Simple Leather Cuirass

Easy to make Armour for LARP

1. Start with a piece of long rectangular leather (Recommend at least 1.5-2mm thick). 2. Measure out in halves and in the centre draw a circle the with of your head allowing a gap of about half an inch or so for extra space just in case. 3. Attach at least two belt straps either side of the cuirass roughly across the centre of each half with corresponding buckles on the back side. Make sure you measure the length needed for the belts to go around your waist. 4. At this point the Cuirass is completed to a basic wearable level. You can now customize the design of your’s with armour plates, leather designs, studs and spikes etc.

x x

x x

Side view folded

Cut hole to t your head through Cut out shallow semi-ovals for shoulder gaps

Length of each half cut to Torso Height

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