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ASSIGNMENT 1: SET 12 SESSION 2011/2012 NAME:___________________________PRACTICUM:____________________ MATRIX NO.:_______________________DATE:____________________ Answer all the questions below. Please write your answers in a new sheet of paper. Attach your answers together with this question paper upon submission. 1.If the dot product of two vectors, P.Q =|P||Q|, then A. B. C. D. P perpendicular to Q P parallel to Q P and Q are in opposite direction angle between P and Q is 1800 [1 m] 2.The radius of a 10-cent coin measured by a micrometer screw gauge is 9.52 mm.What is the uncertainty of surface area of the coin? A. B. C. D. 1.05x10-3mm2 2.10x10-3mm2 2.99x10-1mm2 5.99x10-1mm2 [1 m] 3.The ratio Kinetic energy/weightis often used in hydrodynamics.What are the units of this ratio? [2 m] 4.Given A = 3 N, B = 6 N, C = 5 N, Θ1 = 450 and Θ2 =150 , determine the resultant vector. [6 m]