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A play on moral blindness

Agnoia {ag’-noyah} 1) lack of knowledge, ignorance; 1a) especially of divine things; 1b) of moral blindness; 1c) a modern play written by Liza Magtoto based on the short story “Horoscope” by Eli Rueda Guieb III goes on stage on Feb. 5 to 28, 7:30 p.m., Wednesdays to Saturdays, at the Dulaang Rajah Soliman, Fort Santiago, Intramuros.
The play is about people whose perspectives in life affect their relationships with people they love, especially their families, as well as the people around them. "Agnoia" begins with the story of a family who is confronted with a father dying of cancer. Each family member grapples with the relationship they had with the dying man — a daughter’s independence and need for solitude; a son’s own sexuality in conflict with his father’s views; mother’s surrender to invisibility in order to show undying devotion for her husband. A number of other relationships branch out from this family’s story. Individuality blooms at the risk of breaking friendships and romantic relationships. Relationships are threatened as all characters give way to an expression of their real selves. Featured are Mylene Dizon (alternating with Nina Ledesma), Sherry Lara, Nor Domingo, Buddy Caramat, Sheryl Maala, Mae Quesada-Medina, Noel Rayos, Paolo O’Hara, Cris Gonzales, Oman Ramos and Ruby Ruiz. Opening each performance is a dance suite titled "Love is a Sick Joke," choreographed by Jay Cruz. Melvin Lee directs. For tickets, call PETA marketing and PR office at 4100822 or 724-9637 or text 0917-815-4567 or 0918-935-4166.