Believers are those who fear God and all of her body.

As has been said Abul Layth; "The signs of fear of God is seen seven cases" First on his tongue. He refrained than backbiting, slander spread, and many boast an empty boast. Instead busied themselves with the remembrance, reading the Qur'an and muzakarah science. Both in his heart. He was throwing a sense of hostility, ignorance and malice toward his friend. Because it can eliminate the good of malice. As Allah's Apostle had said; "Envy it can take some good as wood burning fire." Be aware that unlicensed envy was a very dangerous liver disease. No ubat for liver disease apart from science and charity. Third on his views. So he does not like looking at food, drinks, clothes or other things forbidden. Not too engrossed in the world. But he looked with iktibar. Allah's Apostle had said; "Whoever meets her eyes with the forbidden things, then God will fulfill it than the fire on the Day of Resurrection." Fourth on his stomach. And her stomach is not filled with forbidden items. As the Prophet said; "Whenever a bite rather than illicit goods into the person's stomach, then the whole angel from the heavens and the earth cursed during matches or a sip of the stuff inside his stomach. If he dies in such circumstances, then his place in Hell." Fifth on both hands footprint. He did not use to matter which is haram. But only use them to obey God. Dirawikan than Ka'ab Akhbar, he said; "Verily, Allah does not create a building of Zabarjud Green. In it there are seventy thousand of the hall. Each hall there are seventy thousand huts. Nothing can go in there in addition to those offered illicit goods, but he refused kerana afraid of God." Sixth in stride. He's not running for vice. But the only step to be obedient to God, seek His keredhaan, and mingle with the scholars' and pious people. Seventh seen in his obedience. He made his obedience solely to seek keredhaan God.Fear of the ripple and hypocritical. Whoever did these seven cases, then he falls into the category that spoken by God;

Ertinya: "Verily, god-fearing people in the gardens and tears (heaven)."

(Surah Al-Hijr: 45)

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