For Her Love Blossoming In My Heart

For Her Love Blossoming In My Heart
Ricardo Saúl LaRosa

My life This solitary splendid life This uncontrollable passion simmering in me The stars in these heavens I shall conquer Unconditionally and fervently to the ends of this universe For her! Her touch That gentle girlish touch upon my hand The warmth of her skin The radiance of her smile Has ignited in me; in my soul A world turned upside down a thunderstorm an avalanche of romance Exploding in me for her! Last night We were together in love’s secret realm In our own sacred world Where societal taboos cannot condemn us Where they cannot hurt us, my love! Their envious claws of dogmatic thoughts Cannot keep us apart! Last night We were together; you and I We conversed You scratched my knee my thigh with your pink nails Unbeknownst to the others present You looked at me; lovingly; you smiled that smile of yours And I am falling in love with you! Last night, I held you intimately infinitely in my arms I touched your womanliness with my lips I undressed you with my hands I kissed your willingly rosily puckered lips… divine! © X Juno MMXI - Ricardo Saúl LaRosa - Long Island, New York

For Her Love Blossoming In My Heart This adorning temple of womanly splendor… your love’s nest.. For the very first time! This morning, As you were putting on your clothes I was spellbound just watching you Your hairs dancing upon your shoulders and back Your back firm fair slender petite purely et girlishly Yours hips your smooth cherry shaped womanly bottom puckering for me You saying that it belongs to me! This morning, You held me gently in your arms Resting my head peacefully upon your breasts I felt scared And I cried I did not want you to leave me, alone For I am falling in love with you! This morning, You wiped away my tears with your lips You clamed this restless heart within You shined your love upon my spirit! With those sparkling jadeite eyes of yours And with that sweet, sweet girlish voice she said, “I’ll be back soon, my love, for I am yours…” For her love blossoming in my heart This great joy exploding in my being I feel her love In her every honey sweet kiss I am the happiest man alive on the face of this Earth! For she has given me an eternal hope of love Her love! My love, our love, true love!!!

© X Juno MMXI - Ricardo Saúl LaRosa - Long Island, New York

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