Different organizations Onyx The message is we want Speak out about this injustice.

Release without serving full sentence. NFL player goes to jail for shooting himself in the jail for shooting himself in the leg OG friends are the victims for the past This is just the beginning. A new chapter, We have been waiting for this. Because the civil law suits is just starting. On New Year s Day 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was shot and killed by former transit officer Johannes Mehserle on the platform of Fruitvale BART station in Oakland. Video of the shooting, recorded on cell phone by bystanders, spread virally, sparking protests in Oakland and gaining national attention. After a jury trial in Los Angeles last summer, Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and received the minimum sentence of two years in state prison. Mehserle returned back to court on June 1st and Judge Robert Perry ruled that Mehserle will be released on Monday. He has served 11 months of his two year sentence. Tracy Bell-borden, community activist of Onyx, an Oakland group that has been organizing ongoing protests related to the case, says Mehserle s release is the beginning of new chapter. We have been waiting for this because the civil lawsuit is just starting. The shooting stirred up racial tensions in the city and brought back to light the city's long history of tension between the police and the community. Mehersle, a white man, was videotaped from multiple angles, shooting Grant, a black man. The incident was followed by violent protests and looting in downtown Oakland.

Onyx is putting together a peace rally this Sunday at Fruitvale Bart Station at 3pm.

Oak Onyx, civil lawsuit the next chapter Jack Bryson father of Nigel, Jackie Bryson

As a father, I can t explain it but for these two young men to witness the shooting of OG I can t explain it. My community in Oakland. I want to be hear with the community.

If it don t settle I think there is going to be more, my kids and OG being label as thugs, Winning the law suit these young boys don t deserve it because they are thugs reoping the woons again. When is it going to stop. The only way we can get justice now, there is no justive for the young men and the family by getting money. For the department of justice to do the righ thing. And charge these officers with purgery and civil rights violations other officers who were on the platform.

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