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The Origins of Psychology

WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY Ology ² the study of Psych ² the mind or brain The Study of the Brain .

Aristotle De Anima .PHILOSOPHY Athens.C.reflects in different ways his pervasive interest in biological taxonomy and his most sophisticated physical and metaphysical theory. Greece ² 400 B. .

HIPPOCRATES ´Father of Medicineµ 1st person to believe illness was the cause of disease not superstition Hippocratic Oath .

HIPPOCRATES : THE 4 HUMORS black bile yellow bile Phlegm Blood Blood Letting ² drain blood to reestablish the balance between the 4 .

S.FRANZ JOSEPH GALL pioneer in the study of the localization of mental functions in the brain Phrenology ² measured bumps on head to determine intelligence Pseudoscience B. .


DARWIN Publishes: On The Origin of Species Lays out Theory of Evolution Natural Selection Leads to formation of Functionalism .

WILLIAM JAMES Influenced by Darwin Created a Psychological lab at Harvard University Wrote: Principles of Psychology .

as experimental science Established 1st Psych. 1st formal Psych. Lab Launched Psych.WILHELM WUNDT Father of Psych. Journal .

Lab Opened at JHU .JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY 1st Major Psych.

Univ. of Pennsylvania .JAMES MCKEEN CATTELL 1st Prof of Psych.

SIR FRANCIS GALTON Introduces concept of correlation Psychologists can quantify associations among variables .

AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (APA) In 1892. the APA is created http://www.apa. .org/ Mission Statement The mission of the APA is to advance the creation. communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people·s lives.