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A.G.W "Junior Masters Course Awareness Guide"

A.G.W "Junior Masters Course Awareness Guide"


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Before you is the "Mystical Schooling of the A.G.W" ( The Ancient Order of the Golden Wizards), this is an entrance guide... to what is taught within, and subjects on faces in the Mystical being and worlds.. leave role-playing behind, your chance to do it for real and be it for Real awaits..

Donated funds are required to help us serve those others who would seek our directions and assistance, and to open more doors for those within as well.. "as the saying goes, those who help others help themselves" schooling is limited to 50 a year as in students.. or more if they "seek the masters level of study"....

Welcome to the Arts...........

(courses are also available in 3 levels as well ask...) blkmagus13@aol.com

or got to http://schoolofthemasters.weebly.com and leave a message...
Before you is the "Mystical Schooling of the A.G.W" ( The Ancient Order of the Golden Wizards), this is an entrance guide... to what is taught within, and subjects on faces in the Mystical being and worlds.. leave role-playing behind, your chance to do it for real and be it for Real awaits..

Donated funds are required to help us serve those others who would seek our directions and assistance, and to open more doors for those within as well.. "as the saying goes, those who help others help themselves" schooling is limited to 50 a year as in students.. or more if they "seek the masters level of study"....

Welcome to the Arts...........

(courses are also available in 3 levels as well ask...) blkmagus13@aol.com

or got to http://schoolofthemasters.weebly.com and leave a message...

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Published by: Wizard Luxas on Jun 16, 2011
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Files of the A.G.

W "yellow-purple" student mage course
you can find the yellow book listed in the start of your lulu.com journey..... What is the nature of magic? It is the power to communicate. That is all it is. What is the purpose of Wizardry? It is to know. What is the purpose of witchcraft? Display the different dimensions of life and death within a ritual ring. Their task is to open up every doorway cause they are drawn to it. It has to do with the living life source. But they can only mirror it. What is the purpose of a Druid? They have none. They make a purpose based on their travels, defining time and space as thy go. What is the purpose of a magus They are to hunt out the source. Like a witch they have a need to understand the beginning of things. What is the nature of a shaman? To house the energy of nature, fire, and healing to use it. Sorcery is the consumption of living energy to promote their own inner design. Necron is the inner connection between Voodoo and the Bordo. The lesser degrees/arts. * Wicca/Wica, ascribes itself to be the new pagan. Its purpose is to reflect the religious practices of things around it. *What is the purpose of Paganism? Paganism is a word, a reason to question the value of words. That is all paganism is. *What is the purpose of Satanism (modern)? To be an antagonist. They have no reason to find, or solution to give. They are a religion of pessimist * What is the purpose of A-satanistic thought? They seek to be the companions of existence, they live by the philosophy of "It is better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven." * What is the nature of the Dark Witch? To seek equal value of the magus. This is the term Witch not WITCHCRAFT.

Dragon Knowledge. Amethyst, Quartz, Stone of Self. Amethyst is truth, or truth in loyalty. Quartz is psychic will as in time and space. Stone of Self does not apply to the dragons knowledge. It is a metaphysical design based on tuning not power. Dragons deal in Transformation not manipulation. 3 candles: Red, Black, and White. To a dragon, colors represent truth. White is self honesty. Red is dedication. Black is territory, foundation or source. Lighter colors tend to exchange in disloyalty. 5 Incenses. To a dragon incenses are barriers of action. Each one is designed to bring a dragon in or remove them. 4 Rituals of Connection: Ritual of Marking, Ritual of Thirst, Ritual of Power, and Ritual of Renewal. Ritual mean nothing to a dragon unless they are oath bound. A marking is an ownership. Thirst is when the auric energy of a person is too low. Power is the dragons most powerful ritual, this is the official joining of the Dragon to its subject. Any rituals done in this fashion, whether oath or non, dragons are drawn to cement them. Technically there is no ritual of renewal. In a dragons' eyes you don't loss anything, you just forget how it works. The candle working, Tarot, Throw out, the Doll, the Dagger Oath, Sand of Fate, Devils Kiss, Marking of Touch. * Candle working, eye of the Dragon. * Tarot, gypsy design, not witchcraft. * Throwing out, psychic backlash. In a dragon's world a backlash of psychic energy is an effect that they use to find the worthy. * The Doll, there is no such object. * The dagger oath, the dragon's oath. Blade is the tooth of the dragon. * sands of Fate, metaphysical design, has nothing to do with dragons. * Devils Kiss, flame of the Dragon, a test to teach the one who holds the energy. * Markings of Touch, this is more for the dragon's companionship. Rooting Principles; workings, secrets, the witch of the wind, the 5, and the 7. The dragon's design is based in the fundamental set up of structure. Each occult design is based on this system. Starting from the main circle model which is the dragon chain ending at the youthful model of the dragon intertwining, than ankh or caduceus. The nature of the art is born in secrecy, The dragons forming the figure 8 and the Oribus, forming the snake eating its own tail are the prime examples. With a wand or stick and

dagger is the key principle to the dragon ceremonial imagery. Staff represents the penis, dagger is the tooth. The 5 and the 7, the 9and the 12 are prime designs of the ceremonial model of the magi. 5 and 7 are the gateway. 9 and 3 (which is 12. 1+2) is the doorway. Set up: Magics wall, the 3 Glyphs (Ankh, Bird, Hound.) * The only wall one will face is the one they fear. Fear is not being scared, its about not embracing who you are or could be. Fear denies itself so it has no purpose to be judged in a purpose. The ankh is life, the bird is value, and the hound is guardianship. The book of Shadows. (1/3/5/7/8/9/10/9/2/6/4/5/3/8/2/1) The tome or true book of learning is about embracing the psychic and territorial dream like displays of reality in an order to grant answers to the greater mysteries and comforts of brewing. When you face the book you become the art. Elemental Reasoning. The circle, the key, the word, cultures of change. Earth, Fire, Spirit. These are the only essentials that a dragon is apart of. Water and Air is more what the dragon travels through. The circle is the dragon, the dragon is the links of the circle. Sexual energy of the design is the mating partnership of the dragons commitment, is called the Key. The word is the book, the book the message, the message the thought. In every culture there is a dragon design. Dragons are everywhere, even in cultures that deny it, fight against their primal model or debase the idea of their existence. (Wurm, snake, lizard, reptilian, amphibian, windged-dragon, snake form, serpent, masterful serpent, king serpent, Dragon.) This is the design of the way man sees the dragon. Ask, answer, spell quest, reasoning, reflections, duty, word, power. Ask requires ritual, answer requires time. Dragons don't spell cast. Reasoning is always at the end, reflections are daily, duty is absolute. The inner word is the authority and power is exchange. This is the mind set of the Dragon. Calling, awaking, name sake, token. You can summon a dragon, but the dragon summons a deity. Dragons have 3 books, and you only get 3 until your ready for more. Dragons give their name once they are comfortable with service. Only a dragon teacher can communicate with dragons about that. No talisman in the world can control a dragon, only rings. For a dragon is responding to the first oath upon seeing the ring, thereby it will be willing to serve. This is what established magehood as a schooling. 5 Elemental Doorway 1. To get each power, bath in the fire of the Dragon. 2. Tools to the powers of self, lay upon the ground and die. 3. Reflections of the shadow, listen to the voices of the Dragon.

4. Candles teach: Only the triangle. 5. (Vision, Nature, Action): Through the eyes of the Dragon, your physical image will be transformed. Part of the face will be dragon like, full only in protection. 6. 15 Spells: Witch stuff, dragons don't mess in it. 7. 5 Rituals of trust, 3 rituals of promise: 1 ritual of trust, 6 rituals of promise. 8. Your first Book of Light: Witch herbal-ism diary. 9. Tools: yes you are, you become the tools. 10. Witch Secrets and Symbols: Dragons know them all, don't practice any one of them. Plants of Change. 1. The 8 incenses (9 if your Voodoo): 4 incenses for Dragons, the prime source. 2. The 7 Branches: Voodoo of the Dragon, aka serpent. Follow the list. 3. Study of Plants (the key powers): Dragons don't normally study herbology but they are attracted to certain senses. 4. Herbal incenses of (circle) Ritual: The 4 5. 3 tools (Plant images): Don't do 6. The first (Powder): Only if the fire is a dragon fire. 7. The 3 witches Roots: Don't need to know, but for the Dragon the French and Welsh ones are strongest. 8. Pagan Plants: The eye of the dragon will show the nature of the plant. 9. What does the Plant say?: Nothing, plants talk to dragons not the other way around. 10. (Immortality), spears, and energy: The essence of the warrior of the old way. 11. The rosewood and sage thistle (ritual): The bed of the Dragon in piece. 12. Herbal Transformation: The walk and design of the walker. 13. Colors of the Power: Aura, there are 3 levels. A dragon sees all 3 and never mixes them.

Tokens and Amulets 1. Ages: Dragons will give you gifts. 2. Secrets of symbols: Their only task in life is to collect. 3. Awareness of the 3 brothers: The metals, the dragon prefers Gold, Silver, and Tin. 4. Psychic talismans: Energy from the living stone. 5. The Passages: A dragon makes you face your worst fears, highest hopes, and greatest freedoms. 6. Solomonic Keys: The great serpent model is based off the design. It is about 3 dragons: Dragon of Life, aka Caduceus; Dragon of Death, the immortality of man; Dragon of Time, serpent ring. Ritual center of a dragons sleeping. 7. Plans and Passages: To teach, to reflect, to absorb. 8. The tools of transformation (necklace): Symbols of dragons in any language and any form. 9. Gateway Symbolism: Mainly those that follow the 4 incenses, for they are the ritual binding tool. 10. Awareness of your freedoms (Protection): By serving a dragon it in turn serves you. 11. The dark door and the red key and the withe room: The veil of the mirror of the Dragon's Eye. 12. Eyes of the 5 Power: Rule makers for the Dragons limited connection with man in the beginning. They set the standard of what a dragon can do in a human world. 13. Coven Working A-G: Process that is broken down by culture. A. Voodoo B. Underworld (Anubis) C. Heightened underworld (Osiris) D. Greek Underworld (Zeus) E. Norse underworld (Balder) F. Norse Underworld (Valcor) G. Earth: Internal dimension of nothingness, the Non. The Witches Touch 1. 2 Fingers of Wand and wood: 3 fingers for the dragon. 2. Conduction of the aura: heat.

3. Fire and Water the Dance: Sex 4. Promise and Reward: The Ring 5. To get the sight (ritual): Candles 6. Using it in the Shamans gift (healing): smoke. 7. The other side of Touch: The ankh/ankur. 8. To give a gift: riding the dragon, night dream. 9. She who walks: Mother of Mothers, Vasha. Sister of Sisters, Hecate. 10. Rewards of the Touch: The book. 11. Reflection in the Reward: Talisman 12. The circles power: Magus 13. The ghost world: Valhallah's lower chamber 14. The givers of witches: Fire Ring 15. The advanced magic: laying with the serpent, daggers touch. 16. The level beyond (witches ritual): Primal discovery of Dragons. 17. Druids Eyes (the stone message): Our Home. Gift of the Goddess 1. The gift of Inner Beauty: Pleasure of the Dragon. 2. The power of the circles network: connection to other dragons. 3. The touch of the silent voice: Rain without thunder. 4. The charging of seasonal magic: Thunder without rain in the midst of Sun. 5. The gift of Goddess Love (spell as well): Witch stuff, dragons do it in the lines of markers. 6. The power of sight in loss (the other side): Opening the veil. 7. Goddess of Virtue in naming: Pet of the dragon.

8. Path of She as: riding the dragon, its true voice. 9. The elements of the Divides: Conflicts between dragonic fields. 10. The sacred fires: Birth of the shaman within the dragons design. 11. Talismans of Venus secrets: Talisman of Mars or Saturn models for Dragons, Mercury for mages. 12. The aura of Eyes: Dragons veil of the 3 colorations of self. 13. Touch of Witch 3 Word: Gateway, guardian, mirror. 14. The amulet/necklace (Ari/Eros/Su): Native American models borough about dragon will through their necklaces as well. Cultures of the Powers 1. The sygil temple: pyramid 2. The 5 symbols of change: seasons 3. The 5/7 doors of the spirit: magehood 4. Wiccan and the weeds: derogatory statements of how magehood has been misrepresented. 5. The 8 keys of the Zodia: Principle mentality of the dragon in different seasons. 6. The watched stars: memory of travel 7. The planets (unchanging): remedial education of the dragons will. 8. The tools and reflections: opportunity to be like the dragon. 9. Aura of the animalistic world: Secret dark message of the soul of nothing. The veil of the acolyte. 10. Transformation Rites: Hidden will of the Dragons contract. 11. How the sides were born: Great war of existence. 12. The voodoo leg: serpent staff, tool of the magus and magi. 13. Changing worlds: working the veil with the eye of the dragon.

14. The collective transformation: the staff 15. The greater dragon design: the promise 16. Birth of the temple witch: Isis. The Witches Nature 1. The travel (Journey): shamanism backed by the dragon. 2. How one finds the circles voice: Dragon in the witch design. 3. The sides of the Passions: no such thing. 4. The negative mystery: the Non, emptiness of waste. 5. The shadow self: Daemonica. Vengeance of the Dragon. 6. The Powers of the shadow (darkness): dragon known as Chaos. 7. The sides of said Kark means: Man 8. Wicca pure lie: paganism. 9. Coven secrets: Time. 10. Secrets of the shadow (advancing will): Necron 11. The books 3.5: Kryl, Cyrl, Dryl. 12. The symbolism of the Moon and Sun: History of the star dragon. 13. The New: Youth 14. The old: seasoned or full 15. The dark: complete. Pride of the Craft 1. Stories said as witchcraft only as pagan guessing: gypsy, the essence of the eye of the fear. 2. The reasoning of mis-stakes: Dragons don't make mistakes. 3. The voices (the authors): the 5 A's 4. The real rewards: the stone key.

5. The metaphysical : education of Fire and Ice principles of the shadow self. 6. Eco movement: surface shamanism, cultivated by fire. 7. The goth and the goose: the hidden eye of the animal serpent. 8. The rede that never was: Promise of the mind, body, and spirit. Secret chamber of the heart. 9. The unseen (silence) keys: Passages of the magi into the magus. 10. The vote of religion: saints go marching out. 11. Who is what and why: the value of existence is the measurement of the interactions visa the animal world. One must be dinner before predator. 12. the key to the darkness: sygil 13. The end view at the beginning: the witch as witchcraft. 14. passions of the lost: gateway of the mage in druid. Fires of the Circles 1. Ring of truth (1-5): witch 2. Ring of trust (1-18): 5 3. Ring of protection and promise (1-12): 4 Stories of the fire: birth of the dragons so try telling. The Dark Tones 1. Isis, Hekate, Maat (Baste): winged-serpent, Isis; reptile serpent, Hekate; Wurm, Maat; Baste is the ring and is outside the design. 2. The 5 A's (the dark triangle): Work under the 5 A's, of dragons. Dark triangle is hermetic knowledge. 3. Ari Destrum Nox (the totem Demon): summoning or creating forces which collide with morality and subjugation of others. Hidden skill of the magus in dragon. Education needed for the principle of self shadow evaluation. 4. Summer/ witch of the 12th: Ancient culture of witch model based in Druid design. 12th century Ireland, but further back was their beginnings. Dragons respect them.

5. The dark witches Book of Il: Lilith's grand book of power. 3 pages long in its beginning, 150+ at its end. 3 forms of Red magic: Power, darkness/full moon. Sex, serpent/caduceus/ankh, Sight, dream/temple/vision. Powers of Virtues 1. the 2nd candle: Breath 2. The energy of life: the Sun 3. the 5 powders: 2 powders 4. Ceremonial (summoning’s) Actar fires: basic practice that for-fill the charging need to dragon intervention. 5. Oath of the keys: dragon oath 6. the map of the universal key: geographical and philological signs. 7. Robe Rituals: honor and respected rituals reinforced the essence of the Egyptian model. 8. The invitational oath: mage naming. 9. The coven methods" enter, reflect, teach. 10. The scales: as above, so to below. As within, so to without. As around, so is to be. 11. The naming sisterhood: Lilith, Hekate, Isis, Inanna. 12. The works: One who has traveled to meet themselves. 13. The Justice of the cutting circle: Dragons tooth entering the ground. 14. The shadows embrace: night fall. 15. Full Witch (Moon Light) wisdom: to serve the ring of the dragon's moon night. 16. Door of the mages world: Entrance and opportunity. The oath and beginning of the House. Covens Truth 1. Marking of the Flesh: symbols written upon the body to enhance the will of beings wanting to communicate. 2. Oath of the fires ring: Promise to serve the dragon, and be promised to be served by the

dragon. 3. Tools of the circles keep: magehood as a sage. 4. Elemental mastery: study and defining of the 4 elemental basis. 5. the witches ghost: our shadow 6. the Sun's Power: Our power 7. The Moons Shadow: Our promise. 8. Virtues of the Venus Temple: sexual rituals of the secret of touch and points on the body. 9. the cloak of sisterhood: cloak 10. Passages of the druid forest walk: mini markers of stone layed about the land. 11. The 5 masters of light: 5 basic candle formations under the training of the 5 A's 12. The dark teacher of Solum: the magus 13. The rose of the Golden Moon: ritual of truth ceremonial occult. 14. the rule of the ater wind key: use of daemons. 15. Advanced rituals of elemental shadow paths: necron study material. The Lost Records: Their library, necromancy, necrotonomy, acularum-inferum contits. Legacy of Ritual 1. Stone of Key: House of Magi 2. Fire of Mirror: ritual of the magus 3. Smoke of Glass: reflections of the witch in the mind of us. 4. Incense of the sacred temples: 3 5. Crystal of the Powers: Amber stone, malachite, opal. 6. Talisman of the elder: goblet. 7. Oath of the 5: Service to the 5

8. The thitching power: shaman rebirth. 9. The wandering will: Druid road. 10. The tempest dagger: opening circle 11. the ghost wish rope: staff of the Non 12. The upper key (3): As above, alpha. 13. The lower key (5): down below, omega, sigma 14. The darkness of Red fire (dual star): The psychic will. 15. The gateway of the spectrum circle: entrance to the doorsteps of wizardry. Yellow Book Candle: Medra- knowledge. Candle working: light ritual. Moh hou shem (from within) Fire is Alpha. Water is Beta. Earth is Delta. Spirit is sigma. Air is Omega. Self is also known as Delta but in dragon design self is known as Phi. Scrying: visualize the image of a dragons face looking back at you. Close you eyes, focus intensely on what you thought. Open up your eyes and see nothing there, even if there is something there. Herbology: Study of the energy within the plant or herb. Its design is shown by the image of its aura or shape. The essence of herbs and plants is supplemental, its your body doing the work. Pentagram is a symbol of a ghost like form of the body in or around a circle, even if its not drawn. The reverse triangle: is animal nature. Animal nature is about exposing ones self to the qualities that lead to self awareness and release fear. Upward Triangle. Upward triangle is embracing the external message of the alpha and omega. Alpha being the triangle and omega being the circle within or about. 6 pointed star. It is the dual nature of the reversed triangle and regular triangle working as one object. Reversed pentagram. No such thing. Vice used in propaganda in the story of the angels fall. It latter was cultivated into dark witch nature only because of the hidden triangle at

its center. Math: is based on the system of lines, often used in occult nature, lesser occult, it is theorized to create angelic symbolism and used in geometry. Tes madu shem ari. To know is to be. There are 3 basic circles established in a physical form. First is entrance, self or personal. 2nd is living, communication. 3rd is stone, referred to as doorway. On going design based on cultivating 3 forms of nature: air, fire, water. Stones: tools used in massage therapy, metaphysical arts, and attuning simple systems of druid like nature. In magic stones have no purpose, but druids give the purpose. Staff: wooden extension off of the nature of man being like family. Is carried with person so that they have a piece of the forest. So as the forest will be the energy they can draw on. As one evolves so do the staves. So that the old one can be destroyed and returned to the Earth. Druidism. Story of the staff is the nature of druidism. While story of the plants is the education and insight story of the candle is the sun itself. Story of the math is how the world is harnessed. This is druid. Religion Religion serves no magic nor principles of self worth nor good or evil nature. It serves to combine spiritual disciplines of ones about them. So as to show their greater answer that is down to only self freedom. It does not know of this, not simply believes that as a model it has purpose. But true knowledge gives without taking full control, unless your in that type of deep art... Theology. What is man? If you can't define what he sees, the answer is simple, it will define him. Cultures in magic. There aren't any. As a mage to wizard. Cultures are defined by symbolism that chooses to accept it, not the other way around. It is what they awaken. Leave out the primitive ideas of man as a cave dwelling being fearful of the light. For this is rationalism created by confused critics of the awareness of the unknown. "Cultures defy", is an expression of wisdoms intellect and not a facet of primitive ideology. Occult supportive models use these to define a form of self royalty to bring back not the culture but to defy them as the keeper. In this they break the first and most sacred cardinal rule, respect for what was. A gateway is not a doorway to the other side, it must be advanced up to that. It is merely a tool for unleashing the unconscious will to help the one begin to physical process of

dimension shifting. Dreams Dream are unconscious messages designed to teach us by symbol our place or awareness of place so as to be of service or expanding mind to the working environment. Soul Touching Bewitchment, conscious forms of trance. It is a process whereby one can grow communication with another and create a bridge to for-fill the mental messages sent by the external mind or mind set. Hexes, Curses, and works of magic. Hex means to Vex, as in to put out of alignments. Hexes are performed when one has created discontinuity to the one who is doing the casting of the hex. Hex is a basic too, not an advanced one, its like saying A-choo in form of a sneeze. Curses are family oriented energy cycles. Created or put into motion by the one being cursed. The nature of curses are to teach far reaching lessons to more than just one person. Workings of madness, piercing the veil between the worlds, the mirror and the unseen, you tend to drag a sense of yourself through this doorway. Without proper guidance and/or awareness apart of yourself can be put out of phase. In ancient times it was called facing judgment of the Furies. A task that was performed for the sake of a repeated offense. Falling into madness is the punishment for any who over step their bounds against the primal oath and design of that which they stand. It can not be self inflicted, normally. Mirror Rituals. The second highest art of witchcraft, designed to take you from the physical scope of the psychic mind to the outer scope of atomic matter, the bordo of the unconscious soul. Here one learns to exercise true magic as a witch or lower design. For this model is a communication object by natural means and gets stronger as it goes. Anyone can perform mirror ritual magic, or not, however you won't like the results. Types of Ritual Mirrors. Fire reflects time and space. Candles reflect soul. Water reflects self and purpose. Glass reflects the world beyond the unseen. Earth dropped to the ground is the mirror of the material. Working in the fire. Candle is self. Camp fire is space. Circle fire is oath. Light of Moon or Sun is destiny. Night fires and lighting torches.

Aerial Servant. An Aerial Servant is not called an Aeon. An aerial servant is a tool created in the will of magic user to advance communication to other gateways or deity. Angels, angelic beings transfixed with one purpose to reflect omens, passages of will and latten fears. You don't need to be religious to see angels. Demons. Can't summon them, can't harm them, can't threaten them, can't control them. Can only piss them off, but they're bound to a bigger design that can do all the little things we can not do. Demons want to be helpful but they believe in experience you learn your own answers. Ghosts. Can control them, can dismiss them, block them, challenge them, combine them. However we are only talking the energy or field of the ghost itself. Ghosts do not have ectoplasm. This is a false idea based on them being able to reach in our world. Ghost or ghosting is a time frame that creates the energy needed for the usage of a ghost in this particular time frame. Ghost can not harm the living. The living harm the living by the energy they absorb by ghost time. Dragons. Dragons serve everything, they don't want to and would fight it if given a chance, but they live by oath and restrictive contract of a knowledge gather. They gather the will and strength of magic for their master, only if its allowed. Dragons don't mind being dominated and don't mind you being the tile master. They like it if you can support it. But that is a big if. Astrology of the Stars The zodia is the evaluation of the models of influenced pressure and psychic will imposed in cycles against the human subject, relating to a specific birth date or event. Astrology is about omen making. Prophecy on a certain level that relates to the coming changes that relates to the inevitable secondary actions. Psychic awareness strains the mind to be more aware of the constructive conflictions in the universal mechanics or planetary conjunctions, unions, and deaths.

Grey Yellow Book Yellow is the color of the spirit, the ego, the ID, the self, the self defined, the Sun, light, reflection of light, yielding (like the stop sign in form of the reversed triangle). Grey in the color of yellow is the yielding to the shadow in the arts of self, as you go from book to book your purpose is to become the colors of it to learn the secrets. Voodoo. Voodoo is the art of yielding to the animal. They can be land creatures, water creatures, underground creatures, or even spirits. Its design is to mimic the animals trances. Voodoo is the instrument of being an empty vessel. Forget what you know of the deities: Santerian, Voodoo, Vodun, Creol, Appalachian home born (Pow-wow). These are energies to the animals as man is an energy as well.

Practice in Voodoo, its a religion, a spiritual art, an alchemical base and ethereal gateway. Those who undertake such rituals tend to become leaders of their community and spokes people for their land. Voodoo can be faked by the systems of those others that were just written. However, a true, practitioner will feel the difference in ritual before it starts. The highest level of Voodoo is the practice of death. Though blood rituals are common practices among other forms of Voodoo practices, they hold no water in this practice. Spilling blood may excite the practioners but not the nature of true death. The nature of death is not about causing death but inflicting it by form of curse. This is a symbolic practicing master often known as a Bokor. However this is a mistake because Bokors heal and only act in the nature of the ritual required. They know the art of death, but like a doctor, make a pledge to protect life. We study Voodoo in the mage class so to exercise the animals inner will and bring about change in those of support to the rituals themselves, upon request. Voodoo Ritual Ideals. Trance, cleaning the house, brushing the feet, freeing the burden, fixing the hungry, producing life, locking the dead, sending favor to the dead, awakening a forgotten, creating the next ones. Evil Sorcery. Sorcery is not evil, it is self owned, the essence of the model is to promote fear or justice for those who loss their way. Modern practioners try fancy magic shows, while a real Bokor or practioner of the faith need only show up. Magic doesn’t play sides. Even in death. The red, the black, the silver. Red is blood. Black is mud or ash. Silver is sexual fluid or body paint. These are the 3 harnessing factors of ritual unity. To the candles of each way in the serpents model. The Red, the Spider Woman. The Black, the Dijinn. The silver, death. The red, the spider woman is an ancient symbol based on the web of life, aka Greek Fates. Black, the Dijinn is the living power of Earth and the essence of nothingness. Silver, death is the teacher of the limitations of mankind, often looked at as the great sleep. Vodun, the self. Is a relatively modern culture based on the ancient model before Voodoo had a name. Shamanistic Tools The Fan, the birds wing. The Plate, psychic communication tool. The Rod, stick,staff. Running omen fortune telling, but here channeling. When one

channels through the object, they draw on this massive field from their feet, up the body, to the hands, to the staff, and back out to the feet. For when it creates a circle around the person's whole head, it has achieved its goal. Druid Herbology. There is no such thing. Druid herbology is gypsy herbology. Druids do not tend to plants, plants tend to druids. A psychic sensitivity between the user and the using. Druids can feel the nature of plants like witches but harness them for stronger energy than just to use. e.g. If a Druid picks the root and places it in their hands while thinking about the nature of the plant. The use has increased 5-10 times in strength. However there are certain plants and herbs that Druids respect and use in ritual alone. Conceptual Druidism. Druids are not open to the public or to any form of Order or anxiety. As in fame, wealth, or fortune. True they could have this but they won't give their secrets away. To be a druid is to be alone in a room filled with Druids an not interact with one of them, unless they see it first. Sorry to be a stick in the mud, get it? Stick in the mud. But a druid is a vision seeker not a vision answer, that is just what happens when they meet others outside the Druid design. The word druid means reward, as a sage and student of the book and life and outer messages. It is a reward to be named as a Druid. Classification of Druids. Student of Druidism. As a student you are to understand your druid design cause it is your own. No two druids are the same. Druid. As a druid you learn what it is to be a Druid. Teacher. As one your goal is to teach the student, not the Druid. Those invited in have to re-invite themselves in. Master. As a master you merely record keep and change as time changes. For a druid never stays just themselves in a world that is constantly changing. ( However they remain true to he faith. ) Arch-Druid. As an Arch you look over all the druids, any level any design. You access the value of the next master. Druids are ranked by age of wisdom and knowledge, not by age of self as in flesh. Druid falsies. These are the lies of Druidism, only ture to the playing ones. *Druids are woodland people born as syphs or dryad * Druids are born from fires of Dragons.

* Their leaders are children born with great insight, like the Dali-Lama. * Druids are extensions of wood people and evil entities, like nightmare. *Druids are a community of ancient warriors, like Vikings except Celtic. * Druids worked for the Church even when they were taken over. * Druids are shaman or wizards. Or druid is synonymous with the word wizard. The list goes on... Dark Witchcraft Dark witches are ones who have passed the normal cycle of basic witchcraft of study and cultural awareness, to pursue the skills of the magus. The magus model is the highest level of their inner ritualism of dark witches. Not withstanding the practice of the darker tones submit to the will of the oath of entrance of Magus education. Nature of the Dark Witch is to serve the pattern of the higher self in the mirror arts. A simple skill any basic witch can master but a dark witch is the only one that can command it. This is their birth right. There are those that believe dark womanhood and the expression of goddess like models in darker tones is dark witchcraft. But this is false, for these goddess like designs of female or male awareness’s are only support factors to the energy or transformation of the dark woman to the dark witch. Dark Arts: The Dreamers, Vampyre Vampyre A vampyre/vampire, is a system of education that is taught in the baser animalistic forms of our unconsciousness. It is a psychic key to the legacy of the Dark world about. Not so much craving blood or flesh, but hungering for the will that drives the blood or flesh. It is an ancient curse that has lasted centuries. It is an unveiling of the more hidden side of being, aka mini axe not included. Fad of vampirehood. Roleplaying self absorbed, ego-tripping, socio-problematic, hallucinatory individuals who seek the peace and harmony of the art above. They get lost in their own freedom of finding what lost means. Playing vampire you will never meet one, ever. Rites of the Church. The most powerful rite is the power of awakening. In most occult designs you must deny the influence of the original church. By doing this, it is said the darkness will come to greet you. This is true if. Dark Arts: Dark Oath.

Saying an oath will not bind you to anything. Chanting a backwards religious text will not offer anything either. You are lost people that feel the need to go to war to find out what war is. Bravery isn't your issue, nor is spilling blood. There are no reasons other than to reach out. You can spill an ocean of blood, you can fight 100 soldiers, none will help you in the oath. "Adi Satanus Blessed Be." is junk if you truly seek the art. Grand standing will get you no where. True you will have a reputation but no power to back it. The oath. The dark arts oath is to embody the tools and skills of the dark arts practicing one. You are a vessel for this unseen force that will watch you until your ready to be within. Dark Arts: Dead will Psychic Friction: Ever wanted to teach someone a lesson without having to do anything? This is the first of the skills you learn. Your learning to harness the psychic energies around you and in the room, from who ever or where ever, past, present, or future so you can direct it at your target or targets like a bubble that will expand outward until you say otherwise. In these we have 3 actions your learning. The Black Eyes: The psychic ability of the conscious mind. The Red eyes: the influence of the blood in your system to create a psychic turbulence to fade in and out of reality, seeing the unseen. Stone Eyes: Art of paralyzing the one standing against you. It is forbidden to be used as a beginner. For once used there is no going back. The person or animals you use it on will have a permanent fear of you. And it grows in skill over time. Like Voodoo curses, they can die from it without cause, but it can be traced back to you. The 5 A's The teachers of the art of the magus in shadow. For they will test you as you learn each art. Their goal is to hate you, to kick you out, to mistreat you. To put you through hell on Earth just to earn your place with them. They don't like weakling’s, those who doubt every-step of their road. For they are unforgiving master, and this an unforgiving art. Even if they would like to be. There is no easy way. The trap of the theologians. They think they control their world. They ritualize and call u-on the master but are laughed at all along the way. For they are insects to the powers they desire to have. And like the Red Sea, they will be separated into two categories. The eaten and the harvested. Religion is their hope, in difference is their fear they are not a dark art, but a blind folded one. Astaroth. You know the name, now know this deity. Junior teacher of the magus. You

do his rituals to earn his favor. You associate with Abaddon to learn the ancient languages and master codes. Forget what you know about demons or the modern of the world. You will learn soon enough at the hands of Asmodeus, Astaroth’s third teacher to the magus. Calling the Nexus. This is your chance to bath in twilight. To exist in two worlds at the same time. To most it will be nothing, to others the greatest experience felt, and this is how you get their attention. Dark Aura. Now you are one with the shadow, a small outer grey-like cloak will be around you. It won't be noticeable until your around others like yourself, friend or enemies. For the good isn't to make enemies but to be in that aura and accept it as a magus. THIS IS EDUCATION AS A MUGS, NOT A LICENSE SO RESPECT IT! Bones and Stones. Bones we know them as tools for oracles, but in the dark arts they are more. By writing a series of symbols upon the bone or fabric in which the bones are held, you can traffic your will through them to what ever is required. Stones. Stones are nothing in the dark arts design. However the dark arts can effect stones and other peoples workings. By undoing or enhancing the workings of another at will. aka coining in the fountain. Vampire Ideals. The cup is the cross that is broken to form the curse. The sister is the story of the dark woman. The royal magics are the connection of the 3 most powerful things of vampyrism. *Air the mirror * Fire the dust of the land *Water, the animalist self. Air is revived as Earth. Utilizing powers of the Darker natures, take 2 handfuls of dirt from the ground and cover your chest with it. Lay upon the ground until you feel like there is this energy pulling at you keeping you down. Grab another handful of dirt as you are laying down and stand up with it. Spill it around you in form of a circle, lightly form your hands. Your now ready for the beginning oath. The symbol of this is the bilateral cross. Cures and Curses of the Soul. I put this as a re-modification of the different types of powers that happen when man accidentally unleashed illness on their being. The Great Death.

The 4 horse men of the Apocalypse. 4 stones must be broken, and 3 sygils are seals that must be broken. Meant to be the angelic vengeance on humanity, Gods wrath on those that did not follow his laws. Not True. The Black Plague. Happened because of Rats, but was created from a lack of food. Greed of the King took the store houses away so the rats had nothing to eat from. The Dark Ages. Was a form of toxin created by malnourished cows, this created spoiled milk. Fox Otter Sickness. Was mini bacteria hooked into insects trafficked to one land to another by poachers. As the art of the Magus learns alchemy. We learn cures or sicknesses. But you do learn answers. Red Book Emotional Heat Charging: Body then Mind. Body: Lay upon the ground and have your hands wide open with your arms outstretched at your sides. Slowly begin to join them together. As you feel the wind start moving with you until your hands come to clasp one another. Your eyes must be closed when you do it a second time. This time put your hands as they are clasped and slowly begin to draw the heat from the sky and propel it into the Earth. Mind: Psychic Conditioning. As your sleeping, dream about being in the cold. At first it is cold, almost bare boned freezing. You can't quite stand it. Your body slightly begins to feel as if its not cold anymore, until you are no longer cold. Your not hot, but not cold. Then reverse the exercise, this time with heat. When you do it with heat, most importantly put yourself on fire. Don’t' panic its an exercise, this will prepare you for the weather. You will be hot when its is cold, and cold when it is hot, but feel neither. Sun and Mercury. In the arts of the mage to magus you will be hot and you will be cold. You will be ripped apart and put back together like the planet Mercury. This is to see what your truly made of. Mercury: Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, but for us he is the messenger of self learning. Blinking in and out of conscious and unconscious thought. Utilizing the master deities, those associated with each design to teach us the meaning of the Arts in mystical terminology. Temporal Dram Return. In the red book, we will challenge the mind to remember numbers so as to reflect thoughts or actions we wish to act on. We are training our mind

to respond, to act like an answering machine, or alarm clock, and a picture maker. Energy Exchange. You know the basics, now learn how it works. Its a shaman like tool; however, your goal is to master these levels without needing physical touch, unlike th shaman. Utilizing your new dark aura, you need only project your aura around them to give them your energy or take from theirs. It is forbidden to do it in a sorcerer fashion, unless saving them from their own limitations. Symbolism. Iota- eye or Ankh Sigma- word or person themselves Gama- action or interaction of forces Beta- choose, turn or change Alpha- correct or direct Phi- universal symbol for truth. Kaspian- brotherhood Psi/Theron- miscommunication is not, means theory or logic to theory. Psi is the cup or answer. Omega- Key Aria- known as symbol of time, Phi and Pie Brother. Symbol of power. Pie is adria. Sexual Energy exchange. Sexual Rituals are about bonding, unifying, or testing the dedication of ones own inner energy, not their personal will. Sex is not part of sexual energy. Animalistic ritual devoid of thought and only out for pleasure or procreation. Meanwhile sexual ritual is used in symbolism while withholding excessive or personal energy connected by two counter-points of a device known as the Gnostic Pillar. The life force of a single entity or being is weaker without convention or connection to a desired internal or external force. Either object, male or female, can display the source or kinetic virtue. There is no specific set of diagrams in energy exchange. However utilizing ancient keys, tantric understandings, or specific aura that cultivate blockage, one can begin to break away self charge limitations set upon them by the limitations of other none natural rules or principles. For we are not trying to own the self, or its energy. Merely give it more to look at in its universal rite. Consort Nature. A consort is one who agrees to take on the will or working that is required to advance another. You can objectify it all you want in any fashion you please but when you get down to it, it is help, and that is what your asking for. There are many models of help. The concubine, the Divi,the Derg. In the darker design the Sire, Master, or Lord, or Mystress. and much much more: after you get the course.... contact

"Master Golden Wizard Luxas" at my email here.. wizardluxas@hotmail.com and if you want to join us formally.... http://orderofthewise.weebly.com however its 300.00usd to join us... (and room for one so many)..... So enjoy the art and this download, but if you want in....join our Study... say in your email... (i want the full course) and i will be happy to help you get it...

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