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With a lot of members returning to more northern climates to escape the summer heat here,our fields for our competitions seem to be dwindling and the holidayers have not arrived yet,which is a pity because the golf course is in superb condition and it is starting to reflect in the scores being returned Wednesday 8th June-Individual Stableford Congratulations to our winner,who are a very warm day and with the greens still a bit difficult following the top dressing shot a gross 72 1st Chris Baker 40pts 2nd Martin Charlton (visitor) 35pts on a card play off 3rd John Bridgen 35pts on a card play off Twos: Steve Willingham 10th and Denise Charlton (visitor) 12th Wednesday 15th June-Individual Stableford Much talk at the 19th hole about the fact that the first three on the leader board all played in the same 3 ball,but there is no truth in the rumour that we drew lots to see who was going to be the winner!!! 1st Bill Gibb 39pts 2nd Les Raufer 38pts 3rd Kevin Manser 37pts Twos: Caroline Willingham 4th and Glyn Ombler 10th Guests and visitors are welcome to join us on a Mon,Wed and Friday For information contact 636938404 or 634641199