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The Bermuda Triangle

A journey into mysteries of sea

By Abhishek Atul

Location and features Name and facts Major disappearances Myths Possible scientific causes Flight 19 disappearance details Conclusion Bibliography

Location and features

Its apexes are Bermuda,Florida, and Puerto Rico. It covers 500,000 square miles. Monstrous hurricane. Oceans swell. Oceans wind.

Name and facts

In 1964, "Argosy Magazine" gave the triangle its name in an article titled "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" by Vincent Gaddis. Also known as Devils Triangle. Its an imaginary area. The U. S. Board of Geographic Names does not maintain an official file on it. No official map.

Major disappearances
USS Cyclops in March 1918

Flight 19 in December 1945

SS Marine Sulphur Queen in February 1963

Unexplained electromagnetic forces. Strong gravitational forces inside the sea. Underwater volcanic activity. UFO and Aliens. electronic fog, different kind of lights and sounds as well.

Possible scientific causes

Monstrous hurricane (200 miles/hr). Tornado and Waterspouts (110 miles/hr). Thunderstorm. Additional factors.

Flight 19 disappearance details

They took off from fort Lauderdale.
Great harbor cay

Bimini islands. Grand bahama islands. Great harbor cay.

Fort Lauderdale

Bimini islands Bahama islands

Point, where lead pilot got Confused


None of the explanation satisfactorily gave the reason for all the mysterious disappearance occurred in the Bermuda triangle. Therefore, the Bermuda triangle remain one of the greatest mystery on earth with all the secret deep beneath the ocean.


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