In our daily life, we come in contact with dozen of unhygienic and contaminated food products which put really bad effect on our health. Most of these food products just mix up into our daily food and contaminate our health. Even the common food, which we eat, is adulterated. Now a question arises that what is adulteration? An adulterant is a chemical substance which should not be contained within our food, beverages, and fuels. Adulterants may be intentionally added to more expensive substances to increase visible quantities and reduce manufacturing costs, or for some other deceptive or malicious purpose. Adulterants may also be introduced into food products by accidentally or unknowingly. The substance, which lowers or degrades the quality of food material, is called an adulterant. Adulteration brings a lot of easy money for the traders, but it may spoil many lives. In these days we often hear news related to food adulteration which lead to slow poisoning and various kinds of diseases, and some time it can even result in death. Problem of Adulteration makes the food items used in our daily life unsafe and unhygienic for use. The traders use it for their economic benefit without thinking about its effect on the health of common population of our country, which consumes it. Common Type Food Adulterations in India

Milk One of the best things in the world God has given to us is milk and products made from milk like butter, curd, buttermilk, ghee, mava etc. Sources of milk are cow or buffalo; food given to these animals has grown with the help of chemicals (urea). Milk obtained from these animals that consume grass grown with urea, contains these chemicals in their milk. Human consume this milk containing chemicals which causes various diseases. Today, some people for the sake of greed use urea, milk powder to

of milk was taken in a test tube and was boiled and after cooling a few drops of iodine solution or tincture of iodine were added and the contents were shaken . sweet potato. Appearance of crimson color in lower layer shows the presence of vanaspati. the people have to come forward and fight against adulterations of food products by spreading awareness among common peoples about ill effects of food adulterations. . nephritis and kidney related problems Moral values has lost these days people for the sake of money people are ready to do any crime against humanity and not realizing that this act of theirs will effect their own family but the greed for money has dominated their thinking. Starch in the given sample of milk:.For the detection of vanaspati take equal quantities of melted ghee and Conc.Presence of starch in milk can be detected by exploiting the formation of blue colour complex with Iodine 5ml. Shake well for 1 min and test it after 5min. We. The government.manufacture artificial milk. GHEE Ghee is adulterated with substances like vanaspati. Boil 5ml of sample. Presence of starch in ghee can be identified by iodine test. The consumption of packaged milk spiked with chemicals can cause high blood pressure. premature births.To this add a pinch of cane sugar. and other starches.H2S0 4.remains intact even for 2 or more days while ordinary milk goes sour in a day or more!! This milk is 100 percent hazardous to human life. . There is not a single city in India which is not affected by milk adulteration. If blue color appears it indicates the presence of starch. Milk is mixed with toxic additives like Urea to increase the consistency and it is also said that such adulterated milk . Cool it and add a drop of iodine to it. The huge profit margins by sale of adulterated milk has made this happen and unfortunately we have little facilities to detect such adulteration and prevent the same Life of human is not safe in such situation. cardiac problems. appearance of blue colour indicated the presence of starch in the milk. mashed potato. Sweets made from this milk product are more dangerous because chemicals and preservatives are mixed in it. however. Color disappears on boiling and reappears on cooling . has failed to check the practice thus giving an open field to packaged milk producers to promote their business in urban areas.

Shook it well for about one minute and then allowed it to stand for 5 minute and observed the result. Added equal quantity of conc. For preventing adulteration problem. Now add a pinch of common sugar. In order to improve the flavor of adulterated ghee tributyrin is added. In our country we have every type of rules and regulation but when we need to implementthese rules and law then we found our self helpless. Vanaspti in Ghee:.In Ghee: ± It is adulterated with vanaspati and animal fats such as pig¶s fat.our government has made some certain commissions and .Took one tea spoon full of liquid ghee. HCl shook this mixture in a test tube.

laws. Olive oil is also much adulterated with cottonseed oil. they cause turbidity with absolute alcohol. No. But these laws and commissions still waiting to implement properly and those people who do these kind of work they are still wake in large because they know. If only ten per cent of them be present. 2 lard oil is adulterated with yellow neutral oil. the former is often adulterated with the latter. rape or cottonseed and rosin oils. Now Indian government needs to take hard step against those people who are responsible for these kinds of work and Adulteration should be checked properly in common food items if we want to save life of people from its bad effects. Castor oil is adulterated with blown oils. no body can stop them. cottonseed oil. when their market prices. with which castor oil is miscible in every proportion. and with addition of refined and deodorized rosin oil. well refined. especially prepared for that purpose. to equalize the specific gravity of the mixture to that of pure lard oil. When the market price of lard oil is high and that of cottonseed oil is low. only they need to give little fine or some time only bribe. hempseed oil and rosin oil. rapeseed oil. Sperm oil is much adulterated with cheaper fish oils. sunflower oil and others. 1 lard oil is adulterated with white neutral oil and No. deodorized and bleached. such as linseed. . OIL One type of cheaper oil is adulterated with the original oil. It is also adulterated with petroleum oils. Linseed oil is adulterated with corn oil. being lower than that of olive oil.

and certainly should not be sold as such. either in whole or in part. and is lacking in the volatile fatty acids that are present in the butter and characteristic of it. The product is certainly better than the rancid butter. or oleomargarine. pathological lesions in vital organs. or of an inferior and "doctored" article. . paralysis. Oleomargarine. for the butter fat.BUTTER The adulteration of butter consists chiefly in a substitution of other substances. abnormalities of skin and eyes. and increase in the incidence of tumors. anemia. melting it. Some of the health hazards include stomach ache. is made by clarifying the fat of beef and churning it in milk. Renovated butter is made by taking different lots of stale or rancid butter. but it cannot compare in flavor and in wholesomeness with fresh butter. Health hazards of adulteration: Adulteration of food causes several heath problems in humans. It differs from butter in its composition in that it contains practically no curd. body ache. allowing the curd to settle. or buttering. abortion. The substitutions used as adulterants are chiefly either renovated butter. and re-churning the fat with a small amount of milk. Hence food adulteration should be given great importance due to its effect in the health significance of the public. It is cheaper than butter and sold to the customers in the name of original butter. It is materially less digestible than butter itself. it does not grow rancid with the ease that butter does.

Below. 1) First and most important point is to increase awareness among masses about food adulteration and educating people about how to check food adulteration. 2) Making stringent laws against food adulteration. it becomes hard to clearly tell that we are eating a healthy and hygienic food or not.HOW TO PREVENT FOOD ADULTERATION: In recent times. 4) Punishing strongly all culprits involved in food adulteration. Therefore. though. we hear numbers of such news of food adulteration where police or health authorities unearth such rackets of food adulteration. 5) Development of new technologies which can check food adulteration in food items. 6) Creating a strong and adulteration free distribution system of good food items. . so far government have failed to take any positive measures in this regard. I am suggesting few ways which can help in putting control on wide spread menace of food adulteration. adulteration in food items have become very common phenomenon and every day. All these news only confirms that we are eating adulterated food and we cannot trust anymore food which we are going to eat. Many of such culprit use toxic and poisonous chemical materials for food adulteration which can cause harmful diseases like cancer. Farmers are injecting vegetables with chemicals so that they can grow faster while milkmen are injecting cows with similar chemicals to increase quantity of milk. It becomes very important for government to stop food adulterations and provide healthy and good food to people. 3) Increasing levels of food safety standards and creating clear guidelines and laws for food manufacturers. Many gangs are making adulterated food items from toxic materials and then levelling them as branded products.