This is a mutual agreement entered between Management of Haailand &

Agreement for Branding& Advertise at Haailand

Name of the Party________________________________________ Address: Phone Place Date: To advertise in selected places identified mutually in the premises of the above said company. Terms & Conditions: 1. The client should be clear of what he is advertising, with the approval of management he can advertise in the places, sizes allotted to him. 2. All the designs, colours, equipment has to pass the approval of the company. 3. Any changes, in the advertisement, the client has to get the prior approval of the company. 4. As per the agreement entered the client should fix his hoardings, in the places allotted to him. 5. If the hoardings are back lit/ front lit, all the arrangements are to be born by the client. 6. Any damage caused, during the agreement period, the damage, replacement of the hoarding has to be born by the client, 7. In case of hoardings using power, the power tariffs fixed by the management has to be paid on specified dates to the company, if the client dose not pay in time the management have right to remove the hoardings without any further information in written or oral. 8. The time of the agreement starts from the first day of month from where the agreement has been made 9. If the client is interested in Renewal of the agreement, he has to inform the management before 1month the expiry of the agreement, 10. If the client in not interested in continuing the advertisement after the completion of term the client has to remove his hoardings immediately on the last day of the agreement otherwise the company will remove the hoardings and debit the expenditure to the clients account which are to be paid before vacating the site. 11. If the client dose not turn up, the management will not be responsible for the materials dismantled.

12. Final decision regarding any grievances the decision of the management is final. All legal jurisdiction lie in the haailand is located Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory For Haailand For Client . 13. Any grievance in the course of period of the agreement it has to be informed in black & white and my be settled mutually. At the time of agreement. All the fees have to be paid in advance calculating the term & expenditure to the company. 15. 14. Inform of Demand Draft/ Pay order/ cheque.

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