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Negatives of Dalit movement

Unfortunate death of Dr.Ambedkar paralyzed the movement. Many republican parties were formed and the original party formed to protect dalits got lost in midst of all other parties The movement was fully based on negativism ,the anti-brahminical campaign. The movement spoke less about violence and violation of human rights. They are more interested in their self-promotion than serving the cause of their community. The movement became popular in numerically well-established dalits while the others remained sufferers It did not emphasize on dalit women upliftment. Dalit Movement has remained patriarchal and sees the dalit womens oppression merely as a caste oppression The movement did not take any measures of dalits becoming apolitical due to conversion to other faiths The movement kept aside the socio-economical writings of DR.Ambedkar and gave importance to the caste and religious writings The movement did not speak about land ownership for dalits and land deprivation This movement was used by the upper community dalits as a political vote bank to gain money and fame The movement has changed its track from anti-brahminical campaign to antibackward campaign The movement did not take prior steps to eradicate the contradiction between elite group of dalits and non-elite group of dalits It spoke less on education, alleviation of poverty among dalits, etc In mid sixties, an aggressive Dalit movement started under the banner of Shoshit Samaj Dal in Central Bihar, which has, presently, become a major center of Naxalite movement The movement, which does not have the ingredients to bring about reconciliation among conflicting social groups and fails to accelerate the process of social harmony and human dignity, is bound to lose real direction In the backdrop of the dialectics of Dalit movements, it appears that the Dalits have now become the victims of the politics of Dalitism being played by various groups. Instead of fighting the evils of caste discrimination in Hindu society, the Dalit movement has given birth to neo Dalitism, which hardly has any difference with the polluted Brahmanism