Dear Resident:

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PBK Integrated Waste Enterprises would like to invite you to a public workshop to be held 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, in the Activity Room of the Whitcomb Student Center at the Rockingham County Community College, 215 Wrenn Memorial Road in Wentworth. The workshop is being held to introduce you to the proposed development of a recycling center and landfiil on a portion of the 1,750 acres commonly known as the Whitt family farms. The modern facility, which will include a gas to power collection unit and a new entrance to the property off of Harrington Highway, is planned for construction on about 400 acres to the north and west of Riverside Circle. The new development is expected to ultimately create about 50 jobs paying an average of $36,000 per year plus benefits. The initial investment is expected to exceed $40 million, with another $200 million being invested over the 40-year life of the facility and its safe and secure closure. Rockingham County is projected to receive more than $2 million annually in hosting fees once the facility is fully functional. The recycling center and landfill will be built to strict environmental standards and must withstand stringent review by local, state and federal governments before the facility can be built. Both the flood plain along the Dan River and substantial buffers of the facility from that flood plain will be left in an undisturbed, natural state. Maps will be available at the workshop to allow the public to see what is proposed for this property. Engineers and other experts will attend the workshop to provide visual materials and to answer your questions about various aspects of the proposed operations. The meeting room will be open for two hours to allow visitors to drop in and leave at their convenience. You are receiving this letter because you live in the vicinity of the proposed development. We look forward to seeing you at this public workshop. Sincerely,

Kevan Combs Principal PBK Integrated Waste Enterprises

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