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SoYoure Intolerant !

Well, so was He. Jesus more than offended the moneychangers; He intolerantly threw them out of the Temple. He said mean-spirited and hurtful things to people hypocrites, brood of vipers, sons of Hell, etc. He was more than insensitive to unrepentant sinners; He warned that Heaven would not be inclusive of them. The war between good and evil is not just between the Church and the World; its being waged inside the churches, where the voices of iniquity have found a booming echo. Those voices speak beguilingly of tolerance and diversity: Premarital sex? Why, kids cant help it. Abortion? Women must be free to choose. Homosexuality? Diverse strokes for diverse folks. Porn? Lighten up. Adultery? Be understand-

ing. Assisted suicide? Be compassionate. Moneychangers in the Temple? Hey, people need to make a living. But the forces of libertinism dont just want to be tolerated; theyre now demanding and getting approval. If you dont go along with the crowd, you wont be tolerated. You will nonjudgmentally be judged to be intolerant and banished to Outer Darkness to wail and gnash your teeth. This is whats happening in many Christian churches today. We at the NEW OXFORD REVIEW, an orthodox Catholic monthly magazine, refuse to throw Christ out of the Temple. If youre willing to stand up for Jesus in the face of accusation or if you need your backbone stiffened subscribe today!
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