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Volume 10, Issue 1
Calendar of Events
Hispanic Heritage Night Wednesday, October 20, 2004 Open House Sunday, November 7. 2004 Homecoming Week 2005 January 24-29, 2005 Tropicel Extravaganza Saturday, February 26, 2005 Networking Seminar Series Sprlni! 2005 SBHSCareer Days
March 16-18, 2005

September 2004
Dear Alumni. Fr. Dennehy was well known in the Archdiocese as a lover of Catholic education. He was convinced of the importance of a strong moral training along with a solid academic preparation. Because of his passion for Catholic schools he was given the daunting task of changing a seminary building into a high school. It is no accident that under Father Tom's leadership so many of our graduates have been highly successful members of the South Florida community. We have as graduate doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business owners too numerous to mention. Two of our alumnae work in the Bush White House. The memorial foundation that bears Fr. Dennahy s name provides funds for needy students in order to assist them to attend st. Brendan High School; I am sure that this generous activity sponsored by alumm is a cause that would be close to Fatheris. heart. On behalf of the needy I congratulate you have received. Sincerely, and challenge you to provide to others what

Please come and visit your" alma mater" . You are always in our family. Fr. Dennehy Memorial Fund Board of Directors
Sara Hekrnat

Rosa Llaguno-Scavo, '82

Brother Felix Elardo Principal Hello Alumni and Friends, The start of a new academic year brings wtth it changes for the Sabre Tales Newsletter. In hopes of bringing a sense of synchronicity to the Alumni and school communities, the Fr. Dennehy Memorial Fund has shifted publication of the newsletter to coincide with the academic calendar. We hope that publishing the newsletter in September and January will facilitate your involvement in what our organization and your Alma Mater have to offer you. On the pages within you will find announcements about your fellow Alumni in the All About You section, about their Involvement with Career Days and Class Reunions. You will also find some Interesting history about the school and some exciting news about a seminar series scheduled to begin in the Spring of ZOOS. At this time! would also like to recognize one of our newest alumni, Ms. Monserrat de Para, Class of 2004, who was awarded the 2nd Annual Founder's Service Award at the Senior Awards Ceremony in May of this year. In other news, this year the FDMFwas able to once again fulfill one of its primary goals by providing scholarships to returning students. Two seniors were awarded full-year scholarships and one underclassman was provided a partial scholarship. These grants were made possible through your generosity. This year s Scnotarstnp Drive kicked off in late July and weive already seen an enthusiastic response by many of last year s donors and many first- time donors as welL As of the printing of the newsletter, just over $9000 in pledges have been made. From the bottom of our hearts we thank those of you who have answered our call. And we hope to hear from many more of you in the days to come. I'll close by asking that you drop us a line and let us know what's going on lives, I m sure your classmates would love to hear from you. Keep the spirit of St. Brendan alive in your hearts, Sara Hekmat President, Fr. Dennehy Memorial Fund

Sarah Pneto,


Bertha Alvarez Director, Development Br. Felix Elardo

Fr, Fernando Herla
Supervising Principal

Esteban Aguerrebere, . 88 Javier Borges, •93

Armando del Portillo, 78
Steve Piscitelli Elena Quintero, 87 Benjamin Seiglle JoseTorrjcelle . 00
Ray Vaughan, • 78

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a housewffe or a student. Parent Council and Development hearing from youl Office Look forward to . These seminars are designed to provide you With the tools and knowled!le you need to grow spIritually.l annual Tropical Extravaganza which will be held Saturday.vl Borges. february 26. our Churches rang out with loY for the solemn feasts of Easter and Corpus Christi. Credit Repair. Abraham Hescbel states in one of his Writings. will begin offering a sertes of fref!' Networking Semfnars. We may want to remember a classmate or a loved one who has been Called home to the Lord. thanks to Emilio Alvarez. {Class of i83). 561. ThIs new school year has been no excepuen. we also shared a fa·ntastk night of sreat food and drink. Finally. as this article is being written. once a Sabre always a Sabre 5BHS 30th Anniversary Celebration Belleveil or not. next year (2005-2006) St. and all proceeds from the sale of these baskets went directly to the school. Continuing Education. whose greatest passion rs compassion.rn. Bona Fide Rlj. Thanks to all who attended. I would atso like to invite you to attend our 2r. lr. Bertha S. We look forward to seelng you at various activities throu!lhout the year Remember.~ E.away. Dennehy Memorial Fund paid off last spring when our annual fund raising event was a huge success..Events are already being scheduled to celebrate 30 great years of 5-<1. We look forward to seeing everyone at thrs yearis event. were raffled off. The foundation welcomes any alumni who would like to be part of the Board of Directors. the .Benjamin Seiglie The incredible efforts of Bertha Alvarez. .Back to School Npws Dear Sabre famIly.Aguerrebere I hope you and your famtlies ation. We bave overcome the challenges of reneWIng our <1!!:eingcampus complex and seen the growth of our much beloved Champagnat Program. Parents and FaCUlty. Alv<lrez ~ ~21. donated by parents. whose greatest strength Is love and defiance of despair. Not only were we able to raise funds. future sernmarswttt mclude such topics as Estate and Financial Planning. Now. Brendan High SchooL the Parent CouncH and members of the Board of the Fr. The fDMf. and to live together.11 SW 87n> A. Also 11'1 the works are i! Family Picnic in the Spring of 2006 and a commemorative mass to be held In June 2006.c:om) Esteban • StE'V".t E~aJII'tt1l1'··~1~1iI''IIl~~tI~ Esleban "Steve" AgueTrebere AEALTOR-I\SSOCIATP . many coveted door prizes. In conjunction wi th SBHS. and hiS WIfe Ivelte.Iyed business professional. The committee will be made up of Alumni. Thanks to your generosIty the Fund has been and will be able [0 financially assist some of the students who need our help. Planning has begun on the 30th Anmver:>ary Gala to be held in November 2005.3311. to laugh. The music then started and parents. M~ florlOol . To make all this happen we need your help. and the solemn celebration of Christ Our Kmg. perhaps placing them more often before the Lord in our prayers. Additionally. On March 20'". Some may see this time as an opportunity to reconcHe with a loved one or friend who has drifted . we had a demmo tournament In which winners took home a fabulous domino table.Trop!calExlravaganza" was held and the night started off with a cocktail at sunsetcaccornparned by gourmet hors dioeuvres and a wonderful spring breeze. Not long ago._ _ __ . II teacher at SBHS. Dennehy Memorial Fund.sln the senes with I Networking to Successi whICh will teach you how networkl!'l8 can Jncre<lse your success whether you (Ire a self·emp!l. From The Director Wei re again at the beginning of another year at St. Class of 1993 and Board Membel of the Fr. for more mtormaticn please contact the Development Office at 305· 213-5181 ext. Brendan High School will turn 30 years oldl To commemorate this milestone. at all times. we enjoyed dessert and Cuban ~orfee. alumni. Inc. As Rabbi Heschel says. alumni and friends !lot up to dance. Perhaps during this time of year It is fitting for us lO focus on the rinal things in our Uves. Dennehy Memonal Fund. your hands and your Ideas. al javler. All Interested alumni are welcome to join a special 30th Anniversary Committee that will focus throughout the next year in planning special events for the 2005-2006 academic year. and new sets of dominoes. party goers were able to bid on beautiful grft baskets. at 7:00 p. Hope to see you soon. Yet even. Af· ter dinner. We have gladly received 10 new faculty members to our school. Sarah Prieto (Class ori83) Spring Seminar Series The Fr. as It is always very nice to see our alumni. door prizes and other valuable items and assrsrance. local businesses and friends of the Sabre famlly. silent auction Items. to love. For more Information on the seminar series or to offer your knowtedge-tc-share contact our tvent Coordinator at rfOMF'events@eworks4U.borges@ey. Brendan I A special Thank You to the alumni who have contributed to the Fr. we encourage all alumni to reki ndle thel r school spirit and pa rtlclpate in theevents be1n8 offered. physically lI(1d finanCially.Spiritual Moment Tropical Extravaganza Ushers in the Spring A great lOt" century rabbi and spiritual leader." As the lazy days of summer begin to recede and the longer nights of fall come upon us it is !load to heed the spiritual counsel of this great teacher. a 9·to-5 employee. Spiritual and Family Counseling. who suffers harm done to others. had a summer full of fun and relax- God bless. and to grow from the challenges presented to us. Community Service and Career Opportunities. Before moving on to a deUdous seafood or chicken and chortzo paella. -A religious man is a person who holds God and man In one thought at one time. in these days the Church turns its eyes to the final things. We have faced the pessibilIty of not one but four menactog hurricanes and we have been blessed to have avoided si8nHicBnt harm. In the Spring of 2005. Director of Development at St. Soon we will celebrate the feasts of aU Saints and all Souls. As the weeks go by please remember our Sabre family In your prayers and remember that you are always weLcome here on campus. I would also I1ke to extend an invitation to all of you to stop by the school and vtsit. wonderfUl music.lllIy. We will be. and exceptional company. like any family our Sabre family will continue to struggle through the next weeks and months to grow. Dennehy Memorial Fund Scholarship Drive. Once again a new SChool year is upon us. whiCh helps students that have special education needs.{J05I~1l2 Qlla' (305155Q-oI04S ".5 1llree1{7!8) 512_5 Fa. bres. Please contact Ja. good natin ed or 305-41'5-'327 for more information. E~ery new school year presents us with opportunities to learn. WIth August a recent memory we are approaching the end of the first quarter and we have begun to settle Into the routine of days which blur into weeks. then He Is of no Importance at all. and especially to those who provided generous support in tne form of fin<:1ncial donanons. "If God is not of supreme importance.

The picnic had something for everyone.. As always. Loretta Pellerano. Mike Nolan. The weekend activities include dinner and dancing on Saturday night at the Doral Fire Tower. and Melissa Vigues (Class of '93): Robert Munecas (Class of . Maria Teresa Iglesias. Aniette Lauredo. Ana Delgado. basketball and volleyball. Now that most of us have graduated from college. The Class of 1994 would also like to thank Ramon Silverio (Lesley' 5 dad and SBHSAthletic Dir-ector) and Ana Silverio (Lesley's mom) for helping at the picnic and for working the Check-In table at the Cocktail Party. please contact ElIzabeth Vinuela Roque at 305-593-2631 or email her at evinuela@mindspring. This event had the largest turnout where attendees were able to get but. Mariana Rivero. For more information or to RSVP. Dinah Gonzalez. water balloon tosses. Kevin Perosino. i Jessica and I could not have done it alone without aU their helplt said Lesley. ". AIel( Serra. and Ricky Seara (CLass of' 82). 80). In our future newsletters we wilt give more information on this event. Juan Rodriguez.17 and 18. Kathleen Nolan. which detailed what the class members had done during the past ten years and enjoyed the photo presentation organized to remind everyone of their days at SBHS. Cynthia Corzo. Irene Martinez. Lilly Guallar. Rosa Llaguno Scavo. Walter Carr.. please contact us at sabrenews@yahoo. great food and beverages and dancing the night away to tunes from their highschool days. It was funny seeing the dads (husbands of alumni) run after and/or feed the kids white the moms talked to classmates.. Jenny Bayona. Mario Carballo. Becky Reyes. Itis only $40 for one issue. Rosemarie Hidalgo. SBHS held its annual Career Days Event. Thank you all very much for taking part in this very effective event.. "P" Piscitelli for attendtng. Ann Baxter. Ma ny classmates attended with their families. zoos. but mainly just the time to catch up with everyone. Jonathan Avery. various experienced and beginning professionals and college students from different fields took time out of their busy schedules to provide valuable information about academic and professional preparation to our students. Carmen Martinez Gali. Lesley and Jessica would like to pass aLong their personal thanks to the following classmates for all their help in organizing the reunion. The final event of the weekend was held Saturday night. And last but definitely not (ea5t. and free for children under five. Miriam Gurrachaga. Gabriela de Francisco. Vicky Lopez. most of all. have seen how beneficial it is. Milly Castillo. Classmates enjoyed catching up. Please send contact information for our missing friends to Elizabeth Vinuela Roque. Liz Garcta-Balbin. Annette Fernandez. many classmates had not seen each other for the past 10 years. to the alumni who so graciously return to provide guidance to our students. Arelys Palma. Vivian Sanchez and Michael Vazquez (Class of . Ann Austin. . Norma Sosa. Norma Suarez del Campo del Rey. Clary Arango. Frank Pages and Monica Vi. Timothy KoHley. Clyde Jewett. Vivian Do you know where our friends are? We are looking for these people: Susan Alonso. 2004. Jose Ramos. Martha Adams and Anyone interested in helping out with the planning of the Sabres Mentor Sabres Last April. Come meet all careers by renewing our old more information or to help YEARiS REUNION CLASSES Class of 2000 Your St. Sarah Prieto (Class of . Frances Rivero. Janet Corral. $75 per person and a picnic on the school grounds on Sunday afternoon. and faculty members Mrs. Special thanks go out to Lesley Silverio Mendoza and Jessica Legra for organizing a great reunion. 98). Dan Duggan. Maria Carreras. MariAngel Gonzalez. $60 for two. Brendan classmates would like to invite you to a wine and cheese party celebrating the 5th Anniversary of our your old friends. Lori Perrotti. MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US! I! II For with the event contact Jose Torricella. 2004 when' there was a great turnout for all the weekend' s events. Annette Sabates Escala. Patrica Soles. 84). Class of 1994 The Class of 1994 held their 10 Year Reunion on the weekend of August 27·28. Yvonne de la Cuesta. Francisco Fernandez. Tina Gonzalez. NEXT Calling all Sabres of 2000! 1 graduation. Mercy Torra. Annette Marti" nez. We are very grateful to aU of our speakers. Niurka Torres. lltana Ordaz. I. Former Sabres that have come through for us time and time again are: Tony 8aradat. Mary Sullivan. a Cocktail party at the Omni Colonnade. Career Days this year will be March for deadline Inforrnatlon. Cesare Ramos and Susan Falero (Class of '95).Class Reunions . because without them it would not have been the huge success that it was. Ctass of 1985 and 1995 Next year the Classes of 1985 and 1995 will be celebrating their 10 and 20 year reunions. 8]) Interested in Placing an Ad? If youid like to see your business card ad in upcoming issues of the Sabre Tales Newsletter. Michelle De Diego. Bernie Navarro and Jackie Tejeda (Class of' 91): Javier Borges.gues (Class of' 96): Teri Puente (Class of' 97). Bert Jordan (Class of . Christine De Valle De La Huerta and Luisa Varona (Class of . 86): Maria Budet. Annette Blanchard. Jodi Schuette. there were potato sac races. Jose Gonzalez. Attendees received booklets titled "Class of 1994 Where are they Now . Jenny Fernandez Lopez-Gottardi. at aaamillion@. Nanette Diaz. $5 per child five to ten. 94). After coordinating this event for the past 7 years. Juan Gonzalez. Ernie Fernandez and Monique Russo De La viesca (Class of . Jenny Rubio's daughter wan the potato sac race and Orestes Espinosa's son won the water balloon toss. 03): Mike Mosca (a former SBHS teacher turned attorney). Debbie Ramirez. Ken Nougaret. Anyone interested in participating or in getting non-Sabre friends and family to participate can contact me at 305-223·5181. Rosa Hoyo Prieto.Then and Now Class of 1984 The Class of 1984 will hold its 20 Year Reunion the weekend of October 23-24. Sandra Garmendia. it would be a great time to begin our professional friendships. Silvia Escribano Cuadra. Arlette Saenz (Class of' 99). $25 per adult. x261 or via email at Andrea Abrantes and Carla Regalado (Class of . hula hoops. The weekend began Friday night with a Happy Hour at Big Fish in Downtown Miami. events should contact the SBHS Development Office at 305-223-5181 x561. 83). Jenny Martin. Sabres cannot help but impress and inspire us with their accomplishments. Susan Carballo. The organizing committee would also like to thank all their former classmates for attending the events. Marcia Cadi na. Lisette Quintero. Saturday afternoon saw a picnic at SBHS. Sofia Morales (Class of . Carlos Alvarado.

BA in International Relations and Criminology.))1)4 Ernie Fernandez. Reflection of High Schools Days If you've been to the alumni website (www. '90 AI. 2003. Thomas Univ. Barry you may have seen the Reflections Page. scheduled to begin Baylor Univ. Graduated. Graduated UM. Graduated. ·95 Marlene Hidalgo. Student Ambassador. Brendan's. School of Law. Moved to Washington DC to work for the Bush administration in the State Department. Masch. '94 Tony Gonzalez. BS. Perdomo. Has done videos. MO at Vanderbilt.htm) and watch for your memory to appear. 6885 SW 40th Street IBird Road) Alex C/liea. Graduated ASU. working on Mental Health Counseling. Founded" The Alfano Center" a speech-language pathology clinic. ifj9 and Andy Sotolongo ifj9 Inc . '97 Alina M. Graduated FLU. Bachelors in Communications. and Deans List. Cum Laude. Bachelor in Heath Science. Accounting BacheLor. Honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps. '93 Andrea T. Graduated FLU. Graduated. '92 Alliete Rodriguez Alfano. Graduated FLU. Political Science and Philosophy. '94 Daniel Garcia. President/Owner. BS. UM. BS in Early Childhood Education. Martinez. . working as Speech PathoLogist ·97 Vivian Miranda. Instructor. traveled. Graduated FLU. '92 Jorge Rodriguez. '98 Sandra de la Pena. MS j n Communication Disorders. The page is reserved for your thoughts about your years at St. Graduated. ·00 Christina Wilson. '93 Alfred Rivero!. Velez. Graduated.All About Youl PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS. Awarded Miami Herald. in Elementary Education/ESOL. '96 Christina Rivero. degree in Psychology. Graduated Harvard. Proprietor ThiS newsletter was printed by: Jasma Graphics. '98 Cristina Pineiro. Inc. BS in Mechanical Engineering. Gonsalves. and been published in magazines in recognition of his work as a platform artist for John Paul Mitchell Systems. Graduated UM. •88 Esteban i Steve! Aguerrebere. '94 Terry Gonzalez. BS in Psychology. '95 Zinthia Banegas. Turn off the TV. GABLES. Working in Occupational Therapy at Mercy Hospital. Web Design. Graduated NSU.stbrendanalumni. ·99 Jessica Del '98 Mariel Gonzalez. Bachelor in Mass Communication. Certified 1. '98 Patricia Ordiz. significant or trivial. Think about what you've been doing since graduation. MS in Physical Therapy. PLease consider teLLing us about your memories. '96 Eugene Allende. Advertising SaLesperson of 2003. Graduated Cum Laude. '94 Cristina Diaz. Graduated with Honors. Bachelor in Business Administration. Residential and Commercial Realtor for Century 21 Bona Fide Realty. Canovaca. Dept of Sociology. member of the Honor College. Graduated FLU. '00 David M. double major in Education and Psychology. '98 Danielle Rosario. Masters in Varying ExceptionaLities. LegaL Writing Instructor.. Law and Business SchooLs on scholarship '03 XavierE. Graduated FlU. Masters in Physical Therapy. Appointed FacuLty Instructor. then go back to the Reflections page (http:// www. Is there a thought. '94 Susan Guasp. fLORIDA TELl'. AWARDS AND PROMOTIONS '82 Rosa Llaguno-Scavo. '96 lourdes Garcia. Serious or funny.I'JIONE )0:> +46 X):lQ . '96 Paola Cruzat. Graduated FLUin August 2003 '96 Suzette N. sit down at the keyboard and let the memories flow.t Dan-Shodan Black Belt in Karate by SKKA of Florida. Masters in English Education. '99 Bianca M. aLLat FlU. 97 Angelica Garcia. Just write it up and send it to us at sabrenews@yahoo. Masters in Reading Education. Graduated FLU.ejandra Castro-Nunez. Criminal Justice with a teaching certificate. Certified ProfessionaL Accountant. a memory from SBHSthat stuck with you all this time that might have influenced your life's direction? Or maybe just a funny memory of the goofy things you and your friends did. Cruz. '93 Maria M. Dec. received grants for Doctoral studies in Reading and Learning Disabilities at UM. '99 Jennifer Marrero. Next Generation Mortgage Corp. Graduated. Graduated Florida Computer College. commerciaLs. JudiciaL Board Member. Then maybe reflect on how then and now are related. 4{)19lfJhlJNE ROAD' COIW. '84.stbrendanalumni. Certified Peer Mediator.

J. Arista." Veras '97 Margre Zambrano to Cesar Bernal '98 Alexandra Oquendo to Duany Roiz ·99 Marica Suarez to Barbaro J. Canovaca to Jose Perez de Corcho. give us a message to that friend you've lost touch with.\77 Alh. '96 Allison Hidalgo to Michael A. Email usatsabrenews@yahoo. • Wef re wondering if there's an old classmate of yours that you've lost touch with and would like to reestablish contact with. '88 Esteban Aguerrebere to Oneida Hernandez '89 Alina Morin to Dr. FI.m-avel Ii. '90 Eduardo R.hJt'nl f..w Proprietor Danny Gutierrez. 1'l"f"'i. • 98 Frances Hernandez to Raul Alvarez.~ l. ·97 Christine Cruz to Hafid Oliver '97 Jessica Lugo to Javier Bustamante '97 Vivian Miranda to Christopher Garcia '97 Diana L.. · 90 Lania Garcia-Padron to Paul William Padron. Menendez' 88 Ryan Richard Amador born to Audrie A.1\11- 9 .!il ~nHJT V. ·93 Maritza Rodriguez (now Correa) to Pablo Correa.u • ['h. Arista to Angela M. ·95 Annabelle Delgado to Felix Martinez ·95 Gabriel Sanchez to Josefina Sanchez. ?" Maybe they moved out of town. . '98 Mercy Nunez to Alfredo Carrera.n :1t"·14 1 ~.. ·93 Maria M. '99 Beatriz Bittar to Alfonso Cn~R. '96 lourdes Garcia to Oscar Jaramillo. If you' re interested in trying to reestablish contact with an old friend..lf. Miranda to Alex Miranda ENGAGEMENTS ?? Michelle del Toral to Ruben Suarez ·92 Cristina Luis to Mickey Acosta · 92 Jorge Rodriguez to Adriana Soto '94 Tony Gonzalez to '94 Marisol "Marry" Mas '95 Marlene Hidalgo to Pabellima '96 Rosemarie Barredo to Alexander Rey '96 Christina Rivero to Alexander Yabrudy ·97 Teresita Barcelo to Omar Perez · 97 Alexandra Borges to Gene Mastro Jr.. Ordieres born to Rose Yu Ordieres '88 Fernando Gabriel Menendez born to Maggie Arga '90 and Fernando Menendez' Paul Anthony Padron born to Lania Garcia-Padron' 90 Gianna Sophia Pedroso born to Mirtalina "Mirti" Rodriguez-Pedroso ' 90 Teresa Viana born to Mercedes M.BUNDLES OF JOY Briana Marietta Benitez born to Barbara Ferran' 82 Sean Edward Lenze born to Tammy Boykin Lenze '82 Veronica Liana Sanchez born to Elizabeth "Lisa" Maresma '86 Paola Cristina Blanco born to Cristina Alzola Blanco' 87 Hudson Ross McMurry born to Cristina Martinetti-McMurry . '94 Daniel Garcia and Terry Gonzalez. Galan '02 Beatriz Escobar to Adrian Sanchez . . . 89 Roberto Ramirez.'". Have you ever gone through one of your old year books. looked at a picture of you and your friends.-.. '97 Alina M. lmbr. '93 Ruben Hernandez to Saili Ramos. ·98 Vanessa Barnes to David Ojeda.Message in a Bottle Tracking This is an experimental - Down Missing Alumni new section for the Sabre Tales! Lorrai. 96 Alfredo Javier Hernandez born to Deborah Garcia' 96 Anneyolie Francis Martinez born to Yolie Martinez (formerly Saiz) '96 Alessandra Michelle Perez born to Jennifer Armesto '98 David Angel Ojeda born to Vanessa Barnes' 98 91 MARRIAGES '86 Elizabeth "Lisa" Maresma to l. '96 Eugene A_ Allende to Heather Regato. write and tell us about it.. Coral Gables. Gonzales.).nrrl Bureau. InC'. • 83. Ricardo Caballero. Perla and William born to Laura Walling-Sotolongo' 91 Christopher Ryan Martel born to Liza Mesa and Jose Martel both' 92 Sabrina Menendez born to Emily Ruiz '92 and Jose M. Viana' 90 Triplets Lauren..azaro Sanchez.. WS.hb FL1~13+""'"\ 1-13.-Pedroso to Giovanni Pedroso. Maybe they changed their name. '94 Audrie Gonzalez-Amador to Richie Amador. '99 Ileana M. ·96 Nalida Diaz to Jason A.1hH~ Tr.I(".l~li.. Maybe they' ve looked at their old year book and wondered the same about you I Well maybe we can help. Gonzalez-Amador' 94 Celeste Marina and Victor Gabriel Sanchez born to Gabriel Sanchez' 95 Zachary Eric Shea born to Eric Shea' 95 Christian Alexander Cruzat born to Paola Cruzat . '97 Lisa Sharpland to Antonio Gomez. I lorr-.j. Villalaz to Thomas "T. In each subsequent newsletter we'll post as many messages as we can in hopes of reuniting SBHSalumni with their old paLs. read a dedication that was signed" Best Friends s-ever and wondered. of The Globe. Perdomo to . l vt .GUitl'fiil. •90 Alejandra Castro-Nunez to Hector Wilson Nunez. 88 Andrew E. '95 Jenny Stacio to Nichola Cursi. "What ever happened to .. Concepcion. Esq. '90 Mirtalina "Mirti" Rodriguez..1..

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