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As population are concerned India ranks 2nd in the world but is the top contender and also most deserving one. With the help of some political parties we will achieve our target. Many of them WERE MP Minister(s), as they are accusing UPA government for promoting vibrating condom as sex toys & sex for pleasure. While some of professed guardians of morality have claimed that these sex toys can have serious repercussion on the Indian way of life. But due to lack of knowledge in history they said so, because VALSYAYANAs 4th century AD compilation KAMA SUTRA, the worlds oldest tome on sex and its pleasure is peppered with so many details of sex toys. Not only this, the section titled AUPANISHADIKA talks about various kind of apadravya (apparatus) used for sexual intercourse. Books also provide graphic details of the shape and size of the sex toys. All behind this, the noble cause was to promote condom use, which is a stated government mission at a time when AIDS was spreading rapidly and to control population. But never the less we are proud of our neta(s) and have full faith on them that they will leads us to the top AS I STATED EARLIER (i.e.?????). From this page, I want to draw attention of citizen of India that how much facts are known by our representative and how they outcry over vibrating condom which is baseless. Else they should look to our up-gradation. Shantanu Kumar Sinha