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DEVELOPS KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FOR A SUCCESSFUL LIFE by learning lessons; participating in learning environment; maintaining health; respecting teachers and classmates; engaging in discussions; completing assignments; keeping parents or guardians informed of accomplishments and need for their help.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. PREPARES FOR SCHOOL by setting alarm clock; completing washing, grooming, and dressing; eating breakfast; gathering homework, books, and other materials required for the school day; deciding what to take for lunch or what to buy in the school cafeteria; allowing time to prepare food, package it, and pack it; taking lunch money; adding needed items to grocery list. 2. RIDES SCHOOL BUS TO SCHOOL by walking to bus stop; boarding bus; following bus safety and behavior rules. 3. RESPECTS TEACHERS AND CLASSMATES by being on time for class; paying attention; asking and answering questions; staying focused on the subject matter; following school rules; helping other students; engaging in discussions; offering understanding of different points of view; completing assignments; cautioning other students to follow rules. 4. LEARNS LESSONS by understanding learning objectives; applying suggested study habits; completing preparations and assignments; exploring related information; developing intellectual curiosity; managing time; setting priorities; asking for clarification and help; applying new information; keeping an open mind.

Use this relationship job description to better your life and lives everywhere. KEEPS PARENTS OR GUARDIAN INFORMED by bringing notices and papers home for review. Plachy. CONTRIBUTES TO LEARNING by welcoming different and new personal dimensions. planning and completing special projects. forwarding meeting and conference schedules. just don’t use it for commercial purposes. Copyright © 2005 Roger J. conducting Internet research. never giving up. 8. completing homework assignments. Plachy and Sandra J. preparing for examinations. . reviewing report cards together. finding ways to reduce stress. SUPPLEMENTS CLASSROOM LEARNING by utilizing the resources of the library and/or learning center. eliciting help with special projects. 6. MAINTAINS HEALTH by following nutritional and health guidelines. confiding special problems or concerns. 7.5.