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ATF Report

ATF Report

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Published by Paul D Carrier
Operation Gun walker
Operation Gun walker

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Published by: Paul D Carrier on Jun 16, 2011
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As all of the accounts from numerous ATF agents demonstrate, ATF intentionally and
knowingly walked guns. One of the ASACs in Phoenix reported that this policy was
“sanctioned.” To allow these guns to be bought and transferred illegally was a conscious and
deliberate decision, not merely by failing to take action to interdict, but also by giving the green
light to gun dealers to sell to known straw purchasers. By sanctioning the purchases even after
dealers expressed concerns, ATF agents said they were actually facilitating the transactions:


And essentially you witnessed guns walk; that was not consistent
with your training and experience?


Sir . . . by the very definition of allowing them to walk, if I
witnessed guns walk, that means it is another agency’s operations.
If I go help another agency and this is their op, then I witnessed
guns walk.

We were walking guns. It was our decision. We had the
information. We had the duty and the responsibility to act, and
we didn’t do so.
So it was us walking those guns. We didn’t
watch them walk, we walked.39

Agent Dodson later explains the consequences:

Q. That countless number of crimes are being perpetrated with these
weapons that you and your colleagues may have facilitated --

A. Yes.

Q. -- moving into the hands of the bad guys?

A. Yes, sir. I would argue that it wasn’t a “may have facilitated.”
It was facilitated.
These FFLs wouldn’t have made these
purchases. I mean they addressed their concerns to, I mean to ATF
both formally as well as to us when we were inside getting copies
of the forms, that this whole –

The genesis of this case was when they were calling in these
people that they knew. This guy comes in, buys 10, 15, 20 AKs
or . . . a 22-year-old girl walks in and dumps $10,000 on . . .
AK-47s in a day, when she is driving a beat up car that doesn’t
have enough metal to hold hubcaps on it. They knew what was


Agent Dodson Transcript, at 41.

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going on. The “may have facilitated” to me is kind of erroneous.
We did facilitate it. How are we not responsible for the ultimate
outcome of these [g]uns?40

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