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Delivery from Depot

Process Description
You may Deliver finished goods directly from the place of manufacture, or you may first ship them to a separate location for storage (a depot), from where you will sell them. The second procedure is described here. Deliver from depots are handled differently from sales from factories because of excise law: Excise duty is payable when you send the goods from the factory to the depot, but it is not levied again when you sell the goods. Sometimes when you make a final sale of goods from a depot, price escalations could have happened with retrospective effect. In such scenarios you need to pay the extra excise duty at the factory using an A Certificate. You need to register the A certificate details in the RG 23D register and the excise recovered from the customer.

Process Flow
1. You create the sales order, following the standard procedure. The standard pricing procedures for depot sales are J1INDEP (condition-based excise determination) and JDEPOT (formula-based excise determination). 2. You create the delivery, again, following the standard procedure. 3. You assign excise invoices to the delivery or material document. 4. You verify that you have selected the correct excise invoices and post them. Alternatively, if you have selected the wrong excise invoices, you can cancel the assignment. 5. You create the invoice, following the standard procedure.

TC: VF01/VF04 Salient Features Master Data .Flow Diagram SD Process Flow Sales Order TC: VA01 Delivery TC: VL01N/VL10A Post goods issue made in the delivery TC: VL02N Excise Invoice TC: J1IJ Billing doc via billing due list.