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BRIGADA ESKWELA ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Introduction: The school is an institution which is responsible in molding the learners into a responsible

individual in the society. This is where one is crafted into a better person, who will be an emblem of the kind of learning center where be was raised. The multifarious concern of school demands working with others to accomplish designed tasks and objectives. These would need dedicated school personnel, cooperative parents, accountable community and innovative learners. DepEd Memorandum No. 12, s. 2006 otherwise known as National Schools Maintenance Week or commonly called Brigada Eskwela, aims to prepare the school one week before its formal opening of classes. The said activity was disseminated on fourth week of March through the school head. Thus the group came up with the decision to have schedules to help for the duration of the week long implementation of the program. It turned out as part of the Barangay Linis Program in which barangay aide personnel was assigned during the BE period. Believing that the community cannot stand without the school, and likewise the school without the community, we greatly believed that the school is the face of the barangay. Thus all the people in the community even those whose children were not studying in the school, gave a hard and volunteered to support the program. Therefore, the teachers are very much indebted to the barangay folks for without them, the following would not have been made possible.
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Cleaning of the school grounds Pruning/trimming of trees around the school Fixing of Garbage disposal Repairing of classroom Construction of Balusters in Grade 1 3 classes Repair of H. E. ceiling/roofing Repair of dilapidated chairs Repairing and Fixing of Bulletin boards Cleaning of classrooms and office. Repair of Makeshift building. Construction of four (A) Comfort Rooms. Construction of One (1) Comfort Room inside Grade VI classroom.

Funds were procured through solicitation from Provincial Government, Local Government Unit (LGU) and PTCA fund for school year 2007 2008

With their unselfish cooperation and invaluable support of the barangay people, the Brigada Eskwela in Makiwalo Integrated School turned out to be a successful one.