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‡ M. sexta has mechanisms for selectively sequestering and secreting the neurotoxin nicotine present in tobacco. Commonly known as the tobacco hornworm. It is used in a variety of biomedical and biological scientific experiments. especially in neurobiology. M. the larvae of both feed on the foliage of various plants from the family Solanaceae. The larva is large and thus relatively easy to dissect and isolate organs from. while tomato hornworms have V-shaped markings (as in "vine-ripened" tomatoes). due to its easily accessible nervous system and short life cycle. tomato hornworms have eight V-shaped markings. The tobacco hornworm can be distinguished by its seven diagonal lines on its sides.‡ Manduca sexta is a moth of the family Sphingidae present through much of the American continent. sexta is a common model organism. it is closely related to and often confused with the very similar tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata). It can be easily raised on a wheat-germ based diet.[2] A mnemonic to remember the markings is tobacco hornworms have straight white lines like cigarettes. .