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CUP process: Approver will go to Mywork to view the GRC requests to approve.

Configuration tab Request Administration to find the GRC request. Workflow Custom approver Determinator you can find the 1st level approvers for GRC to all countries requests. To find the GRC Request status based on color.. Green approved Yellow not yet approved Amber Hold

Select the position and click on Risk analysis click on each risk to find out the mitigation controls. Select the mitigation control and assign then the light will be green . If multiple controls available for multiple countries will select the country and approved the request. If you are having 5 risks in the position in that 4 risks mitigation available and 1 risk not having mitigation control then will be rejected and has to process manually. Reroute If the dates are not correct, if the approver not available & forwarding request with option forward with no return to send back to 1st stage.

For every position One lead approver and one normal approval will be available to approve either case. Need to upload the single roles / composite roles through templates. After that need to build the relation ship for single role & position that will happen in Roles Role mapping upload the template and then click on Overwrite .

Instead of template you can upload the single manually in Roles backend and select overwrite and upload the role.

Import roles select the role in

Mapping should be done through template otherwise you can do the same way in role mapping.