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June 14, 2011

Dear To Whom It May Concern; I am pleased to recommend DeVani Creduer for the position of President for the Louisiana Science, Engineering and Technology Board. I have served as DeVani's 4-H Youth Development Agent for the past three years.

I have seen DeVani grow as an individual through her involvement in the 4-H program. She has been a very active board member while serving on the SET Board and is a great asset. I have seen her dedication through the many activities she attacks. She has fantastic ideas to apply to educational programs, 4-H development and community involvement. DeVani is an enthusiastic, innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision but willingly accepts it when offered. She has used this enthusiasm to promote 4-H along with promoting LOST Camp, Operation Military Kids Camps and the Louisiana SET Board. DeVani has great passion when it comes to science and wants to share what science is all about with those that she encounters. DeVani has a strong love for leadership and the opportunities it provides her. She has the excitement and energy to be part of a team. I am pleased to say that DeV ani is a team player, a kind and sincere individual and an ideal leader. I strongly recommend DeVani as a candidate for President ofthe Louisiana 4-H SET Board. If you have any further questions about her qualifications, please feel free to contact me at (337) 788-8821.


Sheena Grote Cecil Acadia Parish 4-H Youth Development Agent