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Published by: Leonar Llacc on Jun 16, 2011
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Key points such as downflooding points and hatch openings can be defined in Hydromax
using the Key Points window. The points may be displayed in the Design View window
and will be displayed in different colours depending on whether or not they are
immersed. Immersed key points will be displayed in the same colour as flooded tanks or

Key points may be placed asymmetrically, a positive offset is to starboard and a negative
offset is to port. Vessels which have symmetrical key points on starboard and port sides
must have both key points added to the table.

There are several types of Key Points:

Down Flooding points

Potential Down flooding points

Embarkation points

Immersion Points

Only downflooding points are used in determining the downflooding angle, which is
used in criteria evaluation. The other types of points have their freeboard measured but
are not used for the evaluation of the downflooding angle and are for information only.

Adding Key Points

To start adding downflooding points go to the Key Points table, select New Key Points
from the File menu. You will be given a default point. To add additional key points to
the table, choose Add from the Edit menu or press Ctrl+A. A new point will be inserted
below the currently selected row in the table.

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