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1. What are full converter and dual converter?  A full converter is a two quadrant converter and the polarity of its output voltage can be either positive or negative. The output current of full converter has one polarity only.  A dual converter can operate in four quadrants; and both the output voltage and current can be either positive or negative. 2. What is the function of freewheeling diode in semi converter?  A "freewheeling diode" is put into a circuit to protect the switching device from being damaged by the reverse current of an inductive load.  Freewheeling diode provides the continuity of current flow in the load.  Power factor of the converter is improved. 3. Why power factor of semi converter better than that of full converter? Usage of freewheeling diode in the semi converter increases the power factor of the converter over the full converter. 4. What is the inversion mode of converter? When the supply voltage Vs is negative and the input current is positive, there is reverse power flow from the load to source. Hence the converter is said to be operated in inversion mode in wt + . 5. What is the Effect of inductive load in the performance of three phase bridge rectifier?  The power factor reduces because of inductive load.  Output current ripple reduces due to inductive load.  Output current tends to become continuous. 6. What is the dual convertor and mention it use?  A dual convertor can operates in four quadrants and both the output voltage and current can be either positive or negative.  It is widely used in the industry for controlling dc motor drives. 

Used in: Six state pulse generation and gate drive isolation, Synchronization of the control pulses to the power frequency, Smooth transition in phase angle control, Startup control, Phase sequence check, field excitation check and over-current protection. 7. Write output relation of single phase full converter. Also draw its variation with firing angles.

8. It is required to operate a single phase full converter in the inverter mode with RLE load, should the average output voltage be more or less then E during inverter operation. Why? The average value should less than E. because, and then only it will forward bias the thyristor. 9. List out varies application of phase controlled converters: y y Dc motor drives Battery chargers y y UPS system HVDC transmission

10. State the principle of phase control in ac to dc converters. 

The output dc voltage can be varied by changing the triggering angle . Due to this triggering angle, it is possible to control the conduction and dc voltage level of SCR of controlled rectifier.




11. What are the Parameters evaluated in rectifier The parameters evaluated in rectifier are input displacement angle, input displacement factor, input power factor, DC voltage ratio, input current distortion factor, input harmonic factor, voltage ripple factor and current ripple factor. 12. Current and voltage waveform of single phase full converter with inductive load.

13. What is harmonic factor of input current It is defined as, the ratio of the total harmonic content to the fundamental component of the current.




14. Define:  Displacement factor: It is defined as, the cosine of input displacement angle (cos ) .  Total harmonic distortion: It is defined as, the ratio of the total harmonic content to the fundamental component of the current .




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