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Department of Education

Maasim District E-Learning Hub Report

Status of the E-Learning Hub EAll PC units are functional Fully-operational As to the present, 50% of the Category A (Zero Computer Knowledge Teachers) have undergone training on basic computer education (MS Word) Established rules & regulations for the Hub

LGU Counterpart
1 unit aircon(2hp) Wiring installation w/ labor Ceiling fixing w/ labor TOTAL

Php.25,000.00 Php. 7,025.00 Php.15,000.00 ____________ Php.47,025.00

Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Region XII Sarangani Division MAASIM DISTRICT


To identify the learning needs of teachers in terms of computer Submission of list of teachers per school categorized into 2: computer knowledge B.w/ ICT experience yCreation of schedules yInclusion of Grade VI pupils of SFCES in the schedule Formulation of rules & regulations for the e-Learning Hub Training proper: (1st round) yCategory A yCategory B (2nd round) yCategory A yCategory B September 2009 School Heads

Time Frame

Responsible Person

To produce appropriate schedule for the ICT trainings To provide restrictions during the operation To establish training proper

October November 2009

ICT Incharge

October 2009

ICT Incharge w/ District Supervisor ICT Incharge

October December 2009 January-March 2010 June - August 2010 September Nov. 2010

Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Region XII Sarangani Division MAASIM DISTRICT

E-LEARNING HUB SUSTAINABILITY PLAN Activities Objective To prolong the life of computer units and its uses -Checking-up, repair and maintenance -Procurement of AVR -Procurement of router & Smart Bro subscription -Procurement of printer Fund support activities/programs (budget hearing, solicitations, etc.) 10 Functional PC units Daily Indicator Time Frame Responsible Person ICT Incharge, Division Computer Technician LSB, NGOs

10 Installed AVR

1st Quarter 2010

Internet connection installed

1st Quarter 2010


1 printer installed

4th Quarter 2009 1st Quarter 2010 Anytime


Principal of SFCES, District Supervisor, LSB Secretary