The referred paper presents a reconfigurable microstrip patch antenna that is monolithically integrated with RF MEMS capacitors for tuning the resonant frequency. It is done by loading it with CPW stub on which variable MEMS capacitors are placed periodically. Monolithic fabrication with tunable components also reduces the power losses and parasitic effects. The MEMS capacitors are used to control the resonant freq, BW, polarization,Radiation pattern of antennas. Here, the height of the bridges on the stub and hence the capacitance can be changed by dc actuation voltage applied between the bridge metal and the center conductor. The fabrication is done by standard surface micromachining technology, which is explained here. The RF measurements are done through NW analyser. The 3D plot of the surface profile data is given. Also the reflection characteristics of the antenna structure for diff. actuation voltages is obtained. The resonant frequency shifts from 16.05GHz to 15.75GHz with increase in voltage from 0 to 11.9V. the other resonant behaviour is obtained at 13.2GHz due to loading of CPW stub to antenna. The radiation pattern at 16.05GHz is obtained for switches in up position. The asymmetry and tilted max. radiation is expected as the feed line and loading stub dimensions are considered. The tuning freq range of antenna can be increased by increasing it for capacitors or by using capacitors at both radiating edges to load antenna, but at the cost of increase in dc biasing and fabrication complexity.

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