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ACKNOWLEDGEM In realizing this project, indirectly I can use a variety of ways that are taught by teachers in the classroom

that I learned. This project also helped the techniques of application of additional mathematics in daily life situation. Thank God for giving me the strength and spirit to complete this special work properly and successfully. Thanks to the school, especially to the principals that Mr. Ms. Hajah Nazipah binti Mohd Najmi for giving aid and permission to undertake this course. Thank you also goes to my parents, Mr Yaacob bin Udin and Ms. Salina bt Salleh for providing financial assistance and helped me complete the course. Thanks to the dedication and spirit that is given me to complete the course successfully. In addition, teachers do not forget my Additional Mathematics, Mr Mohd Shafiee b. Mohd Juri for their assistance and guidance during the course I undertake. Without him, this project can not be implemented properly. Last but not least, Wan Nur Anis bt bt Zainal Abidin and Shazanuratika Shaffi who helped me a lot in finishing this project within the limited time. My friends who also worked tirelessly to help and share ideas in the realization of the course work. I am making this project work not only for marks but to also increase my knowledge. Thanks again to all who helped me. THANK YOU