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CONTENTS Introduction How to write E-MAIL? Basics of Email Writing Use in BUSINESS Pros and Cons Condusion Bibliography. .


Use a sensible e-mail signature.HOW TO WRITE EMAIL?       Start with Salutation. . Write in short paragraphs. Stick to one topic Use capitals appropriately. Sign off the e-mail.

) . Not sloppy Keep Messages Brief and To the Point Use Sentence Case Use The Blind Carbon Copy And Courtesy Copy Appropriately Remember That E-Mail Isn¶t Private (cont«.BASICS OF E-MAIL Be Informal.

Use a signature that includes contact information. or junk mail. virus warnings.     Be sparing with group E-mail Use the subject field to indicate content and purpose. . Don¶t send chain letters. Summarize long discussions.

Use In business .

. The Problem Of Synchronization.PROS The Problem Of Logistics.

CONS Loss Of Context. Anti-Social Behaviorisms. Information Overload. .

Conclusion .

BIBLIOGRAPHY    Google search Wikipedia Deutsche Bank .