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rvotes OH Press Release

rvotes OH Press Release


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Published by Carol Greenberg

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Published by: Carol Greenberg on Jun 16, 2011
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Contact: Steve Adler John Fowler steve@rVotes.com john@rVotes.

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Ohio Conservatives will give Democrats ³a taste of their own technology.´
Providence, RI ± June 16, 2011 ± VoteBuilder, the Democrats' immensely successful, highly acclaimed national campaign technology has its first, real challenger working against it in Ohio, a modified version of itself. rVotes, LLC announced today they are rolling out ³rVotes´, a virtually identical version of VoteBuilder, built by the original designer. rVotes is for Conservative use only and is available in Ohio for every conservative campaign or organization The technical advantage the Democrats have had in the field for the past ten years is mostly due to a powerful internet-based system from a privately owned company, Voter Activation Network, Inc. (now called NGPVAN, Inc.) Their system is called VoteBuilder and the database it feeds, known as Catalist, has grown to be the largest political software company in the world and is used by liberals only. With a reported 900,000 registered users, the ³Democrat Only´ system has been credited as "Obama's Secret Weapon" as well as winning tens of thousands of local races for the Left. It has gone on to unify the efforts of campaigns, Unions and PACs with almost 100% penetration on the Left. Until the advent of rVotes, Republicans and Conservatives simply had nothing comparable. Ohio has long been considered one of the top ³battle ground´ states in the US. Democrats have long been providing their superior VoteBuilder technology to Ohio Democrats, but starting July 1, 2011, Conservatives in Ohio will have full access to the rVotes system to counter the Democrats¶ advantage. "This is the campaign software that Conservatives have been starving for", said Adler. ³By making this technology available for the Right in the politically volatile state of Ohio, the hope is that we can finally give conservatives the advantage they never had before: to fight back with the same tools that have been used to clobber them for the last 8 years.´ With its ³Freemium´ model, rVotes will be provided to virtually every fiscally conservative campaign, PAC, 501(c) or political organization in Ohio for free - or virtually free. Only the largest, statewide campaigns and organizations will be billed a modest monthly fee for its use. To help assure Ohio Conservatives that Adler is no ³secret, Democratic operative´, he has been working closely with several well respected grass roots conservatives. ³Carol Greenberg (Ohio based Conservative reporter) and Anita Moncrief (best known as the original ACORN whistle blower) are both working very closely with rVotes to equalize the playing field.´, he stated. ³In fact both are on the rVotes Advisory Board to ensure rVotes keeps true to conservative principles.´ ³I¶m just the technical geek here´, Adler quipped. rVotes is now available in Ohio. It is ideal for ALL conservative campaigns, from the smallest, ³Local Dog Catcher´ to large state and federal campaigns. It is also ideal for all conservative political organizations, PACs, 501(c)¶s and similar groups in Ohio. rVotes, LLC is not associated in any way with Voter Activation Network, Inc.

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