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Oral/Report – Air Pollution Short Info : Remember !! For God Sake !! Tog = Together Me = Hazwan a.k.

a (boboy) Him = Wan Amani a.k.a (nur) etc = so on … / = or (Idea by nur) and (Script/Edit by boboy) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Scripts For Oral Test …... Tog : Good afternoon/evening teacher ! Me : We about to talk about air pollution …. Him : Air pollution is really bad , teacher ! Me : Air pollution always appear in Kuala Lumpur and even in our country … Him : Air pollution come from factory,vehicles and etc ….. Me : What a bad weather ! It will cause our bad health like asthma and lung diseases..... Him : Its also bad for children to play outside …. Me : We must stop all the air pollution like burning , acidic smoke from factory ,vehicles smokes and etc ….! Him : All children cannot play outdoors anymore because of air pollution …! Me : We must low/stop all the air pollution ! Me : That all , teacher … thank you for listening our oral/report !

From Wan Amani a.k.a (nur) and Hazwan a.k.a (boboy)