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How to Learn Astrology 2

How to Learn Astrology 2

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Published by: Daisy on Jun 15, 2011
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Our natal chart is a snapshot of ourselves at birth, at the
beginning. Once we learn something about our natal
chart, we want to keep it updated. The planets keep
moving after our birth, and astrologers like to know how
this onward movement relates to the natal chart. How
does astrology affect us today? To do this, astrologers
employ a variety of techniques (chiefly transits,
directions, and progressions) that chart what is
happening now in the sky (or at this time) and compare
that to our natal positions.

There are many, many other techniques, as well, and
these will be detailed in another section, but the natal
chart and some form of ongoing analysis of planetary
movement are the two major techniques that almost all
astrologers use on a regular basis.

Astrology as a Business


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