Contract for Mark Tyra as Graphic Artist for Soldier of Pain Comic Book Series

Contract as of June, 15 2011

First Party: David “Toby” Meyers Second Party: Mark “The Artist” Tyra Arguments: The First Party and the Second party agree as follows:

David “Toby” Meyers and Mark “The Artist” Tyra are in this contract for the interest of producing a Comic Book series and a Graphic Novel and illustrations based on the characters and situations owned by David Meyers entitled “Soldier of Pain.” Conditions: David Meyers is to provide story and characterizations for graphic publication using Mark Tyra’s illustrations. David Meyers has agreed to grant fifty percent (50%) of the royalties to Mark Tyra for any merchandize or images sold based on his work. David Meyers retains the right to allow any artist to draw or illustrate: characters, scenes and situations and present them in any media for any reason. David Meyers retains the rights to the situations and characters of “Soldier of Pain” and any future work based on said work. Mark Tyra has agreed to develop greater than the majority of 20 or more Comic Books with thirteen (13) to twenty (20) pages, at least, double sided over a period of less than three (3) years as well as cover art and character art and situational marketing material. David Meyers and Mark Tyra are in agreement that the images, characters and situations in “Soldier of Pain” belong entirely to David Meyers; however Mark Tyra has privilege to use the characters and situations from “Soldier of Pain” and owns his original artwork derived from it. And may sell art made by his hand it at any price, but agrees

that any artwork sold of a significant value of one hundred dollars or more ($100.00), Mark Tyra will pay royalties to David of fifty percent (50%) from the sale of artwork derived from characters and situations in “Soldier of Pain”. David Meyers and Mark Tyra are in agreement that they will be in compliance to this contract to the best of their belief, knowledge and ability. Signatures: David “Toby” Meyers

Mark “The Artist” Tyra


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