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Defining anD execuTing in The On PreMise

The PerfecT OuTleT Manual


Objective: To define and execute Perfect Outlets On Premise.

Why is On PreMise iMPOrTanT?
30% of Red Bulls global business is On Premise On Premise is the #3 driver of Red Bull brand awareness New generations of consumers enter On Premise outlets yearly

WhaT rOle DOes a PerfecT OuTleT Play?

A Perfect Outlet ensures On Premise success

WhaT Will i learn?

Red Bulls simple definition of a Perfect Outlet The basics for achieving a Perfect Outlet

The details and tools to create a Perfect Outlet

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

how does red Bull define a Perfect Outlet?

PerfecT serVe
A full cold can served across the bar for both pure and mixed drinks

PerfecT VisiBiliTy
A cooler at every distribution point, placed according to branding and innovation guidelines

PerfecT Menu lisTing

Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree are listed as stand-alone items.

PerfecT Price
Pure Red Bull priced equal to, or less than, the price of an imported beer

PerfecT cOnsuMPTiOn acTiVaTiOn

Activating a value-adding program or a multi-serve tool within the last 60 days

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

The Perfect serve

The perfect serve is a full cold can served across the bar for both pure and mixed drinks.

Why iTs iMPOrTanT

Brand image Drives impulse consumption Increases brand visibility

Perfect Serve sell-in video Profit calculator

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

Perfect Visibility
Perfect Visibility means having a cooler at every distribution point, placed according to branding and innovation guidelines.

Why iTs iMPOrTanT

Coolers are the #1 tool to drive visibility and impulse purchases

Outlet Type and Branding Level chart See POS guidelines for more information.

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

The Perfect Menu listing

A Perfect Menu Listing ensures that Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree are listed as stand-alone items.

Why iTs iMPOrTanT

Highlights Red Bull availability Grabs attention

Follow menu guidelines

Note: A menu is defined as any permanent place drinks are listed in the outlet. Examples are; food and beverage menus, price boards, permanent posters, tri-fold beverage menus, digital screens etc.

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW


Perfect Price
The Perfect Price for a can of Red Bull is equal to, or less than, the price of an imported beer.


Why iTs iMPOrTanT

Positions Red Bull as a premium product Appropriate price drives repeat purchases


Perfect Price guidelines and talking points

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

Perfect consumption activation

Perfect Consumption Activation means activating a value-adding program or multi-serve tool within the last 60 days.

Why iTs iMPOrTanT

Promotes multiple-can purchases & group ritual consumption Drives visibility and prompts additional calls Engages account, driving sales & profits

Multi-serve tool and value-adding concepts POS book

PerfecT OuTleT OVerVieW

Perfect Outlet checklist


Perfect serve Perfect Visibility Perfect Menu listing Perfect Price Perfect consumption activation

shit you gotta know

cOMing uP: learn the details that transform an ordinary venue into a Perfect Outlet
POS Outlet Branding Levels Cooler Innovation Menu Guidelines Pricing Guidelines Multi-Serve Guidelines Value Adding Programs Staff On Premise Events Music Festivals Outlet Classification Perfect Hotel Perfect Resort Perfect Casino

PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Every On Premise outlet should make Red Bull immediately visible to the consumer when ordering.
If no one knows Red Bull is available, we lose impulse purchase opportunities. Reference the POS book on wiiings for full item info. Perfect Visibility is having a cooler at every distribution point, but we know this isnt always achievable. If you cant place a cooler, use secondary POS items. To ensure high visibility, illuminated items are always the best solution to replace a cooler.

VisiBiliTy graDing charT grade Visibility items





PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Outlet Branding levels

Outlets are classified as high or low branded. This determines POS selection and placement.

high BranDeD
Saturated with POS, illuminated signs, and bar equipment Red Bull competes with flashy, high-branded POS Commonly includes sports bars, pubs, and dive bars

lOW BranDeD
Most upscale restaurants, bars and nightclubs market only their own image Red Bull keeps it subtle with premium POS like the concrete cooler


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Menu guidelines
Our PriOriTy: reD Bull energy Drink anD reD Bull sugar free lisTeD as sTanD alOne iTeMs
1. We strive to have Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugar free listed as stand alone items. When engaging customers to list our products, the following rules must apply: Menus must always be in the outlets voice and design. Provide customers with approved logos or pack shots for alcohol- free section only. Always suggest using the can first, it is our Hero. 2. Red Bull does not produce or compensate accounts to print Red Bull cocktails on menus If an account wants to list a Red Bull cocktail on their menu, thats allowed for them to do, but Red Bull only supports pure listings. Never use a pack shot or approved menu logo in the alcohol section of a menu. 3. Approved pack shots and menu logos You can find these files on, in the Trade Marketing tab. The Bulls and Sun logo should never be on a drink menu. Only use the approved stacked or horizontal logos.

PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Pricing guidelines
The Perfect Price generates maximum sales for the outlet owner and is in line with the consumers price elasticity and expectations.
Consumers are willing to pay premium prices, but the price should not exceed their value expectations. To determine the Perfect Price, consider other drinks on the menu.


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Multi-serve Tools
Support your accounts with premium multi-serve tools.

heres hOW:
To be Perfect Multi-Serve tools must be active for at least 30 days One way to achieve Perfect Consumption Activation Functional tools for table and bottle service Must always be used with cold cans of Red Bull and Red Bull Sugarfree Includes Boat Small Boat Curve Bull Round

New Bull Round


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Value adding Programs

These add value to customers, engage and excite consumers and brings the Red Bull brand to life.

Value aDDing PrOgraMs:

Help achieve Perfect Consumption Activation Examples include: Programs like Red Bull Play and Destroy Promotions like One for the Road everaging Red Bull properties such as L Red Bull Music Academy DJ network Bring Red Bull into accounts in a creative way


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

We BuilD greaT relaTiOnshiPs WiTh sTaff Because We WanT sTaff TO Be:
Loyal to the brand Excited about the brand Educated on everything Red Bull so they know its more than just a drink

sTaff suPPOrT leaDs TO PerfecT execuTiOn.

Bar staff are Red Bull ambassadors. There is no more authentic, credible or compelling advertisement for Red Bull than a bartender or server who promotes the brand.


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

On Premise events
aT all On PreMise eVenTs, execuTe PerfecT OuTleT guiDelines ThirD ParTy suPPOrTeD eVenTs
Never use Red Bull logos on posters and flyers. Red Bull bars, DJ desks, and coolers are all available to add value and bring credibility and function to the party or event.

reD Bull eVenTs

Red Bull events always feature their own logo. For example, an event that is leveraging the Red Bull Music Academy property, the RBMA logo can be used on the communication material. Red Bull bars, DJ desks, and coolers are all available to add value and bring credibility and function to the party or event. Do not create Red Bull event menus.


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Music festivals
Music fesTiVals shOulD execuTe PerfecT serVe, PerfecT VisiBiliTy, PerfecT Menu lisTings, anD PerfecT Price
Increase Perfect Visibility with price boards at every station

reD Bull shOulD Be aVailaBle aT all DisTriBuTiOn POinTs, incluDing:

In the VIP area Near Campsites Off Site surrounding accounts

suPPOrT TOOls:
All current Red Bull infrastructure and POS Live Music Series infrastructure


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Outlets are defined by sales volume and image of clientele.


Outlet classification
Rare and exclusive World renowned


A Image





Clientele and style Hip/fashionable innovative club scene, local high society


Defined by both clientele and volume


Determined only by sales volume > 1200 cans per month Always-packed college bar or neighborhood sports bar

Outlet Classification

Sales Volume in Cans per Year > 0-15,000

2,50015,000 02,500

Sales Volume in Cans per Month > 1200

2161200 0216

B c

Volume is < 216 to 1200 cans per month

Volume is < 216 cans per month

PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Perfect hotel
Hotels must have RBED and RBSF in all areas that sell beverages.

TargeT These areas in PriOriTy OrDer:

Breakfast area and menu Catering Restaurant and lounge Gift shop/lobby market In room

a PerfecT hOTel alsO:

Utilizes the Red Bull energy Break selling concept Utilizes a baby cooler on all catering breaks that have CSDs


PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Perfect resort
Perfect Outlet execution is essential in all resort accounts.

TargeT These areas:

Hotel, if associated with the resort property Main Bar Main Restaurant Market/Gift Shop On-Mountain Lodge On-Mountain Snack Stands Catering Menu

a PerfecT resOrT alsO:

Leverages Red Bull infrastructure when applicable at the patio, bars, lounges, and common eating places Leverages Red Bull Media House content on resort media channels Uses window displays in retail outlets

PerfecT OuTleT DeTails

Perfect casino
Casinos are unique. A casino property includes casino-owned outlets as well as independent outlets.

POssiBle POinTs Of DisTriBuTiOn incluDe:

Hotel, if associated with the casino property Casino-owned bars Gaming floors Banquet and catering Gift Shops and retail outlets

a PerfecT casinO alsO:

Guarantees all requirements of a Perfect Outlet are consistent in all the casino-owned outlets Leverages Red Bull media House content on property owned Media channels

Keep in mind: Independent venues should be treated separately and will be considered perfect based on their own execution.