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Ma. Mercedita P.

Padua BSN IV - A Assessment Diagnosis

Subjective: Hindi naman sumasakit yung pigsa ko as verbalized by the client. Objective:  Conscious, coherent and not in any form of distress  On LSLF DM diet with distribution  (+) boil on pubic area 2 mons pubis  (-) tenderness on pubic area  Ambulatory; voiding freely  On CBG monitoring

Impaired skin integrity r/t staphyloco ccal infection secondary to boil.

University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Alabang Zapote Rd. Pamplona, Las Pinas City COLLEGE OF NURSING BSN III-A Batch 2010 2011 Patient M.G. 47 y.o. Folliculitis Pubic Area DM II, HPN II Scientific Planning Selected Implemented explanatio interventions interventions n Goal: The Independent Independent These are Nursing Nursing client will be called shu Interventions: Interventions: jie (summer able to be  Establish  Established eruption) in free from nurse nurse the classics complications client client and are Expected relationship relationship believed to Outcomes:  Instruct client  Instructed be caused on NPO 2 client on by invasion After 8 hours of nursing hours prior to NPO 2 of CBG hours prior pathogenic interventions, the client will monitoring to CBG summer be able to monitoring heat. They identify are often atleast 3 present as appropriate acute,  Encourage suppurative interventions  Encourage to achieve client to d client to infection of timely wound report report the hair healing (e.g. presence of presence follicles or warm pain in pubic of pain in the compress on area pubic area connective  Provided tissue of the affected area,  Provide proper diet & conducive conducive hair

Doctors Wing Rationale Evaluation

GOAL MET After 8 hours of nursing interventions  To the client establish was able to rapport identify  To prevent appropriate alterations interventions to achieve and false timely wound positive healing as results evidenced by during diagnostic verbalization procedure of important ways on how  To identify to prevent complication presence of signs of through proper diet, local compliance infection to treatment  To provide regimen and applying a stress-

 Afebrile; T= 36.6 C/ Axilla with BP= 1220/80 mmHg  CBG result as of 04/15/11 5:30 PM : 182 mg/dl

follicles. compliance to Boils or skin treatment abscesses regimen) are inflamed and pusfilled areas of skin that look like oversized pimples. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area that becomes firm and hard over time. Eventually, the center of the boil softens and becomes filled with pus that finally erupts and drains out through the skin. Also


environme nt  Involved supporting others in planning of activities  Monitored pts vital signs. I/O and IVF

 Involve supporting others in planning of activities  Monitor pts vital signs. I/O and IVF

free environme nt  To hastens clients recovery

warm compress on pubic area.

 Measure clients CBG

 Encourage clients compliance to treatment regimen  Provide warm compress on pubic area

 To prevent complicati ons like hyperther mia, hypervole mia and hypovole mia  Measured  To monitor clients clients CBG blood sugar levels  Encourage  To d clients hastens compliance clients to recovery treatment and regimen achieve  Provided timely warm wound compress healing on pubic area

known as furuncles, boils are painful and can develop anywhere on the body, but often in areas like armpits, breasts, buttocks, face, genitals, and neck.

 Monitor for any untoward signs and symptoms

 Monitored for any untoward signs and symptoms

 To prevent occurrenc e of infection and complicati ons

Dependent Nursing Interventions:  Give Rifampicin 300mg as prescribed

 Administer 7 units of Humulin R subcutaneou sly as per doctors order

Dependent Nursing Interventions  Rifampicin  Used as 300mg was antibiotic given as to treat prescribed staphyloco ccal infections  Administer  To maintain ed 7 units blood of Humulin glucose R level subcutaneo within usly as per normal doctors values. Used to order treat both Type I and Type II DM.