Reform movement

(Kilusang Repormista)

The period of propaganda began when Rizal saw the inhuman treatment of the conquerors. “My spirit is twisted because I have been reared among injustices and abuses, because, since a child, I have seen many suffer stupidly and because I too have suffered.”

Jose P. Rizal  Marcelo H. Del Pilar  Mariano Ponce  Antonio Luna  Graciano Lopez-Jaena
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All the writings of Rizal were his propaganda  Friars were the greatest obstacle to Philippines progress  Their weapons were their tongue and their pen  He protested against the abuses of Civil Guard  The paper La Solidaridad became the medium of the propaganda work of Rizal

La Solidaridad

A newspaper founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena
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February 15, 1889 – February 15, 1895
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Served as the voice of the Philippine nationalist propaganda movement

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La Solidaridad

To present the sad conditions in the Philippines so that Spain can remedy them To advocate liberal ideas and progress To work for political reforms peacefully To collect liberal ideas which are daily exposed the camp politics, in the fields of science, arts, letters, commerce, agriculture and industry.

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Improvement of the colonial administration  Representation in the Spanish Cortes  Remove friars from the administration of parishes  Extension and improvement of primary education  The equal division of government posts between Filipinos and Spaniards  Freedom of the press  Spanish Cortes

Pablo Feced – Hatred of the Indios, Find nothing in these islands worthy of praise  Retana – Anti-Rizal, Defender of friar rule, Attacked vigorously the anti-friar reformists  Jose Rodriguez – Attacked Rizal and other reformists  Vicente Barrantes – Anti-Filipino, Biased and Superficial, “Criticism of Noli Me Tangere”

End of Propaganda
Rizal lost faith in peaceful political processes  Failed to agree on the choice of councillors of the society  Rizal and Del Pilar had different ideas on how to effect change in the Philippines  Antonio Luna and Lopez Jaena quit
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His mind turned to other means of helping his people; La Liga Filipina

La Liga Filipina
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To unite the whole country Protect and assist all members Fight violence and injustice Support education Study and implement reforms

La Liga Filipina
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Founded on June 29, 1892 Andres Bonifacio attended this meeting Rizal admitted that he had wanted the friars removed, Filipinization of the parishes and representation in the Cortes On July 6, 1892, Rizal was arrested

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End of La Liga Filipina

Rich members: Support Propaganda Movement Others: Lost hope that reforms will be granted Bonifacio believed that a bloody revolution will help achieve change

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