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Life Among the Shadow People

Life Among the Shadow People

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Stark, but emotional picture of what it means to be "a shadow person".
Stark, but emotional picture of what it means to be "a shadow person".

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Published by: EmpathyProject/Susan Rodgers on Jun 15, 2011
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Life Among the Shadow People By Susan Ripley Rodgers


Copyright 2011 by Susan Ripley Rodgers. All rights reserved. Published by the Empathy Project (empathyprojectinaction.com) P.O. Box 46 Keenesburg, CO 80643 This book is dedicated to all the people, in our world, who live among the shadows. Many people don’t notice these people. Sometimes, I am one of them. I try very hard to stay within the light (of our Creator). But, sometimes, it eludes me. I want the world to know that we are “real” people, just like you. I would hope that you might extend a bit of empathy to the next person you meet, who is standing in the shadows.


S.R.R. In a long-lost Poem of yesterday, I wondered if I would ever make it To today… Yes, I have, Among the shadows I have been, Sometimes, a life Is hard to live In. I’ve not been Wealthy, Famous, Or adored By fans, I am only Me,

my heart Always aches. To be someone New.Lost And lonely. Someone special Among the Few. I can sometimes See the sun In the mornings. Somewhere deep Inside. On the rise. Or watch the Falling stars On their trips Across the Skies. 4 . But.

But.Maybe tomorrows Will judge me In a different Way. 5 . How has the Girl voted “most likely to succeed” become a victim of distress and not a mistress of success? The world has gotten To me. Ungentle way. today The shadows Engulf me. In its quiet. I wander Like A stray. And.

Maybe tomorrows Aren’t possible. To darkness. Light. Or lost along The way. She is not 6 . The night Bears down Anew. Who knows Anyway? Darkness. Maybe I have Lived the dreams I wanted.It has lured Me from the Sunlight And led me Quite astray.

My friends And neighbors Ignore me. If only I And they Could see. She is only Sue.Special among The few. I try to Peer through The fog. None of this Was to happen In this Perfect life That was to 7 . And others Just let me Be.

One that thinks It lives within The light. I’m not whining To the world. But the shadows Come again. For. They are lying To themselves. Among the Dimming light. And. I was not good Enough 8 .Be. too Will live among The shadows. they. they won’t Set me free. That they once Had scorned.

9 . Alone And lost Like I am. Like butterflies Returning to their Cocoons. They will soon Be in the Night.To be with them. I ask but One thing of The heartless. they Have formed. Their own Coffins. In the light. It is they Who must Deal with The night.

To face the Shadows. When love Asks us To unite? Apathy Has left the Shadow people To find their Paths alone. Empathy could Bring them Back to love And that love Could bring us home.The cruel Persons Of that night. Why did you Desert me. Tonight 10 .

Hope. Faith. And allow The stars To shine their Light On me. Tomorrows may Never be. Light And love. All the good Things of this Place. I will always Remember 11 .Is a night Of shadows. But I have Jarred the night To open Up its shadows.

For the shadows Can never Ever Erase. With the love Of angels. But my prayer Is that Someone will Remember And replace Those shadows With love Which conquers All our fears. I don’t know If the future Will remember The shadow people Who were here. I hold the Future 12 .

To be continued To another place 13 . Maybe the Love she sought Amongst The sunshine Could never Really be found.In my heart. The butterfly Has cocooned Herself And the shadows Hold her Down. But who Were forced To live apart. Please acknowledge Those who Lived here.

R. Next time I write A poem. With love And peace To all Who live Among the shadows – S.R. 14 . It won’t Necessarily Have to Rhyme.And time.

15 .

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