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Published by: Muath M. Abusamreh on Jun 16, 2011
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ENT Exam 2009

Tonsillectomy indicated for all of the following except:  acute tonsillitis Facial nerve:  from the second brachial cleft In the 2nd brachial cleft cyst, all except:  Ranula  Cystic hygroma  Thyroglossal duct Radical neck dissection all except:  vagus nerve Kessel bactres plexus caused by anastomosis of all of the following except:  posterior ethmoidal artery Superior laryngeal nerve:  above vocal cords sensory and motor to cricothyroid Submandibular space infection:  ludwig's angina Collection of pus between tonsils and superior constrictor muscle: In general traumatic rupture of membrane:  waiting until spontaneous recovery All are criteria for chronic tonsillitis except:  membrane on tonsillis

Tympanic membrane by otoscope in secretary otitis media all except:  loss of con light Tympanic membrane:  small upper paros flaccid part and large lower paros tensa part Greater anular nerve:  c2-c3 Tonisllar artery branch of:  facial artery Case of unilateral blood tinged mucus:  rhinoscleroma Anterior sinus group open into:  middle meatus Treatment of choice for acute epiglotitis:  ampicilline Nasolacrimal duct open into:  inferior meatus All derived from 1 st brachial arch except:  stapies .

white membrane except:  adeno-viral pharynx . physical examination and coronal CT The end sensory organ for semicircular canal is: Absolute indication for tonsillectomy is:  obstructive sleep apnea A common cause of abstructive apnea in adult:  obesity 3rd molar carries.What to do before considering surgical treatment of sinusitis:  history. Chordatympani:  parasympathetic innervations of submandibular One about sinuses is correct:  all lined by respiratory mucosa Most common mucosal disease of nose is:  allergic rhinitis 30% of population All cause grey. infection enters deep and tonsillis displaced medial:  parapharyngeal abscess.

all except:  Sensory neural loss  Tinnitus  Vertigo Eustachian tube one is correct:  lined by respiratory mucosa Rasenmuller fossa:  most common area of nasopharyngeal cancer Initial sign of nasopharyngeal cancer:  unilateral secretory otitis media Case of obstructive sleep apnea.One of the following causes of hearing loss can be treated surgically:  otosclerosis Meinierre disease. mouth breather and snoring:  adenoid White oral cavity lesion one found in all of the following except:  Addison syndrome Posterior to tonsillar fossa:  palate pharyngeal muscle Ludwig's angina:  diffuse submandibular cellulitis Plummer-vinson syndrome all are true except: .

 An esophageal web  Malignant potential  Koilonychias .

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