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The petit bateau t-shirt through the eyes of

From July 6th 2011, the classic Petit Bateau V-neck tee adopts all the colors of this season. Pretty shades Discret, Fume and Bigarre, meet Touareg, Spi, Vertu and Smile A wide range of contemporary and feminine colors is at disposal of girls who feel good! Woman of the moment, fashion blogger and trend chronicler, Garance Dore, has snapped five portraits of Petit Bateau girls walking down the streets in New York.

Always with her camera, Garance Dore has a great passion for fashion and is keen on scanning the best looks in the streets of Paris, New York and London She shares her Snapshots on her blog, making it one of the most popular sites and an authentic style model for many. Living in New York, she pins down the charm and style of girls resolutely contemporary.


Discover the making-of of her shots at

colors of the season

In Petit Bateau stores from 6th july, 2011 Soft fleece jacket, from 12 to 18 years, 2 colours : Fume & Touareg,
Germany 56,9 - Spain 54 - UK 45 - Benelux 51,5 - Italy 50,3 - USA $80 - Japan 9 240 JPY

V neck jersey tee, from 12 to 18 years, 10 colours,

Germany 34,9 - Spain 33 - UK 32 - Benelux 35 - Italy 30,4 - USA $48 - Japan 5 250 JPY

cume Pastel Discret Fume Bigarr Vertu Touareg Spi Smile Smoking