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Define And Assign Pricing Procedures

You define the pricing procedures in this step. In addition, you assign the pricing procedures to the transactions by defining the following dependencies:

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Customer Sales document type Sales area

In the pricing procedure, you define which condition types should be taken into account and in which sequence. During pricing, the SAP System automatically determines which pricing procedure is valid for a business transaction and it takes the condition types contained in it into account one after the other. The determination of the procedure depends on the following factors:


Customer determination procedure You specify the customer determination procedure in the customer master record for each sales area.


Document pricing procedure You specify the document pricing procedure for each sales document type and billing type.

To determine the procedure, you allocate the customer determination procedure and the document pricing procedure to a pricing procedure within a sales area. SAP Recommendation


Define your own pricing procedures which contain only those condition types which you use. Otherwise, the system makes unneccessary accesses to conditions. Do not change the pricing procedures contained in the standard SAP R/3 System.


1. Create new pricing procedures by copying a similar pricing procedure.

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Specify a key with up to 6 characters and a description. For a procedure, specify the condition types in the sequence of their usage.

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Maintain the lines of the pricing procedure Afterwards define the customer determination procedures for determining the procedure. Define the document pricing procedures for determining the procedure. Assign the procedure to the sales document types and billing types. To determine the procedure, define the allowed combinations of:

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Sales area Customer determination procedure

o o Document pricing procedure Pricing procedure Check settings You can check the settings for your pricing procedures. This is not a complete check. . It mainly checks the requirements and calculation formulas for standard condition types. Refer to the report documentation for more information.