l ta manje yo tou. lanmès V mès lanmidon an. lanmèd. lam nan n 1. Blade. Cf. langèz. langouch la n Crayfish. lan 1. langichat la. lanavèt Fè lanavèt To shuttle. lanm nan. closet. ocean. lanmè a. nan def art sing The. landmen V lelandmen landrèt. Solanum nigrum L. the beautifully colored spiral shell of the Strombus gigas used as a horn or left on tables for decorative purposes. anetwale. lanèt la. inferno*. Cf. mouth of a river. amou an n Love. langlichat n Thorough-wart. anfè a n Hell. slanderous (used for females). DEJEAN-44: Rad li te blan kouwè lanèj Her dress was white as snow. lamenm. Foeniculum vulgare Mill. 2. lant attrib Slow. Sale kon lamè Jakmèl Very salty. V damou. 2. Pale langaj Cabalistic terminology. Mother fucker. To flatter. Kreyòl se yon bèl lang Creole is a beautiful language. 2. conch shell. landwat n Face or right side of a fabric or material as opposed to ‘lanvè’ (the back side). M’rantre Jeremi pa mè I came to Jérémie by sea. mèd interj Fuck you! lanbi 1 a n Conch. a medicinal. reinforcements. parasitic (epiphytic) plant (Cuscuta americana). Fè lanmou make love. Manioc flour. ankriye a n Inkwell. langouste *. mori a n Codfish. It is more famous than the gastropod itself (which is a delicacy) because it denotes a “call to revolt”. V roma. amitye. anjelis la n Twilight. nèj la n Snow. lanmori a. Leve lank To weigh anchor. lane V ane lanèj la. Bò lanmè a On the shore. Mezanmi! Kijan fè l’fè cho konsa? Gen lè pòt lanfè ouvè Boy. indecisive L lang nan n 1. Li pale moun mal He is foulmouthed.e. To lick. lamenfòt Pote lamenfòt To bring help. Language*. Li gen lang sal. Wave (sea). dusk.111 lamegrè Leanness. lanmò a. To lanfè a. Lank la rouji pòch chemiz la The ink made the shirt pocket red. landjèz attrib Foul-mouthed. ladan. langay la n 1. amwa a n Tall wardrobe. immediately. lan 3. Eupatorium odoratum L. some language reminiscent of the language spoken by the ancestors in Africa.

Bay lapat Give (me) your paw. it’s not worth the trouble. Dlo lapli Rain water. lapenn nan. lapeti V apeti lapipi a. Lanp luil Oil lamp. lapolis n Police*. Entourage*. hedge. Deep sea. lansan an. to start talking. Cf. at night. lannwit. lanse vt 1. Lapannkòt la n Pentecost*. lapen an n Rabbit. E. 112 lapenn prepare’l pou ou I took the trouble to prepare it for you. put on the light. Ala lapenn! How sad! M’pran . antouray n Fence. wrong side. 2. Dan an ap lanse’m I have a stinging pain in my tooth which comes and goes. police station. Cf. plas la n Public square. pat. laprosesyon an. druggist. To be carrying heavy loads. Pran laparòl To address (a group). To throb. post* office. Li fè bòn pèch jodi a He had a good catch today. 2. Lanp la mouri The light is out. poultry). M’pral lapèch I am going fishing. lantiray V lantouraj lantouraj la. Cf. Pèdi laparòl To become speechless. to grieve. M’ap rive lapòs I am going to the post office. lanprè a. Shortened form of komandan laplas. 2. enclosure. laparòl Gen laparòl To have the floor. laponyèt Bat laponyèt To masturbate. lans 1 la n Lance*. very old. landrèt. bay. Sou plas la In the main square. lans 2 la n 1. lapriyè 2 vi To pray*. during the night. nannuit. lanvè a n Reverse. laperèz n Fear. Fè lapenn To cause sorrow. square. to hurt (pain) intermittently. Sezon lapli Rainy season. a roulo It’s raining cats and dogs. V nuit. (adv) Li mete rad li lanvè He put on his clothes inside out (wrong side). lapèn n Sadness. lanpèrè n Emperor*. laplas 2 la n 1. Bay laparòl To recognize (in parliamentary procedure). lantèman V antèman lanti a n Lentil* (s). Je lanvè Squint eyed.). Handle. to scare. The military man in charge of the town with full powers. nannwit n Night. sorrow. fright. V gridap. scare. to grab. lapoud V poud lapousinyè a n Pleiades (stars). Lapli a tonbe a gro droum (or) A gro gode. lapròptay n Fè lapròptay To clean up. laraj V raj laras V ras lapèch la. lanperè. lapat 2 la n A type of glue. Yo boule lansan pou chase move espri They burned incense to chase away evil spirits. Lapipi a pa dire sou poul la The hen got rid of the pip. lapotitye a n Pharmacist. in particular. limen lanp To put out. lapousinyè He’s very. priyè a n Prayer*. grief. laplèn. similar to a master of ceremonies. laplas 1. Li gran pase lanp la n Lamp*. Lanp kerozin Kerosene lamp. lapat 1 n Paw. M’konn you priyè ki trè bon I know a prayer which is very good. (syn) “fè dye sèl mevwa” lapòs la n 1. V bòbèch. lanpa a n Lampas* (a mouth disease of horses). to distress. druggist. lapè lapè 1 2 V pè a n Fear. lapepi n Pip* (contagious disease of birds. etc. Sa fè’m lapenn anpil It grieves me immensely. plèn n Plain*. Lapolòy n Poland *. laplenn nan. To lasso. Lapli tonbe san rete It’s raining nonstop. back of material (cloth. night lamp. ansan an n Incense *. lampion. Bay laperèz To make someone be afraid. Creek. laparans la. lapès la. Lanp oto Headlight. Mete you lèt lapòs To mail a letter. laprit interj Ale ou laprit! (or simply) “Laprit!” Go to hell! lapriyè 1 a. Mete (poze) lapat sou To lay hands on. larad la. Chaje kon Lapolòy To be really loaded down. L’ap rann ou laparèy He’s going to do the same to you (that you did to him). pèch n Fishing. posesyon an n Procession*. pès n Pest*. Chief assistant to the houngan. laplaj V plaj laplanch Fè laplanch To float on one’s back in the water. I feel twinges of pain. lapatitye a n Pharmacist. 2. laplui a n Rain. (mental) pain *. Holes in one’s stockings. Alanvè Inside out. lapèsonn nan n The individual in question.L lannuit la. lapli a. Cf. Tiye lanp. laparèy The same. Sa pa vo lapenn It’s not worthwhile. lantiray. Postal* service. paste*. light. aparans n Appearance*. chaje kon Legba. rad la n Harbor. Plas dam Piazza*.

larouy la. rheum. Round*. laskwann V lakwann 2 1 L lasosyete V sosyete laswè V suè lasyans la. latranblad la. larim nan n Nasal mucus from a runny nose. las la. li mouri He died on the spot. E latriye And so forth. lasigal. sirèn nan n The siren* (myth). latanyen an n Latania*. Lasenjan an n The feast of St. Lave tèt a.C. Cf. Pran lari To go out. lasèldedo Sou lasèldedo Lying on one’s back. lavaltay V valtay lavandyè a. rouy n Rust*.) To wash one’s head. V lesivyè. larivyè V rivyè laronn nan n 1.) A ritual for removing a lwa from a person’s head (COURLANDER). toudisman. latristès V tristès latriye You latriye A large number of. larenn. lavalas la n Flood. ri a n Street. lasante V sante lase vt To lace*. b. Lave lang sou yon moun To speak evil about someone.) To insult. lasnik la n (Arsenic *) poison. Choukèt larouze latrin nan n W. laverans. vant la n Trading. lasi a n Wax. sigal la n Cicada*. Fanm sa a se renn bouzen (or) “manman bouzen” This woman is a real whore.) To become dead drunk. d. respect. latcha a n Ass (butt). etc. lasibab la n Leftover (food. as la n Ace* (in card games). FARDIN-17: Lavandyè pran chemen larivyè The washerwoman goes to the river. las la. out of the house. (syn) ront. (game). Kòman lavant la te ye jodi a? How was trading today? An vant For sale. lavabo a n Washbowl. Fè bon lavant To make good sales. laroze a n Dew. lavandyèz la n Washerwoman. circle. laroujòl la n Measles. Latou. lasirèn. larontèz n Shame. b. Round * . V lavironn. Lasi nan je Yellow mucus secreted by the glands in the eyes. latoudin nan. Je lasi Bleary eyed. reverans n Fè laverans To greet someone with respect. latounay la n Dizziness. larezon V rezon larezone. a large quantity of.. to bow with reverence*. latou. e. sale. Bourbon palm. lateng n Ringworm (usually on the scalp).) To wash the newborn baby’s eyes with a two per cent solution of silver nitrate. la tou adv On the spot. Ou ap pran you ti lave je? Are you taking a swallow? Lave pase To wash and iron. syans la n Science*. M’gan latoudin My head is spinning. larezonnen Happy New Year. Fò ou vire apre sis ri You must turn after six crossings (blocks). ròz n Menstruation. lasini an. latè V tè laten an n Latin* (language). Lari a blanch The street is empty. tranblad la n Trembling*. lasye V asye latanye a. shoe laces. to clean. Fo m’al swete’l larezone I have to go wish him a Happy New Year. lave vt To wash. Li lè pou m’al wè kote lari fè kwen It’s time for me to go out on the street.) To brain wash. larouze a. lari a. delatètopye adv From head to toe. laròz. a lot of. ear wax (cerumen).113 larat la n Spleen (anat). lareverans. immediately. Se yon ri senp It’s a one-way street. macaw tree. to tease someone while eating by letting him know that what you are eating is delicious. avaris la n Avarice*. 2. outhouse. torrential rain.) Eye opener. reverans n Greetings. V asenik. Lapè fè’l gen latranblad Fear gives him the shakes. lasal la n Living room. c. torrent. larèn nan. Lave je a. lasisin Fè lasisin To tantalize. lavaris la. lateny nan. lazini an (North). Member of the rural police force. John* (June 24). Latousen an n All Saints* day. as la n Asthma*.). renn n Queen. lavandyèz V lavandyè lavant la. V sal. toilet. lateras V teras latètopye. salon*. (syn) bounda. one drop in each eye. latoudlin n Dizziness. Li gen you las He has an ace. Timoun nan te gen “de ran dlo de ran larim” The child was really crying. latrine*. lasèt la n Shoe string.

lejè attrib Light ( in weight). listless. ou ban’m kou pou anyen It seems that you’re crazy. legal*. L’ap fè vi’l He gets along. Li gen lè’l He has his good and bad moments. in the air. layo a. le swa In the morning. lèkonsa li kraze tout bagay He gets angry very often and in those times he smashes everything. afterwards. Appearance. laviktwa V viktwa lavil la n In town. Boy. Le 4 avril On April fourth. To pawn. the (French definite article used in Creole to indicate dates). V lò. Le swa. to give someone a hard time. Vigil*. Ou pa gen lavwa Keep quiet. lèkonsa ou ta deja rive If you had left. Legba n Vodou god. correct(ly). 114 me room. lè 2 a n 1. it appears that. V vil. Chaje kou Legba To be overloaded. since that time. 3. Lè li te rive When he arrived. lèkonsa. Nouvèl la ap layite The news is spreading. legim nan n Vegetable. lekriti V ekriti V laj vt To winnow. in the evening. A lè On time. at the time when. lay la n Garlic. Yon lè konsa Once in a while. lejitim attrib Legitimate*. 2. laledè n Ugliness. Lavyèj. èg la n Eagle*. lèd 1 la. vi a n Life. lebra Bay lebra To give someone one’s arm when walking lèch lèch 1 2 lavi a. Lèd tankou foskouch makak Ugly as a monkey! ledè a. “Lè” is often replaced by “lò”. V klistè. moment). Anlè anlè Flighty. Air*. lèfini li kouche He ate. to town. Li te lavil lò lapli a kòmanse She was downtown when the rain started. get going. lòfini. college. lavman an n Enema. laye laye laye 3 a V layo a layite vt To display. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-13: Toulede se te frè’m Both were my brothers. la n Lèch bannann Dry banana leaf. He’s a fright. There is no more restraint. Tou lè maten Every morning. Anvi. lèd 2 attrib Ugly. lè 3 conj When. legliz la. Mete lekòl 1. lèg la. You dan lay A clove of garlic. rarely. homely. legal attrib Proper(ly). Layite machandiz To display merchandise. lè (French definite articles used in Creole in set phrases). lavironn dede n Children’s game in which they turn around and around. he’s ugly! Li lèd a mò He’s ugly enough to scare you. pirouette. E. Ou gen lè ou fou. lay 2 1 2 1 la n Thin slice. le 1 On. To put in school. Li manje. Okontrè On the contrary*. to be carrying heavy loads. turn. the dead. to concede victory. not serious enough. V vannen. egliz la n Church. you would be there by now. (Also “chaje koule ba”) legede V gede legen Bay legen To give up. anlè Above. lekiri V ekiri lekòl la. town. eve. you hit me for no reason at all. Pran lè To get some fresh air. Gen lè It seems that. An lè. èd la n Aid*. laye a n Winnowing basket or tray. now you do as you please. 3. Lè sen. To spread. he earns a living. lekontrè The opposite. get out. the fourth of April. a complete turn made while participating in certain children’s games. Ki lè li ye? What time is it? Li lè li tan It’s high time. and then. Li move souvan. school building. piece. high. greens. lè 1 a n Time (hour. Ban’m you ti lavi Give me a little something to live on. Depi lè a (or) Depi lò a Since then. Ban’m lè Give . lè konsa adv At those times. M’pral lavil I’m going into town. lè fini. ledikasyon V edikasyon ledven V leven ledwa V dwa lèfini. scatter-brained. lavoum interj Go to the devil! The heck with you! lavwa Gen lavwa To have the right to talk. Allium sativum. lò fini adv Then. Tifi sa a anlè anlè This girl is too flighty. Se lekòl lage. le 2.L laverite V verite lavèy la n The night before. Rann you moun lavi di To make it hard for someone. by now. an vi Alive. legoyin V goyin leje. Pou chase tout move lè (zè) To chase away all evil spirits. Fè lavironn To keep making turns. lavironn nan n Runaround. Le matin. when it’s cool. Examples and expressions: Nan lè In the air. lè solèy la frèt In the evening. Lavyèy n Virgin* Mary. normal. Cf. lè mò The saints. class. 2. Ala lèd moun sa a lèd! He is horrible. Musical tune. ekòl n School. Si ou te ale. To found a school. (kò) vt To stretch out. seldom. Li san lè pou’l rive He can arrive any minute now. further. then he went to bed. help.

more lenfranjit la.. lelit V elit lelmi V énmi lemal n Evil. bang and shove each other during the carnival times usually. lemarye n Bridegroom. lesèk Dry season. lèn n Groin. Usually “pi gran”.. Bobomasouri. Mare yon lenba To prepare a charm. lèn V lenn lenba a n Charm. lengratitid V engratitid lenj la n Sanitary napkin for women. woolen covering. Si ou pa gen lesepase. ghost. To make matters lepit la.. lèn n Wool. educated person. intelligence.115 lekti a n Reading. doubleton. lerè V erè lèrending Late (unreasonable) hour. Also called twal san. somewhat. nandeng attrib Persistent. lèp 1 la. charm against evil spirits. leman an. Lese frape To push. lalèp n Leprosy*. Lelandmen maten The following morning. lespwa V espwa L’ap fè lès He is relenting adv Mostly. lès 1 la n Ballast. lepèt Nothing. pestering person. lektrik V elektrik lektrisite V elektrisite lelandmen. lendeng. they won’t let you cross over. L lèp 2 Double six in dice. to abandon. Leseyè V Seyè lesiv la n Laundry. BEAUBRUN/A-8: Lemoman mwen reve. Lese grennen Let it be. laundress. Usually bay tete. story. Pay it no mind. lèmò n The dead. to quit. eman. lesivyè a n Washerwoman. kòt. lespri a. Fè lesiv To wash clothes. intelligent. At the moment when I dreamt that. nandemen The following day. M’fè lèp I won with double six. lendepandans V endepandans lene The eldest. lesepase a n Pass *. lèsen n The saints*. to obtain magical powers. lemo Yo bay lemo They have an understanding. to let. . magic. Moun lespri A wise. Li kwè li se you gro zafè. lèman n Magnet. To depart (from). landmen. 2. Kotex.. le pli souvan often than not. official permit to cross over. lesetonbe a n Free for all. to allow. leskalye V eskalye leson an n Lesson*. lese vt 1. referring to a dropped ball (in a basketball game). epit n Epistle*. to go away (from). the spirits.. lemoman At the moment when. lepika Mete lemetik sou lepika worse. narration. lenn 2 nan. leritaj V eritaj lerouj Type of game of chance. lès 2. woolen bed cover.. Lese pase To overlook. Forget it. li pa you lepèt He thinks he is a big shot but he is nothing. landemen. èst n East*. lesen Bay lesen To breastfeed.Se pa lemoman It is not the time for that. lepe V epe lepè n Old man. lemante vt To attract. Lene pitit lenò V nò lenpresyon V enpresyon lento a n Lintel*. spell. Kot lepè? Where is the old man? lepèdan an n Looser. Manje lèmò A Vodou ceremony in which food is offered to the dead. mwen yo My eldest child. enfranjit la n An illness characterized by swollen feet. espri n Spirit *. Cf. Dlo lemante (Se premye dlo ou ranmase lè yon fanm ki ansent marasa koumanse kaselèzo) (Franketienne. lele a n A plant with an edible fruit (Area of Corail near the city of Jérémie). To leave. lemonn n World. lemetik Mete lemetik sou lepika To make matters worse. yo pap kite ou travèse If you don’t have a pass. lenkonduit V enkonduit lenkyetid V enkyetid lénmi V énmi lenn 1 nan. Li fè antre nan lemonn She made her debut. leplisouvan. Li ban’m tout lepit fanmi ou He told me the whole story of your family. page 54). V lavandyè.

its. Kay li His house. vt 1. She can’t nurse her child. Bishop’s residence. 3. Mal leve To get up in a bad mood. Bay you rou lib To give someone a ride. leveche a n Bishopric. Loose (morally). To rear. Move lèy Evil eye. lestomak la. leswa. baking powder. levasyon an n Rearing (of children). Letan sèl Salt lake. lèz 1 la n Edge. freedom.). I am not at liberty to.) Informally. To remove an employee in order to transfer him to another post. M’di li non I told him no! Kisa li ye? What is it? 2 3 1 lèt 1 la n Milk.) Secondary. wood. pool. To rise. lezòm n Mankind. to awaken. Lèt kokoye Coconut milk. Lèt metsiyen Latex (sap) from the ‘metsiyen’ tree used as a laxative. lezanj V anj lèzèl Sou lèzèl. lide a. To get up.. Lèt kondanse Condensed milk. to peek.. M’pa lib pou. lèwa a. her. etc. Nouris la san lèt The young mother is dry. 2. gore. lestonmak. Gearshift. My . men. lèt 2 la n Letter* (of the alphabet). leza a n Iguana. To lift. cotton waste. lewa n Epiphany (Jan 6). to peep. bookshop. indirectly. soulèzèl 1. Leve pye ou Get a move on. They don’t get along. a piece of material. ide n Idea *.. to educate. L’antre lan levanjil He converted to Protestantism. Lide’m pa di’m. lake. libète a n Liberty*. Ou pa tap janm ale lan yon estasyon soulèzèl 2.. Lèt poko sot lan nen’l He is still young and inexperienced. lèy Fè yon lèy To glance. purpose. it. layette*. Pran lèz To have a good time. lèz 3. M’chanje lide I changed my mind. caulking. sap. lezòt indef adj & pron Other. Free. le swa At night. Fè levasyon timoun To rear children (pop). etan an n Pond. leti a n Lettuce*. to raise. liberal attrib Liberal*. Also He is unemployed. Before or after a vowel.. yeast. It may be translated as he. 2. him. Lèt bèf Cow’s milk. deaths. it may contract to l. Hurry. Unoccupied. with difficulty. Ide sa a pa bon This idea is not good. palto. letajè V etajè letan an. libera a n Libera *. li gen lèt pase apre’l te fè kòlè The young mother cannot nurse her child any longer. libreri a n Bookstore. Chant used in a church service for the deceased.(pl). SYLVAIN-3: Mwen konnen li I know how to read. You lèz vyann A slice of meat. lezam n Weapons. chest. lib attrib 1. eta sivil Bureau of vital statistics. ledven. lelven n Leaven*. mabouya. 3. a formal short coat. Lever*. zandolit. You lèz twal A piece of material. Kou lèt ak sitron Like milk and lemon juice. 2. leta sivil.. she. leven an. Nouris la pa kap bay pitit li tete ankò. zèz Ease *. vt To read. Jip an lèz A skirt made out of different pieces of material. Lèt la tounen The milk is turning (sour). Ofisye eta sivil Registrar of vital statistics (births. Lèt kaye Curdled milk. instinct. in the evening. Li pap leve ni lou ni lejè He is lazy. Examples and expressions: Li tonbe l’leve He fell and rose again. cloth. to make one’s self comfortable. Also vès. opinion. Moun ki pa konn li ni ekri Illiterate. Raise your hind pot. the other.. to get a motor started after a breakdown. V lòt. as subject or as object. to wake. FRANKETIENNE/P-8: Ou konn gou dyòl ou. let’s start. elegant lounging jacket. V aganman. Pa pote lestonmak ou bay lénmi ou Don’t expose yourself to your enemies. 116 levit la n Jacket. Official of the state*. Tèt leti Head of lettuce. leta a n Government authority. lèt 3 la n Letter* (a written message).. her milk went bad after an emotional stress. FRANKETIENNE/D-114: Sou lèzèl nou ravitaye lan pousyè nan labou anba solèy anba lapli. Protestantism (euph). lèz 2 la n Very thin slice of meat. breast. lèzo V kase lèzòm. leve vi 1. lizard *. estomak n Stomach*. letikèt V etikèt letouf la. Gospel. Yo pran lezam They revolted and took up arms*. leten V eten letènèl n God. li pers pron Third person singular personal pronoun. Let’s go.L leste vt To ballast*. levanjil la n 1. Leve you pàn To repair. letanp la V etanp. Malocchio. tow. levye a n 1. 2. M’pral pase lèwa Gonayiv I’m going to spend Epiphany at Gonaives. Se pa li ki fè sa It’s not he who did that. Also pè etènèl. letoup la n Oakum. 2. her. leyèt la n Baby linen. They don’t mix. levennman V evénman li li poss adj His.

lizin V izin lizyè a n Selvage. To wind. to go after anyone or anything. 3. liyè a n Suitor (one who goes courting). An likidasyon listre vt To polish. V il. lise 1 a n High school. usage *. Planch la lis The board is smooth. You mont an ò A gold watch. lis 2 la n List*. boundary. to bargain away (to sell at a lower price). 2. 2 . fishing line. edge. lisans la n 1. 2. Linèt solèy Sunglasses. 2. kan. livre vt To deliver*. permit (driver’s. weapon. lit 2 la n Liter*. L’ap liyen djòb la He is going after that job. To keep after. likidasyon an n Clearance sale. leash (of dogs. to shine (shoes). to ignite. guiding light. men apre sa. V lè. Gro lo lotri a First prize in a lottery. Se ou’k limyè nou You are our guiding light. without problem. Pyès lò Gold coin. limonad la. 2. Gen plenn lin aswè a There is full moon tonight. Yo te fin fè tout lizay nan kay la They had already done all the household chores. Fè liy To court. limenm pers pron (He) himself.. lin de myèl la n Honeymoon. to flatter. etc. afterwards I decided to stay. (fig) smooth. lin n Menstruation. lò 3 a V lè a likide vt To liquidate *. etc. lite vi 1. Monti linèt Eyeglass frame. lò 1 conj When. Cf. limen 2 attrib Frayed. liy nan n 1. polished. fight. register. Vès la limen The jacket is threadbare. likid 1 L lis 1 attrib Smooth. 2. Limen chandèl dèyè you moun To jinx someone. Y’ap fè livrezon mèb yo demen They will deliver the furniture tomorrow. Abuse of freedom. lil V il lilèt la n Small island. limon limon 1 2 an n Moss. M’te fè lide ale. but. License*. spectacles. itself. ou pap kenbe’m It’s no use watching me. lin 1 n Moon. lisifè n Lucifer*. liyen vt 1. lindemyèl la.117 intuition (instinct) tells me not to. liks la n Luxury*. likid 2 la n Liquid*. 2. 4. lim nan n File (tool). Vè linèt Lens (of eyeglasses). limonnad n Lemonade*. You litani mo di A long series of harsh words. Usually règ. limen 1 vt To file (with a tool). border. listwa V istwa lit 1 la. limit la n Boundary. lizaj la n Manners. liyorans V inyorans lizay la. lise 2 vt To smooth. hunting. clothes line. linèt la n (Eye) glasses. Li fè travay la limenm He did the work himself. lalit n Struggle. Ale likid To have diarrhea. to turn on. liv la n 1. limen 3 vt To light. lot*. To sweet talk (anyone). at the time when. (she) herself. stripe. Ou sou lis rate otobis la You are going to miss your bus. Ki lide ou? What’s your intention? What are you up to? Sa pa vin nan lide’m It did not occur to me. limero V nimero liminen vi To light a candle and pray. to fight (mentally). Book. batch. Line *. an n Sour lime*. flash. To fight.. Pile. litlit adv Little* by little. On sale. to remit. ò n Gold. Pound (weight). likoptè V elikoptè likou a n Halter. to switch on.). V lalin. lè. Lò l’rive When he arrived. livrezon an n Delivery *. style. lijyèn V ijyèn likè a n Liqueur*. menstrual period. limoralite V imoralite limyè a n Light. Ou pa bezwen liyen’m. m’deside rete At first I had the intention to go. to struggle. M’te fè liy li I courted her. litani an n Litany*. lidè a n Leader* (political). Drese you lis To prepare a list. refrain. kon. attrib Fluid. Prize. Fè lizay To perform all of one’s duties toward someone or for society. lo a n 1. lò 2 a. Examples and expressions: Liyen topi To wind a top.). limit*. To court ( a girl). To be reluctant. you’re not going to catch me.

lòj la n Loge* (box seats in a theater). Let me be. Senk lòt yo The five others. Yon lonn. lonmen V nonmen lonn nan. lòbèy. òlòj la n Clock. òm n Mankind. long ago. lonnvi n Binoculars. Pèdi lòlòy To lose one’s senses. lokazyon V okazyon loke attrib Loony. a long time* ago. scandalous. Mandyan lonje men yo pou mande charite Beggars stretch out their hands to ask for alms. to pass. lonje 2 vt To stretch out. de lezòt moun Two other persons. to wheedle. Ban’m yon ti lòsyè Give me a little bit. lontan adv A long time. Lonje dwèt sou To point at. longè a n Length *. noise. lòn V lonn lonbraj la. lòn nan. to command. Command. (A double pomade (mercury compound) to kill crab lice). zòd. monocle. loraj la. Bay you moun lojman To lodge * someone. Yo te prèt pou fin vire lòlòj li They almost made her crazy. bay To hand. (fig) Yon lonn A lot of. senk òn. to lounge. much. men. lessee. by a long shot. Longan gri Gray ointment. to cajole. long time ago. much. long*. loudmouthed lolo vt To flatter. mad. lonnen vt To measure by the ell. òn n Haitian yard measure (45”). òd n 1. lopital la. by far. twazòn. “Lonm” is also used. osti n Host* (consecrated wafer). lòbidyèt la n Throat. Gen lontan de sa A long time ago. to softsoap. lonm nan. pantry. Leave me alone. Lòlòj lakomin Cityhall clock. else. lonbray n Shadow. bat lobe To splash water (game). lòryon an n Lorgnette*. longvi a. to instruct. . promiscuity. lokopèt la person. ostrogoth*. lotion*. katr òn. lonje 1. lostrogo a. Reziyasyon fè lòm One must do what one has to do. Sp. lòsyè You ti lòsyè A little something. ointment. for a long time. Bay lòd To order. losti a. Long kon (yon) ke pis li tap tonbe lan trou a By a hair’s breadth he missed falling into the hole. bad woman. Fè lòbèy To create fuss. De lòt moun. Pran lojman To secure lodgings. dezòn. somewhere else. Ou pa konn longè tigason sa a You don’t know what that boy is capable of. Lòt kote Elsewhere. lòlòj 1 la. lòk la n A strong medicine. belly button. lodge* (of Freemasons). Ki pa fèt lontan Recent. lòd la. M’ap fè you ti lonje kò’m sou gazon an I’m lying on the lawn for a while. lòlòy la.L lobe Children’s game wherein the children splash water. Dòt fwa Sometimes. Discipline. problem(s). ostrogo n Stupid dumbbell. Tout moun di li se loraj kale Everybody says she’s a terrible. lokatè a n Tenant. lòbèy la n Fuss(ing). longanis la n Type of large sausage. 118 lonbrit la. Lonje dyòl To pout. Li gro lontan pase ou He is much bigger than you. lòlòj 2 la. Tire lobe. onm n Shade. etc. Small supply room. lokal la n Place. longan an n Salve. dòt. commandment. ell*. slow. laxative. lòt 1. lojman an n Lodging(s)*. lodè V odè lodyans V odyans lòfini V lèfini lofis la n 1. order*. eskandal. Lonje’l ban’m Pass it to me. Tout òm se lòm Every man is (to be treated as) a human being. lorye a n Oleander*. discussion. loco. Sideboard in which plates and glasses are kept. losyon an n Perfume. storm. Lonje. long attrib Long *. Nan tan lontan A long. order*. V lonn. lobedyans la n Authority. others *. to reach. Sou lobedyans Under the authority of. crazy. Ak ki sa yo te koupe lonbrit li? With what did they cut his umbilical cord? V kòd (lonbrit). lokobe Bat lokobe To go through a rough time. other times. lòlòy la n Pa fatige lòlòj mwen Don’t bug me. alonje. lokipasyon V okipasyon loko attrib Crazy. Gro lobo Big shot. n Scandal monger. locale*.. mentally deranged. shadow. Lonje kò To stretch out. V kabal. Yo koupe lòbidyèt li They cut his throat. Li long nan tou sa l’ap fè He is slow by nature in everything. next. You lòt bagay Something else. loray n Thunder. Gen tròp lòbèy lan kay sa a There’s too much promiscuousness in that house. lonbrik n Navel. 2. lòm. lòt 2 indef pron Other* one. ralonje vt To lengthen. Also Vodou term.. nonbrit. 2. lezòt indef adj Other *. V pafen. shade. lobo a n Raucous. opital n Hospital*.

trè lwen Very far. lwa 2 a. loupin nan n Loop* the loop (airplane acrobatics). Pran lyann To go away. the price of the room. far off. Youn tiye lòt They killed each other. There are many types of lyann. lote vt To divide into lots. far. dipper. lwil satan n Booze. MORISSEAU1 M m 1 pers pron First person personal pronoun I. lòtè n Cause. lwil n Oil*. loulout Dyòl loulou Really tasty. lees. away from base. used to dig holes in the ground. League * (4 kilometers). climbing plant or vine).e. Lè ou ap manje you mango ki dous. louvri V ouvri loveye vi To maneuver into the right position (a ship). lwe vt To rent. lye a n 1. liana* (a rope-like. Luil esansyèl Aromatic oil. V otèl lotorite V otorite lòtrejou The other day. let him be. Gospel. someone who wants to be dictatorial. luilderisen an n Castor oil*. Ma kafe Dregs. to lease. over there. lotèl 2 M LEROY/D-30: N’a sonnen ason pou rele lwa yo We’ll ring the ‘ason’ to call the lwa. Gan lwa Ginen ak lwa kreyòl There are African spirits and new world spirits. louchèt la n Spade. Li lan lye verite’l He is dead. one without ears. Kote chapo’m? Where is my hat? 1 ma a n Residue. loulou 1. piles. one another. far (from). Kafe a gen ma ladan’l paske li pa byen koule The coffee has dregs because it hasn’t been properly filtered. you are the cause. Bouchon lyèj Cork (top). recently. reason. lwijanboje n Quarrelsome person. beyond. Voye’l jete lwen ou Throw it far away from you. spirit which possesses a person during a Vodou ceremony. se dyòl loulou When you are eating a sweet mango. louk la n Swelling. to be authorized (to). plus the dancing and eating. to let. loup la n Magnifying glass (or) lens. to disappear. lazy. lyèv la n Hare. lwanj la n Praise. lyann nan. . lottery*. sediment. flat at one end. flexible. Blister or scar following a contusion. to squint (at). to freight.. Bay lougal To let (someone) off. Hire. divinity. far away. lou a n Wolf. 2. absentminded(ly). Lòtbò dlo Abroad. Fè vizit de lye. lyetnan an n Lieutenant*. body worm. lozèy la n Sorrel. lwaye a n Rent.119 lòt 3 Youn. lotè V otè lotèl 1 la n Altar*.lòt Each other *. something. Gen lwa. lòtbò. Jodia m’rive ta Today I arrived late. Iron bar. lwanjè attrib Boastful. 2.. Pi lwen Farther. lougarou a n Devil. give him a respite. lyàn n Creeper. m 2 poss adj My. to ogle. gen lawa To have the right (to). loudo attrib Slow poke. loulou 2 a n Ti loulou lan vant Tenia. alcoholic beverages. fè desant de lye To make a report in loco. Lwa zenga A deaf spirit (lwa). one who wants to have his way. pliable. luilfwadmori a n Cod liver oil*. lou 2 attrib 1. (syn) lòsyè. me. lalwa n Law*. louch la n Ladle. Heavy. lyan attrib Resilient. lwa a 1 n A god. BEAUBRUN/A-22: Se mwen ki toujou peye lwaye I’m the one that’s always paying the rent. Se ou ki lotè sa You are responsible for that. far out. lòyen vt To eye. a little leeway. lwen adv Remote. tape worm. luil la. lyon an n Lion*. coffee grounds. Manje lwa The ensemble of Vodou service. sorcerer. skin sickness. Corpulent. lotè. lwanje vt To praise. i. Place. “Lyann” also means “flexible”. lwido a n Type of bird (Euphonia musica). it’s a delight. 2. lota a n Spot on the skin. lwès. lotri a n Raffle. lòtbò a adv Yonder. Kafe’l koule ak ma He’s in trouble. Vin pi lou To put on weight. lougal A little bit. Byen lwen. straggler. wès n West*. Lwen ak isit Far from here. lyèj la n Cork. louma a n Type of toy marble (game). beyond. werewolf*.

machwè n Jaw. A talkative woman. Bonjou. and/or poorly matched clothing. madoda a n Homosexual. Cf. car. madivin nan n Lesbianism. fanm pa machande li When a man is sick and broke. to masticate*. mate. Mache bwate To limp. machandiz la n Merchandise*. madoken an n Earthen cook pot. Mache pi dousman pou ou pa bouke Walk more slowly. malediksyon n Curse. Wife. machanday la n Bargaining. To work (function). to barter. madivinèz la. Madanm nan te gen you rad nwa The lady wore a black dress. mach la n 1. mabi a n 1. bigger than the ‘zandolit’ (V) but smaller than the ‘aganman’. machpye a n Stoop. Ale nan mache To go to the market. To march* along. 120 machwa a. (A brace or strap extending from the neck to the jaw used to keep the mouth closed. vendor. To walk together. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-7: Gen you malediksyon k’ap pousuiv fanmi an There’s a curse that’s haunting that family. grumpy. harsh. 4. if you don’t respect him. 3. potter. madou a n An item that is illegally placed at the bottom of a container so that the content will be less than the regular legal capacity (pound. with non-matching clothes. Granmoun nan ap ba ou madichon si ou derespekte’l The old man will cast a curse upon you. Usually refers to travelling merchant women who go from one town to another to buy and sell. Mache pale you moun mal To go around speaking evil about someone. madam nan n 1. masisi. merchant*. ma 3 a n Puddle. Walk. 2.M ma 2 a n Mast*. 2. mabouya a n Tiny. madichon an. machè My dear (when talking to a female). malediction*. Ploceus cucullatus. Madan Pòl Mrs. running board of a car. 2. to get along. .) madougoun nan n Hernia. manchann n Merchant* woman. machin nan n Sewing machine. machann nan. mache 1 a n Market*. Machann lèt Dairymaid. yellowish and black and green bird that is constantly chirping. madigra a n 1. Marble* (limestone). 3. bad luck. to agree. These birds build their nest almost anywhere and can cause havoc in rice fields. Bann machwa A chin band. mache 3 vt To chew. marshall*. It is also used on corpses whenever the jaws won’t stay closed). I have problems. madanm nan. Fè madivin To practice lesbianism. madi n Tuesday. hydrocele. masquerade. madam V madanm madan 1 n Mrs. Cf. Ou ap machonnen manje a nan bouch ou You’re chewing your food in your mouth. To walk. V madivinèz. Marble(s). madmwazèl la. machande vt To bargain. lady. Anyone not skilled in the use of the tools of the trade. gait. mache 2 vi 1. Lò ou ap achte se pou ou machande When buying you must bargain. (fig) A person with too much make-up. steps to the house. b. madivin nan n Lesbian. Machine*. etc. 2. V manmzèl. marching*. 2. A masked person in a carnival parade. Twa jou madigra The last three days of Carnival. lizard-like animal often seen in and around stone walls. machòkèt la. generally in trucks and usually gabbing. Also called ’kannik’ (North). madanm Good morning. attrib Disturbed. madichonnen vt To curse. maklouklou. Mache an fè The big iron-market in downtown Port-au-Prince. 5. in which case no article is used. Ti machann kasav la The cassava saleswoman. madanyas Parkinsonia aculeata L. To get ahead. befuddled. horrible. To go along. machinaekri a n Typewriter. madlèn n Type of snake. machin nan n 1. Paul. foamy beverage made from the ‘mabi’ plant. Machann dezagreman Quarrelsome person. M’pa gan machin I don’t have a car. flag mast. madan 3 yass. Mardigras*. machinakoud la. Ma drapo Flagpole. madan 2 sara a. engine. E. implement. Examples: Madanm Pòl mouri Paul’s wife died. n Jerusalem thorn. flag staff. vender. Auto. (must be followed by a noun). Machann sirèt Candy vender. V madanm. just before Ash Wednesday. Mache ansanm a. To work out (to go well). troubled. or you’re going to get tired. Madan mango Type of large tomb shaped like a chapel. Bon mache Cheap. 6. mab la n 1. 2. young woman. women don’t fool with him. Bann madigra Carnival group. Cf. machonnen vt To munch. tinker. Miss. mabyal attrib Surly. gallon. To match. Small. machal la n Blacksmith. machoukèt la n Blacksmith. children’s game. madansara a n 1. 2. 2. Woman. ma’am*. manzè. Step (of a stair). Li gen tèt madigra He looks very ugly. “Madanm” and “madam” are also used in the vocative. runway. Tèt mwen mabi I am troubled. Ma labou Mud puddle. matmwazèl la n Girl. Cheap. Lò you gason enfim san kòb.

n Majority *. a pile of. homosexual. One who doesn’t wear his clothes properly. makònay la n Entanglement. maestro a. makoklen an n Sissy. Mafia*. or simply one who behaves like a woman. sign. scar. majolenn nan n Wild thyme. mafi My child (used when talking to a young woman). jigridi a n Scribbling. mafreze cripple. makoukou n Hydrocele. later a Gallicism in Italy. make vt To mark *. makoubi attrib Deformed. makaron V maskaron makaroni an n Macaroni*. . 2. Pote mak To bear a scar. V magoul. to lock horns (steers). cudgel. hernia.121 madoulè attrib Huge and ugly. magrit 2 V kòmè makòn nan. majò a n Major*. herd. makriyo a n Mackerel *. Jandam nan simen makak sou volè a Using his club. makòmè 1 a. Yon krèy timoun A lot of children. “Batonthrower of the Rara troup (COURLANDER). V chay. club. V majòl. clumsy. procurer (rare). scheme. and used for carrying all kinds of articles. Big stick. a bunch of. Saddle bag. madra a n Kerchief for the head. Type of sugar cane. magazen an n Shop. maklouklou a. Magazine*. sweet Marjorum* (rare). trademark. Fè makak To clown. makiyon an n Expert rider. majè attrib Of age. 2. immense. Make pa To keep (mark) time. store. doodling. beam. makiye vi To make up (face). magouyè a n Trickster. mafweze. makout 1 la n 1. Also applies to an awkward and ugly person. makout 2 la n Angelfish. 2. Make konpa To mark time (in a dance rhythm). unrefined. rough casket to bury an indigent person. mal 1 la n 1. brand. tricky. gason makòmè n Sissy. Yon makòn poul A lot of hens. matou a n Tom-cat. Macaco*. makouklou. togetherness. Portion (marked by the seller). foolishness. in bad shape. krèy Yon makrèy (or) Yon krèy A lot of. dyakout. M makanda a n Werewolf. Gangster. Kay makrèl House where you bring a woman and pay for the use of a room. and making faces. makwal attrib Inelegant(ly). makrèl la n Procuress. makèt la n Supermarket* (generally a large grocery store). magre V malgre magrit 1 la n Marguerite* (flower). makakri a n Monkeyshines. magoul la. Yon mal kay A very big house. It is strapped to the shoulders. Magistrate*. awkward. trainer. makònen. V ten. ape. baton twirler. flock. Makou chat Big tom-cat. madre. to entangle. makonnen vt To tie together (by the horns). Male*. majòjon an n Drum major*. ugly. to leave a mark. mayestro n Head of a musical ensemble. clever. majò a n bajou. makak la n 1. makrèy. bajou. V makrèl. 2. schemer. 2. majistra kominal. makwali. makonn nan n Bundle. pack saddle. madwe attrib Cunning. monkey. to keep in step. Sèkèy madoulè A heavy. type. makònaj la. mafwezi. Li makiye tankou madigra His bad makeup makes him look like a Carnival type. Double chin. world-wide Venetianism. Huge. Maestro*. disfigured. majòl la. thief. stupidity. An majorite In the V tonton makout makouti a n A small “makout” (bag). to put down (to write down). Mal makak Hangover. majolèn nan. attrib Very ugly. magoulèt la n Double chin. Ti nèg sa a toujou ap fè makak The little boy is always clowning. majigridi a. makro a. Cf. Mayor. procurer. makòmè 2 mafya a n 1. E. thief. older. homosexual. Sort of basket made of woven grass. madriye a n Block of wood. V chat. Tousen Louvèti te nèg madwe Toussaint Louverture was a very cunning man. 2. magouy la n Trick(s). “A specific kind of aggressive magic” (COURLANDER). mak la n Mark*. majorite a majority. maji a n Magic*. To tangle. the policeman showered the thief with blows. to notice. Also madougoun. Scoreboard (in card games). Also: double chin. Also makonmè V kòmè makou a. mixing. majistra a n 1. horse-dealer.

Malè pa mal Misfortune strikes so easily. Ou ap mande si malad vle bwè bouyon! You’re asking if a sick person wants to drink broth! (He won’t say no to that. poorly made. malediksyon an n Curse. mal dan an n Toothache. ak you lòt pou malad yo There is a dining room for physicians. Lè ou lan mal ou lan mal nèt Once you have problems you are really in trouble. he just wouldn’t learn. lafyèv. rude. improperly. l’ap mouri He is very sick. Cf. maldyoke. mischievous. Li mal pou reveye It’s hard for him to wake up. Maladi tonbe Epilepsy. ignorant. M’ap fè malèt mwen I am packing. cunning. Maltèt Headache. malchans la n Bad luck. criminal. V malapri. maladi a n Sickness. malignant * wound. Pale yon moun mal To speak evil of s. malen attrib Astute. clever. malenge attrib Afflicted with many sores. poorly. impolite. mal damou n Lovesickness. unhappy. something of inferior quality. worthless object. (Knock on wood). Li fè’m malfezan He played a dirty trick on me. malfini an n Hawk. shrewd. evil spell. malèt la n Small trunk. vulture. 3. magre prep In spite of. (Popular usage prefers ‘moldan’) . mal la n Ache. malerezman adv Unfortunately. harmful. malandren an n Bandit. pain. malgre 1. malad Although he was sick. there’s no way to refuse it). harm.M mal 2 3 122 la n Trunk (luggage). mal leve attrib Ill-bred. illmannered. pauper. woe. malfektè a n Villain. sickness. badly dressed. wretched.o. maldanfan n Labor pain. poverty. sly. V pwa maldyòk. malelve. lemal n Evil. maleng nan n Sore. Mal damou Love sickness. Mal fèt Sloppy. malgòj la n Sore throat. despite. wrongdoer. Malgre li te . malandouran. unstable. discourteous. artful. malaka a n Musical instrument. malad attrib & n Sick. deformed (person). penniless. magre conj Although. he is dying. Maladi pwatrin Tuberculosis. malatchong n Junk. se jalouzi ki maladi Fever is not a sickness. malagèt la n Guinea-pepper. Badly. accident. Gen you salamanje pou doktè yo. malatchonn. Maldanfan Labor pain(s). maledve. mal 5 attrib 1. kalmason. Patient. widespread Neapolitanism. Maldemè Seasickness. Li byen mal. malantandi a n Misunderstanding. maldamou. malanga a n Taro (edible tuber) Colocassia xanthosoma P.o. sagacious. one who is not easily caught. Clumsy. Mal pou Hard to. malaria a n Malaria*. malesite a. malediksyonnen vt To curse. malgre 2. Lafyèv se pa maladi. sick person. Li pito renmen ak malandren pase li rete avè’m She prefers to love a vagabond bum rather than stay with me. malefice*. Li malad pou mouri He is moribund. Something is wrong. An maldanfan In labor. Malozye Conjunctivitis. and a separate one for the patients. Malelve Ill-bred. miserable. bum. n Evildoer. malfezan attrib Nasty. weak. disease. ulcer. There’s mal . awkwardness. maldòn Misunderstanding. Maraca*. maldan an. awkward. malfetè a. wicked. wrong. illness. badly shaped. povertystricken. Malè pa mal A mishap can easily occur. they use the word “tayo” instead of “malanga”. Fè mal To hurt. Sick. to wish an illness or calamity on someone. bad luck. Gen maldòn a misunderstanding. Li te nan malsite He was in dire straits. malapri attrib Li pa malelve. calamity. Malgre tou sa m’fè pou ou After all I have done for you. It’s so good. listless. evil. in bad shape. malocchio. malefis la n Evil spell. suitcase. In the South. evildoer. bird of prey. crude. malefactor*. Ou a ba’l maldyòk You’ll give him the evil eye. travail. maladwa attrib Awkward. Fè yon moun mal To cast a spell on s. chicken hawk. suitcase. (Applied to female beings). maladrès la n Lack of skill. unfortunate. valise. dyoke vt To cast a curse on someone. malfouti attrib Ugly. Grenn maldyòk A seed on a string (kolye) placed around the neck of a child to keep away the evil eye. malè a n Misfortune. Moun pa mal pou mouri People die so easily. catastrophe. 4 maldyòk la n The evil eye. 2. reluctant to. li malapri He was not improperly reared. malèrèz attrib & n Poor. Vantfèmal Bellyache. Pimenta officinalis Lindl. malere attrib & n Poor. malagòch attrib Clumsy. but jealousy is. malandiran attrib Ill-bred. V bouton. malsite a n Abject misery.

manchèt la n 1. malpròpte a n Filth. to speak malmakak la. malicious*. Said of an unapproachable. manba a n Peanut butter. malmouton an n Mumps. manch la n Handle. kòdòk. he is well-endowed. Li manche plim li pou’l ekri He grabbed his pen to write. sloppy. but “amè” is said of a person who is in a bad humor temporarily. Cuff. Fè malonèt To be very discourteous. li pa rann moun sèvis That boy is not very obliging. repulsive. malonnèt attrib Dishonest*. manchte V manche manda a n Mandate*. 3. malsite V malesite malswen an n 1. You kostim maltaye A badly tailored suit. malvini attrib Rachitic. pink-eye. CELESTIN-MEGIE/1-173: Tanbouye yo manchte bagèt yo. amè. fil. to smash. mang nan n Mangrove*. rozali. kannèl. mandyannen vi To beg. Se devan legliz la l’ap fè mandyansite He is begging in front of the church. malman adv Badly. spiteful. vi To mumble. dirty. Lapli a tonbe semèn sa a. unobliging. Li te mande anraje He was furious. stunted. dishonorable. maltaye attrib Badly-made. Also tètfèmal. careless. mamay la. Type of fish (Trichiurius Lepturus). Sloppy. measuring can. robust. malonnèkte a n Affront. to require. Maneuver *. Fè malonnètte To make an affront. rascally. manager*. Pòm malkadi A small M mamit la n Tin can. malveyan attrib Wicked. malonnètte a. (A take-off from Fr cote mal taillée) maltchò n Evil. etc. Rough. malocho attrib Clumsy. unfair. mande vt 1. to provide with a handle. disparaging (person). malozye a n Sickness in the eyes. malmennen vt To rough up. conjunctivitis. malevolent*. manche. wing. solid. lethargic. subpoena. Li byen manbre He has a big organ. sleeve. manbo a n Vodou priestess. mannèv la n 1. to put a handle to (a tool. miska. malouk attrib 1. etc. carefree.). malveyans la n Malevolence*. to treat roughly. trade off.123 malisyòs attrib Deceitful. 2. 3. maloblijan attrib Not (very) obliging*. kakòn. mango a n Mango*. to beg. manmòte hesitantly. Mande pou To ask for. gruff. mal makak la n Hangover. black. mandrinen vt To crush. pot. badly made. stem. Machete *. Examples and expressions: Mande you travay To apply for a job. Male sexual organ. mandyan an n Beggar. manbre attrib Strong. to inquire. Sea hog. to maltreat*. manèv la. pestle. 2. mamòte. he’ll never do you a favor. Used only pretonically. negligent. Sickly person. malpalan attrib Slanderous. written authorization. dishonest. unkind. Pou koupe kann ou bezwen manchèt You need a machete to cut sugar cane. batis. . maltèt la. Varieties of mangoes: fransik. inconsiderate. malkadi a n fruit. kettle. 2. warrant. heartless person. malevolent. Manch pilon Stamper. 2. mandarin nan n Tangerine. to ask for alms. < Sp maluco. Tigason sa a maloblijan. to request. Manch pip Pipe stem. filthy. maltrete vt To mistreat. Fè yon kont maltaye To make a private arrangement. Nonm sa a byen manche This man has a big dick. “Kanistè” in the North. malpròp attrib Messy. to authorize (legally). crook. Li pale angle malman speaks English with difficulty. to gnaw. maymay n Kids. manfouben attrib Lazy. To charge. Mangifera indica L. manadjè a n Boss. Ala fi malpròp! What a slut! Malpròp kon kochon Sloppy as a pig. manmay. difficult person who is of a bad humor. kòn. Konbyen ou mande pou sa? How much do you charge for that? M’ap mande’m sa’l vle I wonder what he wants. and red varieties. Helper. DEJEAN-68: Ala domestik malveyan What a wicked servant. to rebuff. citation to court. Epilepsy. 2. mandyansite a n Begging. to give a cool reception to someone. 4. To ask. Macho. puny. brutal. mamonnen vi To mumble. impolite. mandate vt To empower. mendicant*. underdeveloped. blan. malonèt. manchte vt To grab by the handle. To wonder. mamè V mè He man n Short for ‘manman’ (Mom*). There are white. rout la malouk It rained this week and the road is in bad shape. children. malotèt n Headache.

. Manje marasa Feast for twins. bulk. manjèdkòd n Loose woman. plump. Manman kabrit Nanny goat. maniboula a. manmit n Mommy * (endearing term for mother). manman1 an n 1. Female. The largest cannon of the “Citadel”. 2. 3. V piston. Also blan poban. Blunder. Manje maten Breakfast. Mank dega Lack of respect. ou pa manbre. plastic manikin*. Manke dega To disrespect. Fè fo manti To tell a bad lie. maniganse vt To plot. Manje midi Lunch. manman 2 penba a n 1. worthless. m’ap tiye ou If you fabricate stories (lies) about me. manigèt la n Influence. mama *. entangled.M 124 mànken an. manje vt 1. vi Maniganse kont. (fig) Li renmen manje tou kuit He wants his (anything) already prepared for him. Fè mannigèt To play one’s trump cards. (fig) Huge. (fig) To destroy. Lame. Used with (fem) beings. Sou mank Ready to take advantage of any opportunity (pej). mantèz la n Liar.o. manmòte V mamòte manmzèl la n Girl. Sp. lie. mank la n 1. with distorted body. parent. mangousa a n A badly dressed person.. (Also “soupe”) Supper. dejnen. to contrive (something). Kafe ou te ban mwen an te manke dous The coffee you have given me didn’t have enough sugar. to scheme. mantèg la. Manje mò Feast for the dead. tricky ways used to obtain one’s goal. wretched. Msye se gran manjè. Manje sote To eat sparingly. Also dejene. one who eats a great deal. To plot against. mistake. 2. 2. L’ap manje mizè He is so poor. feed (animals). manti 2 vi To lie. To do one’s best. Metopium mangonmen. Manman chat Pussy cat. mannan attrib (usu) Blan mannan Poor. meal. he won’t work. manivèl la n (Automobile crank) handle. Manman lajan The principal (capital earning interest). Fat. malicious woman. to be lacking. Li maniganse tròp move zafè. 3. manti 1 a n Falsehood. immense. nourishment. mannèv la. to barely miss. Manman pitit Mother. any handle used to make a circular movement. To eat. udder. manouba. Manje lwa A feast for one or more loas. Manman poul Hen. Manman chen Bitch. Helper in construction work. female dog. to lie. M’a lage manman penba’m sou ou I will blast you. ungrateful. Fè manti (or) bay manti To tell a falsehood. toxiferum (L) Krug and Urban. without fail. Ou manke sou gason ou You’re not man enough. li pa vle travay The gentleman is a big eater. white person. Manman kochon Sow. to tell a falsehood. Cooking grease. Gro manmèl Big bosom. involved. Nan jwe. manigans la n Bad trick. Manman pans Stomach of a ruminant. manseniye a n Florida poison tree. manigèt V mannigèt manje a n Food. mannyè V mànyè manpenba a n 1. dummy. young woman (usually pej). Manman bourik She-ass. manmèl la n Teat. 2. to miss. to run short of. Mamita. I’ll kill you. mania*. (fig) Li manje manje bliye He is very forgetful. manniboula n Musical instrument. Yon manman kanson Pants that are too big. manèv la n Maneuver *. Type of drum. Li gen mani bwè tròp dlo lè l’ap manje He has the habit of drinking too much water when he’s eating. trump. V tete. Manje aswè Dinner. to almost miss. mannequin*. San mank Absolutely. Examples and expressions: Manman bèf Cow. poorly. Manje kuit Cooked (prepared) food. Si ou fè fo manti sou mwen. Bagay la mangonmen The situation has become critical. Li fè tout vye manigans pou’l gen promosyon He is using all kinds of devious tricks to gain his promotion. dinner. li fini pa pran prizon By plotting so many underhanded deals he ended up in prison.. mangouyan attrib ugly. 2. mani an n Bad habit. mantèk la n Lard. (fig) Someone’s defense and strength. I almost broke his leg. manjè a n Eater.e. Ou pa gen manm. manniba V marimba mannigèt la. to make use of one’s assets to achieve a goal. Sèvyèt la lave. Lack. connivance. mantò a n Liar. member *. mwen manke kase janm li During a game. dish. mannken an n Model (woman).. You manm initil A useless person. no longer beautiful. to eat one day and skip the next because of poverty. men li manke pròp The towel has been washed but it’s not completely clean. manke 1 vt To lack. mant la n Mint* (herb). Manke yon fèy To have a screw loose. thief (female). V bè. mannivèl la. main portion. i. Manje dan To grind one’s teeth. bitch. Blesi a ap manje’m The wound is “eating” me (is hurting badly).). mongonmen vi To become complicated. maneuvering. To hurt (s. manke 2 vi To be missing. craze. a good word. You are not strong. Sly. Mother. . mantè a. manm nan n Limb.

pork. to stay away (from). Li mare kon you krab He is dumb struck. sea hibiscus. Bal maron Stray bullet. Tan an mare jodi a It looks like rain. peculiarly settled in one’s ways. mapotyo n Large fish which is also called kana or wodo. Mare twa pli nan fron To frown. Pa manyen’m. Maro fran Mahoe. manyen vt 1. To feel. An nou mare’l Let’s put a jinx on him. vinegar. to fasten. to handle. 2. somewhat. li manyè wè The dog is not completely blind. manyòk la n Manioc *. (silk) cotton tree. marodenm nan n Kapok. mare vt 1. This is not proper (right). marèn V marenn marengwen an. Come on. marimba a. fat person. mànyè a. Mrs. Marèn nòs Maid of honor. to bind. he can see a little. masa a n Twins. thief. Force yourself to eat something. spouse. Depi apre kal la. (used when addressing concubines). Also msye marye. Eccentric. Pyè maron pou Jozèf Peter is keeping away from Joseph. Cf. Tied up. Also called koton flè. blue. men ou sal Don’t touch me. fine. marèn n Godmother. Li lan maron He took to the woods. maron 1 n (light) Brown. Se pa la mànyè It’s not the proper way. Manyòk anmè is the poisonous variety. good-for-nothing. marekay la. marabou n Person of mixed blood with smooth. mari a n Husband. manimba. manto a n Coat. clear the land. overcast (sky). cassava. salt. Ms. Mare lwa To tie (i. maren an n Sailor. falsehood. (Bishop Romelus. mayoka a n Caterpillar. embarrassed. to manipulate. li pa janm tounen After that beating. marande vt To tangle. he just can’t leave her. clumsy. he ran away and never returned to that house. To tie. manton an n Chin. (Ochroma pyramidalis Kapoc). maroon*. marimba*. to evade. fritter made of flour. mànyak attrib One who has set ways. Examples and expressions: Mare yo pakèt pa pakèt Tie them in bundles. mahodenm. mayengwen n Gnat. to entangle. manyè adv A little. pentandra L. bay tè a blanch Go away. Ble maren Navy mapyang Wanderer. mosquitoes. Se pou tout manman pitit mare vant yo Every mother must prepare herself for the worst. maron 2 attrib Wild. 3. Nadmarinad Nothing at all. maro a n Mahoe*. marinen vi To marinate* (culin). mànyezi a n Milk of Magnesia *. more or less. your hands are dirty (soiled). Manzè Mariz V Madmwazèl. pancake. Bouke mache tou patou kon yon mapyang Stop wandering around. 2. obese. Miss (title). marinad la n Batter. li maron kay la. maroka a. to prevent him from entering one’s head (COURLANDER). hot pepper. Chat maron Wild cat. (It mitigates and renders friendlier and kindlier that which follows). Mare min (or) mare figi To frown. thyme and other spices. mapotyo n Of huge stature. Zèb maron Wild plants (grass). Li gen move mànyè He has bad manners. To do harm to someone by slandering or hexing him. l’al Lagonav That person took advantage of the situation. marine *. runaway. to hex) a loa. Lie. grand. marèl la n Hopscotch. mànyifik attrib Splendid. theft. mapotcho a. resign herself). Manyè manje Eat a little. 2. maron 3 vt To run away (from). magnificent *. marodèm. mapotcho 2. house cat. maroday la n Looting. as contrasted with chat kay Domestic cat. showing hostility. undomesticated. Ceiba 1 M the rain (to prevent it from starting (or) to stop it).125 mantiy la. Tanbou marengwen String musical instrument (rudimentary type). Chen an pa fin avèg nèt. Y’ap manyen nèg la They are causing problems for that man. brown skin and straight hair. Fanm nan mare msye. mannyè a n Manner*. Li san mannyè He has no manners. marauder*. An’n mare lapli a Let us put a hex on . used to describe one who stays away from a place where he used to go. to be tied together. Also lèt mànyezi. marekaj la n Swamp. Li manyè sou He is slightly drunk. Fanm zanmi’m se you mapotyo My friend’s wife is huge. marodè a n Looter. (fig) Mare men (or) mare pye To hinder. 2. Marengwen jwenn van. Liar. fairly. To put a jinx (on). marinèt pye chèch n Vodou spirit. marenn nan.. li pa fouti kite’l That woman charmed that man. Rache manyòk nou. (tighten her belt and make sacrifices. 1987). manti a n Mantilla*. mate. marauding*.e. zilch. to strap. to touch. To tangle up. manzè n 1. Manyòk dous is the edible variety. marasa a. mantò a n 1. manniba n Popular musical instrument. Nèg maron Runaway slave. to keep away (from). plasay. mapou a n Ceiba. malimba. embarrassed. to secure. to attach.

they heat (castor) oil with salt and rub it on his body. “gay”. masonnri a n Masonry* work. they were eating. mate 1 vt To curb. matlasye a n Mattress*-maker. matlòt la n Rival (woman who is the rival of another woman. mastic*. matchaka a. substantial. they’ll have to coat it. Sp. Mari’l tap fè’l pase mati Her husband really made her suffer. clumsy. Baka makaron Very ugly werewolf. mas 2 la n Sledge hammer. Filthy person who sleeps outside. masisi a n Homosexual. Marye sivil To get married with a civil ceremony but not in a church. maskriti a. materyèl attrib Gross. mas la n People who inhabit the poor inner cities. rugged. masaj la. 2. masuife a n Greasy pole (at a public celebration) (e. to become entangled. awkward. matla a n Mattress*. toujou gen maswife sou Channmas On January 1. Do kay la koule. mortar (mix). marye. unskilled person. Di maten a. matchak la n Filth. Kwafè a masakre’m jodi a The barber ruined me today (my hair). furtively. V tchaka. E. only where a man is concerned). fag. matmwazèl V madmwazèl mato a n Hammer. match*. to bounce. yo ba yo friksyon When a person has a fever. as opposed to the élite. to treat cruelly. abitan pran danse At noon the drums started. to crush. to subdue.g. matlo a n Sailor. matcho a n Ladies’ man. bad mixture. matadòl attrib Killer. Boul la mate The ball bounced. He was continually making her suffer. Yon mas A lot of. mason an n 1. 126 mastik la n (Roof) coating. masif attrib Big. freemasonry*. handyman. masonn nan n Stucco. maronyè a n Looter. to butcher. masonry*. Don Juan. mass*. workman above apprentice. matadò. Very early in the morning. Lè moun gen lafyèv. people began to dance. to hold down. Granm maten At dawn. mate 2 vi To protrude. to abuse. Mace*. castor-oil plant.m. 1. Bos mason (Master) bricklayer. masakre vt To massacre *. masay n Massage*. maton attrib Adroit. whip with three pieces of leather at the end. Yon mas lajan A lot of money. matine a n Morning. maskreti a n Palm-oil plant. skilled at shooting marbles. mastike vt To putty. Cf. Chak premye janvye. marauder. maryaj la. stout. Freemason*. matinèt la n Cat-o’-nine-tails. Also fezè matla. mastòk attrib Bulky. mascarade*. yo chofe luil maskriti ak sèl. mas la n Mass * (solid). martyrdom*. maronyen vi To maraud. Kòk matadò Killer game cock. painful situation. one who drives cattle to the slaughterhouse. matinal attrib Early rising. maskarad la n Hypocrisy. wedding feast. Gross. Pi bonè se granm maten The best time is now. lumpy. materyo a n (Building) material(s)*. mason*. solid.M maronnay la n Running away. thick. materialistic*. Herdsman. heavy. heavy. on Jan. tchaka a n Anything crushed together. torture. Bal maske Masquerade*. mati a n Misery. V mastòk. makaron an n Grotesque figure. not refined. masonnen vt To mason*. Independence day). macho*. to marry*. maspinen vt To mistreat. many. heavy-set. Bricklayer. to get married. V rigwaz. matirize vt To torture. maten an n Morning. masak la n Massacre*. M’ap mate’l I’ll set him straight. mud. crude. maskaron an. to mask* one’s self. maswife a. mas 5 4 3 1 n March*. slaughter (of people). there is always a greasy pole at the Champ de Mars. novice. matematik la n Mathematics*. to harness. to mistreat. A midi tanbou marye. You bon maten. anywhere. forenoon. full. maronnen vi To entangle. Li mouri mati He suffered martyrdom. matant V tant match la n Game. maskay An maskay Secretly. 2. Tèt mato Dumbell. Fè mas ak To associate with. maske vi To disguise. matador. rough. se pou yo mete mastik sou li The roof is leaking. putty. to plaster. mas la n Mask*. yo tap manje. faggot. Maryaj sivil Civil marriage. maroule a n 1. Edip te marye ak manman’l King Oedipus was married to his mother. to martyr*. V masif. Also Palmaskriti. massive*. to murder. . maye vi To wed. 2. maryay la n Marriage*.

meday la n Medal*. metsiyen. wickedness. maymay la V mamay mayo a n Teeshirt. mazoumbèl n Type of root vegetable. Also Sè. mazonbèl la. medikaman an n Medicine. grindstone. mekanisyen an n Mechanic*. A person with a large belly. bad. mayilò a. Ou ap medi de mwen You said bad things about me. Pa fè melanj Don’t mix your drinks. mèl 2 la n Blackbird (Quiscalus niger). medizan attrib Slanderer. Mayizena Corn flour. polenta. A worthless person. Mayi moulen Ground corn. blend. something wicked. power. . melanj la n Mix. mesiyen n Castor oil plant (medicinal plant). mayetizè a n Hypnotist. polo shirt. me n May*. Se mechanste That’s mean. Antre nan mè To go into a convent. mazèt attrib Awkward person. mèg kon taso Thin as a leaf. 2. lose weight. mekreyan attrib Unbeliever. mèkirokòm nan n Mercurochrome*. ruthless. mazenflen an n 1. mè a. I took some medicine* (laxative) for my stomach. mazi a n Hovel. Pa mechanste Out of meanness. vicious. furious. blow. medsin 1 nan. medi vi To speak evil of. demefyan attrib Distrustful. one who misses. mother. mixture. unskilled. fecal matter. A special shirt worn to counteract the evil eye or some other magic (COURLANDER). medyòm nan n Medium* (spiritual). mamè n Nun. michan attrib Wicked. Meager*. meble vt To furnish. mechanste a n Naughtiness. Jatropa gossypifolia L.127 matoral la n Prairie. lean. to be suspicious of. E. mèl 1 la n Whetstone. medaye vt To award a medal*. sweater. V malpalan. medsin 2. Mallet *. sister (Religious)). bathing suit. megri vi To become thin. Chak jou yo fè medizan sou do’m Every day they speak evil of me behind my back. Ash To mayengwen V marengwen mayestro a V maestro mayèt la n 1. To have a disagreeable odor M mechan. matou V makou matris la n Womb. mekontan attrib Displeased. skinny. E. Cf. 2. mazora attrib Applied to persons whose front teeth are missing. maylo n Game in which a child pivots around. bit (of drill). Pye mayi Corn stalk. shanty. Cf. Cf. Mayèt la nan men ou The matter now is in your hands. koumbit. meager*. Clout. mayi a n Corn. lean. Fè mèg To fast. mèkredi n Wednesday. women. backbiting. matyè a n Matter*. Lekòl de medsin Medical school. mistrustful. Avoka mazèt Unskilled lawyer. dumbell. (syn) babouzi. mèch la n Wick (of a lamp). medsiyen an. Wednesday. cornmeal. mekanik la n Mechanics*. mayodben an n Swimsuit. drill. novice. One who can’t see beyond his nose. (Used particularly by farmers). mean. mèb la n Furniture. Mayi diven Violet colored corn (North). mekontantman an n Dissatisfaction. Mayi ole Fresh tender corn. mestin n (Medicine* used as a) laxative. metsin. mush. slanderous (person). mèl 3 A variant of “mele” in the expression “Ki mèl mwen? (or) Ki mele mwen?” I don’t care. calumny. medizans la n Slander. lamedsin n Medical sciences. mayas Santi mayas (feet). swimsuit (Also mayodben). maize *. mefye vt To distrust. remedy prepared in drugstore. mèd V lanmèd medam n Ladies. mazonnen vt To deceive. Mèkredi lèsann. cruel. unhappy. Pèpèt mayi Pop corn. Authority. mèg attrib Thin. emaciated. it’s up to you. atheist. may la n Link in a chain. ugly person. lock (of hair). mazenga a n Peasants’ work bee. medicine*. 3. mefyan. Medicament*. mayoyo a n Stupid ass. jersey. dissatisfied. mayoka V maroka mayonèz la n Mayonnaise*. Mèg kon kas. evil. Mayoyo egare A bewildered fool. purulent matter. malcontent*.

Examples and expressions: Kòd yo te mele The ropes were entangled. menm attrib Identical. mès 1 n Habits. Molasses*. Mwen pa renmen kay sa a menm I don’t like that house at all. Lover. Nan men From. Fèt a la men Made by hand. domestic (pej). mennas n Menace*. Ki mele’m I don’t care. se pou ou menaje’l Your servant is sick. n Cleaning woman. meprize vt 1. Li menm menm As for him. to have to do with. Se li menm That’s he.o. Manje mera Poisoned food. to strike. right there. mens attrib Slim. it (self). small. manners. Fè mennaj To do housework. merit la n Merit*. to lay one’s hand on s. self-same. repeatedly. Men wi Of course. Li merite you ti kouch penti It needs a coat of paint. still. vi To interfere. ménwizye. (syn) restavèk. to mingle. yes. behold. yet. merès 1 la n Dye used in the treatment of leather. look here. Se Pyè menm m’te wè It’s Peter himself I saw. fine. Men tou However. men 4 pers pron In some areas of the South (e. embarrassed. mèmman adv Equally. Nonm nan mele kon you krab The man is all mixed up like a crab. melis la n Balm (plant). M’pran tou sa m’te jwenn nan men’l I took everything I could find from him. melon an n Melon*. 2. Menm si Even if. to defeat one’s purpose. it’s not my concern. To bite the hook. exact. bric a brac (store). Household work. at all. customs. Se sa menm That’s it. awkward. menmwa V memwa mennaj V menaj mennas V menas mennase V menase mennen vt To lead. Who cares? Pa mele nan sa Don’t meddle in that. mennòt n Handcuffs. to spurn. men 1 an n Hand. To blend. same. cabinet maker. to 128 menase. Often in the expression: Menmman. PRESSOIR-11: Menm flè yo pat si bèl ankò Even the flowers were no longer so beautiful. musk melon. Lave men siye atè To do useless things. thin. Leve men sou yon moun To hit. Men sonje sa m’di ou Speak. same. threat. menmman. to menace*. menmwa n Memory*. menaje vt To be careful not to hurt or offend. ménuizye a. to mix. on the spot. to mix. mennay n 1. to slight. mensi vi To become thin. the personal pronoun ‘men’ is used instead of ‘mwen’. merite vt To deserve. housekeeper. Ban’m you kout men Lend me a hand. to fall for it. parèyman It’s the same thing. junkshop. Jeran ou lan malad. melè a n Deceiver. menajè a V bòn. melyasin nan n Type of machete. to be concerned with. . men conj But. joiner. Movèz mès. as for. to be confused. M’a mennen ou la I’ll take you there. Melon Frans Cantaloup. precisely. absolutely. menòt la.o. rès M’fè merès pou konvenk li I did my best to convince him. even. Li mouri penso’l nan men’l He died with the paint brush in his hand. watch your step. to spare someone. 3 menas la. mennote vt To handcuff. Pran nan mera To get trapped. mera a n Poison. melas la n Cheap beverage made from sugarcane. Se sa menm Naturally. mele vt To mingle. girlfriend. to need. mess. To despise. but remember what I told you. boyfriend. for instance mango merilan . minizye n Carpenter. to meddle with. 2. Vant mennen Diarrhea. sweetheart.g. meriken V ameriken merilan an n 1. Bat men To applaud. to mix up. handmade. Jodi a menm This very day.M melanje vt confuse. Pran men ou ak mwen Keep your distance from me. she. mennase vt To threaten. likewise. melimelo a n Pawnshop. to have contempt for. mereng nan n Merengue* (The Haitian national dance). V boubout. Bay lanmen To shake hands. troublesome situation particularly under promiscuous circumstances. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-18: Rwa Kreyon menm As for King Creon. memwa a. Men kijan sa pase Here’s how that happened. Kan menm Anyway. Melon dlo Watermelon. With a negative “menm” means “at all”. Melon peyi Native melon. to scorn. merès 2. of course. you’ll have to spare him. menaj la. L’ap pale ak mennaj li She is talking with her boyfriend. men 2 adv Here is. Servant. mennaj. oh yes. 2. (adv) Very. to take away. To drive (a car) (rare). Lave men nan figi yon moun To slap s. menote. Mennen’l vini Bring him here to me. Things of inferior quality. Jérémie). MORISSEAULEROY/A-21: Pale. Examples and expressions: La menm Immediately. to merit*. to entangle. To ignore. here are. move mès Bad manners. Ki pa merite Unworthy. fiancée. to confuse.

they might happen (to me). Mouche tèlman mètdam.129 mès 2 la. but you will not believe me. mesaj la n Message*. Mèt pèl The worker whose duty is to mix mortar at a construction site. lanmès. Bay chante you mès To have a Mass celebrated. M’mèt di ou. This is impossible. Ki metye ou? What’s your line (of work)? Se metye li chak you jete fatra nan lari a He makes a habit of littering the street. to start to. ou mèt ale You finished the work. metalik attrib Twal metalik Wire gauze. metòd la n Method*. to fire from a job. craft. Mesye yo Messrs*. mezanmi. to bear (animals). Liv sa a rele’m “chè mèt chè mètrès” This book belongs to me! The book is really mine. “Met” may not be placed at the end of a sentence. mi 2 an n Wall. Examples and expressions: Mèt kay la Host. I’ll go out this morning. you can’t do that! mezi a. To wear. Mete’l nan plas li To put someone in his place. Mete pase genyen To say that there is more to the story than there really is. mizi a n Measure *. Title of respect. Mete sou li. mezanmi! mezami! n (My) friends.. one who can buy and sell you. Mete pase genyen To exaggerate. sa pa kab fèt Oh no! Heavens no. Pou yo kab mi So they can ripen. To begin. mezire. to insert.e. Bèl mèvèy Wonderful thing. Don’t go too far. mean. etc. store keeper. mètrès la n Mistress*. Measurement*. ou pap kwè’m I can tell you. mesajè a n Messenger*. Pa mètri tomat yo Don’t bruise the tomatoes. Lord no! Oh boy. V mèt. mesye a n The man. To be able. Mezire paròl ou Watch what you’re saying. Pa mete To omit. business. owner. He loved her to such a degree. men. to calve. V miray. Jouk mayi mi Till the cows come home (or) Till hell freezes over. Mèt jwèt The person in whose premises a game is taking place. oh boy. to try on for size. mèveye attrib Wonderful. Mèt tèt The loa who resides in one’s head (COURLANDER). you can go. Met liv la sou tab la Put the book on the table. 3. to abandon. Mezi lajan ou (se) mezi wanga ou Your magic potion will be in proportion to your pocketbook. 3. M’mete deyò = m’ale I’m going away. Mete ba. a long time. m’pral sòti maten an Even if it rains. to put out (something). mesye dam (la sosyete) n Ladies and gentlemen. Owner. Mete ak To compare with. Lapli mèt tonbe. Pa mete bouch ou sou mwen Don’t mention such bad things. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-10: Metrès ti kochon va reziye’l The owner of the little pig will resign herself. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-8: Yo mete’l deja nan tout lang It has already been translated into all languages. gentlemen. met Contracted form of mete to put. custom. ability. mizire vt To measure*. to put (something) on the ground. mèt 3 (gen) an auxiliary. divulge. . sharp. means. Ou fin ak travay la. metrès la. Mete (kò) ou sou kote Get over to one side. (intrans) To go away. Mete bonnanj sou ou Pull yourself together. mature *. instructor. profession. metal la n Metal*. niggardly. Mete bouch To meddle. crafty. metba V miba mete vt 1. habit. job. proprietress. to associate with. mèt 4 a koulis la.. 2. Ou mèt vini You may come. nobody likes him. titmouse. trickster. Sèvi lanmès To serve a Mass. mèsi n Thanks. V komisyonè. metba. mèvèy la n Marvel*. mèt 2 la Meter*. the man has no money. petty. to interfere. Mèt tè Landowner. mi ba To give birth. metsiyen V medsiyen metye a n Occupation. etc. Mete you bagay deyò To show. the gentleman. mètri vt To squeeze. Ou pa ka met sa a ak sa a You can’t compare this with that.). Mèt boutik la Shop owner. Mès nwa Black mass. mezanj la n Chickadee. Examples and expressions: Mete deyò (trans) To kick out. 4. Mete avèk To take sides with. oh boy! O non. Mete nanm The process of restoring a soul that has been M taken from a body (COURLANDER). lamès n Ecclesiastical mass *. Se you metye apa That’s a separate and distinct (i. pèsonn pa vle wè’l The man is such a trickster. Douko metalik Metallic* paint (car). (fig) To translate. trade. fantastic. crafty woman. Mèt kay Landlord. Master *. Di mèsi To thank. mèt 1 la n 1. Teacher. mezondafè a n Pawnshop. appreciation. Mete a jenou To kneel. to get on. nonm nan pa gen kòb In addition to that. medba. to put on. mesken attrib Narrow. Kay sa a rele’m “chè mèt chè mètrès” This house is really all mine. to bruise (fruit. metrize vt To overpower. Odèt mete chante Odette began to sing. wonder. (He usually cuts the pot). Mete atè To bear (animals). De nèg sa yo nan metye Those two are homosexuals. to be allowed. To put. 2. mètakoulis n Tape measure. V msye. to foal. to say thanks. Mètdam Sly. mi 1 attrib Ripe. to make away. old. mete ba vi To give birth. marvelous*. Mèt kont (Professional) storyteller. one who can buy and sell you. Metrèsdam nan Sly. Mezi renmen mari’l te renmen’l And her husband loved her so much. miba. Manje mezi ou kapab Eat as much as you can. special) trade. to bear (animals).

(Rarely) meeting*. Minuit la pase. Milyon ven A large quantity. or unfriendliness. 3. mile a n Type of fish. center. Mite*. Lady. minwi. The supernatural in the Vodou cult. Mare min To be sullen. minuit la. midonnen V anmidonnen migan 1 an n Magical power which is supposed to make people invisible. to frown. minisyon an n Munitions*. E. task). mistè a n 1. mikte vt To moisten. min 1 nan n Look(s). mijonnen vt To plot. ready for anything. mimi an n Pussy cat. microbe*. To wear down. minwit n Midnight.M mich la. Nan mitan Among. minè a n Minor*. V mi 2. miskaden an n Potion. miss*. Middle*. midst. Attorney general. V tètfèmal. headache. charm. miskad la n Nutmeg. Minis lajistis michan attrib 1.). soldier. A midi At noon. 130 milyonè a n Millionaire*. Also melatris. 2. minit la n Minute*. moth (in clothes. Agonostomus monticola. to take a rest. etc. to eat away. One of at least 28 types of bananas of Haiti. love potion. midday. 2. mit pen. Rally. mitin n 1. stupendous. mitan an n 1. miganm An migan (or) an miganm In pieces. Nurse in a hospital. mikalaw Fè mikalaw To abound. to undermine. To mine* (dig). Poto mitan Center pole of an hounfo. Travayè dwe pran midi Workers should take a break at noon. Half (time) in sports. Terrible. li kraze an miganm The plate fell down and broke to pieces. mich. Nan mitan nou Among us. this afternoon. mikròb la n Germ. Lekòl militè Military* academy. V mechan. 2. anyen pa rive It’s after midnight and nothing happened. kitten. Apre midi In the afternoon. milye n About a thousand. Lè minui sonnen When the clock struck midnight. militè a n Army man. . milat la n Mulatto* (man). mit la n 1. More common: milèt. midi a n Noon. anger. Gen you mirak ki rive. miray la n Wall. hard. fine. migèl. 2. misyonè a n Missionary*. Dezyèm mitan Second half (of a soccer game). Sechium edule. mil 1 2 ministè a n Palace of Ministries. milpat V amilpye milpye V amilpye miltiplikasyon an n Multiplication*. Cf. mirak la n Miracle *. Li koute milyon ven It is very expensive. to show disapproval. Inside (soft) part of bread as opposed to the crust. 2. Degaje miskad ou Get a move on! Do something. migan 2. miltipliye vt To multiply*. partition. The spirit with which one becomes possessed. minis la n (Cabinet) Minister*. 2. exceptional. Secrecy. Voye misyon bay To send word to. milèt la n Mule*. Depi mil an For (since) a long time. Usually mich pen. milatrès la n Mulatto* woman milatris The phrase “a la milatris” is used in the game of spinning a top. beautiful. Asyèt la tonbe. mis 1 la n 1. appearance. militon an n Type of vegetable. to send a message to. (usu) during a Vodou ceremony. mikro a n Microphone*. la n Mule*. mil num Thousand. the difficult part is starting. 2. Pyè leve sou de pye militè’l Peter woke up in a bad mood. mis 2 la. Ministry*. in our midst. tout sik tounen sèl A miracle happened. to be plentiful. Antre lan michan Now it’s serious business. Yon maladi k’ap minen ou A sickness that is slowly killing (eating) you. mien*. Mission* (assignment. mystery *. min 2 kreyon n Lead of a pencil (graphite). Moun te fè mikalaw nan antèman an There were very many people at the burial ceremony. milisyen an n Militia* man. mit la n Inside (white) part of bread as opposed to the crust. Pran midi To take a break. miting nan. minen vt 1. milyon num Million *. misk la n Muscle*. all sugar turned to salt. miske In “bannann miske”. political gathering. minui a. migelik attrib Complicated. Cf. Mission* (establishment). migrèn nan n (Mild) Migraine*. 2. misye V msye misyon an n 1. Wonderful.

Wè mò To be extremely angry. trouble (s). Mercy. to pamper. M’gen moldan I have a la n Land turtle. mountain. molyann attrib Sluggish. You can’t prove it. M’te gen yon si gro lakranp. Sa mòde (or) sa mache It was successful.. V pari. Death. moldan an. molas. Di gro mo To curse. talè li pral kuit The beans are boiling. lamizè. 2. Numb. 2.. to loaf. fashionable.o. Li mize nan tou sa l’ap fè He is slow in everything he does. roulette). Today one prefers “pi bon”. i. in a moment. Moun mòn Hillbillies. Ala mizè mari’l ap fè’l pase What a hard time her husband is giving her. n Sluggish fellow. to place money as a bet. li. modèn attrib Modern*. in a jiffy (fast). to curse. mòg la n Morgue*. fèt dè mò All . they cry for mercy. soul. mitrayèz la n Machine-gun. Also: Damned. Li gen you mòd. Pwa a ap mitonnen. in a bad mood. miyò attrib 1. Alamòd In the fashion. mò 3 4 a n Bit. Fè you moun pase mizè To give (s. design. to cuddle. Mize sou sèt Place your bet on number seven (ex. make fun of. slow moving. to mistreat (s. mole attrib Soft-boiled. mòksis attrib Somber. pain. mal dan n Toothache. mizerikòd 1 la n Euphemism for sex organs. modest*. (syn) mòlòkòy. Dead (in the game of marbles). An miyèt moso In tiny pieces. pattern. Musician *. mizik la n Music*. put it on number seven. moli vt To soften. listless. signal. Listless. mizerab attrib Miserable*. to cajole. mizisyen an n 1. bridle. miz la n Bet. mizadò attrib Slow. mòde soufle V soufle mòde modèl la n Model*. Morne*. Yo voye mò sou li They cast a death spell on him. misfortune.. modès attrib Reticent.e. mòlmèk Fè mòlmèk To abound. Nan you moman Presently (soon). to be plentiful. attrib Lethargic. mòlòkòy mòlòkòy 1 2 a n Museum*. accursed. moman an n Moment *. Ze mole Soft-boiled egg.). angry. Lat. in vogue. Ou miyò pase’m You’re in better shape (financially) than I am. To stay late. miyèt. order*. grief. to waste time. Fèt lèmò.. toothache. A lot of hot air. mòlèt la n Calf (of leg). mize 2 vi 1. horse’s bit. monben an n Spondias monbin L. i. to coddle. mò attrib 1. corpse. Interj My God! Misericordia*! Lè yo nan malè. Also: Abitan mòn. 2. mizerikòd 2.131 mitonnen vi One stage of the cooking process. Manje lèmò Term used in Vodou ceremonies. too soft. Better.e. not energetic. Se pou ou chèche konnen ki mò ki tiye lanprè You must find out why. misery *. style. Generally heard in old adages. miyonnen vt To caress. mizè a. soon they’ll be ready. 2. 2. to use bad words. to wheedle. yo rele gras. my feet were numb. (fig) Excruciating. mon My (Is used only with certain nouns and expressions). PRESSOIR-26: Pou lòt pa mòde ou So that the other won’t bite you. Maldan mizèrere Very painful toothache. Tou sa se mo Those are just words. only). mo 2 n Pain. best. to go out of bounds. monchè My dear. mòde vt To bite (into). Suffering. moleste vt To reprimand. Li pa alamòd He is old-fashioned. to delay (intrans. terrible. moke vt To mock*. m ò 1 a n 1. indigent. mòn nan n Hill. Also “pi miyò” is heard as in most languages and dialects. Dead person. a special food offering in memory of the dead. lanmizè n Poverty. molas attrib 1. modi vt To damn. listless. Mon chè. mize 1 M Souls’ day. to sting. to rebuke. Improved (health). small part. 2.. Usually refers to a child or servant who upon being sent on an errand takes too much time before returning. fashion. instant. mizerikòd When they have a misfortune. stake (money placed as a bet). to slacken. indolent. Nan mòn. death spell. tune. Type of singing bird. he escaped death. (fig) To be vulgar. myèt n Tiny piece.) a hard time. extreme. cadaver. loitering. To stake (in games). n Poor mizèrere a n 1. misery *. lamòd n Mode*. mò 2 n Evil spirit. Examples and expressions: M’pap mize I won’t stay long. Ti miyèt ankò. yo fè boukan pou chofe lò gen fredi In the hills they build a fire when they feel cold. Soft.o. modòd la n Rallying word. crumb. mo 1 a n Word. ache. pye’m te mò I had such a bad cramp. li mouri By a hair’s breadth. 2. la mizerikòd n 1. He has the bad habit of. Mize nan chemen To loiter. mòd la.

come so I can get on your shoulders. peasant. Setting. monitè a n Teacher in adult education programs. mòtye a n Mortar*. Moun laplenn Plainspeople. hick. monsenyè a n Bishop. Gro moso 1. unrefined person. mortality *. V mouch. pèsonn moun Nobody. nempòt ki moun Whoever. soft. (attrib) Mixed up. Moun lavil City people. stupid. my son. to build. hick. monfis Sonny. To sew (a button). frame. engine. mons la n Monster*. Moun pa One’s . cast. to go up and down. Granmoun Adults. monsignor *. moumou an n Moumou* (loose fitting African dress). (of an) arm (not of a tree). slack season*. human being. moul la n Mould*. people. to build (a house).M monchè. V msye monte. to climb up. moulen 1 an n Mill. 2. montay la. mounting*. Big strong man. folks. Monte drapo To hoist a flag. somber. mori V lanmori moso a. To show. not persons). mouchwè a n (Pocket) Handkerchief. to step up. (past part) ground. Mount* (horse. Moun lespri Clever people. (Applied to males). to assemble. moulenvan an n Windmill. whom. moulen 2 vt 1. moutany More common: mòn n Mountain*. whosoever. things. Moun chich Stingy people. sensitive. mòtsezon an n Off-season*. Examples and expressions: Mwen trò kout. M’pa timoun I’m no child. E. one. Blòk motè Motor block. mouch la n Fly. monpè a. he fell. mòtwaz. To teach. Timoun mwen My children. mellow (fruit). 2. 3. mean looking. monfi. To grind. Kote ou moun? Where are you from? Tout moun Everybody. moun nan 1 n Person. moutre vt 1. mou attrib Tender. montwaz n Mortise * joint (wood). monseyè a. to get up. 2. vi To blow one’s nose. 132 moral la n Morale*. anybody. to ride in a car. monkonpè V konpè monnen an n Change (money*) . to ascend. mouche mouche 1 2 mongonmen. vini m’monte sou do ou I am too short. piece. mouka a n Kerchief (head). monnonk V nonk mòno attrib Hick. moute vi To go up. mòso a n 1. Mont ou a an reta Your watch is slow. dumb (Jérémie). Fè yon monte a de To have it out. Moun Pòtoprens Inhabitants of the Capital. Yon brasle mont A wrist watch. Ki moun Who. mouchavè a n Green fly which buzzes and feeds on dead animals or near outhouses. Mete yon mont sou lè To set a watch on time. mouchamyèl la n Bee. mòpyon an n Crab-louse. Worldwide ecclesiastical Italianism. Monte desann To go back and forth. mangonmen vi To be mixed up (situations. Okenn moun. Monte nan vwati To get into a car. mouchwa a. to put together (a machine). To raise. monyon an n Stump (limb) of a knife. Pote monte To bring up. montany. Tirwa moulen Kneading-trough. grindstone. 4. Nempòt moun. myèl. mont la n Watch (timepiece). someone. Byen moule Well molded. montwèz. Moun mouri Dead people. to climb. my child. Chunk. vt 1. to fit closely. My friend. Remonte moral yon moun To boost someone’s morale. Li monte kay li a He built his house. Mayi moulen Ground corn. li tonbe He got on a horse. moule vt To mold *. complicated. monstre attrib Angry. 2. mon chè My dear. monkonmon attrib Idiot. Piece of music. Monte mont To wind a watch. motosiklèt la n Motorcycle*. Mwen pat sa kouri. To ride (a horse). pè a n Priest. small shawl. in beautiful shape. Moun mòn Country folk. Moral li ba sèjousi These days he has low morale.o. montwaz V mòtèz mònye a n Uncouth. because my feet were too sensitive. stupid person. montre. to instruct. mòtèz la. Monte Pyè kont Pòl To incite Peter against Paul. Mont ou a an avans Your watch is fast. to rise. monti a n 1. Moun touse People with tuberculosis. Dènye moun Everyone. to quarrel. Bagay la mongonmen The situation is complicated. 2. You moun Somebody. Also Vodou term. mòtalite a n Case of death. each. Fè (you moun) monte To get (s.) up. bit. Mouchwa kou Kerchief. To confer magical power. Gen mòtalite kay vwazen an Someone died in the neighbor’s house. To chew. mule). 3. Chunk. tune. Monte an ro To go upstairs. Li moute chwal. Cf. motè a n Motor*. montan an n Upright (post of a door). 2. paske pye’m mou I couldn’t walk.

Moun rouj A person of light skin. to pass away. movèzte a n Badness.133 own. Wickedness. a stench. mauve*. . mov attrib Purple. Li di doktè a li santi tout janm li mouri He told the doctor. li gen mal mouton Don’t play with him. mwayen 3 an n The middle-sized Arada drum (COURLANDER). way. Agitated. Pa jwe ak li. moss*. mwen 1. To be wet. to get wet. foreigner. mwayenn. mwayenn attrib Middle-sized. Cf. extinguished. master. Dead. Mouri kò ou Go easy. Gro mouche Big shot. Msye marye Bridegroom. You ti mwayenn bèf A middle-sized ox. Sou moun Too familiar. Pyè se move grenn (move je) Peter is a scoundrel. Li gen mwa’l She has her monthly (period). mouche. Msye se moun pa’m He is a friend of mine. Moun di. The form “mwad” is used before the name of the month. mren. Nan lang pa mwen In my own language. mouslin nan n Muslin*. 2. Move moun Treacherous person. notable. moute V monte mouton an n Sheep. marengwen. out of place. Li gen movèz fwa He acts in bad faith. Mutton*. numb. one. mwayen 1 attrib Medium-sized. M’pa lan moun pa I’m impartial. wicked. Marrow. mòv. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-2: M’ap di jan nou move I shall say how angry we are. he has the mumps. wherewithal. Mouye tranp To get soaked. keep quiet. sorcerer. (monthly) menstruation. mwayèn 2. sluggish. mozayik la n Ceramic tile. Yon jou gen kalmi. mòyòkòy attrib Listless. moutre V montre mouvman an n Movement*. mwal la n 1. Fè move san To get very angry. no favoritism. Bad. M movèz attrib Bad.). PRESSOIR-8: Li te konnen se pou’l mouri He knew that he would die. In the Southern region of Haiti. Li gen move jan He has a bad temper. Di mwen Tell me. Li se yon elèv mwayen He is an average student. Applied to females or with a few nouns which are feminine in French.. move zè n Evil spirit. go easy. Pa fè mouvman Stand still. moustik la n Mosquito*. ordinary. De mwatye The sharecropper (who has to give one-half of the produce (yield) to the owner of the land). Month. Ban’m lamwatye Give me half. mwayen 2 an. 2. people. Ou se moun kay You are no stranger in this house. mouran attrib Je mouran Languishing eyes. 2. too soft. mwens adv Minus*. Nan lang mwen In my language. motion. moun 2 They. werewolf. V bigay. Mister*. It may be used prepositively or postpositively. molas. Twenty minutes to twelve. another day it is too rough. mren V mwen msye a. men pers pron First pers sing personal pronoun: I. misye n Sir. that his legs couldn’t move.. mwayèn 1 nan. average (occurs after a noun). Li pat fè moyèn li He didn’t make the passing grade. mwa a n 1. Mwa daou Month of August. I. Mal mouton Mumps. senseless. Nan pwen mwayen pou fè’l There is no way to do it. mouri vi To die. molyann. Core. Li pa moun mwen He is not devoted to me. mouvmante vt To toss (in bed). me. financial means. Mouri poul ou Calm down. quite upset. husband. lamwatye n Half. mous la n Froth (of wine). Mwad janvye The month of January. kòkraz. Se pa fòt mwen It’s not my fault. possibility. don’t move.. move attrib 1. wicked. Mouri limen To scintillate. Ou mouvmante kò ou tròp You are moving too much. foam. moutad la n Mustard*. gentleman. “Mwen yo” plur. (Translates French indefinite pronoun ‘on’) mourab attrib Mortal. favorite. mwazi V mwezi mwèl la. mòyòkò. moustikè a n Mosquito* net (the covering or canopy over a bed to keep away the mosquitos.. Midi mwen ven mwenmenm pers pron Me. “men” is used instead of “mwen”. Angry. moustach la n Moustache*. Mosaic*. to go out (light). Moun vini Stranger. Mr. mulatto. a contagious febrile disease caused by a virus and marked by inflammation and swelling of the parotid gland. (after marriage) married man. mwatye a. Se sa ou reponm mwen! So that’s the answer you give me! Mwen ak Jan Me and John (the more usual and popular form of “John and I”). to twinkle. They say. Dwèt mwen te mouri My fingers were numb. movezè. mouye vt To wet. You move odè A bad smell. Toulede se te frè mwen Both were my brothers. mwen 2 poss adj My (sing or plur). yon lòt jou lanmè a mouvmante One day the sea is (too) calm. Gro moun Big shot. to drench. moyen an n Means. myself. lamwayèn n Average. Ti mouton Lamb. scum. mwen 3. An de tan twa mouvman In a jiffy.

mwik He didn’t open his mouth. tout moun rekonèt la-lwa Our nation is not like that.. nachon. her. less. it. 2. lan def art Determiner. nan 2. 2.. amid. An naj (or) nan naj Drenched to the bones. nachon V nasyon nadmarinad. N’achete We bought. Endepandans lan The independence. Sa’n vle? What do you want? poss adj Our (1st pers plur). Po’n Our skin. Telegram nan The telegram. nasyonal attrib National*. mwazi attrib Mildewy. there isn’t any. spirit. to put under a spell. (superlative: the least). improvement. Ou pran abitid sa a nan ras You get that habit from your family. wash them. nago n 1. After ‘youn’. among. vi To eat (child’s language). Type of dance rhythm (Haitian folklore). nannwit V lannuit nanpami V pami nanpwen. Fè mye To feel better. Youn lan pitit sa yo One of these children. definite article sing: the. The usual word for honey is siro myel. table napkins. the pulpy or meaty part of a fruit or nut. M’ap foure piman an nan nannan je ou I’ll put pepper in your eyes. your hands. nas la n (Fish) trap. Yo te mete bèl nap sou tab la lò maryaj la They had placed a beautiful tablecloth on the table for the wedding. Li gen you kostim ki gen kat bouton nak He has a suit with four mother of pearl buttons. naje vi To swim. myèl la n Bee. Li pa di N n pers pron Contracted. to twinkle. from. nan pwen There is no. San nanm Without energy. Chans sa a sòt nan syèl pou mwen That opportunity comes from heaven for me.. Nanchon nou pa konsa. This usage is not recommended because it creates a confusion between n and l. Gran najè pa di pwason pou sa Being a fine swimmer doesn’t mean you are a fish. African ethnic group. Wete nanm To take away one’s spirit. naj A la naj Swimming. Race. la.N 134 or after a consonant preceded by a nasal vowel sound. FRANKETIENNE/D-114: Sou lèzèl nou ravitaye “lan” pousyè “nan” labou. Malad la fè mye jodi a The patient feels better today. Also Lan mitan In the middle of. in the direction of. its. your skin.. nannan nannan 2 3 an n Food (child’s language). 2 1 nannan 1 an n The inside(s). Nan sans Toward. between. nanchon n 1. Ou san nannan You have no guts. Napon yo sal. “nan (lan)” is translated as “of”. nanchon V nasyon nandemen V lelandmen nanm nan n Soul. napron an. you (2 pl). minus*. Pran nanm To bewitch. within. mwezi. nan 1. n nannize vi To speak with a nasal twang. (Some people use n by assimilation instead of the regular l (short form of li) his. nak la n Mother of pearl. to stump. nad marinad Nothing at all. her. Se nan fè enpridans li mouri His imprudence (his being imprudent) was his downfall. Dizè nan maten Ten o’clock in the morning. We. (fig) substance (guts). the cry of a cat. Mwenn ti van The slightest wind. nasyon an. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-14: Nanpwen you sèl jan pou soti nan sa There is no possible way out. I won’t budge. M’kapab al Lagonav a la naj I can swim to La Gonave. Nan pwen anyen There’s really nothing. lanmyann interj Go to hell! myaw interj (onom) Meow*. The entire loa family or tribe. less than. mwens adv Fewer. conjunctive form of pers pron nou. moldy. napon n Doily. It is used after nasal consonant sounds . your (2nd pers plur). it became moldy. the entire inside of the eye exclusive of the brow or lashes. Li fè yon ti mye He feels slightly better.. an. him. to make numb. musty. Pen an rete nan imidite. najè a n Swimmer. us (1 pl). amidst.. Bwat myèl Beehive in a wooden box. nanmèd V lanmèd mwenn attrib The least. Li netwaye dan’n He cleaned his teeth). myèt V miyet myoukmyouke vi To scintillate. li vini mwezi The bread was in a damp place. Nannan kokoye Copra. mwik. Men’n Our hands. Mete nanm sou ou Be alert! Watch what you’re doing. lave yo The napkins are dirty. mwèk (onom) Anything at all.. [Instead of “dan’l”]. myann. into. everybody respects the law. lan prep In. M’pap fè ni yon pa kita ni yon pa nago I’m staying here. nation*. Mwens ke Under. nan 3 mitan prep Among. V a. mye adv Better. the smallest. nap la n Tablecloth. Maten an fi a move tankou myèl This morning the woman is mad as hell. The terms are synonymous.

to speak with a nasal twang. important person. nèchèl la n Ladder. li pap chanje. nè a n Tendon. negosyan an n Businessman. nègès la n Negress*. nature (characteristic). Nen bouche Stuffed up nose. Nèg fèy Country hick. Nenpòt ki kote Anywhere. Byen ne Well-born. ne 2 attrib Born (in certain phrases). any person. without honor. Pòtoprens ak Leogàn se nen ak je. nayklèb n Nightclub*. absolutely. native* born. anyone. negligent*. nechèl la. navige vi To sail. nenpòt ki indef pron Any. Anpil fwa timoun malad. M’pè nèt I am really scared. Si ou moute nechèl la. Come immediately. running knot. nekò a reefs. nen plati Flat nose. Yon moun ki neglijan pa kapab fè bon travay A negligent person can’t do good work. Gran nèg A rich. whatsoever. tout moun obeyi Once the chief has spoken. Chèf la nèke pale. Nen kraze. didn’t you? (syn) pa vre? nestri a n Saddlecloth. m’bezwen lajan I don’t neglect my work. Se nesesè pou ou ale wè manman ou jodi a You have to go see your mother today. natif natal n Native*. for real. entirely. merchant. either. midget. Pale nan nen To snuffle. nostrils. attrib New. ribbon. thoroughly. naytklèb la. dumb. neglijans la n Negligence *. neglijan attrib Careless. indigenous. The f of nèf voices to v under certain circumstances and then the è becomes é. (It matters not which). nave a n Turnip. they are so close. nesesite a n Necessity *. sleeping mat. whatever. Nennenn mwen di’m l’ap ban’m you bisiklèt pou Nwèl My godmother told me she was going to give me a bicycle for Christmas. Y’ap peye a nev è They’ll pay at nine o’clock. I have to go. Nèg mòn Peasant. nen 2 an n Dwarf. lanati n Nature*. li pran sa nan nesans She talks like her mother. fellow. Chè pase tèt nèg Very expensive. nev num Nine. navè a. black man. Ou gen nen fen You have a sharp nose. nen 1 an n Nose. V fèt. dans medam yo te bèl nèt At carnival time the women really danced beautifully. need. nèn n Godmother. nèg la n Man. slip knot. natirèl attrib Natural*. woman. Nenpòt ki sa l’di’m Anything he says to me. Gen nè To be nervous. nèf 1. Mwen pa neglije travay. Nèg mwen My man. gnarl. I need the money. I’ll bring it to you. you’ll fall. Nenpòt ki lè. rantre tou suit Your presence is necessary. Negro*. Nen jako Aquiline nose. nèf 2 1 N neglije vt To neglect *. Trou nen Nostril. everyone obeys. Nenpòt kilès Anyone. Bon nave fè bon soup Good turnips make good soups. navèt la n Bobbin (of a sewing machine). Nenpòt (ki) sa Whoever. Chire nat yon moun To sock it to s. black woman. V wanga nègès. naylonn nan n Nylon* (material). Prezans ou nesesè. . Fè you ne To tie a knot. neglijans paran ki lakoz Many children are sick because of the negligence of their parents. It’s his nature. Nèg lavil A city person. Frèt pase nen chen Colder than a dog’s nose. Ak neglijans Carelessly. to omit. nesesè attrib Necessary*. m’ap pòte’l pou ou No matter what time. ou ap tonbe If you climb the ladder. Nèg maron Runaway Negro. nenpòt. neg 2 la n Type of fish. Gro nèg Big person (in size). Altogether. Nan kanaval la. go to the doctor and tell him to give you something to calm your nerves. Ne koulan Noose. either one. once. clever person. nènèn. anyone. definitely. nerve*.o.135 nat la n Mat. nati a. nesans la n Birth. Sa pat nesesè That was unnecessary. nèt 1 adv 1. Nenpòt (ki) bagay Whatever. Node *. as soon as. Ou san nen nan figi ou You’re shameless. Nenpòt ki jan fò’m ale Anyway (anyhow). Nenpòt (ki) moun Whoever. chap. nèspa Is it not so? Ou te lekòl nèspa? You went to school. Se natirèl li sa Even if he makes an effort. Vwa nan nen Nasal twang. you have a flair for (you’re smart). once and for all. stupid fellow. quite. n A deep water stretch between two nemoni an n Pneumonia*. wholesaler. Moun ki nan nesesite pa gaspiye lajan People who are in need don’t squander their money. Ou eksite tout tan. hillbilly. noose. Nèg lespri Smart. whosoever. al kay doktè pou kontrole nè ou You get excited all the time. Mwen ne pou’m mouri pòv I was born to die poor. he won’t ever change. Menm si li fè jefò. natirèlman adv Naturally*. nèke. Tann nat la nan chanm nan pou’m dòmi Spread the mat in the room so I can sleep. nennenn nan. Nèg sòt Silly. ne a 1 n Knot. tèlman yo pre Port-au-Prince and Leogane are like (your) nose and (your) eyes. Epinephelus striatus. nèk adv Only. Li pale kon manman’l. knot (nautical measure). completely. she got it from her mother since the day she was born.

fresh. epi m’netwaye’l I went to his boss and cleaned him out (made a complete unfavorable report). Nèt ale. ap gen anpil mayi nivo In this season there will be much new corn. nivo 1 a n Level (including “level”. to overcome. V lanbè. touni”. Nèt al kole All the way. to swab out. 2. It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. E. on the same level.* netche V netye netwayaj la n Cleaning netwaye vt To clean. nim nan n Type of African mahogany grown in Haiti.. stones. Neither.ni conj Both. sucker. I’m going all out in the celebration. M’konn nimero’l I know what he can do (pej). Se pa vre. etc. M’ap netye ou I’ll fix you. annivre Bwa annivre Tephrosia toxicaria Pers. nominasyon an n Appointment to a position. bare... Nini n Nini (a proper name). Examples and expressions: M’al jwenn bòs li. brand new. Fè (or) “pase” you nimero telefòn To dial a telephone number. nòmal attrib Normal*. nòkaout vt To knock-out* (in boxing). to destroy. nevèn nan. non 1 an n Name. to cure. nevenn n Novena*. ni tou. Nitou ou pa kapab fè travay sa a You tell me you’re a mechanic. to eviscerate. good for nothing. ni 4. Tonbe nan yon nich foumi To fall into danger (Cf. Yo pat manje ni bwè They didn’t eat nor (or) drink. Ti zwazo fè nich nan branch bwa The little bird builds its nest on the tree branch. To take to one’s heels. measure. to fix. the sea becomes rough. Msye se you nimero He promises to marry every girl he meets.. lapper. neye V nwaye ngan V oungan ngangan V oungan ngongòlò V gongòlò ni 1 attrib Naked. nitou conj But also. nichè a n Licker*. completely. A nivo (or) o nivo Horizontal.. To clean. nève attrib Nervous*. sinon fè chany lan netwaye’l pou ou anvan ou soti Clean your shoes (well). lenò n North*. Se bounda Nini Who cares? It’s nothing. neat. ni 3 conj Nor. void. ni 2 Variant of “li”. 2. but he’s a foreflusher (character). Aswè a m’ap banboche nèt al kole This evening. li promèt yo maryaj. clean. V lanbe. to slander. netye. Ki nimero kostim ou pote? What size suit do you wear? Ouvè jeografi a nan paj nèf.N 136 nich la n 1. To chastise.or. (fig) To make unfavorable report on someone. nimero a.). to make things nice and neat. Yo ba li you ti non “koukou” paske li lèd They nicknamed him “koukou” because he is so homely. apart from that. Netwaye pwason To clean and prepare fish. he can’t work. nò a. Moun nan nò pa pale menm jan ak moun nan sid People in the North speak in a different way from those in the South. awkward. 3.. Chak fi li jwenn. the first bag of the harvest season. to lap. limero a n Number *.. niche vt To lick*. Nan sezon sa a. mason’s tool). To make a clean sweep of. Ti non. netche vt 1. nivo 2 attrib Novel. or. lottery number. Ni Josèf ni Pòl pa vini Neither Joseph nor Paul came. levèn. to beat. 3. Furthermore. (not). Gen lapli nan nò jis tan moun pa sa sòti It rains (so hard) in the North till people can’t go out. To clean. lanmè move When the nor’easter blows. further. Kilès ki mouri lan de yo? Ni youn ni lòt Which one of the two died? Neither one.. Mistress. Bay non To give a bad name. non jwèt. Nest. nor (usually with pa). and. nil attrib Worthless. non gate Nickname. Manman ni His mother. Plant claimed to be an aphrodisiac. Use “li” instead. nevyèm num Ninth. useless. Fè mouvman nil To make a useless effort (movement). Much more common are “toutouni. V ou. you can’t even do that work. without doing anything else. Netwaye soulye ou byen. Ki nivo l’ap rive What level will it reach? Si you mason pa gen nivo’l li pa ka travay If the mason doesn’t have his level.. It is not so strong as regular coffee. Ou di’m ou se mekanisyen. Nan nò In the North.. Either. . Fè match nil The score is tied. Kan nòde soufle.. nude *. It’s rarely used except in fixed phrases.. nèt 2 adj Tidy. nor’easter. Netwaye diri To clean rice by removing all foreign particles. Li pa fè ni de ni twa Without further ado. to go under (ship). Furthermore. Li pote non’l He lives up to his name. nòde a n Northeast* wind. nèvan V enèvan neve a n Nephew*. nimero twa Open the geography book on page nine. to run off. Kafe nivo Coffee that is brand new. tout moun ap peye kat yo anvan yo antre Both old and young everyone will pay for his ticket before going in. It’s not true. to fall into a hornet’s nest. number three. nivre. or have the shoeshine boy clean them for you before you go out. nofraj la n Shipwreck. Netye yon jaden To clean a garden.ou Ni granmoun ni timoun. size. Doghouse. Fè nofraj To sink.

mark(s). non 3 adv No (Expletive. Non sèlman yo chante. nouris la n Nursing mother. li toujou vlope kou’l ak mouchwa When a peasant is a (child’s) nurse. Li pa dòmi lannuit He doesn’t sleep at night. lonmen vt To name. matant. Nou konn sa We know that (or) You know that. only). Pitit nou Your child. vexing. Zepeng nouris Safety pin. nourisan attrib Nutritious*. Li pibliye you nòt sou jounal He published a note in the newspaper. it’s going to rain. Ou pa bezwen pale. Si timoun yo te jwenn plis nouriti. Pi gro notab nan vil la mouri. Gen nouvo pè nan legliz la There’s a new priest in the church. nonm mwen okipe’m byen You don’t have to speak. frè manman’m He’s my uncle. pran nòt While the teacher is speaking. Nyouyòk n New York*. nonm nan. nuit la. We find “nuncle” even in Shakespeare. Presidan an nonmen’l minis The president appointed him a cabinet minister. lezòm. Nòs la ap fèt samdi The wedding will take place on Saturday. only). nonsèlman. Neap. outstanding personage. Now. Pa nonmen non’m souple Please don’t mention my name. harmful (causing damage). Nuaj sigarèt Cigarette puff (smoke). teasing. Now. Li pase nuit blanch He had a sleepless night. lanouriti n Food. Pl. Often used to strengthen the negation already expressed by ‘pa’. nyaj. to bother. Chat la nuizib. nòs la n Wedding. nòt la n Note* (musical). monnonk la n Uncle *. nonbrit V lonbrit nonk la. m’pa kapab Take the box for me. to mention. Rare. they dance too. M’byen nouri. pa kite’l la a The cat is pestering (harmful). M’pral kay notè pou’m sa regle afè tè’m nan I’m going to the lawyer (notary) to straighten out my property. (Notable *) person. Ki moun ki kab ranplase’l? The greatest personnage in the town died. V manje. nuizib. 2. Nòrwa a move jodi a There’s a bad northwest wind (blowing) today.either. 2. “nòde” Northeast wind. to appoint. Nonm deyò Lover (of a married woman). Sometimes best left untranslated. yo danse tou They not only sing. nòwa a n Northwest * wind. Ou ap vini? Non Are you coming? No. Pa kriye non! Don’t cry! Pa mize nan chemen non Don’t loiter on the road. recent. “Sirwa” Southwest wind. Lè you abitan nouris. . Your (plur. V tablèt. You (plur. nonmen. We. to cite (a name). Non. yo ta pi gro If the children had more nourishment. not. wedding party. problem. teasing. nòtè a n Notary *. to torment. grade(s) in school. record). Who can replace him? note vt To record. nòrwa a. non sèlman conj Not only. to nourish*. Bay nouvèl To inform. Cf. Ban’m nouvèl manman ou How is your mother? Ki nouvèl? What’s new? nouvo attrib New*. Nourishment *. us. nouga a. Tout lannuit All night long. Syèl la chaje ak nuaj. nou 1. my husband takes care of me very well. take notes. pa nwi’m Be quiet. I can’t. “Non” is also used not as a negation. nwit n Night. nouri vt To feed. novanm n November *. nonpli. Ourselves. nuaj la. I can’t accept that. MORISSEAULEROY/D-8: Voye nouvèl la Nouyòk Send the news to New York. but rather for emphasis only). Mwen pa renmen sa non No. noyo a n Kernel. husband. person of importance. m’pa kapab No! I just can’t. damage. lapli pral tonbe The sky is full of clouds. wet nurse. note (message. nuzende ‘id’.. noumenm pers pron 1. pestering. nui. trouble. n pers pron 1. Cf. Nouyòk. nourishing *. Papa nou Our father. I don’t feel any weakness. my mother’s brother. No. lannuit. Pandan mèt la ap pale. Cf. nou 2. nwi vt To harm. Our. non pli adv Neither. nouvèl la n (Piece of) News. pit (seed). Monte chwal a òm To straddle a horse. she always wraps her neck with a kerchief. to note*. they would be bigger. nwizans n Nuisance *. Vini non Come. 2. Lapli tonbe tout mwa novanm nan The rain fell during the whole month of November. to cause a nuisance *. nosan attrib Innocent*. Li se nonk mwen. Pran bwat la pou mwen. nway n Cloud.137 non 2 adv No. n poss adj 1. to hurt. Se you nwizans pou mwen It’s a worry for me. nwizib attrib Annoying. to tease. lòm. Nonm sa a se tout tan m’ap di’l: pa vin isit la ankò That man . to confer a title on someone. I don’t like that. Pa gen anyen ki nourisan kon lèt There is nothing so nourishing as milk. to notice. notab la n Dignitary. don’t leave her there. Pran nòt de sa Make a record of it. don’t bother me. òm n Man. Yourselves. Nonpli tou li pa vini Nor did he come. N notè a. nounga a n Nougat*. nouriti a. won’t you. nuizans la. to annoy. m’pa santi feblès I’m well nourished. Ret trankil. nòstròm Our man so and so. vexation. m’pap aksepte sa Nossuh. nagging. now adv No*.I keep telling him: Don’t come here again.

Did some relative of yours die? Nwè kon lank Pitch black. bad smell. what’s this I heard that you’ve been doing? 3 At. Usually means very black or jet black. Ou mal oblijan. to darken. you’ll drown. reproach. ordinary*. forced. V lò a. to command. tout fanmi’l nye’l On account of his terrible deed his entire family disowned him. “Odasyèz”: Applied to females. national hymn. obeyisan attrib Obedient*. Monchè. lodas n Daring. neye vi To drown. orderly to an officer. nye vt To deny*. scent. 138 obligatwa attrib Obligatory*. fènwa a n M’pap mache nan nwa pou kont mwen I won’t walk in the dark alone. 2. Office*. (Both forms are used everywhere). ofiamezi. nway V nuaj nwaye. obsèvasyon an. ou pa vle rann mwen sèvis You are mean. honors. stupid. odyans la. fiamezi As. if you don’t know how to swim. audacity*. in fact*. There aren’t. O gadavou At attention. stories (true or otherwise).. required. obligasyon an n Obligation*. regardless of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. you won’t help me at all. si ou pa konn naje ou ap neye I see you’re going in deep water. of inferior quality. compulsory. one who has a “nerve” or a lot of courage. Po nwa Nutshell. òd V lòd odas la. oblijan attrib Obliging *. to get drowned. nwa 2 a. to abandon. nwal n Christmas. you won’t get anywhere. M’wè ou an nwa. Aide de camp. nwal V nwèl nwasi vi To blacken. To be absent from work. nwakou a. Doctor’s prescription. nyezri a n Foolishness. Ou te gen moun mouri? I saw you wearing a black dress. Also Nwè kon dèyè chodyè. conversation. òdinè attrib Vulgar. ofanse vt To offend*. ochan n Salutation. (Said of one who is insistent. V sant. Si ou pa odasye ou pa reyisi nan lavi If you don’t go after the impossible. nwa kou n Nape of the neck. obeyi vt To obey*. talk. nyapad There isn’t. òdone vt To order. oblije. boldness. To observe*. kitchen cabinet. nyès la n Niece *. insistent in telling a lie. santò. tell stories. Ou pa kab nye ou pat di sa You can’t deny you said it. bije. nyouz la n News*. smell. Nyès mwen an pral marye My niece is going to get married. Ou gen odas di ou pat fè sa You have the gall to say you didn’t do it. “nwè” is stronger than “nwa”. ofis la. To reprimand. Bon odè Fragrance. ò An ò Golden. Li òf jodi a He is off* today. To be obliged *. odeyid la n Used clothing that are sold. òf Off*. chit-chat. odasye attrib Shameless. silly. insolent.. nyè attrib Simple. ofèt adv Actually. nwazèt la n Nut. obliging. Bay odyans To chat. òfèv la n Jeweler. pantry. aide de camp.. Poutèt li fè kòz sa a. A fine conversationalist who knows and tells many stories. of surprise. odle a. perfume. òflen n Orphan*.O nwa 1 a n Nut. There are good and bad smells. to. òfelen an. chatting. foolish. reprimand. obsève vt 1. lodyans n Jokes. interj Pitit o. soldier. cashew (nut). obeyisans la n Obedience*. lofis n Scullery. One who is a big talker and does nothing. òdonans la n 1. It has also the meaning of ‘reject’. coarse. dishonest. lodè n Odor*. nwa 3. odè a. opsèvasyon n Scolding. odyansè a n 1. ban’m ti nyouz ou What’s new with you? O o o o 1 2 interj Oh*! Interj. M’fè’l obsèvasyon I reprimanded him. to scold. walnut. nwè V nwa nwèl la. Fè nwa It is dark. Nan fènwa In the dark. M’wè ou ap antre nan dlo fon. ridiculous. òdeli a n Orderly* to an officer. . sa ou ap fè konsa? Son. supply room. progressively. impudent. blije vt To oblige *. 2. to be constrained. nwè attrib Black. 2. Bèl ochan pou jeneral A musical greeting for the general.

All right*. ole 1. ogan an n The metal percussion device that accompanies the Arada drums. òganize vt To organize*. ò m V nonm oma V roma omlèt la. oliv la n Olive*. anybody. lògèy n Pride. pral gen you okazyon I’ll send you the money next week. a. arrogance. Se ògèy ki tiye’l Pride killed him. to look after. excrement. all right. oksijene attrib Dlo oksijene Hydrogen peroxide. òltègèt Go away! Get lost! olye conj In stead of. By extension “official car”. to manage. wogatwa n Oratory*. Traditionally. ofisyèl attrib Official *. lonmlèt. òkès la n Orchestra*. MORISSEAU-LEROY/A-7: Antigòn gan rezon’l pou’l okipe kadav frè’l Antigone has her reasons to want to take care of her brother’s body. anything. lokipasyon n Occupation *. Hollander*. he is chatting. lokazyon n Occasion *. V poupou. okipe vt To occupy* one’s self with.K. It is a okazyon an.*. omwen. oka V anka okabine 1 O okenn. Malad la pa okabine ditou The patient didn’t have a bowel movement. oke adv O. to pay attention to. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-26: Li pa gan lè pou’l ap roule nan ofisyèl He can roll around in the official car any time he wants to. ogatwa a. sa ou vle? What do you want exactly? OK adv O. Olye li travay tankou Franswa. kabine a n Feces. ofisyedetasivil la n Registrar of vital statistics. òkèt V ròkèt okipasyon an. means of transportation. Ankenn bagay Nothing. 3. Se yon okazyon It’s a bargain. Okay n Third largest city in Haiti. Eske ou okouran maryaj Bouki? Do you know about Bouqui’s wedding? Mete okouran To inform. ògèy la. òg la n Organ* (musical instrument). there’s a fine occasion (It happens that somebody is coming there next week). augment *. Kafe ole Coffee with cream. indef pron No one. l’ap koze Instead of working like Francis.* V oke. ogadavou At attention (Milit). indef adj No. in place of. ojis adv Exactly. Universal Americanism. but it may be a hoe blade or any other piece of resonant iron or steel (COURLANDER). Pa okipe moun Don’t bother about people. to busy one’s self with. ola Mete ola To stop. seaport in the South. ofri vt To offer*. Just do your thing. ògeye attrib Haughty.K. work. olande. (fig) Green (inexperienced). Ojis. . conceit. M’a voye lajan an ba ou semèn prochèn. V pandil.139 ofisye a n Officer* (in the army). chance. current* (with). opportunity. Yo bay ogmantasyon mwa sa a There is an increase in salary this month. pèsonn moun Nobody. olandè n Dutchman. ògàn nan n Gen gran ògàn To have a loud voice. on V yon òn V lonn onbrèl la n Parasol. Okap n City of Cape-Haitian. “Ole” means that a fruit is not yet ripe. to take care of. (not) at all. okton an n Office messenger. a forged iron bell. business. Okenn lapli pa tonbe There was no rainfall. 2. 2. raise. rogatwa. With cream. Li refize. V lèt. precisely.K. lanmilèt n Omelet*. anger. ofisyèlman adv Officially*. to tell the truth. o kontrè On the contrary*. okabine 2 vi To have a bowel movement. ogmantasyon an n Increase. oktòb n October*. l’ap fè ògèy He refused because his pride was hurt. to acquaint. ankenn 1. aware (of). clock repairman. òloje a n Watch repairman. Also: Interjection. Ogoun n Vodou deity. Luil doliv Olive oil. altar. òganizasyon an n Organization*. omwens At least. ofrann nan n Offering*. Kòk ole A not completely ripened (hardened) coconut. M’okipe I am busy. The milk in it makes a delightful beverage. Ankenn pa vini No one came. òlòj la n Clock. to increase. okontrè. ogmante vt & vi To step up. okouran Informed. Adj Dutch. ololoy interj Wow! òlrayt O. Ankenn moun. low rank employee. FARDIN-12: Li ta vle gen okipasyon He would like to find a job. to put an end (to).

That’s enough. 2. complaisance. but. oto a n Car. to veto. 2. (In the name of the Father. garden bunting. good breeding. nou fè onondipè Upon entering the church. oserye adv Seriously. onè a. Ròdpòte. thus. Mache opa To be in step. se otan li mechan He is as bad as he is rich. concerning. politeness. therefore. Haughty. otopsi a.O 140 orevwa Goodbye. 2. More frequently used is “fè operasyon”. onondipè a n Sign of the cross. (syn) sinakwa onorab attrib Honorable*.. authentic*. otòn nan n Autumn*. genuine. orespè. onore vt To honor*. osinon.) Lò n’ap antre legliz. Se li ki lotè sa He’s responsible for that. upright. automobile*. ose. opalè a n Loudspeaker. operasyon an n (medical) Operation*. to be operated on. high-hat. onèt. BEAUBRUN/A-13: Mwen se you fi onèt I’m an honorable woman. onètte a. As you were (milit). In card games the knave or jack. ) onèkte V onètte òneman an n Ornament*. or at least. auto*. “bye bye”. onz. Height. opoze (vpr) To oppose*. topsi n Autopsy*. (Used also as a greeting before entering. as. opresyon an n Asthma. lotèl n Hotel*. Otan. Ki otè liv sa a? Who’s the author of that book? 2. opwen To the point where. zòtolan.. ote V rote otè 1 a. Di orevwa To bid farewell. operatè a n Operator* (telephone). as.. larotè n 1.. Projectionist (of movies). Te gen anpil otorite lan seremoni an There were many government officials present at the ceremony. High place. Or. also*. 2. onnèt attrib Honest*. to be against.. osekou interj Help! V anmwe. Cause. rotè. breathlessness. otorite a. Also: opwenke. opere vt To perform surgery. onèkte n Honesty*. otomatik attrib Automatic*. furthermore. Yè oswa Last night. Moun ki ret nan otè People who live on the hills. zètolan n Meadow lark. onivo V nivo onjenikon V andjenikon onnpepli Extremely. “Excuse my French”. zosle n Jacks (Goat knee bone used in children’s game).. osijède conj About. Di orezon Say a prayer. wotè.. onnè n Honor*. orespe respect*. or rather. ons la n Ounce*. polite. vehicle. fall. M’opoze’m a sa I am opposed to that.. armed officials. bold. Common ground dove bobolink (Columbina passerina). seriously. Author *. car. opozan an n Opponent*. opital V lopital oplita adv At the latest. oswa oswa otan 1 2 1 conj Or. permission. oran Fresh. honorable. otobis la Bus*. official authorities *. or rather. to undergo surgery. òtograf la n Spelling. otè 2 a. Angry. lotorite n Authority*. lonnè. ronz num Eleven. we make the sign of the cross. òr conj Now. In step. The answer is usually respè. Cf. Jwèt osle Knuckle bone game. with due ositou conj As a matter of fact. otantik attrib Real. osnon conj otherwise. otan 2 As much as. Otan li gen lajan. bobolink. mad. opozisyon an n Opposition*. otan As. oslè a. otèl la. otomobil la n Automobile*. Word used in the game of marbles.. . to operate *. Pran. osnon V osinon osti V losti ostre attrib 1. The r is pronounced by careful speakers for purposes of clarity or emphasis. opa 1. 1. rose vt Ose zepòl To shrug one’s shoulders. well. opinyon an n Opinion*. well. Mete opozisyon To be opposed to. otorizasyon an n Authorization*. orezon an n Prayer. òtolan an. lotè n 1. oserye To take..

per. the property of.. ovèròl la. etc. Aprann pa kè To learn by heart. “Pa” helps to form the emphatic possessive adjective and the possessive pronouns. to have compassion for.. to make a mess of. hounsi bosal n The lowest grade of the hounsi (COURLANDER). What if. ou 1 pers pron You. From Fr.141 otorize vt To authorize*. It. pachiman vt To ruin. from. ours. forgiveness. troubled. pa’l His. Pa nou. yourself. I’ll bring the money for you. theirs. part. to unlock. daou (pop) n August*. or. Ou byen Or else. Pa ou Your. to botch. to ask for forgiveness. From Fr. ouswa conj Or. and you don’t take it.. V don. ou .. yours. attrib 1. on. Lajan ou Your money. gangan.. to turn on. ozabwa attrib Desperate. 2. padonnen. oungfò a. padsi n Raincoat. Fè pa’m Give me a chance. Ki bò ou aprann sa? Pa ou ki te di’m sa! Where did you learn that? Was it not you who told me that! Pa vre? Is it not true? Is it not so? Pa pito Wouldn’t it be better to. ozetazini In the U. From Fr. motor).. And if. Your. Pa ditou Not at all. his. pachat la n Escapade. ou Either . or rather. ouvriye a n Workman. padònen vt To pardon*. yours (plur). padonab. ngangan n Vodou priest who is sometimes also a magician or physician. part. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D28: M’pral pale gangan’m pou yo I’m going to complain to my houngan about them. padesi a. yourself. Unlike E. which is plural in form but may be used to address one or more persons.S. pa 3 Fè pa To give a chance. par.. sing). Overly frank and above board. Pa li. Also: lajan’w. to forgive. Soulye pa’m My own shoes. one. From Fr. hounsi n Female apprentice or consecrated assistant to the Vodou priest (houngan) . pa’n Our. Ou menm You. does not. Pa di = pa vle di Does not mean. M’pa oze di’l sa I don’t dare tell him that. Mache opa To be in steps. As E. oungsi kanzo n The highest grade of the hounsi. otreman adv Otherwise. oungsi a. Pa pito n’ale? Wouldn’t it be better if we go away? pa 5 adv Not. Ouvè jeografi a nan paj twa Open the geography book on page 3. yourself.. Ou pa pran’l. Pa mwen. Isit nan pwen moun pa Around here there is no favoritism. in bad shape.. African word. Ban’m pa’m san dous Don’t put any sugar in mine. don’t. padon an n Pardon*. “You”. Cf. bacha n An important peasant. onsi. L’ap pase pa’l He’s having his troubles. oungsi bosal. From Fr. thine. Li pa ri He does not laugh. oubyen. padonnab attrib Pardonable*. hounfò n Vodou temple or shrine. V ouvè.. E. pafè attrib Perfect*. ou 2 poss adj Your (second pers. a wealthy landowner. ‘you’. oubyen V ou oumenm pers pron You.. Fresh. louvri vt To open.. ‘Wou’ and ‘w’ are variants of ‘ou’. Ti zèl yo louvri Their wings spread. ozany attrib Ultra happy. pas. M’ba ou chemiz la. pa 6 a n Step. uom. the one of. Pa aksidan By chance. m’ap pote kòb la pou ou I won’t forget. her. Youn pa youn One by one. Ruined. pa 2 That of. ozanj. Menm lan lanfè gen moun pa Even in Hell you’ll find people on your side (partisan). overjoyed. ou is used when addressing one person only. do not. why? M’pap bliye.. De pa de Two by two. Pa yo Their. oundjenikon V andjenikon oungan an. “nèspa”. Mande padon To excuse one’s self.. or. pa 4 interj Sometimes “pa” has the same meaning as “apa. to concede a favor. P pa 1 prep By. Pa dèyè From behind. Pasha*.) “Ba ou” “to you” is often written barou. overcoat. “se pa”. Se pa nou li ye It’s ours. Germ. Sa’k fè ou ouvè konsa? Why are you so fresh? ouvèti a n Opening. Pandan l’ap danse li pèdi pa He got out of step while dancing. pas.. slowly. . its. in heaven. Pazapa Step by step. Depi jou te louvri Since sunrise. ouvri. oubli a n Oversight. Pa bak Backwards. Pa janm Never. ouvè vt To open. Ou byen . impertinent. rougan. ‘ou’ can be used to mean ‘one’ (Fr. houngan. pa’m My. mine. (or) rather. ouswa V ou out. ngan. V ouvri. ou 3.A. P oze vi To dare. Poukisa? I give you the shirt. hers. ou byen either . ovèòl n Overhaul* (car. M’pa vle wè’l (a) de pa I have a strong dislike for him.. pacha a. man.

panno a n 1. palama a n Panama* (hat). defect. Fèy palmis Palm leaves. Leve pàn To fix the trouble. pano a. to suspend*. etc. Fè pakoti To deal in goods of inferior quality. pannari a n Whitlow. To talk. pandye vi To hang. panko V poko panmen vi To have spasms*. Pak 1 la n Easter. Examples and expressions: Se pa pale That’s for real. pakèt la n Package*. Very big house. parcel. pako V poko pakoti a n Cheap wares. Money talks. Nou pran pàn gaz We’re out of gas. pali vi To turn pale*. pandil la n Clock. pafouten an n Whiskers. Cf. wall. pak 2 la n Pigsty. consequence. Yon pakèt A great deal of. amidst. You ble pal A pale blue. Pak kochon Pigpen. bundle. Pèdi palavire To dare. palmis la n Royal palm* tree. pambitch. occasionally. pann nan 2 1 n Belly. prattler. to speak. pannan conj While. Mare pakèt ou Pack up (and go). Cf. palabrè a n Chatterbox. pami. “Palmis” ou “Tonton Nò”? Heads or tails? (On one side of many Haitian coins. pan 1an n Peacock. endless talk. Thigh (of pig. Wall of a house. to dangle. pann vt & refl To hang. Pran pàn To have a breakdown (machine). palpitasyon an n Li gen palpitasyon He has an abnormal noisy heart beat. labatwa. Legliz pa chante lantèman you moun ki pann tèt li The church will not celebrate the last rites of a person who hanged himself.) 2. pàn nan n Breakdown. Residence of the president of Haiti. Pa pakèt In bundles. panari a. pakin nan n Parking*. pake 1 a. Li alapaj He’s up to date. chatter. poster. A noise-making device made of paper glued to the string of a Haitian kite which vibrates when the kite is flying. etc. sheep etc. palmaskriti a n Palma Christi*. jacket. to parley*. pal attrib Pale*. vi 1. Long wooden scoop (spoon) used to stir pots. 3. panche vt & vi To lean (over). Pale sou lang To lisp. Pàn kaotchou Flat tire. to utter. pale vt 1. V losyon. palavire a n Slap. 2. straw hat. pandan. E. to hang up. Chou palmis = Kè palmis Stem. palmante vi To discuss. paj la n Page*. playpen. n Palm Beach*. V nan mitan. pannan V pandan Pannkòt n Pentecost*. . Rudimentary substitute saddle made of straw or dried banana leaves. palan an n Slaughterhouse. a toe. To speak. corral. Yon pakèt moun A large number of people. Don’t even talk about it. in the midst. Bal la travèse pyebwa a pakanpak The bullet went thru the tree from one side to the other. big talker.P pafen an n Perfume*. from time to time. To be of importance. palèt 1 la n Palate*. Pak chwal Horse stable. V levit. stomach (of cow.). Roystonea regia Cook. Pakanpak Thru and thru.’s speech with undivided attention.). pig. Pale pou To tell on. to faint. disability. palto a n Coat. cloth. panmbitch material. palè 2 a n Talker. Rete pandye nan bouch yon moun To listen to s. panama a. That‘s for sure. palm-oil. Faktè a pote you pake pou ou The mailman brought a package for you. pankat la n Placard. pafwa adv Sometimes. parcel. popularly called “Tonton Nò”). Oto’m an pàn I have car trouble. palisad la n Wooden barrier or fence. 2. palab la n Conversation. pan 2 an n Side of a bed frame. (adj) Talkative. odè. To warn. vagabond. palèt 2 la n 1. Kay sa a se you palè That house is a mansion (large and sumptuous). to get started after a breakdown. paladò a n Talker. vès. palfwenye a n Vagrant. pake. to chat. Cf. Zwazo palmis Type of bird living in palm trees. one finds the head of President Nord Alexis. Apik panno Very steep. prep During. sign. 2. 142 palidis la n Malaria. stalk of the palm tree. low-class. Apa ou pa pale ankò? Why are you silent? Pale moun mal To speak evil (behind people’s back). felon (inflammation of a finger. V òlòj. park*.o. a box in the ear. amid. Pale nan zòrèy To whisper in someone’s ear. nanpami prep Among. palè 1 a n Palace*. pake 2 vt & vi To park* (a car). panik la n Panic*. pakè n Package *. to forget one’s self (and do something). sideburns.

panten an n Puppet. panti a n Iron brace of a door (hinge). Papa*. Tan an pare It is threatening to rain. al kay kwafè You need a haircut. get ready. Li se sèl pap lan kay la He is the dominant (main) figure in the house. laparad n Parade*. paradi a n Heaven. Type of large drum (COURLANDER). parabòl la n Parable*. E. shall not. paunch*. pansman an n Grooming. sealed paper used for official government documents. curler. Slap on the hand in a children’s game called “koupe panzou”. paravan an n Screen. Pantouf espion (Soft) slippers made of one piece of leather and blue denim material. Examples and expressions: Pare (you) kou To ward off a blow. Usually refers to the Dominican Republic. pàntyè a n Cupboard. nest-box. pap 2 la n Pope*. relatives. Doorstep. daddy. paradise*. gut. will not. parapò. papiyòt la n Paper roller. Spaniard*. Pare men ou Extend your hand. Papye sable Sandpaper. papi. to conceive. page 387. To ward off. “papa” may serve as an augmentative prefix before some nouns. (syn) kilòt. boarding house. papye a n Paper*. pare vt 1. V paroli. pantouf la n Slipper.143 panpan Fè gran panpan To be a big show-off. 2. Nan panyòl Land where Spanish is spoken. panyòl la n Of the Dominican Republic. parenn nan n Godfather. paresèz attrib Lazy (applied to females). The word then means ‘huge’. M’al pantan sou li I was startled to meet him unexpectedly. To prepare. pap 1 Contraction of pa + ap = Am not. M’tap fè you ti kabicha. Ou trò papou. pansyon an n 1. Li pare He is ready. papou attrib Refers to one who needs a haircut badly. parès la n Laziness. panzou a n 1. From the Yoruba word ‘babalao’ (COURLANDER). Lodgings. papay la n Papaya*. panyen an n Basket. insignificant person. paper money. what you put on the wound to help it heal. Pannier*. pantalèt la n Panties* (for women). E. papit n Dad. parad la. pans la n Belly. pantalon an n Pants*. li fè’m pantan I was taking a little snooze when he startled me. Pale an parabòl To beat around the bush. Watch what you’re saying. parapli a n Umbrella. place. Just as “manman”. stomach. V sezi. 3. is not. parese attrib Lazy. pànye a. to believe. is quoted by Carlos Esteban Deive in “Vodu y Magia en Santo Domingo”. papòt la n Threshold (of a door). Gen panyòl nan kay la Hush! The person we’re talking about is here.e. Paresèz kon chat plenn Lazy as hell. pap 3 sis Not to succeed. to act as a big shot. 2. E. title to real estate. to face. to speak indirectly. go to the barber shop. vi To think. Parry*. breeches. Pap seyè Potentate. i. folding-screen. pantry*. best man (at a wedding). File you move pant To be on a bad course (track). V paresèz. to extend. Haiti”. parapòt prep Because of. Same as oungan. Papye tenbre Special type of stamped. also to bring about a coup d’etat. for “to the Western part of the Island. pantoufouye a n Type of aggressive shark. The expression “ir al Francé”. Vetch (or) tare (small plant of the bean family). Ou pap sis papalwa a n Vodou priest. Cf. surprised. You’ll not succeed. progenitor. (rarely) parent*(s). Cf. daddy. dressing down. vicinity. paralize vi To paralyze*. pant la n Slope. parazit la n Parasite*. 2. parachit la n Parachute*. Pare lapli To take shelter. panse panse 1 2 P parents. umbrella. Cf. father. Spanish*. won’t. kin. paralyzed*. parantay la n Family. Papa! (May be used as an exclamation of amazement). paraj la n Neighborhood. Papye tè Land title. Janm pantalon Trousers leg. are not. 2. official legal papers*. trousers. V kanson. stupefied. Dad. Pase papye To sign a legal instrument such as a marriage certificate. vt To dress (a wound). pansyonè a n Boarder (in a school). hamper. Papa’m ak manman’m My . a deed. Li an pansyon He’s in a boarding house. Pension * (retirement). papa a n 1. idle. bigoudi. “Bay panzou” means to give a slap on the hand to cause what’s in it to fall. pantan attrib Startled. paran an n Relative. parasòl la n Parasol*. Pare lajan ou Get your money ready. papiyon an n Butterfly. moth. paralizi a n Paralysis*. to take cover from the rain. Title of respect. to fail. Cf.

P paresol, parasòl n White manjack. Cordia sulcata DC. parespre adv On purpose. V espre. parèt vi To appear*, to seem; to show one’s self, to come on. Li pa parèt tèt li He did not show. parèy Such a ...; similar, like. Li pa mantè parèy ou He’s not a liar like you. San parèy Unmatched. CELESTIN-MEGIE/1-154: Yon kòkraz san parèy. parèyman adv Likewise, the same to you (as an answer to “best wishes”). Menmman parèyman It’s the very same thing. pari a n Bet. V paryaj. Pari n Paris*. parokèt la, pèrokèt n fish. Type of bright colored Cf. E. pari* mutuel betting.

144 expressions: Pase chaple To say the rosary. Pase cheve To curl (do one’s hair with a hot instrument). Pase mizè To suffer from bad treatment or from poverty. To have a hard time. Sa kap pase? What is going on? Sa’k pase’l? What has happened to him? Pase nan betiz To make fun of, to ridicule. Pase pou To pass for. Yo tèlman sanble, youn kab pase pou lòt They resemble each other so much, that one can pass for the other. Dlo sèlman ki pou fè swaf mwen pase Only water will quench my thirst. Maladi a poko pase The sickness is not over. Pase sou sa Disregard that, pass over that. Medsin nan poko pase’l The laxative hasn’t taken effect yet. M’te grangou talè a; konnyea grangou a pase I was hungry a moment ago; now I’m not hungry anymore. L’ap pase pa’l He’s having his troubles. Lagè sivil ameriken se you bagay ki pase lontan The American Civil War took place many years ago. Oto a pase sou li The car ran over him. M’a pase wè ou a midi I’ll stop by to see you at noon. Pase twal mouye To mop, to dust with a wet towel. Nou pase kondisyon We came to an agreement under specific conditions. Nouris la tèlman fè kolè, lèt pase’l lan san The nursing mother was so angry, that the breast milk got into her blood. Pase bale 1. A method for divining a guilty person by the use of a specially prepared chair (COURLANDER). 2. To sweep. pase

paròl la n Words, saying, statement, talk; sentence; speech. Paròl is also a Vodou term. M’pa gen de paròl I’m not two-faced. I keep my promises. Paròl granmoun lontan The sayings of long ago. The wisdom of the ages. V laparòl. paroli, pawoli n Parable *. speak in parables. parwas la, pawas n Parish*. paryaj la n Bet. More pop. for pari. parye vi & vt To bet. pas 1 la n 1. Pass* (in sports, at cards). 2. Ford, passage* way. (fig) Situation, difficulty. Cf. E. He has come to a pretty pass*. L’ap pase yon pas (or) Li tonbe lan you pas He’s in a bad situation. pas Granted. Pas pou de, men twa, se tròp I’ll concede you two , but three is too much. pasab attrib Passable*, so so. Sa a manyè pasab At least this one will do. pasaj la, pasay n 1. Misery, annoyance; tribulation. 2. Passage*, passageway. V traka. Ala pasay pou moun kokobe What trials and tribulations the poor cripples go through. Pasaj dalyans A method for divining a guilty person by means of a ring suspended on a string (COURLANDER). Pitit la lan pasay The baby is coming out (is being born). pasaje a, pasajè n Passenger*; fare. pasan an n Loop (in trousers to hold the belt). pase vt 1. To pass *. 2. To lay, to put. Pase men’w sou zepòl mwen Lay your hand on my shoulder. 3. To take effect (laxative). 4. To iron (clothes, hair). 5. Pase maladi To experience a sickness. 6. Pase bè sou pen To butter one’s bread. 7. To befall. 8. To sift, to sieve. 9. To give, to administer ( a beating). 10. To show (a movie). vi 1. To pass, to go through. 2. To die. 3. To pass* (card game, sports). 4. To succeed (at an exam). 5. To occur, to come about, to happen. 6. To pass* by, to stop by, to go by. Examples and
1 2

Pale an paroli


Past*, last. Mwa pase Last month.

pase 3 conj 1. Than, more than; instead of. Pi ... pase (or) pli ... pase More ... than. M’gran pase ou I am older than you. Li gen senkant an pase He is more than fifty years old. 2. For, because. Pase pou Instead of, rather than. pase

V paske

pasipala adv Here and there. paske, pase conj Because. paspatou a n Passkey*. paspò a n Passport*. paspouki Fè paspouki To play favorites. M’ap trete tout kandida yo menm jan; m’pap fè paspouki pou pèsonn I’m going to treat all applicants in the same fashion. I’ll do no special favors. pastè a n Parson, pastor*, (Protestant) minister. paswa a n Strainer, sieve, colander. pasyan attrib Patient*. pasyans la n Patience*. pasyante vi To be patient*. To wait patiently*. pasyon an n Passion *. Pale san pasyon To speak impartially. pat 1 la n Paw, foot; hand (of a banana stalk). Li mete pat men li sou tab la He puts his great big hand on the table. Grese pat To grease the palm (to bribe). Pat men Large hand, hand. Pat pye (or) Pat zago Big foot. Bay you moun yon pat gagann To grab s.o. by the throat. Cf. lapat.

145 pat 2 la n 1. Dough. 2. Shoe polish (Paste *) . 3. Pat tomat la Tomato paste*. 4. (attrib) Thick. Labouyi mayi a pat The corn porridge is thick. pat 3, pat pou pat Even. Nou pat pou pat We are even. pat 4 Did not. Contraction of pa + te. Auxiliary of the negative past. Li pat vini He did not come. pataje vt To share, to divide. patans la n Departure *. An patans About to depart, outward bound. Bato a an patans The ship is about to depart. Lalin an patans The moon is waning. patant la n License, permit. Cf. E. patent*. pataswèl la n Slap, blow. Nan goumen Jak pran you pataswèl nan figi li ki fè’l pa wè pandan yon moman While fighting, Jack received a blow which temporarily blinded him. Sp. patat la n Sweet potato * Patat blanch White potatoes, as opposed to patat jòn. Patat peze Fried, pressed sweet potatoes. Gro patat, patat si Fat person. Pen patat Type of sweet potato cake. Patat jòn Yam (sweet potato, orange colored) patati patata (onom) And so on, and on. patch la n Patch* (on a tire tube). patche vt To patch* (tire tube). pate a n Patty*, pastry*, meat pie. patekwè a n Parvenu (one who did not think that he would reach such heights). Also said about s.o. who is boasting about some new acquisition. paten an n Skate, roller-skate. Monte paten To skate. pati 1 a n 1. Part*, bit, portion. Fè pati To belong, to take part in. 2. Male organ, genitals. 3. Game. 4. Yon pati Some, a group of. pati 2 vi To depart*, to leave, to go away, to get away; to go off. M’tande you rèl pati I heard a cry. Revolvè a pati The gun went off. Kò’l pati kochi His body was tilting. Tèt li pati He went crazy. patinaj la, patinay n Skidding. Oto a fè patinaj nan labou a, li pa ka kontinue The car is skidding in the mud, and it can’t move ahead. patinen vi To slide, to skid. vt To handle too much. Ase patinen vyann nan Don’t touch the meat so much. patipri a, pati pri n Partiality*. Pa fè patipri Don’t take sides. Don’t play favorites. patiray la n Pasture*. patisipe vi To participate*, to take part, to partake. patisri a n Pastry*. patizan an n Follower, disciple. Partisan*. patko V poko


patoje vi To wallow, to splash and flounder (in puddles, mud, etc.). Patoje nan labou To splash and wallow in mud. patouy V patrouy patri a, lapatri n Fatherland, nation. patriyòt la n Patriot*. patron an n 1. Employer, boss. 2. Pattern* (sewing). 3. Patron* saint. patrouy la, patouy n patrol*. Patrol*. Fè patrouy To

paveni an n Newly-rich. paviyon an n Flag; the court of the hounfo (COURLANDER). Cf E. pavillion*. paweze vi To parade. pawoli V paroli pay 1 la n 1. Chaff; straw, any dry combustible plant. 2. Misery, trouble. Pay chapo Straw for making hats. You sak pay A mattress made of straw. You kay pay A straw house. pay 2 attrib Very light. payas la n Straw mattress. Cf. pagliaccio*. payaya a n Worthless, insignificant person. paydefè a n Steel wool. paye V anpaye payen an n Pagan*. payèt la n Spangle, paillette *. Bay payèt To show off to someone else. pazyal la n Fè yon pazyal To take a walk. Cf. Sp. Pasear, Dominican dialect pazial. pe 1 a n Altar in a Vodou temple. pe 2 To shut up, to be quiet, to hush. Pe bouch ou Shut your mouth. Pe la! Shut up! pe 3 “Pe” is an auxiliary form of the progressive present used in the South. Elsewhere ap, ape. pe 4 pa Cannot, can’t. One of the rare cases in which “pa” follows the verb. pè 1 a, lapè n Peace*. An pè In peace. Kite’l an pè (or) Kite’l trankil Leave him alone. pè 2 a, lapè n Pair*, couple. Lapè pijon vann you dola A pair of pigeons sells for a dollar. pè 3 a, monpè n Priest, clergyman. Pè savann Bush priest. Pèdfami Father of a family. Pè Letènèl n God. pè 4 vt To fear, to dread. vi To be afraid, to be scared. Fè pè To frighten (s.o.). Li pa pè pap He fears nobody. Li pè kon chat He is scared as a cat. pè 5 savann n Bush priest.

P peape V pezape pèch pèch
1 2 1 2

146 pèmisyon an n Permission*. pen 1 an n Bread. Pen griye Toast. Pen mayi Corncake. Pen patat Type of sweet potato cake. pen 2 an n Pine*. Pinus occidentalis L. Bwa pen Pine wood. penalite a n Penalty* (in soccer). penba Manman penba Sly, malicious woman. penbèch attrib morals. pench
1 2

la n Peach*. Pye pèch Peach* tree. V lapèch

peche a n Sin. Fè peche To commit a sin. peche vt & vi To fish.

pechè a n 1. Fisherman. 2. Sinner. pechinen, penchennen vt To pinch *. V penche, pichkannen. pèd la n Loss. (variant of pèt 2). Ou lan pèd You lost. pedal la n Pedal*. pedale vi To pedal*. pedan attrib Pedant*, vain, pretentious braggart, show-off. pèdi vt To lose. To be lost. Pèdi pa To slip. Pèdi pye a) To lose one’s footing in deep water. b) To lose one’s social position, or influence. Pèdi ròl To act in an unbecoming manner. Yon granmoun ki goumen ak timoun pèdi ròl li When an adult fights with a child, he is out of place. Pèdi konesans To lose consciousness. Pèdi bann a) To become impotent. b) To be out of place, out of one’s element. pèdisyon an n 1. Amenorrhea (loss of menstruation). 2. Debauchery. Fi a (tonbe) lan pèdisyon The woman has become a whore; she is leading a life of debauchery. pèdri a n Partridge*. pèfid attrib Treacherous, deceiving. pèkal la n Type of material; cambric, muslin, percale*. pèkseswa V kikseswa pektoro a, pekto n Pectoral* (chest muscle). pèl 1 la n Pearl *. You bèl kolye pèl A beautiful string of pearls. pèl 2 la n Shovel, spade. You pèl dan A large tooth. pela attrib Bald, with a shaven head (applied to cocks). From Spanish pelado. pèlen an n Snare, trap. Pèlen tèt A trap with a noose. “Pèlen Tèt”, a play by Franké-tienne. pèlenpenpen V grenn pelerinaj la, pelerinay n Pilgrimage*. pèlren an n Pilgrim*. peman an n Payment *. Today is payday. Jodi a se jou peman

Frivolous, a woman with easy

la n Pinch*.

pench la n Children’s game played with pebbles or bones in which the winner pinches the loser saying “Pismiding dira mon konpè chapon, roti, beka, bakasin, ponn pongonn, al ponn” (MANGO DYESIFÒ, Haiti Progrès, October 8, 1986). penche, pencheng vt To pinch*. V pechinen. penchennen V pechinen penda n Loose, frivolous woman. peng attrib Stingy, tight-fisted, avaricious. V ava, chich, kras. pengwen an n Penguin* plant, wild pine. Bromelia. Zannana kon pengwen Each and everyone, haphazardly; tutti quanti. penib attrib Painful*. penich la n (Penny), pennies*. penich I am broke, penniless. M’pa gen yon

penisilin nan, pelisilin n Penicillin*. penitans la n Penance *, penitence*. Also Vodou term. penje a n A form of wrestling that is seen at Rara time (COURLANDER). penkle V pentle penn vt To paint*. penntiklous la n Parasite. penpan V anpenpan penpennen living). vi To struggle (barely making a

pens la n 1. Tongs, pincers *, pliers. Travay la difisil anpil; se pens ak pikwa This job is very hard work. 2. Bobby pin, clothes pin; hair pin. 3. Tuck (in sewing). pense 1 a n A pinch* (a small amount that you can hold between two fingers). pense 2, penche Children’s game in which winners pinch losers. V pench. pensèt la n Small pincers*, tongs, tweezers. penso a n Paint brush. pent 1 la n Painter*.

pèmèt vt To permit *, to enable, to allow, to let. (vpr) To dare, to have the audacity to. Apre sa’k pase a, kouman ou fè pèmèt ou vini isit ankò? After what happened, how did you dare come here again? Radyès pèmèt Shameless insolence.

147 pent 2 la n Pint* (measure). pent attrib Mottled, speckled, a type of color. Kòk pent Speckled rooster. pentad la n Guinea-hen, Guinea-fowl. (fig) Shy and cowardly. pentadin nan n A crossing between a hen and a Guinea-fowl. penti a n Paint*; painting*. Se papa’l an penti He is a spitting image of his father. (syn) Se papa’l krache. pentire vt To paint*, to color. pentle, penkle attrib Of various colors. pentle Rooster of various colors. peny nan n Comb. penyen vt & vi To comb (one’s self). Penyen lage a. To let one’s hair down. b. To become negligent, to abandon one’s self. (Usually applied to women who have abandoned themselves to loose morals). pèp la n People*, populace*. pepe Bon pepe He who pays his debts regularly. pèpèt 1 la, pètpèt, pèt Popcorn. n Fart. Pèpèt mayi a Kok

P become noticeable, to be on the way up. Nèg sa a pa vle wè nèg pèse This man does not like to see another man make progress. 2. To appear, to arrive. Solèy la pèse The sun appeared.

pèsekisyon an n Persecution*. pèsekite vt To persecute*. pèseptè a n Tax collector. pèsi a n Parsley*. Petroselinum sativum Hoffm. pèsistan attrib Stubborn, insistent, persistent*. pèsistans la n Persistence *. Ak pèsistans tently*. pèsiste V To persist*. pèsòn n Person*. Se you bòn pèsòn good-natured. An pèsòn Personally. She is Persis-

pèsonaj la, pèsonnay n An elderly person* of distinction, personage*. pèsonalite a n Personality *. Li san pèsonalite He has no personality. He is a weak character. pèsonèl attrib Personal*. Egotistical. pèsonn 1 indef adj No, not any (human being). Pèsonn moun Not a soul, nobody. pèsonn 2 indef pron Nobody, anybody; no person *. Pa pèsonn No one. M’ale lòt bò a m’frape pòt la, pèsonn pa reponn I went to the other side, I knocked on the door, nobody answered. pèsonnay V pèsonaj pèsuade, pèswade vt To persuade*, to convince. pèsyèn nan, plasyèn n Venetian blind. pèt 1 la V pèpèt la pèt 2 la, pèd n Loss. M’fè pèt I lost money (on the deal). pèt 3 Nothing, not at all. Li pa pèt doktè He is no physician at all. M’pap ba’l pèt I will give him nothing. peta a n Fire-cracker, petard*. Se pa peta! It is no trifling matter! How nice! Wow! Tire peta To shoot fire-crackers. petadò a n A person who farts often. petas tisale a n Salt pork. pete vt 1. To break. 2. To flatter, to fool, to cheat, to deceive. vi 1. To burst out ... (doing something), to start. Pete danse To start dancing. 2. To fart. 3. To burst, to explode, to break. Examples and expressions: Pete fyèl To crush (s.o.), to kill. Pa pete fyèl ou lan travay Do not kill yourself by working too hard. Kòd la pete The rope broke. Pete achtè To cheat a purchaser. Je pete Blind person. Pete moun nan jwèt To cheat at games. Pete kriye To burst into tears. Pete kou To break one’s neck. Pete je To cause s.o. to become blind.

pèpèt 2 vi To fart. Also pete. pepinyè a n Nursery (hort). peple vi To reproduce, to beget children, to populate*. pere, pèrèz attrib Shy (animal), timid, fearful. pèrèz la, laperèz n Fear, phobia. peri vi To perish*, to be destroyed, to be killed. Dènye sòlda yo peri nan batay la Every single soldier died in that battle. Tout machandiz yo peri nan batiman ki koule a All merchandise was lost in the boat that sank. M’ap peri, mwen sou kont ou Things are really bad, I am in your hands. I am counting on you for help. perik la n Wig. Also fo cheve. peripesi a n Hardship. peristil la, perestil n The roofed court of the hounfò (COURLANDER). pèrokèt V parokèt peròl la n Payroll*. peron an n Stoop (floor of a porch). Pòv yo chita sou peron legliz la The poor sit on the church steps. peryòd la n Period* (time, menstruation). Ou vin nan you move peryòd You came at a bad time. pès la n Malicious (person). Pest*. V lapès. pèse vt To pierce*, to penetrate; to bore, to drill (hole). Pèse zòrèy To pierce one’s ears. vi 1. To

Diri peyi Domestic rice. to squeeze. Word identifying taxis. peyi a n Country. completely lacking in energy. Li se move pèy He is a bad pay. never. Pik glas Ice pick *. pèvèti vt To corrupt. petro n Type of Vodou rite. piskanyen vt To pinch*. pli adv More. peze vt 1. pigaseren an n Type of poison which is supposed to take effect in case the person who has taken it goes out at night (folklore). pèy la n Pay *. Peye tròp To overpay. Ou di fi a move paròl. look out for. V pui pi 4. 2. to sting. Pinga jandam Watch out for the police. pi pi 2 3 (Rare). The prije pijon an n Pigeon*. piblisite a n Publicity*. kongo. (Rare) Usual word is “medsin”. pèvèsyon an n Perversion*. “Peze” sometimes is used in conjunction with another verb to indicate continuous effort or ardor in performing the action mentioned in that other verb. peye vt & vi To pay*. to squeeze. pidemi V epidemi pifò Most. Liv ou a pi gro . you are going against me. pibliye vt To publish*. mite (plant disease). pik 2 In the expression “e pik” = . he does not pay his debts. to bite (insects). Peze monte To hurry upwards. Aphids. To hold down. Ou se moun mwen epi ou ap peze’m After all. To weigh.P petè a n Inveigler. 148 pase pa’m nan Your book is bigger than mine. to be heavy. pi 1 a n Pus*. Dough (bread). Fè peye To charge. petri vt To knead. pèz la n 1. Pinga! You said bad words to the girl. farmer common word is abitan. Nan peyi pèdi In the (uncivilized) wilderness. to make s. 2. Bab ou pike’l Your beard prickles her. pichkannen. the most. pi 5 adv Most..and some. Fè peye tròp To overcharge. pike 1 vt 1. piblik attrib Public *. peyizan an n Peasant*. 2. pij la n Laxative. pa moute li The tree has thorns. Sa’l sanble? L’ap mache tankou you petevi Look at that man? He looks like he is going to fall any minute. Pinga pikan Be careful of the thorns. to prick. pichon an n 1. pèvès attrib Perverse*. to prickle. region. be careful not to. Pyebwa a gen pikan. pik 1 la n 1. Cf. Beware! piga 2. Mete (you moun) sou pinga’l To give (s. district. Don’t. Peyi san chapo Land of the dead. to stick. petèt adv Perhaps. pinga (Negative auxiliary of the imperative) Don’t. as if squinting. Ti Jan piskannen Mari nan bra Johnny pinched Mary on the arm. to have an attack (of anger). sharp bones of fish. V devenn. sickly. Scale. Peze desann To hurry down. bramble. pije 1. Se li ki pi entelijan lan tout He is the most intelligent of all of them. itch. to press. V rada. one who lies convincingly. to pervert*. it means ‘domestic’ as opposed to foreign. pechinen. ‘Pi’ is used pretonically and usually precedes an adjective or an adverb. stinger (of a bee). you are my friend. pidè a n San pidè Shameless. bristle. Peyi frèt All is calm. L’a peye ou lè poul fè dan He will pay you when a hen grows teeth. dove. Sp. 2. pezape. fatherland. Pa gen plas pou pike zepeng The attrib Pure*. i. petren an n 1. prije vt To act as a laxative.o. pick-axe. pezib attrib Peaceful*. pijama a n Pijama*.) a warning. Weight. pije 2 V petevi a n Weakling. 2. do not climb it.o. official. to stab. maybe. Pi bon Better. to burn (as when you put alcohol on a wound). prigad. pichpich Li gen je pichpich His eyes are usually seen almost closed. fried bananas. pikan an n Thorn. pinga Watch out for. Bannann peze Pressed. ‘birdie’. peape Little by little. Pikan kwenna Types of common thorn.. wage. As an adj. San di petèt Without a doubt. dance rhythm. Peze lou To be heavy. pèzlèt la n Milk-tester (instrument). Pike yon kriz To throw a fit. and still. Se moun peyi’m He is my countryman. Pinga ou bwè tafia Do not drink liquor. ‘Pijon’ has also the meaning of male organ (particularly that of a young boy). More common is”pase”. Spade(s) (cards). Vant mwen ap pike’m I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. to make public.e. most certainly. Pi mal Worse. An embarrassing situation. piga 1. (fig) Bad luck. An’n ale pi lwen Let us go farther. the majority. Cf. Pick *. vi To weigh. peyè a n Payer*. piskannen. Ban’m youn ki pi chè Give me one that is more expensive. To pick *.

pull. 4. Heap. (In the South) (In Port de Paix. to put in a good word for. they call it “pripri” (Deita)). Pilye gason = poto mitan A big strong man. pilòt la n Pilot*. a pointed wooden or bamboo stake sharpened on one end. to cluster.. fè pipi. pistonnen vt To promote. piston an n 1. V pistach dèzend. Jak gen anpil piston Jack has many influential people who will put in a good word for him. To burst out. piske V puiske piskèt la n Tiny fish found in some areas of Haiti. piki a n Shot.) Karst.). its point is dipped into poison. pike 2 attrib 1. sharpened end up (COURLANDER). Pye pistach Peanut vine. A big pile of. pini pini 1 2 P vt 1. to pound. pipi 2 vi To urinate. 3. Post. pile vt To step on. . comes from E. The word pingpong nan n Ping-pong*. pip la n Pipe*. piwèt la n Pirouette*. pilon an n Mortar. pimantad la n Hot sauce made with hot pepper. Yo vann sèl pa pil They sell salt in piles. to piss. etc. to tread. Blad pipi Bladder. piman an n Hot pepper. O pipirit chantan Bright and early. 4. pungent pain on the side. Toutmoun pile li atè a Everybody stepped over him. bug.. li tap tonbe lan trou a He barely missed falling into that hole. Raft. li pise san My head banged against the wall. pile *.. Cf. Manch pilon Pestle. pinga V piga vt To squeeze (lemon. 2.. 2. Penis (rare). for instance the South. pistach la n Peanut. pimpe vt To send. piman zwazo. Worm-eaten (fruit). V bwa pini pinisyon an n Punishment*. to swoop down (sou. to pile up. peepee*. vi 1. pilye a n Pillar *. Li pa vle travay. to grind into mortar. Pil sou pil Piled up. irinen. piwete vi To make pirouettes *. Hot (spiced food). to defy. pis la n Flea. Other types of piman: piman bouk. Yon gro pil. to crash. movement. Also: A piece of sharpened bamboo or hard wood. husk. see Roger Nelson’s book. 3. pirouli a n Lolly-pop. Battery (for flashlights. Yon pil A lot of. pin nan n 1. injection. Stereculia apetala (Jacq. to step on (someone’s foot) vigorously. to turn and turn. Long kou ke pis. Capsicum annuum L. pikwa a n Pick-axe*. pisin nan n Swimming pool. pipit la n Penis. pine V bwa pini pinèz la n Bed-bug. pole. V mannigèt. send me the book right away. Long kou ke pis Just a litle bit more. Penis. pipich la n Word used by children to designate the male organ. Piman dou Green pepper. M’pike kay papa’m I hurried to my father’s house. mash. so I sent him home. pipirit la n 1. to make peepee*. Birdie. To punish*. Influence. Type of tropical bird. a helping hand. toys. To hurry to. Arachis Hypogaea L. to assemble. to fling. 2. to pee. Cayenne pepper. Piston*. to peel.149 place is filled to capacity. Pin* (motor). To go. 3. 2. pipi 1 a n Urine. mwen pimpe’l lakay li He did not want to work. turn. blister). stack. 2. Lè ou rive lakay ou. Pickles*. pilonnen vt To stomp one’s feet on. urinate. to start to. To dare. to trample. pire 1 a n Puree*. To go into a dive (airplane). pistole a n Pistol*. Tèt mwen frape nan mi an. etc. chili pepper. Pipirit gro tèt Hispaniolan fly-catcher. piman sanba. Also pise. pile. pikèt la n Stake. Timoun nan pike kriye lè li pa wè manman’l The child started to bawl when he did not see his mother. Yon blag pike (or) sal A risqué story. to go in a hurry to. Li pike devan He went towards the front. Huge tree which produces a nut reminding one of a peanut. and -. on). 2. pirwete. pimpe liv la ban mwen When you get to your house. picket*. pirwèt la. Decayed (teeth). to sponsor. by a hair’s breadth. to stomp on. vinegar. pisans V puisans pise vi To piss*. pilil la n Pill*. pire 2 pikotman an n Itch. pisannit la n One who wets his bed. mattock. stamper. pistach dèzend la n Panama tree. it was spurting blood. Li pa vo pip tabak It is not worth snuff. For other species of ‘pipirit’. pikliz la n Hot pepper dressing. etc. pil la n 1. 2. Fè pil To heap up. and it is placed in the ground. piswa a n Urinal.

pita Later piten an n Whore (rare). plafon an n Ceiling. E. Pillage*. vt To install a floor with wooden plani. 2. i. pituit la n Continuous sneezing. You ti A bit of. Ranje planch yo To put the boards in good order. Pou pi piti For at least. pitit la n Child. plancheye planks. M’pito rete I prefer to stay. slight. chart. To stick to. dish.e. aplani vt To even. Ou sou plan You are scheming. plakbòl V blakbòl plake 1 vt & vi To smack. standing. Tande you plak Here is a funny story. (syn) of chen san mèt. to smooth. pito 1 vt To prefer. Plas leta Government job. planchèt la n 1. to seed. V plasdam. to become attached to. plante vt 1. Vin pi piti To lessen. pase yo nan plas leta There are people who prefer to work privately rather than to be on the government payroll. sack. Agane rigida L. gradual(ly). planch la n Plank *. trick. Plake sou 1. seat. Phonograph record. To affix (to). position. plan 3 an.o. Pitit gason Son. timi n Millet *. to plunder. to stand on one’s hands (gymnastics). Pitimi san gadò A person without a protector. pitimi an. 2. Peculiar funny story. plafonnen vt To put on a ceiling. blue-print. Te gen piyay lavil la There was looting in the city. quietly. wardrobe (for clothes). objectionable things. 3. Vin piye Let us see who goes first. piwèt V pirwèt piwete V pirwete piyajè a n Looter. planting*. Timoun nan ap fè plan The child is making up things. meager. Small board. M’ta pito dòmi I would rather sleep. Pito ou vini It is better that you come. piye vt To loot. plan 2 an n Plan(s) *. to plane*. Nan plas (or) alaplas Instead of. Pote pitit To bear or carry a child. Si li pat plannen dèyè balon an. plas la n Place *. yield (earn) interest. pitye a n Pity*. Planch balansin Swing (boards). you are lying. Nan pwen plas There is no room. grandson. Pi piti Younger. Trese pit pouri To behave badly. daughter. less. Planch klwazon The boards (planks) of a partition. plantasyon an n Plantation*. plaka a n Closet. free for all. thin. to do terrible. It is preferable that you come. runner. pla a n Platter*. little. Pitit pitit gason Grandson. offshoot. i. plannen 1. to plaster. b) To scheme. to breed. 2. to decrease. Tèt chòv bay kwafè piyay A bald head is a boon to the barber. pattern. To propagate. Mete lan plann (or) mete lekòl To pawn. steal. Chire pit To be at each other’s throat. Zafè’l pat bon. Pitit pitit fi Granddaughter. granddaughter.). Pitit deyò Illegitimate child (one born out of wedlock). li plannen tout rad li Things were so bad that he pawned all his clothes. Ban’m you ti glas Give me a little ice. to become smaller. it is better to. Yo di ou se piyay m’ap bay? Did they tell you it was all free? or that I was giving it away? Ou achte bèl soulye sa a pou ven dola? Se piyay You bought those beautiful shoes for twenty dollars? It is a bargain. 2. to rob. Ti pitit Baby. Piti piti Little by little. gently. scheming. attrib Tight (clothes). plake 1 2 pit la n Century plant. to pilfer. to reproduce. pla a n 1. such as a woman without a husband. looting. Cutting. they would have scored a goal. Pitit fi Daughter. vi To aim and throw in order to see who goes first (games of marbles. (food). design. To leave s. from which rope is made. fewer. plàn n Pawn *. piti attrib Small. jacks. and they are for the grabbing). very small. job. plan an n Seedling. Automobile license plates. young plant for propagation.e. plane vi To float in the air. scheme. slip. etc. Piyay! Here it is! Come and get it! (Said when someone comes and brings a lot of goodies and he throws them up in the air. room. Fè pitit 1. plann nan. Town square. space. stratagem. usually “ti”. lesser. To plant*. plannen 2 vt To pawn. ptimi. Sisal. 2. program. Pitimi chandèl Type of pitimi. to throw something (in someone’s face). lean. V ti. Pitit pitit Grandchild. To give birth. outline. to plunge (soar) in the air. to dash violently.P 150 plaj la. piyay la n Pillage *. Before a noun. An plas In one place. spread. plant la n Plant*. planche a n Floor (wood). to equalize. li tap gòl If he had not jumped after the ball. Sole (of the foot). Ironing board. Gen moun ki pito travay nan prive. plak la n 1. board. Cf. pillage. Planch kabann Bed slats. Fè plan a) To make plans. some. 2. . to glide. hemp. Agane sisalana. one who grabs anything he can get his hands on. catarrh. pito 2 It is preferable that. son. laplaj n Beach. pillager *. Palm (of the hand).

platin nan n 1. Hotplate (e. Sa a yo peze plis These weigh more. 2. To take advantage of a situation. crease. Lan lakou madan plètil An imaginary place where people are well informed. Kouche plat Horizontal. 2. lot. pleti Yes! (in answer to a call). plent la n 1. Platfòm soulye Inner sole of a shoe. plasay n Common law marriage. besides.g. to complain*. plus*. to hold. plase 2 (ak) vi To find a place for a woman in a house. Here I am. Pote plent (kont) To bring a charge (against). pleday la n compete. Fè plezantri To joke. plenn 1 attrib With calf. plate*. I came out empty-handed. 2. anplasman n Location. piplis adv More. Plase you mo To put a word in. plè vt To please *. Competition. to repeat it. to shell. pleasantry*. full of. to pull out. M’pa fè yon plim I did not score. plasman an. things are looking good for him. Nou vle plis lajan We want more money. to lodge a complaint. Yo ba’l yon pli makak They thrashed him for good. All is quiet. to have compassion for. V pi platfòm nan n Platform *. Ti plim Steel pen (point). Feather duster. plea *. platon an n Plateau*. Tigason sa a fin pran move pli This boy has acquired bad habits. Fold. To go to bed with. You plato pen A pan full of bread. pli 1 attrib Flat. System whereby a man shacks up with a woman or different women (whether he be married or not) and they live as man and wife. to unsheath. plat 2 la n Plaster*. to copulate. V anplat. plirizi n Pleurisy*. whereas “gròs” and “ansent” are used for women). Tray. covered. laplenn n Plain*. plato a n 1. Plis pase More than. pubic hair. Plen kòk sou pye kòk la The coconut tree is full of fruit. Plateau* (Also platon). plezi a n Pleasure*. M’ap pote plent ba ou I am complaining to you. hair (on the body). Kat pli mare lan fron’l He is frowning (or) he knits his brow in anger. to continuously do it. . “Plede” plus infinitive equals “to keep on (and on) doing something. 3. plat 3 P plenn 3 vi To moan. Moaning. Pliche’m lajan’m Fork over the money! (syn) Kale’m lajan’m. to lament. satiate(d). Wrinkle. Plim je Eyelashes. leve pleday To pli 2 a n 1. Powder-puff. to argue (you kòz a case) . To pluck the feathers of a chicken. Fè. and live with her. lowland. V plasaj. shallow. plasdam nan. Se gran tifi lan lakou madan plètil This girl knows more about life than you think. Ou ba’l plis You gave him more. Platinum*. M’plase lajan’m alenterè labank I deposit my money in the bank in an interestbearing account. Plim pa gouye Not a hair moves. 2. fleece. Ou pa kab plè toutmoun You can’t please everybody. Feather. 2. Fè pledman To compete. vt To pity. plat 1 la n Plate*. pledman an n 1. to take hold of. to kid. Pouse plent To moan. The (writing) pen. 2. plèd la n Competition. 3. To plead*. plirizi V plerezi plis 1. 2. plastik la n Plastic*. (Usually it precedes nouns and follows verbs). To pluck (feathers). Complaint*. plas la n Town square. Fè plèd To compete. Li nan plat li He is in his own ballfield. Competition. plenn 2 nan. Full. M’plenn sò ou I pity your fate. to jest. plimen vt 1. plimo a n 1. to jest. plezante vi To joke. plezantri a n Joke.151 plasaj la. Plimen poul a. beyond. plase 1 vt To place*. plimeank Educated. and bear her expenses (without benefit of clergy). Li plase ak yon fanm He is shacking up with a woman (as his concubine). to skin. without the benefit of clergy. Plim a rezèvwa Fountain pen. V eti. plede vt 1. An plis In excess. plen vt To fill. plètil. Plede pèdi To keep on losing. to have intercourse with. Bwa plim Penholder. plastè a n (Mustard) plaster*. concubinage. argument. to even off. Plim chen Dog’s hair. plimatwa a n Writer. plerezi a. to screw. Pan for making bread. M’pa renmen rete kote moun kap plenyen tout tan I do not like to stay with people that are always grumbling. Pleading*. Plenn lin Full moon. to peel. tray. Senk plis de Five plus two. plateful of food. b. pliche vt To brandish. plim nan n 1. plenyen vi To complain *. Quarrel. further. plaster* cast. plenyadò a n Habitual complainer. 2. for preparing cassava). plimay la n Plumage*. plati vt To flatten. 2. pregnant (said of animals.

various. to fold. to wind (thread. panko. crippled (hand). Bullet. politès la. to wrinkle. To hold tightly while dancing. plòt la n A roll (or) a ball (of thread). ponch la n (blow). pò a n Harbor. polyo a n Polio*. po je n Eyelid. L. plizyè indef adj Several. Solanum tuberosum. Ou poko tande sa? Have you not heard it already? Lè nou te rive.. not . 2. pòm 4 malkadi a n Tiny fruit the size of a cherry. Pack. plis 3. V pliye. leather. An insolvable problem. ploge vt 1. Chou a fè ponm The cabbage has grown into a round head. Po bal Cartridge shell. M’achte yon plòt fil pou’m monte kap I bought a ball of string to fly my kite. Plon gaye plonbe vt To fill (a tooth). pomad la. politik 2 attrib Political*. Liyaplon Plumb* line*. to which they are related. plotonnay la n Mixing of people. Li mouri pou poje’l He died for nothing. yet. You ti poban luil pa kont pou fè manje a That little oil container is not enough to cook that meal. 2. it was not yet noon. (The word is also used in the game of marbles). pliske V puiske 152 poblèm V problèm pòch la n 1. fast. pòm 2 kajou a n Cashew Apple. it is wrinkled. pleat. plop plop adv Quickly. Pliye lèt la byen pou mete’l nan anvlòp Fold the letter well to put it in the envelope. pòmdetè a. to fold. matching one’s cock “alaploum” (Sp. Po lanbi Conch shell. V ploye. Anacardium occidentale L. to dip. Yo se chemiz ak po They are inseparable friends. pot *. To wrap (around). Pòch revòlvè Holster (for guns). which are sucked and taste like grenadines. flask. 2. in a jiffy. 3.P plis 2. ponmad la n Ointment. (edible) but not a delicacy. Li gen men pòk His hands are paralyzed. Po kat. Fly (of trousers). Word also used in the game of marbles. many. 3. Punch * pongongon an n 1. lapolitès n Politeness*. se Andre ki etidye plis Of these three pupils. Nan twa elèv sa yo. pòmdadan an n Adam’s* apple*. to plunge. quill. husk. politik 1 la n Politics*. Figi’l plise His face is wrinkled..) means that the winner gets all. Pat ko (past tense). plotonnen vt To roll up. pòt la n Pitcher. the bet as well as the rooster to the (last) feather(s). Deck (of a ship). Pa ekri lèt ak papye sa a. pòm 3 lyann nan n A yellow fruit the size of an almond or plum. Buck-shot. vial. pako. Slang: Head. full of seeds. 2. Pòt tè Earthen pot. po 1 a n Skin. pon an n 1. things. Po liv Cover (of a book). pòv dyab What a pity! Poor devil! poèm nan. To fold. po Low cards. Bothersome person. Po flè Flower pot*. vi 1. some. Po bèt Hide. pofesè V profesè pofite V profite poje a. peel. vase. pealing. Pocket *.. politisyen an n Politician*. pokè a n Poker* (card game). Pòmdetè fri French fries. Po melon Watermelon rind. a small quantity of. Po nwa (nut) shell. poban an n Small bottle. midi pat ko sonnen When we arrived. pi plis adv The most. To dip. pomade*. to dive. pwèm n Poem*. Po je Eyelid. plis The more. port*. attrib Polite*. poli poli 1 2 pliye vt To bend. fusing. Gro po Heavy. Po ze Egg shell. to reel in.. Po tèt Scalp. Po bouch Lips. plonje vi 1. Plòt labou A small pile of mud. You pòch sigarèt A pack of cigarettes. Bridge. poko. the more. rind. To plug* in. person. li pliye Do not write a letter on this paper.. plòt 2 la n Small pile of. Scrotum. ponm n Apple. string). to immerse. plòg la n Plug*. Folded. Winner takes all. plise vt To plait.. Holster. polis la n Policeman*. Punch * (beverage). ploye vt To bend (over). jar. expensive suit. creased. to smooth. it is Andrew who studies the most. Po kabrit Goat’s skin. pòk Paralyzed.* vt 2. plon an n Lead (metal). pest. 1 vt To polish*. ponko Not yet. ponmtè n Potato. pò m 1 nan. po 2 a. To fall into. ponko V poko . pochen V prochen podyab. to crease. 1. ploum A la ploum In the (special) Fachsprache of the cockpit.

gate. potchanm nan n Chamber-pot*. Port-au-Prince V Pòtoprens pòs la n Police station. eggs. stake. Poto mitan The center pole in the middle of the hounfò.. Bay poto To stand someone up. postim nan n Pus. pote. 2. you cannot confide in him. sugar. She did not keep her appointment. V soutyen. treacherous women love to report tales and stories from one woman to another. the place where all ceremonies take place. V promnad. Yè swa Mèseli ban’m you poto Last night Mercelie stood me up. Sa mete’l an movèz posti That put him in a bad spot. ponyade vt To stab. to remove. ponponm Promenade*. china. and baked in a buttered pan). Afè’m pa bon. Port *. popilas la n Crowd. out of anger. ponp 2 gazolin nan n Gas* station. pocketbook. milk. flat cake made of flour. To buckjump (horses). pòt 2 attrib Untamed. Dagger. You pope zaza A very elegant doll (girl). pòte a n Litter. poniard. Touse ponyèt To roll up one’s sleeves (and get ready for work). to have. not broken. Chou a ponmen The cabbage has grown into a round head. pote vini Garrulous. potokòl V protokòl an n Handful. poste vt To mail. Pote bagay sa a ban mwen Bring that thing to me. to bring. Puppet *. potko Did not . pòt 1 la n Door. Cf. poro a. To grow to a head. Kamyon ponpye Firetruck. portly*. Pote’l tounen ba yo Bring it back to them. 3. You chwal ponpadò A horse that likes to jump up and down as if buckjumping. yet. portal*. Cf. To jump up and down (for joy. billfold. yet. Allium porrum L. Populace*. popelakomedi a n Puppet. popular*. part. Also means the main support of a group. ponpe vt 1. Pòt an pòt From door to door. V ponpe. that is overdressed. pòtchay la n Luggage rack. had not. ponp 1 la n Pump*. (Round. To gash (blood. m’bezwen you ponya Business is not good. potle attrib Strong. poto a n Pole. pòslèn nan n Porcelain*. pope a. Pote vini Bring. baking powder. pòte. etc). to pump* air into it. Bourik pòt A shy donkey. ponmkèt la n Cupcake. A usurious loan. N’apral nan pòs We are going to the police station. ponya a. ponn vi & vt To lay eggs. shy. post. to be setting. walk.).. pot Shortened form for pote. . Manje pou pote ale Food to carry out. vi 1. Fè pòs To stand guard. I got you. posesyon V prosesyon posèvèbal V prosèvèbal posib attrib Possible *. vt To grab (by handfuls). ponyen ponyen 1 2 P posede vt To own. To inflate a tire. pwaro n Leek. Cf.. Fè you ti ponponm To take a walk. Poto kwen A corner pole. Bat laponyèt To masturbate. cinnamon. E. poupe a n Doll. < Sp potro. trunk (of cars). pòsyon an n Portion*. Carry the book for me. popilè attrib Well-known. to post* (sentry).. possess*. Pòtakoulis Sliding door. pòtgòj la n Bra. ponpye a n Fireman. plum cake*. pillar. popilasyon an n Population*. ponpadò attrib Stamping (to beat the ground forcibly). etc. potanta a n Potentate*. fearful. pòtay la n Entrance. ponyèt la n Wrist. Pote ale To carry away. 2. It can never end a sentence. Cf. pòpòt la n Cry-baby. To draw (water from a pump *) . pòtal la. pot vt To carry.153 ponm V pòm ponmad V pomad ponmen vi To blow up. pòpòz V kèpòpòz popyè (je). pwaya a n 1. Pote mak To bear a scar. poko. throng. to inflate. Nèg sa a se you ponya This man is a bluffer. Pot liv la pou mwen Bring me that book. Ou ponmen kon flè You are filling up like a flower. 2. cannelle. potèj V protèj poteke V ipoteke pòtfèy la n Wallet. Fanm jouda renmen pote ale. I need a loan shark. Sa pa posib ditou It is out of the question. posti a n Posture*. M’fè ou ponn I socked it to you. M’pral pran you ponya I am going to get a loan at an usurious rate. E. to post* (letter). pòpyè a n Eyelid. posyon an n Potion*. water. potao a n Jug (for water).

poumon an n Lungs. he knows so many dirty things. Portrait*. poukò’l”. pouki. pou 6 granmesi In vain. hefty. strong man. etc. lapoud n Powder*. poupe V pope poupou 1 a n Shit. who never sits down.. pouli a n Pulley*. dayè. . poulajoli a n Heron. on account of it. potorik attrib Strong. unconcerned person. Pye poudre Wanderer. to bide one’s time. Cf. poudayè. corrupted. in the manner of. Se pou li m’fè sa I did it for his sake.. Doktè a pran pou’l physician took his pulse. poukont li”. Sa a pou mwen This one belongs to me. vt To corrupt. Mouri poul To take it easy. baking powder. You potorik gason A big. pouriti a n Decay. poukont. would you say that. M’se gro pous I am separate and distinct. V kaka. one who likes to walk. young chick. gunpowder. strong. poul 2 la n Answers to questions obtained by cheating during an exam. poulaye a n 1. li an pouriti They did not put salt and pepper on the meat. poudre vi To powder*. s’ (possession). People must bow to authority. spoiled. M’wete poul mwen I got myself out of a bad situtation. pouf attrib Flabby. he is always on the move (go). pou 2 a n Pulse *. in order that. pousan Percent*. by one’s self. poul mouye n Coward. poum nan n Fart. pouldlo a. stallion. poulen an n Colt. the hens cannot cackle. pouchen V pousen poud la. Nan rebò rivyè Lenbe a te gen poulajoli ki tap flannen At the edge of the river at Limbe there were herons sauntering about. pou dan ri For a trifle. I will not get involved. Also Gro pous Thumb. to shove. Cf. hefty man. pouryen an n Unmindful. pòtplim nan n Penholder. for nothing. Like. pouding nan n Pudding*. Pou sa Because of it. perverted. free from care. Cf. pou 4 conj So that. Chèz la pouri ak pinèz The chair is infested with bed bugs. Poud kafe Ground coffee. Rotten. poudriye a n Powder* box. hen-roost.. Poul kaye (Ennery) A hen of two different colors. It. poulèt la n Pullet*. and save our skin. pous la n Thumb. alone. Bay poul To give them. Poul pent A black and bespeckled hen. Pou bwa Woodlouse. fluffy. poubwa a n Tip (gratuity). bowel movement. Pou di. alone. photo. fowl. poukisa interrog adv Why.P Pòtoprens Port-au-Prince. An nou chape poul nou Let us get out of here quickly. soft. poupou 2 pou 3 prep For. Kite’l ale. pòtray la n Chest. for the benefit of. for the sake of. M’ap mouri poul mwen annatandan m’fè diferaman I am biding my vt To shit. Poud mache prese Magical powder. Chicken-house. Fè poupou To defecate. pou 5 dan anri.. Ti poul Chick. poulpoul la n Chicken flea. inch. (Pulmonary*) . capital of Haiti. poukò. L’ap ri pòtre yon idyo He is laughing like an idiot. Se poul kay Let her go. The top-most section of a theatre where the cheapest seats are. pouki interrog adv Why. a bit. Tigason sa a fin pouri This is a spoiled child. Cf. for nothing. pou dayè Besides. picture. poulmouye. Is it possible that. to spoil. Lè poul va fè dan Never (when hens grow teeth). pousad la n Push*. to defecate. Yo pa mete sèl ak pwav nan vyann nan. pou kò In “poukò’m. poul 1 la n Hen. pousade vt To push*. by one’s self. chicken. poulich la n Filly (young mare). poul dlo a n Coot. excrement. You pòtray gason A big. unconcerned person. pòtre a n Snapshot. poopoo*. MORISSEAU-LEROY/D-12: Pa pran pòtre bèt mwen Do not photograph my animal 2. pouryanis la. The 154 time before I do anything else. 2. An pouriti Putrid*. hen. E. Lanmès la se siz è pou set è The mass is from six to seven o’clock. poupye V koupye pouri vi To rot. to decay. L’ap (re)tounen. Putrid*. etc. infested. chicken. pou kont In “poukont mwen. She belongs here. Poud elevasyon Yeast. She will come back. Pran poul To obtain the answers. piccionaja. (Polite form) V pete. Poul pa chante devan kòk When the rooster is around. poudbwa a. unmindful. girl. it has gone bad. as for. pouyanis n Free from care. pou 1 a n Louse. Manman poul Hen. shove. poul bwa a n Termite.

. se rete pran Whatever he does to you. pouvwa a n Power*. pral To be going to. prèch la n Sermon. pozisyon an n Place. pwe attrib Ready. premyè First.o. however. To settle (liquid). preferans la n Preference*. Li pran pòz gran nèg He is putting on airs like a big shot. li pa pòy ou He is smaller than you. Examples and expressions: Pran ak de bra To welcome with open arms. Fè pratik (ak) To deal regularly with s. Used together with another verb to express the durative of the verb which follows: to begin to. V depi. Pran you je baton To receive a thrashing. pousiv vt To pursue*. Pran bòt To dismiss summarily. to take a spouse. to go after. “Pòv” may be used an an adj. pwe prep Close to. pòz 1 la n Stop. against. poutèt 2 conj Because. 2. Tou pre (quite) Close. dealer. 4. near. 2. to incite. To lie (bird). pray (syn) (North) pral = To be going to. pause*. caution *. M’pral legliz I am going to church. To place. to establish a buyer-seller relationship on a regular basis. to start. to grow (a plant). to foretell. pral V prale prale. Yo pran danse They started to dance. her father died. pouvi Provided. trick). to seize. 3. rest. Ki bò ou ap pran? Where are you going? Pran you moun fè fas To fool somebody. pouchen an n Chick. vi 1.o. V ponya. Fighting cock. (adv) Close. so long as.’s voice). to make (go) after. equal. posture. patient. else. pousyè a n Dust. pòy 2 la n 1. near. to put.o. predi vt To predict*. N’ap pran Mòn Tapyon talè We will arrive at the Tapyon mountain in a moment. restless. Pouse dife To sow dissension. To make fun of s. pousen an. De preferans Rather. conform yourself. Pran plezi To enjoy. Poze san ou Calm down. to choose. prekosyon To look out. 2. pose*. Mwen pre pou nenpòt ki bagay I am ready for anything. Pran you pòz To take a rest. on account of. predikatè a n Preacher*.o. Premier* (minister). Pran responsabilite To assume responsibility. prenmye. pre 1. Pran kote (or) pran bò kote To take after. he is no match for you. To urge. halt. clientele. Fè pozisyon To settle down. porker*. in the first place. poze 2 vi 1. prè. pòy 1 P 3. The ordinary word is Fè prejije (kont) To Pran la n Cigarette butt (or) stub. To copulate. Plan sa a pap pran That scheme will not work. premye 2 a n Inner sole (shoe). pozitif adv Just (now) positively* yes (pop). since. The central mass of narcotic tissue. to come out (plant). powèt la n Poet*. Match. to have intercourse. papa’l mouri Poor child. discriminate (against). To ask. Pran ransèyman To inquire. pratik la n (Regular) customers. position*. handy. vt 1. or as a noun. Pran men ou avè’m Get in line. San pozisyon Anxious. De pre Closely. To put on airs. pòz 2 la n Attitude. E. plase. pòv.. due to. repoze vi To rest.o. to induce. E. prè a n Loan (rare). to lay. Cf. poutan conj Nevertheless. Ble pa pran isit Wheat will not grow here. Pò pitit Poor child. prela V pwela premye 1. To push* (away). poze . Li pran ri He burst out laughing. game cock. Lè m’gade’l de prè When I looked at him at close range. premyèman adv First. prejije a n Prejudice *. prefere vt To prefer*. client. Poze kestyon To ask questions. you have to take it. “pito”. Se premyè fwa It is the first time. pouso a n Pig. prè. Li pi piti pase ou. Nenpòt sa li fè ou. Pran revanch To get revenge. To touch down (an airplane). pousuiv. Mayi a pa pouse The corn (plant) did not grow. Yo pran’l nan pyèj They caught him in a trap. quite near. to catch. follow. Avyon an pre pou pati The plane is ready for departure. Cf. Cf. Pran you moun pou you lòt To mistake s. (adj) Practical*. for the sake of. for s. To be viable (a graft). beggar. 1 prekosyon an n Precaution*. pran vt 1. vi To grow. pò attrib Poor *. poutèt 1 prep Because of. Ou p a sanble’l de prè ni de lwen You don’t resemble him at all. to persecute. Pran vwa To imitate (s. prefè a n Prefect*. pre 2. pòv dyab Poor devil. To take. 2. preche vt To preach*. owing to.155 pouse vt 1. pòy 4 la n Core (of a boil). eldest. Podyab. to repose*. to get. Pòv tifi a. what a shame! What a pity! Moun pòv Poor folks. M’pa pran nan ti plan konsa I will not be taken in (by that scheme. 2. pouswiv. do not fool around with me. pòy 3 la n The milk which remains in the cow’s teat after milking.

prezantab attrib Presentable*. presizeman adv Precisely*. presyon an n 1. buyer. close to. 2. to sweet-talk. prevni vt To notify (in advance). Fish net. bus. please. prèt pou. to rush. près pou About to. prese vt To press * (clothes). trapped. 2. etc. he will mash you like an orange. a special kindness (unexpectedly). cost. prenon an n First name. Bay priyè To argue for or in behalf of. prete vt To lend. prezidan an n President*. prije. Electric socket. prezante vt To present *. pretann vi To claim. primè attrib Primary* (school). Habit. To hurry. prin nan n Plum. 3. pridans la n Prudence*. taken. consideration. privye a. prèv la n Proof*. snap. prezantasyon an n Presentation*. to try to convince with nice words. presbytery*. to be in a hurry. Nou prete senk dola lan men yo We borrowed five dollars from them. .). Si papa ou pran ou. chairman. Chairperson.’s request or insistence. pri 2 Caught. vi 1. prèske adv Almost. Pran priyè To give in to s. Li pat prèt ni pretann pou marye She was in no way ready to marry. prayer meeting. parsonage. Fare (taxi. to pretend*. pringad V prigad prive attrib Private*. accuracy. M’priye ou an gras I sincerely beg you. L’ap fè (di) you ti priyè He is saying a prayer. get ready. to be eager (to). Mache prese To walk hurriedly. privilèj la n Privilege*. li va pije ou tankou zoranj If your father catches you. rate. to contend. pretentious*. Prese (pou) To be anxious (to). To show up. Pressure *. vi 1. Prete (nan men) To borrow (from). pri 1 a n 1. value.P 156 prevnans la n Kindness. pretansyon an n Pretension*. Bay prigad To give a warning. presipis la n Precipice*. Ak pridans Cautiously. clamp. proud. custom. prensès la n Princess*. Fè presyon sou To exert (put) pressure on someone. He is praying. priz la n 1. prestij la n Prestige*. request ardently. Menizye a mete travay la nan près The carpenter put the work in the press. haughty. Prize*. pretansye attrib Vain. Fè prese To rush. to borrow (without specifying to whom or from whom). Prepare ou Make yourself ready. Sparrow prenè a n Taker. (for merchandise). lapriyè n Prayer*. foresee. forewarn. prune*. baptismal name. prensip la n Principle*. 1. to mash. près la n Press *. priye To pray. pridan attrib Prudent*. prevyen De ki prevyen What caused it? (or) What is the origin of it? prezan attrib Present*. Mete yon moun sou pringad li To warn s. fè jis pri to give a better price. conceited. Mande prete To ask for a loan. revenue agent. preparatwa attrib Preparatory*. Ou pri You are done for. 3. presizyon an n Precision*. Hold. Byen prezante To make a good appearance. attention. 2.o. M’jwenn you prenè pou kay la I found a buyer for the house. priyè a. press*. prens la n Prince*. Mal prezante To make a bad appearance. 2. preskri vt To prescribe*. Nou prete yo senk dola We lent them five dollars. Also bouton presyon. Li pretann di He says (that is his version). pije vt To squeeze. Gripper (button). prigad. V malfini. V pare. Ofri prete To offer to lend. prezans la n Presence*. prepoze a n Tax collector. introduce. près pou V prèt pou presbitè a n Rectory. charge. Fè pri To bring a good price (a merchandise). prim nan n Premium* (cut) taken by the owner of a gambling establishment or place. Priz tabak Pinch of snuff. preparasyon an n Preparation*. pwèt pou.o. make ready. Price *. prepare vt To prepare*. Fè you moun yon prevnans To do s. Gen priz sou To have a hold on. pretèks la n Pretext*. cautious. Li lan klas preparatwa He is in a preparatory class. pretense. preskripsyon an n Prescription*. 2. Fè pri. to go in a hurry. to beg fervently. stress. pringad Warning. prevye a n hawk. evidence. Li bay fi a priyè pou’l sa bon He sweet-talked the girl in order to seduce her.o. prevwa vt To forecast. Prese pati To hurry to leave.

pronmèt vt 1. prosesyon an. To make good use of. prosè a. progre n Progress*. posèvèbal la n Report. Yo bat li pròp They gave him a good thrashing. profesè a. good for. propoze vt To propose*. promnad n Walk. profèt la n Prophet*. Mete lan prizon To imprison*. Mwa prochen The coming month. protokòl la. V prochèn. vt Al promennen chen an Go walk the dog. difficulty. Cleaning. Grenn pronmennen One who is always on the move. propriyete a n Lot. convict. landlord. Promès se dèt Promise is duty. proteksyon an n Protection*. proche I want to show you something. prosèvèbal la. protèj la. poklame vt To proclaim*. propriyetè a. to grow big. Pròpte mwen nèt. lawsuit. Prochèn fwa Next time. Condom. Bay you promosyon To promote* (an employee). an. proteste vi To object. proletè a n Low class person. Cf. profite. tanpri Clean me up completely.. pwochen. cleanliness. When preceding the noun. really. litigation. teacher. Pran prizon To go to prison. Ou konnen byen pròp And yet you know. excursion. profi a n Profit*. Protection*. prodi vt To produce*. pronmennen. advantage. prochèn attrib Next.. Profiteer*. 2. design. Good at. prononsyasyon an n Pronunciation*. probab attrib Probable*. pure. Promenade*. Tifi a promèt It looks like that girl will be beautiful. stroll. proche. promennen. San protokòl Lax in his attire and manner. M’vle moutre ou you bagay. program nan n Program*. to shield (against). in- profesyon an. problèm nan. prison *. pròpte 1 a n Propriety*. promne vi To take a walk. landowner. tidy. produce*. prizonnye a n Prisoner*. Approach*. proklame. Kenbe . come near me. Used with words which are feminine in French in set phrases Semèn prochèn Next week. produi 2. profondè a n Depth. to stroll along. prospere vi To prosper*. promnad la. pronmès la n Promise *. projè a n Plan. profitè a n One who unduly profits from a situation. 1 P promèt. benefit. please. prochen cal). through and through. to bring close. gain. vi To have potential(s). progrè a. schedule. promosyon an n Promotion *. Proche chèz la bò tab la Bring the chair near the table. clean. They beat him savagely. promès la. pronmennen V promennen pronmès V promès pronmèt V promèt prononse vt To pronounce*. “pròp” means “own”. to jail. laposesyon n Procession*. project*. protestan an. potèj n 1. Proletariat*. neat. ponmnad la. property*. pofesyon an n Profession*. propozizyon an n Proposal*. Tire prosèvèbal Official written report by an officer or magistrate. prizonye a.. popagann nan n False information. produi 1 a n Product*. You know very well. protektè a n Protector*. propaganda* (usu) pej. Cf. proprietor *. pròp 1 attrib Proper *. V ponponm. profonde attrib Well versed in magic. M’profite pou . piece of land with or without improvements. poblèm nan n Problem*. potestan an n Protestant*. Professor*. proteje vt To protect*. pochen Neighbor (bibli- prochen 2 attrib Next. coming (up). to put away. publicity. aproche vi & vt To come near. Profound*. to protest*. Flannen sèlman ou pròp You are only good at loafing.. propagann nan. pwòp Completely. propyetè a n Owner. coming. I availed myself of the opportunity to . pròp 2. Protocol*. pofesè a n structor. one who belongs to the masses as opposed to aristocracy. to render profit (s). E. posesyon an. pofite vi To grow fast. potokòl la n 1. To promise*. Pròp papa’l His own father. prose a n Case (legal process*). to incarcerate. puzzle. pròpte 2 vt To clean.157 prizon an n Jail. to profit* by.

Backing. Se pwen sansib li He is very touchy on that subject. tarpaulin. unrefined. provoke vt To provoke*. Yon vye pti moun A very small child. fortification. I cannot guess. puisans la. Maladi pwatrin Tuberculosis. pwezon n Poison*. pisan attrib Powerful. degree. piske. Dwèt mwen te pwente sou li My finger pointed at him. punch. Pwèl raz Short pubic hair. Sou pwent pye On tip toe. because. important person (pop). puiske. Pwason volan. pwent 1 la n Tip. Pwenn fè pa No special favor. supernatural powers. bosom.o. dot on the vowel i. By ext. pointed *. pwèm V poèm pwen 1 an n Fist. Problèm sa a mete yon pwa senkant sou lestomak mwen This problem looms heavy on my heart. Protective charm. Kout pwen A blow with the fist. pwa nwa. pedantically. pwatrin nan n Chest. A charm for revitalization. Pwa rouj (Dry) red beans. Ki pwenti ou? What size (shoes) do you wear? For suits see nimero. Pa pwenti Dull. pwelon an. pwen 2 an n Full stop (grammar). Pubic hair. Mache sou pwent pye To tip toe. consumptive. pwa boukousou. pweson V pwason pwezi a n Poetry*. etc. Pòl ban’m you chèk san provizyon Paul gave me a rubber check (no funds to cover it). Pwason ame Porcupine fish. in parables. Pèdi pwa To lose weight. supernatural power given by a Vodou priest. pwenti 3 To cut to a point. pwa 2 a. 2. pwente vi 1. to speak indirectly. To appear. Pwa chich Chick peas = Ciceri. pwazonnen V anpwazonnen pwèl pwèl 1 2 prouve vt To prove*. Pwa souch (chouch) Phaseolus lunatus. Pwa tann Fresh string beans. Pwason fri Small-fry. sou). pwaro V poro pwason an. puisan. stitch. 2. Pou yon pwelyèm By a hair’s breadth. pwav la n Pepper*. pweson an n Fish. Pwa maldyòk Horse bean. 2. Power. pwelyèm Tiny bit. rough. swordbean. prela n Cloth cover for a truck. Butter bean(s). pwenti 2 attrib Puckered. pwezon V pwazon . pwès. pwiske. to show up. to cast insults indirectly. extent. point (at cards). pwas attrib Thick. people not from Port-au-Prince. Lens culinaris. pwenn No. nothing doing. M’bwè pwa I give up. pst interj Hi there! (“pst” is used when calling s. Petty*. pui a. Canavalia ensiformis DC. provizyon an n 1. saying. Mete yon pwen final To put an end to. pra a n Bean.P 158 protokòl To keep a certain dignity. pwatray la n Breast (of a horse). 2. voye pwent To make allusions (pej). Nou rele provens tout kote ki pa capital yon peyi We call provinces any region of a country which is outside its capital Moun provens People outside the capital. grade(s). sharp (needle. pwisans. pwa endyen. Our split pea soup. Pwa kase Lentils. to insinuate. Pwa senkant a) Fifty pound weight used on scales. Examples and expressions: Ki pwen ou? How are you? Pwen fèb Failing. pwèl la n (Frying) pan.). Cf. Provision*(s) (food). weak point. prèl n Hair (on the body). pisans n 1. Pwa kongo Cajanus indicus. there is no -. pwa 1 a n Weight. pwent 2 la n Tire pwent. V pwal V pwelon pwela a. Pran pwen To acquire special. pwason zèl Flying fish. Other types of peas: Pwa blan. Dignitary. Fouye you pui To dig a well. to hint. Pale pwenti To speak (enunciate) each syllable unnaturally. pwen 3 an n Vodou term. Breast. pwatrinè attrib Tubercular. pwar la n Pear*. Pwav Ginen Guinea-pepper. pwa enkoni. pwa kouri. Pisum sativum L. provens la n Province*.) pti Small (used pretonically). pwèl. pliske conj Since. Yon bato pwente lan larad la A ship appeared on the horizon. Monte you cheval a pwal To ride bareback. One who has tuberculosis. Pwal je Eyelashes. b) Feeling of uneasiness caused by a problem. provèb la n Proverb*. Vitality (sexual power). Chita sou yon pwent kabann To sit on the edge of a bed. pwenson an n Shoemaker’s awl. point *. pwaya V ponya pwazon an. Pran pwa To put on weight. pwenti 1 a n Measurement (shoes). pi a n Well. pwal la. Lens esculenta. To point * (at. pea *. whereas. Pwa frans Peas. any place other than the capital. marks in school.

an infectious tropical skin disease characterized by strawberrylike excrescences mostly on the feet but particularly by hyperkeratoris with fissuring and ulcer formation). Si botin nan trò jis. pyès 1 la n 1. Gourde ($0. Li gen pye dous He has tender feet. Oto a pase ra trou a. pyano a n Piano *. hoof.o. 2. being more conscious of the original meaning. uncommon. M’suiv li pye pou pye I followed him close behind his heels. Piastre*. to beat* down. Li koupe cheve’l ra He cut his hair very short. ra adv At the level of. not thoroughly washed clothes. Koupe pye Not to go anymore where one used to go. Plan pye Sole of the foot. (Rare for “pye a tè”).20). at all. Italian. to mend. it barely missed falling in. follow the crowd. used in Vodou ceremonies. completely. Je pye Ankle bone. Tout moun danse sou yon pye Join in. pyese vt To patch (clothing). Pye koton Cotton tree. man. it is better you be barefoot. to put a patch on. improperly cooked food.159 pyafe vi To stomp. Sou pye Standing. pyas la n 1. rabè a n Reduction in price. M’pral fè you pyès I am going to get a piece. R ra 1 2 attrib Scarce. pyè tonnè n Thunderstone. Jeran an rabat zèb la nan jaden an The gardener cut down the grass in the garden. Li mouri lan pye travay li He died in the line of duty. pyeton an n Pedestrian*. measurement). rabadja vi To ramble (about). 2. to struggle. usually keeps the full form. To hem. Leve sou de pye militè (V militè). to eke out a living. Manje a kwaze pye sou lestonmak mwen That meal gave me an indigestion. Part. pyèj la n Trap. flintstone. you are a hindrance. Room. pyebwa a n Tree. li manke tonbe ladan’l The car passed very close to the hole. to cut close. .. flint. pyan an n Yaws (generally crab yaws. Mete pye nan dlo To have recourse to a Vodou priest. rabache vt To botch. Ou ap jennen pye’m You are in the way. 2. Trese pye To walk crooked. ra 3 adv Short. Istwa a san pye ni tèt That story does not make sense. tipyapya a n Little people. 5. One of many Italian musical terms used almost universally. pyèsderechanj la n Spare part. Peter*. very close to. It figures. li pa bezwen soulye pou choute balon His feet are as tough as iron. Play (theater). piece (of goods). The complete Italian word is: pianoforte. discount. no surprise. none. M’pa pyès vòlè I am not a crook at all. he does not need shoes to kick the football. Pye ni Barefoot. pyèlwa n The old polished stones (usually axheads) in which the loa resides. Pyè 2 3 1 R pyeatè Fè pyeatè To set foot on. Pye bèf Cow’s foot. even with. Pran pye sou yon moun To unduly assume authority over s. to stamp. pyèlanren n Gallstone. A pye On foot. Pye chik Sore feet. small child. Pye sal la Bum. pyon an n Pawn *. pyapya a. Li gen pye fere. Li fè travay li pyout He does his work superbly. To trim. Some languages adopted ‘piano’. Ra gagann Up to the neck. of a fruit that is not fully ripe. pye a n Foot (limb. good for nothing. pyout (onom) Usually expressing the sound of a kiss. 3. 6. to paw the ground (jumping up and down and making a lot of noise). pito ou rete pye atè If your high shoes are too tight. Wete klou nan pye chwal la Pull the nail out of the horse’s hoof. Clothes patch. Pa gen pyès moun isi a There is nobody here at all. pyanis la n Pianist*. pitfall. full. Pye kòk (or) pye kokoye Coconut tree. piece. close to. pyès 2 No. Coin (change). Pouse you pyon To make a move. not a.o. Pran you moun lan pyèj To entrap s. Pye a tè Barefoot. rabat vt 1. Li gen pye poudre He loves to walk (He has dusty feet). pyete vi To measure the length or distance with one’s feet. Yon pyès kannon A cannon. Oungan gen pyè tonnè nan peristil li pou’l fè renmèd The Vodou priest has thunderstones in the peristyle to effect the cure. make a hint. M’di pye sa’m manje m’pa ba ou I immediately started to run like crazy. beans etc. Goumen mete pye A fight started. fully. Avyon an pase ra tè The plane flew close to the ground. You gro pyès fanm A huge hunk of a woman. some ‘forte’. rabi attrib Said of anything that has not yet reached fruition. Piece*. Ra bòday To the brim. to talk nonsense. rare*. Also kind of disease of the scalp. an underdeveloped child. 4. Ra bò To the very edge. Pa mete pye yon kote Not to go somewhere. Monetary unit of exchange originating in Italy and spreading throughout the world. pyange vi To get along. to piece*. pyè 1 a n Flint. pye 2 Tree. Anvi pye bèf Hairlip (malformation of the lip).

hail (of bullets). rachonnen. rudeness. Kokoye se bon rafrechi Coconut milk is a good refreshment. Madness. a species of Vodou gods. rachennen. that caused the peas not to be well cooked. Fè you ragou To make a stew. to scratch the ground. look younger. garb. Rafrechi tèt A ritual bath for refreshing the loa in one’s head (COURLANDER). shrub. rachèt la n Hatchet*. Rad la griyen dan’l The clothes are really thread-bare. You rado A large amount. ragou a n Stew. to turn up dirt as pigs do. radio set. rafrechi 2 vt To freshen*. to chop up. Pran rak To take to the hills. I did not recognize him. Yo rachennen msye ak kout kouto. Hatchet*. ranchonnen vt To hack. laraj. ragout*. fury. a great number. radyatè a n Radiator*. Si ou radote nan zòrey mwen ou a fè’m pa chita kote ou If you keep on talking nonsense. effrontery. bush. Travayè yo rabote tè a pou yo plante pwa The workmen spaded the ground in order to plant peas. to dote*. because she bought from her. Kwafè a rabonnen tèt mwen The barber gave me a bad haircut. radyo a n Radio*. because he would not give them the money he had on him. to spade. scraper. 2. rache vt To tear out. dress. to pluck (feathers). assassinate. thicket. rabote vt To plane. rafrechi 1 a n Refreshing herb drink. to chop up (into small pieces). radas la n Ravine. rafistole V rapistole rafle vt To raffle*. rabòday n Popular carnaval group in Port-auPrince. one who talks nonsense). Rad makak Convict’s uniform. rabonnen vt To botch up (hair). rajeni vi To become. rachòt la n Type of hatchet*. rad la n Clothes. Se laraj! It is terrible! It is extraordinary. garment. radada vi To babble. to talk nonsense. sickly. a great quantity of. radyès la n Insolence. They run away. Fè radòt To rave. weeds. Pa konprann ou ap pase raj ou sou mwen Do not think that you are going to spill your venom on me. a lot of. Hardy*. rado a n 1. impertinence. V bousay. rap. Li te al chase nan rak la He went hunting in the bushland. Rad mò a The shroud. to uproot. laray n 1. to cut up. Yo kraze raje They took to the woods. raj la. to talk nonsense. disrespectful.R etc. to extract (tooth). radotay la n Blabbering. Cf. raje a n Underbrush. Se laraj lè de moun renmen It is wonderful when two persons are in love. to grind. Raphanus sativus L. and did not pay her. Rak bwa Bush. to stomp. rachetik attrib Rickety*. bafon. rach la n Ax (for felling trees). Yon rafal Lots of. li radote plis pase li di bagay serye In his speech all he did was ramble. m’pa rekonèt li He looks so young. 2. raf la n Raffle*. Ale nan raje pran kèk fèy pou fè te pou li Go in the bushes and pick some leaves so that I can make him some tea. Pat gen kont dife. Machann nan raboure madanm nan poutèt li achte nan men’l. radi 2. matoral. Ou rabote pye’m ak gro soulye ou la You stomped my foot with your big shoe. Li vin rajeni. To scold with harsh words. Ala bèl rad ou gen sou ou! Konben ou achte’l? What a beautiful dress you have on! How much did you pay for it? rada a n Vodou dance rhythm. type of Vodou service. Cf. To snatch. Rabies*. kenbe mo ou. blast. one who talks a lot (but will not do anything. forest. Raft. li pa paye’l The saleswoman scolded the lady. Rafrechi lizyè To clear again the boundary of a property (or) to repair the fence. radote vi To rave. rachitik. to flee. rablabla V blabla rabo a n Plane (tool). Refreshment*. to refresh*. li pat vle bay kòb ki te sou li They knifed the man to death. M’pa nan radòt. 160 a thing. a great deal of. I will not sit next to you. rak 1 la n Brushwood. a flock of. to polish. radotè a n Big talker. Cf. impertinent. rafal la n Gust (of wind). hadi attrib Impudent. Tout gason lan zòn nan kraze rak All the men in the area ran away. to cool off. pa ban’m manti I am not fooling. kill. radòt la n Nonsense. bold. Keep your word and stop lying. raboure vt To plow. insolent. Poukisa tout radòt sa yo? M’pa konprann anyen What is all that nonsense? I do not understand 1 . Ou pa manke radi You sure got a nerve. nonsensical idea. From: Arada. rafrechisman an n Cool drink. sa fè pwa a rabi There was not enough fire. radyografi a n X-ray (picture). M’ap ba ou you rado kout pwen I am going to beat the hell out of you with my fist. rafrechisan attrib Refreshing*. Nan diskou li a. Sa se radyès pèmèt This is the height of insolence. rage *. vi To become (get) cooler. radi a n Radish*.

andwisay. Haunches*. m’ap ba ou you rakle makak anvan ou ale lekòl If you do not study your lesson. ranboure vt To stuff. ranmye a n Ring-dove. rank. M’al lachas maten an. Li rale kò’l He got out. ranje 1 a n Row. Examples and expressions: Ranje’l ban mwen Give me good measure. beating. rann vt 1. ranbouse vt To repay. Prickly pear. I will give you a good thrashing before going to school. warehouse. encounter*. Rale mennen kase One thing led to the other. piece. shoes).. ranjman an n Bonus.. Examples and expressions: Doktè a ba li yon remèd pou’l rann pwazon li te bwè a The doctor gave him a vt To shorten. ralba a n Humdinger. Si ou rankontre tonton ou lavil la. mwen tire 6 ranmye I went hunting this morning. Ranje kabann To make the bed. he drags one foot. Old hole where one should not be. rakle 2 vt To scrape. ralfò V alfò ralonj la n Extension (cord. until. to come across. Rale monte To pull up (water from a well. to prepare. to run across. ramye a. Radyo’m nan bay bon rannman My radio is working well. rakokiye V akokiye rakomode vt To mend (clothes). spite. bitter (applies often to fruit that is not ripe). etc. rame vt To row (a boat). M’ganyen’l rankin I bear him a grudge. rakèt la n 1. wall finish. rankin nan n Rancor*. To hobble. forgotten corner. nopal. store. resentment. pad (a chair). When I arrived I found him in the throes of death. rakle 3 vi To be in the throes of death. rakle 1 a n Thrashing. rakwen an n Far. di’l m’ap tann li isit la If you meet your uncle downtown. To crawl (child). To make.161 rak 2 attrib Sour. rankontre. Usual term: pa pase. ranch la n Hip. hoard. rakousi 2 R Ret an ran Stay in line. Lè m’rive. etc. Cf. degi. grudge. ranka V renka rankè a n Rancor*. ramo a n Small branch. rarely*. to repair. to give back. to manage. ran an n Row. rendezvous*. he left. line (chairs. to tell. Also randui. ranm nan n Oar. siyekole. Yè swa m’fè rankont ak ansyen mennay mwen nan bal Last night I met my old girlfriend at a dance. randisay n Coating. li tapral mouri I went to see a sick person. vi To fail an exam (in the North only). to cause to be. to poison. randi V andui randman an. to vomit. lapli pral tonbe Gather up all the mangos. hidden. randuisay la. kontre vt To meet. ral la. line. P. Tennis racquet*. drubbling. haul*. hale vt 1. emaciated (face). Counter (of ranfòse vt To reinforce*. rakonte vt To narrate. reimburse*. rale 2 attrib Drawn in. rannman an n Yield. to lengthen. to settle. V grad. 2. rakousi 1 a n Short cut. to give a surplus. a little extra (for good measure). Cf. Euphorbia lactea Haw. ranfò a n 1. to collect. vi 1. tell him that I am waiting for him here. . kandelab. wood pigeon. 2. Rakle tè ak yon rato To rake the dirt. Encounter*. plant. De ran dlo kouri lan je’l Tears ran down his eyes. Manje a ranje The food has been ‘fixed’. ram nan. V chandelye. it is about to rain. to run into. ranje 2 vt To fix (in all meanings). Rann vizit To visit. m’jwenn li ap rakle. ramase vt To pick up. refund. M’pran yon so sou ranch mwen I fell down on my hips. to strengthen. ralonje vt To tie one piece of cord (object) to another so as to lengthen it. to fortify. to straighten out. Ranmase tout mango yo byen vit. V barad. ramak V amak raman adv Seldom. Reinforcement *. Ou panko ranje kouvè pou nou manje You did not set the table for us to eat. plastering. good result(s). I shot six wood pigeons. To pull. to rattle.). return. Mete’n an ran Fall in (milit). Ou toujou bezwen nan ran You always have to get into the act. M’al wè yon moun malad. clandestine meeting. 2.). Abitan di li mete pitit li lekòl. Li rale sou you pye (When he walks). profit. to put aside. rankont la n Meeting. etc. se pou’l bay rannman The farmer said that he put his child in school so that he should do well. Cf. a cactus with leaves resembling a racket*. it can harm or even poison. to gather.). E. to call on. rale 1. Si ou pa etidye leson ou. to abridge. randevou a n Appointment. ranmak V amak ranmase. Rakèt panyòl A medicinal plant. rakò a n Joint (plumbing). 2. to arrange *. hal la n Building (usually one-storey) used for business. Byen ranje Neat. To massage.

M’granmoun. to adjourn. I will add “rapadou” to it. Pòl pa gen anpil lajan. li rann san The woman had a miscarriage. Si ou ale ozetazini semèn sa a. To belch. quickly. rafistole vt To mend. He is grabbing everything. Ban’m pa’m san dous. 2. raple (vpr) To remember. Litter (of animals). Blag la rans The joke is not funny. rapò a n 1. to fulfill. Rann kont To give an account(ing). Madanm nan fè foskouch. to send away. ranni. to put off. To dismiss (maid. connection. patch up. Li rapistole vye soulye’l He patched up his old shoes. swiftly. manioc. rans 2 attrib Rancid. 2. rapistole. sour (butter). li rich Paul does not have much money. manioc). nab. etc. to be responsible. speed. rapidly*. Ronfle is the usual word. Pa fè’m rapò Do not tell me about him. rapidfaya adv Extremely fast. Rann ou katedral Get to the cathedral. Pa rapò a As compared to. m’a mete rapadou ladan Give me mine without sugar. quickly. vi To produce. Tout moun konnen li se ransè Everybody knows he is not serious. 4. not serious. rasp*. M’raple’m I remember. to joke. rannman V randman ranpe vi To creep. to send him away. story. 2. rapin n L’ap fè rapin He is looting. when will you rap la n Scraper. M’pa gen pou’m rann kont bay pèsonn I am 21. adv Fast. 2. joke. income (other than salary). I do not have to account to anyone. rapèl la n Call to work. to defer. Hard rolls made from syrup (by boiling sugar cane). snowball scraper. An ranyon rannafle vi To snore very loudly. rapas attrib Greedy. fast. Li gen yon gou rans It has a stale. stale. ranse vi To chatter. graj. trivialities. to substitute. employee). Report*. rape vt 1. swiftly. Li rann tèt li He surrendered. to snap back gruffly. she lost a lot of blood. but in comparison to John he is rich. ranseye vt To give information. Ase fè rans Stop acting funny (make up your mind). rapidite a n Swiftness. do you understand? ransè a n Joker. Ase di rans Stop talking nonsense. spoiled. rapidman V vit. nutmeg. In many places it serves as a substitute for sugar. rapid*. to recall. ou konprann? Children do not make fun of words spoken by adults. do not tell on him (her. rabo. bootlicker. Pwason an rann mwen malad The fish made me sick. a babbler. To seize (violently). to pull in. Fè you ranvwa 1. V rapidopresto. Rekòt la pa rann The harvest did not produce much. (A takeoff from a famous song). 3. (Vodou term). income. ranpli vt To fill. to make a report. to enter even for the first time. Ragged (clothed in rags). snatch. rapadou a n Sugar cane syrup. to make inquiries (about). stupid (person). M’pral fè rapò pou ou lapolis poutèt ou bat nonm nan I am going to report you to the police because you beat that man. ranplase vt To replace *. To talk loud. rancid taste. Yield. in comparison with. Rann yon sèvis To render* a service. To grate (ice). rapid attrib Speedy. hanni vi 1. Burp. rans 1 la n Nonsense. . to get in. ranvèse vt To spill over. to comply with (a duty). to bray. to recollect. to stand for. rapidly*. to put inside. Ou kwè se ranse m’ap ranse? You think that I am joking? Timoun pa ranse ak paròl ki sòti nan bouch granmoun. gossip. Tigason an rann vè The boy evacuated some worms. made with the drums (COURLANDER). Rantre vant ou Pull your stomach in. them). To rebuff.R 162 medicine to make him vomit the poison he had drunk. Li fè sa san rann li kont He did it unconsciously. ranpè a n Flatterer. come back to Haiti? Yon bagay ki konn rantre tankou zong chat Something which can pull in like a cat’s paw. Rann yon repons To give an answer. to return. rant la n Revenue. to knock down. rantre vt To bring something back in. 2. trash. belch. Otherwise “graje” is used (pepper. vi To reenter*. ranvwa a n Belch. To postpone. to crawl. Examples and expressions: Kabrit la pèdi rapò li The (nanny) goat lost (aborted) the kid. To neigh. Pran ransèyman (sou) To inquire (about). 2. grater for grinding nutmeg. to go back in. Often a synonym for “antre”. ranyon an n Tattered rags. to be kidding. ranvwaye. kilè ou ap rantre an Ayiti ankò If you go to the United States this week. Also Vodou term. Rann sèvis bay chagren While rendering a service you may get into trouble. to yield. ranvoye vt 1. to run over. person who is no good. men pa rapò a Jan. to chase away. Poukisa ou rape mont la nan men’m konsa? Why did you snatch the watch from my hand? 3. Cf. Relation. seek information concerning. rapidopresto adv Fast. To cast a spell on someone. swift. ransèyman an n Information. to make a lot of noise. Li ranpli tout fòm yo He made out all the forms.

to lay waste. m’voye you bon dan ba ou. M’razè jodi a. Ti rapya Small children. In Salerno. etc. Oto a raze trotwa a The car was traveling close to the sidewalk. kind. to put together. Breed. family. raso a n Whip. to cluster. annoying. to gather what is needed. rapouswiv 1 la n coconut cake). to assemble*. Tonbe nan rara To fall on evil days. vi To continue. (R. 2. E. 2. sanble vi To gather. a large quantity. underdeveloped. ratman an n Misfire. 2. beat up. Ras blanch White race. fò ou sanble dife To cook a meal. ravèt la n Cockroach (the large type common in U. Vwa rara Raucous. because there is no rainfall. shortage.).G. the stream gets drier and drier (shrinks). worthless. rallying. ra. and many.163 rapòte vi To yield (fruit. Cf. store food. An Ayiti se Leyogàn ki gen pi bon rara In Haiti the best rara takes place in Leogane. Kwafè a fè chemen rat lan tèt mwen The barber botched up my hair. Kon mwa mas rive larivyè ratresi. decimate. but it is only when you live with them. Also fo dan. Gen bon ras moun. rate 1 a. To amass. 3. Pale angle pase rat To speak English like a native. Avyon an raze tèt kay yo The plane flew close to the housetops. to convene. Se moun rayisab He is an envious person. In Cuba they say Ratoncito. loose woman. titte. out of funds. rasazye attrib To be filled with food (person). rarte n Scarcity. ratresi. (‘tetto’). bring in. Boring. (fig) Yon rarabwa A very talkative person. to brush by. to come very close to while passing. Rat. Rarity*. dull. rawn nan n Round* (in boxing).). raze vt 1. Bay ratman To misfire. envy. ratatouy la n Canaille.S. pillage. rapya a. rayisman an n Hate. rapyay la n Worthless. rato a n Rake. Pwèl raz Short pubic hair. that you get to know them. many other countries similar sayings exist. species. rarabwa V rara ras la. Also applied to a person who is physically not fully developed for his age. razè attrib Broke. shrink. to get together. Ravèt blanch la Albino.U. insignificant person. Popular street dance during the Holy week. uninteresting. rat. retresi. noise maker. to go on. you have to gather the fire (to pile up the coal or sticks and start the fire). to congregate. Short. m’pa konnen ki rout pou’m fè pou’m jwenn you kòb prete I am really broke today. a great number. To shave. men se lè ou viv ak yo ou konnen yo There are good people.). take in (clothes). loud harsh voice. Myèl yo ap ravitaye The bees are gathering pollen to make honey. 3. Yon ras A lot. Fè ravaj To cause damage. ratyè a n Rat*-trap. people of no consequence. I do not know where to turn to borrow some money. Rate kou (or) manke kou To lose an opportunity. give (render). miserable. lapli pa tonbe When March rolls around. e ménami lu dritto. sack. satiated*. Youn rayi lòt other. ravage *. rate 2 vt To miss. ravaj la n Damage. l’al frape you kamyon sou rout li The train left the track and collided with a truck in its path. . rasire vt To reassure*. ratoncito. rasanbleman an n Gathering. rara a n 1. assembling *. ravitaye vi To collect. tresi vi To contract. to report*. repeat. titte. Rattle. toma tu diente y dame el mío It seems that in India. rapòtè a n Spy. ordinary. recede. ray la n Track. rasyon an n Rations*. gulley. rasin nan n Root. Race *. hollow. Tren an pèdi ray. to get tired of. rata You rata A lot of. laras n 1. Cf. L’al rapòte bay patron an tou sa ouvriye yo fè He went to report to the boss everything the workers did. To have intercourse with. Voye you move dan pou mwen This is what a child is taught to say when a tooth has fallen out. raproche vt To bring near. rat. They hate each rapouswiv 2 vt To pursue (to go after). A type of ‘tablet’ (type of R are taught to say Titte. prep Close to. egotistical. rat la n Rat. Relatives. t’èccoti lu stuorto. Rat mode soufle Hypocrite. 2. to become narrower. Malfini manje tout ras poul ki te genyen (or) malfini kaba ras poul (yo) The hawk exterminated all the chickens. Li pase raz mi an He passed close to the wall. rasi attrib Stale. to be fed up with. Rail *. ravaje vt To lay waste. the Lenten festival. rayi vt To hate *. children rayisab attrib Selfish. vt To collect. rasanble. produce. ratelye a n Denture. raz attrib 1. hateful. L’ap fè rayisab He acts in a selfish manner. many. Pou ou kuit manje. Also rarabwa and rarafèblan. informer. origin. smaller. vulgar person. ravajè attrib Destructive (person). ravin nan n Ravine*. destitute.

refize. I barely touched him. Pa achte recho ki fèt ak tòl. Li an rebelyon He is rebelling. re a n Ray*. Suit (of clothes). 2. Nou te byen. gade. refwadi. To do again. to chill. shrewd. stove. rendong. redi redi 2 3 vi To strive. we had a falling out. sniveling. nou fache. To settle. put in order. rechanj la. Poukisa pitit la ap rechiyen tout tan? Li gen lè malad Why is that child always crying? Maybe he is sick. pechè yo pa pote semèn sa a Rays are tasty. Kenbe kò ou rèd Stand up straight. to work hard attrib Drawn in (face). regadan attrib Said of someone who will not give you anything unless you give him something. rechap n Salvation. straightforward. Refè travay la. rechaje vt To recharge*. to be sullen. To heal. reflechi vi To reflect*. rebò a n Edge. Ala timoun rechiya. to curtail.R razibis vt To grab. unwieldy. to be reticent. Derechanj Spare. l’ap fè rebèl The girl does not obey me anymore. redi 1 vt To pull. To check. rebitan attrib Disgusting. to remake. Also lin. uprising. without salvation. li rebondi. To get at. li rele pou granmesi Look at that cry-baby. gade vt To concern. problem (child). taut. rebite vi To be repelling (to somebody). 2. pentad la mouri rèd I fired one shot. 2. unyielding. refi a. Sa ou ap reflechi konsa? What are you thinking about? refleksyon an n Reflection*. rebèl attrib Reticent. V konsène. rechany n 1. Tifi a pa vle obeyi’m ankò. To become emaciated. sickening. rebellious. Yon ti refè An amelioration (after an illness). yo pa bon Do not buy a brazier made out of tin. 4. recho a n Trivet. To regulate*. redui. M’tande’l fè you refleksyon I heard him express a thought. redesann vi To come down again. rechiya attrib Whimpering. Cf. 3. it is not good. Tough. Li rebondi vi To bounce* back (rubber ball). règ la n 1. menstrual period. rebellious*. smart. Pwason re gen bon gou. rechèch la n (Re)search*. M’tire you sèl kou. li pran’l nan tèt Morris kicked the ball against the wall. thought. derefize vt & vi To resist. 3. he wants something in return. refiz la n Refusal*. to be unwilling to. redengòt la. (at). vi 1. Rule. Used to describe children who mumble (cry) for no reason at all. Rebò fenèt Window-sill. or if he gives you something. regle vt 1. redwi vt To reduce*. rebyen To become friends again. disobedient. refwadisman an n Chill (sickness). Kò’l vin rèd His body stiffened. because it’s hot. to rebel violently. reditil attrib Hardheaded. razwa a n Razor*. Moris choute boul la nan mi an. Nan règ Properly. Sa ki pi rèd la What is worse. disobedient. Fè rebèl To refuse. Boulon an refize sòti The bolt just would not come out. rigid*. 164 Rèdchèch Completely. drastic. they are not good. Hard. vt To say again. nou rebyen We were friends. brim. stiff. stubborn. refijye. M’refè apre twa mwa maladi I am recovered now after being ill for three months. brazier. Li mouri rèdchèch He became cold (stiff). cunning. Refize bay To withhold. M’pote asyèt labouyi a nan rebò pou’m pa boule paske’l cho I hold the plate of porridge on the rim. San rechap No escape. to refuse. to get even with (take vengeance on). . More and more being replaced by kostim. rechiyen vi To cry. to reckon. rim. refè vt 1. now we are friends again. and the guinea hen died cold. so I won’t get burned. to make one get well and recover. charcoal burner. rendengòt la n Frock-coat. Se medikaman sa a ki refè’m It was this medicine that restored me. 2. rebelyon an n Rebellion*. but the fishermen did not bring any this week. rebat vt To reshuffle. redonn. E. Menstruation. to reload. to steal. recholye a n Stove maker. Hard to handle. rafredi vi To cool (off). regade. to reject. 2. mumbling. It bounced back and hit him in the head. regilye attrib Regular*. to ponder. and he keeps on crying for nothing. rondong attrib Hardheaded. rega a n Look. 3. rèd attrib 1. 2. to make up. rebise vi To repeat once again. To decrease. to reproduce. She has become rebellious. Sa pa gade’m (or) Sa pa regade’m That does not concern me. coppersmith who makes braziers. Ruler. Ou nan recho You are in trouble. refije vi To take refuge*. Border*. li pa bon Redo the work. to restore. to make one feel better after an illness. Soup la rebite’m The soup is sickening to me. Pyès derechanj Spare parts. skate ( a fish). to count. you ti kou mwen ba li. Riding coat*.

to reunite with. rejim nan n 1. I no longer serve them. to resume. and said he would fix her. kyoule. to promote. E. m’pap sèvi lwa ankò I rejected the Vodou gods. advertisement. shout. gen lè s ò Nenèt mouri I hear weeping in the hills. V batistè. to be delighted. Mèt zafè reklame zafè’l.e. Ala regrèt m’regrèt sa What a shame! I am so sorry. vi To throw up. To register (a letter). 3. rejects*. M’tande rèl nan mòn nan. to regret*. you must give it to him. rejyon an n Region*. regrete vt To be sorry. tchoule. he will not recognize him legally. regretan attrib Regrettable*. rejete. reken an n Shark. if picked and placed under proper temperature. Li bat rekò a He topped the record. walk back(wards). m’pa konn ki kote yo prale I see a group of people on the mountain. regou V egou regrèt. rekòlt la. To recommend *. rekò a n Record *. cry. reap. First place. rekonnèt vt 1. Fè reklam pou To advertise. rekonpans la n Reward. reklame vt To claim *. rekondui. step back. crop. rekoud vt To sew up again. li di’l l’ape regle’l He was quite angry. R rekile. to vomit. 2. I do not know where they are going. and are always kicking. You rejiman Many a. recreation*. Said of fruit which have reached an advanced stage of maturity to the point where. rèl la. rekòmanse. To recognize*. Also fè rekòt. rekonesan attrib Grateful. to shout. Diet. loan shark. He put the woman out. hèk attrib 1. legliz n Licorice* (medicinal plant). rekonsilye vi To make up. recompense*. (syn) fè bak. regleman an n Accounting. to yell. kalsitran attrib Moun pa renmen wè timoun kalsitran People do not like to see children who are obstinate. rekalsitran. settlement of accounts. reglis la. to detect. they can ripen. reklamasyon an n Claim *. rekonmanse vt & vi To start again. Crude. rejwi vi To rejoice *. recoil*. . Fè you rèl To utter a cry. howl. rekòlte vt To harvest. a large group of. weeping. (pop) To know a person. rekonpanse vt To reward. Bon nouvèl sa a rejwi tout moun nan peyi a The good news made every one rejoice. prize. rejiman an n Regiment*. there occurred a formal campaign by the Catholic church asking all the faithful to reject all heretical beliefs. to retreat. N’ap regle kòb la pou nou wè si’l kont We will count the money to see if it is enough. rekreasyon an n Class recess. Ane sa a gen you bèl rekòt kafe nan nò This year they had a fine coffee harvest up North. 2. to begin again. li mete fi a deyò. se pou ou ba li’l When the owner asks for his property. rekonsilyasyon an n Reconciliation*. area. it seems that sister Antoinette died. registry * (book). Kreyol rèk Crude Creole. Li pote rekò He is tops. Anpil abitan ap ride Jozèf fè rekòt Many other farmers are helping Joseph harvest his crops. rekòt n Harvest. complaint. to be cheerful. to accept legal responsibility for one’s own child (born out of wedlock). M’wè yon rejiman moun nan mòn nan. vi To renounce (in a religious sense). To officially recognize (acknowledge) a child as one’s own (with reference to one born out of wedlock). rekondi vt To show out (a visitor). rekòmande vt 1. a lot of. rejte. 1943. Ala regretan! What a shame! regrete V regrèt rejè a n Discards.165 fache you fache. i. to rejoin*. she starts backing up. Se regretan sa pou n’antere Sole It is regrettable to bury Sole (from a song). to reconcile*. vt To make happy. Kou chat wè chen li kyoule When a cat sees a dog. regulation*. li pa ba li rejis (batistè) The man says that the child is not his. tyoule vi To move back. Mouche di pitit la pa pou li. rekouche vi To go back to bed. Bunch (of bananas). rekonèt. Fè reklamasyon To lay claim to. rekòmandasyon an n Recommendation*. rejis la n Register*. Doktè’m mete’m nan rejim My doctor put me on a diet. to boast about something. rejte vt To reject*. to recompense*. Cf. reklam nan n Advertising. to claim one’s due. to meet (to make the acquaintance of). 2. Mwen pral fè regleman I am going to balance our accounts. Li fè you rèl sou mwen He yelled at me. 2. hèl n Scream. rejwenn vt To go back to. back up. Mande regleman To ask for an accounting. rechte vt To reject *. rèk. Kouzen Andre rekòlte anpil mayi ak pitimi Cousin Andrew harvested a lot of corn and millet. M’rejte. yell. c. rekonesans la n Gratitude.

sly. remete vt 1. hesitant. to surrender. In rags. Remèd fèy A natural country herb medicine. relation *. To be called. renmò a n Remorse*. rèl do a n Area of the spine. Manje a remonte lestomak mwen The meal has restored my strength. Renmen an pat dire The love affair did not last. take them to the shoemaker in town. hats). Rete se remèd kò Calm down for your own good. Ki relasyon ou ak li? How do you get along with him? What are your connections with him? rèldo a. remye vt To scratch. remere Vant a remere Sale with option to repurchase. Li dwe mekanisyen an. To call (to summon). rende V ede rendengòt V redengòt renk Any. Ki sa ou remake? M’remake li fè kèk jou li pa vini lakay ou Did you notice anything? I noticed that he has not visited you in the last few days. ranka attrib Fearful.. Rèn chantrèl Principal female singer in a popular religious singing group or choir. remèsi vt To thank. to be named. m’pa ka remonte’l ankò I climbed that mountain. Lapli a bay remak tonbe jodi a It looks like rain today. borrowing is . To remark*. Yo rele’m Fayo My name is Raphael. Renn bouzen A real whore. To put back. To discard. to cry (out). I cannot climb it again. To love. to cherish.. remedy*. Li remize machin nan bonè jodi a He stored the car in the garage very early today. renmèd V remèd renmen 1 an n Love affair. To climb up again. a small piece. releng 1 lan n A strip. to take drugs. Fè remak To observe. to get even with. remize vt 1. renn. Also releng 2 refl v To hide one’s self from s. if you borrowed it. rekindle. in equal parts. to strive. ele vi 1. remèsi V remèsye remèsiman an n Thanks. to dock. Remete you bagay lan plas li To put something back (where it was before). He is master of his tongue. Renka kò ou Move along. car. 3. to give back. renmèt vt To deliver. relimen vt To put back on the light. so that he can repair them for you. renmen 2 vt 1. to force yourself. Figi li bay remak li malad He looks like he is sick. you must return it. to move backwards. to be fond of. vi To go up again. pote’l kay you kòdonnye lavil la pou remonte’l pou ou If your shoes are coming apart.. to tug. fò ou remèt Giving is one thing. renka 1. M’monte mòn nan you fwa. remedy* (as opposed to pharmaceuticals). 2. relationship*. to observe. To boost. Renk Bondye ki konnen sa Only God knows that. Pa renmen To relasyon an n Important connections. To shout at. medicine. prete se prete. apprehensive.R 166 something else. remèsye. Relimen lanp la (ankò) Put on the light (again). Dyòl li rele’l se pa’l He is a good talker. remiz la n Garage to store automobiles. maybe he is sick. M’pa renmen figi’l ditou I do not like his looks at all. Li plonje. Yo pete (kase) ren’l They fired him. notice. remak la n Observation. To call. To park (to store) a vehicle in a garage. ranka refl V To move. to name s. Bay se bay. renn nan n Reins* (for riding horses). 2.). Renk ti van kab koule bato sa a The slightest wind can capsize that boat. to bring up again. remòke vt To tow. remake vt To notice. Se pou ou rele sou kò ou You have to make an effort. larenn n Queen. se pou sa l’ap releng kò li He owes the mechanic some money. that is why he is hiding from him. discontinue using. Remete lòd To restore order. Remèt monnen To give back the change. remonte vt 1. He does whatever he wants with his mouth. rèn 1 nan.o. filang. to rehabilitate. To wear again (clothes. remark *. Yo remèt mwen monnen I got change in return. half and half. V chini do. 2. remèd la. hip(s). li pa remonte He took a dive and did not get up again. remò a. Se pou ou remonte moral li You will have to boost his morale. ren an n Loin(s). devout. relijyon an n Religion*. it is time you throw them away. renka 2. renmèd n Cure. only. scream. relye vt To bind (book). Remwe tè a anvan ou plante pwa ladan pou ou ka gen bon rekòt Scratch the earth before planting beans in order to get a good crop. rèn 2 nan. shout. vt 1. Lè soulye ou la chire. li lè pou remize li Those shoes are no longer any good. An releng 1. Chwal la te renka The horse was sly. the slightest. To hail* (a taxi. 2. to agitate. 2. to remit*. Rele sou. rele. to shout. Rele fò To roar. remwe. to yell at. Rele dèyè To get after (to tell someone to behave). 3. to return. etc. si ou prete. Soulye sa a pa bon ankò. to restore. relijye attrib Religious*. to stir. To recondition (shoes). remedye vi To take medicine. 2. To yell. To like. Furtively. Examples and expressions: Ki sa ou rele yo? What do you call them? Kòman ou rele? What is your name? Lajan’m rele’m se pa’m I can do what I want with my own money.. Remèt kou To return the blow. pious. Ren pou ren Equally. kidney(s).o. remèt.

To iron (clothes. renown*. li pa gen bon sant. generally means ‘renowned’. rès la n Remainder. he is galloping too much. to make amends. is lademann. to welcome. repiyans la n Disgust. Rès manje Scraps. Reponn pou To answer for. where the host is laid while prayers are recited and religious hymns are sung on special occasions. repairing*. ou a tonbe Hold back the horse. of ill repute. nasty (taste). To strain one’s self (for instance from physical effort). Li repite pou sa He has that reputation. repons la n Answer.167 dislike. Pye mango a rente. to put on new soles. 2. reply. To exhaust. renonse vt To renounce*. repròch la n Reproach*. hair). to practice. to practice. surplus. rennen 2 R replen vt To refill. repitasyon an n Reputation*. Li fè rès ak mwen He strove (tried). resevwa vt 1. 3. reprezantasyon an n Representation*. resansman an n Census*.. repite attrib Notorious (for). but I do not tell lies. To answer. reselè a (male). resi 2 V reyisi . to mend. reselèz la (female) receiver of stolen goods. leavings. to repair*. Reproche’m. to go over (one’s lessons). to take responsibility for. respond *. repute*. rense vt 1. m’pa fè manti Go ahead and blame me. change (money). It does not smell good. 2. 2. it does not taste good. repasèz la n Ironing woman. rente. To affect. 2. ability to face a situation. repulsion. rehearsal. repantans la n Repentance*. replant*. Li repoze kesyon an He asked the question again. resanblans la n Resemblance*. vi To be in love. li pa gen bon gou That food is disgusting to me. repare vt To restore. repugnance *. to recur. resèt la n Earnings. renmèt V remet renn nan V rèn (1 & 2) rennen 1 vt To hold back (the reins*). trè byen. repiyen vt To be repugnant* (or) distasteful. repouse repel. Yo renmen They love each other. resepsyon an n Reception* (party). reponn vt & vi 1. Also Vodou term. rest*. reny nan n Reign*. Stunted. repase vt 1. to have a reaction. to wear out. Rennen chwal la. response*. to be in the habit of. to receive *. repo a n Rest. To start again. li galope tròp. To wash lightly.. acknowledgement of payment. men. repugnant*. repoze 1. Likeness. To love to. M’te rente kò’m pou ou I worked my bones off for you. vi To pass* again. repoze 2 vt To ask again. vt To push* away. Bri a reponn mwen nan tèt The noise had a reaction on my head. Administration. money collected. to soak. He did his best to . resi 1 a n Receipt*. residue. M’rense kò’m I washed myself a second time. 2. To review. repiyan attrib Sickening. receipt *. Kite’m an repo! Leave me alone! Leave me in peace! repondong nan n Competence. to repose*. Reprann travay apre vakans To resume work after a vacation. to love each other. repanti vi To repent*. repetisyon an n Repetition*. To obtain. V merès. To rinse*. To serve refreshments or food to guests.. reprezante vt To represent*. n Fence. to regain. Renmen ak To be in love with. leftovers. 2. Manje sa a repiyen’m. Usual word however.. repete vt & vi To repeat*. (pop) Marriage proposal. replante vt To transplant*. you will fall down. repedale vi To take the road again. Li reprann kò’l He came back to his senses. erente vt 1. Dlo repiyans Magic potion. poze vi To rest. to repulse*. reproche vt To blame. to reproach*. begged and begged me to . repozwa a n An altar placed at various stopping points during a procession. blame. repiblik la n Republic*. Li renmen gen maltèt He often has headaches. li pa jwenn lapli The mango tree is stunted and did not grow because there was no rain. renyen kay la n Back outside corner of a house. reparasyon an n Repair(s). to recover. Fè repetisyon To rehearse. fame. renome a n Reputation. repouse 1 To stiffen one’s hips. to rehearse. recipe*. resemele vt To resole. to resume. reprann vt To take (up) again. to 2 vi To grow again. Reprann konesans To regain consciousness. reparèt vi To reappear*.

One who will sell his soul (submissive). to come back. retresi V ratresi retrèt la n Retreat *. 2. stop. retape a n Type of hat. to wait. To subtract. reskonsab attrib Responsible*. En route. reskonsablite n Responsibility*. resite vt To recite*. keep your respect. to continue to be. reta a n Delay. gate-crasher. Fè reta To be late. i. retavèk n 1. rèv la n Dream. to stand for. to put off. rete gade. to live. restrenn vt To restrain *. Ki bò ou rete? Where are you staying? Where do you live? Rete avèk To live in with (as a servant) . ticket. stop it. respekte vt To respect*. Keep quiet. Servant who lives in.R resif la n Reef (of rocks). to strip. you will find out.e. M’pa ret avè ou I do not have to listen to you. pieces of material left over after cuttings. retire. Pardon my French. I have only three bags left. To stop.e. to last. Respè m’dwe figi ou With due respect. i. To pull (out of). M’pa restavèk ou. San rete Over and over. responsablite a. Rete dat To fix a date. overdue (payment). wete vt To get out. to stay. to remove. Ret trankil Stop it. ret vi To remain. . ‘Is anyone home’ and the answer is ‘respè’. ret Pretonic form for rete. to hold back. Yon kay ki pa rete ak kay A house superior to all others (beyond comparison). Examples and expressions: Rete! What! (Interj. to abridge. reskonsab V responsab reskonsablite V responsablite resò a n (Metal) Spring. Li koud tout ti moso retay ki te ganyen. I stopped for two days in Saint Marc. to halt. retirement. To retain *. to get back. Pa fè’m an reta. Bay reta To detain. E. Si ou wè you machin. revandè a (male). restan an n Remainder. revandèz la (fem) n Retailer. restavèk la. respektab attrib Respectable*. to take off (clothes. retounen. Si ou vle viv byen pami moun. Monte sou resif To fail. m’prese Do not make me be late. denoting surprise). rest*. An reta Late. pa rape boul la nan men’m I am not your servant. Type of coconut brittle. rete li If you see a car. to be left (over). responsab. Pran revanch To take revenge. retrouse vt To turn up (one’s sleeves). Gran nèg yo gen anpil restavèk lakay yo Rich people have a lot of servants who live in. survivor. retni vt 1. Biye ale retou Round trip respè a. rete. revanj n Revenge*. Retire nan kòsay To get rid of (an undesirable person). Cf. bed spring. scraps. revandikasyon an n (Just) Demand(s). ‘Yes. 168 retay la n Cuttings. reto n Rhetoric * (senior year in highschool). ou a wè I tell you he is going to do that. move the broom out of the way. salesperson. Retire bale sa a nan mitan chemen an Move that broom from the middle of the road. to curtail. Li toujou an reta He is always tardy*. to get off. retou a n Return *. Excuse the vernacular. vt To stop. resiyòl V rosiyòl reskape a n 1. Obstacle. A person rescued. Li pa mete restan moun He will not wear second hand things. M’sòti Pòtoprens m’pral Okap. inn. Onè! Respè (A visitor says ‘onè’. to restrict*. respire vi To breathe. restoran an n Restaurant*. To withdraw. respiration*. remnant. respe a n Respect*. I am in a hurry. li fè you dra She sewed all pieces of material that had been left over and made a beautiful sheet with them. Often used as auxiliary. “Sòf vòt respè” (or) “Respè m’gen pou ou” (or) “Respè m’dwe ou” If you allow me. shoes). resavèk. vender*. resisite vi To resurrect*. to restrain. se fè respè ou If you want to live well. 2. Do not sleep.e. Rete dèyè To fall behind. Reskiyè toujou ap siveye kote ki gen fèt pou yo ale Parasites are always looking for receptions to attend. vengeance*. pension. i. to make a stop-over. Rèv je klè Daydream. to hold back. to take away. do not snatch the ball out of my hand. Never found at the end of a sentence. liable. Li mouri dezan apre li te fin retrete He died two years after having retired. inhabit. revanch la. respirasyon an n Breathing. Retire nanm The act of removing the soul from a body (COURLANDER). M’di ou li pral fè sa. to curb. M’ret fè de jou Sen Mak I left Port-au-Prince heading for Cape Haitian. to hold up. Tann you ti moman. I am not your servant. Rete pran To accept one’s fate. reto V retorik retorik la. 2. and I salute you’). retire*. revann vt To resell. left-over. m’rete twa sak Wait a moment. Wait and see. to go back. pa rèt ap dòmi [From a song] Jesus said: Wake up. parasite. Jezi di veye. Pran retrèt To retire from work. reskiyè a n Sponger. retif attrib Unmanageable. tounen vi To return *. restive*. retrete vi To retire.

ribanbèl Reveling. reyini vt To put together. to unite*. Rezen maron Dove plum. li pa di tenten He reasons well. An Ayiti se Monwi ki fè pi bon rezen In Haiti. Tout . to materialize. you have to exert a great effort. Ou pa reyalize sa li di la a You do not realize what he said. reyèlteman adv Really*. authentic. Li rezonnen byen. Li reyisi lan komès He prospers (succeeds) in business. Reyèlman vre In truth. reviv vt To relive. revòlvè a n Gun.. reunion*. revi a n Magazine. to solve* (a problem). revolte vi To revolt*. revèy 2 Ant somèy e revèy Still half asleep. Gen rezon To be right. 3 riban an n Ribbon*. rezon an. M’tèlman kontan nouvèl sa a. Plim a rezèvwa rezèvwa a n Tank. motive. rezoud vt To resolve*.. feast. the best grapes come from Monrouis. to assemble. Jaden rezen Vineyard. Rezen lanmè Sea-grape.. reze vt 1. distinguished. reveye ou reveye’m nan You simply killed me by waking me up. Also Rezen sèk Raisin. revòlte. reyisi.169 reve vi & vt To dream. Yo ri’m They laugh at me. To raise* (in poker). larezon n Reason *. reverans la V lareverans revèy 1 la n Alarm clock. to get together. to “finally make it”. ri 1 a n Street. reservation*. rezonnen 2. reveye vt To awaken. Yon bwat rezen A box of raisins. laugh at. to be hilarious. to be successful. to gather. to assemble. rezèv la n Reserve*. dismissal. polite. 2. m’ri. to congregate. revolver*. To realize*. Used only as an adj. to resign* rezolisyon an n Resolution*. San rezilta Fruitless. M’reveye trò bonè I woke up too early. reyalize vt To accomplish. repeal. Tire yon rezon To draw lots. m’ri jouk mwen kriye I was so happy about what happened that I laughed “till I cried”. vi To wake up. to meet. reyaji vi To react*. rezistans la n Resistance*. uprising. rezèvasyon an n Reservation*. Ri senp One way street. V lari. rezonab attrib Reasonable*. reservoir*. rezilta a n Result *. rezone V rezonnen rezònman an n Reasoning. To come to. to wake up. revini vi To revive after fainting. disband. reziste vi To resist*. An reyalite Actually. V konesans. Fountain pen. Reverse *. real*. to carry out (project). Fè ribanbèl To celebrate. Se jodi m’ap soufri. As a subs. truly. revolisyon an n Revolution*. reyon 1 2 R an n Ray*. To regain consciousness. m’resi fini ak lekòl sa a I have been suffering such a long time. Sa ou reve? What did you dream about? revè a n 1. misfortune. to rebel. rezone vi To reason *. rezonnen 1. revokasyon an n Revocation*. Pye rezen Grape-vine. I finally finished school. reveyon an n Christmas eve party. reyèl attrib Actual. to revoke*. to collect. You kout revòlvè A gunshot. Liv sa a fè moun ri anpil This book is very funny.o. reyèlman. to carouse. rich *. To overcome (difficulties). BEAUBRUN/A-7: Se tiye ou tiye’m. to collect. to rise (kont. beam. To con. revoke vt To fire (from employment). resi vi To succeed. revni. reyalite a n Reality*. to sock it to s. against). Plan’l yo pa reyisi His plans fell through. reyinyon an n Meeting. to deceive with subterfuge. effective. he is not talking nonsense. ri vi & vt To laugh. Anvan ou reyalize gro proje sa a ou gen pou fè anpil efò Before succeeding in that project. To dismiss. to have the upper hand. Underside of the lapel. Fè rezèvasyon To make a reservation. trouble. reyaksyon an n Reaction*. use Moun rich A rich person. outcome. to bring about. raisins *. revenan an n The ghost of a dissatisfied person who comes to haunt the living. rezone vi To resound*. acquiesce.. review*. rezève rezève 1 2 vt To reserve*. Change for the worst. To submit. to achieve. Se pa rezon pou There is no cause to. to withstand. reyon X n X ray*. 2. reziyen vpr one’s self. attrib Reserved*. Ki bay bon rezilta Effective. 2. rezen an n Grape(s). rich attrib Wealthy. laugh. ri 2 a n Laughter. vi To come together.

too far out of line. to lash. Dance. tall. ris n Risk*. to get to (a place). Bon. rim nan n Head cold. be he rich or poor. Anvan li fè ti travay sa a. loud. rido a n Curtain. usually found in riverbeds. clever. pebble. oma n Crayfish. ronma. menm si li rich Everyone has a right to live. and you are joking with me. Rive yon lè There came a time. rif la n (Jack) plane (tool). tricky (female). lobster. Antre lan ron To get in step. laughable. brook. Pye bwadchenn nan ro. rigwaz la. Stop playing around. To happen. rodonn. Yo pèdi ròl yo They acted in a manner unbecoming to their station in life. Do not bother me. wodonn attrib Hard to handle. wòb la n Dress. 3. current. so it will not melt. Nou rive genyen We finally won. a gesture. to walk around. ròklò. rode. rive vi 1. li toujou move The boy is ill-mannered. gutter. etc. peevish. E. rodaye. ròb la. robe *. ride V ede ridikil attrib Ridiculous*. ou ap fè rizib ak mwen I am telling you something serious. rivyè a. tricky. to take place. womaren n Rosemary* (plant). wobinèt la n Faucet. pa fè rizib O. risk la. to run a risk *. circle. Li aji ak riz He is tricky. rigòl la n Ditch. 3. rizib attrib Funny. to reach (a place). ruse *. at one point. M’ap di ou yon bagay serye. ripay la n Shavings. riskan attrib Dangerous. Ròb jip a kòsaj A two piece dress (blouse and skirt). redonn. to grin. rivèt la n Rivet*. to make a move (toward). rebellious. to do as the others are doing. Fè ròl ou (or) Rete nan ròl ou Keep your distance. ròch la. li parese Before doing this little piece of work. canal. romaren an. To arrive*. take the shavings and put them around the ice. Fè ròklò To be rebellious. rigweze vt To whip. richès la n Wealth. enter religious orders. Ring. apiary. ròd. rimay Fè rimay To make a movement. Ròch galèt la Pebble. To befall.K. rid la n Furrow. rize attrib Cunning. rololoy Beautiful! Magnificent! ròm V ronm roma a. Fè redonn To be disobedient. riches*. Tout timoun gan riz All children are artful and clever. rogatwa V ogatwa ròkèt la. wobis attrib Angry. Fè yon rive To go for a moment to a specified place. 2. role*. menm si li pòv. V ruinen rip la n Chips. lash. wily. richa a n A very rich* person. rizèz attrib Cunning. to come about. excessive. 2. drain. rock. wòch la n Stone. Ti gason an robis. òkèt. Yo pase’l nan rizib They made fun of him.R 170 moun fèt pou viv. rikannen vi To laugh. rinen rinen 1 2 vi To urinate*. he becomes moody. ròdpòte. recalcitrant. rigwèz n Whip. wòklò attrib Rebellious. Lè bòs la fin rabote planch yo. riz la n Trick. To succeed (in doing). to run around. ridiculous*. stream. roman an. capricious. Cf. to imperil. pipi. pran rip yo mete yo nan glas la pou’l pa fonn When the carpenter finishes planing the boards. Vòlè yo ap rodaye bò kay la The thieves are prowling around the house. robis. ludicrous. wodaye vi To keep prowling. Mwen te prèske rive lakay mwen I almost reached my house. won an n 1. ròchapyè a. robinè. Mwen pi ro pase ou I am taller than you. difficult. Fè robis To be ill-bred. rebellious. wrinkle. creek. Jozèf riske vi’l pou’l sove papa’l Joseph risked his life to save his father. Pran ròb To take the veil. churlish. kon ou di’l you bagay. Vire ron To turn around* and around. to dare. risky*. rimatis la n Rheumatism*. tap. V fwèt. horsewhip. trench. if you say something to him. riske vt To venture. riche a n Beehive. ròch a pyè n Silex. romans la n Love song. to occur. wo attrib High. wòd adv Extremely. too much. (usu) pise. wood shavings. to stop by. Examples and expressions: Lè l’rive Upon his arrival. wode vi To prowl. to hazard. He is just lazy. he talks a lot. Do not get out of place. m’pa konn otè’l The oak tree is tall but I do not know its height. wòdpòte. woma. robinèt la. . hard-headed. ron 1 an. woman n Novel. to risk*. wòl la n Part. larivyè a n River*. wòkèt n Hiccup. 4. ròl la. riral attrib Rural*. ro. A game: ring around the rosie. li pale ròd pòte.

woulèt n Hem (of clothes). lamenting. wonwonnen vi To purr. hoholi. Rèk. wons la n Briar. Kapo rou Hubcap. ronma V roma ronn nan. To redden. To grind (corn). Mouri ront To die of shame. To blush. rouke. Rou de rechanj Spare tire. jòn. Cf. 2. ront 2 la. you rendered me so many services. rouj 2 la. Limyè a vin rouj The (traffic) light turned red. wouji vi 1. roti 2 a. Sesamum orientale L. to drive around. wote vi To eruct*. colloquial E. To deceive. wondonmon Fè rondonmon To be rebellious. rondèl la. ronje. inexperienced. . Mimosa pudica L. vt To shrug. rontèz la. the howl of the dog when it thinks that it sees an evil spirit. Do not let him roll* (deceive) you. ronfle 1. wòs n 1. rondonmon. tèlman ou rann mwen sèvis I am ashamed to come to you again. Resiyòl manje kòròsol Nightingales eat soursops (From a popular children’s song). rouj 1. ronz refl v To move. roule. mi. roukou a. Creole uses also: roujalèv. wowoli n Sesame seed. vèt. Chak jou li sove nan klas. wonyen vt To gnaw. rose. lipstick tree. l’al fè roul nan Bisantnè Everyday he skips (leaves) class and goes loitering in the Bicentennial Quarter. roujalèv la. ronte Shameful. to refuse to obey. to budge. ròm. rons la. ronyen. shy. woti n Roast*. Si ou pa koute sa m’di ou m’ap ronpi ou If you do not listen to what I tell you. Cf. hont. Childish. wouch interj Yuck! Disgusting! Rouch! Ala pousyè! Yuck! How dusty. wosiyòl n Nightingale. To roll*.171 ron 2. wont la. ronje. Bixa orellana L. to put to shame. rosiyòl la. wonfle vt To beat up. crying. roroli a. ronfle 2. he should be punished. won adv Sharp. Chen an rouke tout lannuit. flexible stick with all its branches used as a whip). Rote si To belch. ose. Ronn kou Neck (of an animal). roti 1. wonyay A la ronyay On the sly. To roll (a person on the ground. Bwaron an A dugout (canoe). to have a good time. Li pito ronyen pen an pase li manje’l you sèl kou He prefers to chew off the bread bit by bit rather than eat it all at once.). larontèz n Shame. tire. rou 2 a. Fè ront To shame. 2. to R ròs la. ‘Jijiri’ in Southern Haiti. Rose zepòl To shrug one’s shoulders. 2. I will give you a good thrashing. vt Rouji bouch To put lipstick on. ronfle a. wonfle vi To snore. attrib Round*. rou 1 a. to pare by chewing off a bit at a time. won. ronyay. wonje vt To gnaw. wouj n Rouge * (lipstick). thin. wonfle a n Snoring. rouchin nan. M’ront vin kote ou ankò. woti vt To roast*. Nou ronz kò nou We move ourselves. rotè a. to loiter. exactly (time). Yo roule’l He was taken in. wouj attrib Red. To clip. ronf lan. causing a sour taste. bramble. wose vi To stand up on tiptoe (to become taller momentarily by raising one’s self either on tiptoes or on a prop). roul Fè roul To roam about. wontèz la. rouji. vt 1. to belch. I am going to whip you. become red. rote.). disgrace. wouchin n Whip (Long. 3. Si ou fè dezòd m’ap ba ou yon rouchin If you do not behave. Li tap mache a la ronyay pou moun pa wè si’l te la He walked on tip toes. Chany yo fè lank rouj ak roukou pou netwaye soulye Shoe-shiners make red ink polish from “anatto” to clean shoes. Lan rotè In the mountains. vt To give a round * shape. wouke vi According to folklore. so people would not know if he had been there. sensitive. I do not know what it saw. wou a n Hoe*. rouch. rondi. ront 1 la. timid. ronm nan. woukou n Annatto. Fè ronn pye bwa a Go around the tree. ron 3. wont n Shame. Said of a fruit that has not yet reached its full shape or maturity. Cf. wotè n Height. arondi round* out. ròròt. degobye. Lè timoun fè rondonmon se pou pini’l When a child refuses to obey. wòròt attrib 1. to burp. Used as an adjective: To be ashamed. 2. price. etc. Increase. V ise. resiyòl. wonf lan. ote. m’pa konn sa’l te wè The dog howled all night long. etc. ronpi. Lift in a shoe (movable sole). roukay la n Howling. wonpi vt To beat angrily and savagely. hont n Shame-weed. roulèt la. wonn n Round*(s). circle. woujalèv n Rouge* (lipstick). hike (in height. (tech) washer. wou n Wheel. wondèl la n A round* slice. to nibble (on). woule vi 1. Cf. ronronnen. wonm n Rum*.

sachet*.S roulib la. V roulo konpresè. wozo a n Reed (plant). Moun royroy Boisterous people. roze. routin nan. Ou fè tou sa pou ryen You did all that to no avail. Roz yo bèl nan lakou a. aroze.. sa 3. by ear. to hitchhike. sabo a n Type of shoes. Roulong S sa 1 demons pron 1. a lift. wozè a n Rosary* (prayer). ronyon. sab 2 la n Saber*. woulo n Roll* (film). plante toujou pou yo ka anpil The roses in the garden are beautiful. noyon n Kidney (animals). sab larivyè pa sale. 3. wouze vt 1. . that. route*. To water. “Papye sable” ‘Sanded paper’. sandpaper. to ruin*. tout kò li ap balanse lakadans. Manmzèl abiye an roz jodi a. sa a yo 2. royroy. Fè yo mete rad yo nan sache pou yo pa sal Have them put the clothes in a paper bag. To beat up. These. to complain. That. Fè rout (larout) avèk To accompany s. uproar. free ride. river sand is not salty and makes the better mortar. 2. may”). pink. Mande roulib To ask for a free ride. se pa ti bèl li bèl Mademoiselle is all dressed up in pink today. Foto sa a This photo. li pa konn anyen He thinks he knows everything. Hura crepitans L. that one. woulong n Mongoose. roller *. sab 1 la n Sand. sa yo demons pron plur These. sa 2 vi To be able (the modal auxiliaries “can. that. what?. wout la. roulong nan. that which. 2. Rouze jaden an pou fè bèl rekòt Water the garden. I will do to you also.a What. Fè rouspetay To protest. woze vt To redden. M’pa sa ale I cannot go. woz la n Rose *. rozo a. sabote vt To slap. roulo 1 a. she is really beautiful. reel * (cinema). woulib n 1. Sa konprann li konn tout bagay. “Sa” is used especially in negative phrases. rout la. 2. to irrigate. that one”. In the North (usu) “katapoli”. rouspete. m’ap fout ou yon sabò If you do not shut your mouth. so you will have a good crop. V anyen. sad la n Snapper (fish). which? Sa ou di? What did you say? Sa ou te fè? What did you do? What had you done? sa a 1 demons adj sing This. wozèt la n Bow-tie. sa a yo 1. Lift. to baste. PAURIS-113: Kote sa ap mache. Al fè rout ou! Get out of here! An rout En route. ròz. “Sa” is sometimes used for “that person. sable vt To sand. wouspete vi To protest. I do not know what to do. larout n Road.. rouspetay la. Sa ou fè’m nan. 172 ryen Nothing. souflèt. rouzay la. roulo 2 konpresè a. Ou ret chita sou baton rozèt ou You remain listless and indifferent when you have a duty to act. ròz la. Bay roulib To give a free ride. practice. woywoy attrib Raucous. those. by practice. L’ap mete roulo lan cheve’l She is putting her hair in rollers. DEJEAN-44: Sa li deklare a vre What he stated is true. Fè roulib To coast. sa. (Restricted use). roy. sabò a n A slap with the back of the hand. li fè pi bon mòtye Sea sand and river sand are not the same. M’pa renmen sa I do not like that. sache a n Paper bag. on a trip or a walk. m’ap fè ou li tou What you did to me. to sprinkle. so they won’t be soiled. To add sauce to a platter of food. I am going to slap you down. rouy 1 2 la V larouy rouy . pataswèl. sabliye a n Sand-box tree. wouye vi To rust. woutin n Routine*. Roze bouch To apply rouj to the lips. Sab lanmè ak sab larivyè pa menm. manje poul The mongoose eats chickens. on the way. M’renmen sa a yo I like these. sword. he does not know anything. woulo konpresè n Steamroller. V chaple. arozay n Watering. sa 4 interrog pron Who?. winen vt To wreck. sa a 2 demons pron sing This. rozèt la. Sa a pat mouri This one did not die. sadin nan n Sardine*. those. roz la 1. to smooth with sand paper. woy Ouch! Alas! royon an. track. Coasting. rinen. Si ou pa fèmen dyòl ou. roz 2. rouze . Cf. sa yo demons adj plur Ròb sa a yo These dresses. plant some more so you will have plenty. wouy interj Ouch! rouye. this one. rozè a. way. wouspetay la n Protest. ruinen. Ginerium sagittatum. Yo tiye’l pou ryen They killed him for nothing (for no reason). trip. woz attrib Rosy*. Nan royroy sa a m’pa konn sa pou’m fè With all that raucous.o. awoze. Li fè’l pa routin He did it without studying. ruin nan n Ruin(s)*.

saltenbank la n Rascal. salòpèt la n 1. afre. unscrupulous individual. salad la n Salad*. Salted *. San’m tap manje’m I was boiling over with anger. glutton. Sak pay Straw bag. salòp la n 1. sakristi a n Sacristy*. sal 3 attrib Dirty. that which. Don’t rush. Arrow root flour made from the soft interior of the trunk of various palms and cycads. sakad la n Jerk (movement). lounge (hotel). Li kite nèg la poutèt li salòp She left that man because he was a filthy and vile individual. sakit la n Small (leather cloth) sack or tiny bag. Jwenn yon moun nan bon san’l To catch someone in a good humor. sakade vt To jolt. sali vt To soil. salin nan n Salt-mine*. to render a salute. Calm yourself. Dirt. what. Ti boul san Blood-clot. Cf. Jwèt la make san The way things are going. cookies. sakzòrye a. scamp. salezon an n Salt(ed)* meat. rascal. Li sou san’l He is in a good mood. Fè move san To rage. salè a n Salary*. I was irritated. wages. Poze san ou Take it easy. to let s. sajès la n Wisdom. sak 2. Lèt pase lan san manman pitit la The nursing mother’s milk turned sour. filthy. safte a n Gluttony. Cf. 2. sakre attrib Sacred*. dirty. sakstofòn nan n Saxophone*. To insult. restless. Ou mèt kriye san You can cry your eyes out. sakle V sèkle sakòch la n Handbag. vt 1. salope vt To soil. sal a manje a n Dining room. sakaje vt To mess up. furious. hall. Sale tankou lanmè Jakmèl Salty as the sea of Jacmel. salwe vt To greet. Baron lakwa n Vodou god. salamabit interj Son of a bitch!* salamanje a. to get angry. sa’k Contracted form of “sa ki”. sexton*.173 saf attrib Gluttonous. apwentman. san 1 an n Blood. (In other words. Take it easy.o. Pran san To draw blood. fish). sal 1 la n Room. Sal kon dan peny To be very dirty (like the teeth of a comb). straw saddlebag. 2. San’m ale avè’l I like him (or) her. 2. Used in puddings. to botch. 2. V lasal. vt To soil. dirty trick. sal de ben an n Bathroom. trash (person). sakrifis la n Sacrifice*. To salt *. V pòch. it got to me. salye. . 2. Yo prepare bon salezon nan restoran an They prepare good salt meat in the restaurant. Base behavior. Sak vid pa kanpe An empty sack can’t stand up. salue. Baron samdi. salisan attrib Easily soiled. Mizik la mache lan san’m The music enthralls me. Benyen san To be covered with blood. to plunder. sakrifye vt To sacrifice*. (rare for) sal. Nou sue san We sweat blood. Extreme unction. Yo gate san’m They made me angry. safrete a. salt * works. samdi a n Saturday. You analiz san Blood test. a tragedy is imminent. saj attrib Wise. etc. salon an n Living room (house). salopri a n 1. fanmsay n Midwife. filth. Dungaree (overalls usually with zipper). Also akouchèz. safetida V asafetida safran an n Saffron* (spice). A degraded person. Le samdi On Saturdays. sak 1 la n Bag. M’wè de fi ki fache nan lari a. aloufa. M’konnen sa’k pral rive I know what is going to happen. safte V safrete sagou a n Sago*. salèz la n Salt(ed)* food (meat. Samdi dlo benit Holy Saturday. to become irritated. one can’t work on an empty stomach). I go for him (or) her. sack*. Machann chabon an mete kòb la nan sakit li The charcoal vender put the money in her bag. Mete san ou sou ou (or) Pran san ou Get yourself together. insatiable. sal 2 S 1 sale it. to be upset. have sale 2 Salty*. to take a blood sample. sakabal la n Leather case usually hung on a horse’s saddle to carry provisions. a flop. he who. to stain. salina*. salmanaza n Monkey business. greedy. to salute*. Salue Pòl pou mwen Give my regards to Paul. Slovenly. Loose woman. greed. Immoral. sakreman an n Sacrament*. salt * marsh. sak zorye a n Pillowcase. sakristen an n Sacristan*. holy. saksofòn nan. Gen san cho To be impatient. yo di kont salte I saw two angry women in the street. they blurted out a lot of filthy words. Salye lasosyete To get married. vile individual. saldeben an. sajfam nan. filthy. salte a n 1. Scoundrel. dirty woman. to sack*.

sansasyon an n Sensation*. sante a. 174 sansa. unpretentious. santimèt la n 1. karyoka. sanse Supposed (to). pa kite’l ale He is not well. At Port-au-Prince the word is used synonymously for “small hospital”. San tèt stupid. to make believe. M’ta ale men m’pa gen lasante I would go there. penniless. cinders*. ticklish. Nan sans In the direction of. san 3 num One hundred. sans inik One way. smell. Yo sanble tankou de gout dlo They look like two peas in a pod. santèn About one hundred. sang nan n Cinch-belt. san ront Shameless. to stink. Sansib pou To be very fond of. M’santi’m pi byen kounyea I feel much better now. breast-strap to hold the saddle. don’t let him go. to fake. Cf. cinders*. shameful. yo bafwe ou When you’re a fool. sannanm. Ban’m santi’l Let me smell it. 2. san vègòy attrib Shameless. he would know how to get around. santye a n Path (rare). . Li sansib anpil pou ti boutèy li He cannot get away from his bottle (booz). to take after. to pretend. san sa li tap fè you bon sekretè Her health is not good. negligent. sanfwa a n Self control.S san 2 conj & prep Without. listless. Sante’l pa trò bon. sandriyon. Measuring tape. 2. Sante li pa bon. with no brains. not particular. sense *. sant 1 la n Odor. Li an sante He is in good health. girth (harness). The lead singer in a work-bee (koumbit). sangwen an n Filthy. lasante n Health. Dlo a santi The water is foul. apathetic. to perceive. blood sucker. Legal sentence*. chandriyon n Cinderella *. sansi a n Leech. sandriye a n Ash tray. Pran sant To smell. Cf E. they are always cheating you. to feign. centre*. Ri sansinik One way street. San blag! No kidding! No fooling! (Interjection denoting surprise). to resemble*. 2. san santiman attrib Shameless. sann nan n Ash(es). santiman an n Sentiment*. Sant luil la dekonpoze tout moun The smell of this oil makes everybody sick. E. V sapat. Marasa yo sanble ak papa yo The twins look like their father. One-hundredth part of a meter * (. Composer of popular songs. Ou pa sanse fè sa You are not supposed to do that. sanba a n 1. Li touche kòd sansib mwen He struck a chord (tender spot) with me. san sipòtant Pa gen san sipòtan To be impatient. Ti santi pise Kid. compassionate. to exude an odor. sanginè attrib Bloodthirsty. sanvègòy. sanfason. shameless person. sangle vt To gird with a girth (belt). stench. sanpwèl V chanprèl sanront. Santi move To smell bad. sandwich la n Sandwich*.3937 inch). sansantiman. sentiment*. santi vt To smell. shabby person. san fason Without ceremony. sanblan Fè sanblan To make out. to act as if. careless. unscrupulous person who has nothing to lose. sanble 2 V rasanble sandal la n Sandal*. Any raggedy. vi To stink. San senk Broke. sansipòtan. sansib adj Sensitive*. santre vt To center*. she would be a fine secretary. to smell. Depi ou san lespri. were it not for that. simple. to feel. Pou you bourik byen sele. stink. san sa Otherwise. sankoutya attrib Sloven. sanzatann Unexpectedly. intolerant. M’pran you move sant nan kay la Something smells bad in this house. heartless scoundrel. Consequence. odè. Sanble It seems that. sympathetic. San pretansyon Humble. santò a n Bad smell. San sa Otherwise. (Haitian currency). si’l pat san nanm. santim nan n Centime*. fate. were it not for that. towards. sanatoriòm nan n Sanatorium*. To look alike. sansinik. feeling. sans la n Meaning. santinèl la n Sentry*. To look like. desperado. if he weren’t so listless. “dispensary”. li ta konn debouye’l deja The man has been in this country a long time. Msye gen lontan nan peyi a. sanble 1 vi 1. san manman an n Good for nothing. insignificant person. sanmanman an. santans la n 1. cent *. san nanm attrib Weak. but my health isn’t too good. 2. scent *. se pou li gen bon sang mare anba vant li For a donkey to be well saddled he must have a good breaststrap tied under his belly. small. a shameless person. one who doesn’t give a damn. V santò. sant 2 la n Center. a rustic hick. feeling. Bon sans Good sense. Santi bon To smell good.

. and the harvest was lost. Se you bon bagay It is a good thing. chechrès n Drought. Rad yo sèch. Skinny. “Sè” and ‘sè. sè jou si These days. M’konnen lanp la pa pou vann.. sandal.. 2nd (Rare). verbal abuse. “se” is not accompanied by a subject.. se 3 Used impersonally as an introductory word. Li se doktè He is a physician. Examples and expressions: Pòch mwen sèch. allure. sò a n 1. Savann Dezole Area near Gonaives. 2. to grant someone’s wish. Sè jou si These days. to give way. Savon lesiv (or) savon lave Detergent. sayibòd la n Sideboard*. Kase sèk. sapodilla. Ki pa satisfè Unsatisfied. Malè sèk Sudden. Se It is. sèch V sèk seche. V savonèt.. sè ke The fact is that. charanpyon n Measles. sapat la..). Mande sa-tisfaksyon To request a favor. insults. A second * (measure of time). seduce*. segretè V sekretè sèjan an n Sergeant*. sè 2 ‘These’. to bawl out. dyab. unexpected misfortune. has made him become a skeleton. to break off with a snap. rough sandals worn by peasants or the poor consisting simply of the sole of the shoe plus a strap. When it’s not raining.si’ are only used in set phrases. Ki bay satisfaksyon To be satisfactory. M’regrèt sa pou ou. Bay satisfaksyon To render a favor. Gen je chèch To have a (hell of) nerve. sapoti a. 2. M’pral wè si sò Mari kapab fè’l pou mwen I’m going to see if sister Mary can make it for me. V demon. sedi vt To charm. satisfè vt To satisfy*. 2. savonnen vt 1. In the Artibonite. one who is cultured and educated. Nun. field. sèd la. Achras zapota L. Kim savon Lather. Gran sè Any older sister. Savonnen tout kò ou depi nan tèt jis nan pye ou Soap your body from head to foot. Frote (lyann savon) bwa savonèt pou lave rad yo Rub the clothes with the ‘soap’ plant to wash them. sejou a n Sojourn*. savwa a n Knowledge. to give in. saranpyon an. Se S te It was. segondè attrib Secondary* (school). Sp. Bwa savonèt A plant which is used to wash when there is no soap. scoundrel. to beat up.). antre yo The clothes are dry. but will you let me have it for a price? sedui. sèd espayol n Spanish-cedar. Eleventh grade. se 1 vi Form of the verb “to be”. V vakabon. sè 1 a. it precedes the negative adverb ‘pa’.175 sanzave a n Shameless. it is called ‘lyann savon’. rekòlt gate This year there was a drought. savann nan n Prairie. Se moun ki save This man is educated. savant*. sapotiy la n Sapodilla* (a fruit).. A medium size drum (in a group). sechrès la. It is forbidden to . cheche vt To dry. sister*. to give a blow. savonèt la n 1. Cupboard. saten an n Satin*. sister. Cf. Se pa pou . 3. Dry. Mostly used when predicate is a noun or pronoun. Sister *. men èske ou vle sede’m li? I know the lamp is not for sale. 3. sefre vi To go away. although it is not officially for sale. Se va It will be. sèjousi. 2. third year of highschool in the American system. sasinen V ansasinen satan an n Satan*. Pè savann Bush priest. Nan sèk (or) Nan tan sèk In the dry season. se 2 Li pa be. Se pa pou moun gen tròp ògèy One shouldn’t be too haughty. (pop) Toilet soap. meadow. Se ta (va) It would be. sapata vt To mistreat. To soap. m’pa gen kòb My pockets are empty. as opposed to ‘nan tan lapli’. to reprimand. Sè dam yo These ladies. sò’m I’m sorry for you. Cedrela odorata L. sede vi To yield. Se pou It is necessary that (to have to. dry spell. segonn nan n 1. V sese. (widely used). (fig) To insult vociferously. V dezyèm. sèk 1. sapatonn nan n A hard blow.. a whack. “Se yon” is sometimes contracted to “s’on”. chapat la n Cheap. I have no money. savon an n Soap. (syn) Manilkara zapotilla (Jacq. savonnay la n Admonition. Empty (pocket). save attrib (pop) Enlightened.. to be unashamed. segon Second*. Good for nothing. bring them in. Maladi’l la seche’l His illness has emaciated him. Besides. satisfaksyon an n Satisfaction*.. soulye. karyoka. sèch. . 2. Ane sa a gen sechrès. li pa se He didn’t say a word. Li chèch kou bwa bale He’s skinny as a broom stick. satouyèt V chatouyèt savan an n Learned person. sefwe.. sapen an n Fir. pete sèk To snap off. chèch attrib 1.. vt To let someone have something for a price. savanna*.

. semèl la. Cradle snatcher. Aran sèl Salt(ed) herring. Tou sèl Only. sektanm V septanm sekwa attrib Pretentious. sena a n Senate*. scoundrel. sekatè a n Shears (two shears). casket. sele 3 vt To talk someone into giving or lending you money with a hard luck story. nevertheless. selon prep Depending on. senatè a n Senator*. Sen Jozèf Saint* Joseph*. to cut with a sickle or machete. Pechè a voye sèn li. Help! Au secours*. to get money from someone by giving him a hard luck story. selino a n Old man. n A cheap beverage used by the selera a n Villain. semèn nan. relief. Hoop. it depends on how you act. sekou a. sèlman adv Only. M’ap fè tou sa ou mande’m pou’m fè pou ou. M’t’al vizite teren an. tremor. Sèkle ak rou To hoe. sen 2 an. sèmante vi 1. epi yo mache pran’l They encircled the enemy and closed in on him. Se selon It depends. Lakou a merite sèkle The yard should be weeded. Semèn pase Last week. sèkle 1. senbòl la n Symbol*. exceptional. Doub semèl Double soles. violent.B. sekwe V souke sèl 1 la. sen 1 an n Breast. 2. Semèn sent Passion week. sekoure vt To help. they say Li desele. particular. rough salt. Elèv yo fòme you asosyasyon. Gro sèl Non-refined. V tete. ring. Chèf seksyon an Sherif of a small rural district. sent la n Holy. 2 O sekou! attrib Healthy. se ròch tou sèl I went to visit the land. selebre vt To celebrate*. salts * (laxative). stage. Lwa Ogoun sele fi a Ogoun has “mounted” the woman. senmèl n Sole (of a shoe). sèl 3 la n Saddle. Gen you sèl lapli ki tonbe yè swa There was such a rainfall last night. Se limenm tou sèl li konnen He is very selfish. yo mete’m sekretè The students formed a club. Shaking. sennesòf Safe (and sound). sekile V sikile sekirite a n Security*. selibatè a n Bachelor (m). soukou a n Help. an older woman who prefers very young men. nan pwen tè. division. sèke vt To encircle*. Evite sèk li Avoid his company. segretè a n Secretary *. V anmwe. selina a n Elderly woman. according to. segre n Secret*. sen e sòf. “Sent” is used only in phrases such as (la) Sent Vyèj. To swear (to state under oath). 2. senmenn n Week. darling. Holy week. sèl attrib Lonely. L’ap roule sèk He is pushing the hoop. sekous la. To swear. soukous n 1. disèl n Salt *. sekifè Consequently. sèke V sèkle sèkèy la n Coffin. insignificant person. sèn 1 nan. Fè sèman To swear. sekoup V soukoup sekouri. there is no dirt. Timoun sa a gen you sen pouse dèyè’l That child is acting compulsively and naughtily and irresponsibly. 176 sele 2 vt To saddle (a horse).S sèk 2 la n 1. selebride a poor. lonesome. Circle *. senn nan n Fish-net. to curse. as if moved by an evil spirit. M’bezwen you sekretè pou lave machin nan pou mwen I need a helper to wash my car. sekretè a. and so. sèman an n Oath. sèn 2 nan. triangular drag-net. 2. sekrè a. seleri a n Celery*. When the spirit has gone away. N. he caught a lot of fish. Yo sèkle énmi an. Reaction. action. cheri. merely. seine*. Sèl depsonn Epsom’s salts. he only knows himself. Sele bride Fully harnessed. it is only rocks. Sekrè a deyò The secret is out. seksyon an n Section *. personal helper. Saint. sakle vt To weed. Trou sèl Salt marsh. Bay kout sèl To scheme. sela V sesi sela sele 1 Poze sele To seal * (the door of a building by a court order). they chose me as secretary. se selon jan ou mennen tèt ou I will do whatever you ask me to do for you. The word “sele” is also used when a spirit mounts (comes up) a person who then is supposed to be his horse. to head off. alone. but. senn n Scene*. sendenden an n Worthless. M’a fè ou konnen sekous mwen I will let you know who I am and what I can do. That spirit is the “loa”. rogue. li pran anpil pwason The fisherman spread his fishing-net. only. Sèl fen Powdered salt. spinster (f). An sekrè Secretly. sen 3 sèkle 2. semans la n Seeds for planting.

Simple *. senjòj la n 1. sen toma doubting Thomas*. congenial. n Incredulous person. M’di ou sa sensèman I am telling you sincerely. n’ap separe My wife and I can’t live together. chapantye a n Woodpecker. incantation. Li lèd.o.). Sere boulon V boulon. m’ap fout ou senk kout sentiron If you don’t behave. sere 2 vt 1. serenad la n Serenade*. it really hurts. Former name of Haiti (until 1804). Separe cheve ou Part your hair. I have a pain in my side. A tall. senpati a n Liking. not complicated. senpatik attrib Likeable. to conceal. The Dominican Republic. I’m troubled. sène vt To encircle. I’ll belt you five times. thin person. M’gen kè sere I have a heavy heart. sendika a n Labor union. distribute. to vt To draw blood. 2 S sentiron an n Belt (man’s). sentoma a. evening mist. seri 2 a n Series*. 2. to divide. truly. feeling. senpatize avèk vi To feel for. lovable. sentetyèn nan n Type of knife. sensè attrib Sincere*. Ou ap aji an senèryen You are acting too casually. surround. se pa ti kras fè mal Mommie. separasyon an n Separation*. 2. sèpèt la n Sickle. Manman. seren an n Evening dew. senk num Five. To hide. San senk Penniless.o. to lay away. to put away. sepandan conj However. sènen. we just have to have a separation. to tighten. mere. m’gen you doulè lan senti. Belt. senpman adv Simply*. senkant num Fifty. Li sere He is constipated. broke. 2. nevertheless. close-fisted. pleasant. men li senpatik He’s ugly but has a pleasant personality. sent V sen sentespri a n Holy Spirit*. France. V fouye. to catch. (COURLANDER). senkyèm num Fifth. Trou seri a Keyhole. separe vi To part. share. etc. To fit tight. senmafò a n 1. To harass (grill) someone with endless questioning. Si ou fè dezòd. senmenn V semèn senn V sèn sennen V To cast nets. 2. Ban’m fè you senp pou ou pou ou pa gen tèt fè mal ankò Let me give you a simple remedy (formula) so you won’t have a headache anymore. to sèp la n Wooden triangular collar placed around an animal’s neck which prevents it from getting out of an enclosure. sere. To economize. 2. sentre bas corner. to clench (teeth). An invocation to Saint George* when one sees a millipede. sèpantye a. sera seta V seta sera sere 1 attrib Tight. seren Type of poison. To bleed. To keep after (s. sektanm n September*. Seremoni maji. I am apprehensive. sèpida a n Bad character (fem). An plèn senti Pregnant. to lock up.o. lonely.). septanm. to dish out (food). Sendonmeng n 1. Sendomeng. Sentiron pa vann chè Belts aren’t expensive. waist. fellowfeeling.177 sendik la n The employee who has the responsibility for turning the irrigation system off and on. friendly. Li mete de men’l nan senti’l pou’l moute mòn nan She puts her two hands on her waist while climbing the hill.) with questions. Middle. group. sentre vt 1. congeniality. or makes a simple request for aid. (syn) kròk. to save. yet. to hem in. seremoni pwen. to sympathize * with. Also kouto digo. V amilpye. Examples and expressions: Yo sere kòf la anba tè They hid the strong box in the ground. separate*. seramik la n Ceramics*. 4. 2. A millipede. sereng nan n Syringe*. seremoni an n Ceremony *. Also Vodou term. To tighten (a screw. Mare senti ou Make sacrifices. To pump s. To corner (s. 3. M’te kon you grenn senk I was all by myself. vi To get separated. sensèman adv Sincerely *. to put the heat on. constipated. senti a n 1. Mwen ak madanm mwen nou pa sa viv ansanm. senp 1 la n Formula. senpleman. A tall pole. Gòj mwen te sere I had a lump in my throat. unassuming. senyen vi bleed. only. Modest. 2. senèryen An senèryen Too casually. close-fitting. to secrete. seri 1 a n Lock. senp attrib 1. to corner. ritual with prayers which is supposed to effect an immediate cure. sene a n Senna* (medicinal plant). Piga . sèpan an n Serpent*. (Adv) tightly. sentrebas. originally from Saint Etienne. to set traps for fish. Be ready to suffer.

Li te etidye tròp. sese n Sister. si 1 a n Saw. Lè li konnen mari’l mouri nan aksidan. (Adv) In earnest. reliable. Also seryèz (applied to females). séance* (of a committee. 2 seyans la n Performance (theater. sèvyab attrib Obliging.. he went crazy. M’sèten m’ap reyisi. sètifye vi To certify*. li vin fou He studied too much. Generally Ti sese Sis. helpful. Often an apocope for any girl’s name beginning with Se. seye V eseye Seyè a. Paper kite (for flying). kòm sèvèl li te fèb. to associate with. Seramiz. earnest. to have to. sezaryèn nan n Caesarian*. to serve as a witness. certitude*. setyèm num Seventh. sèvitè a n Servant*. movies). That is to say. sètadi i. M’sezi wè ou jodi a I am surprised to see you today. li fè tout bagay pou kò’l These days the director doesn’t make any use of his secretary. Èske ou sèvi ak mo sa a an kreyòl? Do you use that word in Creole? Sèvi temwen To witness. Certificate *. Sezisman lanmò mari’l nan aksidan fè li pa janm pale The shock from her husband’s death in an accident caused her to lose her speech. sure. Protestant ecclesiastical service*. setrouve. etc. sezonnen V asezonnen Shada n Société haitiano-americaine de développement agricole. Leseyè n Lord. Examples and expressions: Sèvi pou To serve (to be of use). sèvo a n Brain. she was so startled. Yo fè’l sezaryèn She underwent a caesarian operation. sèvi vt 1. sètitid la n Certainty*. shock. sètoblije To be obliged to. sezisman an n Astonishment. since he had a weak brain. sètènman adv Certainly*. he can speak any language. sèvis 2 la n A group of tin containers which fit into each other when empty (in order to conserve space) and used to carry various foods. in earnest. seta sera. confident. serye attrib Serious *. Bonjou sese Good morning. strict. In the forties. li sezi jis li endispoze When she heard about her husband’s death in an accident. Duty. Sèvyèt tab “Tablecloth” is usually “nap”. Sesilia. Sèvolan pa’m nan moute pi ro My kite flew higher. To worship. sèso a n Clothes hanger. Si kon sitron Sour as a lemon. Sixth grade (last year of primary school in Haiti). sezon an n Season*. attrib Sour*.o. Ou touche nan travay ou chak sèz You get paid at your job every sixteenth of the month. sèvyèt la n Towel. direktè a pa sèvi ak sekretè’l la. sèz num Sixteen. 2. Jodi a m’ta manje you sèvèl bèf byen kuit Today I’d like to eat some well cooked beef brains. sèvolan an n 1. 2. sevè attrib Severe*. certain *.e. of an organization. M’fè you kout sèvo I used my ingenuity (in a flash of genius). Extensively used in Haiti. M’pral ka sese Roz I’m going to aunt (sister) Rose’s. seryezman adv Seriously*. Papa’m te you nonm ki te gen sèvo My father was a very smart man. (table) Napkin. Sè jou si. sezi 1 vt To seize*. Fè (yon moun) sezi To startle (s. 178 sèvis 1 la n Service *. 2. 3. reliable. solemn. sèvant la n Maid. Gen sèten moun ki pa janm rete lakay yo There are some people who never stay home. . sèten indef adj Some. taken by or to jump from surprise. sou sèvis On duty. sèvèl la n Brain (animal). sèten 1 attrib Certain*. To sever. setouve It (so) happened that. Pa fè sèvo ak mwen Don’t try to act smart with me. That’s the last word. sera seta That’s enough. si si 2 3 attrib Sure*. sètifika a n 1. she fainted. favor. C-section. sèt num Seven. aunt. li konn pale tout lang That man you see there is a brain. se yon bagay sèten I know I’ll succeed. M’pa sèvi ak moun konsa I don’t deal with that kind of people. Never more. service *. trustworthy.). etc. 4. it’s a sure thing. sezi 2 attrib To be astonished. Also stag-beetle sevre vt To wean.). grandou. 2. Diploma certifying completion of primary school. De sèvis. V kap. V sèvo. Selina. He does everything by himself. an American company that had rubber plantations in Haiti. Manman li sevre’l bonè Her mother weaned her very early. startled. vi Sèvi ak (avèk) To deal with. 3. Session.S seriz la n Cherry*. To serve*. Nèg sa ou wè la a se you sèvo. Finish. Li san sèvèl He has no brains. Vodou ceremony. sis. sesi sela This and that. V sèvèl. Usually bòn. intelligence. to make use of.

that. sid 1 la n South*. kote ou ye? O spirit of the water. to choke. so much. sifè Indeed. sufficient*. adv Surely*. V tèdoreye. Graveyard. sila a demons adj This. sik 2 la n Sugar *. Istwa sila That story. (Rare). Jandam nan di foul la: Sikile The policeman said to the crowd: Get going. Sik rouj Brown sugar. sigjere. Sid ès Southeast. sijestyon an n Suggestion*. li pa manti No. gesture. Simen baton To shower with blows. makakri. who. sikonstans la n Special circumstance*. sila 2. sidorye a n Pillow case. adv So. Li mouri mò sibit. silans la n Silence *. truly. sikdòy la n Type of candy. Moun nan sid. to strew. Cf. that. sekile vi To get about (news. E. with a stick. sivouplè If you please. (For six months of the year this plant bears bright blooms. Sid wès Southwest. to experience. situation.. sigjesyon an. S pou ou sikile (al nan fi) The doctor said to the young man: You got to put yourself in circulation (go find some girls).. sibit attrib Sudden. simagri a. 2. sinakwa V siydekwa . (that made him do that). sifilis la n Syphilis*. sikui a n Circuit*. siksè a n Success*.179 si si 4 conj If. sila a demons pron This. affection. V souple. sijte vi To overcast (in sewing). Were it not for. He (who). he’s not lying. Simbi n Water spirit. Simen sab sou rout la To strew sand on the road. storm. To keep moving. sijere vt To suggest*. To have children here and there. Spool (of thread). simagre a n Grimace. sifle V soufle siflèt V souflèt sifoke. that one. sid 2 la n Cider*. person). Silans! (interj) Quiet! silema V sinema silvouplè. it’s true. langaj yo pa menm ak pa moun nan nò The speech of the people in the South is not the same as that of those in the North. simenkontra a n Wormseed (Chenopodium ambrosioides). Frè’l la se move sije His brother is a bad character. Pouki sa ou ap fè tout simagri sa yo devan glas la? Why are you making all those faces at the mirror? Cf. tout moun sezi He died a sudden death to everyone’s surprise. and for the remaining six months it has shiny green leaves). quiet. siga a n Cigar*. sibitman adv Suddenly. semityè. sikyatri a n Psychiatry*. to move on. whether. where are you? simen vt To sow. to be enough. this one. cyclist*. simante vt To cement*. in fact. simaye vt To scatter. sibreka a. sivoke vi To suffocate*. simikyè. sikonsi vt To circumcise*. sife. Nan sid In the South. Doktè a di jenòm nan: Se an n Cement*.. simwa a n Poinsettia. to gasp for air. sifi vi To suffice*. Syllabary*. cyclone*. sikilasyon an n Traffic (street). Se sikonstans ki fè’l arive fè sa It’s life that brought him to this point. Sife. silabè a n Reading primer. to circulate*. sije a n Subject*.. simidò a n The singing leader of a koumbit (COURLANDER). to suffer. Simen pitit To sow wild oats. sige vi To go away. sikonsizyon an n Circumcision*. Jan fè sik John is diabetic. 5 siklis la n Pedal-pusher. burial-ground. Sila a yo These. siklòn nan n Hurricane. to scatter. Spanish ‘sigue’. sila 1. Sila ki He. sik 1 la n Circus*. Si se pat pou. sigal V lasigal sigalye a n (Rare) Cigar* maker. sikile. those. siman siman 1 2 sianka V anka sibi vt To undergo. please. Moun sid Southerner. SYLVAIN-150: Timoun mwen yo mwen si renmen My children (whom) I love so much. Simbi nan dlo. Cigarette*. sigarèt la n 1. simtyè n Cemetery *. Cf. yes. an affected demonstration. soubreka n Second in charge on a ship. sikre vt To sweeten. simityè a.

complacency. if she makes too great a use of lemons. lumber mill. lave’l These pants are too dirty. ou a di se you glas His hair is so shiny. sizòm. to mention. 2. Se sinema gratis It’s a free show! It’s a laugh. security*. suspect*. sipò a n 1. sire vt To shine. so much. Lèt sinistre Milk sent to disaster victims. sispekte V To suspect*. 2. Gen plizyè kalite siro: siro kann. Cf. sipòte vt To endure. siro bètrav. sitiran attrib Tolerant. sirwa a. Support *. to stand. sipòtan attrib Gen san sipòtan To bear up with. nòde. silema a n Cinema*. nòrwa. sitirans la n (Excessive) Tolerance. Sipò moral Moral support. V bare. sitèn nan n Cistern*. si tan adv So much. M’siprann tigason an ap fimen I caught the boy smoking. 2. make-believe. sinon conj Otherwise. easily offended. siplis la n Torment. parasite. sipoze 2 1. site 3 vt 1. sitasyon an n Court citation*. sirèn nan n Siren* (horn). superior. sipozon Let’s suppose*. discontinue. sipriz la n Surprise*. honey syrup. to absorb. to assume. very good. System*. sipèstisyon an n Superstition*. sispann vt & vi To quit. silky. Yo di yon jènfi va siprime si’l manje tròp sitron They say that a girl will stop menstruating. it looks like a mirror. 2. To cite*. sezi. complacent. to suspend*. siprann. wash them. sispèk 2 vt To suppose*. < Sp. sirote. velvety. V kann. li ban’m yon kou siprann When I least expected it. to quote. guilty-looking. Sitantè As a matter of fact. siri a n Saw-mill*. siwote vt To savor. he dealt me a surprise blow. to tolerate. Comparative is “pi siperyè” Better. souprann vt To surprise*. sis 1 num Six*. “Movies” is usually “film”. sis 2 sinema a. Metye’l se fè sirèt He’s a confectioner. siperyè attrib Excellent. to wax. just suppose that. si tèlman adv So. Surety*. sizè. best. smooth. sinik attrib Cynical*. haughty. siwa a n Southwest* wind. sipozisyon an n Supposition*. cease. When followed by a vowel sound: siz as in sizan. Ti machann sirèt Candy peddler. soupriye vt To beg. myèl. Dan’m vin sirèt My teeth are sensitive to the wind. Site yon non To mention a name.S 180 sirèt 1 la n Sugar candy. etc. sistèm nan n 1. siseptib attrib Touchy. “fim”. sinistre a n Disaster victim. sitadèl la n Citadel*. siray la n Shoe-polish. Cf. of superior * quality. To summon (in court). . to uphold. siro myèl. tightwad. sipliye. sioka V sizoka sipèb attrib Superb*. Sa se sinema That’s not real. water tank. to catch in the act. Spanish plum. Siro myèl Honey. sirèt 2 attrib Sourish*. insist. siwèl la n Purple monbin. entreat. Water crab. sweet. sipoze 1 Ou pap sis You won’t succeed. It’s hypocrisy. on edge. to be suspicious* of. Arab merchant. Not for ‘beg pardon’ = mande padon. sistre attrib Cheater. finer. Li sitèlman manje He eats so much. Spondias purpurea L. stop. sirik la n 1. Sire soulye a Shine the shoe. sinis la n Gray rooster. Pantalon an trò sire. site 2 a n Housing project. sitan. Not to have one’s (monthly) period. etc. (fig) Stingy. Prop. sirwèl la. beet syrup. to support*. sirolin Syrupy. 2. pretense. siryen an n Syrian*. M’achte de soulye ki siperyè I bought some excellent shoes. sitire vt To condone. to drink slowly (with pleasure). they are sourish. Habit. vt To suspect*. siro a n Syrup *. Bay siro To turn the rope slowly in jump rope. Moun sistre People who live at the expense of others. site 1 a n Safety. sipèvizè a n Supervisor*. siprime vt To have an adverse effect on one’s growth (particularly during puberty). torture. to surmise. San’m pa atann. legal summons. Tèt li byen sire. There are several kinds of syrup: sugar cane. sispèk 1 attrib Suspicious*. to be tolerant. Supposed* to. To take by surprise*. Supposing that. movie house. pole. sitèlman.

Magnificent frigate bird (Fregata magnificens). monitor (school). Fè you so rive (or) Fè yon kout pye rive. Citrus aurantifolia (L. 4. bucket. to oversee. siyad la n A light contact. Welsh onion. V branka. siye 1. Type of insect. (pop) Surname. Scissors*. siveye. eskòpyon n Scorpion*. M’pa siye ak moun konsa I don’t associate with people such as these.. souveye vt To watch (over). sizyèm num Sixth*. M’pran you so I fell off (a horse. Signal. siyen ak vi To associate with. sitronèl la. skiltè a n Sculptor*. Chisel*.. sitronad la. sioka. sivoke V sifoke sivyè a n Stretcher. M’renmen frui anpil. sinakwa n Sign of the cross*. Li poze siyati He signed. siyonnen v To follow in the wake of. siv la n Chives*.). to signify*. siyay la n The wake of. a man of short stature. forgives too often. sitirasyon n Situation*. S siydekwa a. V anka. Pote sèvyèt pou’n siye bouch nou Bring us (some) napkins to wipe our lips. To seal. skout la.. sitwayen an. siyè a n Sawyer (woodcutter). skrin nan n Screen*. siydelakwa. 3. siye 3 (ak). siyen vt To sign*. sitwe a n Southwester* (wind). eskandalize vt To scandalize*. jump. Birthmark. Sign *. sitiyasyon an. Siye bèk ou atè! Forget about it! (said to a person to convey the idea that because of his misbehavior he will never be allowed the same privilege again). sivil 1 la n Civilian*. siye 2 vt To saw. (syn) Onondipè. siyati a n 1. siveyans la n Surveillance*. of a presumed murderer). sitron an n Lime. etc. sivilizasyon an n Civilization*. Allium schoenoprasum L. Fè you siy To signal.o. V fregat. uproar. siyifi vi To mean. sitou mango ak pòm I like fruit a lot. to make a sign (to beckon). sitoyen an n Citizen*. sign *. sivil 2 attrib Civil *. Kouman ou siyen? What’s your family name? (pop).o. skandalize. Mete siyati ou anba papye a anvan ou voye’l ale Sign at the bottom of the document before you forward it. Fann lan siyay yon moun To go after s. gourd.) Swingle. siyen non’l ase He barely knows one thing: how to sign his name. Maryaj sivil Civil ceremony (wedding). Lemon. siyekole a n Humdinger. civilian *. to make a sign. 2. siveyan an n Watchman. siyal la n Signal*. siwa n Southwest*. to nod. to spy on. eskandal n Scandal *. in case* that. Siye pye A little dance (an unassuming party). mostly. Ti sitron Shorty. Omen. sityasyon.g. family name. 2. flat on his face. suiye. so a 3 n Seal*. to beckon. sizoka. postmark. if. siyale vt To signal*.. siyon an n Signal*. 3. Signature *. just in case*. eskout n (Boy) Scout*. to mention. to pursue. siyalman an n Description (e. 4. Bay yon so kabrit (in a fight) To pull and drop s. nod. To go somewhere (or) To take a run over. sianka conj (Pop) Whether.o. siy nan n 1. skòpyon an. to Fè To .). brushing against. siz V sis sizo a n 1. sitronnad n Lemonade. sito conj As soon as. souye vt To wipe. eskelèt n Skeleton*. Marye sivil To wed (civil ceremony only). sitrouy la n Type of vegetable similar to a pumpkin.181 sitirè a n One who condones. in the event that. or is overtolerant. leap. skandal la. sitou adv Especially. Siyè yo siye pyebwa a pou yo fè bèl planch The sawyers sawed the tree to make beautiful boards. skandal To make a scene. sitronnèl la n Citronella*. Li konn yon sèl bagay. to follow in the traces of (s. sitirèz la n Same as ‘sitirè’ but applied only to women. so a 2 n Pail. to wink. especially mangoes and apples. M’pral nan yon ti siye pye I’m going to a little dance (party). V ak 3. so 1 a n Fall (drop). skelèt la. 2. skilti a n Sculpture*. Mete so attach a legal seal. Fè yon siyon signal*. foreman.. to dust. overseer.

Moun sòt di sa li konnen. Small hand-bell. somb attrib Dull. to step out. sòkèt la n Socket*. sòt. Sòs pwa Bean soup with the beans removed. doorbell. group. 3. Soti Sò V sè sobtyè a. ice-cream freezer. chonje vi To recollect. sounding * instrument. moun lespri konnen sa’l di Stupid people say what they know. somye a n Bed spring.. To have just (in this case ‘sòti’ is used as an auxiliary). Soti. Fè’m sonje pou m’ale Remind me to go. sauce*. To test. to check. Sòt tankou panyen pèse Stupid as a jack-ass.o. Poison for dogs. Mari Miss Mary. to remember. Tiny mollusk called in E. 2. illiterate. dumb. where thousands and thousands of people go annually seeking miraculous cures.. sòti 1. son an 1 n Sound*. bite. Nou travay chak jou sòf dimanch We work everyday except Sunday. Ou sòti sove’m You just saved my life. soti. To fry. juice. sòlda a n 1. Gason sa a se yon pent solid That man is a fine painter. choche n Witch. 4. S’on bon egzanp It’s a good example.. Ou mèt sote ponpe! Nothing doing! vt 1. sofa a n Sofa*. Sausage*. sòf 2 si conj Unless.. bonswa Ladies and Gentlemen (and people) everybody. sò 2 Miss (Usually. smart people know what they’re saying. M’pa sonje ki paj I can’t remember what page. except. is a (se yon). good for nothing. sòf 1 prep Save*. 3. Li te ant somèy e revèy He was still half asleep. Jouk sole te kouche Til sunset. asorosi.al From. sòm nan sòm nan 1 2 n Psalm*. Ou pa sonje’m You forgot all about me. Soldier*. sorceress *. Ou pa sa fè san soti nan ròch You can’t get blood out of a turnip. sot V sòti sòt 2 attrib Dummy. sote 2 To be startled. strong. lot. to sound*. somèy la. M’wè ou nan sonj I dreamed about you. Ou lan tout sòs You meddle into everything. 2. 2. To remember. Examples and expressions: Nou sot manje We just ate. n Sum*. silly. Moun pa janm kontan sò yo People are never satisfied with their fate. company. solisyon an n Solution*. Sòs pike Hot sauce. Cf. sonnen vt & vi To ring. used before a name). sonde vt 1. chòchye. There is a place in central Haiti called ‘Sodo’ (Saut d’eau) that has a beautiful waterfall. Society *. breakfast. sòsye a. sombre*. Sòs tomat Catsup. sond lan n Stethoscope. with the stethoscope. wizard. Combine. good evening. sowe a n Bum. Sote tèt To behead. 2. substantial. sonje. to saute *. I have to buy one. sòl la n Sole* (a fish). to come out as. 2.(From one place to another). sòt 1. To jump. sorosi a. Mesye dam lasosyete. To test s. s’on It’s. sole a n Sun.to. Pa fè sòt avè’m Don’t get funny with me. To come from. noise. sòs la n Gravy. Solèy boule’l He got a sunburn. Li fè you zorye ak son He made a pillow out of the sawdust. lasosyete n 1.. soptyè V sobtyè sore a. Fè you moun sote To startle s. M’gen matla men m’pa gen somye: fò’m achte youn I have a mattress. the ‘hermit crab’. foolish. sonm. To skip. sad. sosi a n Bitter medicinal plant used to make infusions for stomach aches. sonnèt la n bell. (raised) floor. Yo sote pon an They blasted the bridge. fever. somon an n Salmon*. cascade. sonèt la. to think of. Sote kòd To jump rope. sonmèy n Sleep. Pwa an sòs Bean soup (with the beans in it). sote 1 vi To jump (over).. sò 3 182 sonj la n Dream. to sound*. dark. sosyete a. son an 2 n Sawdust. V bòkò. To go out. sosi V sorosi sosis la n 1. solèy la.S sò 1 a n Fate. M’te pran yon ti somèy midi I took a little afternoon nap. To become. firm. 2. solid attrib Sturdy. solid*. soptyè n Wooden ice-cream maker. but I don’t have a spring. Sòs mango Mango juice. 4. dinner . sodo a n Waterfall. to probe. Gro somèy Deep sleep.o. N’ap sonje ou anpil We’ll miss you. To blast. to get out. sosison an n Large sausage*. box string. soloba a n Snack. sunshine. vt 1. sorcerer*. surprised. sonmèy V somèy sonn nan. solay la n Foundation. eksepte. Manje sote To eat at irregular intervals. stupid. sot vi 1. Momordica charantea L.

Cf E. soufle 2 vt To blow. Souke kò ou. soulasèldèdo Flat on one’s back. vi 1. misery. to soothe. interested in. 1 . soude vt To solder*. to shake out. console. 3. puff.rive From. se nan bal ou ye Shake a leg. Li pa sou He is sober. soti Stroll. She refused. in the care of. Pran souf To take a breather. outing. Soud solèy. foolishness. chouch n Stump. Van soufle. Moun yo soufle souflèt nan rara tou They blow whistles during ‘rara’ times too. souche attrib (Well)-rooted. soulay la n Tipsiness. Chen an ap souke ke’l The dog is wagging its tail. to make drunk (tipsy). Zanmi’m di’m: M’sou ou lan you moman My friend said to me: I’ll be with you in a jiffy (in a moment). soufrisken an n Starving and suffering person. root.183 deyò To get out (news). souke. hobbling. Li gen you fanm sou kote He has a woman on the side. souflemòde. larger than the zandolit but smaller than the mabouya. over.). soudin nan n A mute. root. M’ap fè yon soti I am going out for a while. weld. Byen souche Well protected. soule vt To get (slightly) drunk. soud 2 S soufle 1. soud loray. Souch bwa Stump. the trees fall. flatterer. Pwa souch (or) pwa chouch Butter bean(s). M’a sou byen sou I’m going to be dead drunk. to agitate. Li refize. but they were unsuccessful. boot-licker (servile). souf la n Breath. suffering child.) (syn) kouto de bò. to whisper (information). Li frape sou frape. Mwen tou ap soufri soufri’m I got my own troubles. M’jwenn li kouche sou lasèldèdo I found him lying flat on his back. sou 1 prep On. to wag. founded. Cousin-german*. (The forms ‘sot’ et ‘sòt’ cannot be used at the end of a sentence). soufrans la n Suffering*. soufri 2 vi To suffer *. m’pa louvè He knocked over and again. well established. over and over. Soud bèbè Deaf-mute. socket. sifle vi 1. You sèl vè ponch m’bwè. Yo pran pou yo sou They really got it. souflèt 2 la n Slap on the face. soukous V sekous soulaje vt To relieve (pain). To whistle. (The rat bites and then blows on it so that you don’t feel the pain. soudè 1 a n A deaf person. in the presence of. soulajman an n Relief. to endure. she wasn’t in the mood. sordino*.. siflèt la n Whistle. souflete vt To slap. souflèt 1 la. anvan m’rive m’toujou pèdi souf nan mòn nan When I go to the Citadelle. you’re at a dance. Gen anpil moun se rat souflemòde yo ye There are many people who are two-faced. illicit. (or a person) having good connections. To blow (the wind). Fi a pa sou bò ou The girl is not interested in you. Sou kote On the side. Fè you moun souke pye mango a pou mango mi yo ka tonbe Make somebody shake the mango tree so that the ripe mangoes can fall down. sòti 2. m’soule One glass of rhum punch and I’m tipsy. Sou kont Under the responsibility of. Souch dan The visible remains of a broken tooth. drunkenness. Sou presidan Salomon Under (during the reign of) President Salomon. sou 2 attrib Intoxicated. Rann san souf To harass. V ansoudin. soudi a n Welding. li pat sou sa I wanted to go to the movies with my sister. cheer up. to pause. 2.. soulezèl V zèl attrib Deaf. solderer*. soukètlarouze V choukètlarouze soukou V sekou soukoup la. M’pa vin soufle lan banbou I didn’t come here for nothing. above. Kite’m soufle Let me rest (breathe). Yo atake sou atake men yo pa reyisi They kept on attacking. anguish. bwa tonbe The wind blows. they were really worked over. souf 2 la n Sulphur*. To breathe. blowing. ti soufri n Weakling. soubreka V sibreka souch la. stub. I’m suffering. blunder.. Sou kon pipirit Drunk as a kite. Yo pa soufle’m anyen They didn’t tell me a thing. soujèmen. soujèm attrib Second (cousins). silliness. you know. mòdesoufle attrib Hypocrite. To shake (be shaking). Fèy yo ap souke lan van an The leaves are shaking in the wind. souflantchou a n Lackey. established. Soti. sekoup n Saucer. Lè m’pral Sitadèl. sekwe vt To shake. to ail. Li pòtre ak yon ti soufri He looks like a starving. She didn’t feel like it. sotiz la n Foolish act. soudè 2 a n Welder. Examples and phrases: Mete vè a sou tab la Put the glass on the table. M’te vle al nan sinema ak sè’m.to (place. Soufle bouji a Blow the candle. up. but I didn’t open. abeyance. soufri 1. soud 1 la n A lizard. before arriving I’m always out of breath on the mountain. Rache souch To dig up stumps. to comfort. etc. time. to rest. drunk. etc.

sourit la n Mouse. Soulye po bèf Cowhide shoes. souveye V siveye souvnans la n Memory. sousi 2 a n Care. espekilatè n Middleman. drunkenness. sout la n Store-room. surprised. sousetrennen. soulye a n Shoe. Cf. souse trennen n Parasite (a person who live off others). noise. estasyon n Station *. 2. to recall. sousi 1 a n Eyebrow. soutni vt To support. soulwe vt To sublet. Soulye kloure Hobnailed shoes. M’bwè soup sou tèt ou I’m much taller than you. Sovereign *. souvan adv Often. souvren attrib 1. Speculator*. espektak n 1. Maladi a te souse’l The illness drained all his energy. to rescue. Madanm sa a sovaj. to flee. stad V estad stasyon an. to run away. soumaren an n 1. source* (for water). spectacle*. Fè sousèt To suck* on (a mango). Efficient. let’s sit at the table. to get away. soupi 2 a n Type of pastry. to reinforce. etc. li pa konnen ki jan yo pale ak moun That woman is wild. Show. Se pa you bon spektak It’s something that’s not nice to see. sezi. sovtay la n Rescue. 184 sousoupannan Startled. soutirè a. common. soupoudre 2 vt To sprinkle (sugar. Lòt grenn soulye a The other shoe. forward. (Refers to one who used to run away from an institution. rough shoes. complete relaxation. vi To eat supper*. sitirè a n Receiver (of stolen goods). 2. an’n al a tab Supper is ready. deserter. soup 1 la n Soup *. Pacifier (baby). sandal. rustic person. sapat. Old. 3. spektak la. espesyalman adv Especially*. soumoun attrib Fresh. spesyal. sòyèt. souvenir*. Also soutirèz (female). sousèt la n 1. the (evening) meal. savage*. to drain. sou tout la liy without exception. souri 2 1 vi To smile. Submarine*. spekilatè a. scene. souri a n Smile. a foster home. sove vt To save *. Act of sucking *. etc. soutyengòj la n Bra. Stasyon gazolin Gas station.) sovaj attrib Wild. sousòl la n Basement. soupsonnen vt To suspect*. vi To escape. salvage*. special*. sise vt To suck *. Spy. an n Memory. concern. . souye V siye sovadò a n Habitual runaway. souse. souple (If you) please! Creole for “s’il vous plaît” (usu) Tanpri souple Please! soupoudre 1 a n A salted meat preparation. to lift. karyoka. souvni’m I don’t recall. soutoutlaliy. parasite. espesyal attrib Particular. spesyalman. boot-licker. spò a. fountain. spageti a n Spaghetti*. Cf. sovajri a n Savagery*.S soulezon an n Tipsiness. San sousi Without any care whatsoever. effective. (usu) speculator in coffee and cocoa beans which he buys from the peasant and resells to the exporter. soulve vt To raise. Gen spekilatè ki malonèt Some merchants are dishonest. sycophant. Gro soulye 1. Type of fish. espò n Sport*. soustraksyon an n Subtraction*. she doesn’t know how to talk to people. Pouse soupi To sigh. Across the board. souliyen vt To underline (to draw a line under). impudent. sousi 3 a n Marigold. spòtmann nan n Sportsman*. This word is usually applied to this specialty. Scandal. 2. Sout kafe Coffee depot. Manje sa a pou soutni lestonmak ou Eat this to tide you over until dinner. 2. soumèt vt Submit*. soupriye V sipliye soupson an n Suspicion*. A vulgar. soupi 1 a n Sigh. souvni 1 2 attrib Supple*. to hold up. merchant. M’pa soupe 1 a n Supper *. Soupe pare. to uphold. sousou a n Flatterer. 2. sò Yèt n Pitit sò Yèt Plebeian. soupe 2 souvni (vpr) To remember.). of low lineage. sous la n Spring. soup 2 soutyen an. sousè a n Blood-sucker*.

M’ap swiv yon kou angle I’m attending a course in English. swiv vt 1. swe vi To sweat. to let s. suivi One (immediately) after the other. Msye lan bon swenyay sè jou si He is being really well taken care of these days. Pita Later. estope vt & vi To stop*. the buttered T swèl 1 la n Blow with a spur in a cockfight. swe. swife Ma suife (greased) mast.. V pataswèl. (Sp. smooth(ly). ta 2 adv Late. a lot of. in succession. syèl la. (attrib) Thirsty. silken. To imitate. syèk la n Century. dapre. stòp. swèt la n Wish. (attrib) silky.o. Le swa In the evening. swa 3. swaf la. (fig) Bay you suif To reprimand. Nou t’al la We went there. Example “Po-t-chanm” (in the place of French “pot de chambre”). dummy. swèt 1 la n South-eastern wind. to take special care of (administering medicine. swente V suente swenyay la n Proper care and attention. etc. stati a. vi To start. swif V suif swiv V suiv syanm nan n Type of fabric. To follow. stick*. To wet one’s pants (with piss. suente. 3. suè swè a. Evening. to run. grease. swente vi 1. stropye V estropye sue. syès la n Siesta*.) ciego. men li pa gen tan John would like to go to school. swadizan Supposedly. to care for. swenyen. Cf. or. Twa jou suivi Three days in succession. long time since I sent the boy to buy cigarettes. M’swete ou you bon Nwèl I wish you a merry Christmas. swasann dis num Seventy. etc). swèf n Thirst. swèl 2 1 attrib Tight. swèf V swaf Contracted form of ‘te’ (marker for the past tense). stòk la. stat. Protestant evening church service. should. Soirée (evening party). swif n Tallow. Machin mwen pa vle stat My car won’t start. Cheve swa Smooth hair as opposed to ‘kinky’ hair.. lesyèl n Sky. Sp. swivan prep Depending on. after. estasyonnen vi To park. Ta kon’l ta Late as it may be. lasyans n Science*. 2. statè a. suivan. stipid. but he doesn’t have time. suif la. the letter t may replace a d when followed by a voiceless consonant. Greasy pole. stope. oil. As a consequence of a wound by a spur. suife.). To attend (mass. swèt 2 la V swè swete vt To wish. suiv. the d may replace a t when followed by a voiced consonant. Pantalon swèl Tight pants. syans la. Potchanm. estatè n Starter* (auto). ta 1 Would. Ou trò renmen byen san swe You like something for nothing. swetè n Sweater*. Pàn statè Starter trouble. laswè n Sweat. V tava. sperm). swasant num Sixty. according to. sware a. swa conj Either. estòk n Stock*. Jan ta vle al lekòl.. swètè a. swaye vt To care for. 2. stik la n Officer’s leather billet. Yo te ba li bon swen They took good care of him. to halt. suè a. swa 1 a n Silk. Auxiliary particle used to form the conditional tense. Swif balenn Whale oil. swaye V swenyen swe V sue. swen an n Care. syèg attrib Blind (game rooster). Suivan sa l’a di ou Depending on what he’ll tell you. To seep. Se swe nan fron’l ki ba li manje It’s the sweat of his brow that feeds him (He works for a living). animal fat. estati n Statue*. lasware n 1.. estat vt To start * (a car). estòp interj Stop*! International anglicism. ta 3 Yon ta Many. swen 2 vt To take care of. estipid attrib Stupid*. Similarly. Pran swen To look after. Gen yon syèk depi’m voye tigason an al achte sigarèt pou mwen It’s been a long. t 2 n Evening. . swa 2 T t 1 In set phrases or individual words of French origin.185 stasyonnen. a long while. Cf. Suiv mwen pou ou pa pèdi chemen an Follow me so you won’t lose the way. E. have it. 2. perspiration. heaven. to ooze. 3.

Li gen tan sou He is so drunk. to touch s. Pou tout tan Forever. Tafya blan White (raw) rum. grògmann. drunkard. takte 1 a n Freckle. Here are some types of tablèt: tablèt nwa. tablo a n Board. goumen mete pye Scandal leads to fighting. Flat pieces of peanut butter candy. Cf. In fact he’s still living. tanmi n Large. talon an n Heel. so. (usu) Titak A bit of. tablèt kòk. in no time at all. tablèt la n Cake or tidbit like a nougat. tache 1 vt & vi To pin (up). li gan yon pakèt takte penti ladan’l The wall is beautiful. Anvan ou pati. taksi a n Taxi*.’s heels. bolt (slide). Kouman tan an ye jodi a? How is the weather today? Bo tan Nice weather. Sa’m te ba ou la. tak. every now and then. Tamarindus indica. Mi an bèl. M’sye ap talonnen’m. kokoye.. tabòk la n Smack. Chita. stain. fè sa m’di a You like to argue too much. boozer. Talon bwa Wooden heel. attach *. . tablèt pistach. San tach Stainless (spotless). An de tan twa mouvman In a jiffy. tabilye n Apron. karavachè. Nan tan Benbo In the old days of admiral Bimbow (or) A very long time ago. tamaren an. Go away! You klou pike talon’m I got a nail stuck in my heel. pa egzanp zanmann. don’t forget to bolt the other door.. tan 3 adv So. tach 2 (palmis) n The withered peduncle (the hard stem or back end) of a palm leaf. Talon kikit High. Pran you zepeng nan kwafez la. stain.. Gen tan a) To have time. cab. Ou a kaka tabak You won’t get a darn thing. pa bliye take lòt pòt la Before you leave. do what I told you to do. they are called tablèt lakòl. Tigout. Nonm sa a kab mete ou nan tablati That man can get you into trouble. at times. which is detached from the palm tree. etc. trouble. tonmaren n Tamarind* (tree). already. to spy on. tami an.’s tail. tache 2 vt To make a spot. talè a. (An alcoholic beverage distilled from sugar cane). tan 2 an n Weather. apricots. Tab bouche Butcher shop. tach la 1 n Speck. canvas. coconut (milk). There are many fruits which can stain clothes. ban’m talon ou Don’t stand there. tippler. (attrib) Spotted i. poutan li gen tan vin vye li poko mouri The doctor had said that Andrew was going to die young. M’peye tan pou liv la I paid so much (a certain amount) for the book. fasten. tie on. (North) = tablèt kokoye. tab la n Table*. sou. li pa kab jwenn mwen The man is following me close to my heels. Doktè a te di Andre tap mouri jèn. reddish in color. Nan fè tablati. tabliye a. painting. V tafya. tabli 1 V etabli tabli 2 a n A device consisting of two poles and a crossbar to which are hung bunches of corn ears for storage. affix. takèt la n Door-latch. Gen anpil frui ki tache rad. toutalè a. to bolt. tablèt roroli. spotted. V mare. problem. zabriko. L. Li pa gen tan manje He did not have time to eat. Depi tach la sèch nan palmis la. once in a while. tafya a n Tafia*. Type of hoop skirt to enlarge the appearance of the body. titalè a adv A moment ago. spot. soon. to be tied or fastened. marked. tabatyè a n Snuff-box. talatàn nan n Cotton material. Figi’l takte kodenn His face is spotted like a turkey. speckled. blackboard. coarse sieve used by masons to sift gravel. peanut brittle. mete ou a tab Sit (down) at the table. talonnen vt To follow closely on s. tache ròb ou ki chire Take a safety pin on the dressing table and pin up your dress which is torn. Tanzantan.e. de tanzantan From time to time. some. Li gen tan konn manje He really eats a lot.. with spots. Used as a partitive particle. tableau *. yet he lived to become old. takte 2 attrib Freckled. talè. slap. table *. to leave a spot. Also hard times.o. A tan On time. to lock. Cf. to mark. toutalè. tabak la n Tobacco *. bwesonyè. Tab jwèt Gaming table. Ou gen tan kontrolè. When they are sticky. so much (used to express an indefinite figure). Yo pa ban’m pa tabak They didn’t give me a darn thing. thin heels. Demitalon Medium-sized heel. taks la n Tax*. meat counter. titalè adv presently. it has many blobs of paint on it. li pral tonbe When the palm leaf dries up. titak Drop (of liquid). but he can’t catch me. Pa rete la. tablati a n Vicissitude.o. Li pa ban’m tak He didn’t give me a bit. Li bezwen pomad pou figi’l ki gen tach He needs an ointment for his spotty face. tako a n Type of bird. it will fall. such as almonds. takinen vt To tease. tafyatè a n Guzzler. takantak V tenkantenk talè a. blemish. talan an n Talent*.T 186 take vt To latch. Nan tan lontan Long ago. scandal. In a moment. b) Very much. spike heels. Nicotiana tabacum L. the size of a ‘boustabak’. Move tan Bad weather. tan 1 an n Time. se te you paròl tafya What I said to you was the result of liquor.

quarrelsome. tanmen vi To begin and continue to do something (followed by a verb). tantant n Aunt*. yo taode toulede byen taode pou youn byen chita sou lòt In order for cabinet makers to glue two planks of wood. Stress. tann 1 attrib Tender*. To tempt*. to cut (thread) (a pipe). tannri n Tannery*. tandantan Yesteryear. Tande zòrèy la Inner part of the ear. Pòv tifi a! rad. Pwa tann Green beans (still in the pods). old skirt. tannen vt To tan* (skin). tanzantan adv From time to time. 2. (syn) dangoye. tapaj la n Row (noise). tande a n Hearing. etc. tarode vt To plane a board. roudy. te ap Auxiliary of the progressive past tense. tankou. character. Tante chans To try one’s luck. tanè a n Tanner*. tanpon an n Pad. Li fè tankou li pa wè’l He pretended he didn’t see him. ‘fever’. vt To initiate. . To obey.. Depi tandantan Ages ago. tante vt 1. stretch. Tann (ranje. tansèlman pa bliye gen demen Enjoy. Does not mean tange vi 1. tan adv So much as. stamp-pad. A miniature two-headed drum (COURLANDER). tan pou Instead of. Ou konn bat tanbou? Do you play the drum? Gen tanbou djaz. tanbou asòtò. tantin. inasmuch as. Depi tanndat m’ap tann ou I have been waiting for you for such a long time. Cf. tanp la n 1. to listen. taponnen vt 1. Mari ap tann rad nan solèy Marie is spreading the clothes to dry in the sun. tanbou marengwen. to make a big fuss. to brand (an animal). tantin 2 meyèt n A go-between (female adult) specially between young people. E. tanpi Too bad... 2. tandiske conj While. matant.. so much. roule (de bò). 2. tanpete vi To raise a storm. To dab. tension*. tansèlman But (only). etanpe vt To mark. so much the worse. to start. tande 2 vt & vi 1. to display. tapajè attrib Loudmouth. pagne. Fè tapaj To talk. auntie*. tandans la n Tendency*. tank The more. spread. to overhear. Fè tankou’l Do as he does. kankou As. tansyon an n 1. while.. tant 1 la. Church. li oblige mete you moso tanga sou li She doesn’t have a dress. Pou ebenis yo kole de moso planch. expect. tanbouren an n ‘Mosquito drum’. 2. making a lot of noise.187 tan 4 V tanpou tan . Manman’l ba’l you tap nan dèyè His mother gave him a slap on his behind. wad. live it up but don’t forget there is a tomorrow. to dampen. tanponnen. M’tap vini lè’l ale I was coming when he left. Temple* (anat). tanzaòt adv From time to time. Li pa gen Poor girl! to wear a 1 5 T tanpe. tanpèt la n Tempest*. viv lavi. Attend*. Li sou tansyon He’s under pressure. Amize’n. they plane them ‘til they shine so that one can sit well on the other. storm. To vacillate. tanbouye a n Drummer. hard-pressed. 2. noisy. like (prep). tanperaman an n Temperament*. tap 2 la n A tap. To mark with a rubber stamp. tant 2 la n Tent*. To pitch (a boat). whereas. tank la 2 1 n Tank*. tank . To hear. Tank. tanndat Depi tanndat For a long time (in the past). to go slowly from side to side as a boat. tap 1. Bay tantasyon To tempt*. once in a while. tantasyon an n Temptation*. slap (usu) on the hand with the open hand. tanperati a n Temperature*. Tantin tann tonton Trap supposedly with magical powers used by the peasants to protect their gardens. Tann you pyèj To set a trap. As if (conj). etc. tanbou a n Drum. fuss. tantin 1 nan n Auntie *. tanpou. V lafyèv. the more. to understand. a long time ago. to heed (a warning). tanbourinè a n Drummer. Li gen tandans vomi lò’l fin manje He has a tendency to vomit after eating. as long as. Tan l’manje se tan l’bwè He eats as much as he drinks. tanpri Please! V souple. tann 2 vt & vi To wait (for). waist-piece for peasants. to entice. taode. She’s obliged piece of loin-cloth.. tann 3 vt To extend *. tan So. tanga a n (pop) Loin-cloth. tanbou madigra. trouble. 2. Blood pressure. tape. Stamp*. 2. fè) kabann To make the bed. as much as. tànri a. Li fèt pou’l tann He has to wait. to listen.

tapi a n Rug. To type. tayè a n 1. tchatcha 1 a n 1. tatarabuela. Cf. 2. to cut up. 4. Ou tava di’m pouki You would tell me why. tata 1 a n Stool (excrement). 6. It.. tchatcha 2 vi To get along. Mèg kou taso las-kwendeng To be skin and bones. height. when dry and shaken. A senkè tapan At five sharp. Fè tapisri To be a wall flower. tapyoka a n Tapioca*. Sp. tatawèl la n Great. A musical instrument made with seeds inside a gourd to which a handle has been attached. tabèno n Species of hardwood which takes a beautiful polish and consequently is highly prized for furniture. 2. To overcome. 2. taye vt 1. To slap. Cf. 2. Ladies’ two piece suit. to show off. taptap 2 tay 2 la n Pencil sharpener. His father says to him: I’m going to beat you. Li tape mange He was eating. Ansasen an tchakade madanm nan ak kouto pou’l pran lajan’l The assassin murdered the lady with a knife to get her money. etc). tyanse vi To talk nonsense. tatonnen vt To grope. not to be invited to dance.. tape 2. i. tchanse. to tap*. emaciated. carefree. Lysiloma latisliqua (L) Benth. A huge. Tailor*. To shake down objects in a box. to make a living. To sharpen (pencil). to chop (up). chop repeatedly. shit. cero (a fish of the mackerel family). to trim. Li manje tout vye tyanpan He eats all kinds of bad food.) Benth. schiavo.T tapan adv Exactly. Disagreeable. latchak n Disease of chickens. forage cap. pack (earth. great grandmother. indicative. which originally went from Port-au-Prince to Carrefour (suburb). picturesque. tcheke. tate vt To feel. A tree. Taye banda To walk elegantly. Ti gason an ap mache tout tan. Each one is gay. 2. to beat. and suggestive. to stab. tchake vt To pick. sharp. to clip. 3. tep Auxiliary of the progressive past tense. Yon tay moun A huge tape 1 vt 1. 3. To cut (square stones). tayo a n Type of vegetable (South). Sp.. to feel one’s way around. machaca. tchèkòp la n Check-up* (medical. to finger. To go to bed with. Lelbek (Albizia lelbek) (L. More important for philologists is that each one has a name. to shit.e. l’a itil ou Learn to type. tata 2 vi To make poopoo. tchakade vt To assassinate. to babble. taptap 1 la n Bus. to hit. Auxiliary of the conditional. to chop to pieces. and on-the-go. and then grilled. to touch in order to check and verify.. to be very thin. a dance posture (COURLANDER). tay 1 la n 1. tchaw 2 Good-bye. tarode V taode tas la n Cup. tyanpan n 1. etc). beat. Tay ba Low hips. Each small truck has wooden benches adapted to them. tchaw 1 la n Cheap food. tchap la n Cap. Junk. taso a n Dried meat. to whip. tchak 2 attrib Old fashioned and strict (Neol). V grangrann. to screw. tyeke vt To check*. 188 4. waist. Kouman sa? M’ap tchatcha How are you? I’m getting along. kaka. etc. m’ap tape ou si ou pa vle chita The boy walks all the time. make a noise similar to the chacha rhythm. Yon tay. tasajo. Milanese ‘sciavo’: your slave). person. V okabine. In Port-auPrince it is called “malanga”. to flog. it will be useful to you. papa’l di’l. Meat which has been seasoned. tase vt To tamp. tap. tchaktchak vt To pierce. to chop. to defecate. Aprann tape a la machin. in a jiffy. 5. should. 2. taza a n Kingfish. tava Would. tavle Poud tavle Charm. to cut capers. adv Fast. Sp. tapral. Size. ciao. if you won’t sit down. Junk food. tchak 1 la. to prune. tchaka a n Pounded corn (cooked food) which mixed with other ingredients become a soup. tavèno a. Lontan yo te konn fè bèl tapisri A long time ago they used to make beautiful tapestries. V ta. junk food. a type of jitney bus. magic (love) potion. allowed to dry in the sun. tche V ke tchè V kè tchèk la n Check* (control). win (in a game). To cut (out). tchanpan an. the seeds of which. carpet. pick-up bus. Fè tata To have a bowel movement. Worthless food. To spank. Abitan an tate poul la pou wè si’l gen ze The farmer fingered the hen to see if she had eggs. Hip. tapisri a n Tapestry*. . tchala a n Reference book for “bòlèt” players. taprale Was (were) going (to).

Anba tè Underground. tenmplaw On the same level. Tenten! Nothing doing. ok. a flop. to stain*. tenis la n Lawn tennis *. nothing! teke vt 1. steadfast*(ly). Te’m wè Let me see. steadfastly. Ou rive lan kalfou tenten Now you’ve become ridiculous. Leve a tè a Stand up. ground. to phone*. extremely poor. Drinking cup. FRANKETIENNE/D-125: Apre sa. to call up. none. ridicule. pa tèk! After that. (Soulier) tennis. Cf. tèdoreye a. Jan ban’m you tèk nan zòrèy John gave me a snap on the ear. or to kick slightly a ball (in a soccer game). tèk 2 Nothing.. rear.m. land. te 2 Apocope of “kite” used as imperative only. si tèlman adv So. A tè On land. tchòtchòwè attrib Good for nothing. tennis shoes. Li tenn cheve’l trò souvan She dyes her hair too often. boutèy Bottom of a bottle. tentidyòd la n Tincture of iodine*. tè a. tenyen vt (pop) To turn off. etc). teny nan. tchimen V kimen tchipe V kuipe tchit V kit tchòbòl la n Trouble*. no. tèk 1 la n Fillip. a slight flick made with the thumb and forefinger (or middle finger). To hit (barely). infusion. Mete pwa a tè To plant peas (Said after a good October shower). 2. You tèl bagay Such a thing. Ou a tèk You will get nothing. tèlman. scurvy. upside down. lateny n Scab. estate. Tè a mouye The earth is wet. 2. (Term used in the game of marbles. tèm attrib Sound. V eten ten an n Thyme*. telefòn nan n Telephone*. De tèl istwa Such stories. tenès n Tenesmus *. behind. te 3 a n Concoction. ten 1 2 tchoubouloung Mess. telefone. te 1. had been. 2. televizyon an n Television*. telegram nan n Telegram*. 3. problem. Tenyen je To close one eye temporarily in the manner of . On Good Friday at 3:00 p. tennès la. temwen an n Witness.. tèmòs la n Thermos* bottle. Tenyen bouji a Put out the candle. children will “Bat tenèb” or strike any metal object continuously. tchoka vt To shell coffee beans in a mortar. if for instance. Pa tè Overland (travel). Lage yon peyi lan tchoubouloung To put a country in disarray. Sou latè beni Here on earth. to put out. to extinguish *. Sp. in agreement. tenb n Postage stamp. telefonen vt To telephone*. no go! M’pa lan tenten avè ou I’m not in the mood to joke with you. to telegraph*. tennfas adv Firmly. Yè m’te wè ou lavil I saw you downtown yesterday. tèl indef adj Such. Pye a tè Barefoot. M’t’al dòmi lakay I had gone to sleep at home. tèleka. nonsense. An tè Earthen. tchouboum V tyouboum tchoul V tyoul tchoule V rekile tchouloulout la. The variant “dite” is used in the North. difficulty. tenn vt To dye. tèl le ka Supposing. tenbre V papye tenèb la n 1. tèldi tèlfè No sooner said than done.189 tchèl la n Small change. tenkantenk. latè a n Earth. tennfas. something of no value. nosy. were. TV*. To shoot (marbles) with the thumb. Was. Tè cho Rich soil (hot land). tax stamp. tenbal la n 1. takantak adv Tit for tat. T teledyòl la n Transmittal of news by words of mouth. Fè you tèk Make a shot at marbles. Tè gra Clay. Kettle-drum. Antiquated Italian musical term. to misbehave. Tè frèt Poor land (cold earth). t Past and pluperfect marker. piecemeal. tentennad la n Stupid behavior. phone*. disarray. Tenebrae *. tenti a n Dye. sak zoreye n Pillow case. Tchou Piece by piece. on the ground. telegrafye vt To cable. tèt doreye. tensèl V etensèl tenten an n Nonsense. tenm nan. tchou a n Rectum. Mete a tè To bear (give birth).. tea*. tchouloulou a n Diarrhea. Darkness. anus. tenmpla. bush telegraph. has. such a. soil. tchenkon An tchenkon partly. telegraf la n Telegraph*. (An urgent desire to urinate or defecate without ability to do so). teleka. Yo si tèlman rich They are so rich. timbal*. tèktègèdèk Firm. Fè tenten To act silly.

V etenn. Se pou’n met tèt nou ansanm Let’s put our minds together. Wet your pencil. Tètpabyen Crazy. teat*. tèt la n 1. tadpole. unruly. Tèt vire Dizziness. V piti. to wink. Li tiye tèt li He committed suicide (not merely ‘He killed himself accidentally’). Mentha nemorosa Willd. Tèt jiròf Cloves (spice). 2. testament*. for tip. Tèt bika Big head. kabòs tèt. Road. Tèt zòrye Pillow case (confused with ‘tèdoreye’). Tèt kole Cheek to cheek (dancing). Yon ti tètkale A small fry (as opposed to ‘a big shot’). tètfèmal la n Headache. He is killing himself with work. Tèt anba Upside down. hammer-head. 2. Tèt li varye He is raving. awful. Examples and expressions. Tèt graton. Terrace*. (“Tèt” followed by the possessive adj corresponding to the subject = “self” preceded by the respective pronoun. (usu) tè tif. Pitit la tete de fwa deja The baby has been breastfed twice already. tere V antere terebantin nan n Turpentine*. comedy. tibèkiloz la n Consumption. 3. teste vt To check. teren an n Field. tèt kròt Sparse. FRANKETIENNE/D-197: Filojèn kase tèt tounen Filojèn turned back. ti 2 Here. Cf. Li rann tèt li He gave himself up. to suckle. dreadful. crock. teri. clumsy. Popular in hotels. terib attrib Terrible*. Fè tèt To give (or) get a haircut. Lanmò pitit li a pote’l lan tèt His child’s death was too much for him and made him ill. Poutèt sa For that reason. Kabòch tèt. teti attrib Obstinate. Nun tengo capo. Bay tèt (sou) To head (towards). Yo mande tèt nèg pou yon zaboka Avocado pears are very expensive. tibèt la n Insect. Tape* (recording tape. to style (set) hair. 2. spring. tep la n 1. Li pèdi tèt li He went out of his mind.T 190 calling the attention of someone to something. T. Cf. Tèt poul Forgetful . kràn tèt. tichen an n Puppy. Spectacle. teat n 1. 2. therefore. tibebe a. maltèt Headache. M’pa gen tèt I can’t remember. id. Top. Tèt kale 1. Tèt nèg Expensive. teras la. tichat la. that’s his cup of tea. plateau. mountain peak. Tèt grenn Kinky hair. Bouton tete Breast nipple. Yo dòmi tètanke Both of them sleep in one bed.*. tetanos la n Tetanus*. still nursing). kòkòròs tèt Head. infant. tetin nan n Nipple of child’s baby bottle. check on (somebody). Also a person of no importance (usu) vye ti tèt kale. small animal. tif la n Tuff*. Tèt dlo a The source (head) of the river. tèt gridap. Tenyen lanp la anvan ou dòmi Turn off the light before going to sleep. tibilan attrib Turbulent*. li pa penyen Look at that straw head. tibòm n Type of mint. tamping. (person). they made you pay too much. Tèt yo Themselves. ou pa dwe di ou pa la Once you say “yes” you can’t say you’re not there. to breastfeed. ateri vi To end up (at). tete 2 vt To suck. V tip. Tèt chòv Bald head. tidifeboule n Provocation (Prodding two persons to fight). in reflexive verbs). Terrain*. he didn’t comb himself. rolling of the earth for roadwork or construction. or one with very little hair on his ill-shaped head. scotch tape). Mentha arvensis L. ti bebe n Baby*. testaman an n Will. please? Yon fwa ou di “ti”. tete 1 a n Breast(s). tidejene a n Breakfast. tuberculosis *. Tèt kay Roof (“do kay” is more commonly used). little. 2. main road. teritwa a n Territory*. Li lan tèt jwèt li Now he is in his element. tetyè a n Head-stall (harness). Head. vi To nurse. bad driver. tepe vt To tape*. plot of ground. Tete kreyon ou Make a note of it. terasman an n 1. path. Tèt fè mal. L’al fè tèt li He went to have a haircut. Timoun nan tete Infant (one not yet weaned. Neap. M’pa vle gen tèt chaje avèk bagay ou yo I don’t want any trouble with your business. Tèt chaje Troubles. Tèt zòtèy The tips (heads) of the toes. Digging. A person who is completely bald-headed or with close-shaven head. (‘Ti’ is a shortened form of ‘plètil’). tib la n Tube*. Highway. teyat la. Yo kale tèt ou They scalped you. madoken. terin nan n Earthen pan. open space. to verify. summit. Tèt koupe Spitting image. ti chat la n Kitten. Ou fatige tèt ou tròp You’re worrying too much. kinky hair. the head of one is next to the other’s feet. Li bay pitit la tete 18 mwa She nursed the baby for 18 months. Tèt kokolo Empty-headed person. Self. breastfeeding. lateras n 1. stubborn. Tèt di Hard headed. Colloquial E. teta a n Chub. 2. V kanari.B. stubborn. bosom. tichemen an n Track. show. L’ap tiye tèt li travay He tries hard. clay soil. terrine*. Gade you tèt pay. restaurants etc. Sou tèt On top of. baby bonnet. to try. Yo mete kafe seche sou teras They put the coffee beans on the terrace to dry. to make a test*. stubborness. Tèt mòn Mountain top. Tèt mwen Myself. Tèt mato Awkward. troublesome person. Theater *. ti 1 (Prefix) small. tufa*.

Examples and expressions: Tire dlo To draw water. tigout. lad. to draw. tirwa a. tik la n Tick* (parasite). Mete tire To open fire. Type of banana of superb taste and the size of your middle finger. 3. tigason an. tilyon an. L’ap tire kò’l He is stretching himself. T timoun nan. To shoot. to gun down. to eke out a living. To hobble along. a little bit of. to scoop. tifi 2 attrib Virgin. Pa tire kont lajounen. tchitchile vi 1. tijezi n Godchild. bafre. to get along. 3. 2. tinon an n Nickname. tikrik tikrak Pou tikrik tikrak For any reason at all. timouton an n Lamb. tire vt 1. 2. tifoyid la (fever). youngsters. tipitit la n Child. Tire pye To kick. Li tire’m yon kout pye He aimed a kick at me. timesye yo. tiwèt la n Drawer. tiran an n Tyrant*. Tifi a pral fè premyè kominyon’l mwa prochen The girl will make her first communion next month. tiloulout la n Penis. shy. Then the riddle begins. Any Sunday best suit. Tijezi nan po krab A hypocrite. tiraj la n Drawing (lottery). Cf. a little bit. tikochon an n Piglet. Chen tig A dark brown dog with black or dark brown spots. Titile bò ronn To shoot the marble slowly around the circle. ti granmoun attrib Child who speaks and acts like an adult (pej). Tire bagay la o klè To bring something into the open. Fig timalis vann de pou 5 kòb Ti malice bananas cost two for a penny. The person asking the riddles says. n Typhoid*. tiwa. in Letan Bwanèf near the city of St. chap. (fig) Storehouse. one who is acting like a saint but is really dishonest. tilip la n Tulip*. birdie. bashful. insignificant. tigranmoun. Tire pòtre To take a picture. ti medam n Girls. . E. 2. tifle vt To eat too much. ti malis n 1. tiròz n Menstrual period. tiròch la n Pebble. 2. ti pen n Roll (bread). V enpe. little pig. timtim! bwa chèch! Formula used to introduce the telling of riddles after dark. ti gason n Boy. Popular hero of Haitian folk tales. young ladies. tigigit n Penis. birdie. tikòk la n Penis. pet name. fearful. ti lyon n (Lion) cub. tikè a n Ticket*. stingy. Zòrèy chen an plen tik The dog’s ears are full of ticks. timè a n Tumor*. sa pa bon Don’t tell stories during the day. tip 1 la n Guy. ti mesye n Young men. To stretch. to clarify it. tig la n Tiger *. titile. tilapya a n A fish living. koulout attrib Tightwad. (ti) kras. Tire bèf To milk a cow. Type of candy. tij la n Stem. tull* (fabric).191 tifi 1 a n Girl. very small person. To pull. tirè 2 a n (Sharp) shooter. timal n Young man. Tic* (twitching). birdie. among many other places. tirè 1 a n Dash (line). fellow. Tic-tac-toe* (tip-tap-toe*) (game). tipen an. tep n Tip*. tijoudlan an n New garment worn on New Year’s Day. Perhaps used more frequently than ‘biye’ (V). Type*. tikoulout. He kicked me. pourboire. birdie (small boy’s). tikrabè n An unimportant. penny pincher. tisale a n Salt pork. til la n Screen (metallic). Fyèv tifoyid Typhoid* timi V pitimi timid attrib Timid*. ti moun n Child. Marc. timedam yo. Ki lè y’ap tire lotri a? What’s the date of the lottery drawing. tit la n Title*. “timtim”! The audience answers “bwa chèch”. tipoul la n Chick(en). Tire kat To play cards. Timoun piti Small child. it brings bad luck. 2. tip 2 la. Li te tifi toujou She was still a virgin. Cunning person. To struggle. timalis. tirivyè a n Stream. tikras Some. tise vt To weave. tirèdkont la n Storyteller. guy (familiar). tipichout la n Penis. ti gout A bit. V gobe. tironrale a n A common type of loaf of bread. titak V tak titalè V talè titato n 1.

from sickness. 192 tolalito n Children’s game. tobout la n 1. Tonbe danse To start dancing. such as bingo. Jail. tchwe vt 1. Kon mizik frape ayisyen tonbe danse At the sound of the music. arbo(u)r. She fell in love with him. tolit la n Song of a small lizard (zandolit) V. when dry is used for cleaning purposes. When ‘tonbe’ is followed by another verb. to bump into. to fall in love with. tòdye vt To twist. tò a n Gen tò To be wrong. now she’s wringing it to dry it. Fi a tonbe pou nonm nan She fell for the man. suffering) with a belly ache. enormous. tòltòl attrib Crazy. tonmat la n Tomato. i. tòl 1 la n Corrugated sheet iron. to fall in love. of a song). to endure. tonèl la. tolomonèl la n Cocktail made with lemon and ‘kleren’. 2 . yo touye tèt yo They could not suffer anymore. toloke vt To drive (s. tobi a n Mule. tòk la n Pack-saddle. to make dirty. Sp. to trip. ton 2 n Apocope for ‘tonton’. toke attrib Crazy. to collapse. tiyon 1 an n Headband. tondèz la n Clippers for hair. tonbola a n School or church gathering. A powerful man. V toloke. tizàn nan. Li tiye tèt li He killed himself. tòchon an n 1. Ton Alfred Uncle Alfred. tiwa V tirwa tiwèl la n Trowel*. grave stone. partner (title of a play in Creole by Roni Lucien Angomar).) crazy. the owner of that house is a torture for the tenants. Tonbe pou To fall for. touye.o. prison. Refl. vegetable sponge. Yo pat kab soufri ankò. tizann n Infusion of a watered herb tea. it indicates the commencement and continuity of the action expressed by the following verb. Examples and expressions: Maladi tonbe Epilepsy. 4. Dish cloth gourd. Bower. 2. Yo se tokay They have the same first name. “Nou nan tray tokay” We are in trouble. tòl . A person who likes to torment (tease) others. etc. tonm nan n Tomb*. tòn nan n Ton*.e. to put out (a light). to switch off. Li tonbe sou chwal la He fell from the horse. To turn out. Tonbe feblès To fall from weakness. Firebrand. Tout brui sa yo ap fè’m tòl All that noise is driving me out of my mind. Haitians start dancing. Rann yon moun tòltòl To drive s. dish-cloth. tizon an n 1. where games are played. to sink. tizonnen vt To egg on. to fall into (the habit of). to extinguish (a fire). tiyo a n Pipe. to keep urging. metal container (4-5 gallons). 2. to give way. Lapli mouye tout rad li. to slay. To kill. 2. Rag (for cleaning in the kitchen).T titit la n Baby. konnyea l’ap tòde’l pou’l seche’l The rain soaked her dress. crazy. tonbolokoto attrib Huge. to fall over. tolere vt To tolerate*. ton 3 an n Tuna*. annoy. Tonbe sou To run into. 2. You kamyon de tòn A two-ton truck. to meet unexpectedly. “Tetched”. 2. tòchonnen vt To soil. to quench. tòkèt V tròkèt tòktòk attrib Crazy. 3. dish-towel. Tonmat vèt! What the hell! Jesus Christ! Good grief! ton 1 an n Tone* (of the voice. tonn vt To clip. a covering on stakes over the “hounfò” court. completely. (syn) ti bebe. tonbe vi To fall (down). decoction. a climbing plant which. flue. Tonn tèt To clip the hair tiye. wring (clothes). “tocayo”. bend. vi Li tap tòde anba vant fè mal He was twitching (twisting. tòde. tito a n Type of candy. Shed covered with leaves or straw. She doesn’t want them to do anything in the yard. to tumble. tonnèl n 1. tube. tolerans la n Tolerance*. tonmaren V tamaren tonmat V tomat tonmtonm nan n Food made from breadfruit to which okra (gumbo) is usually added. grab-bag. Jako tòlòkòtò Talkative parrot (well-known song). out of one’s mind. li pa vle yo fè anyen nan lakou a The lady. tòltòl V tòl tomat la. tiyon 2 an n Haitian hairdo made with a kerchief forming a beautiful tail in the back of the neck. To put out. toleran attrib Tolerant*. Fè tolalito To go on a wild goose chase. to subside (wind).o. V ba a. pipe-line. so they killed themselves. tòlòkòtò attrib Blabbermouth. Cf. (This word is used mostly in the Jérémie area). Fè ditò To harm. Tonbe nan To take on. to stand for. uncle. Madan’m ki metrès kay sa a se you tizon pou lokatè yo. tokay la n Of the same first name.

interj The hell with you! (a vt To suck. Deniz pran chante chante a. to shake hands as an indication of accord. walk. tòtire vt To torture*. unbeatable person. thick. Trick. very large. tou 5 All. touchatou (Little) meddler. tòti 1 a n Turtle *. toudenkou adv Suddenly. More frequently ‘toro bèf’ 2. cast allusions. to touch*. they go to sleep. total 1 la n Total*. toubiyonnen vi To whirl (around). Janm tòtòy tòtòy Je tòtòy Squinting. Tou piti Tiny. Tour*. toubouyon n Whirlwind. Si mwen pa rele. tòt attrib Perfect. tou le jou adv Everyday. torya a n Especially in the expression Voye torya To speak in parables. after having pricked a hole in it. and after having softened it). toufa vamalore curse). Toule lendi Every Monday. Bogeyman (folklore). stew food in a closed vessel. li toudi ou When you work in the hot sun. Tonnè kraze’m. a few days ago.g. 2. still. tou bèbè li ye a Denise starts singing the song. tòtòt la n Teat. toudabò adv In the first place. high place. it makes you dizzy. (syn) ki bon nèt. even tho. to stew. toujou adv Always. 3. Fè tòtòt To suck (e. An’n tou manje. V tete. shake up. toudrèt adv Straight ahead. The bull. toulede. 2. to strangle. turn. Lò ou travay nan solèy cho. Kann toro Type of sugar cane. all so tiny. I’ll choke. Se touche tounen It’s touch and go. Fè tou kay la Go around the house. 2. old man (as in many languages). V karèt. totolo a n A far away. Also toulede.193 tonnè Means “lightning. tuft *. Santa Claus. topinanbou a n Jerusalem artichoke. Bow-legged. Li isi toujou? Is he still here? toule. the juice of a mango. Cf. total 2 attrib Perfect. stifle. total kapital. be in accord. first-rate. Tou lòt jou Recently. toufi attrib Bushy. toude Both (of them). An’n tope Let’s shake on it. 3. Li jwe’m you move tou He played a dirty trick on me. Chak swa you touf zwazo vini domi Every night a flock of birds perch on the tree. m’a toufe If I don’t cry out loud. to drink in. Total kapital Outstanding. sickly eyes. tou le Every. touch la n Throw-in (soccer). Toufe berejenn Eggplant stew. toupi a n Spinning top. OK. topi a. toufounen vt To beat up. Applied in the last few years in a political context. Agreed. To suffocate. rough up. consent. and Canadian French uses “itou” and “tou”. to braise in a closed vessel. good. stun. Tonton 3 Nwèl n Father Christmas. too. topsi V otopsi toro a n 1. touf la n Clump. give a good thrashing. tou 2 adv 1. tou 1 Also. let’s not wait till later. to choke. at the same time. toulejou. toudi vt To daze. to stifle. toub V troub toubiyon an. Once and for all. tonpe V tronpe tonton 1 an n Uncle. Tou sa All that. touche 2 vt 1. Se toufe li tap toufe He was choking with (contained) anger. touche 1 vt To earn. to swirl (around). Papa’m te toujou di sa My father always said that. Sp. vi To suffocate. choke. 2. Calathea allouia Lindl. Altho. Toufe you manje To steam. to smother. toudin. latoudin n spinning. pile. to choke. tòtòt 2 1 2 T tou 4 a n 1. To touch *. to beat the hell out of. toufe vt 1. tòti 2 a n Torture*. Also means huge. yet. toudisman V etoudisman toudwat. To affect. flock. M’gen latoudin My head is toudinpyès All in one piece*. Awe-inspiring. tonnè boule’m (May lightning strike me!) Tonnè! Damn it! tonnèl V tonèl tonnis interj 1. Tòti lanmè Sea turtle. punch. thunder”. to cash (a check). Darn it! (euph) for ‘tonnè’. 2. to become turbulent*. vi To get paid. tope vi To agree. who can’t keep his hands off things. comme il faut. to collect (money). tou 3 V trou . Popular French uses “itou”. always. To steam. tou le de Both (of them). tonton makout la n 1. even tho she can’t even talk. nou pa bezwen tann pita Let’s eat once and for all. absolutely perfect. To suppress (scandal).

Also a nickname. bother. toutalantou. every. toutmoun. to go back. Tout vini All came. toutispatatis la n A person who takes undue advantage of everything. touye lanp (Lamp-extinguisher) Name given to a huge. toutouniste a n Nudity *. to be transformed into. to beat the hell out of. toupi V topi toupizi vt To pound. toumant la n 1. M’bay kò’m traka fè’l pou ou I took the pains to do it for you. to turn* sour (milk). toutsuit adv Immediately. to become. To turn*. Li ofri yon tounen gròg He offered a round of grog. touye V tiye touyelanp. oversize. uneasy. touswit. tiyatwa attrib Exacerbating. toutous V toutou toutrèl la n Turtle*-dove. toutbon adv Really. pain. completely. toutsuit V tousuit touttan. toutous la 2. to shudder. misfortune. li tranble kon fèy bwa ak lapè When the thief saw the policeman. difficulty. quite. tout moun indef pron Everybody. to shake. traktè a n Tractor*. as long as. toutespre. to come back. latous n Cough. . trakasite a n Trouble. Li gen maladi touse He has tuberculosis. Li te fè trafik Nouyòk She traveled back and forth to New York for business purposes. traka a n Difficulty. Tranbleman tè Earthquake. toutalantou adv (All) around. toutotan. touman an. trak la n Political leaflet. disturbed. toutalè V talè toutalè a V talè a toutbagay. flat on its side*. To get back. Move trafik Machinations. 194 toutjan. toumante vt To torment *. toutotou. toutalè a. touse 1 vi To cough. hardship. Tout kay yo All the houses. Small dog. touni V toutouni tounvis la. shaking. Moun touse A consumptive person (with tuberculosis) who is constantly coughing. underhanded schemes. to shiver. problem(s). 2. Adversity. for good. tous la. toutotou prep All around. toutmoun. tounen 1 an n A round of. tout 3 See the compound words toutsuit. Tounvis zetwal Phillip’s screw-driver.T toulongsayd 1. tounen 3 vi To become sour. tounen 2 vi 1. toutjan. fidgety. ni attrib Naked. toutouni. restless. Lè li te lan toutouniste When he was poor. toutlasentjounen. (attrib) Tormented*. nuisance. In its full length*. touni. problems. just the opposite. To turn* into. toutispatatis. trouble. 2. tranbleman an n Trembling*. Torment *. tout 2 indef pron All. nakedness. to quiver. flyer. Everywhere. whole. 2. tradui vt To translate. towtow adv Rapidly. trakase vt To pester. tout bagay indef pron Everything. trafik la n Traffic*. forever. to return *. nude*. tousuit. for all touyatwa. toundis la n Record player. Chini te tounen yon bèl papiyon The caterpillar had become a beautiful butterfly. very heavy ill-fitting coat. tradiktè a n Translator. he shivered like a leaf from fear. toupatou adv. toutokontrè On the contrary*. toutbagay. tout jan Anyway. trajè a n (Length of) journey. tranblad V latranblad tranble vi To tremble*. V trouse tousi a n Cuffing of trousers. Straight ahead without stopping. toutafè. tounavis la n Screw-driver. worry. Li mouri touse He died of tuberculosis. tout 1 indef adj All. toutafè adv Altogether. toutotan As long as. anxiety. 3. touse 2 toutoun nan n Tiny girl’s vagina. toutou a. toutlasentjounen. toutalè. tout tan adv seasons. tout la sent jounen adv All day long. Darling. tralala a n Scandal. puppy. killing. right away. M’touse anpil yè swa I coughed very much last night. phonograph. touris la n Tourist*. n 1. toutbon. Always. Toutjan toutmannyè Anyway whatever. Tout ayisyen Every Haitian. Lè volè a wè lapolis. to bother. toutespre adv Expressly*.

Anis and lemon juice are very often used depending on the taste and strength desired. trè 2 adv Very. Drink it. to engage (to hire). transfòme vt To transform*. Move tretman an . to lag. trantyèm num Thirtieth. Fè tren To make a lot of noise. I’m busy. tress*. alatranp. or absinthe. trennaye vi To loaf around. li trangle He was eating sugar cane. trayi vt To betray. Fi a ap pase you tray ak mari’l The woman’s husband is causing her a lot of difficulties. M’ap trangle ou si ou nui’m I’ll choke you. industrious. Travayè yo rekòlte tout mayi nan jaden an The workmen harvested all the corn in the garden. trase vt To draw. etc). travel thru. Nan ki sa ou ap travay? What’s your line (of work)? Fè tèt ou travay Use your head. Crossbeam. trefoil*. to dunk. to get through. trace* out. Shortcut. trant num Thirty. to dip. and brother! Said to be an aphrodisiac. trè 1 a n Line (with a pen). lay out. An trèt Treacherously. tretman an n Mistreatment. transplante vt To transplant*. Kouri travèse To run through. Labor travayan attrib Hard-working. plait. task.195 tranche pains. travè Chemen travè Short-cut. quickly. trankil attrib Quiet. to slice. to tow. Kite pitit la trankil Leave (let) the kid alone. to show the way. trepase vi To die. Cf Traverse*. 2. to loiter. This is understandable if a lot of absinthe is used together with various aromatic plants. triangle* (arch). travès la n 1. job. tranche up. tren an n 1. trouble. trennen 3 2 vt To cut into slices. My trese vt To weave. cock. trèf 2 la n Clover. to find. Li trete Pòl de mantè He called Paul a liar. trans la n Trance*. travay 2 vt & vi To work. quite. Travay kon bourik To work like a horse. Penyen de très To have two pig tails. he got choked. 3. trete 2 vt Trete de To call (names). Cf. 2. employment. travayèz la n Female worker. to care for. travèse vt To cross. Li travay tè He cultivates the land. Penis. to tug. worker. 2. get over (wall. L’ap manje kann. Trase rout To lay out the road. Trase cheve To part the hair. crossing. to freight. trennen 2 vi To wander. tras la n Trace*. trayizon an n Treason*. Li travay pou fyèl li pete He works like a horse. transfere vt To transfer*. transfè a n Transfer*. problem. travayè a n Laborer. tresayi vi To thrill. Kite’m trankil. trennen 1 vt To haul. vicissitudes. if you bother me. yon pay antre nan gòj li. to give up (quit). track(s). To marinate. Maladi pitit li a ap travay li tròp His child’s illness is troubling him too much. tranzaksyon an n Transaction*. in a jiffy. m’okipe Leave me alone. Bay travay To employ. to pull. trap vt To catch. Trase you egzanp To set an example. trape. help along. An Ayiti yo trese pànye ak banbou sitou In Haiti they weave baskets mostly with bamboo. beam. tray la n Difficulty. transpòte vt To transport*. trap V trape trapde adv Fast. Passage. tranp. tranpe 2 vt To soak. Drawling (voice). Traitor*. trèf 1 la n Clubs (in card game). Treatment*. feature(s). tranquil *. Très fi yo konn mete sou rad yo The braids women used to put on their clothes. to linger. drag along. 1 T a n 1. trangle vt To strangle*. tresi V ratresi trèt la n trickery. to loaf around. a straw got into his throat. to cross over. travay 1 la n Work. pass through. choke. Ki moun k’ap fè tren nan kay la? Who is making noise in the house? treng nan n Rod. by trete 1 vt To treat*. to pass over. curdle. to cut tranchman an n Pain. trankilite a n Tranquility*. vi To choke. Shoemaker’s knife. braid. Se doktè Tousen ki te trete’l It was doctor Toussaint who treated him. tranpe 1 a n A beverage made by soaking several roots in alcohol. très la n Braid. 3. antranp adv Li mouye tranp He’s soaking wet. brandy. Train*. San’m tresayi blood curdled.

trivyal attrib Foul-mouthed. vpr To err. tribilasyon an n Vexation. Mwen an reta. tronpèt la n 1. to feel. triminen. gross. trouble*. V kofre. ruse. turn up (trousers). toupizi vt To smash. trèz num Thirteen. m’apral nan tribinal avèk ou As God is my witness. It is usually placed after a verb or before a noun. guts. Lapolis nan trous li The police are at his heels (are going after him). turbid*.T treto a n Trestle*. tròk la n Barter. m’ap toupizi ou If you fool around with me. Trò kuit Overcooked. tòkèt. bugle. pit. to screen. to touch. V pete. Be alert. tonpe vt To deceive. tripe *. gossiping. tro adv Too. to be mistaken. Old French word “torquette” de tabac (Paul Moral). An nou troke Let’s swap. Trou nen an Nostril. tribò babò adv On all sides. si ou pa renmèt mwen kòb mwen. to pick out. tropizi. triminay la n Trouble. Triye kafe To clean (sift) the coffee beans. gloom. A bottomless hole. Kit. to see things dimly. touhing n Dark. tripotaj la n Gossip. doctor’s kit. toub attrib Muddy. to mislead. troubote a n Dimple. tròn nan n 1. tribinal la n Tribunal*. triyèz la n Sorter. trouso a n Trousseau*. tòtchèt n Pad. Trò piti Too small. tribòbabò. trous la n 1. too many. trimen vi To toil. hardship. troke vt To exchange. trou bounda Anus. to sort out. boukantay. sorrowful. tripòt attrib Nosy. if you don’t give me my money back. Ou a retounen sou trèz jou You’ll come back in 13 days. tris attrib Sad. to bother. (Any old rag (or leaves) twisted to form a head cushion to be placed on the head before carrying a heavy load). trò. court of law. touble vt To confuse. tronpe. trouse. Fè tripòt To gossip. Triyèz kafe Coffee sorter. Met zòrèy ou an tronpèt Listen attentively. Trous kle Key holder. muddled. bowels. to meet. touse vt To roll up. fuzzy. Walker with four wheels for children. Type of tree with huge leaves (Cecroia peltata). Cf. sorting out. trotinèt la n 1. I’m at your heels. triko a n Knitting. break to pieces. Gro trip Large intestine. dòmi tronpe’m I’m late. sadness. confused. troub 1 la n Confusion. M’ap pran Bondye an temwen. 3. tripay la n 1. Offal (waste in butchery). 2. trezò a n Treasure*. blurred. cushion. Lè ou gade nan mont ou. tribulation. to swap. to think. to talk behind one’s back. 196 tròkèt la. Uneasy. I overslept. tripote vt To finger (pej). Ti trip Small intestine. trouve 1. (fig) M’nan trous ou I’m after you. intrigue. tristès la. tripotay la. to foul. inquisitive (pej). Type of fish. 2. problem. Also babòtribò. cavernous hole in the ground. Medicinal plant. I’ll smash you to pieces. to trouble*. To find. Ou trouve sa? Do you think so? Ki jan ou trouve’m? How do you like me? What do you think of me? Ou trouve di You did say. kraze. triyay la n Screening. Fè triyay To screen. to tuck up. . blurry. tou a n Hole. to work hard. Trumpet*. to slander. Trou bouboun. Trouso kle Key-holder. (or) as if in a mist. Troke kòn To fight (to lock horns). tattle tale. it will be too late. ou a ouè li trèz è When you look at your watch. Tou dan an Cavity. Ex M’manje tròp I ate too much. tròp adv Too much. triye vt To select. Throne*. latristès n Sorrow. trouhing nan. trik la n Trick*. Wè troub To have blurred vision. tronse vt To cut (hack) into rough chunks. Altar (in Vodou terminology). trotwa a n Sidewalk. trimès la n Quarter (3 months). separate. under-handed dealing. to abuse. Si ou ranse ak mwen. Trou bote a Dimple. trip la n Intestines. tripotye a n Gossiper. to trouble. trimester * (school term). L’al fè tripotay sou mwen He told things on me. tribinen vt To disturb. Tribulation *. trouble. Tripe *. troub 2. tron an n Trunk*. 2. Type of scooter. trons la n Section of a roughly cylindrical object. 2. trèzyèm num Thirteenth. disconcerted. murky. drudge. Cf. gap. turbid. I’m going to sue you. disorder. touve vt 1. choose. 2. treasury*. trou a.

twalèt la n 1. a) Will. twèl la n Fabric. twasèt la. tyedi vi To become lukewarm. Splash! Li tonbe tyouboum lan dlo a He splashed into the water. Also called manman kochon. Twa rwa Orion’s belt (constellation). trouble. Cf. boisterous. Vagrancy. twa degout n Type of poison. toilette *. Pran nan twa rwa To be (caught) in a jam. tuil la. til la n Tile*. twazyèmman Third. (About 3 feet high and 6 feet long). 48. thirdly. twaze 1 vt To eye someone from head to foot with disdain. 2. Ou v’al bonè You will go early. Prostitution. vach la n Cow. stone).197 trouve 2. Pick. with a ‘twaz’. vag vt To ignore. n 1. M’achte uit liv I bought eight books. cock-eyed. twati a n Roof. 38. unruly. toilet*. (More often = Do kay) . Cf. V tuit. Sometimes “uit” may become “ui” when it multiplies the noun that follows it. one devoted to another’s whims. twi a. servant (pej). linen. cloth. twadegout. etc. she looks down on me hatefully. rivalry. Nou moute bourik la a twa All three of us got on the donkey. Pantalon twaka Pants that barely cover the knees. tepid*. Twal asyèt Dish-towel. twa ka 1. tyoul la. vaevyen. twaz la. M’te wè bèl twal nan magazen an maten an I saw beautiful linens in the shop this morning. 2. shameless. va 2 a n 1. Three quarters. squinting. spear. V’al . deputy ‘marshall’ in federal jurisdictions. “Tuit” is the last part of the words for 28. 2. . vatevyen Movement to and fro. va 1 (ava. Curse. in the third place. in a big mess. 2. E. contempt. tchoul. kyoul n Factotum. tòchon. tuerto. streetwalking. 3. Lage you moun nan tyouboum To put s. tyoule V rekile U uisye a. L’al nan twalèt He went to the toilet. Ou twaka tonbe You are about to fall. M’pa gen anyen ak fi a. tyouboum. Tonbe nan tyouboum To go down the drain. uityèm num Eighth. tye V ke tyè V kè attrib Vague*. tuipe V kuipe tuit M’gen tuit an An expression that people jokingly attribute to older women who prefer not to divulge their exact age. tchouboum n 1. twa sèt n A popular card game. shall. Ex. Ou a fè twèl You’re a damn(ed) liar. twal la. tyas la n Style of haircut for men. C. V tava. Bebe a peze uit liv (or) ui liv The baby weighed eight pounds. uit num Eight. twaze 2 U tyèd attrib Lukewarm. twazyèm num Third. etc. and yet everytime she sees me. dishonest. touve (Impersonal). twa num Three (Before vowels twaz). twèl V twal twèt attrib Je twèt Half-open.o. coming and going (of persons). Fè yon va sou To jump on. predicament. Fè twalèt To wash up. you’re going to get hurt. pimp. Trouve se limenm ki sove chef la It happened that it was he who saved the boss. tyanpan V tchanpan tyanse V tchanse tyap la n Soft cap* of the military. Ou gen lè gen kèk va dèyè ou You look like you have a curse upon you. Twaz an. vakabonday la. to give a vague answer on purpose. tiri (North) n Sow (female hog). Bathroom. woman chaser. Si ou jwe ak kouto ou va blese If you play with a knife. vakans la n Vacation*. W. guide. Auxiliary used to form the future tense. V v Contracted form of va. twazan Three years. twèz n Unit of measure (wood. Mess. vagabon V vakabon vakabon. to attack. vagrant. Sp. tri. isye a n Process-server. Almost. It happens that. Uit fwa (or) ui fwa Eight times. Sp. etc. depi li wè’m. vag 1 2 vt To measure wood. twaka. se pou li twaze’m I have no quarrel with that woman. Twal gaz la Gauze*. vagabon attrib Vagabond*. Grooming.“va ale” (will go). Like comedian Jack Benny who remained 39 years old all his later life! Jack Benny te toujou gen ‘tuit an’. vagabonday 2.

valè 1 a. to gore. luggage. so many. vanse 1 adv Almost. To blow. valkanday la n Loitering. vant pase. vakabonday. brikouri. to eat to one’s heart’s content. To betray. 3. Vantfèmal la Stomach ache. domestic. Yon gro vant A pot belly. Fèmen chemiz li pou’l pa pran van Button his shirt so that he won’t be exposed to the cold air. vanyan 2 gason n (Bot) Bitter bush. valeryann n Fake. amount. Li vanse mouri He almost died. evapore attrib Excited. to loiter. vi 1. Vante dife a. vaksinen vt To vaccinate*. Gro vant Pregnant. buckling. To sell. Valè moun ki te gen lan nòs la There were so many people at the wedding that you couldn’t count them. rapidly. Li vante tèt li tròp He is bragging too much. douvanjou Before daybreak. mist. vals la n Waltz*. Vare sou To jump on. vandè a n Seller. Pa vann mwen Don’t betray me. Pitit la ap fè’m valse The child is really giving me trouble. valkannen vi To wander about. vann nan n Valve. vantrèz n Part of the leaves of a banana tree. vante 1 vt To blow. Pa bliye bay kaotchou a van Don’t forget to put air in the tire. vantrès la. which is used to make straw mats. vapore . talk (by asking him questions indirectly). Li gen vant (or) vant mennen He has diarrhea. A musical instrument made from bamboo. vante 2 vt To vaunt *. M’pa tande van’l I have no news of him. vapore 1 2 valtourinen vi To wander about.o. to wander. 2. brave. air. vale vt To swallow. Wind. vannen vt To winnow. dlo a poko cho Fan the fire. Cf. Van ap vante anpil It’s very windy. to loaf. price. vapor*. varèz la n A loose-fitting robe. vantouz la n Cupping glass. Fanm nan gro vant The woman is pregnant. M’gen van nan zòrèy I have a buzz in my ears. vàn nan. vaniy la n Vanilla *. briefcase.V vaksen an n Vaccination *. To evaporate. (Refl. her slip is showing. good-for-nothing. hard-working. To leak out (news. the water’s not hot yet. Ban’m van pou m’al Lagonav Don’t push me. L’ap pran vaksen demen He is going to get vaccinated tomorrow. to astonish. Fè van a) To fart. Also vant. Mete vant atè pou ri To double up laughing. valtay. Give me time. 198 vann vt 1. Konbyen sa a vann How much does this cost (sell for)? Tifi a gen rad chire sou li. V revanch. vani an. Vap vap! Fast. vanyan 1 attrib Valiant*. to go flat (wine) (this word is used when a liquid loses its bouquet or smell). strong. vanse 2 V vaksin nan n Vaccine *. vaccine*. courageous. cheap. Sw. L’ap bay valeryann He is walking hesitatingly with uncertain movements. valse vi To waltz*. valè 2 a n Value *. l’ap vann The girl is wearing a torn dress. n Servant. Vandredi Sen Good Friday. to praise. boom” from the excitement. Leave me alone. flood-gate. Manje vant deboutonnen To eat aplenty. worth. 2. Vès la vale ou The jacket is much too big for you. worthless 3 avanse vant 1 la n Belly. faking. Picramnia pentandra. valpa a n Worthless person. to boast. Vale van To waste time. he is boasting. Manje gate konn bay vant mennen Spoiled food sometimes causes diarrhea. vanjou. Ban’m valè senk dola Give me five dollars worth. Presto! vapè a n Steam. belly ache. vandredi a n Friday. b) The wind is blowing. .) To brag. suitcase. vi To sell. to surprise. easily moved. vanje vt To avenge*. valkande vi To loaf. PN. Also to stop and go on a bicycle or a show of skill. Steam boat. Kafe pa vann Coffee doesn’t sell at all these days. vale a n Joker (in cards). van an n 1. a hospital blouse or robe. To lose one’s appeal (a woman). San valè Worthless. a story). A bamboo trumpet. vanjans la n Vengeance*. Bat vant yon moun To make s. vap interj Kè’m fè vap! My heart went “boom. 4. to break wind (pop). sluice-gate. wandering. vant 2 mennen an n Diarrhea. to loaf. Batiman vapè vt To stun. Soti nan vant To be born. valè A great quantity. vare vt To pierce with a spear. healthy. to do nothing. Poze vantouz pou you malad To cup a patient. Esans vani Vanilla * extract. to be windy. lavaltay person. M’vann oto a I sold the car. to fan. valiz la n Handbag. also known as ‘bwa bourik’ (COURLANDER). Yo vannen vòlè a anba baton They beat (or) maltreated the robber with a stick. vantilatè a n Fan (engine). stomach. ventilator*.

ventyèm num Twentieth. vèrèt la n Smallpox. veron V je vès la n Coat (jacket) V levit. vegle vt To blind. ‘off the track’. vi To vomit (used in the North). 3. vle. to hang on. Artocapus communis. venn. labveritab. ‘tetched’ in the head. crockery. vekse vt To offend. To use it would imply that you are taking God’s name in vain. Li an ve He has made a vow. veselye a n Dresser. vesi a n Bladder (in a tire or a soccer ball). chèf sèvis la ap vèni direktè a I don’t understand a thing. 2. the 1 V foreman talks bad about the director. kat. 3. ve pa To refuse. to talk bad about. vèp la n Vespers*. li kite anpil moun grave vèrèt When the epidemic was over. vèni 2 vt 1. to insult. Raving. artery. venn kat num Twenty-four. to barely survive. To make a payment. Madanm nan pran (pote) ve pou’l wè si’l ka byen. vejete vi To vegetate *. ven kann nan n Sugar cane* juice before boiling. venkann nan.) L.199 varye 1 attrib 1. verite a. Vè minui At about midnight. bugs. real. To varnish *. selipi. M’bay soulye a yon bon vèni I gave my shoes a good polish. = pale mal. to talk behind someone’s back. palto. vèsèl n Vessel*. veritab 1 la. vè a n Worm. senk. to vary*. Glass (drinking. 2. Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg. veritab 2 attrib True. vèse vt 1. Spanish moss. 2. Vètè Earthworm. vèmisèl la n 1. venn num Variant of “ven”. cuckoo. vè 2 a n Verse*. Lage vèni = pale mal = To speak ill of. polished. vent num Twenty. m’rete dwe 200 I paid 50 dollars. Si Dye ve God willing. Vomit. parasite. vè 3 a n 1. vazlin nan n Vaseline*. Glazed. ven. Rann vè. and. vèdegri a n Verdigris*. sideboard. to see if she can get well. pe pa’). installment. Also vegle je. varye 2 vi (Rare) To change. Forst. Said of a person who is a pest. vat V adyovat vav la n Valve*. ve 2 vi To want (rare). foul-tongued (used also as an insult). Worms. verifye vt To verify*. Vermicelli*. type of thin spaghetti. Ex. vennkatrè 1. lam nan. it left a lot of people pock-marked. (Rarely used. lam veritab. Other names for the same tree: fòkseli. Epidemi pase. Twenty four hours. M’vèse senkant dola. vèble a n Acne. Li malad tròp The lady is wearing dark clothes. vaz la n Chamber pot. crazy. 2. J. Vermin *. To discredit. as a consequence of a vow she had made. “An verite” The complete form is “An verite Bondye”. Plates and dishes. varnished*. vèn nan n Vein*. Fè yon ve To make a vow. Verset*. about. M’bezwen yon tab vèni I need a varnished (polished) table. ventan 20 years. twa. sis and sèt. vepa. V vepa. amitye. laverite n Truth. as in the common Creole phrase “pa vle”. a spider and other venomous animals. Venn de Twenty-two. vè 4 prep Towards. vèf la n Widower. vèb la n Verb*. calumny. around. 3. 2. Milyon ven A very large quantity. To pour. Soulye vèni Varnished shoes (patent leather shoes). I still owe 200. consequently.R. vèdik la. This last expression is considered blasphemous. venn 1 2 nan. vavit la n Diarrhea. It has also been used in reference to a plant. 2. . Verite toujou ofanse The truth always hurts. vèni 1 an n Varnish*. venteen n Twenty-one. 2. Artocarpus incisa (Thun. Ban’m nouvèl ou? M’ap vejete How are you? I barely get along. & G. Spoiled (merchandise). Cf. to be avoided. jete vè To pass worms. vèsman an n 1. Scorpion fish. substance). veritable*. Yo pote vè (or) yo pote linèt They wear eyeglasses. ventèn nan n About twenty. Cf. to ascertain. vèmin nan n 1. M’pa konprann anyen. in liaison when followed by de. to try. Usually the adverb “pa” (“not”) precedes the verb.. maggot. ve 1 a n Vow *. like ‘pepa. to speak evil of. Out of order. vèsè a n The verse*. She had been sick for such a long time. not to want. to vex*. vesèl la. Vè solitè Tapeworm. vendik n Verdict*. Payment. 2. Eyeglass(es). lanmveritab n Breadfruit.

L’al fè yon ti vire He went for a drive (walk. to come running. (syn) Leve bese. vetivè a n Vetiver * grass. vire 2 vi 1. Li vire do’l ban mwen My husband is angry at me. 2. etc. V avèti vètij la n Vertigo*. tour). To spy on. vi 1 a V lavi vi 2. coarse (gross). Vire ron a) To make a U turn. for the purpose of decorating the resort. Cf. Fè you ti vire (or) vireron To go for a jaunt (a walk or a drive). to watch over. Ou vin bonè jodi a You came early today. vini. to turn around. Cf. Vire tounen a) To come and go. to collapse. particularly vetiver oil. vin vi 1. Vire tounen. He will turn you around. to fall upon. to be on guard. usually in a group. to win. Moun vini A newcomer. pay attention. to spill. 2. watchful. vilgè attrib Vulgar*. city. veyatif attrib Vigilant*. he scolded his wife. Fè yon vireron To take a stroll. 2. Bay vinèg To accelerate the rhythm in jump rope. viròl la n Washer. vilbreken an n Centre-bit. Mèt kò veye kò Let the person interested bother about it. b) To pester. to fidget. vidanj la n Sediment. V rondèl. vèv la n Widow. Vessel *. 2. veye 1 a n Wake (mourning). collar. to walk around a little. Lè m’aprann ou rantre. to run around. vèy la n Wake. Examples and expressions: Fò’m vire apre sis ri? Do I have to turn after six blocks? Vire gade To turn and look. M’pral lavil I am going downtown. brace. To come (arrive). vif attrib Fresh (wound). to pay attention. lavil n Town. in the evening. M’vide jouman sou li I insulted him and I insulted him to no end. b) To walk about. (tool). E. rèk. At Ibo Beach. 4. they were traced in the concrete. Vin non. To change direction. M’vide makak sou li I whipped the hell out of him (with a stick). laviktwa n Victory*. happen. To fool. vide vt To empty. Cf. bright (color). Vetiveria zizanoides Andropogon muricatus. To wake. emptying. (“L’au-delà socio-cosmique” Milo Rigaud). viktim nan n Victim*. vigil la n Comma. to pour out. vt 1. b) He is crazy. as an emblem of the divinity that one wishes to invoke. m’bezwen pale ak ou Come (won’t you). to deceive. vinèg la n Vinegar*. Receptacle. vèvè a n A symbolic ritualistic geometric design traced on the ground with sand. Gen laviktwa To overcome. jwi.o. vilganize vt To vulcanize* (tires). he turned his back on me. veye 2 vi 1. a delightfully fragrant perennial (East Indian) grass used in perfumery. ejaculate. vezou a n Beverage made from sugar cane. Examples and expressions: Vide sou To rush upon. Mari’m fache avè’m. but suppose. voye. I want to speak to you. To spin. veterinè a n Veterinary*. M’pèdi’l de vi depi 5 mwa I haven’t seen him these last 5 months. To stir. vipochasann nan n Promenading to and fro. Samdi se jou vire tounen Saturday is the day when you take care of one thousand chores. li joure madanm li From time to time. vilokan an n Mystical abode of the loa (Vodou spirits). Pran vinèg To jump rope fast. vètè a n Earthworm. vèvèn nan. Pote’l vini Bring it to me. To pull to and fro. ròròt. m’kouri vin wè sa ou pote pou mwen When I learned that you had arrived. to take care of.V veso a n Kitchen utensil. vil la. vid attrib Empty. To guard.). to keep wake. recipient. 3. Atansyon! Mi an pral vide Watch out! The wall is going to fall. I hurried here to see what you brought me. vèti 1 a n Virtue*. To come about. Figi’l fin vide His face is all emaciated and old. Vetiveria odorata. Tèt li vire a) His head is spinning. To become. Veye zo ou Watch out. Green (color). Vini wè What if. 3. vilodròm nan n House. crankshaft (car). vin Short form of ‘vini’. to drain. to twist. Vini wè li pa reyisi? What if he doesn’t succeed? Kouri vini To come in a hurry. To reach orgasm. . vèti 2 200 viktwa a. dregs. To be careful. Ou vire gade You turn and look. Vire do To turn one’s back (on s. flour. Vervain * (plant). to watch out. Green (not ripe). M’vide kòf lestonmak mwen ba li I opened my heart to him and told him everything. Tamil vettiver. vi To cave in. dizziness. vèvenn n Verbena *. to wind. vire 1 n Tour. vt 1. which became hardened. view*. Vire lang To change one’s story (to say something different from what one said before). to keep vigil *. Fanmi an ap fè vèy aswè a The family will not sleep tonight (will stay up). He’s dizzy. vèt attrib 1. To turn. Examples and expressions: Papa’m vin rive My father happened to come. to fall. Vire lòlòj To drive someone crazy. to come. 2. to leave (in anger). 2. lavi n Sight.

profligate. vòl la n 1. 2. to wrap. skillful at shooting marble. will. to embrace. Pran vòl To become airborn. vlou a n Velvet*. inclination to theft. Nou gen vyann. Li okipe. Fè yon vironn dede To go for a stroll. To live. the white fibrous part of meat. Yo pa vle vini They do not want to come. one who has a tendency to steal. to take off. to go all around. vitriyòl la n Vitriol*. provisions (but usually refers to vegetables only). enormous. Airplane flight. to inhabit. vlen an n Waste (of meat). to envision*. Whether you want it or not. raucus. Vitiello was the owner of a big shoestore in Port-au-Prince. wish. haste. crook. In the open. voksal 1 n Scandal. vlengbendeng n Band of evil doers who supposedly roam at night casting their magical spells. glass cabinet. Sa ou vle’m fè? What do you want me to do? Vle pa vle Willy nilly. publicly. Rites and beliefs of the Arada “nation”. in vitam vitametènam adv aeternam*. Vle di To mean. Forever. Fè vitès Speeding. fanm pa respekte yo When men are greedy. Visit doktè A short visit. to equal. . crooked. to out-smart. vis la n Screw. gluttonous. vizite vt To visit*. Mwenmenm ak fanmi’m n’ap viv nan menm kay la My family and I live together in the same house. to examine a house. crime. eternally*. (window) glass. vitrin nan n Show window. His is one of c. Fè vit Hurry. vit 2 2 1 V vivan 2 an n Human being. lavironn n Turn. Fè voksal To use foul language. like it or not. to encircle. vis la n 1. attrib Alive. li gen vizit He is busy. women have no respect for them. vizib attrib Visible*. spoiled. pane. vizyon an n Vision*. 3. vityelo n M’vini sou de vityelo’m I walked. 2. Ras kretyen vivan Mankind. 3. to go about. vitriye a n Glazier. The loas and spirits (The English word “voodoo” usually has the meaning of black magic and is not to be confused with Haitian Vodou). vicious*. swiftly. Vizite you kay To take a look at. (fig) To deceive. vitman adv Quickly. men nou pa gen viv We have meats. cheater. Rann yon visit To call on. living. Fè vironn (or) fè lavironn To go around. rate. dishonest. dissolute. but we don’t have vegetables. greedy. Italy. Isn’t he still living? viv la n Weever* (Type of fish). vizavi Opposite. to pay a visit*. theft. vitès la n Velocity. Vice*. living soul (Also. viza a n Visa*. vizyonnen V To have a vision*. Derape (pati) tout vitès To dash off. to lean toward. greedy. to circle. complete turn around something. particularly near the nerves. degrading situation. Also used is ti bèf. viv 1 la n Food. robbery. attrib Thievish. Papa ou pa vitriye You are not made of glass (you are obstructing my view). about 5 miles from Materdomini. Greed. bon vivant. to exist. A cult of Haiti. to envelop*. Used for men only. 2. nonchalant. kretyen vivan). he has a visitor. Tout vis tout kondisyon Anything goes (in games). vironnen vt To surround. vise vt To screw. to visit. vo 1 a n Calf. vize vt To aim (at). Vòl 301 Flight 301. to put in a sack. I came here on foot (on the shoes I bought at Vitiello’s). 2. Lè gason visye. vitamin nan n Vitamin*. speed. Chandèl yo pa vle limen The candles won’t light. veal*. Yo te fè you gran vòl lavil la There was a big theft in the city. Lapli vle tonbe It looks like it’s going to rain. where San Gerardo Majella died and is buried. I haven’t seen him. Lan vis Licentious. Bay chen an tout vlen vyann nan Give the dog all the waste off of the meat. vivan 1 3 Vodou a n 1. crime. lively. vit 1 la n Glass. Tendency to vice. Applies to women only. to signify. viv 2 vi 1. shameful. visye n. Larceny.25 Italian families from Teora. one who has a tendency to steal. vizitè a n Visitor*. Li pap viv ankò? After the accident. Chanje vitès To change gear. vo 2 vt To be worth. vizit la n Visit *.201 vironn nan. vle vt To want. vicious *. voksal 2 attrib Huge. to cover. vivè a n Fast liver. vlope vt To fold. without substance. vizè n Sharp-shooter. Viv chèf la! Long live the chief! Apre aksidan an m’pa wè’l. visyèz attrib Dishonest. Avellino. quickly. display window. shop window. To live. How much is it worth? Konbyen l’vo? adv Fast. vlengenden attrib Inelegant.

to steal. volkan an n Volcano*. Voye men (bay) To wave (at). voumtak voumtak 1 2 la n Umbrella. neighbor. carriage. Voye je (sou) To watch. Voye pran To fetch. to flutter. volay la. bèt volay n Fowl. Ou bezwen voye’m ale de pye devan? Do you want to kill me? Timoun yo ap voye ròch sou pyebwa The children are throwing stones on the trees. volim nan n Volume*. Yon voum manje A lot of food. Steering wheel. car. Pou ti Jan se you sèl bagay ki bon. to spurt. n A good for nothing. vwayou a n A good for nothing. vronmi. crook. vòlè 2. to jump. vre.. Pouki sa ou volontè konsa? Se toujou sa ou vle ki pou fèt? Why do you always want to have your own way? (or) Why do other people always have to do what you want? voltije vi To hop. vòlèz la n Thief. Voye pye To kick. voye vt 1. I did it only out of the goodness of my heart. 2. vouzan interj Scram! Go away! Git! (Also Ale ou vouzan! ) M’te gan kont ak li. really. Yo bay vòlè a you vole baton They gave the thief a thrashing. Eske ou tande vwa’m? Did you hear my voice? vwa 2 a.. Flounce (decoration of dresses). Voye pale To inform. vwala Once upon a time. voum 1 (onom) A sound. vòlò V vòlè volonte a n Will. one who wants his own way. Examples and expressions: Voye chèche To send for. V afre. vwayaje vi To travel. vrèl n 1. insistent. vomisman an n Vomiting*. to burglarize. selfwilled. vomi 1 an. vwa 1 a n 1. Vwala. to fly away. voracious*. much. Cf. 2. vwalye a n Sail boat. jwi.. a great deal of. Voye pwent To make insinuations. Voye jete To throw away. se kouri vwati tout jounen For Johnnie. Vouzan pou To hell with. voulwa 2 Pou voulwa m’di’l sa. 202 voum 3 Yon voum A lot of. worthless person. to send for. to spring. voryen an person. vini. Cf. Mesye yo ap voye kout pikwa nan lakou a pou fouye trou a The men are using picks to dig the hole in the garden. willful. vòlè 1 1 voup interj Exclamation denoting suddenness. Vòlèz kon li vòlèz Thieving as she may be. he told me to get the hell away. trip. 2. to leap. Ou voras tròp You’re too greedy. Voice*.. Al vote To go to the polls. Once upon a time. to make away with. To send.V volan an n 1. many. driving a car all day long is the only good thing to do. many. vwazinay. to keep an eye (on). Vòlè je gade To eye furtively. gouman. gluttonous. vòlò a n Robber.. Yo voye yon liv ban mwen They sent me a book. volontè attrib Obstinate. M’pat oblije fè sa pou ou: se bon voulwa’m si’m fè’l I was not obliged to do that for you. Moun ki rete pre ou la se vwazen ou li ye The person who lives close to you is your neighbor. throw up. vrèman adv Really. Se vre That’s true. Yon voumtak A big (one). thief. Voye tounen To return. vole Yon vole A lot of. vwayaj la. Cf. vicinity*. to ship. truly. actual(ly). burglar.. vòlò vt To rob. Voye ale To dismiss. Vole (sou) To jump. aloufa. here it is that. Voye anlè To hurl. vwayajè a n Traveler. voulwa 1 a n Will. greedy. Selon voulwa’l According to his wish. vweti a n Automobile. voum 2 Also “Ale ou voum! The devil with you!” . To fly. vòt la n Vote*. . vwèl. Coach. there was a prince who. vwezinay n Neighborhood. determination. Sail. genuine. vwazinaj la. vomi 2. vwal la. vonvon an n A large insect similar to a bumble bee. Monte volim nan Raise the volume. vi To ejaculate. vote vi To vote*. vromi vi & vt To vomit *. to refer. Veil*. and. saf. vrè attrib True. dechaje. Envoy*. to lift. stubborn. Bon voulwa Goodwill. vomit*. Vote (election). voyaj n Voyage*. Yon volim A lot of. 2. Tout voum se do (In case of necessity) anything will do. (Applied to females). Li se you vrè mantè He is a real liar. li fache Just because I told him that. li di’m vouzan I had a quarrel with him. 2. to take a trip. to spatter. real. Vole gagè To flee from a difficult situation (to flee the coop). send back. Yo te voye lèt la tounen ban mwen They returned the letter to me. vehicle.. To throw. he got angry.. te gen you prens ki. vwezen n Neighbor. worthless vt To see (North) V wè. vwazin nan n Neighbor (Applied to females). vole 2 vi 1. many. vonmi. vwazen an. E. Voye mò (sou) To cast a (death) spell (on). To leave (depart). vonmi n Vomiting*. voras attrib Ravenous. vwati a. truly. M’vole nan kou’l I rushed to embrace him. dyakpòt.

Se moun ki wachwach He’s a person who is careless. You vye (vyep) timoun A very young child (in similar cases ‘vye’ doesn’t mean ‘old’. ak san? How do you like your meat? Medium. to violate*. vyèj la. to be caught. The water that’s used to boil these seeds is supposed to whiten one’s skin if you drink it. byen kuit. with experience and know-how. Old man. to be damned. Vye tonton Old man. way interj Ouch! attrib Purple.o. viejo. violet*. A large. jetty. slipshod and always in a big hurry. Pòtoprens chwazi yon gro nèg pou fè wa madigra In Port-au-Prince every year the municipality chooses a big man to play the part of King Carnival. Cf. Also the name of a game in which wari beans are used as playing pieces (COURLANDER). Ki jan ou renmen vyann? Sote. witchcraft. very small. 2. V kadejak. Any Haitian man who has spent a long time abroad. Vye gason Old bachelor. magic. wachi wacha adv haphazardly. m’pa renmen vyann mwatye kuit Cook the meat some more. 2. vyèy fi a n Spinster. to affect.C. to let s. wanga a n Charm. watchmann n Watchman*. bad.. li kab fè ou jwenn tou sa ou bezwen achte This man is an old-timer in the town. Old. wanga nègès n Hummingbird. Vyèy pete je’m May thunder strike me. lavyeyès n Old age. V nannize. Manje wawa To beset. cotton pad used in health care. Wishy* washy*. vulgar person. Se vyolon lan men blan He is a master of his trade. wagon* (Railroad). 2. vyepti Tiny. wat 1 la n In “koton wat”. It merely stresses what follows. wangatèz la n A woman who practices and deals with sorcery or black magic. vyolon an. fetish. wanganègès la. wangatèz. particularly as a laborer in the sugar cane plantations of Cuba or Santo Domingo. wachwach Rush*. E. he performs with the greatest of ease. viands*. Cf. Msye se you vyero lavil la. Meat. old timer.o. Mete vyann nan sou dife pou’l fin kuit. He made a bowel movement. wagon an n Car. I don’t like meat that’s not well cooked. The pulp of some fruit. wat 2 What*. Vyann kochon Pork. vyelon V vyolon vyen V vaevyen vyenvyen. have it. watè klozèt la n Toilet. wannenm vi To speak with a nasal twang. vyèy n The Virgin *.). . vyero a n 1. Vyann bèf Beef. Wa chat Real thief. Lajan de wat? What money (are you talking about?) watè a. W. vyolèt 1 la n Violet* (flower). he can find for you anything you need to buy. Chak ane. L’al lan watè = li okabine He defecated. well-done or rare? 2. wangatè a n A man who practices sorcery or witchcraft. Grenn wari Seeds of a plant. aged. unmarried. Vyann mouton Mutton. Cf. Yon vye maryaj A bad wedding. talisman. E. wachmann nan. rwa a n King. waf la n Wharf*. negligently. You vye ti pwason A very small fish. M’ap blende wawa ou I am going to fix you. water* closet. vyolèt 2 W W wa a. vyeyès la. what do you mean? (what is used idiomatically after certain words or phrases to express surprise or a request for further explanation). Vye moun Plebeian. latrine. vyole vt To rape. spell. vyelon an n Violin *.203 vweti V vwati vwezinaj V vwazinaj vyann nan n 1. Sometimes marbles are used instead. old maid. ti vyenvyen Street urchin with no schooling and no fixed address. vyeyi vi To become old. vyèytimenn mwen interj My gosh! By golly! vyolan attrib Violent*. inedible red bean or seed. Problèm k’ap fin manje wawa pèp la The problems that are playing havoc on the people. to be in a bad fix. to age. Sp. flesh. dock. Ugly. Angle waf Broken English. wawa Blende wawa To sock it to (s. Li se wa mantè He is the king of liars. wari a n 1. any old thing. Pran nan twa wa To be trapped. old chap). rush*. vye attrib 1.

wet vt To remove. m’ta we ou anba makak If that should happen.e. to take away. wi Yes! Li di’m “wi” She said ‘Yes” (or) She assented. he couldn’t see where he was going.K. pase wè. I am after your ass. Si ou wet youn. li pat wè kote li prale Louis was blind. wè vt 1. we vt To beat up. wazif attrib Idle. rwayal la n Type of sandwich made with cassava. Gaston move. konbyen k’ap rete If you take one away. wèl 1 interj Well*! O. wey Yes. the workmen fluff off (don’t work). wi. widan In the expression “adye widan” Oh God! What a pity! wifout. to meet. wès n West*. wayòm nan. etc. Wè mò To see red. whip made from a tiny branch. rwayòm nan n Kingdom. to dislike. . To withdraw. “wi” is used as an expletive and is almost meaningless. Pa vle wè To hate. to be daring. keep your distance. An nou wè! Come on! Let’s go! Al wè. I’ll be coming. Si sa ta rive. wo V ro wòb V ròb wobinèt V robinè wobis V robis wòch V ròch wòd V ròdpòte wodaye V rodaye wode V rode wodonn V redonn wòdpòte V ròdpòte wòf attrib Rough*. to get out. winen V ruinen wipip interj Wow! The deuce! The dickens! Boy. Wipip! Gade yon bebe! Wow! What a beautiful chick. how many will be left? Wete kò ou Move away. Examples and expressions: Loulou te avèg. Cf. Wè pa wè. Ex. m’ap vini In any case. N’a wè demen We will see each other tomorrow. 2. (adv) Roughly *. To comprehend. Lò ou pa la. ouvriye yo “kale wès” When you’re not there. i. wifou interj What! (Interjection denoting surprise). M vle’l wi (Yep) I want it. wiski a n Whiskey*. oh boy! Gee whiz! Exclamation of surprise or admiration. poorly.! wèl 2 M’nan wèl ou I am out to get you. I would beat you up to my heart’s content. Se moun ki wè lwen He is a far-seeing person. wogatwa V ogatwa wòkèt V ròkèt wòklò V ròklò wòl V ròl woma V roma woman V roman womaren V romaren won V ron wondèl V rondèl wondonmon V rondonmon wonf V ronf wonfle V ronfle wonje V ronje wonm V ronm wonn V ronn wonpi V ronpi wons V rons wont V ront wontèz V rontèz wonwonnen V ronronnen wonyay V ronyay wonyen V ronyen wòs V ròs wose V rose wosiyòl V rosiyòl wote V rote wotè V otè wayal la. wichin nan n Switch. peanut butter and water cress (Jérémie).). wete.W 204 witi. vin wè To visit. wazipay la n Worthless person. skill. rod. wistiti a n A very ugly person. negligently. In some cases. to take out. Li wete rad li He takes off his clothes. to call on. oti Where? Witi ou? Where are you? M’pral witi Pòl I am going to Paul’s. Li wete chapo’l devan Pyè He takes off his hat to Peter. li wè mò jodi a Gaston is furious today. A monkey. To see. without adding or subtracting. vi To see each other. San wete san mete Exactly. to be furious. Wete moun nan nan kòsay ou Don’t keep on being too intimate with that person. that’s the exact truth. to look at. (He recognizes Peter’s ability.

Ale wè ki jan li ye James told me his brother is very sick. (usu) Yon ti yik A very tiny bit. yè. n Type of popular Vodou dance yas la n Bump on the road.) yo 2 def art plur The. . etc. yenyen 2 vi To complain. spineless. sa ou pito? As between yams and plantains. yi 2 interj (Exclamation used by peasants to prod their animals) Giddiyap! yik. yo menm Themselves. Yo vini yomenm They themselves came. y pers pron 1. Cf. nyennyen attrib Slow. 2. Non yo Their names. ye vi To be. man. silently. One (indefinite pronoun used to translate Fr. yòd V tentidyòd yomenm. Y’ale They went away. Sò Yèt Name given to the prototype of a low class woman. ayè adv Yesterday. (Always used with the negative marker ‘pa’). Germ. woule V roule woulèt V roulèt woulib V roulib woulo 1 V roulo woulo 2 konpresè V roulo konpresè woulong V roulong wouspetay V rouspetay wouspete V rouspete wout V rout woutin V routin wouy V rouy wouye V rouye wouze V rouze wowoli V roroli wòwòt V ròròt woy V roy woyon V royon woywoy V royroy woz V roz woze V roze wozè V rozè wozèt V rozèt wozo V rozo y V yo Y Y yanm nan n Yam *. Li pa fin trò yès He is a little off.205 woti V roti wou V rou wouch V rouch wouchin V rouchin wouj V rouj woujalèv V roujalèv wouji V rouji wouke V rouke woukou V roukou woul V roul woulawoup la n Hula hoop*. yenyen 1. Henrietta. them. Also bump with the belly while dancing. he lost some of his marbles. to whine. to walk softly. i He. Yo vini They came. Zetwal yo The stars. yi 1. to cry for no reason. she. Timoun yenyen Cry-baby. on. yatch la n Yacht*. which do you prefer? yanvalou a rhythm. it (3rd person personal pronouns used in the North). all right. Yo chak Each of them. Sa ou te fè yè swa? What did you do last night? V avanyè. yay Aplenty and cheap. piyay. yaya vi To circulate. whining. yingyang V hinghang yo 1. to moan. (Before a word beginning with a vowel it is usually contracted to ‘y’). Yanm oubyen bannann. E. they. yo 3 poss adj Their. nyik Bitty (tiny piece). Yèt n Yetta*. a small quantity. yès Ok. Jak di’m frè’l malad anpil. They. Go (and) see how he is. peevish. Yo youn None of them. Se yè lagè fini The war ended yesterday.

O zam! To arms. ‘Youn’ is used only when standing alone. Yon liv.. alligator pear: Persea Americana Mill. one or the other. to bow down with pain. affairs*. zanj V anj zanma a n Residue of a fruit after squeezing (e. A Vodou charm that is zannimo zannimo 1 2 a n Animal*. ‘innards’. Move zèb Weeds. zalantou Surroundings. as well as food. bonbon. 2. Fanm sa a se zanma a ki rete Only the shadow of this woman still remains. Youn. ami n Friend.o. cattle. P. you num One. residue. Bon zanmi Buddy. zandolit la n Small. zechalòt la. Yon diven A wine. zarenyen V areye zaviron an n Oar. Yon tèl manti Such a lie. so much the worse for you. Gen zangi anba ròch There’s something going on there. Mammea Americana L. “Bwa zaboka”: Answer to “Tim. on indef art A. (pej) Foot (human). zapata. either one. chum. Allium ascalonium L. zamann nan n Almond*. Agouti*. P. paw. Youn ou lòt Either. zanmitay la. V afè. wicker tray (usu) used to clean rice or beans of impurities. zagoudi a n Small animal larger than a rat that eats chickens.’s feet. tim”. Jòn ze Yolk. two books. attrib Gross. zak V ak zakato a n magnetic. (usu) shortened to “bichèt”. The common word for ‘friend’ is zanmi.. zalèn V alèn zalimèt V alimèt zam nan n Weapon. Yon nonm A man. it’s been years since. depi ou kite Pòtoprens.. anoli. savage.g. Ou pa gen zantray yon manman You don’t feel the great pains that a mother goes through. mamey apple. mabouya. shampoos. zanmi an.. climbing green lizard. zanmore V anmore zannanna V anana youn. you V yon 206 zanfan an n Child. zanpoul la n Blister. li chante le swa The lizard sleeps on trees. shallot*. small and insignificant ones. oranges). (Not pejorative. lòt One. entrails *. Te g’on (Te gen yon) There was a. zandèzan Depi zandèzan For a long time. yonn. Koupe zèb anba pye yon moun To pull the carpet from under s. paddle. Sou tout rout Kafou. sapata vt To smash. Zafè ou Hell. because. gen anpil pye zanmann When you leave Port-au-Prince. abriko a n Apricot *. jechalòt n Scallions. Sometimes “yon” contracts with the preceding word and becomes ‘on’. mate. Youn touye lòt They killed each other. Mete vòlè yo youn dèyè lòt Put the thieves in line. beast. the entire route to Carrefour is lined with almond trees. Ze trè chè kounyea paske yo fè anpil bagay ak li. de liv One book.. zanmann nan. another. beastly. S’on (Si yon) If a. echalòt. angi a n Eel.o. Also “Bwa chèch”. Magnet. Cf. zagribay la n Culls. they are used to make so many things. arm*. zafè Business. zabèlbok. Blan ze Albumen (white of an egg). Youn pa youn One by one. jebichèt la n A round. he sings in the evening. kon wè: gato. Fr. you. Terminalia catappa L.. Se t’on (Se te yon) It was a. zanno a n Earring. zèb la n Grass.Z yon. Said among friends). Menm kouto se you zam li ye Even a knife is a weapon. V alantou. Pye zabriko Apricot tree. zè Move zè Evil spirit(s). when it modifies or multiplies the word that follows ‘yon’ (you) is used. zavoka n Avocado*. Z zabèlbòk V zaboka zaboka a. chanpou ak manje Eggs are very expensive these days. Youn youn A few (not many). that’s your worry. zansèt V ansèt zantray la n Intestines. candies. zangi a. companion. ‘Ami’ is used in set phrases such as ‘mon ami’. each other. You zanmi gason A male friend. zanpoud la. Yoyo* (toy). You grenn zanfan ki tout lavi mwen A child that means everything to me (from a song). to mistreat badly. bowels. one behind the other. yòyò Kòde yòyò To reel in pain. zago a n Hoof. an. Zandolit dòmi sou pyebwa. chalòt. pal. zavoka V zaboka ze a n Egg. zanmiray n Friendship. . such as cakes. Penis. yon. zabriko a. to “badmouth” s. yoyo a n 1. zebichèt la.

zèz la n Pleasure. you don’t listen to advice. eprèv n Ordeals. There was no room for one more person. zesèl la n Armpit. Zepeng nouris Safety pin. irondèl n Swallow (bird). zès la. zigzag Zigzag*. to bend a pin. idòl n Idol*. zilo a n Tiny island. zen 1 an n Fishhook. zin A little (bit of). You zin pen pa ase pou li A little bit of bread won’t satisfy him. zizani an n Bickering.207 zege a n Type of insect. Zèl ou vin louvri. zikak la n 1. zeprèv la. Zepeng kravat Tie pin. zero a n Zero*. all). in a bad mood. n Z Spur * (of roosters. zegrè V egrè zegui a. with a berry similar to a cherry and forth movement (bicycle). one without zenglen an n Little pieces of glass-ware and broken bottles. comfort. zepis V epis zepòl la n Shoulder. jès la n The juice (liquid) that spurts out of the peeling of oranges. Bon zèv Good deed. zepina a n Type of spinach*. An zing de kontraryete Moody. m’pa bezwen anpil Give me a little water. now that you know your way around. Zetwal file Falling star. Krochi zepeng To twist. nought. ou pa tande konsèy Now that your wings are spread. zen 3 an n The iron (or clay) pot used in Vodou ritual (COURLANDER). zeye a n 1. Jis nan ziltik As far as A type of fruit 2. zepronnen vt To spur (a horse). Fè zigzag To zigzag*. ease *. V tripotay. etrèn n (New year’s) Gift. Rose zepòl To shrug one’s shoulder. zenbou a rebuff. Li pa di anyen. not necessarily a prostitute. I don’t need much. Pa gen kote pou pike zepeng The place was jammed to capacity. zenga ears. zen 2 an n Gossip. Starfish. zepab la Pound (for animals). Otherwise use “kado”. jenga attrib Speckled. ti kras. egui. They are often tied to the tails of kites by children. He’s taking his good time. zekribich la n Scorpion. zingzing vt To pester. eklè a n Lightning. ze zwa Fen kon zezwa Very elegant. zèp la n Fè zèp To play leap-frog. zetriye V etriye zetwal la. zeklè a. Je zegui The eye of a needle. belt-hole. zezwa. Islet*. fin (fish). discord. rider’s metal zeponnen. ti miyèt. Coco plum tree. fine hair or tiny feathers of birds). Ou ap mete’m nan zizani ak moun You’ll get me in trouble with people. File zegui To thread a needle. zepeng nan. zenk la n Zinc*. (syn) ti bren. L’ap trennen zèl li nan Pòtoprens He’s eking out a living in Port-au-Prince. zirondèl la. rebuke. Eyelet. Bay zenbou To zepolèt la n Epaulet*. L’ap pran zèz li He’s making himself comfortable. zekòs la. zèl la n Wing (bird. Nothing (at He didn’t say a zenga 1. Timbuktu. zetrenn nan. zip la n Zipper*. zepon an spur). it lacks nothing. zigonnen vt To prick. zetòk la n Down (soft. to pick. zilo V zile ziltik n Turks * island. plane). zegi. act. li pa fè zikak word. he didn’t budge. ti gout. Zèl nen Exterior of the nose. etc. zetwèl n Star. et al. akin to the scarabaeid beetle. Zepeng ti tèt Ordinary straight pin. zètòk la. You zèl kat A single playing card. n Rebuff. trials and tribulations. zèlvèt la n Worthless woman. Boule zen A Vodou ceremony. etwal. dissension. Zepeng cheve Hairpin. Pa mete’m nan zen Don’t get me into trouble with them. zepav la. zegwi n Needle. shoe-hole. epeng nan n Pin. he is hardly surviving. zile a. zepi a n Ear of corn. ekòs n Tree bark. it’s faultless. Amaranthus paniculatus. Jerking back 3. Zepeng kròk Type of pin. zing. 2. Carnation. V eyè. Sou zèl (or) sou lèzèl (or) soulèzèl On the side. . 2 Lwa zenga A deaf spirit (loa). L. Pran nan zen To get caught in a trap. Ban’m you zing dlo. to bother. Gato sa a se zero fot This cake is excellent. charities. zidòl la. zekourèl la n Stiff neck. some. Zetwal lanmè zèv la n Deed. zetrèn. Kòk zenga Rooster with black and white specks. Kote je’m fè zen an Wherever my eyes indicate. zipe vt To zip*.

Kaka zòrèy Wax in the ears. ulcer. zonzon an n A seducer. zezwa. Bunion. Fouye zo nan kalalou To be nosy as hell. zwezo n Bird. Eugenia crenulata. Li pèdi kòb li nan jwèt zo He lost his money shooting dice. zwit n Oyster. 2. zouti. (lit) ‘bull cock’ (COURLANDER). Kase zòtèy To bump one’s toe. zozo 1 a n Prick. pijon. V lòd. Zwazo palmis Common birds living in palm trees. redi zòrèy To reprimand. a man who tries to make every woman he sees. jizye a n Gizzard *. zozo 2 bèf n A leather whip used on horses and burros. Penis. zobogi a n Thin. zongonvi a n A lean. emaciated. zòrèy la n Ear. and the man stepped on it. Cf. Under the command (of). To insist on knowing what you don’t need to know. 2. zoban Kèt zoban A collection of money to bury an indigent person. Souse yon zo To have a good thing going for now. Veye zo ou Watch out for yourself. zòt You (Rare nowadays). pinch with fingernails. nou menm zòt. ‘birdie’. V kakas. Onion *. zouzoun n Gro zouzoun Big shot. Zonyon rache Onion hash. nèg la mete pye’l sou li I have a corn on my foot. zoren an n Sisal-like fiber used to make ropes. zòtèy la n Toe. zwazo a. M’gen you zòbòy nan pye. Also found in the coral reefs of Port-au-Prince bay. sa pou’m fè ak nou? Nou pale tròp (Say) you (all) there.. Zo solèy Romp (of a fowl). V zotobre. vous autres. a tiny. Cf. zòrye. Zòrèy mwen ap kònen My ears are tingling. (syn) pete fyèl. la. authority. Kale zonyon pou pare salad la Clean the onions to prepare the salad.. zosle V oslè zosman an n The leftover bones of a cadaver. (usu) gro zotobre. zòreye n Pillow. zuit zuit 1 2 zòbòy la n 1. Fèy zòrèy Outer ear. zizye a. zo 1 a n Bone. Zo jenou (or) zo jounou Knee-cap. Zo tèt. Zoranj dous Orange. zòbòp n Member of a group similar to a band of werewolves. cock. emaciated person.Z zizi Bonbon zizi Type of sweet. A blow on the head with one’s knuckle. zòtolan V òtolan zouti a n 1. sweet orange. Callus. bwa. V diyite. Rale zòrèy. command. . Pitit la gen zòrèy di The child refuses to listen. 208 zorye a. Pete zizye To kill. cushion. zo bwa tèt Skull. Often used as a pejorative remark referring to persons. zoranj la n Orange *. Be careful. corn (callosity). zozo 3 lanmè n Sea slug. 2. worthless person. Gro zòtèy Big toe. zotobre n Big shot. fishbones. “Fè zonzon” equals “Fè jako pye vèt” To act as a gallant in order to seduce women. Citrus aurantium. he’s hard-headed. zòd la n Order*. Ou se zo bouke chen You’re absolutely shameless. Fr. Tool. Zo tèt ou pi di pase fè Your skull is harder than iron. what shall I do with you? You all talk too much. Zòrèy sourit Sharp ears (small ears). you are a pain in the . zo 2 a n Dice.. one who thinks he is irresistible with women. zonyon an n 1. penis. remains. filth. pati. Sou zòd Yon ti zuit A tiny bit. sore. Kòd zoren. zwezo V zwazo zwit V zuit zye V je zòdi a n Garbage. zwa a n Goose. Nou. L. Zoranj si Sour orange. zo douvan an n Type of medicinal plant. zongle vt To scratch.

Basic English – Haitian Creole Appendix .

. some words written with a W in this appendix may have been written with a R in the Creole-English section .Note to Users In Creole spelling.and vice versa. Therefore. W and R are interchangeable in some cases.

ka. kèk a little tikras. also.) zak.) adrese adjective adjektif administer (manage) administre admit. pou kont already deja.) abi. Meriken among pami. youn. be in agreement dakò agreement akò agriculture agrikilti agronomist agwonòm ahead devan AIDS sida aim (vb. youn. nan pami amount kantite. approximately number). dikdantan a lot. (kontab) selon. enpe. just now talè a abdominal cramps kolik able kapab. valè an yon.) vize air lè air pump ponpaè airplane avyon airport ayewopò. recognize admèt. permit pèmèt almost prèske alone sèl. tout ansanm allow. in addition ankò against kont age laj ago (long ago: lontan) pwomosyon pwofitab aboard abò abortion avòtman about. you. konsa (following agree. gentan although malgre also. you. dapre alive vivan all tout allright oke. too tou always toujou ambush gètapan. rekonèt kontabilite. anbiskad American Ameriken. many yon pakèt. avyasyon absent absan abuse (n. anpil. anviwon about. fè. aletranje apeprè. on . sa adult granmoun advance avanse advancement. yon jan a long time lontan a long time ago lontan. promotion advantageous. ak act (vb.1 adopt adopte English Appendix A a yon. on a few de twa (2 -3). on sou above anlè abroad laba.) aji activity aktivite add to mete sou address (vb. dakò. oun. profitable advice konsèy afraid pè after apre afternoon apremidi again. jouman accept aksepte accident aksidan accompany akonpaye accomplish akonpli. reyalize according to account kont accounting (accountant) accuse akize accustom abitye acid asid across anfas act (n. òlrayt all the same kanmenm all together alawonnbadè. kab. yon kantite a short time ago. oun.

English Appendix anarchy anachi and ak, avek. Li ak mwen: He and I and e, epi, enpi and yet epoutan and, both ... and e ... e, ni ... ni anesthetic anestezi angry, anger kolè animal zannimo, bèt anniversary anivèsè, fèt annoy, upset nui, anmède, anbete answer (vb.) reponn anti-aircraft gun kanon antiaeryen any, whatever nenpòt, nenpòt ki; okenn anyone nenpòt anyway antouka; kanmenm apartment apatman apology padon appetite apeti apply aplike appointment, rendezvous randevou approach (vb.) April avril archbishop achevèk area, zone zòn argue diskite arm (of body) arm (vb.) ame arm in arm bradsi bradsou, bradsou bradsa bwa, bra abòde, aproche, proche

2 as for, on the part of kanta as if kòmsi as is fitting, in the right way kòmsadwatèt, kòmilfo as it should, properly as long as toutotan as quickly as possible prese prese, vit vit as usual kòm dabitid asassinate ansasinen ask (for), beg mande ask a question poze oun kesyon assassin asasen, ansasen kòm sa dwa

assassination asasinay assassination ansasinay assembly assistant asanble adjwen, oksilyè asosyasyon

association asylum azil

at a slow pace o ralanti at all ditou at first dabò

at home, (in the house of) lakay, (kay) at least pou pi piti at the same time an menm tan at, to a attaché atache attack atak attention atansyon attitude atitid attorney avoka August out, daou

armored car oto blende army lame arrest (n.) arestasyon arrest (vb.) arete arrest, tie up; tie, attach mare arrive, disembark debake arrive; happen; manage (to do sth.), succeed in (doing something) rive artichoke aticho article atik artillery atiyri artist atis as, (since) kon, kou, tankou, kouwè, (piske)

authority otorite auto (car) oto, vwati, (‘lemon’; bogota)

automatic otomatik average (n.) mwayèn avoid evite aware okouran, konsyan awareness konesans, konsyans

awful terib, malouk axe rach


English Appendix (to) beat (someone) up maspinen

baby tibebe baccalaureate bakaloreya back (n.) do back aryè (go) back retounen (move) back rekile bad move bad faith, insincerity movèz fwa bad luck, misfortune devenn, giyon bag sak; valiz, makout balance sheet, score bilan ball boul

beauty bèlte because paske, poutèt, pase because of akòz de, poutèt become vin become devni become aware pran konsyans bed kabann beer byè before anvan, avan before, faced with douvan, devan beggar mandyan begin koumanse, kòmanse kòmansman

beginning (n.)

behave like a coward fè lachte behavior konpòtman behind dèyè

ballot bilten balsam apple bandit bandi baptize batize bar / saloon bar, kafe barbed wire filfè baron bawon asosi, asorosi

belly vant below (in text) pi ba below, under, underneath anba belt senti (woman’s), sentiwon (man’s)

benefit (n.) benefis, profi betray trayi between ant bicycle bisiklèt, bekàn big guy, powerful person gwo palto big landowner grandon big, important gwo bigshot gwo zotobre, gwo chabrak, grannèg bigwig gwo zouzoun bilingual bileng bishop monseyè, evèk bit, piece mòso

barracks kazèn bath ben; beny bathroom saldeben, watè, komòd, twalèt

battle (n.); fight (vb.) batay battlefield chand batay bay, gulf bè, labè be ye, se be able, can kapab, kap, ka be afraid, fear pè be deceived, taken in wè nan boutèy nwa be going prale, pral, apral fò (+ subj. + vb.) blije, oblije, dwe

bite (vb.) mòde bite the dust, die bitter anmè black nwa blanket dra, kouvèti blast eksplozyon bleed senyen blessing benediksyon ale bwa chat, mouri

be necessary, must

be obliged (to do something)

be published, appear parèt, pibliye be right, be correct genyen rezon be very careful beard mache sou pinga-ou

bab, labab

beat, whip kale

English Appendix block (vb.) bloke blood san blow (n.) kou boat bato body; corpse kò bomb bonm

4 burst (n.) rafal bury antere bus otobis, bis

but men butter bè buy (vb.) achte by misfortune pa malè by; per pa

bone zo bood pressure, tension tansyon book liv bookstore libreri border, frontier fontyè both toude, toulede bottle boutèy bottom, depths fon boulder gro ròch bower tonèl boy, young man, fellow tigason, bway; gason brasewos

calculate kalkile calendar kalandrye, almanak call (vb.) rele call to order raple alòd call, appeal (n.) apèl calm kal, pèzib, trankil camera kodak camp (n.) kan can, be able kapab, kab, gen dwa Canada Kanada candle bouji

braceros (Sp.) (sugarcane cutters) break (the law), violate vyole break (vb.) kase, kraze, brize break out, burst pete breakdown (vehicle, machine) pàn breakfast dejnen, manje maten breast tete, sen breath alèn, souf breathe (v.) respire bridle brid bring, carry pote broadcast radyodifize broken down an pàn brother frè brotherly fratènèl bud (n.) boujon boujonnen

cannon kannon canteen (for food) sèvis capital kapital captain kapitèn, kaptenn card kat care (n.) swen Caribbean Karayib carry, transport pote, pot case ka cash kach cassock soutàn castor oil plant, palma christi makristi, palmakristi cat chat cat tongue langchat catholic katolik cause (n.) lakòz cave trou wòch, kavèn cayman, alligator kayiman

bud, blossom (vb.) bug pinèz build bati, konstwi

building bilding, gro kay bulldozer bullet bal burn (n.) brili burn (vb.) boule bouldòzè

5 celebrate selebre cement siman cemetery simityè center sant center, central santral ceremony seremoni certain sèten chain chenn, chèn chair chèz chairman, president prezidan chance, luck chans change (n.) chanjman climb (up) grenpe, monte clock, timepiece pandil close (vb.) fèmen coal, charcoal coast kòt coat vès, levit, palto cocaine kokayin coffee kafe coffin sèkèy cold frèt cold (illness) rim, grip collaboration kolaborasyon chabon

English Appendix

change (vb.) chanje charity charite , lacharite chest lestonmak child timoun child (offspring) pitit choice chwa

colleague konfrè, kolèg colleague, workmate kolaboratè collective work group konbit colonel kolonèl Columbia Kolonbi

come vini, vin comfortable alèz, anfòm, konfòtab command, order zòd, lòd comment (n.) kòmantè committee komite common komen commune (administrative district) komin community kominote companion konpayèl company, business konpayi, antrepriz compared to parapò a compass konpa, bousòl lakomin,

cholera kolera choose chwazi chorus kè Christian kretyen Christmas Nwèl

Christmas tree ab de Nwèl church legliz churn, beat bat cigarette sigarèt cite site citizen sitwayen civic sivik civil servant fonksyonè, anplwaye leta clandestine, secret clarification anbachal, ankatimini

compatriot konpatriyòt complain plenyen complement (n.) (grammatical) konpleman complicate konplike, mangonmen compose konpoze compromise (vb.) konpwomèt

presizyon, eklèsisman

clean [adj] pwòp, nèt clean [v] netwaye cleaning, clean-up netwayaj clear (adj.) klè clearly klèman client kliyan cliff falèz climate klima

concern (vb.), be (someone's) business gade concern, worry (n.), preoccupation pwoblèm, preokipasyon concerned (in, with) enterese condemn kondane tròbol,

English Appendix condition (on condition that) kondisyon) conference konferans confidence konfyans conflict (n.) konfli congratulate felisite connect, link konekte, relye, mete ansanm connoisseur konesè consciousness-raising konsyantizasyon conservative konsèvatè consider konsidere constipate konstipe constitute konstitiye constitution konstitisyon consul konsil consult konsilte contact (n.) kontak contact (vb.) kontakte contaminate kontamine continue kontinye, rapousib kondisyon (a

6 create kreye Creole kreyòl criminal kriminèl crippled enfim, envalid, kokobe crooked, winding krochi cross (n.) kwa cross (vb.) janbe, travèse crossroads kalfou, kafou croup kroup crowd, crowded ankonbre cruel kriyèl crumb miyèt crush, step on pile Cuba Kiba

culture kilti currency lajan custom, habit mès, abitid, manyè

custom office ladwann cut (vb.) koupe cut to pieces, kill with machete or axe rachonnen cut, trim (vb.) taye rache,

contraband kontrebann convention konvansyon cooperation coordination kowoperasyon kowòdinasyon

copy (n.) kopi corner kwen, rakwen correspondent korespondan corruption kòripsyon count (vb.) konte country peyi countryside (as opposed to town) andeyò coup d'etat koudeta courage kouray courageous vanyan, brav course, class kou court, tribunal tribinal courthouse tribinal cow vach cowardliness lachte craft, vessel batiman, bato,anbakasyon damage (n.) dega dance (n.) dans dance (vb.) danse danger danje darkness fè nwa darkness, evil tenèb date, day dat day jou


day, daytime lajounen dead (n.) mò, moun mouri

dead mouri dead (my late father) defen (defen papa’m) dead-end street enpas deal with boule ak death lanmò

crash [v] kraze

show off etale. decree (vb. (refèt) doctor doktè dog chen distribisyon derail deraye deserve merite desk biwo despise meprize destroy (with rage) detwi. delivre demand (n. inform on denonse dentist dantis deny demanti department (geographical division) depatman deport depòte deportation depòtasyon depot depo. fè vwèl pou peyi san chapo decree (n. konvnab decide deside decision desizyon declare deklare declare. plizyè difficulty difikilte dig fouye diminished diminye dinner dine diphtheria difteri diploma diplòm direct dirèk direction. deposit disobey dezobeyi display. entèdi defense defans deficit defisi definite defini definitively. adequate anfòm. (done again) refè. make fè do again.) dekrete decorations decrease (n.) revandikasyon demand (vb. direksyon directly dirèkteman director direktè dirty sal disagree pa dakò disappear disparèt disarm dezame discipline (vb.) arete deep fon defend. reklame democracy demokrasi difference diferans different diferan different. illness maladi disipline democrat demokrat democratic demokratik denotes action involving following noun kout denounce. vant pase dictate dikte dictator diktatè dictatorship diktati die mouri. separate divize. vant mennen.various divès.) egzije. diminisyon develop devlope devoid of denye.7 December desanm decent. separe dizzy gen vètij do. kaba destructive destriktè. leadership. avili degree degre deliver renmèt. prevent defann. depatya.) dekorasyon. totally nètalkole deflect pare degrade degrade. bèbèl bès. prive (de) devote konsakre devoted devwe diagnosis dyagnostik dialogue dyalog English Appendix diarrhea dyare. layite distribution dive plonje divide.) discuss diskite disease. kraze brize detail detay determination detèminasyon determiner (grammatical) detèminan .

) mete kanpe erosion ewozyon especially espesyalman. stroll around vire. go aboard anbake embarrass anbarase... Repiblik Dominikèn Dominican.) lage drown neye drug dwòg drunk sou. jennen embassy anbasad swa . or .) kaba enemy lennmi.) dusk (not sharp) defile. oubyen .) seche dugout (boat) bwa fouye dull (adj. vire ron driver chofè drop (n. labrenn dust pousyè Dutch olandè duty devwa dynamite dinamit environment episcopal episkopal E ear zòrèy early bonè earn touche east lès easy fasil eat manje equal egal equally egalman erect (vb. swa ..) drive. drivaye drifter drivayè drink (vb. e latriye Europe Ewòp evaluate evalwe .. oubyen don't. milye labrin. electrical elektrik electrical generator delko electricity elektrik.. elektrisite elementary (school) primè eleven onz eliminate elimine embark. finisman end (vb. sèch dry (v. (boring) raz employee anplwaye end (n. etsetera. efò egg ze eggplant berejenn eight uit eighteen dizuit eighty katreven either .) gout. pinga door pòt dose dòz down with aba downtown (n.) fen. do not pa. gri dry chèch. Sen Domeng.. etc. elect (vb. sitou establish etabli.) lavil draw up drese draw. of dominiken the Dominican Republic 8 economic ekonomik ecumenical ekimenik education edikasyon effect efè effort jefò.. attract atire drift (vb. lenmi engineer enjenyè English angle enjoy jwi anviwonman.) eli election eleksyon electric.) bwè drive around.English Appendix dollar dola Dominican Republic Lan Panyòl. piga. and loc.) estime et cetera..... tabli estimate (vb. degout drop (v.

) lit. teren fifteen kenz fifty senkant fifty seven senkantsèt fight.) laperèz. lite film fim find (vb. abitan fast (adj.) fèm first premye first-rate totalkapital firstly premyèman fish (n.) vit fat (adj.) rapid fast (adv. toupatou . surname non. ekzakteman exactly the same menmman parèyman examination egzamen example ekzanp example egzanp except sòf execute egzekite executive ekzekitif exist egziste.) tonbe fall through. lantouray fever lafyèv field chan. manman fence (n. kè sote fed up. apparatus aparèy factory faktori faculty (university) fakilte faith fwa fir tree sapen fire dife fire.) fèm farmer. twouve find. tired bouke feet pye female femèl. material tisi face figi face.) five senk pwason . dismiss revoke firefly koukouy firm (adj. proof temwayaj exactly egzakteman. all the every. ekziste existence egzistans exodus ekzòd expect. struggle (n..) goumen. lafanmi diswa English Appendix evening sware evening swa evening (attr. each chak everyone tout moun everywhere family name. siyati fancy. fail ale atè false fo.9 even (adv.) menm even if menmsi fall (vb. peasant kiltivatè. rankontre. struggle (vb.) jwenn. batay fight. zye F fabric.. farm (n. ascertain konstate finger dwèt fingerprint anprent tout kote. wait for tann expensive chè exploit eksplwate exploitation exploiter eksplwatasyon eksplwatè.) grès father papa favor favè fear (n. esplwatè expose the truth mete .) gra fat (n.). elegan mezi + n. in the evening event evenman every single + n..) kloti. malatchong family fanmi. deyò extradition ekstradisyon eye je. tribòbabò evidence. brave brave facility. elegant bwòdè.

strength fòs foreign etranje foreign. extreme ekstrèm future avni sòti X (pou) rive X bato. in vain pou granmèsi for. no charge gratis freedom libète freighter (ship) French franse French Guiana Giyàn freshness frechè. fortress fò. field jaden gargle gagari garlic weed ave gas station ponp gazolin. batiman bwouya follow swiv follow food pouswiv manje.) fòm form (vb. lafrechè friend zanmi from time to time detanzantan from X to X from. at liberty lib free.English Appendix flag drapo flame (n. since depi. in de from. since. run around galope game (animal) jibye game (amusement) jwèt garage garaj garden.) flanm flashlight flach flat (adj.) plat flesh chè flesh. from (in time expressions) depi for any reason at all pou ti krik ti krak for example pa ekzanp for nothing. bwa forget bliye form (n. lamanjay foot pye for pou for (period of time in past).) fog mouch 10 free. busy chaje function (vb. meat vyann flood (n. fòtrès forty karant foundation fondman. fondasyon G gallon galon gallop. polivalan founder fondatè four kat four o'clock katrè fourteen katòz fourth katryèm fourthly katryèmman France Frans fraternity fratènite general headquarters gran katye jeneral generally jeneralman Geneva Jenèv . lantèman funny komik. denpi full. in that case donk force. rizib furniture mèb furthest. exterior eksteryè foresee prevwa forest (woods) forè. pòtay gather rasanble gather ranmase gauge gedj general jeneral.) fòme former ansyen fort. stasyon gazolin gate baryè.) inondasyon flow koule fly (n.) fonksyone fund fon funeral antèman.

(they match) lòt) God Bondye goddaughter fiyòl. tonm greedy visye. nèg H hair (on head) cheve hair (on body) pwal Haiti Ayiti Haitian ayisyen Haitian (fem. let out. gen. fèt. go away lage given (that) etan done. leave.) ayisyèn half demi half mast. leave sòti go up.11 germ jèm get bigger vin pi gwo get deeper apwofondi English Appendix green bean (lit. nennenn godson fiyòl. ava green vèt mache ak (youn ale ak guarantee (n. release. 'tender bean') pwatann grocery store group boutik. go down.) garanti guard (n. plante Guadaloupe Lagwadloup give a gift fè kado give back remèt give up. enter antre. granpè grandmother grann grant (vb. ba group bann group (of musicians) minidyaz grow (person) grandi grow (plant) pouse. half staff demi ma hammer mato hand (help) koutmen hand (n.) mezanmi! gospel levanjil gourd kalbas gourde (Haitian currency) goud government gouvènman grace lagras grain grenn (grain of sand: grenn sab) grammar gramè grandfather granpapa. kòm glance at voye je sou glove(s) gan go ale go in. ganyen. stay (overnight) desann give bay.) men hand grenade grenad handful ponyen hang down pandye happen pase. fiyèl good bon good (at doing sth. gwoupman get down. fiyèl godfather parenn godmother marenn. dewoule happy. rantre go out.). (perfective) fin have just sòt have just fin have to oblije .) rayi have genyen. gan have + vb. get in (vehicle) monte go with. episri gwoup. pleased kontan hard (not soft) di harvest rekòt hat chapo hate (vb. ban. wellbeing byen goodness! (interj. let go. come out.) gad guilty koupab gun (rifle) fizi (pistol) revòlvè guy nonm.) fò good (n.) akòde grass zèb grave / tomb fòs.

sakre home lakay. mountain mòn him li. ugly vye hospital lopital hot (of temperature) cho hot. maltèt headlight grantlimyè headquarters katye jeneral health sante healthy an sante. what (asking for repetition) kòman however sepandan human rights hundred san hunger. kay honest onèt honor onè. La Holand hymn. l here isi. stretch out lonje Holland Peyi Ba. lan. mouche here is men hide (vb. andidan hope (n. often slum areas site how ki jan how much. hasten fè vit. hungry grangou hunt (n. how many konbyen how. isit.) ride.) frape.) chase hurricane siklòn hurry. sètoblije + vb.) kay House of Representatives lachanm housing development. è house (n. pi ro highway gran rout. in Haiti. bèkèkè if si illegal ilegal immature wòwòt holy sen. rout hill.) kache high heels (of shoes) talon kikit higher siperyè. lonè hook kochèt (door). mwen ice glas idea lide identification idantifikasyon idiot idyo. antèt headache tèt fè mal. anthem ochan hyphen tirè I I m.) hope (v. prese husband mari. aid (n. spicy (of food) pike hot. in a hurry.English Appendix have to + vb. worked up (person) cho hotel otèl hour lè. zen (fish hook) espwa imperialist enperyalis importance enpòtans improve amelyore in nan. leader chèf.) espere .) sekou her li. ede help. (to) have to do with genyen . a revwa ak he li head tèt head office syèj head.. bay kou hold out. l historic istorik hit (v.) lachas dwa moun hunt (v.. alatèt. gaya hear tande heart kè heavy lou heel talon helicopter elikoptè hell lanfè helmet kas help! (as exclamation) anmwe! help (vb. pa bò isit 12 horrible.

up to (vb. just. lil issue (vb. ransèyman join together.) enterè interior enteryè K keep. to nan inaugurate inogire inch(es) pous jack (playing cards) valè. intercede entèvni investigation rechèch invite envite iodine irrigate irige. public an komen in order an règ in ruins an ranyon in spite of malgre in the air anlè in the course of.13 in (followed by language name) an in a hurry prese in a jiffy nan 2 tan 3 mouvman in a tight spot antrave in addition to anplis de in common. palto January janvye Jesus Jezi jet djèt jitney bus taptap job djob international entènasyonal intervene. put together mete ak.) enfliyans information enfòmasyon. fair. mete ansanm journalist. stick together pote kole join. lajistis injection piki injured in an accident aksidante injustice lenjistis innocent inosan inquiry ankèt inside anndan inspiration enspirasyon instead of olye institute (n. merely jis justice jistis. function) rive incompetence enkonpetans incompetent. djak jack (tool) djak jack (v.) annik just. in fact an efè industrial. incapable enkapab increase.) lanse it is necessary fòk English Appendix J including.) jije judiciary jidisyè juice ji jump (vb. conserve konsève.) enstiti institution enstitisyon interest (n. hitch a ride fè eksprès juncture konjonkti just (+ vb.) kout pye . during pandan. fè irigasyon island il.) djake jacket vès. used with prep. okou in the morning (after time of day) dimaten in the name of onon in tiny pieces an miyèt moso in trouble nan ka in. industrialist endistriyèl infantry enfantry infected enfekte influence (n. journalism joy lajwa jounalis judge (vb. augment ogmante indeed. kenbe kick (n.) sote jump.

come out sot left gòch. anreta Latin America Amerik Latin latitude latitid law lwa.) tè landslide eboulman light (n. dirijan load (v. allow kite letter lèt level nivo liberation liberasyon liberty libète. kalite. konn knowledgeable. life lavi load (n.) limyè light (vb. scholarly save 14 legislative lejislatif less pi piti. variety varyete. scientific. clear klere lightning zeklè like (prep. lalibète lie (down) kouche lie (n.English Appendix kick (v. inhabit demere living. go out.) limen light up.) renmen lip(s) po bouch listen koute literacy alfabetizasyon little ti. mwens let's (+ vb.) kondwi lead. touye kilometer kilomèt kind (adj.) bay kout pye kidnap kidnape kill tiye.) annou let. depart pati.) chay. jan knife (generic) kouto knock (vb. tell untruths fè manti lieutenant lyetnan L lack of discipline endisiplin lack of security ensekirite lamb (baby sheep) ti mouton lamp lanp land (n. kon. agòch legal legal lidè. kouwè like (vb. lodging (n. chajman language lang last (adj.) low ba lower (vb.) frape knot (on rope) ne know konnen.) dènye late ta.) bese lanmou . po leave kite. piti little street riyèl little.) viv live. livelihood.) chaje locate lokalize lodge (vb. derape leave.) loje lodging lojman long long (for a ) long (time) lontan longitude lonjitid look at gade lose pèdi loud fò love (n. lese leave.). a bit ti kras live (vb. lalwa lawyer avoka lead (position) devan lead (vb.) janti kind.) kou. direct dirije leader leaf fèy league lig learn aprann leather kui.) manti lie.

martyr mati mass (quantity) mas massacre (n. yon digdal. press laprès medical medikal medicine medikaman.) mercenary mèsenè merchant. pandanstan measles saranpyon measure mezi mechanic mekanisyen media. majistra kominal m. mostly majority pi fò majority majorite make a pronouncement pwononse prensipalman matter. muzzle baboukèt malaria man palidis.) poste mainly. affair zafè matter. shopkeeper komèsan mesquite bayawonn mess. walk (n. worm vè mail (n.) mwayen meanwhile antretan. malarya medium-sized mwayenn meet reyini meet kontre meeting reyinyon member manm memory memwa gason. paraf market mache marriage maryaj marriage of convenience maryaj enterè martyrdom. succeed (in doing something) resi. Mr msye manage administre manage (to do something). subject matyè mattress matla maturity matirite may mèt May (month) me mayor me majistra. soldier militè . facilitate fasilite make fun of someone betiz pase youn moun nan make success of. business afè matter. Messrs.) mach mark. enrage anraje made fèt maggot. signature siyati. yon bann March mas march. disorder gagòt message mesaj method metòd Mexican meksiken Mexico Meksik microphone mikro midst. mitrayèt madden. nonm man. mwen meal (of food) repa. be successful reyisi makeshift bridle. arive manipulate manipile many anpil. middle mitan military. medsin make big money mare gwo mago make contact pran kontak make easy. yon makòn.15 Luke Lik lunch dejene mast ma Master (title for lawyer) mèt material materyèl English Appendix M machete manchèt machine-gun mitrayèz.) lèt mail (v.) vle di means (n. yon dal. mesye (pl.) masak memory (of event) souvni men. manje mean (vb.

stubbornly pou pi rèd more than plis pase. erè mistreat maltrete mix (vb.. m yo N nail (n.). adj. jitney bus taptap minister minis ministry ministè minute minit misfortune malè miss (target) rate.) fot. plis ke more. earned with difficulty) tchotcho money. pa'm nan.) kloure name non narrow etwat. jis nation nasyon national nasyonal native natif natal natural natirèl nature lanati navy pi (+ adj. marin Monday lendi money (small amount. dyòl move (vb.) bezwen needle egui.English Appendix militate milite mine pa'm. m. not . pa’m yo mine (explosive) min minibus (covered pickup or van). marengwen leplisouvan mother manman motorcycle motosiklèt mountain mòn.) klou nail (v. block blòk nephew neve net (catch fish) filè network rezo never janmen never. + -er near pre necessary nesesè neck kou need.) lamarin. ever new nouvo news nouvèl newspaper jounal janm. manke mission misyon mistake (n. mwen yo. wages lajan month mwa moon lalin moral moral more (= adj. in addition an plis morning matine mortar (for grinding) pilon mortar (type of cannon) mòtye mortar (building material) mòtye mosquito most often moustik. jamè more severely.) melanje mobilize moment mobilize moman 16 mumps malmouton ansasinen. montany mourning dèy mouth bouch.) deplase move around sikile movement mud labou mouvman . necessity nesesite need. want (vb. zegui negative + verb marker [+anterior] pat negative marker + verb marker [+ progressive] pap neighbor vwazen neighborhood.) muscle mis music mizik musician mizisyen mute bèbè my mwen. sasinen murder (v..

ditou pa . any more pa . koulyeya..) avi notice (vb..17 next. ouvè opening ouvèti openly kareman operation operasyon opinion opinyon or ou. okenn neither .) lwil old (object) vye old (person) gran. ankò noise.. not . next to sou kote on their own pou pwòp kò pa yo manje vach pa fin on their own pou kont yo on their own pou kont kò pa yo one (numeral) en one (pron. at all pa .. anything anyen... oubyen orange zoranj andemon not (verb negation) pa not .. ankenn no longer.. poko note nòt nothing. nobody not be able to make ends meet anraje not to be right. lannwit nine nèf ninety katreven di ninety five katreven kenz no non no + n.. ti non niece nyès night nwit. the way it should be kòdyòm not yet ponko. aryen notice (n. not . younn one and the same thing 50 kòb ak 2 gouden kole one quarter of a gourde gouden only (adj.. not . nor ni . ni nor ni normally north nò Northeast northwest Nodès nòdwès nòmalman observe obsève observer obsèvatè occasion okazyon of a commune kominal of August out.. not .. pèsonn not anybody.... louvri.. kounye a now.) yonn.) remake November novanm now kounyeya. afterwards answit nickname non jwèt.) sèl only (adv.) kòmande organise òganize organization òganizasyon other lòt ... any pa . but.. granmoun old spinster kaprina on edge (person) on foot a pye on the ground atè on the side of arebò on the side of. daou English Appendix of course byen antandi of Haiti Dayiti of love office damou biwo officer ofisye official ofisyèl oil (n...) sèlman open ouvri.. rumor bri none. any pa .. well ò numb angoudi number nimewo nurse enfimyè O obey obeyi orchestra òkès order (vb...

sorrow lapenn paint (n. especially patikilyèman party (political) pati pass (vb. mesyedam otherwise outlaw sanmanman outside (loc. boss patwon P pain. phrase) deyò a oven fou overthrow (vb.) plante play (vb. moun.) pase passing by.) konplo pocket pòch . pantalon paper papye paralyze paralize pardon. élite) pèp pepper (black pepper) pwav.) jwe play a role pran wòl please silvouplè. space plas plain (flat land). otreman 18 pen (for writing) plim penalty penalite. penn palace palè pants kanson. via an pasan pa passport paspò place (n. shame domaj kochon particularly. menses règ.) plant plant (vb. pinisyon pencil kreyon peninsula preskil penniless an releng.) patwouy pay (vb.) pil pilot pilòt pink pig (as opposed to creole pig) grimèl pistol pistolè. revòlvè pity. souple. grace gras parent paran park pak part pati participate patisipe participation patisipasyon period. ti chemen patriot patriyòt patrol (n. human being kretyen vivan personal pèsonèl phone call kout telefòn physical (examination) egzamen medikal picture.) kote.) pwòp people (vs. only) ousnon.English Appendix others zòt others lezòt (pl.) peye peaceful pasifik peasant abitan. peyizan pee. length of bout pig kochon pile (n.) pentire.) penti paint (v. urinate pise peep (utterance) krik pen (for animals) pak pleasure plezi pledge. lokalite place. involve angaje plot (n. foto piece moso piece of. photo pòtre. peryòd permanent pèmanan person moun person. san senk people pèp.) ranvèse own (adj. (hot pepper) piman per hour a lè per month pa mwa percent pou san owner pwopriyetè owner. tanpri path chemen. rural area not far from the city plenn plant (n.

dispozisyon prosecutor komisè prostitute bouzen.) promise (vb.19 point pwen (to) point a finger at lonje dwèt sou press (n.) près pretty. good bèl prevent prevni prevent anpeche prevention prevansyon price pri priest.) (on radio and television) moute present. post pòs possessive possibility possible posesif posibilite posib proficiency konpetans profound.) pratik prank.) prejije premises.) ponpe present (time) prezan present (vb. headquarters lokal preparation preparatif.) ponp pump (v. lamizè powder. gift kado president prezidan . mayèt. father (in church) pè prison prizon prisoner prizonye private prive problem pwoblèm pwosesis pwosesyon English Appendix poison (as chemical) pwazon police lapolis jandam. (by extension) drugs poud power pisans. misery mizè. polis policeman polio polyo political politik politics politik polling station biwod vòt poor pòv poor man malere poor woman malerèz popular popilè population popilasyon process (n.) pòz position pozisyon position. absurdity betiz prayer priyè precaution prekosyon precisely presizeman pregnant ansent prejudice (n.) pronoun propose pwonon pwopoze practically pratikman practice (n. jenès protect pwoteje protection pwoteksyon protest pwoteste protestant pwotestan prove oneself fè prèv li proverb province pwovèb pwovens public piblik publish pibliye voye Puerto Rico (DOKA: Pòtoriko) Pòto Riko pull (v. pouvwa promise (n.) rale pump (n.) procession profession metye professional pwofesyonèl port / harbor pò portion pòsyon pose (n. basic fondalnatal program pwogram program. broadcast emisyon progress pwogrè progressive project pwogresis pwojè pwomès pwomèt postposed retresi poverty.

pirifye purposely esprè put poze put mete put met put out. keksyon question marker èske quickly vit record.) moute rape kadejak.) reprezantan repression represyon reservoir rezèvwa resign demisyone resignation demisyon .) rapò report. lòbèy quarter ka question kesyon. register (vb. let go lage religious relijyèz remain. article repotaj reporter repòtè representative (n.English Appendix punish pini pupil elèv purify netwaye.) reason. anbochaj reflect reflechi reforestation refuse refize regime rejim region rejyon rebwazman R racism rasis radar rada radio radyo radio station stasyon radyo railroad chemendfè rain (n. disagreement kont. stay rete.) anrejistre recovery relèvman recruiting. ret remedy (n.) lapli raise leve raise (vb. disk plak record. kòz rebuild rekonstwi recall raple receive resevwa recently. hold (event) reyalize really vrèman register (vb. vyòl rat rat ravage ravaje read li reading lekti reaffirm. true vrè reality reyalite realize.) remèd remember sonje reorganize reyòganize repair (vb.) enskri rehabilitation reyabilitasyon rejoice banbile release. lately dènyèman receptionist resepsyonis recognize rekonèt reconciliation rekonsilyasyon Q qualified konpetan quantity kantite quarrel. hiring rectory presbitè red wouj anbochay. make real. cause rezon. do (X) again repete replace ranplase report (n. confirm reyafime real. publish (causative) fè soti 20 reason (n.) repare repairs reparasyon repeat.

larivyè road wout robbery vòl role wòl room chanm.) sakrifye sadness tristès sail (n. batba return tounen return (vb. pyès root rasin rope kòd rough brital.) dezyèm secondary segondè secondly dezyèmman secret sekrè secretariat sekretarya section chief.) konsène rest repo rest (vb. German measles ruin (n.) vwèl.) sèl salt (v. grosye route.) grate screwdriver tounvis search fouye search for chèche second (adj. grant school lekòl science lasyans scoundrel vakabon. rag ranyon rule (n.21 resist reziste respect (n.) (of rumor) kouri rural riral . depafini ruin.) repoze restaurant restoran retreat (v. clarify presize scholarship. look for chèche bous avwa.) respekte responsability responsible responsablite rush down degrengole rythm rit English Appendix responsab. reskonsab S sacrifice (v.) rekile. fortune say di say.) retounen revenge revany revolutionary revolisyonè rice diri rich rich rifle fizi right (n. vwal salt (n. rural sheriff chèf seksyon laroujòl section.) riske river rivyè. kouwèl ye la a right of asylum dwa dazil ringleader chèf de bann riot dezòd. spread (vb. circuit sikwi rowboat kannòt rubella. ekonomi right now koulye laa.) ruin ruin (vb.). move je scratch (vb.) kore security sekirite see wè seed (for planting) grenn. support (vb. manifestasyon risk (vb. fè back. subdivision seksyon sector sektè secure. semans seek.) règ run (vb.) fini ak.) respè respect (vb.) sale salvation sali sand sab satisfy satisfè Saturday sauce sòs samdi responsible (for sth.) dwa right away touswit save sove savings.

bato 22 shout (n.) fimen so alò. meaning sans sentence (n.) siy sign (vb.) lafimen smoke (v. stay. to wit kidonk . piti smash kraze smell santi smell bad. "boat-people" boat kanntè small town bouk small truck (for inter-urban public transportation) kamyonèt small. mere senp sin peche sing chante single unit yon grenn sister sè sit.) siyifye signature siyati silence (n. va. lesklavaj dòmi slow lant. pa fon sharp (as of blade) file sharpen file shave fè labab she li. grav seriously oserye serve sèvi set fire mete dife set up (vb. alias. shoot tire shore rivay short kout should.) siyen signal (vb. little ti. grasp sezi sell vann seminar seminè send voye. odor odè smoke (n. fèt pou shoulder zepòl.) mete sou pye settle regle seven sèt seventeen disèt seventy four swasant katòz several plizyè shadow lonbray shall a. ava (marker of the future) shallow plat. do. seriously serye .) kokiy ship batiman.) silans simple. grosè slave esklav slave away trimen slavery sleep esklavaj. gro lapli sick malad sign (n.) fraz September septanm sergeant sèjan series. espedye send a message voye yon mesaj sense.) montre show off taye banda shower douch. epòl so that defason so. some seri serious. stink santi fò. l sheep mouton sheet (of bed) dra sheet (of paper) fèy shell (n.English Appendix seem sanble seem genlè seize. alòs shirt chemiz shoe soulye shooting. must dwe.) rèl shovel pèl show (vb. santi move smell. be situated chita situation sitirasyon six sis sixteen sèz sixty size swasant dimansyon. lan small sea craft.

) ankò.) son sound (vb. point stad stamina. bile fyèl subject (n.) kole stiffen redi. de song chante sophisticated weapon zam fann fwa sore throat mal gòj soul nanm sound (n. still have rete. waste (vb. keep. capture kenbe starting from apati state (n.23 society sosyete soldier solid sòlda solid stand (still).) sijè success siksè. lit struggle.) fann spoil. rete! stop (vb. fight penpennen student etidyan stuff (vb. hold. crack (vb. stay firm. run around.) soufrans. do something for. support.) sonnen. stipid. tèt dlo spy espyon stabilize estabilize stage (theater) sèn stage. kèlke. ret steps (to achieve sth.) gate spread (vb.) baton stick (vb. scatter simaye space espas Spanish (language). toujou solidarity solidarite solution solisyon solve the problem for. enbesil sow. attempt demach stick (n. kominike station estasyon stay.) sidwès bouke. person from Dominican Republic panyòl speak. reyisit such as tèlke such as. like tankou suffer soufri suffering (n.) stòp!.) batay.) grèv strong fò struggle (n. kònen source sous ba w sa sou 2 still not poko stomach vant stomach ache vant mòde stop! (interj. sispann south sid southeast sidès southwest store magazen storm tanpèt story istwa stream rivyè street ri. fè vin rèd still (adv.) leta statement deklarasyon. talk pale special espesyal speech diskou speed vitès spelling. remain.) etann spring (of water) sous. beat toupizi spirit lespri spiritual espirityèl split. tray suffocate toufe sugar harvest (Dominican Republic) zafra sugarcane kann sugarcane workers' camp batèy suggest sijere . help fè on jan pou solve your problems in a jiffy chèz some kèk.).) boure stupid sòt. stand up kanpe English Appendix stand. lari strike (n. endure. orthography òtograf spend (money) depanse spin.

believe kwè third twazyèm .) gou taste (v.) kozman the latter dènye a the orders lèzòd the other day lòtre jou their yo theirs pa yo them yo there (loc. gras a thanks.) mennen talk (n. back (vb.English Appendix sun solèy Sunday dimanch 24 tank (gas tank) tank (armored) tape (n. siprann surrender rann tèt surrounding. la. have fun pran plezi take revenge tire revany take the opportunity pwofite take the/a chance prans chans take. lan sympathizer senpatizan synthetic.) ke that is (to say) sètadi that.. family name non. artificial sentetik system sistèm systematic sistematik T table tab tail (generic) ke take pran take (on) again. dis tendency tandans territory teritwa terrorist tèroris tetanus tetanòs than (in comparative construction) pase thank (vb.) remèsye thanks remèsiman swelling. lead.) tep taste (n. remove retire take pleasure.) goute tax taks taxi taksi teacher pwofesè tank tank sunrise (at sunrise: lè solèy ap leve) sunset (at sunset: lè solèy ap kouche) superstitious sipèstisye supper soupe supply (vb. kòm kwa dire surely siman surname. an. siyati surprise (vb.) etone. y thing bagay things are difficult bagay la mare think panse think. take off.) gonfle swell.) apiye supposedly. at about ozanviwon swallow vale swell (vb.) la there is/are no/none . conduct (vb. grow larger gwosi team ekip tear to pieces dechèpiye technician teknisyen telephone (vb.. inflamation anflamasyon Switzerland symbol Laswis senbòl thanks to granmesi. nanpwen they yo. those (pronoun) sa the a. start again repran take from. around. that is to say kòm ki dire.) founi supply depot depo founiti support. thank you mèsi that (compl.) telefonnen television televizyon ten di.

twò (+ adj. that sila a those sa a yo those who sa k(i) train (n.) typing daktilografi too much + n. like this konsa tie (up). or adv. idleness ungrateful engra uniform inifòm union inyon union (labour) sendika chomay. aware konsekan thousand mil three twa throw jete thus. seek chache try (vb. watè treatment. or adv. twòp + n. tan time. occasion fwa timetable orè timidly timidman tiny bit zing title tit to/in the south osid today jodi a toe zòtèy together ansanm toilet twalèt. tether an animal mare tie together makònen time lè.) trò. care tretman. komòd.) trete English Appendix thoughtful. laverite try (to do).) vyayaj trouble-maker bagarè truck kamyon truly tout bon vre trumpet twonpèt truth verite . chomeko U .) eseye Tuesday madi turn (into). tool zouti toothless person mazora torrent lavalas torture. completely nèt tour (n. trann this sa a this. become tounen turn away detounen twenty nine ventnèf twenty one venteyen two de tomorrow demen too (+ adj. laswenyay tree pye bwa trial jijman trip (n.) vire tower tour town vil townhall meri track tras trade. tròp. suffer sibi undertake antreprann unemployed person chomè unemployment.) pèlen trash fatra travel (vb. journey vwayaj tray kabare treat (n.) vwayaje travel.) tren training fòmasyon transportation transpò trap (n. make a martyr of matirize totally.25 third (fraction) tyè thirdly twazyèmman thirty trant. commerce kòmès tradition tradisyon traffic trafik ugly lèd unacceptable inakseptab undergo.

bay djapòt vote (n. espere walk .) up to the present jouskaprezan up to. jan we nou. function (vb.) ebyen west lwès modòd value valè vb. manner fason. breach vyolasyon violence vyolans violent quarrel deblozay vodou practicing vodouyizan wet mouye what sa’k whatever kèlkeswa wheel wou . n weak fèb wealth richès weapon. vigilant vijilan watchword. vb. n use (vb. vehicle. careful veyatif watchful.) vòt vote (vb.) vote until (conj. until jiska uproot dechouke. derasinen urgence ijans us nou. car machin vendor machann veranda galri verb vèb vice.. call (to do something) water dlo way rout.) mache want vle war lagè ward (administrative district) warehouse depo warm (of temperature) cho wash (generic) lave awondisman V vaccinate vaksinen vaccination vaksinasyon vaccine vaksen valley vale valuable empòtan. cargo chay well (interj. rejte.) itilize. valab waste time pèdi tan watch out! (warning) atansyon! watchful. jouk jouskaske 26 vodou priest ougan vodou spirit lwa vomit (n. often konn + vb. vwa way. wagon wait tann. abitye + wagon W kabwèt. arm zam week semèn week before last semèn pase an wo weep kriye weight. be in the habit of + vb. sèvi. + usually. anplwaye (to) use something sèvi ak yon bagay usually dabitid usually + vb. deputy (prefix) vis victim viktim victory laviktwa village bouk violation.) vomi vomit (v. work.English Appendix unit inite United Nations Nasyonzini United States Etazini university inivèsite unload dechaje unpaid servant (child) restavèk until jis.) vomi.

and vb. foreigner blan who (rel.) nou. milatrès womb matris. willingness volonte will ava. poukisa x-ray reyon x English Appendix X Y year an. pa'n. fanm woman of light complexion grimèl.) wound. travayè works zèv world lemonn would ta (conditional marker) blesi.27 when lè. n young jèn your ou. w yours pa nou. plè wound (n. while alòske whether . avèk. k whooping cough koklich why pouki. w wild sovaj will. young people jenès Z zero zewo zone zòn word. injure blese wretched. pannan white (person). ke while antan. anne.. avè with head down. zantray wood bwa pawòl you (pl. desire. upside down tètanba without san witness temwen woman fi.. lò when kou when (interr.. or else kit . pa’n yo youth.) ki lè where kote whereas.) ou. pro. rotten mafreze wrist ponyèt write ekri writing ekriti .. ki. va. Five years. ou byen which k.) ki. a (markers of the future) win genyen wind van wine diven with ak. lanne yellow jòn yes wi yesterday yè you (sing. Senk an year ane. lyrics work (n.) travay worker ouvriye.

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